Ted Cruz

Protesters End Ted Cruz's Dinner Early, Accomplish Little Else

They got plenty of attention, but that's about it.


Christy Bowe/Polaris/Newscom

Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas) and his wife were heckled by protesters as he dined last night at a restaurant in Washington, D.C. If the protesters' goal was to force Cruz to find somewhere else to eat, then they were successful, though their actions accomplished little else.

A pair of videos posted to Twitter by the group Smash Racism DC shows the protesters loudly chanting "We believe survivors!" In one of the videos, a woman identifying herself as a Cruz constituent and a survivor of sexual assault asks the senator about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who faces allegations of sexual assault. Cruz, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has previously expressed his support for the judge's nomination.

Responding to the woman's questions, Cruz simply says: "God bless you, ma'am." In the other video, Cruz politely asks some of the protesters to move out of the way so he and his wife Heidi can leave the restaurant. He says again: "God bless you."

Near the end of the latter video, the protesters are heard being told to "leave the premises." They comply, but not before levying additional verbal attacks on Cruz and Kavanaugh.

If this story sounds familiar, it's because somewhat similar things have happened before. In June, protesters heckled Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen while she ate at a Mexican restaurant. Later than month, the owner of a Virginia eatery asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave the premises. And in July, White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller was so upset after a bartender followed him out of a restaurant cursing at him that he threw away $80 worth of sushi, according to The Washington Post.

If business owners want to refuse service to officials they dislike, that should be their right (as Reason's Robby Soave argued in June). And citizens certainly have the right to call out politicians while they eat. Whether they should is another question. Not every possible protest makes sense. It's not clear what protesters gained by forcing Ted Cruz and his wife to end dinner early. Their actions were praised by a handful of left-wing figures on Twitter, and that praise was then drowned out by outraged conservatives. The hecklers got the attention they wanted, but it's unlikely that their actions actually changed anything.

Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D–Texas), who is challenging Cruz for his Senate seat, took the high road this morning and condemned the protesters' tactic:

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  1. “then they were successful, though their actions accomplished little else.”

    They managed to garner front page coverage on Reason magazine and other media outlets. When a group like Greenpeace wants to get publicity like that, they have to festoon sky/scrapers with banners or put themselves between a whaler and a whale. Something a lot more dangerous and difficult than shouting at a senator.

    1. put themselves between a whaler and a whale.

      I don’t understand what Chris Christie has to do with this story…

      1. Chris would not get between a senator and his food to protest a rapey lawyer.

        1. Yes he would, so that he could get the food for himself.

      2. Chris Christie can EAT!

    2. That guy who said “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” was full of shit.

      1. So was the guy who said god bless you.

        1. I found that to be a violation of the NAP anyway.

    3. I don’t know. The difference is that people would mock Greenpeace. Reason would never mock Left-wing fascists.

      1. Are you making a distinction between those groups?

    4. I can’t find anything to disagree with in this comment.

    5. They were successful at getting Reason to call Beto’s disapproval of a mob chasing his opponent and his opponent’s wife as “taking the high road”. A pretty low bar for the high road but, hey, it’s Reason.

    6. They managed to garner front page coverage on Reason magazine and other media outlets.

      Yeah, but whether it’s helpful to their cause remains to be seen.

      I didn’t particularly like Ted Cruz, but this makes him look sympathetic and mature, while the progressive protesters look like nutcases.

      1. In this case, appearances are not deceiving.

    7. The dark cloud of fascism is always descending upon Republicans but it always turns out to be composed of progressives and Democrats.

      Since Trump’s Election, Violence Against His Supporters Has Become Routine

      Dozens of attacks are listed. Read the full article.

      1. how is fascism a part of this incident? Do you even know what fascism IS?

        I’ll lay high stakes at long odds you do not. These days it seems to be a synonym for “someone whose actions I dislike strongly”. I suppose that would make the local dog catcher a fascist……… or the restaurant owner who has no vegan menu options.

        1. Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian ultra-nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce, which came to prominence in early 20th-century.

          “forcible suppression of opposition” — I think it fits in a lot of ways.

  2. Near the end of the latter video, the protesters are heard being told to “leave the premises.”

    I’m assuming the owner of manager kicked out the protesters. Why doesn’t he/she act ahead of time to defend paying customers? To me, that seems like the libertarian way to stop this madness. The property owner/manager should be allowed to determine both who can eat AND who can protest on their property.

    1. I’m assuming the owner of manager kicked out the protesters. Why doesn’t he/she act ahead of time to defend paying customers?

      Maybe he was worried about his restaurant being burned to the ground once it came out that he “supports Nazis” or some such horseshit.

      1. Could be. But I guess giving the protestors basically what they want is a bad tactic. They’re acting like children. Rewarding bad behavior is the last thing that you want to do.

        1. no, they are acting like jack-booted thugs.

    2. The property owner/manager should be allowed to determine both who can eat AND who can protest on their property.

      They should also post the rules clearly in the entrance so people won’t have to spend money to have meals ruined by cunty protesters.

      1. “They should also post the rules clearly in the entrance so people won’t have to spend money to have meals ruined by cunty protesters.”

        Why not post the times when celebrities like Cruz make reservations? That way customers wanting to see them heckled won’t waste their time showing up when the place is filled with nobodies. Watching a celebrity politician being heckled is the perfect end to a night out in the capital.

        1. You sound like a shitty date.

        2. Watching a celebrity politician being heckled is the perfect end to a night out in the capital.

          I would think a perfect end to a night out in the capital would getting a hummer from a hot Georgetown co-ed, but to each his own.

          1. Wrong. A three way with a hot Georgetown co-ed and her roommate. Aim high, man!

            1. I was trying to keep it within the realm of possibility, but what the hell, why not. A three-way it is!

              1. show up in Beto shirt, score with everyone.

              2. I once went to Skyline Chili and ordered a Three Way to go. I left with two waitresses.
                Stay thirsty, my friends.

            2. Don’t ever stand for public office, then, as both shes will remember the encounter in forty years and claim it was not consensual, only sensual. Then you’ll get pilloried in the press with no defense against her “she said” routine. And deserve every nanosecond of it.

        3. Why not post the times when celebrities like Cruz make reservations? That way customers wanting to see them heckled won’t waste their time showing up when the place is filled with nobodies. Watching a celebrity politician being heckled is the perfect end to a night out in the capital.

          Why not allow concealed carry and allow patrons to kill protesters?

          1. Why not simply openly carry your firearm? It makes a statement. There’s something unmanly about the need to conceal a gun about your person.

            1. I would also have a portable speaker with me blasting Bon Jovi’s ‘Blaze of Glory’. To complete the effect.

          2. So you’re backing off the “words aren’t violence” meme, eh?

            Otherwise I can’t imagine what justification there is for shooting someone for telling at you.

            1. It is not simply ‘yelling’. It is actively disrupting someones private life, their freedom to conduct private business, with a physical intimidation that has an underlying threat of violence. In 99.9% of the world, this behavior would be met with an immediate violent counter response. Cruz is a soft target because he is shackled by political considerations. And most of the country knows this is BS and is revolted by it.

              1. This is precisely the point. They are cowards because they know he has no means of responding.

                There is no way these idiots would acost the NY Jets offensive line while they were enjoying a meal at Buffalo’s Wild Wings.

                Even less so a random group of bikers.

                They know they are safe, not only from Cruze, but from any negative consequence. Their sponsors in the propaganda wing of the DNC will make sure they are protected.

          3. In Texas, Ohio, Missouri Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Montana, New Mexico (and a few other such places) it is generally not up to the premises owner/manager to “allow”, in some few cases they can deny but mostly don’t. Nor is it the purview of management to decide how the patrons can bring to bear deadly force when justified.

            I have imagined, (which fantasies have warmed the cockes of my heart) how things would go down in such a scenario….. half a dozen big bruiser punks want to make a scene, thinking the skinny congresscritter is a wimp and they can have some fun with him, get physical and aggressive when their mark ignores them for some time, then when they cross that limit line and get violent, their mark draws and fires…… at the closest/biggest/most aggressive one of the lot. Imagining how the wimps behave as they witness a justified defensive use of a firearm, and their pals/cohorts getting ventilated because they would not let up but escalated to physical assault…….. It is only a matter of time before one or more of these ridiculous bullies crosses that line into lethal threat territory and gets himself a lead education.

  3. You come into my business and harass my customers I’m pressing charges and, if you have a pot to piss in, I just might sue your sorry ass as well.

    Only because it might be considered excessive to beat you senseless and toss your scrawny ass in the dumpster.

    1. What about the sidewalk in front of the business

      1. Thanks to abortion protestors, sidewalk is fair game.

    2. “Now youse CAN’T leave”

  4. I laugh my ass off when leftists accuse the right of being fascists. Fascism is a leftist tactic. You don’t hand bands of Libertarians and Republicans rioting when a leftist speaks on campus, harassing people at gas stations and restaurants, pulling fire alarms, asking like fucking children.

    1. I laugh my ass off when Reason calls itself libertarian. But here we are

      1. I always suspected you were a small tent libertarian. As for me, I pitch a pretty big tent.

        1. The only tent I pitch is in the morning


          1. In all seriousness, I’m just being an ass all around.

            1. If you draw the lines right, being an ass all around has a hidden WP in it

          2. Just Say’n likes to get to the campsite early, when no one else is around.

            1. I hate those early tent-pitchers. You gotta wait for the right moment.

              1. Seek help if you tent is still up longer than four hours.

      2. You’re all a bunch of socialists! Just kidding, only some of you are.

    2. At some point is there a cost to being the political party of assholes? Do Democrats read about these stories and not want to be associated?

    3. Fascism is not a tactic, it is an idealogy, and those that embrace it generally tend to be on the left. But few folks to
      day have a clue what fascism even is. It mostly means “conducting yourself in a manner of which I disapprove”.

  5. Guaranteed this will get out the vote for him. These people are idiots.

    1. Should be a campaign ad. These are progressive Democrats. Do you want the people they want in office, to be in office?

  6. Guaranteed this will get out the vote for him. These people are idiots.

  7. Pfft… what a bunch of wimps. When Leftists get pissed off they interrupt your salad course at your favorite restaurant. When conservatives get pissed they shoot an abortion doctor or blow up a federal building. Leftists need to up their game.

    1. “Leftists need to up their game.”

      I agree. Up yours.

    2. Leftists need to up their game.

      Maybe they should bomb a bank.

      1. When was that in? Like 1972? And it wasn’t even full of one toddlers. Amateur hour.

        1. That’s what I’m saying – they need to up their game, like the Good Old Days! Maybe put on some masks and beat some peaceful protesters with blunt objects, or shoot up some congresspeople. In the name of Peace and Tolerance, of course.

        2. You know what’s amateur hour? Not paying your mortgage.

        3. And it wasn’t even full of toddlers.

          Not that it’s relevant here, but there were 19 children and three pregnant women killed in the Murrah Federal Building, so two more children than were lost at Sandy Hook.
          en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Oklahoma_City_bombing#Casualties

          Sorry about the link. 50-character limit.

    3. McVeigh was a democrat…

      Also… Scalise, attempted stabbing last month, weathermen underground, Berkely riots, Chicago riots, Baltimore riots, well riots in general…

      You dumb fuck.

    4. So, we have to go back to 1989 for an example?
      1994 if we count Tim McVeigh as a “conservative”, which he wasn’t

  8. Now is this because Marco Rubio doxxed the restaurant on Twitter?

    1. I think the Yellow Pages beat him to it.

      Is that still a thing?

  9. “If business owners want to refuse service to officials anyone they dislike for any reason that should be their right”


    1. Let them eat cake! (somewhere else)

  10. They took the phrase ” starve the beast” all wrong.

    1. Cruz could stand to lose a few pounds…

  11. News: Lily-white activists heckle and force a Hispanic man and his wife to leave a restaurant in the lily-white part of DC.

    1. Only if the Hispanic man has a (D) after his name.

      1. If it’s an (R), then he’s a “white Hispanic”.

        1. “white Hispanic Nazi”

        2. Kinda like Fidel Castro is a white Hispanic.

  12. “It’s not clear what protesters gained by forcing Ted Cruz and his wife to end dinner early. ”

    I think it’s pretty clear that they boosted Trump’s re-election chances.

    1. fcvk that, hopefully they boosted Lyin’ Ted’s

  13. This type of idiotic petty harassment is how you end up with every major government official with a security detail. This does not do anyone or any institution any good

    1. Well, it gives Reason something to talk about between Baptiste Jean type incidents

  14. Ooo, it’s the Glorious Panty-fa Resistance! They’re so brave!

    Heh. If Cruz really was a fascist, their bodies would all be in a landfill by now.

    1. If Cruz really were a fascist, these goons would be signing up for his private militia.

      1. But getting rejected for being worthless and weak.

  15. “And citizens certainly have the right to call out politicians while they eat.”

    On restaurant premises? I hardly think so.

    Glancing at the videos, I see they actually entered the restaurant to do their disruption.

    This reminds me of a famous libertarian (Walter Block?) and his resolution of the “crying fire in a crowded theater” problem. Banning the fire-shouters from a private theater doesn’t mean giving the government new arbitrary powers, it means enforcing the owner’s property rights.

    Likewise, entering a restaurant, not to eat, but to prevent paying customers from eating, should be punished – this is a matter of enforcing the owner’s property rights.

    Hopefully, the laws there are written so that the disruptors will “gain” a term in prison. If the laws are deficient, strengthen them.

    Some red meat for our secularist friends – did you know there’s laws against disrupting a church service? So why not laws against disrupting a private business in this manner?

  16. “… citizens certainly have the right to call out politicians while they eat …”

    No. They do not. Civilized people have manners.

    Me, I might call politicians out at political rally, or a public discussion forum, or from a soapbox, but in a restaurant where they are attempting to have a quiet meal, I think the protesters are disturbing the peace of all who are in the restaurant who came to have a meal in peace and quiet. If I were in a restaurant and noticed Charlie Schumer or Diane Feinstein present, I would leave them in peace, and try to peaceably enjoy my own meal by ignoring their presence.

    Normally I have voted a mixed ticket based on the individual qualifications of the candidates. If the American Left and Democrat National Committee want rude partisanship, there are more people who don’t like this crap than there are those who think it is a good thing..

    1. “there are more people who don’t like this crap than there are those who think it is a good thing..”

      People love this kind of crap. Do you think it lands on Reason’s front page by accident?

    2. You have the “right” to call out politicians while they eat in the same way you have the “right” to walk up to Joe Setyon while he’s chatting up some cutie at the bar and start screaming obscenities in his face. Sure, the government can’t outlaw the content of your speech, so it’s all OK then.

      We’ve got a bit of a “reaping what we sew” situation here. Because there is a reason that people don’t get in your face in public and start screaming obscenities at you when you are having a private conversation. Most people have a sense of decorum. But why?

      Well, at the root of it is the consequences. Get too far out of line and things will escalate from a verbal assault to getting punched in the face.

      We have spent the last few decades changing the culture, such that the only “appropriate” response to any assault is to call the police and let them handle it. Of course, this runs counter to human nature, so it is a bit tough to actually accomplish. There comes a point where a line is crossed and then it becomes a physical fight.

      But these people know that they are safe. There’s nothing that they can say or do in this context which will excuse a Senator punching some rude protester in the face. So they can let fly and the only recourse he has is to walk away. He either stays and disrupts the evening for everyone in the place, or he leaves and they win.

      1. 30 years ago there would have been consequences for acting that way in public. The nightly news anchor might have labeled you a nutcase in his report.

        But not today. Today, we have actual US senators running around making speeches calling for people to act exactly like this. It is a fracture in society.

        Their new paradigm is “disagree with me and I will harass you everywhere you go”. At the extreme this is “disagree with me and I will punch you in the face (antifa)”.

        Today they have cover from their propaganda arm in the media. Nobody on NBC News is calling for the Democrat Party to denounce the people in their ranks who are inciting violence. They are actually actively cheering them on and glorifying the protests, while at the same time downplaying, excusing or hiding the violent events that have occurred.

        This is an unstable situation. It cannot continue indefinitely, because violence always begets more violence.

      2. Sow not sew.

          1. Ho?

        1. My sow sews sea shells by the sea shore, so I see, so I say!

        2. Yeah… That’s what happens when you post using text to speech.

          Well, that plus a tendency towards lengthy posts….

      3. “There comes a point where a line is crossed and then it becomes a physical fight.”

        Even worse, you just might provoke the sanctimonious blowhard to god bless you. Then what?

        1. Or the Cuban side of him will go home and invoke a santeria curse.

  17. “Not right that Senator Cruz and his wife Heidi were surrounded and forced to leave a restaurant last night because of protesters. The Cruz family should be treated with respect.”

    Translation: Are these people actually *trying* to get Cruz elected?

    1. No, but there’s no one in the immediate vicinity willing to piledrive their heads through the concrete, so there you go.

    2. Beto’s got a tough line to walk. He can’t pitch too “radical left” or Cruz will grab back some of his disillusioned supporters. Beto’s gotta neutralize this one so Cruz has nothing to stump on besides Beto’s plan to ban barbecue.

  18. Well you tried. Maybe you’ll get the desired effect next time, joey.

  19. Fuck you assholes

    You know what I just did asshole fucking democrat progressive communists?

    Well, I will fucking tell you.

    For the very first fucking time I registered as a fucking republican.

    So all of you can go fuck yourselves and if you ever try that bull shit with me, I will fucking beat you down.

    1. ***lights fuse***

      So Tony was right about you…


      1. dusting yourself with diatomaceous earth will get rid of flees…….

    2. For me it is now settled: rather than vote LP for Texas senator, I’m voting Cruz.

      I don’t like Cruz for quite a few reasons, but I dislike the progressive mob so much that I’m going to split the ticket this time around.

      In fact, I just wrote a $100 check for his campaign. I haven’t donated to a Republican candidate since Ron Paul was in the House of Representatives.

      1. In this election, voting against politicians you hate is so much more appealing. I’d crawl through broken glass just to vote against every goddamned to hell Democrat on the ballot, even if they’re running unopposed for head sewer crap hauler. Which is the only office they should be permitted to run for in the first place.

        1. most of them are cowards, so they’d be running FROM that job.

      2. Can you even articulate what this “progressive mob” is doing that’s so bad, that’s so much worse than Republicans, or are you just going on the emotions resulting from whatever floppy rightwing media assholes are shitting into your ears?

  20. It seems to really bother leftists when conservatives do routine things like eat dinner and have jobs

    1. It’s almost as if they are the ones who’re “hateful” and “intolerant”…

  21. What Cruz should have answered is “Bill Clinton had multiple credible accusations of rCB-15728ape. Are his victims less worthy?”

    1. Well that was interesting. WTF did that come from?

      1. just a carnivore glitch carry on..

  22. What kind of name is “Beto”? Sounds Eye-talian.

    1. It’s Irish for “I pander to the Latino vote”.

    2. He’s a honky! Trying to take a senate seat that be,ones to a Latino! RACISM!!!!

    3. fairly common hispanic nickname.

  23. D. C. ‘s Public Accommodation Law specifically lists “political affiliation” as one of the categories a person may not be denied accommodation. These people could be charged with civil rights violations.

    1. I’m sure DC will get to that right after they solve all the murders piling up in Anacostia.

    2. It wasn’t the restaurant that elected Cruz.

      1. No, but they did agree to serve him. Otherwise, they would not have sat he and his wife at a table and taken orders. That doesn’t mean that they are responsible for his safety, but it does suggest that they should have asked the idiot leftists to leave since they were only planning to harass one of the customers.

        1. If it were my restaurant I would have kicked them the fuck out.

          1. Politely and gently ask them to leave. When they don’t head into the back and call the coppers to come MAKE them leave. And GO somewhere they did not think they would go when they walked in to the restaurant. The grey metal bars will give them a hint as to where they are.

        2. But we’re talking about a restaurant doing business in D.C.

          “Fascist Restaurant Owners violate First Amendment Rights of valiant Women’s Rights Protesters confronting Rape-Apologist Republican Senator from Red-State Texas. Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!”

          I don’t expect the owners to commit economic suicide, particularly since there’s a good chance they agree politically with the knuckle-draggers.

  24. If Joe Seyton thinks he has a right to protest in/disrupt my business he has another think coming

  25. Oh, it acomplished something.

    Those people now feel great about “standing up to Fascism!”

    And are encouraged to do it more, and more aggressively.

    1. And its not even fascism they stood up to. Or for.

  26. Well, Hell’s Bells, if Government Almighty didn’t take so much of our Government-Almighty-damned money, and over-regulate the living crap out of us, telling us when to blow our noses and whether we can scratch our asshole w/o a doctor’s permission, then maybe people wouldn’t be so Government-Almighty-damned pissed off, that they feel the need to harass the parasitical asshole bosses while they are trying to eat! Steam has to be let off somewhere, as we approach 98% of our money and liberties being taken away! Harassing parasites is at least one step short of running them through a chipper-shredder, which may happen if we get too close to that 98% as mentioned above!

    1. So I see at least 2 possibilities?
      ‘1) Shrink Government Almighty! We’ll have less to fight about!

      ‘2) Since the Government Almighty parasites will never let that happen, then maybe we could brain-scan everyone at restaurants and movie houses and what-not. One set of public accommodations for Demoblicans, one for Republicrats, and a meager few here and there for Libertarians. ONLY if you are properly brain-scanned to verify that you REALLY belong to that party, and are NOT there to heckle, only THEN will you be allowed into the establishment!

      ‘3) Now let’s get REALLY crazy here, and postulate that the police could actually enforce laws protecting the restaurant owner’s property rights, and right to make a living! This is the craziest idea of all, because the police are too busy enforcing lung-flute laws, punishing people who blow on a cheap plastic flute w/o a doctor’s permission!

  27. “The Flute Police”, sung to the tune of “Dream Police”, by Cheap Trick

    The flute police
    They live inside of my head
    The flute police
    They come to me in my bed
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    ‘Cause they’re listening to me
    And when I fall asleep
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    Those men inside my brain
    I try to sleep
    They’re wide awake
    They won’t let me alone
    They don’t get paid to take vacations
    Or let me alone
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    I try to hide
    They won’t let me alone
    They persecute me
    They’re the judge and jury all in one
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    1. The flute police
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      (To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see http://www.churchofsqrls.com/DONT_DO_THIS/ ) ? This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

  28. Who doesn’t sympathize with a man just trying to have a meal at a restaurant?

    1. “Can’t I just eat my waffle?”

  29. Isn’t Ted Cruz Mexican or something? He should accuse the protesters of racism

  30. People only have a right to a meal out when they accept the politically correct doctrines that are carefully indoctrinated in our higher re-education camps in America.
    Otherwise, they should harassed to no end in order to show how tolerant America is when it comes to other peoples’ beliefs.

  31. The Left are scum .The left only knows how to destroy . Fuck the Left. both sides suck sure but vote for a Democrat and get more of this nonsense .

  32. Civilization ends when people stop acting civilized.

    So any day now.

  33. Had I been the proprietor of this restaurant, several snotty little fucks would have gone home with severe bruising about the head and shoulders.


    1. If you were to do that, YOU are the one who would be filing a change of address with the Post Office to direct your mail to the local GreyBar Hotel.

      Nope. Politely and quietly ask them to leave. If they sass back and/or don’t, calmly walk into the back and whistle up the nearest armed copper. Let them think you have caved to their importunity. You pay your taxes to support the coppers…..

  34. Joe a bit of advice. Don’t hassle people. You are going to get beat up if you make a habit of it.

  35. If you want to see a massive amount of misunderstanding of freedom of speech. go to the Washington Post article about this and view the comments.

    1. “a massive amount of misunderstanding of freedom of speech.”

      This lack of deference to a senator is almost as bad as disrespecting our sacred customs like the flag and that song at football games.

  36. I find Sen. Cruz’s remarks remarkably restrained.

  37. It can’t happen in DC because of their stupid unconstitutional laws, but perhaps in Texas or Missouri or Ohio this scenario might unfold:

    some public figure, dining or enjoying an outdoor park with spouse or family gets accosted by some uncouth louts like these. He ignores, carries on as he had been. They escalate, he continues to ignore…. they get threatening, he stands firm. The pesterers continue escalating, to the point of physical assault, closing in and putting their targets in fear for their safety and/or lives. Target, unbeknownst to the perpetrators, is lawfully armed, and brings his weapon into play to end the threat to his and his companions’ life/safety.
    Their target is where he has a lawfl right to be, disparity of force in form oflarger numbers, extreme aggression and physical assault all coincide to render the putative target fully justified in bringing lethal force to bear.

    No rational person will shed one tear for those so dealt with. Charges should most definitely be laid.. against the heckler/agressor parties.

    1. I live in Texas, and I don’t see the above being at all realistic.

      Down here the spouse and mature members of the family would also be carrying. Unless they were in Austin.

      But then, Austin isn’t really part of Texas.

  38. Just conjecture, Cruz is probably smart enough (and connected enough) to get a DC conceal carry permit. In non life threatening conflicts the best thing to do is politely leave, before things escalate.

    1. I guess I need to read thru the comments before commenting (Tionico just made this point).

  39. The Fascist Left strikes again…

  40. I will say this, when the average voter not one that sits around watching cable news all day, unhinged and stays mad at the world, the average voter sees this type of act as unacceptable. Maxine Waters may love it the unhinged may love it but decent people see this stupidity in a completely different light. It makes the democrat party look dangerous and out of control.

  41. They got attention. And Ted Cruz was discomfited. Not sure what else you think the protesters would have been hoping to accomplish.

  42. Um, so – kind Reason contributor, please let us know what a protest is supposed to accomplish, if not a degree of notoriety and publicity? Is it not the point of a protest to be noticed? Is there something wrong with a disruptive protest’s being successfully disruptive?

    These milquetoast types don’t seem to grasp that political movements begin with actions like this – get people talking about the issues, noticing the issues, and whatnot. Simply letting evil men like Cruz eat in peace is exactly how you change nothing. That’s as true for so-called “libtards” as it is for the libertarians agitating for free states, gun rights, and weed. Get loud, get noticed, get political. That’s how it fucking works, son.

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  44. Why don’t journalists do research any more?!

    They were *not* run off.

    The owner and chef of Fiola, Fabio Trabocchi, told CNN reporter Kate Bennett in a statement that the couple was not run out of the restaurant but in fact came back to enjoy their meal once the protesters took off.

    “Last night, protesters entered Fiola with the apparent purpose of confronting one of our guests,” the statement read. “Recognizing that there was potential for escalation, our stellar management team immediately diffused the situation. Per our policy for events of this nature, the police were called and the guest escorted to privacy ? our highest priority is always the well-being of our customers. When the situation resolved a few minutes later, our guests returned to thank the staff for their support and to finish their exceptional meal.”

    “The FT group welcomes all patrons and is proud of its reputation not just of culinary excellent but also of creating a welcoming space for all, irrespective of creed, ideology or opinion,” the statement read. “Chef Fabio believes politics ? like elbows ? are best left off the dining table and we welcome everyone.”

  45. So a restaurant owner should be able to refuse service to someone because of their politics? What if the customer happens to have black skin? Or happens to be gay? Is this right to choose who a private business wants to serve subject to the whims of others or is it the owner’s right?

    Who gets to decide what “rights” the restaurant owner “gets”, or the customer’s rights, or the over zealous protester? You? Me? Comrade Leader?

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