Brett Kavanaugh

Yale Law Professors Cancel Classes So Students Can Protest Brett Kavanaugh

"For civil disobedience to be praiseworthy and serious, protestors must be willing to bear the costs of the then-extant sanctions."


Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Newscom

At least 30 Yale law professors cancelled classes Monday to allow students to travel to Washington, D.C. and protest Brett Kavanaugh, a graduate of the law school and President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court.

More than 100 students took advantage of the opportunity, and others protested on the campus in New Haven, Connecticut. Not all students were happy about this: Yale law student Emily Hall told Campus Reform she disagreed with the professors' decision to humor the protesters.

"It effectively encourages students to participate in the protests and penalizes those who choose not to by disrupting the class schedule," she said.

Nicholas Christakis, the former dean of Yale's Silliman College who was furiously denounced by activists for refusing to humor their demands for intellectual safe spaces, wrote that cancelling classes in this case "seems hard to defend."

Despite so many Yale professors making it easier for students to protest Kavanaugh, this was still not good enough for at least one activist: Dana Bolger, a Yale law student and co-founder of Know Your IX, an advocacy group for sexual assault victims. On Twitter, she accused Yale of institutional "complicity," presumably because the school's administration has failed to denounce Kavanaugh.

Heather Gerken, dean of Yale Law School, has refused to take an official position on the nomination—and has maintained this would be inappropriate, given her position—but said she is proud of the Yale community for calling attention to issues of "fair process, the rule of law, and the integrity of the law system."

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  1. No wonder everyone hates lawyers.

  2. It's not really "disobedience" if you have permission...

    1. ^This

      "protestors must be willing to bear the costs "

      what costs?

      1. These protestors haven't borne any cost unless they're kicked out of school, beaten into a coma by counter-protestors or the police, or shot by National Guard troops. Being enabled by your college professors in your political activism with no consequences after the fact is having the roads of life paved for you; it's not costing you a damn thing.

        1. What is the cost of those classes, for the paying customer? $800-1000?

          1. At Yale? A lot more. At Georgetown an introductory course in linguistics at the grad level (stuff you could learn from Wikipedia in a few weeks if you knew where to look) went for about $5000 a semester. I chose the wikipedia approach and don't regret it.

            1. But that's not one class. That's maybe 40 classes.

              1. Ah, I see. I thought it was the idea that an entire course would be compromised.
                Say a single day is worth 1/50 of $5000, or $100. If 10 snowflakes go to DC to protest, that's $1000 down the drain - still not too much...
                On another hand, I wonder who covers their travel and hotel and per diem costs, I doubt they earn that much as full time students.

                1. They attend Yale, I'm sure most of them were white privilege snowflakes.

          2. The refund should be about $350/day.

            $60K/yr tuition / (2 semesters x 90 days/semester)

      2. I think their parents are the ones footing the bill in most cases. Yes they really don't bear the costs unless they receive an "absent" and suffer academically. BTW is it possible there is testing going on?

      3. In the 1960s and 70s the costs included having fire hoses turned on you, sometimes being attacked by police dogs, arrest, being beaten with clubs (my first concussion), and arrested, held without bail and being arraigned on various misdemeanor charges. Everybody knew this going in, and accepted civil disobedience and passive resistance as the appropriate tactics to meet these tactics. 'These pampered "resisters" face no real consequences and therefore put nothing real at stake.

    2. It's certainly not "Civil Disobedience" when you're not even breaking the law.

      The whole point of civil disobedience is to force The Man to either enforce an unjust law as a display to The People, or to admit it's unjust by refusing to enforce it while the world watches, after all.

      1. Well said.

      2. It's more like a grade school field trip.

  3. More than 100 students took advantage of the opportunity, and others protested on the campus in New Haven, Connecticut. Not all students were happy about this: Yale law student Emily Hall told Campus Reform she disagreed with the professors' decision to humor the protesters.

    Given that they wasted your time and money for this, sue the fucking school for this bullshit.

    And, remember, going to Yale insures that the FACULTY will protest you if they do not like what you do. Their claim of teaching kids to think for themselves is still bullshit.

    And, also, it wasn't that long ago we were asked to be more civil, like John McCain. Good times.

  4. Its a lesson for kids that not matter how much their Lefty professors bitch and complain about nonsense, they wont get their way.

    Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

    1. Wrong again. Kavanaugh won't get confirmed, and neither will anyone else Drumpf nominates.

      1. "Nobody nominated will be confirmed", is, in English, "only Democrats get to nominate judges, because partisan politics".

        The namecalling only makes that extra special and precious.

        (Disclosure: I think the President is a shit, but that's irrelevant to this.)

        1. He's a troll account

        2. I didn't vote for him but his SCOTUS picks have been more than satisfactory. I hate progressives with zeal and find most of them including family members to be ignorant, duplicitous and cancerous. The reason is that progressive policies run to command and control governance from which totalitarian tyranny is the end result. I would argue that Trump is probably better than most of the establishment Republicans candidates who were for the most part progressives in red. This idiot troll you responded to is just a preview of what we can expect once the House is handed over to the left. The country had a chance perhaps with much of the Trump agenda .. With left back in power the Republic is lost. I take some comfort in knowing that my life on this planet will come to an end soon (maybe not soon enough) The insanity that now runs rampant through Washington and the blogosphere is staggering and yet is accepted by all. Your comment is likewise silly. I don't care for Trump's personality but calling him a shit without context is a rather worthless statement and speaks volumes about your bias

    2. MAGA!

      1. You do realize that "America" does not mean your penis, and "great" does not mean "bigger than it is"?

        Great obviously means "white" as you well know.

        1. Make your penis white again?

        2. What race are Americans, Tony?


          1. Like right-wingers would just take that in stride.

            1. In this new divided America, your party has to have both the Presidency and the Senate to have any chance of getting a SC nomination through. The Democrats didn't have both at the time of Scalia's death so they didn't get to replace him. Yes, it didn't used to be like that, but that was then and this is now. End of story.

              1. Yes, it didn't used to be like that, but that was then and this is now. End of story.

                Lefties weaponized the judiciary to act as a de facto law-making body, and then act shocked when the other side follows in turn.

            2. Like right-wingers would just take that in stride.

              I see far less whining about Bork than I do about Garland.

              1. Bork got a hearing.

                1. Bork got Borked...he should have seen it coming.

                2. Bork got slandered by a dude who left a woman to die.

                  You know, an ICON for the Left who had few qualms sexual assaulting numerous women.

            3. Maybe Reid shouldn't have been such a piece of shit and not gone nuclear.

              1. The world is never going to be put aright until morons like you stop taking right-wing propaganda as the absolute truth of the universe.

                Freedom does not equal the Republican Party. Say it until it sinks in.

                1. You are the biggest fucking retarded moron on the planet, you drooling Okie rube.

                2. So, so, soooo stupid. Tony, you are just stupid.

  5. Fuck them asshole asshat fucking losers.

    Fuck them all,







    fuck you and fuck your fucking professors of communism

    1. How Rockabilly wasn't the nominee instead of Kavanaugh, I'll never know!

  6. I like how quick the establishment gets on board with these things.

    1. They've learned the lessons their brethren have disseminated for decades: you either fully agree and push the correct narratives or you're the enemy, subject to their wrath.

      1. IF any of these idiots could think for themselves or had the courage to go against the establishment narrative, they would have never been admitted to Yale in the first place.

  7. I wonder if these professors who cancelled classes have covered "breach of contract" yet?

    1. Yale is in our cherished libersal/libertarian tradition. They by definition always obey the law, because they are the experts in what the law is.

      Who's going to challenge them - some lawyer from Liberty University where they sometimes force students to listen to people (like Bernie Sanders) whom they disagree with?

      1. Kinda fascinating that law professors would oppose an alumni's ascension to the supreme court with the evidence that's currently available. Says a lot about the state of higher education and the rule of law.

  8. Democrats, sore losers since 1860.

    Seriously could you imagine a Republican cancelling class so their students can protest planned parenthood?

    1. I need a safe space from the mere thought of it

  9. What utterly worthless jackasses. "Law" students on the side of making a mockery of due process. Scum.

    1. It's no longer due process. According to the Sheila in charge at Yale, it's now "fair process".

      1. Which is why I encourage men, after fucking a co-ed at college, IMMEDIATELY file a Title IX complaint.

    2. I read about a recent survey of current law students, most of them were studying law to go into politics. So this is about what you should expect from now on.

  10. Yup. This will surely increase voter turnout in November. Nothing gets the moderate middle pushed towards the right more than a bunch of preachy Ivy League losers who need to 'protest'.
    Trump's election was due in no small part to Obama's aloof attitude to middle America, coastal elite disdain for anyone right of the middle-left, Occupy wallstreet, BLM, etc, etc. It's easy to pull the lever from Trump when the other side actively hates you.

    This has gotten so ridiculous from insane decades old rumors preached as gospel to Cruz and his wife harassed out of a restaurant that the GOP couldn't ask for better GOTV efforts leading up the midterms.

    1. Maybe Crazy Maxine will go on another tirade about getting in people's faces.

    2. It's easy to pull the lever from Trump when the other side actively hates you.

      I'm fine with active hate, it's the near omnidirectional spray of venomous incoherence that bugs me.

  11. Communist college students ought to be disappeared.

  12. meh college-me would be trying to get laid - whether went to protest or not

    1. most guys protest just to impress the female protesters to do exactly that, get laid. It is funny because they are protesting sexual acts and most likely went home and had sex.

      1. You go around carrying pictures of Chairman Mao,
        You're not gonna make with anyone anyhow.

        1. Its' not gonna be alright, Alright

      2. *most likely wanted sex but didn't get any

      3. I'm sure they had sex, or did you mean with a partner?

    2. Reminds me of the It's Always Sunny episode when the gang goes to a Planned Parenthood protest, where Dennis decides to be pro-choice because he thinks there will be more hot girls there. Then, after being rebuffed a few times he decides to climb the fence and see if he can score with the pro-lifers.
      All of their political episodes are great. Dee and Mac are always yelling at each other from opposite sides of the political spectrum, while Dennis is just trying to get laid and Frank is trying to make money. As always, Charlie is the wildcard.

      1. WILDCARD!

      2. very funny episode.

  13. Dana Bolger, a Yale law student and co-founder of Know Your IX, an advocacy group for sexual assault victims L. Frank Baum study group.


  14. This never ending intimidation practiced by the left, is going to provoke a response eventually. It is going to be a violent response, and is going to end up in a full on civil war that will put an end to the US as we have known it.

    Unfortunately, I believe the left is going to continue to escalate until there is no turning back. I am afraid the "winners" will not restore a constitutional representative democracy. This is not the future I want for my children and grandchildren.

    For me, I am willing to do what it takes to keep the socialists/leftists/progressives from getting their way. I hope it does not come to violence, although I can do that too ... if left with no other choice.

    1. The country, democratically speaking, wants what "the left" is selling. They just happen to not have gerrymandering, the electoral college, and the courts on their side. So stop bitching about representative democracy. You would have long lost everything if our government were representative.

      1. You would have long lost everything if our government were representative.

        We wouldn't have gotten to where you assume bedrock to be if the country were straight-and-pure representative.

        1. Sure we would. The undemocratic parts of our government do not stray too far behind the will of the people. Except lately, when they're broken the system so much and are so short-term focused that we're on the verge of bona fide tyranny instead of mere checks on majoritarianism. I'm talking about basic policy stuff. Majorities do not want Republicans in power or anything they're trying to push through. They didn't want that on election day either.

          1. Poor Tony has had a rough few years.

            'Racist' slur doesnt work like it used to; Americans are okay with rolling back Socialism; Trump wont be impeached and will actually be more popular than all Democrat Presidents in the last 100 years....

            1. I doubt I'm the only one tired of reading your repetitive masturbatory fantasies about a politician.

              1. But we're never tired of the entertainment you provide by revealing what a pathetic, low IQ, one-dimensional retarded dope you are.

              2. Forgive my perplexity, but are you chaps speaking of Obama or OJ Simpson?

          2. I'm talking about basic policy stuff.

            And I'm talking about hard-and-fast representative democracy. Assuming we got to where we were, it's pretty obvious that however you propose getting rid of gerrymandering and/or the electoral college would significantly affect the end of reconstruction and the War on Drugs. If he would've lost everything because the government were 'truly representative' you would've lost just as much if not more.

          3. And yet....the majority of governorships are Republican, the majority of state legislatures are Republican.

            Almost as if Democrats aren't selling anything the people are wanting.

          4. Majorities do not want Republicans in power

            33 states wanted Republican governors, compared to 16 states that wanted a Democrat in power.

          5. Tony. Read some fucking history for once in your dull, ignorant, life.

      2. calling BS on this. The country as stated many times is overall very middle of the road. The problem is that most don't take the time to actually look at who their representation is and vote appropriately, The media hypes both ends (it sells), not the middle. Almost no one (generally speaking) wants far left or far right.

        1. Protecting the environment and not chopping up public institutions and giving the loot to the 1% are not "far left" positions.

          1. Fringe American positions. Lefty positions that are not the majority.

          2. Substituting moronic slogans for critical thinking, however, apparently is a far left position.

          3. So it's poor and middle income people buying those Teslas? Is it the poor that are crying about having their state property tax deductions capped at a measly $25k/year?

            1. No... they are the ones crying about not always being able to take 100% of other peoples money for their own selfish ends.

          4. The left actually is about taking, through taxation, and giving to the one percent. It's what they do. See Soros, steyer, Gore, clintons., And hundreds of others. All fat off government contracting.

          5. Note to foreign readers: the pet communist sockpuppet is providing needed comic relief

      3. They just happen to not have gerrymandering, the electoral college, the Constitution and the courts on their side.


        1. No I have the constitution on my side! So there!

        2. Tony thinks the Constitution is his coloring book that he uses daily.

          1. But he doesn't draw within the lines.

            1. And his crayons are half eaten.

      4. That must be why leftists are winning so many state and local elections. /sarc

        1. You know how easy it is to gerrymander a governor's seat?

          1. Sooooo.... how did Oklahoma go red? It was a full-on bastion of socialism in the 30s. It was near 100% blue until 2000. Why didn't the gerrymander protect them? Seriously... check out the state gov history... the GOP was an afterthought for almost the whole of the state's history.

      5. The country, democratically speaking, wants what "the left" is selling.

        Which is why so many people are voting with their feet, and moving out of blue states to red states. They've discovered they can't afford all the free stuff "the left" is selling.

      6. The country, democratically speaking, wants what "the left" is selling

        Is that why Sanders couldn't get past the primary?

        1. To be fair, his wife kept slapping an "I'm with her" sticker on his Prius

      7. The Senate has been gerrymandered so that even in the year of the historic BlueWave, the will of the people will not return it to the Democrat Socialists. #SAD

      8. The country, democratically speaking, wants what "the left" is selling.

        California's courts had to declare gay marriage bans unconstitutional after, democratically speaking, the people of the state voted it down three times.

    2. I am afraid the "winners" will not restore a constitutional representative democracy.

      As much as I hate the notion of a living constitution, I think this may be an antiquated notion. I don't have a better solution, but if the nation tears itself apart in the manner you suggest, there are clearly some parts of our constitution that have distinctly not worked or whose time and age may have passed.

      1. Specify?

        1. Specify?

          First, the FF didn't entirely believe in an unfettered representative democracy. The checks-and-balances layer cake that is our federated republic clearly indicates that. Second, and more specifically, while the Constitution laid out rights and them being intrinsic to the people as a bit of a novelty, I think the novelty has long since worn off. I think any new constitution could reconstruct the layer cake differently and write in more or even better protections for negative rights and even protections against positive rights and potentially come out better.

          Again, I don't have *the* better idea. I just refuse to believe that the Constitution could never be outdone, that the minds that survive the (hypothetical) Identity Wars may have some insights into representative democracies that the survivors of The Revolutionary War didn't.

          1. RBG, is that you?

      2. Government is a social contract. It requires contractees to agree to it.

        1. No, it's a mafia. It just required might on one side and complacency on the other to keep it going. There's no social contract. Might makes right.

    3. If we could just open up one of the shit hole states (i'm thinking WV, Nebraska, Illinois) and invite all the fringe americans to a cage match and put it on TV; that would be great. Let the pussy ass little lefties in their ski masks charge at the fat out of shape alt-right queers that think they are SWAT because they have an AR-15 and a chest rig with a shirt that says "freedom". The political pundits go in the middle of the two groups, armed with their microphones. Let that battle play out. Winners get shiny medals.

      Then let the US military come in and "clean up" the winners.

      Then we can get back to letting the majority, independent, mostly centrist crowd get back to fixing the country.

      1. Oh I forgot the best part. Both Trump and the hag have to fight with their respective knuckle-dragging teams. They both have to be in the vanguard, on horses (Trump's is gold plated of course). Neither get armor.

      2. Hey! I live in Illinois. But yeah you're right. It is a shithole.

    4. "is going to provoke a response eventually."

      It sure will.

  15. If I were a professor, we'd be having a pop quiz that day which was worth 15 percent of the student's grade (not enough to fail someone but enough to deterimine their final grade and class rank) with no option for making it up.

    1. Fortunately, Yale Law has abandoned such bourgeois concepts as "grades."

  16. Law students are now protesting because a man's career might not be ruined by a completely unproven and un credible allegation. That is straight out of Nazi Germany.

    1. If he's not guilty, why would someone accuse him? Seems pretty open-and-shut, really.

      1. That right. Just like cops never arrest innocent people or kick down the wrong doors.

      2. Just throw him in the river. If he is lying the water will reject him and he will float.

    2. I was thinking Communist China, but tomato, tomahtoe.

  17. Hey, Yalies, you almost got it; stretch out your hands flat in that pose and you are showing your allegiance to your true political masters.

  18. Yeah, that's the Glorious Panty-fa Resistance for ya. Can't resist unless it's totally risk-free.

  19. Emily Hall sounds like a stale-thinking dope.

    The conservatives and Republicans can have her (maybe conservative young women dream of being mentioned, in another life, in Brett Kavanaugh's high school yearbook). If not, I suspect Fox will take her.

    1. Arthur Kirkland tried to grab me by the pussy at a high school party in 1982.

      1. Doubt it, wrong organ to attract Kirkland.

      2. It is in alignment with stories I have heard before.

        1. That's how the parties were back then so of course he's guilty.

      3. I woke up in a drunken stupor at a party in college and he tried to put his junk in my face. I was like EWWWWW! Or coulda been some other guy. I contemplate for 6 days and get back to you.

    2. "maybe conservative young women dream of being mentioned, in another life, in Brett Kavanaugh's high school yearbook"

      So you think they can't separate politics from other areas of their life, like sexual attraction? Because it's not conservatives that do that. You're confused again

    3. Buy a gun and shoot yourself in the face.

  20. Liberal-libertarian schools: Yale, Harvard, Berkeley, Penn, Princeton, Columbia, NYU, Michigan, Reed, Williams.

    Conservative-controlled schools: Wheaton, Biola, Franciscan, Hillsdale, Regent, Liberty, Grove City, Dallas, Utah State, Ozarks.

    Which group should be providing pointers on campus operations?

    1. No one cares, you pussy-grabbing shitlord. Take your privilege elsewhere

    2. Yes, when I think Libertarianism, the first thing that jumps to mind is Yale and Harvard. And Columbia. Ad Michigan. All well known for their teaching of limited government and devotion to Milton Friedman

      1. Does this not make you Libertarians beam with pride?

    3. Ivy leagues are not libertarian. What piss do you drink?

    4. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|9.25.18 @ 1:47PM|#
      "Liberal-libertarian schools: Yale, Harvard, Berkeley, Penn, Princeton, Columbia, NYU, Michigan, Reed, Williams."

      Fucking lefty ignoramus.

    5. Liberal-libertarian schools: Yale, Harvard, Berkeley, Penn, Princeton, Columbia, NYU, Michigan, Reed, Williams.

      After you couldn't get into any decent college, you're still miffed about the money you put down for Trump University, aren't you?

  21. Well it's not like those students would actually have been learning anything about the law if they'd stayed in class anyway.

  22. "Liberal ? libertarian" . . . did you read what you typed? Liberals, libertarians, and conservatives like goldfish, dogs, and cats have features in common (two eyes and a tail for example) but are completely different. Most people can see this at a glance . . . there are no known hybrids

    1. The catfish.... the mic is now dropped.

      1. And Catdog.

        And the Dogfish.

        The circle is complete.

        1. Don't forget Dogfishcat. Half dog, half cat, half fish.

    2. Don't feed the trolls

    3. Liberals, libertarians, and conservatives like goldfish, dogs, and cats have features in common

      They don't call fish sea kittens for nothing.

  23. Professors, students, and Kirkland among others . . . all victims of progressive educators.

  24. If any of them are in Yale Law School they should fail for supporting a trial of public opinion instead of due process.

  25. Well. . . .a bunch of Yale profs and students are spoiled adolescent assholes. What else is new?

  26. The future of law is in good hands.

    1. Makes me glad I am an old man with no children. With luck, my wife and I will die before things really go to hell. It will be tough on my nephews and grandnieces and grandnephews.

  27. Those darn conservative snowflakes on campus are as bad, eh Robby?

    What would happen if a group came out to defend Kavanaugh on the grounds of due process?

  28. Sort of reminiscent of 11/9/16 when the *union* government school teachers emptied their classes so the kids could 'spontaneously' march against the election of someone who at least some of their parents voted for.
    Every one of them should have been summarily fired; one woman we know didn't know where her kids were until she saw them on the news.

    1. It's for the kids; the children.

      Always remember that.

      1. Dude hates children. Probably puppies too.

  29. I'll be looking at future lists of graduates to insure they, and those that would hire them, never ever work for me.

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  31. Who cares?

    1. You should care because it is one more sign that our institutions are being filled with idiot leftists who, in this case, should know better, but are so full of their progressive spirit that they willing to completely ignore what they are supposed to be doing. And by ending these students on to the important positions in government, they are intending the make it so that all other institutions are destroyed.

      1. sending...

  32. Eh.... slow news day I guess.

  33. I never thought I'd type the phrase "So let me get this straight" but so let me get this straight ? do we have law students protesting Judge Kavanaugh's conservative jurisprudence, which would be OKwithin the realm of political/judicial differences or do we have law students protesting him because he's the subject of unsubstantiated sexual misconduct allegations which would be mindnumbingly idiotic even for a non law student to do?

    What is the exact point in the culture where accused = guilty? Where we can actually lobby publicly to disenfranchise another citizen ? deprive jobs, income, reputation ? if we get enough irrational people to scream at him? This is the type of ravenous amoral beast that just keeps wanting to get fed.

    1. The long form of their argument is, "Trump bad." By this standard, the Hulk from THE AVENGERS would excel at oral arguments.

  34. Know Your IX, an advocacy group for sexual assault victims.

    You misspelled "lynching proponent".


  35. Nicholas Christakis: Soon to find that his membership in the Left has been revoked and that he will be denounced as a right-winger and anti-revolutionary - despite his persistent claims to the opposite.

    Welcome to the club my friend.

  36. I will never forget the eye roll of my math professor when I went to his office hours after I bombed an exam because I was at a protest instead of at the study session. Granted, the protest was for a worthier cause than this (against the first Gulf War) and I went to it primarily because a girl I was interested in was going, but when the prof asked me why I didn't make it to the review session and I told him, I thought he would be more sympathetic, since I was at a pretty leftist university, and I always had thought professors were hippy-dippy anti-war types. He told me off real good though when he said "your parents are not spending their hard-earned money so you can go to a protest." No doubt, he would have been fired nowadays for violating my safe space.

    1. Old joke

      Four students day before the final decide to take a road trip and study jam.

      They get into the case of beer instead and miss the exam.

      The next day one of them shows up to the prof and explains they had a flat tire.

      Prof says OK show up at 5 pm in my office for the makeup.

      The students show up. He directs them to separate rooms with a sealed exam book.

      There is one question.

      Which tire?

    2. Did you get anywhere with the girl?

  37. Yale professors are lazy f---ks that see this as another opportunity to do nothing.

    1. They do have pass/fail. Fail means you have not demonstrated enough effort to learn on your own and challenge me.

      At the post graduate level ABCDF grades are not relevant.

  38. Amazing. It is rather expensive to go to YLS. These students would rather protest than get their money's worth (and really learn something). Not to worry. They are the elite and future employers care more about the certificate than they do about whether these young innocents really know anything.

  39. So courageous to take a stand that EVERY ONE of your friends and colleagues supports and even your teachers approve of. Not.

  40. I thought I would never see the time when the left was easier to hate than the right. Elitist, self center scum.

  41. Do they plan to also refund the tuition for the cancelled classes for students who do not want to protest? The problem with this move is they assume that all the students agree with their political agenda. Sorry, but if I were attending college today and a Prof cancelled a class for a protest, I would be pissed off and in the Dean's or Bursar's office demanding a prorated refund. Cancelling a class due to illness or other emergency is one thing, but if they want to protest, they need to do it on their own time.

  42. The professors are doing us a favor. If even a few change majors to something productive, there'll be fewer parasites developing into looter politicians and rights-destroying prosecutors.

  43. The professors are doing us a favor. If even a few change majors to something productive, there'll be fewer parasites developing into looter politicians and rights-destroying prosecutors.

  44. What rule of law? If this happened over thirty years ago the statute of limitations passed decades ago. Why would a law enforcement organization like the FBI be involved with investigating it now? Why would you demand a he said/she said hearing with taxpayer dollars? She has a crisis of conscience now, but just having him be a judge was a-okay?

  45. Law professors are, for the most part, victims of progressive educators as are their students.

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