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Prison Strikes Continue, But Their Scope Is Hard to Read Amid Denials from Authorities: Reason Roundup

Plus: a challenge to Cook County's limit on inmate libraries and Texas decreases price of prison phone calls.


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Prison reform can't count on Congress. Federal efforts to reform literally any aspect of our bloated and cruel criminal justice system continue to fail, and state appetites for the issue started to slow as fentanyl deaths (and sex panic, and antifa/white nationalists, and any other excuse they could find not to reduce state power) started rising. But direct action and court battles continue to show signs of progress.

Monday marks day seven of a multi-state prison strike. Before things got started, "representatives for the strike said they anticipated demonstrations by inmates in as many as 17 states. But four days into the declared protests, they say they can confirm actions in only a handful of states," notes The Marshall Project. These have taken place at prisons in California, Ohio, South Carolina, and Washington state.

Accurate information on the number of participating prisoners and prisons is hard to come by, however, and authorities at some institutions are accused of covering up inmate action and lying to the media about it.

"Officials in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, New York and South Carolina, where protest activity had either been reported or rumored, all denied on Sunday that anything was amiss at their facilities," The New York Times said this morning. "Officials in Ohio, New Mexico and at the Federal Bureau of Prisons did not respond to requests for comment."

The main thrust of the strike is against the barely-paid labor that prisoners do. "Work in prison is vital," write former inmates Chandra Bozelko and Ryan Lo at USA Today. "It gives inmates rare privacy, glimpses of humanity. That doesn't mean they shouldn't get paid what their labor is worth."

Prison labor has become the backbone of certain hard-to-staff industries, such as poultry processing. It is also a hotbed of cronyism and corruption that pits corporate profits and "criminal justice" against the rights and well-being of those incarcerated for everything from serious offenses to minor drug possession. The American Civil Liberties Union has accused Oklahoma courts of sending people to "an unpaid labor camp disguised as a rehabilitation center." And all sorts of complaints have been lodged against Christian Alcoholics & Addicts in Recovery, which gets factory labor for free from systems in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Meanwhile, in non-strike prison news, a U.S. appeals court "has breathed life back into" a lawsuit against the jails of Cook County, Illinois, notes the Associated Press. Inmates at the Chicago-area jails had argued that limitations on the amount of reading material they could have—three books and/or magazines per cell—were unconstitutional. The "Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals didn't rule on the constitutional question in its finding last week. It returned the case to the lower court that tossed it with instructions to reconsider the matter."

And on Friday, Texas voted to cut the cost of inmate phone calls from 26 cents per minute to six cents per minute. The change is a result of negotiations that started in April.


Montana is loosening up its liquor licensing laws. But while areas hurt by restrictive policies see improvement, the new system also sets up new barriers to entry. "The law gets rid of the old lottery system, in which bidders could acquire liquor licenses for as little as $400, in markets where the licenses are worth much more," reports "Bidding opened last week for the first round of licenses, including an all-beverage license in Bozeman that has a minimum bid of $371,250. All-beverage licenses allow the holder to sell beer, wine and hard liquor."


NEXT: John McCain's Lessons About Torture

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  1. Democrats tackle the superdelegates.

    Uh-oh. How is Hillary going to win 2020?

    1. Hello.

      Why do I get the feeling ENB is applying lipstick, texting and sipping coffee as she rushes to get the links out late?


      1. Are you saying that she is farding and linking at the same time?

        1. I’m just reaching into my inner-Trump.

  2. Democrats tackle the superdelegates.

    there are now too many superhero movies

    1. You could have made a Rand Paul neighbor joke but you went with this instead?

      1. ALTERNATE JOKE: They swear their motives aren’t political, they just think the superdelegates’s rosebushes are too big.

  3. Andrew Mitchell, a Columbus police officer who was working undercover in a prostitution sting, attempted to take Donna Dalton into custody in his unmarked vehicle when she fought back and stabbed him in the hand. He then shot and killed her. #DonnaDalton
    ? The Appeal (@theappeal) August 26, 2018

    Thank God prostitution is illegal and you can’t advertise on the internet anymore, these humans being trafficked can breathe easy.

    1. What did this woman expect to happen when she stabbed the gestapo agent? Why won’t people listen to BLM’s advice whenever confronted by a cop: Hands up “Don’t Shoot.”

      1. Probably wasn’t the first time someone claiming to be a cop tried to kidnap her. Except this time it actually was a cop.

    2. Pretty sure that the cops version of events is the only thing that didn’t happen.

      1. Hey, this hero cop saved her from a lifetime of human trafficking of herself.
        What more do you need to know? He should get a medal.

        1. And the hero went home safe that night, as is right.

    3. I believe the headline is “Cops Kill Sex Trafficking Victim.”

  4. Ohio’s prisons are turning into nursing homes.


    1. Golden Guys.

  5. ___________ can’t count on Congress.

    Fill in the blanks. There are several things that don’t work there.

    1. Hitler?

    2. Life, liberty and property?

    3. Trump.

    4. Failure?



      Government bureaucrats?

  6. Nobody likes the new practice of GPS ankle-monitors for immigrants seeking asylum.

    Do you even read the comments here, ENB?

    1. hopefully not, other than a pity laugh occasionally at Fist, I suppose.

      1. Pithy laugh, as in laugh at my pithiness.

  7. BAD HEADLINE HALL OF FAME: CNN has “possibly the worst take” EVER on the New Mexico compound

    CNN did a deep dive on the compound in New Mexico where one child was found dead, 11 others severely malnourished and according to authorities, were being trained to shoot up schools with this headline, “New Mexico compound family struggled with life off the grid”:

    New Mexico compound suspects allegedly planned to attack Atlanta’s Grady Hospital

    1. The joke would be on them. Grady is inner Atlanta and has mostly black patients. It would be a buried story like never before.

      The Democrats would want to cover up the Muslim terrorist act and dont care about black folks.

      It would have been like, “what attack on Grady hospital”?

    2. Compulsive Sympathy Disorder?

    3. “11 children separated from their mothers found severely malnourished – just a typical day in Trump’s Anerica”

      1. *America, dammit

  8. Prison labor has become the backbone of certain hard-to-staff industries, such as poultry processing.

    Are you telling me that my Chicken McNuggets are reliant on the continuation of the prison industrial complex? I envision a scenario where an illegal alien is snatched by ICE from a chicken processing plant and then put to work as a prisoner in a chicken processing plant.

    1. I envision a scenario where an illegal alien is snatched by ICE from a chicken processing plant and then put to work as a prisoner in a the same chicken processing plant.

      Enhanced for maximum Kafkavalue.

  9. Chinese Communist Party Funds Washington Think Tanks
    In addition to Johns Hopkins, other think tanks linked to China and influential in American policy circles include the Brookings Institution, Atlantic Council, Center for American Progress, EastWest Institute, Carter Center, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

    1. That doesn’t bother me–so long as the taxpayers aren’t paying for it.

      The real scandal is that the tax payers are paying for what’s passing for the Obama Library–and he’s using it as an organizing force for progressive activists. Yes, the taxpayers will be paying to organize the next generation of feminists, LGBTQI+ activists, environmentalists, and SJWs.

      “Now comes news that Illinois taxpayers will put up at least $174 million for roadway and transit reconfigurations needed to accommodate the Obama Center. If you don’t live in Illinois, you may be smirking?but you’ll be footing the bill, too. Eighty percent of such spending is generally reimbursed by the federal government, and Illinois officials confirmed to me that they expect to receive $139 million from Washington if they request it.

      All that taxpayer money?and for what? Originally, Chicagoans imagined they’d be getting a true presidential library, akin to those they might have visited for Ronald Reagan in California or John F. Kennedy in Boston. But unlike those libraries, the Obama Center won’t be run by the National Archives and Records Administration. It won’t even house Mr. Obama’s records, artifacts and papers, which will be digitized and available online. Instead the center will be owned and operated by the Obama Foundation.”…..1533936141

      Your tax dollars at work.

      1. Your tax dollars woke.


        1. It’s so fucked up in so many ways, it’s hard to know where to start.

          Some taxpayer organization should organize a boycott of any private company that donates to the Obama Foundation–directly in response to this.

          Barack Obama is still bending over and fucking the taxpayers, and everybody needs to know that he’s still a thieving parasite.

          1. Maybe it’s just not rare enough for someone on the left to rape taxpayers that the media doesn’t consider it news?

            Though without sarcasm – agree with you. This is worthless and people should care. He’s got enough donors FFS.

            1. It’s not just that. It’s that he’s forcing the taxpayers to pay to organize left wing activists.

              That’s supposed to be against the law.

              He found a way around it?

              Fuck him.

              1. Agreed – taxpayers should never have to pay for anyone’s political speech. I’m only saying it’s even worse given he doesn’t need the money as many others would willingly provide it.

                The fact he can pay doesn’t make it much worse for me (nor for you I think), but given all the free stuff he promised, I would think him taking funds which could be used for those purpose exposes his hypocrisy.

                I mean, what if IL spent that money or their justice system instead?

                As an aside: interested to see if Obama leaves politics like prior presidents. I have a prediction, but waiting to see first 🙂

  10. In the news . . .

    “Trade negotiators from the U.S. and Mexico are set to resume talks Monday morning after they worked late into Sunday evening haggling over a dwindling list of issues, and sending new signals they were close to resolving their bilateral differences.

    In a sign of how seriously both sides are taking the latest round of talks, aimed at eventually forming the core of a new North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico’s top negotiators met at the office of U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer for most of the day on Saturday and Sunday, rather than returning home to Mexico City.

    Upon arriving Sunday at the U.S. trade representative’s Washington office just across the street from the White House’s Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Mexico’s chief trade negotiator Ildefonso Guajardo told reporters that he believed the talks could be wrapped up by Monday and were nearing their “ultimate hours.”

    Emerging 10 hours later?after just a break to eat?Mr. Guajardo said “we’re making progress” and “if we weren’t on track, we wouldn’t be coming back” Monday.…..535372909?

    Hopefully, we end up with something better than we’ve got.

    1. “if we weren’t on track, we wouldn’t be coming back”

      His rhymes are rockin’, props to Johnny Cochran.

  11. Intersectionality scorecard: Chinese > Muslims > LGBT and straight Women > you

    As news of China’s camps for Uyghurs spreads, it meets with muted criticism
    Eighteen months after the first reports of a major security crackdown in China’s frontier province of Xinjiang, the world is beginning to wake up to evidence that Beijing is forcing an unprecedented detention and indoctrination program on the Muslim Uyghur ethnic group.

  12. Competence is not a requirement:

    “California May Become First State To Require Companies To Have Women On Their Boards ”
    “”Gender diversity brings a variety of perspectives to the table that can help foster new and innovative ideas,
    (I was told there was no difference)
    […]”It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s good for a company’s bottom line.””
    (assumes facts not in evidence)

    1. “it’s good for a company’s bottom line”

      We can totally trust a regulation which forces people to do stuff that’s supposedly already in their rational self-interest – which they’ve failed to appreciate until the government crunched the numbers and discovered how much profit they were foregoing.

    2. “it’s good for a company’s bottom line”


    3. Meh. Call me when they require a representative from every racial/ethnic/sexual/age/hobby special interest group.

    4. Has it been good for the bottom line?

    5. This is stupid and easily worked around.

      “The current board has unanimously declared that we all now identify as women.”

      What can CA reasonably say in response to that? There isn’t any sort of test for anyone else to declare themselves trans…


      And then on the flip-side, in light of the whole “57 genders” concept, why a special carveout for just “women”? Shouldn’t each and every one of those unique and special identities get representation on the board of every company?

  13. “Catherine Rampell: No collusion? We’ll see. But what about tax fraud?”

    And if we can’t get someone to got for that, how about an unpaid parking ticket, godammit?

  14. state appetites for the issue started to slow as fentanyl deaths (and sex panic, and antifa/white nationalists, and any other excuse they could find not to reduce state power) started rising

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” — H. L. Mencken

    1. “Our” uranium? It was a private company you idiot collectivist. You didn’t own any of it. And we have plenty of uranium anyway.


      1. Looks like you’re over the target Longtorso, the flak has come out.

      2. That hurricane force wind that just knocked you over was the point flying above your head.

        1. He’s a partisan shill, he distracts, nothing more

      3. We need a med in here stat! He’s gone full TDS!

      4. While I agree, some people are getting overblown, the Clintons, via the Clinton Foundation, have received a very large amount of foreign funds, far in excess of anything Trump has received and in many cases with a decide implication of quid-pro-quo by the timing of events. While we cannot say anything for certain, the case is far stronger against the Clintons than the claims that Trump was in violation of the “emoluments” clause, which has been repeatedly brought up by people.

        While it’s not proof of Trump’s innocence by a long way, and it’s not really relevant here and now, it does serve as evidence of hypocrisy.

    2. We were promised another investigation last year, weren’t we? Any news on that one?

  15. Nobody likes the new practice of GPS ankle-monitors for immigrants seeking asylum.

    The manufacturers probably do. I wonder if they’re made in America.

  16. Any word on Keith Ellison’s domestic violence?

    1. Hey, modern libertarianism is all about Speaking Truth to powerful Republicans.

      What Keith does with his pimp hand in his own bedroom on his own time is nobody’s business.

      1. He yanked someone off of a bed and yelled at her.

        Big fucking deal.

  17. Prison labor has become the backbone of certain hard-to-staff industries, such as poultry processing

    and landscaping, right? RIGHT?!

  18. You wouldn’t think, given what SF housing sells for, that it would be difficult to make money building it, right? Well, you figured without the SF city government:

    “SF residential projects languish as rising costs force developers to cash out”

    The E-version is paywalled, but all the way down at the bottom of the print version, they finally quoted a builder pointing out that requiring 25% BMR in every development is pushing building costs well over $1,400/sq ft., making construction costs for a 2,000 sq ft home $2,800,000.
    Jane Kim (SF proggy supe) SHOCKED! She thought the builders would just build at a loss.

    1. How? Standard low-cost residential developments can be built for $100 a sq ft or less. I can expect downtown San Fransisco to be more due to wages and other things, but how are they paying more for a 3-bedroom “zombie home” than a 10-bedroom Texas McMansion?

  19. Nothing about the Pope resigning?

    1. How can the right hand of God quit?

      You’re in it like the mafia.

      1. The last guy quit.

        If a more or less decent Pope can quit, a crooked Peronist of doubtful orthodoxy can also quit.

        1. How dare you! The mass murderers who Francis collaborated with in Buenos Aires were the anti-Peronist junta (they of disastrous Falklands War fame–a struggle they started to rally the country around them because people were starting to grumble about their relatives being slaughtered all the time; the atrocities of anti-Peronism whenever it took control was one reason it took Argentines until this year to elect their first ever anti-Peronist president through the ballot box).

        2. How deep are they saying Benedict was in it? I’m never clear on that.

          1. He wasn’t in on it, but obviously he didn’t do enough.

            He *did* impose restrictions on McCarrick and according to the latest news, Francis lifted the restrictions knowing of the well-verified allegations.

      2. Sometimes my right hand falls asleep on me. Is it like that?

        You need not worry… I’m a switch hitter.

        1. Are we all familiar with… the stranger?

    2. Watch how you phrase that shit! You get my hopes up.

  20. Channel 9 spent hours working to find people to talk to who were at the club during the shooting.

    People said off camera that they didn’t feel safe sharing what they witnessed.

    At one point, the owner of the club told Channel 9 he would talk, but as more details were disclosed, he stopped returning calls.

    He wants to keep his club open.

    1. People said off camera that they didn’t feel safe sharing what they witnessed.

      More red dots, or what?

      1. considering that at first the police said the shooter was a 40 year old black man? and now it turns out to be a 24 year old white boy, maybe he was a defender in this case. Questions and conspiracies abound. Just like the last two shootings in florida lots of questions. I may have to see what laughable stories Alex Jones is coming up with.

  21. It’s Time For A Conservative Purge
    America’s two political parties (I don’t count the ideological Dutch oven that is the Libertarians or the Maoist mongoloids of the Greens as “parties”) are changing. Their coalitions are shifting, dramatically, and we are now seeing an outsider party of conservative-populists (the GOP) and one of insider leftists (Democrats) develop. Of course, this leaves a lot of people who are only nominally within their traditional party. Lots of people no longer fit where they grew up. How many ex-Democrats voted to make Trump president? And how many ex-Republicans collaborated with Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit at the ballot box? So, until we complete the purge, we’ll have treacherous elements within the GOP who should ‘fess up to their embrace of liberalism but can’t because then they would be totally cut off from their cushy gigs.

    1. Wait wait wait. But if the parties are realigning, then Democrat won’t necessarily mean “liberal” anymore, and Republican won’t necessarily mean “conservative” anymore. So why would anti-Trump conservatives, who vote strategically (not ideologically) for Democrats, have to “fess up” to liberalism? They aren’t liberals! Being a Democrat doesn’t mean being a liberal anymore. Or so Kurt Schlichter says. Right?

      1. And, more importantly, being a Republican doesn’t mean being a conservative anymore. Supporting Bernie Sanders-style protectionist trade policy, opposing all forms of entitlement reform, proposing infrastructure projects as a form of fiscal stimulus, not caring one whit about out-of-control government spending at all, being flaky on issues of abortion or gay marriage, how are these “conservative” positions? Schlichter is totally fine with THESE types of non-conservatives in his movement. It’s just the principled conservatives who call bullshit on Trumpism are the ones he wants to purge and label as “librulz”.

        1. Every politically active party member always wants to rid the group of all non-believers. And I would assume, at any given time in both parties 3 or 4 different internal.groups can make this claim about all others.

          Because today everyone’s pet project is absolutely the most important thing in the world, only to be ignored if we care not for the future of all humankind.

      2. “Right?”


  22. The woman, who is not expected to be identified until Friday so police can notify family, was shot multiple times, Weiner said. She was later pronounced dead at Grant Medical Center.

    Weiner said the undercover officer had picked up the woman at another location while working prostitution complaints in the area. It was not immediately known why the unmarked police vehicle ended up at the parking lot where the incident occurred.

    The undercover officer had attempted to place the woman under arrest when the altercation ensued, resulting in the officer being stabbed and the shots being fired, he said.

    Weiner said a witness saw the officer and the woman in the vehicle and again later after the altercation and shooting had occurred.

    A better link to the whole story.

    Pick up a hooker, take her off somewhere, then get stabbed “attempting to arrest her” and shoot her repeatedly to ensure she can’t give her side of the story. Like why she was apparently un-cuffed, un-searched and in the front seat of the car. Sounds perfectly reasonable, I see no reason to doubt the nice police officer’s story.

  23. One more lefty tinpot dictator:

    “Crackdown in Nicaragua forces student protest leaders into hiding”
    “Hundreds of people have been killed in the government’s brutal suppression of the months-long protests that erupted in April. More than 2,000 people have been detained as security forces search for those who took part, including about 320 still in custody. Many say they have been abused at the hands of the authorities, including severe beatings and torture. The common refrain of “We’re not scared!” chanted at the early student marches, is seldom heard any more….”

  24. RIP Neil Simon.

    When I go, I hope the story is broken by TMZ.

  25. What qualifies as feminism in Saudi Arabia? Intersectional queer theory, or agitating for the right to vote?

    1. Hmmm…they got a quasi-ban from Twitter. I wonder if there’s any collusion with the Saudis here.

    2. Showing off your ankles. Hey, it’s a start.

    3. Women already have the vote in KSA! In fact they may have set a record for shortest time between universal male and female suffrage–I think it was less than a year. (Contrast barbaric Switzerland, where it was several centuries.)

      Naysayers may, of course, point out that KSA is an absolute monarchy with no parliament (and indeed is only becoming more entrenched in its absolutism), so perhaps female suffrage was a relatively unthreatening one as far as social revolutions go. Pish posh. It’s the thought that counts. Your move, Vatican City.

    4. I’m sure, just like in this country, they are focused on the pay gap. The most important feminist issue of our time /sarc

  26. Around 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 6, 1982, Schnipper, then 58, donned a wig, a fake mustache and an Air Force uniform, walked through the backdoor of Jimmy’s Lounge on North Main Street in Dayton and unloaded eight rounds from his .380 Barretta into his estranged girlfriend, Margaret Kay Thomas.

    For those of you who haven’t seen the last season of The Americans yet.

    1. Must have been a Cheetah or something, the Pico only holds 6+1.

  27. “Michael Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis said ‘…he is no longer certain about claims he made…'”

    Whoa. Lanny Davis lied about something for political purposes, and the Media eagerly lapped it up and reprinted it without question in order to help the Democrats?

    What is this, 1998?

  28. Michael Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis said “in an interview this weekend that he is no longer certain about claims he made to reporters on background and on the record in recent weeks about what Cohen knows about Trump’s awareness of the Russian efforts.”

    Another blow for CNN.

  29. “That doesn’t mean (prisoners) shouldn’t get paid what their labor is worth.”

    Let’s take a look at the ol’ 13th Amendment:

    “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

    Ooh, looks like you were convicted of a crime (and prbably “duly” so under the “close enough for government work” definition of “duly”), so they get to use your labor.

    With the caveat that exploiting prisoners beyond what is due from them for their offense, or using prison labor to enrich private parties, is wrong.

    1. My reaction is, how much is prison labor actually worth, once you subtract the cost of their highly specialized room and board?

      But, yes, constitutionally they could be outright enslaved, so actually getting paid is a bonus.

      1. Ideally (but in an ideal world there wouldn’t be any criminals to punish), forced labor should be proportioned to the crime, and aimed at giving the victim a little compensation as well as teaching proper work habits as well as keeping the prisoners from unearned idleness.

        But I wouldn’t suggest prison labor always meets these conditions.

  30. Re Simon on TMZ.

    jim ? 8 hours ago
    He and Garfunkel have gotten old.

    Lol. There’s always one.

  31. So, they want prison reform?

    1. Sending people to New York involuntarily? We need to think about the 8th Amendment.

      1. Tell ’em they won a vacation.

        Just blow up the bridges and tunnels first.

  32. Some of the left-wing jerkoffs in the JournoList are actually suggesting that governor Ducey should appoint his window Cindy McCain as his replacement.

    ROFLAMO!!! You are some of the stupid motherfuckers on the planet. Please never stop entertaining us though!

    1. Is his first wife still alive?

      1. Carol McCain? I’m surprised people haven’t been bothering her for a take, since the split was so remarkably amicable (especially given the circumstances) and she continues to think the world of him and emphasize it to anyone who will listen. It was actually the Reagans, her employers, who were fiercely loyal to her and never forgave him–despite the fact that he continued to like and support them very much.

    2. How about Meghan for the remainder of his term?

      I can think of a couple reasons…

      1. Wait, looking at Wikipedia she’s a year short of 35, so she just misses the age requirement.

        1. To be President? What you cookin’ up Eddy?

          Also I could have sworn she was at least 40. She must have been still a child when she started working at MTV.

          1. My mistake, the Senate is 30 years, it’s the Pres who’s 35 years, how embarrassing.

            So it’s on, then – Meghan for Senate!

            1. Absolutely! I mean, there’s a Kennedy Seat, for some totally unfathomable reason, so of course there should a McCain Seat for an equally unfathomable reason. I just hope it’s an ejector seat…

            2. Which means if we’re lucky, with the way incumbency works, we could have a McCain in the Senate for the next 50 years.

  33. As we finally start to dig the old post-Columbine self-reflections about not giving mass shooters the attention they obviously crave–with David Hogg, to his credit, lending his full support–out of their post Sandy Hill freakout-as-virtue-signal mothballs, people are starting to discuss avoiding even saying his name. (Count Dankula has dubbed him “bitch boy.”)

    Into this context steps the Daily News, honoring the latest young copycat with a big (and not particularly unflattering) color photo of his face on the cover. This is the same paper that regularly splashes across the cover headlines calling anyone who disagrees with them on gun control “murderers,” “sick,” “child-killers,” “terrorists,” and the like.

    Though given their current financial condition, we might not trust their judgment, it seems that the News is pretty confident this constantly shrill and obnoxious behavior toward those who are not in line with its editorial positions is not a bad business decision in NYC. All of our newspapers are complete trash here, btw. It’s just that the Post (also pro gun control by the way–as a rule Murdoch’s papers seem to hew more tightly to his personal beliefs, as opposed to those of their targeted audiences, than his broadcast properties) is at least fun trash.

    1. Do they have page 3 girls?

      1. Even the Brits do not have a Page Three anymore, sadly.

  34. “Democrats tackle the superdelegates.”

    The Superdelegates? Was that the cartoon where they hung around in the Hall of Justice waiting to get called into action and they had this monkey named Gleek?

    I hope so because I would totally vote for a cartoon monkey for POTUS over whatever clowns the major parties plan to run next time!

  35. Ri.P. Neal Simon! They say celebritys die in THREES so we have Arthea Franklyn, John Maccain, and now Neal Simon and that begs the question: who will be next??

    1. mongo no count

  36. >>>Democrats tackle the superdelegates.

    Redskins are looking for secondary help

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