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Anonymous White House Official Says Trump Doesn't Care About 'Free Minds, Free Markets' or 'Free People'

The anonymous author says there's a "quiet resistance within the administration."


|||Sipa USA/Newscom
Sipa USA/Newscom

There's a high-profile resister lurking in President Trump's White House.

While Trump has voiced his distaste for anonymous sources in pieces less than favorable to his administration, the New York Times published an op-ed piece on Wednesday authored by a senior official within the administration. The piece, titled, "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration," details the "quiet resistance within the administration of people choosing to put country first." According to the author, a number of appointees have made promises behind the president's back to work against him whenever his "more misguided impulses" threaten American institutions.

"The president shows little affinity for ideals long espoused by conservatives: free minds, free markets and free people," the anonymous official claims. "At best, he has invoked these ideals in scripted settings. At worst, he has attacked them outright." The author calls Trump "anti-trade and anti-democratic."

The piece is not completely negative, however. The author takes time to praise what he or she believes sees as the administration's successes, including deregulation and tax reform. The author also distinguishes the resistance within the White House from that of "the left." The people working against Trump while working for him are doing so to ensure the overall success of the administration, the author claims.

The adminstration has not yet released an official response to the op-ed p[iece, but reports indicate one may be coming soon.

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  1. What a coincidence this would be published right after the excerpts of Woodward’s book. Cosmic man.

  2. Only bureaucrats believe in “free minds and free markets”. This is known. Also, John Brennan believes in peace

    1. I bet shit is getting thrown in the Oval Office right now.

      1. It would be dramatically satisfying if he throws the bust of Churchill he was so bothered about at the beginning. Chekhov’s Churchill as it were.

        1. That was Obama who threw out the Churchill bust silly.

          1. It’s amazingly how long you people can hang onto a lie. That is a thick fucking bubble.

            1. It wasn’t a lie. The Obama administration admitted to be true after Trump’s election.

              But, it was a stupid complaint

              1. What’s stupid is fat Republican traitors telling the rest of us which foreigners we have to worship in order to be sufficiently patriotic.

                1. Tony, you know I’m going to mock you for your fever dreams of insanity, right?

                  So why did you think just because I thought the Republican complaint about the Churchill bust was stupid, I’d approaching buy into your conspiracy theory?

                  1. Hint: I don’t think much of Churchill for the same reason I don’t think much about your fever dreams.

                    It has something to do with warmongering. Connect the dots

                    1. In Churchhill’s defense, after your tiny little island empire almost gets wiped off the face of the Earth being warlike seems perfectly rational.

                    2. I’m not talking about WWII. More so WWI, the Boer Wars, and other colonial wars.

                    3. True, I mean it’s not like he suddenly became warlike more like he’s not the worst guy to have in charge when the NAZI show up. Well, I guess anyway. It was always going to be a shit show so it’s hard to say. ‘What if’ history always gives me a headache.

                    4. I’m cool with Churchie, I just don’t need Trump to tell me to be. The only thing Trump probably knows about him is that Obama hated his bust.

                    5. In Churchhill’s defense, after your tiny little island empire almost gets wiped off the face of the Earth being warlike seems perfectly rational.

                      That doesn’t excuse Churchill’s advocacy for using chemical weapons on “rebellious tribes.”

                2. Aren’t you supposed to like people who fight Nazis, or is that only when they’re Commies too?

                3. Tony, treason is the exclusive province of the left. Committed by unpatriotic scum like you.

          2. It clashed with his Ottoman

        2. It would be dramatically satisfying if retarded mouth breathing losers like you were repeatedly punched in the face every second you’re awake.

  3. But Trump is crazy when he says the bureaucracy is a deep state that is out to rule the public and thwart democracy.

    1. No, John, we are supposed to PREFER that arrangement.

      We must not only recognize it, we must applaud it.

      For freedom.

    2. His senior staffers are the deep state?

      Do you genuinely want him running things himself?

      1. But he is still President and will remain so. At this point Tony with your ignorant and out of date views you are more of a subject than a citizen. How does it feel to be a part of a powerless minority?

        1. I’m used to it. Do I still get to participate as if I were a citizen? Do I get to fight against right-wing authoritarian brain-pickled red-faced asshats like yourself who would destroy the entire American project if it meant you got to see a poor brown person get kicked in the nuts?

          1. You get nothing and will like it.

          2. Forget policies, John is back to fapping over power. You know, like a healthy libertarian.

          3. Tony, if you ever fought me (you wouldn’t. You would run away like the little bitch that you are) It would be a rapid end to your miserable existence.

          4. You are the biggest fucking retard on the planet.

      2. “His senior staffers are the deep state?”

        Of course.

        *Senior* staffers. Permanent ruling class.

        1. The actual description given in the NYT is a “senior official in the Trump administration,” which suggests an appointee of some sort, not someone in the civil service.

          1. OTOH, the fact that they’re anonymous suggests to me that they’re a minor flunky.

            It’s the NYT, they’re not above calling the guy who fetches Trump’s diet cokes a “senior official”.

            1. The New York Times’ reputation and record against Brett “Show Me The Birth Certificate” Bellmore’s baseless sniping.

              Sounds like a predictable contest.

  4. If Trump was half the authoritarian you guys say he is he’d have that motherfucker shot. I’m gonna say the “free minds, free markets…” is a pretty strong tell that she don’t.

    1. “doesn’t work in the administration”

      Jesus Fucking Christ, it’s the fake news

    2. And since when is the bureaucracy refusing to respect the results of an election or faithfully implement the laws of the United States in any way conducive to freedom? The reason staff is so braindead, they would totally give away the rule of law or any electoral accountability in this country because TRUMP!!

      1. Drumpf isn’t just a bad President. He’s a mentally unfit white nationalist who’s taking orders from Vladimir Putin and turning this country into The Handmaid’s Tale. Ordinarily I’d be tempted to agree that electoral accountability is important, but we are living in uniquely dangerous times. We can’t obsess over technicalities like “the rule of law” when our capital is effectively under Russian occupation.

        1. C-. Come on. You are better than that. That is just too obvious.

        2. I’ve recently come up with another fantasy football team name that you should enjoy, OBL: Handmaiden Tails. We draft tonight.

          As for Orange Hitler, we had a strong draft.
          QB: Rivers, Wentz, Luck
          RB: Howard, Henry, Ingram, Peterson
          WR: Beckham, Fitzgerald, Cooks
          TE: Rudolph
          K: Eliott
          D: Bears

          We’re gonna make you proud this season.

        3. Your schtick is getting old.

        4. Don’t forget that he’s personally overseeing the uncountable number of boxcars hauling people off to uncountable number of gas chambers and concentration amps.

      2. Except Trump hired these officials. They work in his administration because he put them there. The election worked. Trump and you, by extension for voting for Trump, are accountable for hiring people.

        1. You don’t know that he hired this guy. He might be a career. Moreover, it is just as likely this is a plant by the Trump people. The whole thing makes his case about the deep state.

          1. The article says it’s a senior official so your bs spin fails.

            1. Lots of career people are senior officials. You don’t know how government service works.

              And again, this makes Trump’s point. You should be upset about this not happy about it.

              1. Observe a Republican in the wild deftly changing the subject and the rules of the debate in one slight rhetorical move. If it’s not a cabinet member, it’s a not true, ipso facto. Thus, Trump is sane and calm and the best president ever.

          2. Anonymous sources are bullshit.

      3. Maybe the Reason staff would give away rule of law and self government because they got Woke.

        They’ve gone Left. Progressivism has been opposed to self government and the rule of law for 100 years. Progressivism *is* governance by an electorally unaccountable Deep State.

      4. Wait, yesterday in the Woodward post you said this sort of thing would be no big deal if true. I’m confused.

  5. Geez, enough with the Anonymity. If it’s this bad you need to speak up. I’m not going to trust the NYT’s that this is a 100% credible source without any proof.

    1. Don’t trust The New York Times. Don’t trust Bob Woodward.

      Trust Donald Trump.

      I’m just grateful my children get to compete economically with people with that level of judgment.

      1. Trust any anonymous source as long as you agree with it.

      2. “I’m just grateful my children get to compete economically with people with that level of judgment.”

        With an asshole like you for a parent I’m looking forward to watching them fail.

        1. He doesn’t have any kids. He lrents a room over some old lady’s garage like so much Fonzi. Arty is a dropout with a menial job who empties the trash for a wealthy conservative business owner.

          1. Be nicer, or I shall instruct my children not to hire your family to clear the walkways, detail the vehicles, or tend the landscaping.

            1. Hey faggoto, my family are the ones that own all that shit. And the only ‘kids’ you have is the remains of yesterday’s bargain Ramen meal you deposited in the toilet bowl at the homeless shelter.

      3. It’s highly unlikely that any woman on the planet has ever agreed to procreate with you. Buy a gun and shoot yourself in the face.

  6. This is terrific news. Of course the ultimate goal is for Robert Mueller’s investigation to remove Drumpf from office. But as long as the White House is occupied by an illegitimate puppet of a hostile foreign power, all government employees should be part of The Resistance. Ignore Orange Hitler’s orders. Conceal information from him if you think he might react to it in the wrong way. Do whatever you can to combat the Russian menace.


    1. #ItsMuellerTime – the Champagne of hashtags.

    2. hostile foreign power


    3. #WHsilverware

  7. “Person disagrees with boss, quietly drags feet rather than wholeheartedly doing everything boss says”.
    In other news tonight, a dog has bitten a man! Stay tuned!

  8. yawn.

    all I’ve heard for the past year is how Trump is “done” and “We’ll get the orange bastard THIS time!”

    And yet, somehow, there he sits in the oval office without any formal charges or impending impeachment hearings.

    1. Things will be different next year when the #BlueWave Democratic-controlled House of Representatives is in session. Drumpf will be kicked out of office at some point in 2019.

      1. I know OBL is just a parody but to those who really think they want this: Do you REALLY want President Pence? Even the most deranged TDS sufferers I know have admitted they would rather keep Trump than give the reigns to Pence.

          1. If Republicans had any sense decency then they would consider appointing the cheated candidate who happens to be the popular vote winner to finish traitor Trump’s turn. It all would depend on Trump and Pence being outted as criminal traitors and Paul Ryan appointing Clinton in his place. But we all know Trump could molest and murder children and you fuckers would cover it up to get your tax cuts and appoint more asshole judges.

            1. There’s no such thing as the popular vote for President. The only people who vote for the POTUS are the electors everyone else votes for them.

              1. There is such a thing because we measure it. What utility could it serve? Showing the contrast between what the constitutional system puts in the White House and what the people wanted in the White House. That’s pretty useful information.

                1. What the people who voted wanted in the White House.

                2. “There is such a thing because we measure it.”

                  If you don’t know when your method of observation effects the results, then you should probably leave the data analysis to people who know how to do it.

                  1. How does counting votes affect the vote count?

                    1. Does being stupid get you anywhere?

            2. What’s amazing is that this guy isn’t a parody

            3. If Republicans had any sense decency then they would consider appointing the cheated candidate who happens to be the popular vote winner to finish traitor Trump’s turn. It all would depend on Trump and Pence being outted as criminal traitors and Paul Ryan appointing Clinton in his place. But we all know Trump could molest and murder children and you fuckers would cover it up to get your tax cuts and appoint more asshole judges.

              Remember — when Democrats claim they don’t adore the Clintons…they are STILL lying. They LOVE that useless, shitty, grifter family.

            4. Oh Lizard, we all know rape is the province of democrat politicians. As far as The Hag goes, I can see you’ve been reading too much progtard fan fiction. Once Sessions is replaced, you can be assured that after a lengthy prosecution, Hillary will be off to rot away, and eventually die in prison. Perhaps Bill will have an adjoining cell. Unless he rats her out to save himself.

          2. I feel dumber after reading that article.

        1. It’s less sbout the political calculation and more a matter of honesty and speaking truth to power.

          1. From bureaucrats? Ok then

          2. Lizard, you are a progtard, and therefore a soulless, sociopathic Marxist. It is laughable to hear you pontificate about morals or values in any way.

            You are a creature that is, and who worships evil.

    2. In the end, all that really matters is what actually gets passed into law, appointing judges, and other concrete accomplishments. Everything else is just noise. However, most people seem to think that what really matters is who looks/sounds good on television.

      1. For a few months, this is a reasonable observation.

        In a few months, however, all that will really matter are (1) the issuance of — and attempts to respond to — House subpeonas and (2) the increasingly pointed developments in the Mueller investigation.

        Until then . . . carry on, clingers!

        1. Oh comrade, soon Session’s replacement will be destroying the lives of all those crooked democrats that you hold dear. I look forward to seeing everything you value amd believe in destroued before your eyes.

          Perhaps then you will give in amd drink your Drano.

  9. #NeverHillaryTheFuckingBitch

    1. You got your wish, now eat the consequences.

      1. You mean 4% growth, historic low unemployment and an end to NK shooting missiles?

        1. Let me help you tighten that rope you have attaching Trump to the economy.

          1. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

            1. So we’re agreed that Trump alone owns the economy.

              1. Trump alone will damn sure own the economy at the next recession, even if he’s dead when it hits.

              2. You alone own your idiocy, you retarded fucking cretin.

        2. I’m not sure how Trump “caused” 4% growth, and I’m kind of amazed to see so many “libertarians” who apparently believe that the President controls the economy. It’s like a modern version of half-naked tribespeople who think their Priest-King controls the weather. Except these tribespeople supposedly actually believe in market forces, yet are embracing a worldview which assumes that politicians can and do have immediate and total control of the national economy.

          1. Even more remarkably, they believe that only presidents of a specific political party have this power.

      2. Guess what Tony?

        I don’t fucking care. Better Trump than the gun grabbing fucking bitch with her fucking fancy pants suits and her smug fucking mind thinking she knows what’s best for me.

        So fuck you and fuck her.

        In fact I bet you’d love to fuck her.

        1. I know a highly placed anonymous source in the Clinton campaign who assures me he already has.

        2. He don’t want to fuck her, but he wouldn’t mind sipping from her colostomy bag.

        3. Tony’s more a of a Bill guy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just gotta point out that not even Tony would pork The Hag.

  10. This could be one of his kids for all we know. There’s an active effort involving people Trump hired to work for him to protect the country from Trump.

    There’s still time to jump ship, John and fellow Trumplicans. You can’t possibly think your pathetic undying support for this man is going to be something you’ll admit to at your future cocktail parties.

    1. Your misery and powerless rage are so enjoyable Tony. Thank you so much for not depriving me of your misery. Trump continues to be president. I am so happy I voted for him. I honestly didn’t think God would ever grant me anything that would be as enjoyable as these four and likely eight years continue to be.

      1. John, you do realize that normal people don’t enjoy other people’s suffering, yes? Fucking psychopath.

        1. I don’t enjoy people’s suffering Tony. I enjoy your suffering. And I only enjoy it because it is so fake and pathetic. If you were really suffering, I would not enjoy it. But you are not suffering. You are just stupid and shallow and make yourself miserable. And that is enjoyable.

          1. Yes you do. You are a psychopath. You are also a sadist. You enjoy the suffering of other people. It’s probably the core reason you’re such a fucking swamp-dwelling Republican. A lack of empathy characterizes you people. You brag about enjoying other people’s suffering all the time. You’re not well. But crazy never knows it’s crazy, does it?

            1. Doesn’t this whole article mean that there is a Deep State undermining a democratically elected office holder?

              1. The retards usually mean the intelligence services when they flap their stupid pie holes about the deep state, not senior West Wing officials.

                1. Fuck you Tony

                  Fuck your democrat party

                  Fuck you and all the other fuckers who try to run my life

                  And fuck you sore fucking losers who can’t accept defeat.

                  I voted for Gary Johnson.
                  I didn’t go out on the streets with a mask and chain and beat people ,,

                  That was ANTIFA who is supported by democrats and the fucking New York Times.

                  So go fuck yourselves.

                  1. The Nazis ran someone over until she was dead, and they support Trump. And they’re Nazis. Maybe they’re the kind of Nazis who don’t want to control other people?

                    1. Richard Spencer is a Bernie bro. Be real here, son.

                      Just as Fred Phelps was a Democrat.

                    2. Richard Spencer is a Bernie bro. Be real here, son.

                      Just as Fred Phelps was a Democrat.

                    3. The Nazis? Plural? There was one guy in one car. It’s still not clear if he just panicked or was just another nutcase that did it deliberately. (I tend to think the latter at this point, though I’m open to changing my position.)

                    4. If Democrats get Antifa, Republicans get the Nazis. I think that’s more than fair considering that no Democrat ever even dog whistles an endorsement of Antifa.

                    5. “”I think that’s more than fair considering that no Democrat ever even dog whistles an endorsement of Antifa.”‘

                      This almost hints that you understand that people who endorse you doesn’t mean you endorse them.

                      But you can’t really believe that if you think people who are Nazis supporting Trump is equal to Trump supporting them.

            2. You crack me up Tony. You have to be the least self aware person I have ever seen. Literally every charge you throw at people is projection. You are the angriest, hate-filled person on here. But you are convinced it is everyone else who has a problem.

        2. I’m not so sure. Politics seems to be more about fucking over your philosophical enemies than anything else.

          Oh, right, you think the government helps people. I mean, it helps the politically connected, sure, but everyone gets fucked one way or the other.

        3. YOUR suffering is an absolute joy. There are few things as enjoyable as watching retarded, half-wit moronic dingbats like you suffer.

    2. It could be Hillary for all we know.

    3. Tony ==================

      Where are the fucking WMDs?

      The fucking New York Times said Iraq had WMD.

      Where the fuck are they you smug ass hat???

      1. Yep, every story ever written by the NYT is a complete lie. I just love the crash course in advanced logic I get whenever I come here.

        1. So, tell us more about McCain fucking a lobbyist….oh, wait, NYT decided they didn’t REALLY mean that.

          A year later.

          1. Just because Fox News never issues corrections doesn’t mean they are superior at journalism.

      2. Some unaccomplished, shambling people cling to their betters’ imperfections as a signal that the elites are no better than the lessers.

        Have fun with that, Rockabilly.

        1. I think our alleged betters have done a mighty fine job of discrediting themselves all by themselves

        2. Buy a gun and shoot yourself in the face.

    4. Beware being told what you wanted to hear, Tony.

  11. I have it from an anonymous source that it was written by a Russian paid by Hillary on her private computer.

  12. I was really hoping Trump was going to be the first president to do so.

  13. Did I miss the part where Trump campaigned on free minds, free markets and free people? I mean, I know Reason runs 2/3 of the catchphrase as it’s subheading and occasionally manages to hit a couple of those marks but Trump was pretty clearly not the free mind, free market, free people choice and it should surprise no one, nor require any leaks, that he’s not conforming to the principles he didn’t espouse.

    1. he’s not conforming to the principles he didn’t espouse.

      Indeed, which makes the whole thing even sadder and depressing —Trumpistas and Trump supporters elected a Fascist on purpose.

      1. Trump isn’t a member of LaRaza dude.

        1. No, he’s just a vainglorious white guy who loves foreigner-baiting, ranting about the evils of the press, and military spending. Which is, like, totally the opposite of fascism, a political philosophy known for its embrace of multiculturalism, its firm defense of free speech, and its dislike of militarism.

          1. He’s a vainglorious white guy who loves foreigner-baiting and military spending who replaced the vainglorious black guy who loved race-baiting and military intervention.

      2. First, you say that like people haven’t been given the option of socialism v. fascism in the past and still chose fascist.

        Second, much of the rhetoric ascribing him as fascist was rhetoric being peddled by more avowed socialists/fascists.

        As is repeatedly pointed out Trump’s political leanings are very little different from President Clinton and while the GOP and others didn’t like the guy he (was exceedingly popular and…) wasn’t widely regarded as a fascist.

      3. Indeed, which makes the whole thing even sadder and depressing —Trumpistas and Trump supporters elected a Fascist on purpose.

        WTF are you talking about? We elected neither Hillary nor Sanders!

    2. That’s our slogan! He’s saying he hates us! We didn’t do anything to him, and he came right out and said he hates us. Now our tribe must rally to defend our honor and our slogan against this direct, blatant, spiteful attack.


  14. Anonymous White House Official Says Trump Doesn’t Care About ‘Free Minds, Free Markets’ or ‘Free People’

    Who said he did? Trumpistas don’t support DJT because of his libertarian bonafides, of which he has none, but because Mexican Rapists and China’s Economic Rape of the US and Shithole Countries and because they’re mercantilist, xenophobic assholes. But free minds? Free markets? No.

    1. of which he has none

      The number isn’t zero but I wouldn’t disagree that they’re largely coincidental.

    2. Still down about all of those good economic numbers Mexican? It just sucks that the evil white man isn’t getting what he deserves.

      1. And when the next recession hits, that will be Obama’s fault, correct?

        1. I know Tony, it just sucks that the nation isn’t being punished for its sins. It must kill you and Mexican to see so many Americans with jobs. Did you know black unemployment is at an all time low? My God, next thing you know black people will start thinking they don’t’ need white progressives to save them. The horror.

          1. So Trump’s tax cuts led to all-time low unemployment for blacks. Miraculous.

            The difference between me and you is that I live in the real world and you live in a world where you aren’t even able to think until Sarah Fuckleberry supplies your brain with talking points.

            1. The results are what they are Tony. If you want to believe blacks did so poorly under Obama out of bad luck, you pray at whatever church you like. You are clearly not smart enough to understand the world as it is. So superstition and ignorance are a good role for you.

              1. It would be insulting to your intelligence for me to sit here and explain the narrative of the great recession and how little or much presidents have to do with macroeconomic cycles.

                I will however accuse you of using black people as props against their will in your petty, stupid team cheerleading. They’re not going to vote for Republicans. They’re smarter than you.

                1. Like the government, Tony knows what’s best for you.

                  Trust Tony and his New York Times, who reported that Saddam had a nuculur bomb, which has not yet turned up, but will, cause well, it’s the paper of the broken record with all the news to fit on the whole internets.

                  1. Bush’s catastrophe was the single biggest motivating factor in the development of my political allegiances. You trying to pin his war on the New York Times is genuinely outrageous.

                    Take some goddamn responsibility for one goddamn thing in your lives, Mr. party of personal responsibility. Fuck. Trump’s amorality is hardly the only example in town.

                    1. You are a malignant fucking retard.

                2. > how little or much presidents have to do with macroeconomic cycles.

                  Careful with that heresy! You’re in a libertarian forum, dammit. You know damn well that means that most people here, in line with libertarian principles, believes that Presidents have tight control of macroeconomic cycles and that the entire US economy bends to the will of the Great Man in the Oval Office.

    3. I love it that the biggest fucking racist on here calls everyone else xenophobic. Jesus Christ Mexican, you are all about the superiority of Hispanics over everyone else. You do know that anyone can be xenophobic right?

    1. If there is anything Bob Woodward needs to cap his career, it’s a pointer like this one.

        1. What do you have to say to your betters, Reverend?

      1. Beware of the Charlatan Rev Kirkland

        Phony minister who is frightened of snakes because he is one.

      2. Yes, especially if it has DUNCE printed on it.

  15. I would like some of our top officials to offer resistance when the president seeks bad and/or unconstitutional actions. The issue here is that I don’t know who this anonymous writer is and for that reason have no reason to trust him/her and those involved in what might be considered a mutiny (how else do we describe the inner circle being part of the resistance?) I do see that Trump has some authoritarian impulses and would like those around him to say that he can’t do those things. What I question is whether they are resisting him in order to protect other principals/principles. Is their resistance to the president because they want to protect our bloated bureaucracy?

  16. According to the author, a number of appointees have made promises behind the president’s back to work against him whenever “more misguided impulses” threaten American institutions.

    Wow, well I guess Trump is 100% vindicated now. It’s officially an open conspiracy.

    1. Indeed. And a criminal conspiracy, to boot. If the dude is actually doing what he says,

      So far he’s proven to be perhaps the least paranoid President in history: He says he was being wiretapped, turns out to be true. He says the deep state is conspiring against him, the deep state confesses in the pages of the NYT.

      I’m hoping this guy and his friends are caught, publicly put on trial, and locked away where the sun is piped in on alternate Tuesdays. You can’t tolerate this sort of thing in a country that’s supposed to be a democratic republic.

  17. This report should cause legislators to ask every Trump administration representative who appears before Congress to state, under oath, whether that person participated in or was aware of 25th Amendment discussions. Then, after more details become available in coming years (in litigation discovery, books, etc.), those who lied can be prosecuted.

    1. Oh my God you’re insane

  18. “quiet resistance within the administration”


    Never Trumpers are the same as Progressives when it comes to self government. They don’t believe in it. The Deep State will do what’s right for the peasants, over the will of the peasants, because they’re just better people.

    “Muh principles”

    Living Constitution. Living Bureaucracy. All Deep State anti democratic bullshit.

    1. Saying the president is dangerous and revolting isn’t treason. Like the founders wanted to make that specifically clear.

      1. No more treasonous than reminding you that you’re a fucking retarded turd.

      2. “”Saying the president is dangerous and revolting isn’t treason.””

        That’s correct, the operative word is “saying”

        Actions can be treasonous.

  19. Man intentionally crashes truck into FOX 4 studios in Dallas, starts ‘ranting’ before arrest, officials say

    yelling “high treason!”

    This is what happens when your president disrespects the media, people: some people take that seriously, and act violently.

    Who’s throwing the “treason” word around carelessly now, clingers?

    1. Ferguson unrest

      This is what happens when you elect a president who incites racial hatred and favors socialism.

      “Who’s throwing the “treason” word around carelessly now, clingers?”

      This is what happens when you open the doors of mental health facilities and let the crazies out in the street.

  20. Anonymous White House Official…

    Anonymous, unverifiable document claiming to from a “White House official” and published by a newspaper with a lousy records on the truth…

    1. Agreed. And the fact that the media is all abuzz with this lends credence to the idea that it’s not authentic.

  21. Fuck the resistance Jacobin Marxist scum of the earth scum.

  22. The Times piece was actually written by a very Trump-hating student in my creative writing class. I gave her a B+. She asked me if I would up that to an A if she could get it published in the Times. I said I would. So she gets an A.

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