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Asia Argento Is Why I Don't Believe All Victims

Attorneys for the #MeToo leader now claim Jimmy Bennett "sexually attacked" her.


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Asia Argento, the Italian actress and #MeToo movement leader who was recently accused of sexually assaulting an underage male actor named Jimmy Bennett, is now claiming that Bennett "sexually attacked" her in 2013. According to her attorney, Argento was the victim in the situation, which he summarized as "a misunderstood interaction between her and Bennett that was initiated by Bennett, perpetrated upon Asia, and resulted in her 'freezing' and being placed in a 'state of shock.'"

I don't believe her. In fact, this is a textbook example of why the fourth-wave feminist notion that we should automatically believe all victims is pernicious.

Why don't I believe Argento? For one thing, she paid Bennett $380,000* to keep him quiet about it. For another, she took a post-sex photo with him in bed, and it does not show a woman who looks like she was just attacked.

The statement by Argento's lawyer claims that Bennett was himself subsequently accused of unlawfully having sex with a minor, in 2014. He would have been 18 or 19 at the time, so the alleged victim was likely just a few years younger than him—not, say, a full two decades younger. Either way, what Bennett did or did not do with someone else isn't relevant to Argento's charges. Whether or not Bennett later had sex with a minor, it matters that Argento had sex with Bennett.

The age of consent in California is 18. In most other states, it's 17, which means Argento committed a crime in only a very technical sense. While I think it was wrong to take advantage of a young man who claimed he saw her as a mother figure to him—and it was certainly wrong to ply him with alcohol, as Argento allegedly did—I'm not sure the law should hold that 17-year-olds have no sexual agency. I am not eager to see Argento prosecuted, unless she truly incapacitated him first.

But even if Argento didn't deserve to be prosecuted, she is not the victim here. Bennett's attorneys have called her position "self-serving and slanderous," which seems accurate. She engineered the situation by inviting him to the hotel room, she provided alcohol, and it appears overwhelmingly likely that she initiated the sex and was perfectly happy about it immediately after.

Argento is probably lying. To be clear, that would make this a false accusation of rape. We don't have good statistics on how common such false accusations are. (Many of the low-ball figures oft-cited by activists are based on questionable data.)

In any case, it's interesting to consider why Argento might be lying. She could be lying because she is suffering social consequences for a sexual incident she now regrets. What probably seemed right to her in the moment is now an embarrassing and costly mistake. Perhaps she thinks lying about what happened is the only way to recover some of her dignity and change the narrative.

It's reasonable to presume that this is not common. But it's naïve to pretend that it almost never, ever, ever happens, which is what campus victims' rights activists expect of the public. In my years writing about campus sexual assault disputes, I have covered dozens if not hundreds of cases that involved an ambiguous situation: Some evidence suggested willingness of both parties to proceed with the encounter, but later one party—usually a woman—said she did not actually give consent. Was she assaulted, or was she later changing her mind about having consented because the encounter was regretted and embarrassing?

I'm not claiming that such lying is common, but I doubt it's as rare as the activist community claims, particularly when it comes to the cases adjudicated under Title IX, the federal statute governing campus sexual misconduct tribunals. Activists assert that it would be crazy to make up a story about being assaulted—who would lie about that? But people lie all the time, about matters big and small. That's one reason the Title IX reforms currently being considered by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are so important. If we shed the belief that alleged victims are always and automatically telling the truth, it becomes more important to actually question the accuser and the accused, to permit some form of cross-examination, and to discover the truth of the matter.

Read more about the latest Argento news in Rolling Stone, a publication that knows a great deal about not believing all victims.

Even further reading: "Asia Argento's Time Is Up."

Update: This post misstated the amount of money Argento paid to Bennett. Though he initially asked for $3.5 million, they agreed to $380,000.

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  1. A lot of it is buyer’s regret on quid pro quo.

    1. So true-didn’t think they got their money’s worth.

      1. Or they just think they can get more now.

    2. It’s called regret rape in the manosphere.

  2. For one thing, she paid Bennett $3.5 million to keep him quiet about it. For another, she took a post-sex photo with him in bed, and it does not show a woman who looks like she was just attacked.


    1. Not all fraudsters do either. But not many ‘survivors’ pay they attackers a seven figure sum.


      1. Got your attention, didn’t it?

      2. SIX figure sum: $380,000, not 3.5 million.

    2. Hey, if a survivor chooses to relax and enjoy it, who are we to question that decision.

    3. Hey, cut Froot Sooshi some slack. That’s a bold stand he’s taking there. Gonna be some serious backlash.

      1. Cougartown isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind.

    4. ‘For one thing, she paid Bennett $380,000* He may have kept his mouth shut if the money were indeed $5.5 million.

  3. $3.5 million? You’re off by a factor of 10, but whatever.

      1. Back then a dime was like having a thousand dollars.

        1. according to my grandpa, who is 100% reliable on annual inflation increases.

          1. It’s like $350,000,000,000,000.000 Zimbabwebucks, though.

            1. Or the old Italian lira!

    1. Was it more or less?

      Either way, $350,000 or $3.5 million for sleeping with an older woman sounds pretty awesome for a 17 year-old boy

    2. When you have a “victim” paying off a “rapist” to keep quiet, I’m not really certain that a factor of 10 or a factor of 100 matters all that much. The effort to keep in quiet puts the lie to the accusation.

  4. …I’m not sure the law should hold that 17-year-olds have no sexual agency.

    Their boners sure don’t.

    1. If Bennett ever does get charged for this, then his lawyer should say to the male members of the jury “If you would hit, then you must acquit”

      1. That would be a hard question to answer, were I on that jury. Ordinarily, I’d say I would absolutely, but I also know very well (from experience) that you should never stick it in crazy.

        1. She’s . . . in a very good part of the ‘hot vs crazy’ graph.

          1. I would have talked her into bringing a friend for a thressoem and got them to lez out for me. Because you know goddamn well she is a threesome chick, and does other broads.

            Then he could have extorted both of them…….for more threesomes.

        2. Sure, but did you know that at 17?

    2. True. No amount of thinking about baseball can restrain a 17 year-old boy’s ever present erection.

      “It won’t go down! What’s wrong with me?”

      1. was supposed to stop @17?

        1. Do you still get aroused by algebra?

          1. geometry works better. proofs are hot.

      2. Not even a picture of Cynthia Nixon’s wife can kill it.

        1. Then you should definitely seek immediate medical attention – probably of the psychiatric variant.

        2. You should try a picture of Hillary Clinton. If that doesn’t work, and you’re desperate enough, try imagining Hillary naked — but only briefly, because we don’t want terrible things to happen to your sanity.

          Rumor has it that Hillary really wanted Vince Foster dead, so after that meeting where she yelled at him, she quietly pulled him aside and offered certain … benefits … and just the thought of that was enough to push Foster over the edge.

        3. Not even a picture of Cynthia Nixon’s wife can kill it.

          Why would pictures of massive dildos kill an erection?

          Unless it was IN Nixon, I mean.

        4. Ok. Finally looked up what her wife looks like.

          That ain’t her wife. That’s her shorter brother with bitch tits. The ugly brother.

          I think that ruined my visions of lesbian sex. Forever. Actually makes Stormy Daniels look hot.

          1. If you’ve married what looks like Ron Howard and Danny Divito’s nerdy son, you’re probably not a real lesbian.

      3. Folks need to teach kids to make a bicep when that happens ? you need to move the blood somewhere else to put Mister Stiffy down.

  5. He would have been 18 or 19 at the time, so the alleged victim was likely just a few years younger than him?not, say, a full two decades younger.

    OK, certainly not two full decades younger. Other than that, I see no reason to make suppositions one way or the other.

  6. Didn’t Harvey Weinstein have ex-Mossad agents keeping tabs on his victims to make sure they didn’t talk? How did they fail to dig up this dirt before he was ousted?

    1. You can’t fail to find what you’re not looking for?

    2. Why would they believe that it was “dirt”? That would have appeared normal to them.

  7. In any case, it’s interesting to consider why Argento might be lying.

    I am going with poor impulse control. Her plan to reboot the Spice Girls with Crystal Gail Mangum and Jackie Coakley doesn’t seem very well thought out either.

    1. Jaime Leigh Jones might be down as well.

  8. “…I don’t believe all victims”

    Whoa, Robby. With statements like that you won’t even get invited to the neighborhood barbeque, let alone a Georgetown cocktail party.

    1. Believe is something, even if it means sacrificing cocktails.

    2. And with that, the voices of a million cocktail party invitations were silenced

  9. “Your Honor, she attacked me and I was in shock-”

    “OK, then, that’s understandable, six months probation. Next case!”

  10. There are less flattering pictures of Ms. Argento, Robby, if you were not intending on eliciting sympathy.

    1. Especially that this picture is seemingly from the time when she had no tattoos on her upper left arm.

  11. Jesus Christ, you both got laid, what the hell is the problem?

    1. Pretty much my exact sentiments on this story.

    2. I don’t get it either.

      Both of them should just shut up at this point! The more I read about this story, the more I think she’s a total nutjob and he’s a total loser. And there probably isn’t a quarter-of-a-normal’s-person’s worth of dignity between the two of them!

      1. I guess what went down is that Bourdain offed himself, Argento didn’t want to pay the remaining $180K out of her pocket and Bennett was pissed over losing that money, so he tattled on her technical violation, the significance of which was enhanced by her status in the #metoo movement. So a 360? clusterfuck.

        1. I’d bet a lot of it was her #MeToo hypocrisy.

          1. On Bennett’s side? I think it was losing (some of) the money; then Bennett convinced himself of the righteousness of his cause by brooding over Argeno’s obvious hypocrisy.

            But of course all of this is psychobabble.

            1. I dunno. If he really did think of her as a mommy figure, and had fun in bed, it might rankle that she suddenly shoots to fame on such hypocrisy. A friend inherited a million bucks and dropped her old friends (me included) like hot rocks. It rankled. Not that I wanted any of her money, but the attitude that we were suddenly not good enough, out of the blue, made us feel like fools for trusting her. I think there could be some of that here — she gets the spotlight while hiding her hypocrisy and suddenly he wasn’t good enough for her any more.

            2. That kid is a little fag. I hope his next job involves saying “do you want fries with your order?”.

            3. Well, Bourdain quit life over Argento’s very public, humiliating cuckoldry. Bennett realized that Bourdain was the one paying this bill for Argento, and that he wasn’t going to get any more out of her, plus, she’s a real shitty person, so that justifies …. him running his mouth.

      2. she’s a total nutjob and he’s a total loser. And there probably isn’t a quarter-of-a-normal-person’s worth of dignity between the two of them!

        Congratulations, you just described the typical Hollywood power couple.

        1. Or the Clintons, Weiners, et.al.

      3. Of COURSE she’s a nutjob! She maintained a sexual relationship with Harvey for at least 4 years after he “raped” her.

        Why does ANYONE believe these wack jobs? The ONLY ones that are half way credible are the ones that said HW blackballed them after they turned him down, i.e., Mira Sorvino and Uma Thurman. And of course we hear crickets from the ones that ended up with awards, Meryl, Jennifer, yes I’m talking to you!

        1. And the self-proclaimed “nasty woman” Ashley Judd.

    3. Jesus Christ, you both got laid, what the hell is the problem?

      Does that apply to Weinstein’s encounters too?

  12. How do you know who the “victim” is?

    Seriously. If X accuses Y of a crime, how do you know X is the victim? What if Y is? For example, the Duke Lacross team were Victims.

    ‘believing victims’ and then assuming who the victim is without evidence or a trial is the most asinine thing to do. And people wonder how the Salem witch trials were a thing. Well the girls were the ‘victims’ of the witches and were believed.

    1. Yes, it’s totally absurd. The world is full of people willing to game the system to their advantage. And it’s incredibly naive (at best) to think that encouraging people to believe purported victims is not also going to encourage some people to falsely portray themselves as victims when it suits their purposes.

    2. Depends on whether there is independent evidence. But with non-forcible rape, and even forcible rape in some cases, it is extremely difficult to find such evidence even if the crime was committed.

  13. I stopped believing MOST victims in 1975 when a girl I knew was so upset that the guy that wasn’t her boyfriend “cheated” on her she claimed he had raped her.

    1. wouldn’t the guy be the victim in that situation

  14. I’d just been looking at this case!

    Seems fairly obvious what most likely happened. These two had consensual sex; who knows who initiated. They take a few blissed-out shirtless selfies of themselves in bed, which look very inconsistent indeed with forcible rape. (Perhaps consistent with “being taken advantage of,” but you know the kid was 17.) For years before and after, they exchange affectionate social media posts and communications, often referring to each other–appropriately enough given that had been the original nature of their relationship since they worked together when he was a little boy–as mother and son. Ew.

    Fast forward. Now Argento positions herself as this big self-righteous professional #MeToo leader, pushing an extreme believe-the-accuser narrative. And Bennett, a former child star whose parents stole all his millions and who did not grow up to be particularly handsome or talented, can barely pay the rent. He’s a lifelong Californian; he knows his state has an unusually high age of consent and she is technically a rapist. Unfortunately it, also unusually, bars sex victims from selling their silence with binding contracts. But he figures he can get a little something nonetheless. But now Bourdain, his golden goose, has laid its last egg…

    1. …Frankly I’d have sympathized a bit with Argento over the pipsqueak until this latest bit, which her team has grandiosely and ludicrously announced constitutes the end of the first phase of the #MeToo campaign and the worldwide launching of “#MeToo Phase 2.” Really. That’s how disgusting this woman is. She’s far lower than a garden-variety Hollywood blackmailer ever could be. But they’re both trash.

      1. **By the way: It isn’t true that “In most states [the age of consent] is 17.” It’s 17 in even fewer states than it’s 18–although it’s 17 in NY so between the two of them that’s quite a number of residents. In the overwhelming majority it’s 16. A 17 or 18 AoC is barely heard of worldwide either, of course.

        1. 16 year olds are nice and legal where I live. Giggity!

        2. http://www.bhwlawfirm.com/legal-age-c…..tates-map/

          In 31 states (including D.C.) it’s 16
          in 8 states it’s 17
          in 12 states it’s 18

        3. There is also a federal law making it 18 if you travel out of state to meet the other person. So lower ages of consent elsewhere don’t help you unless you move there.

    2. From everything that’s come out about Argento’s life, I can only imagine how her perception of sex and relationships were likely all twisted up by film production lechers to the point where it just made sense that that’s the sort of relationship to have with a young fan (who likewise wasn’t at the point in his life to know what was up). This just seems like two messed up people who ended up each trying to cover the tracks of something they later on realized shouldn’t have happened, then started laying blame when the evidence came out.

  15. First Principles is why I don’t believe all victims, but good start, I suppose, Robby.

    1. Gogito ergo sum –> Bitches be trippin’.

  16. Every time this story comes up, all I can think of is when I was 17 (in the mid-90s), if some dude my age banged an older woman and cried “rape” instead of bragging about it insufferably, he’d have found himself duct-taped to a flag pole or shoved into a locker or something.

    1. Reminds me of that Futurama episode–often considered the series’ greatest–where the boys are imprisoned on the Amazon women planet and are sentenced to be raped to death. When Kif is horrified by this, Zapp asks him, “What are you, gay?”

      I can’t imagine something like this could be run today. If the SJWs somehow left it alone, the so-called “anti-SJWs” would leap on that to point out their hypocrisy, and would use it as yet another example of anti-male double standards in mass culture.

      1. Oh yes-classic episode!

      2. It gets run all the time. Amd any network that refuses to is run by fags.

    2. Why would you want to bang an older woman? Even when I was that age, and basically wanted to fuck anything that moved, women in their 30s or 40s were absolutely not preferred.

      1. What are you, gay?

  17. She is the gold standard for a liar and a hypocrite and he is a money grubbing loser.

  18. The only time an adult got actually very close to sexually abusing me as a child, it was a woman. Not that I wasn’t pursued by men. God I was a hot kid.

    1. Were you also a boring kid?

      1. You don’t have to be interesting if you’re hot.

        1. But women think that they’re the same! Waaaaaaaah! Men are so shallow!!!!! Patriarchy!!

          1. Hint; in women’s perceptions, they are the same, because that’s what gets their motor running. Not for men, and women blame men for this and project their sexual preferences / strategy onto men and are shocked, SHOCKED! when their advanced degrees and independence don’t give us boners like a 19 y.o. swimsuit model does.

    2. So you admit that you have a perception of hotness among kids.

      Maybe Jerry Falwell was right about you people after all?

    3. Interesting post for an article about liars – – – – – – – –

    4. Tony, it’s too bad none of the, wanted you for a snuff film.

  19. If we are going to provide full-scale protections to the accused, we also should make schools mandatory reporters and have every allegation of sexual assault handled by police and prosecutors, and good schools could expel every person adjudicated to have committed a sexual assault.

    1. I guess expulsion woulf just be a formality for students unable to attend due to, you know, being incarcerated, which is likely if they’ve been “adjudicated to have committed a sexual assault.”

      1. Patience, the Rev isn’t very smart.

  20. “Activists assert that it would be crazy to make up a story about being assaulted?who would lie about that?”

    This alone is sufficient to tell you that the activists are dishonest at best.

    1. Yup.

  21. As un-PC as this statement is, I’m going to say it anyway. Somebody that looks like her jumps a 17-year-old guy’s bones and he’s a victim?? This is not assault, it’s LIVING THE WET DREAM!! Yeah, he’s traumatized, uh huh, of course he is. And he re-lives that trauma every night under the covers.

    1. ^^^^
      Right – he was 17 and Asia Argento (then in her smokin’ hottest 30’s!) came on to him and he’s claiming victim status. Holy shit. C’mon. Stop it.
      It would be like someone my age claiming they were “traumatized” by Rachel Ward after she plied them with booze in a
      movie being made just after her follow-up role to “Against All Odds.” Suuuurre, you were traumatized…. So traumatized you got her to cough up $380K to help with your “feelings.”
      Fuck both of them.

      1. Dollars to donuts she’s got silicone holding everything together under there.

        1. Don’t care, still would smash.

      2. His claim is that she not only played his mother on-screen once, but was a mother figure. I don’t care how hot your mother is, being seduced by her would be traumatic.

    2. It’s not un-PC, it’s just unfair. Unless you think it applies equally to a wealthy Hollywood producer alpha male banging 17 year old females.

      1. Not the same.

        1. How is it not? A woman cannot walk away from a guy jerking off?

          “He made me let him eat me out”? How the fuck would that even work? He’s going to physically pry her legs open — -to put a tongue there? Seriously? That is batshit insane.

          Weinstein’s “victims” fucked him for fame. Period. Not one was raped. All likely had regrets after the fact, but that’s life. When you have to use pussy to get ahead in life, bad decisions are frequently made.

      2. Not really the same, virtually no 40 year old woman can force an adult male to have sex. It’s basic physics.

    3. At that age I would have definitely said “fuck yeah lady”

  22. Anthony Bourdain, thou art avenged.

  23. “For another, she took a post-sex photo with him in bed, and it does not show a woman who looks like she was just attacked.”

    I am unable to decide the validity of the counter-claims of both parties without seeing this photo. Please post it.

  24. Both of them are full of %$^$. It was consensual sex. They both enjoyed it and it didn’t harm anybody, regardless of the arbitrary age of consent laws. Now he’s trying to blackmail her and she’s lying to protect her own ass.

    I hate to break it to Robby but many if not most of sexual assault accusations are false. Just think about all the possible motivations and human nature. And then think about how easy it is to claim something happened when it usually can’t be proven one way or the other.

    We’re becoming a sexually repressed society which treats any alleged sexual offense with hysteria. Every “victim” of a sexual offense is deemed a “survivor” who’s permanently scarred. It’s all total bull%$^#.

  25. Yeah, so technical language issue here. Yes, you should always believe victims of sexual assault. The issue is that you sometimes aren’t sure if a person is actually a victim of sexual assault.

    There is a trick going on her called “controlling the language of the debate.” When the author makes the mistake of writing “I don’t believe all vicitms”, the fall into this lingustic trap.

    ” Don’t believe all accusers” is correct. When briefly had an unproductive discussion with a feminist about this, she was very quick to complain about the use of “complaint”, instead wanting me to use “report” when referring to Title 9 complaints. She had been trained to do so and explained it was an important distinction, a report is something that actually happened, a complaint is ambiguous. By insisting on this usage, she would not allow me the linguistic space to present my argument, and though she probably didn’t fully understand why she was doing this, it’s a designed feature. I can see this article being pull quoted to paint Libertarians as rape apologists. We have to be careful not to let people who use bad faith techniques control the language. We can’t be taken out of context if we are precise and clear in our language.

  26. I wish she would take advantage of me.

    1. You are disgusting. If you find THAT tatted up whore interesting, you are wa-a-a-a-a-ay old.

  27. Asia Argento can be both a victim and a perpetrator. There are witnesses to her being a victim, so I believe she is a victim. She can also be a perpetrator as she is wealthy and powerful in her own right. Many men in prison are raped and also rape others. They are still victims even if they raped others.

    The problem for victims is we expect victims to be perfect. Sadly, what leads many to become victims is a power imbalance. Men are typically stronger than women. On top of that, men aren’t stupid. They pick women that will have a harder time reporting. Poor women, women of color, the mentally challenged, women with mental health problems. Women aren’t victimized because they are beautiful. They are victimized because they are vulnerable. Women in comas and elderly women in nursing homes are raped.

    Women in Hollywood, once they become stars have some power, however before then they need men like Harvey Weinstein to put them in a movie or agree to produce a movie they wrote. So that gives a few men a lot of power over some beautiful women and they have abused that power for generations.

    Less than 5% of reports of sexual assault are false. That is enough to not take a report at face value, but you need to realize that it is far more likely that victims will not report to avoid the public scrutiny of their imperfect lives (for a slim chance of getting any justice) rather that that they will lie about an event that did not occur.

    1. Less than 5% of reports of sexual assault are false.

      “I’ll take ‘stats pulled out of my ass’ for $200, Alex”


      1. Any sex crimes detective in a large metro area will tell you that it’s closer to 50% US Air Force did a study and found it was 40% of accusers either retracted or were proven false.

        Women lie. It’s their wheelhouse.

        1. yes, given my well founded understanding of human nature and how f’ing crazy women are in general, this seems like the most likely number.

          Women lie about rape for attention, revenge, money, sheer spite or just because they are f’ing crazy.

          1. Have you ever been over to therationalmale.com ? Rollo will tell you why / how that’s true. Most fascinating blog on the net.

      2. yeah, totally pulled out of her ass. Logically, there’s no way to know what percentage of sexual assault allegations are true or false. But that doesn’t stop the feminazis from making shit up.

  28. Why did you need to wait for this bitch to show you that guilt by accusation isn’t a good idea? There were plenty of previous examples of false accusers fucking up people’s lives.


  29. “Technical” rape of a teenage boy? Like Whoopi’s excuse “it’s not rape-rape?”
    Pursue her to the full extent of the law. Make them live under their own rules.

  30. They’re not “victims”, just “accusers”, until they prove someone guilty.

  31. When the news first broke, I felt bad for her. Even though she was one of the rising stars in the #MeToo clusterfuck, she herself, was never particular bad about initiating witch hunts or claiming all women should be believed. Couple that with ridiculous consequences and lack of logic behind statutory rape laws (especially on the edge cases), and it seemed like a terrible situation I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Now that she’s trying to pull this shit, I kinda want the bitch to burn.

  32. There are an infinite number of reasons why people may be falsely accused. There are also innumerable reasons why people are wrongly convicted.

  33. What a vile, loathsome woman. I wonder how the boy made that loved-up pic of them in bed together, or made her pursue him with a series of creepy-stalky and yuckily needy love tweets.

    But then she’s been telling us who she was for years on her relentless climb to celebrity with how she pursues higher-status men and gold-digs them until she judges they can no longer provide her the benefits she deserves, at which point she cynically better-deals them off. Ask Anthony Bourdain. ….oh…..wait……

  34. “While I think it was wrong to take advantage of a young man who claimed he saw her as a mother figure to him”

    She had been in his life since he was 7.

  35. This is the world Lefties have made.

    Consent is always “problematic”, so all sex is non-consensual. For both parties. Sex is rape.

  36. Believe me, this guy was not sexually assaulted by her.

  37. Believe me, this guy was not sexually assaulted by her.

  38. No offense intended, but anybody who needed Asia Argento to not believe all victims is a freaking moron.

    My reason for not believing all victims is that victims are human, and I already know that humans sometimes lie. Isn’t that enough without Asia Argento?

  39. Lack of criminal charges and due process is why I don’t care what the allegations are – – – – – – – – –

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  41. In any case, it’s interesting to consider why Argento might be lying. She could be lying because she is suffering social consequences for a sexual incident she now regrets.

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