California Democrats Call for In-N-Out Boycott

Don't let the chair of the California Democrat Party catch you donating $25,000 to the GOP.


|||Alexey Bychkov/ZUMA Press/Newscom
Alexey Bychkov/ZUMA Press/Newscom

A new boycott has begun and this time it's targeting beloved franchise In-N-Out Burgers.

A public filing shows a $25,000 donation from the California-based chain to the California Republican Party. Following revelations of the donation, Eric Bauman, Chair of the California Democratic Party, asked "Et tu In-N-Out?" before calling on others to boycott.

The hashtag, #BoycottInNOut, was quickly picked up by disgruntled fans who were disappointed at the donation. Others observed that the burger chain's donation is unsurprising—the firm is based in Irvine, California, which is part of the heavily Republican Orange County. One Twitter user, who said they would not join the boycott, wrote, "Of course they like the CA GOP, they proselytize on all their food with hidden [Bible verses]." (In-N-Out places discreet Bible verses on its packaging.)

The burger chain has also made donations across the aisle. Fortune found that campaign finance filings show a 2017 donation of $30,000 and a 2018 donation of $50,000 to Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy, a political action committee that provides support for business-friendly Democrats.

Earlier in the month, Joseph Curtatone, the Democratic mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, promised to never drink Sam Adams beer again after founder Jim Koch thanked President Donald Trump for tax reform. Curtatone accused Koch of profiting off "Trump's white nationalist agenda." Koch's thanks came with an explanation for how lower taxes poised American beers for better international competition.

UPDATE: Reason was provided with the following statement from Executive Vice President Arnie Wensinger:

In 2018, In-N-Out Burger has made equal contributions to both Democratic and Republican Political Action Committees in the State of California. For years, In-N-Out Burger has supported lawmakers who, regardless of political affiliation, promote policies that strengthen California and allow us to continue operating with the values of providing strong pay and great benefits for our Associates.

It is actually far more important to In-N-Out and our Foundations to support our communities by contributing millions of dollars to hundreds of organizations in California to prevent child abuse, human trafficking and substance addiction.

We have been fortunate to do business in this great state for almost 70 years. While it is unfortunate that our contributions to support both political parties in California has caused concern with some groups, we believe that bipartisan support is a fair and consistent approach that best serves the interests of our company and all of our Customers.

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        1. Clearly he just imagined it. 😉

  2. Are boycotts effective? Yesterday, the three proggie pastors from my wife’s church were spotted scarfing down lunch at the local Chik-fil-a. Guess good food beats principles every time!

    1. WTF? Because they were buying lunch not shopping for politics. What a dope.

      1. Swing and a miss.

    2. Can you really be considered a Christian pastor if you take issue with the notion of closing on Sunday and supporting traditional marriage?

      1. Marxist dialetctics mean you can be anything you want as long as you redfine everything that makes you wrong.

        1. Marxist dialectics in religion aka Liberation Theology; which is not a Christian sect.

      2. Not all Christians, or Christian pastors, are bigots. Not nearly.

        Plenty are, however.

        1. Plenty of atheist progressive bigots too.

    3. “Are boycotts effective?”

      When Mackey bashed O-care, the locals (SF) were going to boycott Whole Foods. I didn’t notice any drop in traffic, but I heard some bullshit about ‘well, I’m only here for…’

      1. I dunno if anyone else has done so, but I stopped going to Whole Foods when they put up “No Firearms Allowed” signs at all of their locations.

        Maybe they had been that way other places for a while, but New Mexico doesn’t generally tolerate that sort of shit.

        But I guess Jeff Bezos runs WF now, and he’s a total anti.

        1. So you stopped shopping at a grocery store b/c they wouldn’t let you roam around with your dick extension?
          Gun. Meet Nutter,

        2. So you stopped shopping at a grocery store b/c they wouldn’t let you roam around with your dick extension?
          Gun. Meet Nutter,

        3. Yeah, no kidding.
          In NMSU’s logo, their mascot is shooting two pistols.
          Gotta love that.

    4. I always wonder. Just like companies who virtue signalling. Like Dick’s. The stock took a hit recently; low gun sales was cited as part of the problem.

      I think for consumer products, people doing the boycotting probably represent too small a group to impact anything. It’s just a question of the company willing to take the temporary heat. Chick fil-A stood by its guns and did fine.

      1. “Chick-fil-A stood by its guns.” Nice.

      2. There’s a saying among the vidyagaem reviewers nowadays – ‘get woke, go broke’.

        1. There’s only so much social justice people will tolerate in their food, etc before the difficulty of intersectional analysis of every purchase drives them away.

          1. What, you mean catering to a tiny but extremely vocal minority of your customer base might alienate the many satisfied but silent consumers of your product?!


      3. If you fuck up badly enough *in your core business* boycotts in response can truly hurt, as witness Star Wars, and to a lesser extent Marvel Comics (though the latter is such a small potatoes pimple on the giant Disney ass that their current SJW-fueled failure hardly matters to anyone).

    5. Are boycotts effective?

      Well, there’s also the added benefit that this isn’t some ‘grass roots’ boycott but a rather overtly politically-motivated one. Whether Chick-Fil-A lost any customers is one thing, as I understand it where was some sort of gay love in at some point that kinda ‘whitewashes’ any loss from increased revenues. But the only way this is a win for the California Democratic party is if there’s a higher blue turnout at the polls. And, maybe more importantly, whether any increased turnout is a flash in the pan.

      The Democrats just lost an election because their candidate didn’t connect with the core values of middle America. I’m sure boycotting cheeseburgers will really go a long way to paving over their perception as detached elite, coastal, hyper-political morons.

      1. Bigotry, backwardness, and ignorance are not core American values. That is why America’s liberal-libertarian mainstream has been able to effect great progress against the wishes and efforts of conservatives, Republicans, and faux libertarians throughout the most recent half-century. It also is the reason the Democratic Party is popular in modern, successful, educated American communities while Republicans are kings of every can’t-keep-up, half-educated, superstitious, left-behind, gullible, shambling jurisdiction in America.

        Carry on, clingers. Especially the ‘pining for good old days that never existed’ part, because stale thinking fits you.

    6. Are boycotts effective?

      Very rarely. The only effective one I can think of was the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

    7. Correctiom : Good Food is the highest principle..

      1. …and yes. I actually love that I misspelled correction.

  3. We don’t have pay-to-play politics. God’s bless you, sir, no! Them’s donations , freely given out of civic interest. Now stop those guys from bribing the wrong sort, it’ll spoil everything!

    1. Yeah, well I have always held that donating to one party is free speech politics; donating to multiple parties is bribing whoever wins for access and favors.

      1. I mean, I guess that “please don’t hit me” is technically “asking for a favor”…

  4. This is a really good idea. All we need now is for some enterprising web entrepreneur to give us a list of socialist-free places that are under progressive boycott, and our lives can have reduced stress.

    1. Just what I was thinking. Not many progs in my neck of the nape but better to be sure.

      1. Which half-educated, can’t-keep-up, gullible backwater is yours?

  5. No stupid like liberal stupid.

  6. Good food beats intolerance, you meant. This whole need to try and punish business with views different than yours is Stalinesque.

    1. Punish, yes. Avoid patronizing those with different outspoken principles, that’s just voting with your feet.

  7. Meh…Chick-Fil-A is doing fine without them.

    1. Mine is impossible to get into at breakfast, lunch, or dinner time. Lines around the building and into the street. Sometimes, a cop is required, and he usually sits in his car eating his Chick Fil A sandwich.

      1. They do an incredible job at the drive thru – very little wait.

    2. Chick-Fil-A owners bring in $1-2 million a year. Highest franchise income in the business.

      1. “Every dollar you spend, is a vote for the kind of future you want”
        / Somebody

        I’m gonna vote for a future with cheeseburgers today, and rum & coke.

      2. Actually, they average 4 million a year in gross sales, even though they are closed one day a week. It’s the most per store in the fast food industry.

  8. Calling for boycotts over a company’s donation to the opposing political party sounds like a significant escalation in outrage culture. So anyone who engages in politics, but is not supportive of the socialism being pushed by Democrats is suspect?

    Literally Hitler

  9. Yes, I’ll stop eating food I like and make my life worse so you can virtue signal.


    1. You mean you don’t engage in self-flagellation?

      1. Only when no one is home and after I turn on the exhaust fan in the bathroom. Wait…what’s “flagellation” again?

        1. The fan?

        2. It’s when you snap your hips so forcefully that your penis cracks like a whip.

          1. That would be a Whopper.

          2. Actually laughed… really laughed… to that. Not just a chuckle.

            You have won the whole of the internet in my eyes.

            At least for a day.

  10. Hmm, no concern trolling about how dumb it is to politicize every aspect of life.


    1. You can’t honestly be surprised by that

    2. Do you really think this was posted out of support for the boycott?

      1. Russians did it?

        1. What? I’m talking about the article, not the guy’s tweet.

          1. Russians must have done it.

      2. They point out the issues whenever the Right does it. Just noticing it.

  11. This is the dumb thing of the day. Although the continued discussion about whether any use of the word Monkey that may have some indirect reference to a black person or his politics is racist is still trending pretty high.

    I’m surprised Reason hasn’t had an article dissecting use of the word “monkey” an how it is very racist.
    Back to this dumb thing buy N-N-Out!

    I would but there are none near me. Buy-cott the boycotted is my new thing. I HATE the social lynch moB.

  12. I will join the boycott. Since the nearest location is over 1,000 miles, it should be easier than all those other boycotts where I would have to give up something.

    1. Beat me to it by 2 minutes.

    2. I actually just looked up the closest one. 409 miles. Probably a bit far for a burger just to bust a boycott. :-/

      1. You can still start a slacktivist boycott.

      2. About 1500 miles for me. Darn, that’s definitely too far. Chik-fil-a is about 15 miles now, and even that is a long way to go for a sandwich.

    3. Tony’s driving out there just to join in. I hear he’s picking up hitchhikers.

  13. Haha. This is going to be Lefty failed strategy like attacking Chick-Fil-A.

    1. And the NRA, and Laura Ingraham,

    2. I boycott Chick-fil-A every Sunday.

    3. Seeing as Chik-Fil-A dramatically cut back their anti-gay donations after the boycotts started, I’m not sure it was as ineffective as you think.

      1. Prop 8 passed. There was nothing more to donate to.

        They were not anti-gay. They were pro tradition marriage.

        Chick fil A donates to christian causes still.

    4. Speaking of outrage, when are we going to do something about progressive oxygen thieves? I see them skulking about all the time, using up our precious air. We need some kind progressive oxygen embargo.


  14. I’m joining the boycott! This allows me to signal my virtue!

    Of course I live in Massatwoshits and the closest branch is in Texas, so…

    1. Aren’t there a few trees in Central Park in New York, New York? That’s a heck of a lot closer than Texas. 🙂

      1. I’ll go out on a limb and say that’s the best tree pun I’ve read this week. I’ll leaf it at that.

  15. “Great, now I can go to InNOut without having to deal with stinky hippies and neck beards and all the other morons that will stop going to a place because they think differently”

    Dude’s ripping on neck beards. Not cool

  16. Lol what a moron

  17. Someone please quickly check all the toilet paper manufacturers’ political donations.

    1. to many lefty hippies don’t use toilet paper now, i think their onto the three shells and one finger nail thing

    2. You laugh, but progressives really stick to their boycotts. Ever since Milton Friedman offered faint support for the Reagan administration a progressive friend of mine has maintained a boycott against all economic books. But, he still understands what ails our economic system

      1. “The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.”

        ? Thomas Sowell

        One thing both leftists and protectionists have in common: They have mastered the first lesson of politics.

        1. Yes. I was just kidding, though.

    3. As a libertarian, I always buy Georgia-Pacific.

      1. Psssht…you would. Everyone knows that Charmin is the one true brand of toilet paper for libertarians

        1. Charmin is the one true brand of toilet paper for libertarians

          The one brand whose slogan is literally a prohibition?


      2. And as Kivlor, you run a sock accoumt named Cathy L.

        1. Attacked for a joke….ok

          1. Your definition of attack leaves much to be desired.

            1. I leave a lot to be desired

              1. No worries, I automatically default to “what a joke” whenever I see Cathy/Kivlor as well.

                “As a libertarian”

                That in particular was especially comical.

                1. Dance, Tulpa, dance!

                  1. At least you’ve finally given up on denying you’re Kivlor, that shit waa insulting.

                    The fact that you stole one of my lines is especially delicious. It’s like I live in your head.

                    1. If that’s how you want to interpret someone using your own words to mock you, there’s not much I can do to stop you.

                    2. It’s actually the only interpretation, especially when you vlaim not to be a sock, or a troll, but I haven’t used It for YEARS and yet you admit you’rd using my words.

                      You literally just outed yourself as a sock.

                    3. Hey sarc, what’s the best cheap hooch to get drunk on?

                      Cathy/Kivlor is gonna need it after getting outed today.

                    4. In all seriousness tho, I’m done with that. If you got your life together then I wish you luck.

                    5. In all seriousness tho, I’m done with that. If you got your life together then I wish you luck.

                      I can joke about those days. Not afraid to admit to my mistakes. But you were downright nasty. Takes the fun out of it.

                    6. I used to make my own beer, and I was pretty good at it. Considered doing it for a living but with a max salary of $50K I’d be taking a huge pay cut. That was darn cheap, if you don’t count the time.

                      Otherwise Evan Williams or Canadian Club.

                      One thing I do miss about drinking is those 15 cent bottles really added up when I brought the bag of empties to the redemption center.

                    7. In all seriousness, when I saw that lovecons had picked up the abuse thing, I realized I was over the line, and said “enough.”

                      I know it doesn’t mean anything but I felt like a shithead and I wanted to apologize to you for it.

                    8. What in God’s name did you say that caused LC to defend sarcasmic against anything?

                    9. lc wasn’t defending me, Jesus, fuck no.

                      No, Tulpa was on a rant about me being an alcoholic (which is true) and being drunk all the time (not true … anymore) and lc thought it would be fun to join in the abuse.

                      Talk about hitting bottom to see the error in one’s ways…

                    10. Talk about hitting bottom to see the error in one’s ways…

                      Ah, OK. That comports far better with my view of reality.

                    11. No worries.

                    12. Youre an alcoholic and anarchist. Who cares?

                    13. When I want your opinion I’ll go take a shit.

    4. Lefty: You dont need 20 kinds of toilet paper.

      Take the Constitution and use it wipe your bum once a week. Also wash you balls once a week.

  18. Good luck with that.

  19. I take so much more pleasure from life now that everything is political.

    1. If you think it is bad now, wait till every one of our health care decisions is politicized.

  20. I used to like InNOut burger until they changed their fry oil to some “healthy” oil, ruined their fries. but now I may return in support, I just won’t buy their fries

    1. McDonalds used to have best fries in the business and caved to ‘healthier oi’l. Fries taste horrible like I can imagine Buttplugger’s face looking like.

      1. I wish they’d bring back the fried pies.

      2. Yeah, you can’t beat beef tallow for frying french fries. That’s what they used to use.

        And their burgers tasted better before they were embarrassed into leaving out the filler; It was soaking up the meat juices that end up on the grill now.

        1. I went in 2 months ago and got the “never frozen” QPC, which was thick and raw in the middle. Haven’t figured it out yet. Happy to boycott them for a while.

    2. “Healthy” fries is some of the stupidest shit there is. You want to be healthy? Don’t eat french fries. Deep-frying your peeled potatoes in canola oil instead of palm oil isn’t what’s going to make you live to be 100.

      1. “Deep-frying your peeled potatoes in canola oil instead of palm oil”

        Pox on both their houses. Peanut Oil is the way to go. 😛

        1. Fuck that. Animal fat. Lard. Tallow. Duck fat. SOMETHING MUST DIE BEFORE THE POTATOES CAN BE COOKED!

          1. So, you’re Irish? ^_-

            1. Fuck no, dude. I can actually grow the things.

            2. Something, not someone. Jeesh.

    3. I went there for the first time a few months ago. Burger was great but I was wondering what they did to their fries.

  21. Ummm…so what? For those who believe in campaign finance transparency, this seems to be an expected, and totally rational, outcome.

    1. Donating to both parties is the opposite of rational

  22. I had to give up on Chic fil a for lunch after that boycott; The line has wrapped around the building at lunch time ever since!

    I expect something similar will be experienced by In-n-Out. Too bad there aren’t any near me.

    1. There will be soon. Chick-Fil-A expanded like crazy after all that free publicity.

      I predict In-N-out will get good publicity from this too.

      1. I just wish somebody would boycott Hot n Now, then. Before the last outlet closes. They’ve got seriously good burgers.

      2. My CFA’s quality had seriously deteriorated over the last few years because they’re so busy.

    2. Yeah, no one goes there anymore because it is too crowded!

  23. the one outside my window has a line all the way to taco bell. boycott news hasn’t reached dallas.

    1. Its a wonder that provoking progressive boycott, trolling if you prefer, hasn’t caught on as a more popular marketing ploy.
      A friend of mine has a few Moes franchises in ATL. Might run it by him.

      1. evidence is the plan works.

      2. Dozens of popular companies should all start loudly announcing republican doamtions. Watch progtards go into a tizzy as they have almost nowhere to buy shit.

  24. After reading this article, and some thoughtful consideration, I have decided to enjoy a double double with cheese today.
    And likely tomorrow.

  25. Disclaimer: I live in California. Independent.

    The vast majority of democrats in this state are idiots and a sizable number are vile, disgusting humans. They are progressively (get it) destroying this state with the authoritarian approach and foolish policies and laws. So what it a burger chain gives a small amount to your opponents. Maybe you ought to figure out why first.

    You might want to be careful calling for a boycott because you may find that many none of the aboves in the state prefer a great tasting burger and fries to tax increasing, soft on crime, immigrant abusing lefties. I’m right in no way at all but my vote goes anti-democrat in this state until the stupid is gone.

    1. How did Democrats become this way? They seem to be more batshit crazy than they were thirty years ago.

      1. I think Democrats realized early that they could just buy votes with spending, and now Republicans have figured out that plan is both easy and works themselves. So now, going forward, it will be a contest to see who can promise the most redistribution to buy your vote using the public treasury.

        It’s the expected outcome for any democratic system.

      2. They used to try to be the party of the working man. Now they all want to be social justice warriors.

        1. the working man no longer needed the democrat party so they had to find a new problem and when that on is solve they will look for another a prim example is the enviornment since it is always changing and no man can ever control it but they are trying

  26. The Midwest would love to have you In-n-Out. Please migrate east. Thanks.

    Signed, the saner, non-California states.

    1. America should boycott progressives. Set them adrift in the ocean.

  27. Yeah, I’m sure they’ll miss a bunch of tofu-snarfing wankers who wouldn’t set foot in a burger joint.

  28. Unfortunately, I can’t stand their food, so I’m boycotting them for a whole ‘nother reason.

    1. We ate at one on Sunset in LA.

      It was good. Not sure it justified us waiting almost 20 minutes for though.

      Chick-fil-A justifies its line-ups more I guess.

  29. Should these contributions be anonymous anyway? As long as they provide a good product/service to customers, I don’t see why it should matter who they give to. But if someone has an issue with it, hey, by all means don’t eat there. Just don’t make a big deal about it.

    Give you an example. Here, some stores put a sticker on the window saying, ‘Ici on commerce en francais’. Here we do commerce in French. As in, don’t expect English service. It’s a remarkably unprofessional thing to do; ever mind stupid and would not be tolerated anywhere on the continent. So, their fuck you’ to me becomes my ‘fuck you’ to them.

    I just don’t shop at a place that has that sticker. But I don’t go on and on broadcasting about it calling for boycotts. I presume plenty of people see that and if they don’t like it they can do what I did. If not, so be it. Free market and choices.

    I reckon it’s the same thing here. Don’t like Chick-fil-A’s stance on things, don’t go. Burger joint hands money to a party you don’t like, then don’t go. Beyond that, you’re just an insufferable prick with your faux-righteous outrage.

    No laws (moral or legal) were broken.

    1. Rufus the Awesome it should be. Exactly. Shut up about your self-righteous boycotts. I boycott plenty of places and don’t need affirmation. Carl Jr., Hardee’s in other parts, started an advertisement campaign several years ago that was pretty much soft porn or probably more accurately, demeaning of women. I haven’t been there since and other than a few family members nobody knows. I do. I stopped using a CPA because she was a major contributor to Planned Parenthood. My reason had nothing to do with the legality of abortion or opposition to choice but the racist approach the organization has of locating clinics based on racial rather than economic considerations. I boycotted for me.

      If we start publicly boycotting because of political positions, which are very complex, what is next? Religion, race, sexual preference?

      The progressive left is evil. The tendencies are authoritarian, fascist and bigoted. How they can accuse Trump and he merry band of those things when they are wearing them like an Easter suit, is baffling.

      1. Its less baffling, and more basic psychology.
        Specifically, the defense mechanism of projection.
        Essentially the foundation of progressivism.
        The funny thing is, they’re starting to realize it.
        This manifests through their accusations of projection on the part of their opponents.
        Quite amusing from the 30,000 foot view.
        Unfortunately, living amongst it is slightly less so.

        1. I’ll believe they’ve gotten it when they start accusing their opponents of lacking self-awareness and of having hypocritical double standards.

          1. Too late, have you not seen the ‘pox on both houses’ articles from the resident Reason progressives?

      2. I’m sure this calculus takes place among millions of customers. The unseen will and decisions of people.

    2. Per your analogy, In-and-Out should post it’s political donations on it’s front door, no?

  30. “The burger chain has also made donations across the aisle. Fortune found that campaign finance filings show a 2017 donation of $30,000 and a 2018 donation of $50,000 to Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy, a political action committee that provides support for business-friendly Democrats.”

    If they are business friendly, they are not true Democrats, so that doesn’t count.

    1. Meh this kind of money hardly pays for one intern.

      1. But they must be forced to obey the progtard hive mind.

  31. I’ll do my part to pick up the slack. More Double-Doubles for me!

  32. I was not previously planning to, but do not like being told what to do, and will probably stop at In-N-Out this weekend. A plus is that name must send some radical left feminists into kniptions.

  33. Time for a buycott ? will be enjoying a 3×3 with fries for lunch. I took my uncle-in-law to In-N-Out a few weeks ago and he absolutely fucking loved it. I wonder if he’ll have a big sad today when he hears this news. He’s a hyperbitter lefty who always manages to ruin family gatherings with his relentless TDS. Wish he would just close Huffpo for two seconds, shut the fuck up about the lefty rage du jour and enjoy the company and the scenery. His wife too has to check some leftwing boycott list on her phone anytime we’re thinking about shopping at some place she’s never heard of before. It’s so tiresome to have leftist relatives for whom politics is religion (and who never miss a chance to mock religious people).

  34. Those are some good burgers, Walter.

  35. Time to go get In-N-Out for lunch!

  36. Remember, while in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, always give to the political party who is not afraid to take huge “campaign donations” from Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and the social media outlets if you want to avoid a boycott ordered by the ruling elitists in Sacramento.
    Otherwise, freedom to donate to the political party of your choice will ensue, and no one there wants that to happen.

  37. That’s how it works. Boycott away. It’s the perils of capitalism (the worst economic system, except for all the others). In & Out will be just fine. A consumer boycott is not near as egregious as lobbying, if lobbying were not another legit component of a free, capitalist nation.

  38. This is bullshit. They are trying to ruin a major business because they disagree with them politically. When did it become ok to go after a man’s (or businesses) livelihood just because they disagree with you?

  39. Anyone remember Domino’s pizza? That pro-abortion boycott killed them decades ago.

  40. I’ll call on In-N-Out to use the Sherman Antitrust Act and Clayton Act to counter this demodonkey conspiracy. That may not be very libertarian, but if California’s Democrats can be made to pay for such arrogance, maybe such finally will help restore the balance of power in the nation’s most populous state.

  41. There is no way to overestimate the sheer meanness, viciousness and closed mindedness of Democrats.

    Can’t we all just get along?

  42. Zuri, do you really go to fast food to read the packaging?

    “(In-N-Out places discreet Bible verses on its packaging.)”

    I bet you incessantly read the cereal boxes as a child too.

  43. Did those idiots forget what happened when the Left went all ape-shit over Chick-fil-A?
    This will probably give In-&-Out the best 3Q in their history.

  44. I’ll talk about the real In-n-out burger, and not the other one some of you guys have in mind when you hear that, out of respect to the ladies present.

    I bet you juveniles snicker when you see a BJ’s when you know it’s a store and not the other thing that you’ve heard about.

    Any way = here is the real In-n-out burger

  45. This will be interesting. Dems concerned about collectivism instead of freedom whine that LP nonaggression amounts to letting no-gays or whites-only bars proliferate. This boycott could test the economic strength of lay international versus mystical national socialists. If God’s cow-grinders fail, it’s a sign that coercion loses to voluntary boycotts.

  46. Fuck these perpetually outraged, intolerant nitwits with strands of rusty barbed wire wrapped around a splintery broom handle.

  47. When I buy a burger, all I am shopping for is that. I dont give a shit about the politics of the guy making it, much less the suits who own the building he works in.

    1. Maybe you should care.
      After all, the $15.00/hr minimum wage advocate who is making your burger will only spit on it if you wear a MAGA hat.

  48. I’m a California Republican who has been donating to Andrew Janz in the 22nd Congressional District because I can’t stand Devin Nunes. After this In and Out burger fiasco, I am thinking of asking Janz to refund my donations.

  49. ” a political action committee that provides support for business-friendly Democrats.”

    As if there actually were such a thing …

    1. They are easy to spot; they ride unicorns.

  50. What madness will California think of next… I wish we had In-N-Out where I live. It’s not all it’s hyped up to be by some people, but they’re legit fast food burgers.

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