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So, Trade Negotiations With Canada Are Going Great

Trump missed Friday's deadline to reach a NAFTA deal with Canada, and he did it in spectacular fashion.



President Donald Trump has confirmed that he publicly said he couldn't publicly say that he was killing a trade deal with Canada, because it would kill the trade deal with Canada, which is now dead.

Let's review. Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced a rewrite of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which is a 24-year-old agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The only problem was that the announced deal was between only the U.S. and Mexico. For various political reasons on both sides of the Rio Grande, it was critical that the trade deal be officially presented to Congress by end of the week, so getting Canada on-board became an immediate priority.

Fast-forward to Thursday, when Trump told reporters for Bloomberg that he was deliberately undermining the negotiations with Canada by refusing to make any concessions.

"It's going to be so insulting they're not going to be able to make a deal," said Trump, who is supposedly renowned for his ability to, well, make deals.

Though he made those comments in an off-the-record meeting, undisclosed sources passed the president's words along to the Toronto Star's Daniel Dale, who reported them Friday morning.

Canadian trade officials, understandably, were not thrilled. Trade talks concluded Friday with no agreement between the U.S. and Canada.

Having sunk the negotiations that he apparently intended to sink anyway, Trump confirmed that he had intended to sink them all along in a Friday afternoon tweet.

For what it's worth, Bloomberg tells Axios that their reporters abided by the terms of the off-the-record agreement with the president. It remains unclear how Trump's comments got passed along to Dale, but this White House is notoriously leaky and it's pretty unlikely that Trump and the Bloomberg reporters were the only ones in the room when Trump said what he said about Canada.

I'm not sure which part is more alarming, to be honest. Is it that Trump knew it was important to keep his negotiating strategy a secret, and then immediately blabbed about it to a reporter? Is it that Trump was secretly (or not so secretly) plotting to kill the trade deal with Canada in the first place? Or is it that Trump was clearly negotiating in bad faith all week with a major trading partner, ally, and neighbor—you know, the kind of behavior that not only sank this trade deal but makes every other future negotiation and communication between Ottawa and Washington more fraught?

That Trump seems to relish engaging in this sort of behavior is not merely unpresidential. It's childish, and it is dangerous. It's no wonder that he's become so deeply unpopular in other countries that politicians now have a domestic political incentive to avoid engaging with America, as new polling from Pew highlights.

All of this should stand against the backdrop of Trump apparently believing himself capable of restructuring the unfathomable complexities of global trade. Never has he seemed less capable of such a task.

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  1. I'm sure it was intentional. The bonus was the continuing proof that "journalism ethics" is an oxymoron.

    1. I'm sure it was intentional.


      1. It's 800-dimensional chess, duh! Trump sabotaged his own trade deal so that he could score points attacking the media and win big at the next election! WINNING!

        1. It is. Its obvious it is too because people like you are ready to spout your nonsense.

          The Silent Majority ignores the media lies.

          I really only comment on these propaganda pieces to help Reason web traffic.

          1. Take Trump's cock out of your ass, LC1789.

            1. So much salty. Wow.

            2. It's a free country, No Yards Penalty. LC1789 is entitled to continue to figuratively fellate Donald Trump with his customary gusto.

              And consider some courtesy for the President. The slobbering succor from yahoos is likely the only action he can get these days: He has a better shot at building that wall, and at Mexican expense, than he has with Melania.

            3. You and kirkland are free to take Hillarys dick out of your mouths.

      2. Because you somehow have to resolve that cognitive dissonance between imagined genius and real-life moron.

        1. We're here to discuss the article, not have you point out something about yourself that is all too obvious.

          1. Have a great weekend, last of the Shitferbrains.
            Try to remove Trump's cock from your ass at least once during the break.

            1. Take your Daddy's cock out of yours, NYP.

            2. What is it with you gay sex? Projection much?

            3. Again with Trumo's cock? Are you that unoriginal? Or just too lazy to do anything other than copy/paste your tired old bullshit?

              I'm more unsalted that you're not trying very hard than anything else. Of course, since you are a progtard maybe that's all your little mind is capable of.

    2. The bonus was the continuing proof that "journalism ethics" is an oxymoron.

      Wait, wait, whoa, whoa - so, he's talking off the record to *Bloomberg reporters* who maintain their side of the bargain to not use this material as its 'off the record' but someone in his office leaks this to *a completely separate news organization* and that organization is *also* supposed to abide by the agreement Trump had with the Bloomberg reporters?

      So its not ethical for reporters to report on leaked information anymore? Pentagon Papers? Unethical?

      1. Trump already knew that bloomberg would leak whatever he said.

        Hes owned the media ever since the media printed what he said about himself. When they caught him, he moved to another tactic of owning the media.

        The media will never admit that they are.... dumb.

        1. And you will never admit you have Trump's cock in your ass, LC1789.

          1. Get back to your glory hole, NYP.

          2. Again with that shit? You've jut given up,trying, haven't you? You know, Tony is a progtard amd a cool,eye piece of shit too, but at least he makes an effort.

            You're not even good enough to guzzle Drano.

          3. Nyp is a troll. He needs to take hillarys dick out of his mouth.

    3. there's only one moron in this story and it isn't the journalists.

      1. That would be NYP.

      2. Its NYP and he needs to take hillarys dick out of his mouth.

  2. "It's going to be so insulting they're not going to be able to make a deal,"

    The Art Of The Deal, people.

    The. Art. Of. The. Deal.

    This is clever 999th Dimensional Chess. Just you wait and see.

    1. I predict that Der TrumpfenFuhrer will soon make "off-the-record" remarks that he plans to push THE Big Red Button and NUKE the "Commie" Chinese, in a surprise attack!

      Then when WW III starts, he can blame the media, for having BLABBED about his "off-the-record" remarks!!!

  3. off the record does not exist.

  4. Congress won't be happy, and for good reason. There is a strong case to be made that this will kill the new deal with Mexico as well, since Congress authorized renegotiating a 3-country deal, not a 2-country one.

    So, let's recap:

    Trump expended political capital to get a "deal" with Mexico that probably wouldn't have been substantially different than NAFTA, fucked up the negotiations with Canada, pissed off our second largest trading partner and a close ally, probably fucked up the new deal with Mexico, and if we are lucky NAFTA will remain in place, unaltered.

    So smart. Such a great deal maker.

    1. Trump is better even with the media trying to hurt America.

      Trump is better even with the lefties trying to keep the Socialist in EU, China, Canada, and Mexico from having to lower trade restrictions.

      Lefties and their media propagandists hate everything America stands for and will do everything to destroy any better trade deal for the USA.

      Boehm is one of them.

      1. Better? Better than what, exactly?

        You know what, never mind. There is literally nothing that Trump is "better" than, in any context.

        1. He better than anyone at making lefties rage.

          Lefties have invested huge sums in rags to wipe the spittle from the corner of their mouths from TDS anger.

          1. He's better at keeping his cock in your ass than anyone else I can think of, LC.

            1. You sure are hung up with cocks being in asses, NYP.

            2. He must cannot get hillarys cock put of his mouth to type.

          2. Trump is a man of the people.

            The half-educated, bigoted, no-count, disaffected, superstitious, backwaters-inhabiting, gullible, character-deprived, anti-social, authoritarian people.

            Carry on, clingers. While your betters permit, anyway.

            1. Me am confuse, Artie. You rail against "bigots" and "authoritarians" while promising that "betters" will soon force all those hicks into line.

              Who's the authoritarian?

              1. Not so much force them into line as improve society to frustrate their substandard preferences.

                I prefer reason, science, liberty, tolerance, education, modernity, and inclusivity. The goobers -- the lessers, in several respects -- tend to prefer insularity, ignorance, superstition, diffuse bigotry, and backwardness.

        2. He just told you.

      2. . . . even with the lefties trying to keep the Socialist in EU, China, Canada, and Mexico from having to lower trade restrictions.

        Except that its Trump who just made it so that trade restrictions *will be increased*. He's even admitting that this is on purpose. Trump is trying to fuck Americans over.

        1. To pressure trading partners to lower trade restrictions.

          Freedom isnt free.

      3. The seditious propaganda the media spews in lockstep has gone beyond freedom of speech. I'm fact, the time for talking to the left is about over.

    2. On the bright side, maybe Mickey Mouse won't get his copyright extension.

    3. >>>this will kill the new deal with Mexico as well, since Congress authorized renegotiating a 3-country deal, not a 2-country one

      opening the way for the three to meet next week?

      1. Too late. They were hoping the lame duck Mexican president would sign the deal. Any deal going forth will have to go through Lopez Obrador.

        1. I just looked into it and it sounds like there is some flexibility on that deadline. Still...

        2. Obrador is more in line with Trump's economic views than his predecessor. You really got to read something other than Vox

          1. I almost never read Vox 🙂

            The point is that the deal would probably have to be renegotiated, which means the whole process gets drawn out, and who knows how long. Plus there will be a new, incoming Congress, and there is a very good chance that it won't be friendly to Trump.

          2. Dont bother.

            LynchPin thinks election 2018 is going to give the Lefties the opportunity to impeach Trump if they dont talk about impeachment too much.

            1. If the Democrats take control of the House, which probably isn't that unlikely, they can impeach trump. On the other hand, even if they also win majority control in the Senate, less likely because there are only 8 republican seats up for re-election this November, there is no way they can win a big enough majority in the Senate to remove Trump from office.

              1. True, they will have to convince a dozen Republicans to do the right thing and help remove this utterly unfit buffoon from office. Good luck with that. Though if the midterm massacre is large enough, they may find some support amongst those who still have four years on their terms.

              2. They honestly don't care. I mean, maybe some of the brainless sheep really believe that they can impeach Trump, and also that somehow that would be a win (because Pence), but the dem leadership sees a turnkey opportunity to halt the republican/Trump agenda, and know that the press will give them glowing hagiographies. "politics is war by other means"

              3. The ways Trump should leave office are (1) quitting or (2) election of a successor in a couple of years.

                I would not support impeachment of Trump on current evidence. If the evidence increases, impeaching him could become worthwhile to vindicate justice, to make Trump even less effective, and to stain the Republican brand more severely.

                Even if impeached, however, I would not support conviction of Trump while he is in office.
                I suspect he may be tried and convicted in criminal court(s) after he leaves office, however.

            2. This is why democrats losing more seats in election 2018 will be even sweeter. They dont even see it coming.

              1. America has been going my way, lc1789, and against your way for a half-century or more.

                How often have you been wrong about a change in direction as America has improved against your wishes?

      2. Today's deadline was supposed to give enough time for Mexico to sign a deal before their next president comes into office.

        Looking into it more, that looks like a somewhat soft deadline, so I guess there is still room. But it doesn't change the fact that Trump sucks at this. Even if he gets some sort of a new agreement, he'll have unnecessarily wasted diplomatic/political capital to do so (and whether it is a substantially improved or even just different agreement is far from certain).

    4. If you read his book, his deals are all about ensuring that the other party fully understands the downside of not doing the deal that Trump wants. The dude is nothing if not patient and willing to let the other party stew for a couple years. And then he lowers his offer.

      1. Many, if not most, legitimate people who transact with Trump come to regret it. Without the inheritance, Trump would be a high-end car or condo salesman with a string of bankruptcies, a series of ex-wives, a few shambling children by several mothers, the same paunch and -- believe it or not -- even worse hair.

        1. The ones who sold him the Plaza Hotel made out like bandits.

        2. This may be the first time I've ever agreed with Pastor Art.

        3. "Many, if not most, legitimate people who transact with Trump come to regret it."

          Isn't that 'winning?'

          1. Beating a small vendor into concessions by breaching a contract and abuse of inherited wealth may seem like winning to an unaccomplished yahoo; stiffing creditors through bankruptcy may seem like winning to a substandard goober; profiting from gullible losers with a phony "university" may seem like winning to someone who considers televangelists and faith healers to be reputable businessmen.

            I do not respect the opinions of unaccomplished yahoos, substandard goobers, and people who respect Donald Trump. I blame my education.

        4. Arty, that would still be far beyond anything you could ever possibly accomplish.

      2. ^This. The media and Lefties that are posting like crazy have no idea how good negotiators like Trump do it.

        They think they killed this Trump trade deal. They really think that.

        If Trump this part of the deal, it could be for a millions reason and one could be to get them to accept a lower trade restriction offer. Trump already got them to the table after they refused to even talk to Trump.

        Trump has Canada and Mexico by the pussy/co?o and everyone knows it.

          1. Yeah lefties are funny.

        1. The problem is that Trump is willing to hurt our country.

          He got nothing major in the negotiations with Mexico. He twiddled around the margins and called it a great deal. Then the "details" came out like a lead balloon.

          He made his money primarily by inheriting it, and then by riding a hot real estate market until he went bust. Then he went into brand marketing and reality TV. He kept the money he had with strategic bankruptcy and walking away from terrible deals. Unfortunately, government doesn't work like that.

          1. And this is how every deal will continue to go with him. He promises big, announces even bigger when something happens, then we find out that not only are we not getting what he announced, either nothing happened or there are minimal changes from the status quo maybe worse, and he plants a big american flag in that turd of a deal calling it a success.

            He is the quintessential snake oil salesman. And the lemmings would follow him off a cliff if he told them he was leading them to the promised land.

            1. "He is the quintessential snake oil salesman."

              Quite frankly, that's probably insulting the real snake oil salesmen.

              1. Dang. This sock hasnt been used on months.

            2. ShotgunJimbo|8.31.18 @ 6:48PM|#
              "And this is how every deal will continue to go with him...."

              You lost, shitbag, didn't you? You lost nearly two years ago, and you remain an imbecilic whiny piece of shit.
              Hint, shitbag: Grow up.
              Oh, and fuck off.

              1. Lost what? who the fuck is this kid?

                1. Sevo is just a foul-mouthed dishwasher. Ignore him.

                  1. Nothing about Trump's cock this time? Now I'm just crestfallen.

          2. America was already hurt. Trump offers a different strategy to help get america better trade.

            If it means some pain to get socialist nations to lower their trade restrictions, so be it. Youre not balimg china, the EU, or canada.

            1. *march march march march, swallow swallow swallow swallow*

            2. You nazis would know all about marching.

              Marching into russia. Marching out of russia.

              Take hillarys dick out of your mouth and just swallow before you speak to adults again.

              1. Hillary is a piece of human garbage, I would rather take Bills

            3. also you have to love how the best line trump and his lemmings can come come up with is whatever is thrown at them + hillary + obama + rubber + glue + back at you!

              these kids are out of their league

              1. Spit out the checkers pieces. It will help you type things besides gibberish.

        2. Jesus Fucking Christ, you are deluded. Trump. Is. Not. A. Good. Negotiator. How many lousy deals does he have to make before you stop swallowing his bullshit?

          1. He is and that why you people get so upset.

            He is rollong back decades of socialist fuck USA policy. Trump is the anti christ for lefties. He is the bringer of rollbacks to FDR/LBJ/Obama policies

          2. Fuck, I'm a Canadian and I almost don't mind getting the Trumpian shaft on this, because our gibbering retard of a PM now looks like an even bigger retard.

            Proles worldwide utterly hate moralizing, political-dynasty dauphins like Trudeau. Trump can't lose as long as he's making a mockery of the virtue-signaling Trudeaus, Merkels and Mays.

            1. Except lots of people like virtue-signaling celebrity pols. Makes them feel virtuous as well.

              1. Which makes a good case for thinning the herd.

                1. You gonna thin the herd eh?

                  1. I could, but I won't have to. Most of America is sick of all the bullshit from the progtards, the media, Hollywood, and all the inveterate douchebag tha control both parties in Congress. That last straw is coming. When it does, the oppressive, parasitic Socialist PC crowd is in deep, deep trouble.

              2. The bourgeoisie and the corporate aristocracy do. Not so much the proles.
                Virtue-signaling language tells the upper class you're one of them, and allows you to look saintly without actually having to do anything.

                Most people outside the game, realize how phony it is.

        3. LC1789, do you ever stop typing long enough to take Trump's cock out of your ass?

          1. NYP, do you ever stop typing long enough to not be a shitlib waste of life?

            1. He doesn't. And he's too lazy to To come up with anything other than 'Trump's cock'.

              What a loser. Based on his commentary, I suspect NYP is an assistant glory hole attendant.

          2. Oh NYP troll, Take hillarys dick out of your mouth.

      3. The problem is that real American lives are on the line here. He's playing games with real careers, real industries.

        He's going to wreck a lot of shit and in the end, if we're lucky, there might be a slight improvement. Might. Most likely it'll just go back to the status quo and all of it will have been for nothing.

        1. Real lives were already being hurt. Trump is trying to get some government monkeys of American's backs. They love him for it.

          1. Every layoff of a half-educated Trump voter, every bankruptcy of a business operated by a bigoted Trump supporter, every plant closure in a can't-keep-up town that went for Trump, is one small, sweet, blessed point of accountability and justice in our world.

            Lest anyone consider me callous, I emphasize my belief that the intolerant and ignorant can eat their Trup hates, and my hope that those hats are tasty and nutritious.

            1. Oh Arty, such a bigoted pathetic piece of shit you are. When your kind finally push too hard, your numbers will be thinned until the remainder are ready to obey the rules of civilized society.

              As you are far too stupid to learn to obey your conservative and libertarian betters, it is likely you will be deposited face down in a landfill. Which is still better than your kind deserves.

              1. Open wider, pal.

                Your betters are not done shoving progress down your bigoted, anti-social, right-wing throat.

    5. Story of this dudes life.

      Took a big fortune from daddy to start his business, didn't earn a cent himself. Inherited more. Had he not fucked with anything, he would be worth more today.

      But he tried to play monopoly, screwed a lot of people, had some successes, some failures (lost money owning casinos for heavens sake...) in the end lowered his potential net worth over and over. Worth much less today than if he had just put it in mutual funds wisely. Art of the deal my balls.

      This is why so many REAL entrepreneurs and business men, and deal makers, have surpassed him and are worth many times more.

      What kills me is all the rubes in this country who come back with "but he makes great deals! he is a billionaire! so he must know more than everyone else!" ...yes he knows more than you the average low income low intelligence individual, but they also don't know much either. The difference is he had a huge trust fund to squander. Actual successful entrepreneurs and businessmen have had one day stock drops that are worth more than his empire.

      1. You're actually painting an overly rosy picture of it. The only reason Trump is solvent at all is the money laundering he had been doing for organized crime since the 1980s. Without that source of money, he would have stayed broke as hell. His mob buddies bailed him out because he was too useful as a conduit for their dirty money.

        1. + 1 Joe Kennedy

      2. +1 JFK

      3. You progs gotta stop reading the bullshit at ThinkPrgoress.

    6. So, let's recap:

      You left out the most important piece: NAFTA is a piece of crony capitalist crap that has little to do with free trade and everything to do with rent seeking and policy laundering.

      If you understand NAFTA and still defend it as a "free trade deal", you're no libertarian, but you are a liar.

      1. Many here are so obsessed with hating atrumo that they would cheer on a US city being nuked by the anoraks just so it could hurt Trump.

  5. Let me recap.

    Trudeau Jessica is upset about gossip. Trump Becky says the gossip is true, but Bloomberg Kimmi should have kept that private, they were just talking. It might not have been Bloomberg Kimmi anyway, it could have been anyone.

    And this is pertinent to trade.

    At this point I have to ask whether anyone involved in this ever really grew up.

    1. Trudeau wasn't just responding to gossip. Canada is our second largest trading partner, a political partner, and one of our closest allies. And Trump made repeated public comments that insulted Canadians. Now you can say that was all just rhetoric, and you'd be right, but lots of people care about rhetoric, and if Trudeau didn't take a firm stance against Trump then there is a good chance that he'd pay a domestic political price.

      It's not always reasonable, and you certainly don't have to like it, but this is how diplomacy works in the real world.

      1. Canada is NOT our ally.

        This is not what allies do to one another. Allies try to help each other. Canada leaders are out to keep socialism alive.

        1. +1 Canadian Bacon.

        2. The fuck? I hope you're a Russian troll it would explain so much.

          1. YOU are a troll.

            Its clear from your posts.

            1. And you are an Okefenokee capybara from the Ice Age.

              1. Oh troll, youre one of the worst of them.

                These are libertarian discussions, so we dont need your libertarian hating nonsense.

                1. You're not a libertarian, you piece of shit, LC. You're a Trumpletarian cock-sucking piece of shit.

                  1. You trolls sure are mad that Trump is doing so great.

                    Try taking hillarys dick out of your Mouth NYP.

          2. Seconded, although his English isn't good enough for him to be a Russian troll.

            1. Russian Nesting Trolls

            2. How sweet angry trolls unite to coddle each other from the Ameirca loving Trump.

              1. They're Tony's buddies now. I'm embarrassed for them.

          3. Lizard, LC isn't a leftist. Leftists are the ones who heed the communist call. People like you.

            If anyone here is a rat duck subversive, it's you. I'll bet if anyone investigated your loyalty, it would be found wanting.

        3. Blame Canada, blame Canada
          With all their hockey hullabaloo
          And that bitch Anne Murray too
          Blame Canada, shame on Canada

          The smut we must stop, the trash we must smash
          Laughter and fun must all be undone
          We must blame them and cause a fuss
          Before someone thinks of blaming us

          1. Look, Tony cant sing.

          2. Tony. I figured you were more into 'Uncle Fucker'.

      2. Everything is justifiable - particularly to those doing it.

        We've let Can It Be Justified go on too long. It's asking the wrong question. Maybe we would get better results if we started asking Is This Getting Good Results.

        This is an unhealthy, ineffective, and childish behavior pattern. Expanding it on a macro level, and putting it in charge of trade (!), is apt to magnify any bad qualities as well as potential benefits. The sub-par results appear to indicate a few questions are in order.

      3. Canada is our second largest trading partner,

        Trade isn't based on partnership, it's based on self-interest.

        a political partner, and one of our closest allies

        If you think that Canadians or Canadian politicians would make even the slightest sacrifice in order to help America, you're kidding yourself. The Canadian government goes along with the US in economic and military questions only as long as that is in the interest of Canadian voters. If you believe anything else, you're out of touch with reality or the operation of Western liberal democracies.

        1. The Canadian government goes along with the US in economic and military questions only as long as that is in the interest of Canadian voters politicians.


          1. That's what happens when the slash for the closing blockquote tag is left out.

    2. If you're Canada, I'd say Trump's comments go way beyond "gossip" - it's an admission that he was intentionally wrecking trade negotiations, and he all but confirmed he said it on Twitter.

      1. Yeah, that's pretty much my point. Why is Jessica so vital to, for example, the lumber industry? Is Jessica super knowledgeable about lumber?

        Even granting that Becky was SO RUDE to Jessica, the essential what-fuckery-is-this remains.

    3. I think the problem here is Becky couldn't keep her mouth shut and just confirmed that she said what Kimmi said she said.

      If Becky wasn't such a bitch - or at least was a discreet one, Jessica could have written this off. Now Jessica's face is on the line. And Jessica is about one more embarrassment from getting removed from officegetting kicked out of the clique. I mean, did you see what she wore?

  6. Maybe if the news covered trade negotiations with something besides TDS, we would have a daily update that was objective about the days progress toward trade deals.

    Instead we get daily TDS and hatred that Trump is wrecking Clinton's famous managed trade mess- NAFTA.

    The media knows that if they can convince China, Canada, Mexico, and the EU that most Americans are against Trump renegotiating trade deals then they just need to hold out. The Silent Majority of America is behind Trump which the media will never admit.

    1. Well, that's not a surprise.

      Trump sabotaged his own trade deal, and right on cue, you blame the media.

      1. "Trump sabotaged his own trade deal"

        Says the media.

        Trump has to do trade deals behind closed doors because the media lies. The refuse to say things are going well. They say things are falling apart when they arent.

        Most of us just ignore the media.

        I give Trump until June 2019 to make trade deals happen.

        1. Its not behind closed doors when the idiot comes out on Twitter and admits that he's doing the shit the media said he did.

          1. The meetings are behind closed doors, dum dum.

            Continue eating your checkers pieces like a good sheeple.

            1. Aggie and Little Jeffy are just proving your point.

      2. Don't bother

        1. I just do it for more web traffic for Reason.

          That and to collect Lefty tears.

          Your posts are so full of tears, I can barely keep up with tear barrel collection.

          1. And your posts are full of Trumpncum, LC.

            1. Still too derivative of 'Trump's cock'. Probably the best you can do though.

            2. NYP, just remove hillarys dick from your mouth long enough to type non gibberish.

    2. Ya and if he wasn't looking into "biased mainstream media" mirrors every morning, he wouldn't be a fat slovenly orange person, but physics is a bitch man. Maybe he looks good in one of those funhouse mirrors, or whatever prism you are looking at him through (I realize this is probably a little over your head)

      1. Trump makes you so angry doesnt he?

        Hillary lost and Trump is getting more popular by the day.

        1. Kind of, but more embarrassed.

          Hillary, the slimy political worm, lost more due to me than you (I assume, you probably live in the south). I live in a swing state, and voted Trump, so you're welcome. Couldn't bring myself to vote for the hag, even with how much of a joke trump seemed, figured he would be less dangerous from sheer incompetence.

          And also, his re-election depends basically on keeping the very small amount of people that delivered him the electoral college in Pa, Ohio, Mich, and Wisconsin. I have family in 3 of those states, and most of us voted for Trump. We are all embarrassed and disappointed with him. Only a couple of us (they always vote Rs) are even considering voting for him again. Unless the democrats run a straight socialist, they might even get some of our votes instead of trump, but probably whatever libertarian runs.

          I guess my point is, you can slurp on his dick all day, and it doesn't matter. If you are down in SC, GA, or Alabama (you probably are), your vote honestly doesn't matter, mine does. So keep carrying that water, it won't do him any good.

          1. If you would pull hillarys dick out of your mouth long enough to type non gibberish, we might get something out of that word salad.

        2. Trump is getting more popular by the day

          Trump's unfavorable polling just hit 60 percent.

          His support is intensifying among a desolate minority -- the half-educated malcontents, the superstitious bigots -- but the American electorate has been improving at too great a clip for Trump to maintain popularity.

      2. ShotgunJimbo|8.31.18 @ 7:02PM|#
        "Ya and if he wasn't looking into "biased mainstream media" mirrors every morning, he wouldn't be a fat slovenly orange person, but physics is a bitch man. Maybe he looks good in one of those funhouse mirrors, or whatever prism you are looking at him through (I realize this is probably a little over your head)"

        Sarc or an admission of imbecility? I'll take #2.

        1. go wash some dishes, Sieve ,you little brat.

          1. Hmmmmm.... maybe you really should stick with those 'Trump's cock' remarks. These make you look even stupider. Which is really saying something.

    3. You Trump ball-lickers really need to come to with something other than TDS to use as a defense for his idiocy. It's really, really lame.

      1. You should pull Hillarys dick out of your mouth. We cant understand your posts.

      2. Delius|8.31.18 @ 7:20PM|#
        "You Trump ball-lickers really need to come to with something other than TDS to use as a defense for his idiocy."

        So fucking losers like you have to claim others are 'ball lickers' because you were stupid enough to back that pathetic hag?
        Stuff it up your butt, and fuck off.

        1. Those dishes aren't going to wash themselves, Sievo.

          1. More unoriginal shit from your little pea brain.

  7. If Justin Trudeau would just change his name to Vladimir Poutine, he'd have a favorable deal in no time.

    1. Poutine with boiled beets and vodka?

      Sounds gross.

      1. With enough vodka you won't care.

    2. Geesch, you liberals are dumb. It would have to be Vladimir Poontang to get Trump's attention.

      1. uh....yeah.

  8. I am not going to sign a trade deal between sovereign nations because that guy is a poopy head.

    I suspect the idea was that Trump only wanted a deal with Mexico. Congress insisted he invite Canada. So he did. But the end result is a deal with Mexico that congress (and Mexico) will be forced to ether take or leave.

    So to get this straight. There exists a trade deal with Mexico that presumably benefits both sides but won't get ratified by legislators because they don't like Trump?

    Trump is the immature one?

    1. Have you actually read the proposed trade agreement Lighthizer presented to Congress today?

      1. Have you actually read the proposed trade agreement Lighthizer presented to Congress today?

        No. I assume it's pretty much the same authoritarian, rent-seeking, policy-laundering fraud that the last NAFTA deal was, right?

    2. There exists a trade deal with Mexico that presumably benefits both sides but won't get ratified by legislators because they don't like Trump?

      When Congress authorized the negotiations in the first place (Congress has the constitutional power to regulate trade), Congress stipulated that the deal include both Canada and Mexico.

      Trump did not adhere to the terms of the agreement.

      In this case, it has nothing to do with "liking" or "not liking" Trump.

      1. They gave him the same fast-track authority they gave Obama for the TPP.

      2. Jeffy, Congress has no power to do anything if some random douche bag like you doesn't agree with it, right? That's petty much the stupid shit you're always saying about immigration.

    3. Trump had fast track authority to sign a three party deal. He doesn't have fast track on a bilateral deal. Getting it through Congress is next to impossible.

      A bilateral deal is worse for the US than existing policy.

      The Mexico deal has not been submitted. That means it won't be final before Lopez Obrador takes over.

    4. Trump,wants the best deal for the USA. Trade deals with individual countries means that they can be canned individually based on shit that nations is trying to pull. Canada thinks they have some leverage over the USA and they are dead wrong.

      Good luck getting your canadian trucks thru the USA to Mexico, morons.

      We have sympathy for what you have to endure, Rufus.

  9. Trump admits the statement was true and "off the record". Then he calls it "dishonest"

    Did you say it? Yes he did.

    There is no such thing as off the record when you are the president of the USA.

    Trump thinks he is still running his business. He bought the United States of America at a bargain price. Best deal ever.

  10. Can we just laugh at the fact that Canada is holding out for gender equity mandates? Every leader in north America is a parody

    1. Can we just laugh at the fact that Canada is holding out for gender equity mandates?

      No, we shouldn't just laugh at it, because one goal of NAFTA is "upward regulatory convergence", meaning that no member country should be able to lower its costs by adopting less strict regulations than other member countries. Nominally that was for environmental issues, though I wouldn't be surprised if that gets generalized to labor regulations like this as well.

  11. Hey this is great. My company buys 100% of its raw materials from Canada. The U.S. suppliers are all captives of our competitors! Maybe the owner will start to rethink his support for Trump.

    1. So how much to upholster my Crentley in harp seal fur?

      1. Do you know how hard it is to get chicken feathers out of harp fur seal?

        1. Just use the whole chicken instead and you'll have fewer chicken features in your harp fur seal. So I hear.

  12. Canada is going to build its own wall along the northern border. The only question is whether they can get Mexico to pay for it.

    1. How is canada going to get mexican cash thru the USA, when canada is cut off?

      1. Jeezus you're a fuckin retard.

        1. Trolls sure are upset at 0346.

  13. Let's say - just for funsies - that the media is reporting the truth on this, AND that Trump isn't a complete moron. (I know, I know. Hush. We're thinking outside the box.)

    What could Trump want from Mexico that he couldn't get from AMLO?

    More to the point, where was Trump's greatest benefit here?

    1. Then Hamster replied to the Donald:

      "I know that you can do all things;
      no purpose of yours can be thwarted.
      You asked, 'Who is this that obscures my plans without knowledge?'
      Surely I spoke of things I did not understand,
      things too wonderful for me to know.

      "You said, 'Listen now, and I will speak;
      I will question you,
      and you shall answer me.'
      My ears had heard of you
      but now my eyes have seen you.
      Therefore I despise myself
      and repent in dust and ashes."

      Thus sayeth the Lord Donald.

      1. I like that.

        That book is most powerful text to come from the Hebrew bible.

        38 Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said,

        2 Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?

        3 Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.

        4 Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.

        5 Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?

        6 Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;

        Did not work out well for Job.

        Job had an existential problem. He had an injured life.

        The answer comes from a whirlwind, a natural occurrence as is everything in the above quote. It is about finding meaning when all is lost.

        In Trumpian terms Job is a loser. In the book he is not.

        It is turtles all the way down.

        1. Not Turtles - Russian Nesting Trolls

  14. Trump, for all his faults, became President because he was better at reading the public purse than others. (This is not because he is smart or clever or anything else; it's like picking the three of spades and then remarking how the odds were 1 in 52 of picking the three of spades.)

    That insults and embarrasses other politicians. He broke all the rules and standards and beta them at their own game.

    That is why other politicians, domestic and international, avoid them. It's humiliating to be reminded that they, professionals that they are, were, ahem, trumped by an amateur.

    1. ^this

    2. He became president with fewer votes than the other guy. So it wasn't about his goddamn skill at being popular. He lost the popularity contest.

      1. Or maybe he won the popularity contest where it mattered.

        1. Candidates who think they are losing campaign in swing states. It's not fucking political genius.

          I will grant that candidates who think they're winning should probably also campaign in swing states.

          1. Right. One was too stupid to think he was losing, and one was too stupid to think she was winning.

            1. One was too stupid to think he was losing, and one was too stupid to think she was winning.

              Opposite - he knew his odds were long, at best, while she assumed she couldn't lose and thought it was about pumping up her landslide. Classic Tortoise and Hare.

              1. She was fighting the last war with that strategy. There is no legitimacy to be gained by running up the numbers. Republicans don't pay attention to anything but how to fix the rules for maximum personal gain. They probably enjoy losing the popular vote, just as a fuck you to the democracy they hate so much.

                1. Tony|9.1.18 @ 12:33AM|#
                  "She was fighting the last war with that strategy."

                  Keep making up excuses for that pathetic hag, shitbag. It only keeps proving what a fucking ignoramus you are.

            2. Maga

              1. Do you let Trump splooge on your MAGA hat when he's done tea-bagging you, LC?
                Or do you ask Sevo to lick it off?

                1. Do you let Daddy splooge on your face when he's done tea-bagging you, NYP?
                  Or do you ask Dumbfuck Hihnsano to lick it off?

                2. NYP troll, so upset that he wont take Hillarys dick out of his mouth.

      2. Sports champions are won by games, not points. Only games are won by points. So goes it with US presidential elections. This is known.

        WTF is so hard to understand about this? I'd have a lot more sympathy for Hillary and her losers if they would just once acknowledge she screwed up.

        1. Okay I get it. Everyone gets it. But if your argument is that Trump won because he was more popular among the American people, whatever form that argument takes, you have to contend with the contradictory evidence that he actually lost the popularity contest by a whole lot.

          1. Except no such popularity contest was held. How many Republicans in California, for instance, don't bother to vote because they know their side will lose anyway? For that matter, how many democrats don't bother to vote because they know they don't have to?
            You can't know the results of a nationwide election until you hold it, that's why you hold elections in the first place.

            1. *Blinks* So Hillary running up numbers in California and Trump running up numbers in Texas is evidence of people not bothering to vote in nonswing states.

              1. More people in California than Texas.

                What you still refuse to admit is that Hillary lost the election because she screwed up. She campaigned in states she was going to win anyway just so she could boost the overall popular vote total. You may as well say that she deserves to be President because she paid more overtime for protection or ate more apples or walked more miles.

                She boosted a count which doesn't matter. Trump was not interested in that count. The electoral college and its voters weren't interested in that count.

              2. No, Tony, you simply don't know how many republican votes Trump would have gotten in California in a nation wide election. It's not that hard to understand.

              3. No, Tony, you simply don't know how many republican votes Trump would have gotten in California in a nation wide election. It's not that hard to understand.

              4. No, Tony, you simply don't know how many republican votes Trump would have gotten in California in a nation wide election. It's not that hard to understand.

                1. The squirrels agree

            2. How many libertarians fail to cast a law-changing spoiler vote worth 6 to 4000 looter votes? Milton Friedman pointed out that the 1928 Socialist platform became law with practically NO socialists ever getting elected back when socialism was fashionable? A libertarian spoiler vote is a terrible thing to waste!

          2. Sure, you get it now, but tomorrow is another day. Maybe you'll take the w/e off, do whatever you do when not here shitting up threads. By Monday you should be back fucking a dead horse, again and again and again.

            1. "back fucking a dead horse, again and again and again."

              That describes almost everybody here.
              Nothing but bitch signalling, and anyone who raises an actual original thought, actual interesting comment, gets shit on. Groupthink is apparently libertarian, as are impotent circle jerks (though I doubt this is in any way new).

              1. I also make bad puns.

              2. and anyone who raises an actual original thought,

                Maybe you can start us off?

                1. Poor, poor Chipper.
                  So lonely and desperate for approval.

                  If you (general reader) can't distinguish original thought from the mob's recitation, then your opinion doesn't matter to me.
                  Other readers will take note of that which distinguishes itself.
                  Reflect accordingly.

              3. Nardz|8.31.18 @ 8:15PM|#
                "That describes almost everybody here."

                No, it describes you.
                Fuck off.

                1. Gargle my balls

          3. You dont get shit Tony and ypu never will.

            Its why I have crafted thousands of tear barrels in preperation for lefty tears comes election 2018.

            1. Deeply concerned with the policy direction of America as usual, I see.

            2. Trump is doing fantastic!

              When he gets reelected in 2020, it will be so devestating to Lefties.

          4. Not really. About 2.6 percent. Better than Gore's half a percent over Bush, but still minuscule.

      3. Trump got the most states. He won the correct popularity contest that mattered.

        Hillary is a loser who is hated by a majority of states.

        1. Acreage doesn't have feelings.

        2. Maga

          1. Is this a different MAGA hat from the one Trump splooged on up-thread, LC?

            1. Probably the same one that makes you cry like a bitch, NYP.

            2. NYP, how does Hillarys dick taste in your mouth?

      4. "He became president with fewer votes than the other guy. So it wasn't about his goddamn skill at being popular. He lost the popularity contest."

        He still won, and based on the same rules every other president won. He did this with no prior political experience. He did this with 95% of the news media actively working to derail his candidacy. He did this against an opponent who spent over a billion dollars to beat him, and he spent a tiny fraction of that. He did this with much of his own party comsoirimg against him.

        With everyone ganged up against him he still beat that cunt fair and square, by the rules. Despite any of your Russian spy fantasies.

        So fuck your whiny narrative. The Hag loot beat down hard. Learn tod deal.

    3. Trump is president today for 2 reasons:

      1. People who would vote for anyone at all to keep Hillary out of power
      2. People who thought "Make America Great Again" was code for "kick out the foreigners and turn back the clock to the 1950s"

      1. I would boil it down to one reason: a few thousand Democrats in the Rust Belt were too disgusted with Hillary and stayed home on election day.

        1. That's because you aren't real bright.

          1. He's not, but he is quite desperate for approval.

      2. Keep thinking that and you will be crying election 2018 too.

        Trump is popular because his policies and strategies are popular around the USA.

        1. Is being the resident Reason Russian a prestigious position in your line of work, or the shitcan? I wouldn't be surprised either way.

          1. Tony, you are a Marxist traitor. If the Russians came and we were forced into an authoritarian socialist regime, it would be your dream come true.

            So fuck off with your whining. If anyone was ever capitulating to Russia, it was Obama. He even made sure Medvedev transmitted that back to Vladimir.

        2. Maga troll.

          1. Trump Cumdumpster.

            1. You must come here to comment in between viewing of gay porn.

            2. NYP, Hillary cum dumpster.

  15. Boo fricken hoo. How is Canada sad face a liberty issue?

  16. You can't violate the off-the-record rule in eleventy dimensional chess, duh.

    1. You havent choked on those plastic checkers pieces yet?

      1. Have you choked on Trump's nutsack yet?

        1. Get back to your glory hole, NYP.

          1. He's the assistant attendant.

        2. Boy, NYP, not being able to get Hillarys cock out of your mouth really makes you troll bad.

  17. If we fail to make a free trade deal with Canada, and end up with greater trade barriers than before Trump came into office, then whether he intended to slight Canada or whether he's being honest about what he's doing and why will be the least of our concerns.

    The important issue here isn't whether Trump is being insufficiently presidential when he slights the Canadians, whether Trump is telling us the truth about his off the record agreements with reporters, or anything other Trump related issue.

    It's amazing to me when a story about free trade can somehow turn into a story about Trump. What is this, TMZ?!

    Trump isn't the issue. Are you trying to build a personality cult around him?

    1. If we fail to make a free trade deal with Canada,

      ... it's all the Democrats' fault.

      1. Democrats run cananda, so yeah.

  18. If you want to punish Trump at the polls come 2020 because he fucked up our trade relationship with Canada, much to America's detriment and the cause of capitalism, by all means do so. In the meantime, the problem with fucking up our trade relationship with Canada is that it's bad for the economy. The primary concern is not what it tells us about Trump. Screwing up our trade relationship with Canada would be bad if Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, or Flip Wilson were responsible for such a mistake, too.

    Sometimes it seems like Reason staff think that trade and immigration only exist as issues so that they can be used to make Trump look bad. I assure you, they're more important than that.

    Is there anyone at Reason anymore that cares more about capitalism and liberty than they do about Trump?

    Okay, Doherty and Sullum. Anyone else?

    Show us. Show us that you care about capitalism as more than a means to criticize Trump.

  19. It isn't called the art of the deal for nothing.

    Non-deal makers like us can't possibly understand the fine subtle nuances of delicate deal making.

    If we did, we wouldn't need Trump in there working his genius.

  20. Of course Reason jumped all over the "anecdotal surge" of Trump stripping Americans of their citizenship.


    Here's your "Whataboutism":

    Under the Trump Administration, domestic passport denials for so called 'midwife cases' are at a 6-year low.

    1. No, you're right. We should believe the State Department shill over the Washington Post. Fake News indeed!

    2. Even if that was true (as if we should just take the government at their word and assume they aren't being dishonest or misleading), so what? Regardless of relative prevalence under Bush/Obama/Trump, this shouldn't be happening unless the government has conclusive proof of fraud in individual cases. The burden of proof shouldn't be on individuals here.

  21. "We should believe the Washington Post shill over the State Department. Fake News indeed!"

    1. You can't possibly believe that *explicit government propaganda* is to be preferred over even biased independent media, can you?

      1. "You can't possibly believe that *explicit government propaganda* is to be preferred over even biased independent media, can you?"

        "independent media"

        Damn, cj.
        Didn't think it possible, yet you've hit a new low.

  22. The Great Negotiator strikes again.

    1. Obama left office years ago. He negotiated himself right out of a legacy.

      1. Seriously, that's the best you can do? An Obama joke to someone who was never a supporter of Obama?

        Btw, Trump's reaction to this offer from the EU doesn't exactly make your argument that he was sincere about wanting to abolish all tariffs look good.

      2. Its a joke to you the troll.

  23. Canada often has more sense than These States. When Romanian dictator Ceausescu enacted Republican Comstock laws to ban birth control in 1966, Canada moved to repeal such of them as had leaked across their border. In past tariff extortions, such as the Smoot Hawley sugar tariff so pleasing to Herbert Hoover's prohibitionists, Canada sided with the UK rather than the Republican party then mismanaging the US. Ceausescu and his wife, by the way, were eventually tried and executed for high crimes and misdemeanors. The Republican party stopped calling Ceausescu "one of the good communists."

    1. Hank,
      You are full of shit.

    2. The US is often more awesome than Canada.

      Who invented the airplane? America.

      Who won WW2? America.

      In 1969 we landed on the moon. What was Canada doing? Licking it's balls.

      Who invented the internet? America.

      Suck it, bacon boys.

      1. Who needs to land on the moon when you have UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF MAPLE SYRUP???

      2. Who invented the airplane?

        Richard Pearse from New Zealand was way ahead of the Wright brothers.

        Who won WW 2?

        The USSR and China as much as anyone.

        Who invented the Internet?

        Robert Kahn and Vint Cerf from California developed the TCP/IP protocol based on earlier work fron British and French sources. The internet as we know it comes mostly from British scientist Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee who was working at CERN in Switzerland.

        "We landed on the moon."

        Niel Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to walk on the moon. They were both from America, Ohio and New Jersey.

        1. Don't be a hater! Those are all fair points, but at the end of the day America/Americans were the ones who crossed the finish line on all that stuff.

          Wright Brothers also barely beat a French guy, whose plane flew farther shortly thereafter, and would have flown earlier if not for an accident IIRC. The USSR wouldn't have won shit if the USA hadn't given them half their supplies, and kept the pressure on the Nazis elsewhere. etc.

  24. The US media is the enemy of the people.

    Let Trump be Trump!

    1. Socialist nazis huh? Interesting.

  25. L?genpresse!

    1. Socialist nazis are at it again.

  26. Is Trump's policy basically "hold my orange juice and watch this"?

  27. Is this the big news today?

    Chuck Todd was full of shit.

  28. Stay at home mom Kelly Richards from New York after resigning from her full time job managed to average from $6000-$8000 a month from freelancing at home... This is how she done it


  29. Trump did say he'd be a "tough" negotiator -- which suggested he knows nothing about negotiating -- as shown by his lengthy string of failure, on virtually everything. That will excite his base, who also see everything as some sort of competition to be won.

    But, as libertarians have always known, deals are like all market transactions. If both sides don't gain, then there is no deal. UIh, why would there be? The Art of the Squeal.

    Here again, the President's macho bravado is a threat to the economy. For 33 of our states, Canada is their largest export market. Ever-increasing danger as he copes with his tiny ... hands..

    1. Fuck off, Hihn.

      1. Get back to your dishes, Sieve.

        1. Get back to your glory hole, NYP.

    2. Here's the thing, when we had the ability to cut fair deals in the past, our side didn't negotiate the best terms possible. This created a status quo where we already GAVE AWAY all our bargaining chips... The only way to get what we want/need for our interests is to take away those chips. If other countries are too dumb to do what is in their own best interests, that's not our problem. Although we'll feel a little pain, the USA is in a very unique position compared to most countries in that we CAN provide for ourselves on virtually everything. If our trade deals with Canada/Mexico cease to exist, they'll be back at the table begging to sign off on a new deal before long... Unless they decide to hurt their countries worse than we're feeling it out of political spite anyway. We'll see...

      1. Although we'll feel a little pain, the USA is in a very unique position compared to most countries in that we CAN provide for ourselves on virtually everything.

        Yes. The US could have been using this leverage for decades to make world trade freer.

      2. Although we'll feel a little pain, the USA is in a very unique position compared to most countries in that we CAN provide for ourselves on virtually everything.

        Yes. The US could have been using this leverage for decades to make world trade freer.

        1. Exactly. Libertarians who believe in REAL free trade should be furious that we didn't use our economic power to force open Communist China before allowing them into the WTO, and the same for a hundreds other situations.

          Personally I think Trump should draft a boilerplate bilateral trade deal, and just offer it to every single nation on earth. One that is true free trade, both directions. If nothing else it would be a GREAT propaganda piece since you can be sure most nations would turn it down, which just shows what hypocrites all the people bitching about this stuff are.

          1. +1

  30. Maga!

    1. That's the third MAGA hat today.
      Now take Trump's cock out of your ass, LC.

      1. More hysteria from hillarys cock being inside NYP.

    2. That's the third MAGA hat today.
      Now take Trump's cock out of your ass, LC.

      1. Get back to your glory hole, NYP.

      2. Nyp has trouble getting hillary dick out his mouth, day after day.

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  32. Maga

    1. Four MAGA's in one day.
      Did Trump pull out early? Are you pleading for him to shove it back up your ass, LC?

    2. You maga you lazy fuck.

    3. Trolls like tony and NYP share Hillarys dick day to day.

  33. This article and the comment thread are full of buffoons.

    Trump does not want NAFTA, he wants it gone, always has. Trump's negotiating tactic when he has the position of strength is to offer the other side his best deal. They can take it or leave it. Canada spit in his and Lighthizer's eye during G7, while Trudeau has gone around Canada bashing Trump every chance he has gotten, and politicizing the negotiations to an extreme.

    Trump does not care if Canada takes the deal. NAFTA is dead, the letter has been sent. Mexico was apparently smart enough to do a deal, while the virtue signalling Canadians were "negotiating" in bad faith. This last minute rush to get Canada to sign on means little. They can take the deal as it is, or they can get a worse deal later. If they were smart, they would have negotiated in good faith from the beginning.

    1. If only there were a check on ignorant, reckless Presidential goobery with respect to extant trade agreements, perhaps involving a branch of government he does not control . . .

      1. Regardless, Trump has put himself in a win-win situation. This is exactly what he wants.

        Possible outcomes:
        No NAFTA, no deal with Mexico or Canada.
        Modified NAFTA (new name) with only Mexico.
        Canada capitulates and modified NAFTA (under a new name) with Mexico and Canada

        Trump is 100% fine with those outcomes. But my guess is that the deal with Mexico will go through either way. It is better than no NAFTA to most everyone.

        Whether it was a great blunder to get caught telling the truth of the situation with Canada, who knows, who cares. The TDS folks will see things how they want to see it anyway.

    2. Offering your best deal up front and take it or leave it is not a negotiation.

  34. MAGA!

  35. Can anyone actually name a deal that Trump completed? Ever?

    He just screwed Americans and did it over an insult from a Canadian that he richly deserved.

    What kind of brain dead moron tells Canada that he will lay taxes on Americans until the Canadians surrender? How many people will now spend their tax cuts on new taxes on everything they buy from cars to homes to booze?

    Trump may be the most ignorant yahoo to ever sit in the oval office, and that includes Obama and G W Bush neither of whom had a clue about how the economy works.

    1. He just screwed Americans and did it over an insult from a Canadian that he richly deserved.

      Justin Bitchboy probably should have actually said it to his face rather than wait until after Trump left the G7 to go whine about it to his media groupies.

    2. There is a lost a mile long of trumps good deeds as president.

      Google it up young man.

  36. Uh oh, talks are back on this wednesday.

    Its almost as if canada, mexico, and the USA are negotiating back and forth while the media spits out lies to protect clintons Not A Free Trade Agreement.

    1. No wai! The media would never do that!

  37. Trade policy has massive long-term ramifications on the strength of a nation's economy. Often people fail to note the difference between free and fair trade. In many ways, the global economy has become an ill-regulated business model tilted to favor big business and giant conglomerates. We should not lose sight of the fact that while free trade is important, fair trade is far more so and should be the main issue.

    Nationalistic exploitation of trade agreements has occurred throughout history and it is naive to think such schemes will suddenly end. Developing a long-term sustainable economic system that is balanced would also contribute to global cohesion and the world economy. The article below delves into how the promise of widespread prosperity from trade has fallen short with benefits flowing to a limited few.

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