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Elizabeth Warren's 'Rules' for Markets Won't 'Make Capitalism Great Again' But May Help Her 2020 Chances: Reason Roundup

Plus: An epidemic of epidemics and "big beer pivots to big weed."


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On Thursday, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill to hold capitalism "accountable" by requiring any corporation with revenues (not profits) exceeding $1 billion to obtain a federal "charter" in order to operate. "The justification for all this is the common, economically sketchy claim of income inequality; that the rich are getting richer and that wages are stagnating," Scott Shackford noted here yesterday.

While the actual legislation hasn't been unveiled yet, Warren's proposal is already generating a good deal of discussion. Obviously, many folks are thrilled. "Instead of advocating for expensive new social programs like free college or health care," writes Matthew Yglesias at Vox, "she's introducing a bill Wednesday, the Accountable Capitalism Act, that would redistribute trillions of dollars from rich executives and shareholders to the middle class—without costing a dime."

"Elizabeth Warren wants to make capitalism great again," trumpeted

Of course, many in media and politics have been preoccupried with What It All Means, and the consensus is that Warren will likely run for president in 2020. Kevin Williamson concurs, but interprets the move much more uncharitably. "Senator Warren is many things: a crass opportunist, intellectually bankrupt, personally vapid, a peddler of witless self-help books, etc. But she is not stupid," writes Williamson. He continues

She knows that this is a go-nowhere proposition, that she will be spared by the Republican legislative majority from the ignominy that would ensue from the wholehearted pursuit of this daft program. It is in reality only a means of staking out for purely strategic reasons the most radical corner for her 2020 run at the Democratic presidential nomination. The Democratic party in 2018, like the Republican primary electorate in 2016, is out for blood and desirous of confrontation. So Senator Warren is running this red flag up the flagpole to see who salutes.

"Naturally, I share Kevin's horror," writes his National Review colleague Charles C.W. Cooke. "But I must confess to being a little amused by how pusillanimous a radical Senator Warren seems to be. Out of everyone in Congress, she is perhaps the most consistent practitioner of the 'I believe in X, but I really don't believe in X' formulation that stains so much of our politics these days."

On CNBC yesterday, Warren said

I believe in markets. I believe in all of the wealth that markets produce. But markets have to have rules. And together, we decide those rules. You know, like you've got to have a cop on the beat.

Markets have to have rules, Cooke writes,

… is the sort of characterization you'd expect to hear from a center-right figure arguing in defense of the existence of the FDA, not from a self-professed radical advocating a nakedly corporatist power-grab of the sort that would have made Alfredo Rocco blush. There's not much to say for Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez and her band of politically illiterate naifs, but at least they have had the common courtesy to tattoo their Jacobinism onto their foreheads. Perhaps in the belief that she can have it both ways, Elizabeth Warren has not. We are all worse off for her duplicity.

At Economics 21, James R. Copland, director of legal policy for the Manhattan Institute, gets more into the meat of Warren's proposal (and the historical revisionism it requires). "The the misnomered Accountable Capitalism Act," writes Copland, "would yank down three principal pillars of U.S. law governing corporations: corporate federalism (leaving substantive corporate law to the states), shareholder primacy (aligning board fiduciary duties with shareholders' interests), and director independence (eliminating company boards' conflicts of interest). Senator Warren argues that her legislation would address the rise of inequality in the United States—a phenomenon that is real enough-but her preferred solution would hurt rather than help her intended beneficiaries in the American workforce."


An epidemic of epidemics. Pretty much any social ill or pychological issue that captures national attention will wind up described these days as an epidemic. "Countless things are now described as epidemics: loneliness, selfies, nostalgia, partisanship, fake news," writes Zachary Siegel in The New York Times. Suicides, overdoses, excessive drinking, obesity, wellness, drugs, guns, sugary beverages, and SoulCycle have also earned the moniker.

"It's useful to study these problems," suggests Siegel, but "we sometimes forget 'epidemic' is only a metaphor for something much more resistant to treatment."

In epidemiology, scientists can look at tons of data and sketch patterns undetectable at the individual or small group level. "What's striking, lately," writes Siegel, "is the way that logic has spread further beyond the realms of the medical, into spaces once considered too messy and human for science to fully apply—into things like politics and media and popular culture. … The tools of epidemiology are ever more powerful and precise, but they may not be the ones that fix the problem of being human."


Corona pivots to cannabis.


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  1. In Rhode Island, “Kristen’s Law” allows for lifetime prison sentences for people who sell drugs that lead to fatal overdoses.

    Laws named after people are seldom good.

    1. Look what happened to the Constitution — they added 10 amendments for some guy named “Bill” who doesn’t show up in any of the signers or delegates.

      1. He wasn’t a very good righter.

        1. Wish I could +1 that!

          1. Wed dont always agree, but when we do they are gems.

    2. Hello.

      “…I believe in markets. I believe in all of the wealth that markets produce. But markets have to have rules. And together, we decide those rules. You know, like you’ve got to have a cop on the beat.”

      Holy Mackerel this chick is dangerous.

      And why is a mentally dysfunctional facility escapee being quoted? Yglesias is hands down the most illiterate and puerile pontificator of gibberish.

      1. The irony is she’s right, in the most literal sense. Markets do need rules. Things like “property rights” and so on.

        Just not all the extra bullshit she wants to pile on top.

  2. Jeff Sessions thinks we aren’t deporting people fast enough.

    Hey! Why should those people get to cut in the bureaucracy line?

  3. Big beer pivots to big weed: Corona brewer Constellation is investing $4 billion in a Canadian cannabis company.
    ? Jennifer Maloney (@maloneyfiles) August 15, 2018

    You can’t put a lime in weed while at the beach!

    1. I quit drinking Corona many years ago because it really isn’t a good beer, and Mexicans told me the workers piss in it in the factory because most of it is shipped to the US. I wasn’t surprised to hear their bottles explode and make people blind. And there are better beers in Mexico like Pacifico and Bohemia.

      1. the workers piss in it in the factory

        that’s what the alcohol is there for

      2. Piss kills all germs like alcohol does.

        1. lc has the piss tape, for “personal reasons.”

          1. I always wanted to see how the sausage is made.

      3. All three of those are brewed in the Grupo Modelo breweries. If there is piss in Corona, there is piss in Pacifico and Bohemia, too.

        1. and they are all owned by budwiser which is now owned by a european company for tax purposes

        2. Weird – wonder why the beer bottles for Bohemia don’t blow up in people’s faces.

  4. Ajit Pai said he has known for months that an “attack” on the FCC servers was fake but wasn’t allowed to talk about it.

    Luckily no one cared.

  5. I believe in markets. I believe in all of the wealth that markets produce. But markets have to have rules. And together, we decide those rules. You know, like you’ve got to have a cop on the beat.

    Big squaw words meaningless before but.

    1. And together, she writes those rules.

  6. There’s not much to say for Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez and her band of politically illiterate naifs, but at least they have had the common courtesy to tattoo their Jacobinism onto their foreheads.

    And the tattoo reads: Yet she persisted

    1. Or correctly translated “fried rice”

  7. Pretty much any social ill or pychological issue that captures national attention will wind up described these days as an epidemic.

    Oh, here we go. Get ready for an epidemic of people decrying the overuse of the word epidemic.

  8. On Thursday, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill to hold capitalism “accountable” by requiring any corporation with revenues (not profits) exceeding $1 billion to obtain a federal “charter” in order to operate.

    Even her fake tribe is not as into Socialism as she is.

    1. It would be a National Tragedy ™ if Warren were to accidently fall into a woodchipper.

  9. What amazes me most about Lizzie’s ax-act is the idea that “shareholders” are Scrooge McDucks with swimming pools full of ill-gotten excessive profits. Not only do I expect 10 times as much dividends if I have 10 times as many shares, but most of those share holders are pension funds, investment funds, etc. If you take their dividends, they have to reduce pension payouts, defund factories, etc.

    I’ve said it before — I once added up all the Fortune 500 or some such list and their total wealth was on the order of the annual deficit. If you were to confiscate all that wealth, you would not have swimming pools full of cash to redistribute. You would have stocks and bonds and deeds to factories. The only way to redistribute that as cash would be to sell it, and all the potential buyers have just been stripped of all the wealth they would have used to buy it.

    There is no free lunch, Lizzie. There is only the seen and the unseen.

    1. I don’t understand – does she want to redistribute the losses as well? Not every $1 billion+ company is profitable.

      1. You aren’t supposed to understand, you’re only supposed to feel good about it. Logic, reason, facts not required.

      2. Good point — I guess the IRS will have to forbid deductions for losses as well.

        Maybe Lizzie can introduce legislation forbidding minus signs and parentheses.

        1. Math is a tool of the Cis-Het Oppressors.

        2. And that .1415926535897-n is really annoying. Can’t she just outlaw that?

          1. She’s from Massachusetts, not Indiana.

    2. The entire thing is just a means of allowing leftist organizations to loot the country. When the Left says things like “other values” and “community service” they are just saying “fuck you pay me”.

  10. One in four federal employees suspended by federal agencies in 2016 had been suspended before…

    Who doesn’t like a comeback story?

  11. without costing a dime

    Hmm, so he really is autistic.

  12. Warren introduced a bill to hold capitalism “accountable” by requiring any corporation with revenues (not profits) exceeding $1 billion to obtain a federal “charter” in order to operate.

    Of course, Federal agencies with revenues exceeding $1B will have to obtain approval from the private sector as well.

  13. Questions, but no verdict on day one of the Paul Manafort jury deliberations.

    When the jury starts asking the judge questions about reasonable doubt, that’s almost always a bad sign for the prosecution’s case.

    1. All 4 juries that I have been on, everyone quickly suggested an initial vote.

      If that happened with this jury, we know that at least one person said Not Guilty.

      Bad for Mueller.

      1. There are an absolutely ridiculous 18 charges for these poor jurors to go over, which might be an all-time world record for an absurd political show trial, so who knows for sure.

        These deliberations could potentially go on for several days.

        1. Juries are more inclined to rush and decide on Fridays so they dont have to come back on Monday.

          Prosecutors and judges know this, hence the scheduling for this on purpose.

          Some jurors just cave to the a majority for a Guilty verdict. Especially on a Friday.

          Trump’s got his Manafort pardon ready to go.

      2. I am starting to lean towards a hung jury.

        1. I would agree if they dont come back with a verdict today (Friday).

    2. Manafort trial Day 14: Jury ‘scared’ as it prepares to head home without a verdict

      2 days without a verdict. There are holdouts for Guilt or Not Guilty that are not going to budge. The other jurors tried to convince those hold outs about Reasonable Doubt.

      I always felt that if some of your fellow jurors felt that there was reasonable doubt and you’re a Guilty holdout, you should lean toward that there might be reasonable doubt and acquit. Otherwise, you should be able to convince your fellow jurors of how guilty the person is.

      The courts tell you that the Defendant is always presumed innocent, so if you dont have overwhelming position on Guilt go Not Guilty. Juries would ruin less lives that way.

  14. “So Brennan may have started one of the most important political witch hunts in history based on not recognizing a joke ? and I’m not even making that up.”
    – Scott Adams, creator of “Dilbert.”

  15. Perhaps in the belief that she can have it both ways, Elizabeth Warren has not. We are all worse off for her duplicity.

    She’s not. People will fall for that.

  16. “It’s useful to study these problems,” suggests Siegel, but “we sometimes forget ‘epidemic’ is only a metaphor for something much more resistant to treatment.”

    pandemics it is, then

  17. Big beer pivots to big weed: Corona brewer Constellation is investing $4 billion in a Canadian cannabis company.

    Clydesdales with bloodshot eyes.

    1. More carrots for their munchies — more motivation — profit!

  18. “she’s introducing a bill Wednesday, the Accountable Capitalism Act, that would redistribute trillions of dollars from rich executives and shareholders to the middle class?without costing a dime.”

    accosting, on the other hand…

  19. Although I wouldn’t have supported him if I had been old enough to vote in 2008, I have tremendous respect for John McCain.

    Sen John McCain on @RandPaul: “The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.”

    Yet strangely, some people at Reason think Rand Paul is among the better Senators? Why? I’ve heard him called “libertarian-ish” but as far as I know he’s bad on the two most important libertarian issues: unlimited immigration and unrestricted abortion.

    McCain, on the other hand, is about as good as we libertarians can expect from a Republican politician these days. While he might not share the Koch position on immigration or the Planned Parenthood position on abortion, at least he’s critical of the Putin Puppet direction his party has taken under Drumpf. For the sake of this country, sane Republicans like John McCain and David Frum need to regain control.


    1. #StillWithHim

      1. #PoliticalAccessforSale

        1. And the always-amusing


    2. Is shitbag McCain still for the drug war? The he is lieterally working for Los Zetas, the Gulf Cartel, the Sinola, Juarez, and Tijuana cartels, Jalisco New Generation, Knights Templar cartel, Barrio Azteca….

      1. McCain hasn’t met a war that he didn’t like.

      2. Unfortunately, he’s too stupid to know it, so he doesn’t get paid.

    3. OBL knocks it out of the park by defending McCain!

    4. The video embedded in the tweet is course more than a year old.

      McCain is still hidden away in a cabin somewhere in Sedona desperately clinging on to whatever remaining time he has left in the world, as he has been since around Christmas.

  20. That’s what the market needs. It just didn’t have enough rules yet, that’s all.

  21. Charming Michigan State representative Bettie Cook Scott on her state senate race’s primary opponent representative Stephanie Chang: “don’t vote for the ching-chong”.

    Naturally this won’t be considered hate speech by the likes of Dorsey, Zuckerburg, and the leftards in the JournoList because whitey isn’t involved in any way.

    1. Rosie O’Donnell approves though!

      1. No word in the story on whether the lovely Mrs. Scott was doing the old “slant-eyes” while saying it.

    2. Her words were unfortunate, but I learned in college that black people can’t be racist because racism = power + privilege which black people don’t have in a white supremacist country like the US.

      1. Exactly OBL. And this is especially true when they are being racist towards a privileged group like Asians.

      2. The problem with the academic’s claim that “racism = bigotry + privilege” and therefore black people can’t be “racist” because they lack privilege is that even if one accepts that, it doesn’t mean black people can’t be bigoted, still, which is really the problematic part.

        1. And it assumes that black people can’t have power, which is a bit of a head scratcher since I know rather a lot of black executives and notably we just had a black President of the United States for 8 years which is arguably the most powerful position in the United States, which is the most powerful nation on Earth.


        2. I always thought that was funny from academics, when the definition of an -ism is merely a preference, with a possibility of negativity, vs bigotry, which is true prejudice. Most people are textbook racist – we almost all prefer things like ourselves, but most people are far less bigoted.

    3. I think the most disturbing thing after the actual racism is that she apparently thought that it would be persuasive to her potential voters.

      1. It likely was.

      2. All 9% of them?

    4. Her attitudes towards Asians are not uncommon among inner-city blacks. In fact, polls show some of the strongest opposition to immigration is among black voters.

      This inconvenient fact flies under the Media’s radar because it contradicts the narrative that Rainbow Coalition loves all of its colors. Shikha, for example, wouldn’t dare address it in her immigration screeds.

      But it might explain in part why Trump enjoys surprisingly high approval ratings with black voters.

      1. This was even a significant sub-theme in the famed “Spike Lee joint” Do the Right Thing.

        1. It was also a significant sub-theme of the LA riots and Al Sharpton’s entire career in New York.

    5. She was admonished by every civil rights organization and ended up with 9% of the vote.

      She should have been a Republican, she’d probably have won the primary.

      1. She was admonished. That makes all of the difference. In fairness, she was probably just trying to get a job on the NYT editorial board.

        1. And she lost badly.

          What do you want to happen?

  22. Nevada brothel magnate and political candidate Dennis Hof is suing over the revocation of his Love Ranch license.

    When I visit Nye county Nevada, I want to visit Art Bell’s studio in Pahrump, and get a blow job. There is literally nothing else to do there.

    1. Unless you are a miner, rancher, or weird antisocial survivalist with guns and explosives, outside of Clark and Washoe counties there’s not much to do in Nevada.

      1. What are dune buggies and 4-wheelers, chopped liver?

        Well, you might feel like chopped liver after riding around on one of those for 8 hours in Nevada, it’s true…

        1. You would certainly need ORVs to haul your ammo and Tannerite out to the desert.

      2. Douglas County has quite a nightlife.

    2. The claim is that he filed his paperwork late. It would be nice to see reporting on whether that is true or not. If it is, he kinda screwed up, didn’t he?

  23. There are some few times when the government has the sense to get (a little bit) out of the way:

    “Officials Remove Special Rules for Gene Therapy Experiments”
    “U.S. health officials are eliminating special regulations for gene therapy experiments, saying that what was once exotic science is quickly becoming an established form of medical care with no extraordinary risks.”

  24. “she’s introducing a bill Wednesday, the Accountable Capitalism Act, that would redistribute trillions of dollars from rich executives and shareholders to the middle class?without costing a dime.”

    Yglesias has a money orchard in the back yard. Or he means it won’t cost *him* a dime.
    Or he’s a financial ignoramus.

    1. Yglesisias thinks the monopoly money the people the people that run the sheltered workshop where he lives let him play with is real money. So, yeah he kind of does have a money orchard in the backyard.

  25. Trump nearing deal with Mexico on Nafta…..fc1a0.html

    I guess the trade war is being delayed just like the military parade.

    1. Better deal with Mexico but not Canada?

      Rufus, whip your government into shape.

      1. Canada, thinking they’re smart, went a made a deal with Mexico. It was all nationalist theater by the two idiots Freeland and Trudeau. It was a given Mexico was going to ditch Canada the second the USA engaged.

        My county is truly being run by incompetent ideologues.

        1. My county is truly being run by incompetent ideologues.

          Is there such a thing as competent ideologues?

          1. Gary Johnson, natch.

    2. Nothing but propaganda.

      Reason has assured me that Trump’s trade war will only end with economic chaos, and our allies have been so insulted by his behavior they will never come back to the table.

      1. The world hates Trump so much that it would rather destroy the entire world economy than deal with Trump. Peter Suderman has assured me of this. So it must be true.

        1. Who fired the first shot? They usually are the ones that get blamed for the war.

          1. Maybe we should wait until there is an actual war before we start answering that question?

            The worst thing about all of this is how the titular defenders of “free trade” by their absurd hyperbole are doing more to discredit free markets than the hard left has done in decades of work.

    3. The understanding with Mexico would raise the regional-content level to 70 percent [from the current 62.5%] or higher and set a similar rule of origin for steel and aluminum in vehicles.

      That’s it? I really known little about the technical details of NAFTA. But this seems like almost nothing relative to all of the bluster. If that’s all it takes to stabilize NAFTA, then how is NAFTA such a bad deal?

      1. Maybe so. But if that is the case, it played out exactly the way I predicted it would. Trump made a big show and Mexico rolled and gave him something so he could claim a win.

        It is very reasonable to wonder just how much good this was going to do. But the claims that Trump was going to start a trade war and destroy the economy were and are completely absurd.

        1. I’ve noted before that libertarians are just as susceptible to pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking as other parties, and they often let their ideology interfere with their reality.

          To a libertarian, any tariff placed on any product for any reason will have instantaneous devastating effects, and the instant Trump mentioned the word the economy was doomed, DOOMED!

          In reality, while not perfect the US market is the most lucrative and free in the world, and every country in the world wants access to it.

          Trump correctly observed that China, Mexico, EU, et al, had a lot more to lose in a trade war than the US did, and they would quickly come around to Trump’s position.

  26. Another chapter in the continuing series “great moments in progressive government”…..26d822ead6

    1. How is this an example of progressive government?

      1. Last I looked FDR was a Progressive Hero.

      2. The story was also about Hoover, who was a Republican but like Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive and today would have been called a RINO.

        1. Hoover was a Progressive. There were plenty of Republicans back then who were.

      3. Apparently you missed this interesting quote: “Trade unions, the Communist Party and other groups were all in favor of saving jobs for whites in the United States.”

        Apparently you also missed the statement, admittedly buried deep in the article, that the deportation program continued throughout the 1930s. Remind me again, who was president between March 1933 and April 1945?

  27. I believe in markets. I believe in all of the wealth that markets produce. But markets have to have rules. And together, we decide those rules. You know, like you’ve got to have a cop on the beat.

    Figures, it all comes down to government force and coercion. I’d expect nothing less from an old fascist twat.

    1. Germany had codetermination prior to the Nazis. The Nazis ended it. It was brought back in 1976.

      Fascists don’t want the people to have a voice. Codetermination is specifically anti-fascist.

      1. Jesus, you’re fucking retarded, aren’t you? Please tell me you are, so I can at least understand.

        1. You seem nice. How’s your Friday?


    Peter Strzok got his start in the Boston FBI office of Jon Connoly fame. I am starting to think someone needs to write a book about how Whitey Bulger destroyed the entire FBI.

    1. I just watched The Departed last night. The loose story of the Winter Hill Gang.

      FBI incompetence and corruption which the FBI still lives by.

    2. Why do these guys on the Federal stage all seem to come from or have worked in Massachusetts? See Mueller.

      1. The Boston FBI and USA office in the 1990s must have been some kind of place.

        1. They found the coke stash from the 1980s in one of the drawers, under file: Kola, Coke.

        2. Read any of Howie Carr’s great books about Whitey and his state senator bro, the Boston FBI or the corrupt politics of Massatwoshits. Blood curdling.


    Ilhan Omar is even a bigger gift to Republicans than the Brooklyn socialist. She perjurer herself in court about her marriage to her brother. Now she is against a bill to stop insurance payments to convicted terrorists. Bernie Sanders is now the sane wing of the Democratic Party.

    1. Bernie is white and a male. He will get the boot soon too.

    2. As someone born and raised in the state, most Minnesotans are too busy being in love with themselves for their embrace of refugees to honestly see how horrible Somalia culture really is.

      1. It is fucking awful. And in stark contrast to Ethiopian culture, which is Christian and very western. Ethiopians are great immigrants to have. They work hard and fit in and become productive citizens. Somalia became a lawless shithole because the people who live there like it that way. And the ones who have come here would prefer America be the same.

        1. So, judge the people by their religion. Exactly as the founders intended.

          1. Yes. You can judge people by their culture, of which a religion is a part of that. You do it all of the time when you are constantly going on about the evil white hillbillies. The difference here is that this is an accurate depiction of Somali culture and your understanding of the evil white hillbillies is entirely a product of your imagination.

            1. When have I ever said anything about hillbillies?

        2. We had a flood of the “boat” people from SE Asia in the 70s and early 80s – I grew up with Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, and Hmong classmates. They are all super hard working people who are great people. The Somali integration has been different, to say the least. We have two services in my Lutheran Church for the Somalis in our church – I asked the pastor once why the services aren’t combined, and I was told the two groups come from different tribes and they hate each other! Incredible..

          1. There are Somali Lutherans?
            Sounds like you’re making shit up.

            There were hard working Vietnamese, Lao, Hmong etc refugees. There were also some that joined gangs.

            Same thing with the Somalis.

            1. Clearly they weren’t born Lutheran. I didn’t see any in Wittenberg last summer for the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation. Probably has something to do with Lutheran Social Services working with other groups to bring them to the US.

              1. It probably had something to do with a made up anecdote.

                Alternatively, it could have been a Lutheran church hosting Muslim prayers. And, having different kinds of Islam, they have different services. And the pastor was a bigot who made up something to make them look bad. It would be like asking why the Catholics and the Lutherans had different services.

                That’s more likely than a mass conversion of Muslims to Christianity.

    3. This is Minnesota! Not only will she win in a landslide, they are going to elect the “Lousiana Con Man” (his words, not mine) as AG in November, even though he is a scum bag and roughed up his Sierra Club proggy ex-girlfriend (allegedly)

      1. There are now multiple women coming forward saying he beat them as well. God, what a dirtbag.

        1. I’m sure we’re going to get the suderman piece about how low the MN democrats have gone to nominate such a vile candidate real soon now.

          You in the back! Stop laughing!


    Former ISIS sex slave sees her captor in German grocery store. After World War II, groups of vigilante survivors of the holocaust hunted down and murdered former Nazis in Germany. There is a famous case of a couple of them being let off with no punishment by a German court and laughing about it as they left the courtroom only to be gunned down in the street in front of the courthouse. The same thing needs to start happening to these ISIS people. If the European governments won’t do anything, their victims should.

  31. The First Amendment is a huge part of what makes America great, especially the part about “Congress shall make now law”. Even if democracy is the proper purview for immigration law, those immigration laws can’t violate, for instance, freedom of religion. Land of the free! Home of the brave!

    An Australian senator recently made this statement in a speech, calling for a popular referendum on the topic of Muslim immigration:

    “We as a nation are entitled to insist that those who are allowed to come here predominately reflect the historic European-Christian composition of society and embrace our language, culture and values as a people. The final solution to the immigration problem, of course is a popular vote.”

    —-Sen. Fraser Anning…..mmigration

    How does the New York Times cover the story? Check out the headline:

    “Australian Senator Calls for ‘Final Solution’ to Muslim Immigration”…..nning.html

    The senator did not call for baking Muslims a la the ovens of Auschwitz. He called for a referendum.

    The New York Times’ headline is a lying liar that lies about its lying. And, no, having good intentions doesn’t count for shit.

    1. What these idiots refuse to understand is that America’s problem is not that it doesn’t have a free press. It does. America’s problem is that it doesn’t have an honest or objective press. All of the lack of trust and inability of people to agree on facts and “fake news” that the media complains about is entirely the result of the media selling out all of its integrity to shill for the political left.

      I can’t figure out if they are so far gone inside their leftist bubble that they don’t realize how ridiculously one-sided their publications are or if they are so arrogant they think no one notices it.

      1. They sell their own credibility short, and then wonder why half the country holds their reporting in contempt.

        And there’s no reason not to condemn his statement and his logic and his position and everything he said. It should be condemned. I condemn it!

        But it isn’t calling for the “final solution”. What a bunch of horseshit!

        Why can’t they just cleanly denounce this for what it is?

        Part of it is probably some of what goes on around here, sometimes. People think that saying anything is okay–so long as your intentions are good. It’s especially bad coming from libertarians. We used to expound on reason because reason ultimately leads to capitalist and libertarian conclusions. The idea was supposed to be that we don’t bullshit because we don’t have to!

        That’s what’s going on here at the NYT, as well. They don’t have to bullshit, but they couldn’t help themselves. In the end, they sold their credibility short. They do it every day, and they wonder why people who don’t share their opinions give them no credibility.

        1. People think that saying anything is okay–so long as your intentions are good.

          That is endemic in this country regardless of politics. Whenever you hear people talking about how important “good character” is in a politician, as opposed to good ideas or good performance, all they are saying is that what matters is meaning well not actual results. Good character is nothing but meaning well. It is utter shallow foolishness.

          1. Remind me how the times covered the congressional black caucus member’s remarks on the “Jewish Question.”

    2. Best first sentence typo of the day.
      “Congress shall make now law” is a considerably more accurate description of governance than the words as ratified.

    3. You know who else wanted a final solution?

      1. Pierre de Fermat?

        1. +(a^n+b^n-c^n)!

      2. E=MC^2

    4. the historic European-Christian composition of society

      It goes all the way back to the Dreamtime.

    5. There’s the problem. They don’t have “good intentions”.

  32. “”?”Currently, prosecutors operate within an insulated environment where they behave freely with little fear of repercussion,” writes SteVon Felton of the R Street Institute at Crain’s.””

    Sadly, A lot of people are on the support the overzealous prosecutor bandwagon since one is being used against Trump.

    1. One of the worst offenders in this regard is Reason board member Ken Dopehat White. His response to the FBI raiding Trump’s attorney’s office was literally “DOJ takes doing that very seriously so they must really have something.” I kid you not. He also thinks that the fact that the FBI agents thought Flynn didn’t perjure himself and that fact was apparently not told to Flynn or his attorneys in no way brings Flynn’s guilty plea into question and only a Trump supporting lunatic could think otherwise.

      1. There were millions of documents that Cohen didn’t even claim privilege on.

        Are you suggesting that lawyers can commit crimes and have no fear of being searched with a warrant?

        1. There were a lot that he did. And sure lawyers can commit crimes for their clients. But you have to have some probable cause to believe that before you can start taking documents. Moreover, you can only take the documents you think relate to the crime not a fishing expedition of all of them, which is what Mueller did.

          Go suck the government’s cock somewhere else.


            7500 out of 4 million. Cohen did not dispute the findings.

            Mueller was not in charge of the raid. It was SDNY.

            Cohen himself said the raid was fine:

            1. Mueller’s team is sweating bullets.

  33. If Warren’s bill passes, every single company it would apply to will expatriate. Wouldn’t you?

    1. Yes or just give enormous executive bonuses to ensure that profits never exceeded the billion-dollar threshold.

      1. (It is Revenues of 1 Bill, not Profits).

        1. Good God that is even more insane than I thought.

    2. Or just split up into multiple below-threshold companies.

      1. I’m sure it won’t raise costs to have to administer Amazon 0 through Amazon 567.

        1. Of course, but to a lesser extent.

          1. No, no, sorry. My sarcasm was aimed more at how this will ultimately be to the detriment of the consumer, the people it’s notionally supposed to help, just like every other stupid lefty plot to fuck with the market.

    3. Good thing even Warren is fully aware it has zero chance of passing. This is posturing, no more and no less.

      If it looked like it was going to pass, she’d vote against it herself. If she didn’t, her entire personal wealth would be destroyed. She’s not crazy, she’s evil.

    4. Exactly! That’s why Bayer, VW, Mercedes, BMW, Merck, Deutsch Telekom, etc are no longer headquartered in Germany, which has had a similar rule for over 40 years.

      1. Similar rule, eh? Got a link? Because I don’t trust your ability to read and then infer whether one thing is similar to another.

        1. For companies of at least 2000 employees, half the board has to be elected by the workers.
          For companies between 500-1999 employees, a third of the board has to be elected by the workers.

          Works councils have been common in Germany since the middle of the 19th century. They were, however, suspended by the Nazis.

          Fascists hate worker participation.

          1. Germany borders Switzerland. Switzerland has German as an official language, open borders, and a strong business climate. If companies were to relocate due to this, they would be headquartered in Switzerland.

            Germany kicks our ass in trade! NEED TARIFFS!

            If we do what Germany does, all our business will leave.

            China kicks our ass in trade! NEED TARIFFS!

            Communism inevitably causes businesses to flee.

            Pick a side.

            1. Switzerland does NOT have open borders.

  34. I’m now officially a cord cutter. I had an interesting conversation with the guy installing my DSL line yesterday about net neutrality. He was pissed off about it being shut down because “they just want us to have to pay for everything”.

    I explained to him that the cable company was charging me $95 a month for broadband plus a minimum of $45 a month for basic cable. I explained to the DSL guy that they were going to charge me $45 a month for 40 Mps, with no contract and no possibility that they would ever raise my rate. Furthermore, I’m going to DirectTV Now’s streaming service, which is $40 a month for 65 channels + $5 a month for HBO. Making us “pay for everything” seems to be bringing a lot of competition to the table. DirectTV now has no contract, I can cancel whenever I want, and I can go to, Roku, SlingTV, Amazon’s service, . . .

    The DSL guy then told me that he just uses Netflix and a deal with Amazon where he only gets some channels but not others.

    He said that the problem with DirectTV Now where I am is that they don’t carry all the local TV stations. That’s when I mentioned this crazy technology some people (even in the industry) never seem to have heard of, where you go to a hardware store and buy an “antennae”. Turns out you can get those local stations for free with an “antennae”. It’s supported by advertising. What will they think of next!

    Consumers have never had so many choices. Thank God we “have to pay for everything”.

    1. One caveat Ken antennas only work in a limited area. Before digital tv I could get stations from all over northern california. Now with digital it requires a line of sight so in the mountains no more over the air tv you have to switch to satalite. I think this was on purpose to force people to go to paid services and its the same reason the government is looking into forcing radio to go digital so that we will have to pay for that as well and when you have to pay they can also turn it off easier for everyone.

      1. I found this tool to be useful.

      2. FM already requires line of sight. Or more correctly the spectrum assigned for FM doesn’t bounce off the ionosphere. The spectrum assigned to AM does. I have never looked into whether the AM brand is large enough to carry FM, but it would have to be larger because you’ll get more noise from further away.

    2. $95 a month for broadband plus a minimum of $45 a month for basic cable.

      Damn. I pay $74.95 (that’s the whole bill) for 60 Mbps broadband. But the TV part was getting out of hand. The regional sports fee was approaching $45. I think it was about $30 actually. So for cable TV it was like $130 total bill (plus $75 for internet and the bill was over $200/mo). I didn’t even watch it that much. No, thank you. I still have the cable internet, but just get TV over the air and my gf pays for Hulu, which is negligible.

      1. I pay $40 for 100MBps internet, no bundle.

        Y’all are getting ripped off.

        1. The best internet available to me is 15Mbps, so all of you can fuck off.

          1. For how much?

    3. Congrats Ken! You will love it.

      Get an Apple tv or equivalent to a-la-carte your tv shows or movies.

      1. But Apple discriminates! No INFOWARZZZ!!!?@@@!!!111

        1. When that happens, drop Apple.

  35. So Elizabeth Warren is probably going to run in 2020 on a “Free stuff for you.” platform. It’s news that a Democrat is going to do this?

    1. Its a shocking turn of events isn’t it?

  36. the people who make *Corona* are going to grow green? no, gracias.

    1. Heh, point. Maybe if Stone were to take up the cause…

  37. Interesting that Warren’s tossing out this red meat for the base that she knows isn’t going anywhere, much the same way the GOP keeps talking about overturning Roe v Wade when they know damn well that’s not going anywhere. Almost as if she knows it’s safe to propose radical crap because the Dems will still be a minority party for the next couple of years.

    1. That is an interesting point. I had not thought of that. Maybe the Dems are going full retard because they don’t think it will matter.

      1. I definitely dont read it that way. People like Hiawatha think Dems keep losing because they’re not socialist enough.

  38. It’s hard to believe, but the fake libertarians of Reason like Nick Gillespie STILL aren’t done attacking Ron Paul, even though he has been out of public life for a while now.

    1. Interesting to see what the Lefties are up to.

      The fact that they still dont know what a Libertarian is and what they stand for is pretty telling. No wonder they think Nazis are not Socialists and Libertarians are anything but Liberty and Constitution loving people.

  39. Manafort jury sent note to judge asking for definition of ‘reasonable doubt’.

    Here are some of the idiot comments from CNN:

    I have a bad feeling about these jurors.. definition of Reasonable doubt!!?? Are you freaking kidding me. First this Judge and now these Jurors!! What in the freaking hell is going on??? What is happening to America and about being the beacon of light to the rest of the world????

    Jarios Meskond
    He might get off because the jury needs a dictionary…?

    Corey Hunter
    Wow seriously?!!!! If that was my black ass they wouldn’t need clarification I would be guilty. But old rich white man they need clarification. OMG.?

    Jesus. These idiots might actually let him off the hook.?

    1. Well, after all, there just isn’t any possibility that he isn’t actually guilty. That was the whole point of the trial, to show how he’s guilty! There wouldn’t have been any point in having the trial if he wasn’t guilty…


  40. “On Thursday, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill to hold capitalism “accountable” by requiring any corporation with revenues (not profits) exceeding $1 billion to obtain a federal “charter” in order to operate”

    The 10th Amendment confines the federal government to enumerated powers.

    Just once I would like to see one of the so-called “journalists” ask Warren and those of her ilk to cite the specific article of the Constitution that delegates power to the federal government to engage in the activities they propose to legislatively mandate.

    1. Interstate commerce.

      Unless you have a corporation, wholly owned in one state, with no sales across state lines, you don’t even have an argument.

      By current jurisprudence, the line is much further than that. See: Growing pot in your house.

      1. Interstate commerce is not supposed to be a war hammer for the federal government to regulate everything.

  41. I’l grant that at least Warren can run for president on her own record and lifetime of political work.

  42. No what Elisabeth Warren proposes will not help the US economy but it will in effect make some US government unelected agency will have complete control of these corporations. In other words it is like nationalizing without proper compensations.

    1. The government will have no control over companies.
      Representatives elected by the employees would have input, but not control.

      Like in Germany, and Belgium, and other countries.

      1. She wants Communism like most Socialists want sooner or later.

  43. This is one of the many reasons why the left wants hordes of uneducated, illiterate immigrants in the country.
    Anyone with a basic understanding of economics would point and laugh at the claims of these big- government charlatans.
    To the unwashed masses, all of the demonstrably wrong claims and lies spouted by the likes of Warren, Sanders, et al sounds good. But it’s pure, unadulterated bullshit.

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