Kerri Evelyn Harris, Delaware's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Loses Her Senate Race

The challenger received help from the group that worked on Ocasio-Cortez's campaign.



Since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat 10-year incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley (D–N.Y.), election watchers have been on alert for upsets in other states by similarly progressive and Democratic socialist candidates. Thursday, an Ocasio-Cortez–style candidate failed to clear a primary hurdle in Delaware.

The Senate race between Sen. Tom Carper (D–Del.) and Kerri Evelyn Harris, an Air Force veteran who is also black and gay, ended in a defeat for Harris. As FiveThirtyEight notes, the fight for Delaware's next senator mirrors Ocasio-Cortez's race. Carper, who has never lost an election, spent 42 years serving as the state's sole congressman, governor, and finally, as a senator. Harris was not even born when Carper was first elected to statewide office.

There are other similarities as well, including the fact that Harris is much more progressive than her challenger. Carper is considered the sixth-most conservative Democrat in the Senate. According to Harris' campaign website, she supports legislation such as Medicare for all, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, stronger gun control measures, and a tax on large corporations for employees who use government assistance programs. Similarly, Harris was greatly outspent by Carper—$3.3 million to her $69,000.

Delaware's senate race shed light on an ideological divide in the Democratic party. Harris received endorsements from Ocasio-Cortez and and the Our Revolution PAC, which is associated with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.). The group that worked on Ocasio-Cortez's campaign also backed Harris. Conversely, former Vice President Joe Biden recorded a robocall in support of Carper.

Prior to Harris' loss, Ayanna Pressley managed to pull off an upset against Rep. Michael Capuano (D–Mass.) in the Bay State's 7th Congressional District. Capuano was first elected into office in 1998. Pressley was no stranger to political office (she worked 16 years as a congressional aide and served nine years as a Boston city councilor) and her opponent had a strong progressive streak. Still, Pressley enjoyed an endorsement from Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter.

Harris joins several other democratic socialist candidates who have lost their races so far this year.

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  1. Where was this 15 dollars an hour minimum wage when I was just a poor 7-Eleven clerk in Tucson AZ?

    That would have doubled my income, and with no downsides foreseeable I would have been sitting pretty.

    1. I guess I can almost kinda see how one might think a $15 minimum might be necessary if you are from NYC or Boston or SF or something.

      But one inflicts a $15 minimum on Hatch, NM and everything is closing.

      1. I already said there are no foreseeable downsides. Don’t just come in after I said that and start seeing downsides. That’s just wrong.

        1. No, that’s reality. If you think there are no foreseeable downsides, you are deliberately not looking.

          1. I know I haven’t been around as much lately, but this post is a real wake up call.

          2. ^broken sarcasm detector

            1. Asperger detection going off.

          3. No, if you are finding downsides its because you’re making them up!

      2. Fast food joint gigs start at 17 bucks and hour with a 401k in Silicon Valley.

        1. They’re down to two people on staff at probably minimum wage (so, $7.25) at Autozone here in Albuquerque.

          I’m not sure they’d be open at $15 either. Well, they probably would, but prices would be up.

    2. Nah, the slavers would just have made you work twice as long and made it up in volume.

  2. Trump worries me, I’ll stipulate this. The man’s economic and foreign policies are a 90’s shitshow on greased wheels, with extra hair and gilding this time.

    What leaves me cold with dread is waiting to see what Democrats elect in backlash.

    1. What leaves me cold with dread is waiting to see what Democrats elect in backlash.

      TBH, I’m kinda hoping I’m just dead by then.

    2. Interesting that you use the term “backlash”. The Democrats are insane. It occurs to me that they don’t just throw out terms like “racist” and “sexist” and “patriarchy” as baseless slanders and meaningless buzzwords, they seriously do believe that half of Americans are irredeemably horrible people. It’s why they hate America, America is a shithole country as far as they’re concerned.

      When Obama was elected, a reasonable person might conclude that the US was not as racist as some people thought, but the Democrats I think seriously believed Obama was elected despite the fact that half the voters are racists. They seriously think they crammed a black man down our racist throats and now they could cram anybody they wanted down our throats. Which is why they picked Hillary. As much as a reasonable person might think Hillary was just a godawful candidate, that’s only true if you assume she actually had to convince people to vote for her. In a one-party state, who the hell cares if nobody outside the Democratic Party liked her, she had the election locked up. The Dems weren’t interested in nominating the best candidate, they wanted the best Democrat. To hell with any sort of appealing to moderates and independents and undecided voters, the Dems didn’t need them any more, no need to compromise their positions.

      1. So now they’re in shock, trying to figure out what the hell happened, where all these racists came from that they thought they had beaten into submission. It simply doesn’t occur to them that there are no racist/sexist/whateverist masses, not enough to matter, and they simply have lost touch with what’s really going on. And they were thisdamnclose to having absolute power, to see that slipping from their grasp makes them frantic and desperate and crazy, flailing around trying to grab on to any little straw to save themselves as they’re swept over the waterfall.

        There will be no backlash, the Democrats had better sober up and get a grip, step back from the edge and come back to the middle if they hope to have a future. I mean, Jesus Christ, you’ve got Bernie Fucking Sanders as your wise elder statesman? Do you realize how goddamn insane you are?

        1. This may be the most sincere thing I have ever posted here but I really hope you’re right.

        2. Heh. “I’m Bernie Sanders! ‘Fucking’ is my middle name!”

        3. Even the Democrats know the path to the promised land requires an old white man to lead.

          I though about adding ‘crazy’ to my qualifiers since I can’t think of an exception, but one can hope…

        4. He has yet to return from his Honeymoon in the USSR

    3. Hamster of Doom|9.6.18 @ 9:30PM|#
      “Trump worries me, I’ll stipulate this. The man’s economic and foreign policies are a 90’s shitshow on greased wheels, with extra hair and gilding this time.”

      Cutting taxes is always good, but you’d hope for spending cuts, too.
      Tariffs are losers everywhere and always, even when there is a fantasy that they are only negotiating levers; if they don’t work, it your nose you’ve cut off.
      Foreign policies? Separate from tariffs, he’s gotten us out of that Paris shit-show. We are no longer a party to the UN debacle of ‘human rights’ run by folks who demand women wear a rag on their head. Whether we get a nuke-free Korea, he’s working on it. Getting the Euros to pay at least a bit for their defense is a plus.
      But I’ll give you one you missed: WIH did he agree to raising the Pentagon spending?

      1. Sevo, I have a theory, and I don’t dare speak of it. As bonkers as everyone knows I am, this theory goes too far. It persists, though. One of these days, let’s chat about my private little theory that Trump, scientifically, was the best option and is also taking a smart and obvious business ploy. Keep thinking 90’s. Oooh, I hate even saying it. I got tricked into voting for Bush Jr *twice*, and those memories sting.

      2. “Cutting taxes is always good, but you’d hope for spending cuts, too.” – there’s no tipping point where tax cuts without a spending cut is bad? I don’t see how that’s possible, but I don’t personally own a lot of US debt or fiat money, so I can hedge pretty well.

        1. there’s no tipping point where tax cuts without a spending cut is bad?


          I don’t see how that’s possible, but I don’t personally own a lot of US debt or fiat money, so I can hedge pretty well.

          You answered your own question: when taxes are cut, people can squirrel away the tax cuts in places where the debt doesn’t affect them.

    4. The man’s economic and foreign policies are a 90’s shitshow on greased wheels, with extra hair and gilding this time.

      Can you be more specific? What exactly “worries” you about Trump?

      He imposes tariffs. Obama did that. Krugman was calling for that. BFD.

      And the rest? I don’t mind his foreign policy; European and Asian leaders are jerks and liars who take advantage of the US.

      Economic policies? So far, he has lowered taxes, reduced regulations, and otherwise stayed out of the way. What’s your problem with that?

      I was worried about Trump before the election (I didn’t vote for him), but so far, he’s been nothing more than a moderately conservative president.

  3. It helps to be pretty enough that all the hairshirt-wearing male feminists can fantasize about you giving them sex in exchange for their support.

  4. Clearly, the entire state of Delaware is racist and homophobic. Clearly.

    1. This is likely true, even if you’re joking.

  5. Jesse Walker is getting hammered on Twitter

    He’s right, but for some reason doesn’t seem to be confronting what it is these people believe that underlies their argument. They don’t want “the kids” finding John A Stormer when they look up communism, Carlton Coon when they look up race and, God forbid they stumble across Thomas Szasz looking up mental illness or psychiatry.

    The ones saying librarians “curate” likely mean “ban books people shouldn’t read” w/o ever thinking of it as the bad kind of “book banning”. This is going to vary by region, institution, age of the collection and the personal biases of the librarian and other “supervising authority”.

    The schools that punish children for making finger guns or drawing pictures of guns aren’t likely to carry the works of CB Colby in their libraries while they may well have a copy of Bellisle’s Arming America.

    This is why they’re repulsed by the Dewey Decimal/Youtube algorithm analogy.

    1. Maybe more to the point, I’d expect Chris Hayes idea of the range of “dangerous” crank and conspiracy information the hypothetical kid finds about the Federal Reserve on Youtube intersects with what “we” might think of as a good primer or reliable source.

    2. Walker deserves everything he gets on twitter. He’s a dipshit Anarchist who thinks he’s smart.

      He is getting bested by dipshit Lefty OUTRAGERS.

      What a fool.

      1. If you’re not an anarchist, you’re a statist.

        1. I would rather be a Libertarian statist who pushes tiny and limited government and lives in the richest nation in the world…
          than live in Anarchy-Land.

          1. So you want the bad guys to show a little restraint, but you’re okay with them if they do.

          2. Its too bad you’re not that.

        2. If you’re an Anarchist, you’re not a Libertarian.

          1. If you’re an Anarchist, you’re also an Antichrist.

  6. Female, black, gay, veteran. She is definitely in the lead on intersectional points.
    I think we’re just missing Muslim and cripple right?

    I get “cripple” from George Carlin of course

    1. She was medically retired from the Air Force so maybe she has that too.

      Then again it is an open secret eval half the shitbag goons in the military are trying to pad their medical records so they can claim disability and get free cash when they get out. People that can walk around just fine, work out at a gym, run, go skiing. Not PTSD either. Just lies 🙂

      There are a lot of despicable sacks of shit I have met in the military, it is a good thing they are balanced out by some of the most fantastic people you will ever meet.

      1. Which group (despicable or fantastic) is anti-NFL-knee-taking? Which group was the Green Beret who suggested kneeling over sitting to Kapernick in?

        1. Frankly, neither. Neither group particularly gives a shit about the NFL or Kapernick, or even about ‘respect for the anthem’ – they’ve got real work to do.

          And that last sentence doesn’t make any sense.

  7. I’m surprised that it hasn’t been pointed out that older white male Democrats are getting replaced by younger, female non-white Democrats. And they happen to be more socialist than traditional white male Democrats. Looks like Ted Kennedy and company didn’t think this all the way through when they decided to change the immigration laws back in the 60s. Identity politics is here for good. Yeah multiculturalism!

  8. BTW, it shouldn’t matter, but it does:
    That is one fuggly woman!

  9. Still I’m brushing up on my communism just in case.

    Workers of the world – unite!

    How was that? Did it sound convincing?

    1. From each according to his income, to each according to his/her/their victim status.

    2. To make an omlet, you have to break a few eggs.

  10. Delaware doesn’t deserve their own Ocasio-Cortez.

    They’ve already got Joe Biden to make them miserable.

  11. Uh …. is that a dude or a dudette?

    1. Lady look like a dude.

  12. Fuck you, I’m not your fucking people.

    Fuck off and leave me alone fucking progTard !!!

  13. You never go full socialist.

  14. “Similarly, Harris was greatly outspent by Carper?$3.3 million to her $69,000.”

    And there you have it.

  15. Of course she didn’t succeed.

    Merely being gay is so passe these days. If you really want to get ahead, you have to be a black disabled trans woman who is a lesbian. Bonus points if you grew up poor and your dad is in prison and your mom is missing. Extra bonus if you have a wise elderly Asian grandma who taught you the nuances of life.

    1. In “progressive” circles, the above is helpful, but what’s truly unnecessary is a set of coherent policy proposals.

  16. “Our people?”

    How inclusive…

  17. Blackish, mannish, woman, lesbian and fat-fughly — they should make HER ass the symbol of the Democrat Party!!!!

  18. SJW commie high yellow gorda, gay & friggen fugly as hell. She’s the perfect demoRAT drone. This ABHORRENT faction isn’t JFK or Clintons party anymore. It’s the party of identity politics & victimhood. Civil war part deux is looming on the horizon this cancer needs to be cut out of the USA before it’s too late.

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