Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bans Reporters From Public Town Halls

If she wants to serve in Congress, she'd better get used to being hounded by the press.



Democratic socialist House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez banned reporters from attending several of her public town hall events this week.

Ocasio-Cortez, who shocked the political world by defeating Rep. Joe Crowley (D–N.Y.) in June's Democratic primary, held sessions with constituents of New York's 14th Congressional District on Sunday and Wednesday. But while she tweeted out some details about the town halls, she didn't let members of the media attend in person, according to the Queens Chronicle.

The candidate's campaign manager, Vigie Ramos Rio, tells the Chronicle the ban was implemented after reporters "mobbed" her last week following a community meeting. The campaign had apparently made it clear there would be "no Q&A and no one-on-one [interviews]."

Corbin Trent, communications director for the campaign, said that was what led to the media ban. "We wanted to help create a space where community members felt comfortable and open to express themselves without the distraction of cameras and press. These were the first set of events where the press has been excluded," Trent tells the Chronicle. "This is an outlier and will not be the norm. We're still adjusting our logistics to fit Alexandria's national profile."

But many on Twitter weren't buying it:

Trent later told The Washington Post that the campaign won't ban reporters in the future. "It's not been a policy of the campaign," Trent said. "It won't be the policy of the campaign."

Banning reporters isn't a good look for a politician, particularly one with as high a profile as Ocasio-Cortez. And if she wants to serve in Congress, she'd better get used to being hounded by the press.

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  1. Who’s running against her?

    (Some clever person called her Occasional-Cortex, which I might steal)

    1. I don’t know who the republican is, but the guy she beat is still on the ballot under the green party. His supporters could come out and beat her in the primary. He is not campaigning though, and I’ve been thinking if I should campaign for him. It would be hilarious if he beat her in the general election.

      1. He might win. It’s almost impossible for a Republican to win an election in the city proper, but a Green could win against an unpopular Democrat there.

        1. If he split the vote every enough could the republican eke out a victory?

          1. That would be epic!

    2. Oh, that’s good. I will in fact steal that one. Thank you.

    3. Anthony Pappas, a 72-year-old professor from Astoria who teaches economics and finance at St. John’s University

      It looks like the district where they’re running is 6-to-1 Democrat, so it doesn’t matter who’s running against her: by gaining the Democratic nomination, she practically gained the House seat.

      1. Hypothetically, what kind of scandal would be bad enough to drive the voters to choose the Republican instead?

        1. The end of the world and all life as we know it. Which, it appears, is actually a higher threshold than what it takes to get a Republican to vote for a Democrat given that Trump is now President of the United States.

          1. Nah, just video of her sucking Trump’s dick and cooing about how she loves a real man.

            1. I’m on it.

              It’ll be up on Pornhub by tomorrow.

        2. William Jefferson lost re-election in 2008 in a deep blue district in New Orleans due to his bribery/corruption case. But given increasing partisanship since then I’m not sure if even that would due someone in today in that sort of district.

          1. Menendez has a better than even shot at being re-elected in New Jersey. This after being indicted, though acquitted, but also being condemned by a bi partisan ethics committed for taking bribes and selling influence. And oh by the way he was selling influence to a guy who had a private island full of underage sex slaves and another guy who is known to fly to the Dominican Republic to partake of the underaged whores.

            1. Yet, if he was a Republican,a mere alleged leer at an underage girl would cost him big time as the media savaged him.

              1. Whereas democrats can serial rape with impunity and stay in office.

            2. New Jersey is pretty safe D. They learned their lesson after Christie screwed them eight years. They’re as lost to the Republicans as California is. Plus, they got screwed by the tax bill.

              The Menendez prostitute charges were exposed as the Daily Caller paying people to lie.

              He’s a crook, to be sure, but he took advantage of the Supreme Court case in McDonnell v US, making corruption nearly unprovable. William Jefferson had most of his convictions thrown out, and pled to time served on the three ones remaining rather than beat them in court. That ruling was a real piece of work.

              1. Plus, they got screwed by the tax bill their own high tax rates.

                I’m sure the tax rate in New Jersey is Trump’s fault somehow to some people. I wasn’t happy about the ‘double taxation’ for a minute, but then I actually read up on the subject. I take it you haven’t.

                1. That’s a safe assumption.

                2. New Jersey residents in the position to write the history got screwed by the inability to deduct property taxes. People who earn less than them noticed that home prices declined when Trump entered office. Developers are now applying for building permits in NYC for middle class homes rather than upper class homes, according to YIMBY New York City.

                3. “…I actually read up on the subject. I take it you haven’t.”

                  Hey, if it hit Parade Magazine, well…..

              2. Yeah, ’cause we weren’t screwed by Corzine, McGreevey, Florio…

              3. Yeah, Christie was so much worse than Corzine. And I guess the Democrats could not have come up with a primary challenger or anything. And sure it was all a lie about the underaged hookers. He just happened to always hang out with guys who loved underaged girls

                Thanks for proving my point that Democrats love corruption and perversion. You really are the gift that keeps on giving.

                1. “He’s a crook, to be sure”

                  Damn, I really defended the guy!

                  The tax bill sucks for people in New Jersey. They’re not likely to reward the people who voted for it. Doesn’t matter why, but it sucks for them and the Republicans basically told them to fuck off.

                  Corzine ended his term at 33%-58% favorable/unfavorable. Christie was 15%/81%. Corzine was brought down by the effects of the Great Recession, Christie was brought down because he’s a terrible person and did a shit job.

                  1. Rich blue-state voters asked the government to raise their taxes; they got what they asked for, good and hard.

                  2. Corzine was brought down by his complete lack of ethics, and contempt for the voter. And that’s saying something in NJ.

                  3. The tax bill sucks for people in New Jersey. They’re not likely to reward the people who voted for it. Doesn’t matter why, but it sucks for them and the Republicans basically told them to fuck off.

                    Rich blue-state liberals: “Raise our tax rates! Taxes are the price we pay for civilization!”

                    ::Taxes get raised::

                    Rich blue-state liberals: “Wait, you thought we were serious?”

                    1. Doesn’t matter.

                      Republicans say “Screw you, vote for us!”

                      It will be a long time before any Republican wins anything in Jersey. It’ll be like California.

                      If the Republican dominated states didn’t have more lines between them than the Democratic dominated ones, the Senate wouldn’t even be close. Make Wyo-Dakot-Ut-Braska a state. Then Ark-Louisi-bam-issippi.

                      We need a new Constitution.

                    2. We need a new Constitution.
                      Indeed. If the 17th Amendment is repealed the Senate wouldn’t even be close.

                      New England should be one state. Maryland and Delaware declared suburbs of Philadelphia. New Jersey should be declared a Toxic waste dump. Hawaii should be handed back to the Natives provided they shrink the heads of the white people there.

                    3. “Republicans say “Screw you, vote for us!””

                      The hag was a D, loser.

                    4. A new constitution to guarantee one party socialist rule. Yes, just what we need.

                    5. Doesn’t matter.

                      “Don’t hold us to the same standards we set for you!”

                      Progressives aren’t even trying anymore to hide the fact that they support an anarcho-tyrannic system in their favor.

                  4. Considering the trash New Jersey votes in and the evil things they inflict on the country, they deserve to be punished.

                  5. LOLWAIT: Corzine was brought down by the effects of the Great Recession, not that he transferred $700M of customer money illegally, and escaped prosecution by the Obama DOJ by personally paying a $5M fine, but Christie is the horrible person for causing a traffic jam and sitting on a beach

                    1. Sadly, 99% of people do not know what happened at MF Global: customers accounts were blended with company money, which is absolutely illegal. Corzine never went to jail, because we haven’t really had a DOJ for about a decade. I wonder where the $5M went as grant money after he forked it over, and how much of that was illegally obtained in the first place? Hacks almost never ever pay with their own money, and odds are good a sizeable chunk got laundered back to his party somewhere. We don’t have $20T in debt for no reason: using the federal government to launder money for party purposes is very expensive – the party take on tax dollars is probably only take 3% of every dollar burned on a regular basis so a detection event looks like a one off [if it ever escapes a rounding error to get there]. The efficiency of agency administered grants however is a much higher yield, I’d bet.
                      The timing of MF Global’s IPO? Absolutely perfect: June 2007 – right before Great Depression 2 arrived. Political connections pay well indeed…

                  6. I bought Christie was term limited.

              4. The LP is gaining momentum in New Jersey.

                1. It’s interesting. In my county, every (and I mean every) elected position is Democrat. But Johnson got nearly 5% of the vote here. Came close in a couple other counties as well.

        3. I don’t think that such scandal exists: even if it turned out that she had a love child with Trump and later sold the kid to a South African diamond mine owner, there would be the explanation that the patriarchy made her do it.

          When Stephanie Adams jumped to her death with her 7-year-old son, some Jezebel commenters vigorously defended her choice to take the kid with her.

        4. “”Hypothetically, what kind of scandal would be bad enough to drive the voters to choose the Republican instead?””

          In this district? Maybe none.

          1. If Nikita Banana was exposed as a Republican maybe.

        5. They would likely choose the Green Party candidate over the Republican, in that case.
          Also, this is New York, so isn’t there a separate Working Families Party candidate or something?

          1. “”so isn’t there a separate Working Families Party candidate or something?””

            There probably is.

            Joe Crowley whom she beat in the dem primary is the Green Party candidate.

            1. I’m confused because I thought that Crowley was – from the democratic socialist perspective – a rightist.

              Oh, wait, New York politics, it doesn’t have to make intuitive sense.

              1. Or much of any other type of sense.

              2. He’s practically a fascist.

                Old, follicley-challenged white guy that he is and all.

                1. Give it a NY minute, Lizzie W is trying to redefine fascist. Democratic Fascism, maybe.

        6. Hypothetically… only if various staffers in the NYT were confirmed to attend parties hosted by certain nefarious catholic figures in the news of late. Only then does organic neighborhood debate begin absent the signals pushed from the alleged braintrust of progs everywhere. It would be the first organic election in a long time.

      2. I live in a district like that. I once ran as a Libertarian against an incumbent Democrat. The only campaign event she showed up for after she had won the primary was a meet-and-greet with local fat-cat business people.

        Meanwhile, the Republican, the Green, and I showed up for all the debates, the college black students alliance event, everything. We all got trounced by the no-show Democrat.

        1. Good for you running against the Democrat machine.

          1. “Democratic” you inbred fuck.

              1. When these revolting assholes abuse language like this, they’re admitting that their aim is to appeal to the lizard brains of idiots. While poor grammar offends me, far worse is the knowing manipulation of morons that serves as political strategy by the kleptocrats of the Republican party and the compliance of their drooling, cousinfucking victims.

                1. Abuse of language is the left’s forte.

                  1. While the right’s is abuse of young boys.

                    1. So your best rejoinder is to bring up the Catholic Church? Pretty sure there are plenty of Democrats who identify as Catholic… Nancy Pelosi for example.

                    2. I was thinking of once and future Republican speakers of the house, but clergy count as conservative by default, I’d think.

                    3. Tony you are the only queer on here. So don’t tell us about ass fucking little boys. You are the expert not us.

                    4. Wow, John. Being LBGT does not mean someone goes after minors. I’m bisexual. Keep a civil tongue.

                    5. Why are you attacking John? Tony started that shit.

                    6. “I’m bisexual. Keep a civil tongue.”

                      So much potential with that kind of phrasing……..

                      Let’s open that up to the floor. What has everyone got for that one?

                      Also, John wasn’t being anti gay so much as anti Tony, who happens to be gay. You shouldn’t be the one taking offense Sharm.

                    7. Didn’t we already make civil tongue unions legal? Jeez what do they want? Mandatory?

                    8. There you go, abusing the word “right.”

                    9. Tell that to pedo Ed Murray(D) Seattle.

                      A younger cousin of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Tuesday became the fifth man to publicly accuse the mayor of sexual abuse

                      Doesn’t say if his cousinfucked victim was drooling.

                2. the compliance of their drooling, cousinfucking victims.

                  Check out my response with details about consanguinity, Tony. It’s popular in nations that don’t allow homosexuality and practice a religion that shall remain nameless least we offend that one true party that is trying to recruit adherents of that faith.

                3. The Democrat party is the party of Democrats as the Republican party is the party of Republicans.

                  It’s not even an abuse of language, but that it hurts the sensibilities of the most language distorting assholes on earth is the reason we use it. Fuck off, hypocrite.

                  1. Thanks for the illiterate bigot perspective, TLBD.

                    1. Buy a gun and shoot yourself in the face, retard.

                  2. I don’t believe it: it’s mean vs. stupid. Been that way for a long time, and it’s why republicans are short about 5 to 8 seats in the senate.

                4. Tony|8.17.18 @ 5:16PM|#
                  “When these revolting assholes abuse language like this,…”

                  Yeah, calling a D. a D. is really “abuse” isn’t it?

                5. Says the guy that left off an important comma. Why do you hate commas too, Tony?

                6. Your very existence is offensive to humanity, you mouthbreathing retarded pile of shit.

                7. It is the Democrat Party, not the Democratic Party, you stupid, snivelling, twisted, evil, inbred fuck

                8. R-E-S-P-I-C-T!

            1. It’s Not democratics

            2. “Democratic” you inbred fuck.

              Don’t be so xenophobic, Tony. Consanguinity is common is some countries. According to this article:

              Consanguineous marriages have been practiced since the early existence of humans. At present, accounting for 20% of world populations live in communities with a preference for consanguineous marriage [1], [2], [3]. Consanguinity rates vary from one population to another, varying with differences in religion, culture and geography [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]. A number of factors govern the influence of endogamy on community gene pools. There is an important cluster of countries with high levels of consanguinity observed in most communities of North Africa, the Middle East and Western Asia, a transverse belt that runs from Pakistan and Afghanistan in the east to Morocco in the west, and also in South India, with intra-familial unions collectively accounting for 20?50+% of all marriages [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]. Noticeably, many Arab countries display some of the highest rates of consanguineous marriages.

              1. I suppose you think I’m going to rush to the defense of bronze-age lunatics just because they’re Muslim?

                1. I suppose you think I’m going to rush to the defense of bronze-age lunatics just because they’re Muslim?

                  No, we think you’re going to rush to the defence of bronze-age lunatics because you’re an idiot.

                  1. He’s an idiot. You’re a poorly educated, intolerant, authoritarian right-wing rube. Should be a great discussion.

                    1. Define “poorly educated”, Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland.

                    2. Shame, I think he means a subnormal high school dropout, such as himself.

                2. I suppose you think I’m going to rush to the defense of bronze-age lunatics just because they’re Muslim?

                  No, I wasn’t sure how you would react, Tony. Your response will put any foreign policy comments you make in perspective. You accuse the 20% to 50% of being “lunatics” because they practice the type of consanguinity that their families have been practicing for centuries. When you declare up to half of a population to be mentally ill because they don’t follow your views on marriage, it discredits your claims that Trump supporters are mentally ill. It also disqualifies you to speak on public health or medical issues. You were quick to defend FDR’s decision to marry his cousin by saying he was wealthy enough and cosmopolitan enough to have plenty of other options. This discredits your views on class divisions.

                  The libertarian response is simple: consenting adults have the right to do what they want with each other in the bedroom or wedding hall.

                  1. I just thought that “sisterfucker” is a bit much.

                3. You’ve done it before, why not again.

                  Seriously, you’re a hateful little creature. Seek professional help.

            3. “”Democratic” you inbred fuck.”

              No. He has it right. And how dare you attempt to correct your betters?

              Democrat, is correct. Phonetically the closer to ‘demon rat’ you get, the better. Which is still a more positive connotation than the commie traitor party, which is what it should be called, deserves.

              Oh, and fuck you Tony.

          2. Democrats hate Democracy and are certainly not pro-Democratic.

          3. Ah FDR, the Democrat piece of shit that married and fucked his cousin.

            1. Choosing to keep your genes closely knit for aristocratic reasons is different from there simply not being another option within hitchhikin’ distance of the nearest meth den.

              1. Elitism? Wow another great rejoinder by Tony. Keep posting. In fact go public. You are a benefit to your cause…

                1. To be fair, if you look at Teddy Roosevelt’s social circles, maybe FDR was just trying to avoid letting any Alpine or Mediterranean genes mix with his.

                  1. Maybe FDR was just racist, not elitist. What was his immigration policy?

              2. “Choosing to keep your genes closely knit for aristocratic reasons is different from there simply not being another option within hitchhikin’ distance of the nearest meth den.”

                Wait, you think having ample alternative options, but still choosing your cousin, is better? Wow.

                1. Yes , Tony shows once again how stupid he is.

              3. “Choosing to keep your genes closely knit for aristocratic reasons is different from there simply not being another option within hitchhikin’ distance of the nearest meth den.”

                Is that the reason you screw your brother and your cousins?

              4. Tony, don’t you have some junior high school boys to drug and rape?

                No wonder you’re a ememner for the DEMOCRAT party. And probably a big booster for NAMBLA.

            2. Reaching for a fucking 80 year old smear without any evidence behind it to slander for a cheap shot?

              You didn’t mention which cousin it was. First? Second? Third? Fourth?

              None of them?

              Are you Dinesh D’souza?

              1. Or are you talking about Franklin and Eleanor?

                They shared a relative who died 140 years before they were born. WTF does that have to do with anything???

                1. They shared a relative who died 140 years before they were born

                  That’s super freaky.

                2. If you met her at a family reunion, you shouldn’t be getting a boner. But since you want to split hairs, how far back must the common ancestor be in order to make the marriage acceptable?

              2. First? Second? Third? Fourth?

                For sure Eleanor was a two bagger.

                1. She’s the kind that if she falls asleep on your arm you chew off your arm to escape without waking her. Later realizing she’ll just look for a one armed man, you chew of the other.


        2. The really telling moment at the meet-and-greet was when people queued up, including the Democratic candidate, to talk to (kiss the ring of?) an extremely wealthy local real estate developer.

        3. If the Democrats to go down the too stupid, evil and crazy to vote for under any circumstances road, I wonder if maybe Libertarians might have a chance in districts like yours at some point in the future. People in those districts are never going to vote Republican. But at some point, they might vote libertarian after the SJW crazies kick them out of the Democratic party and leave them no choice.

          1. I think Libertarians can convince the free shit crowd that you get more shit by working for it.

            More Liberty than Democrats and Republicans. (Get those people harmed by Gov)

            Smaller government than Democrats and Republicans. (Get those people harmed by Gov)

            Government is harming more and more people before Trump came along. Trump might get enough rolled back to show people that less government means less harm.

          2. Sounds nice but not really how it has ever worked. Stupidity is contagious. It’ll be a race to the bottom, while libertarians spend all of their effort trying to convince the wrong people.

            1. This an insane thread

            2. Presidential race 2024:
              Alexandria Occasional-Cortex/corpse of Nancy Pelosi (D) vs. Alex Jones/Abe Lincoln impersonator (R)

              note: extrapolated from trend in presidential nominees 2004-2016

      3. Everybody knew she couldn’t beat the incredible mr. Crowley not even six months ago, too. But unless it’s 0 or 100% odds, it’s sort of impossible to say that any prediction was”wrong”. Every single poll being wrong by so much, and in the same direction, definitely does suggest something more systemic, but unlikely is about infinitely more likely than impossible.

      4. Sounds a lot like being republican in Texas. Republicans will always beat a dem or libertarian in texas in a state wide election and any rural area.

    4. >>>which I might steal

      something that funny is immediate public domain

    5. My favorite name for her is She Guevara.

      1. Nice!

      2. If she gets a chance to put her views to work, her name will be Cortez the Killer.

      3. love it.

      4. Future Ambassador to Venezuela She Guevara.

      5. I like that.

    6. Who cares? She’s so dumb, she’s perfect for representing the Democratic party!

    7. “Occasional-Cortex?” Good one. Maybe when speaks, it’s Cortex Interruptus.

  2. Liz has that right. What a coinkydink. I guess somewhere forgot to pass the memo to the mew Democrat darling.


    No bitch.

  4. True Communist. She cannot handle questions about how she want to steal everything you have and exterminate dissenters.

    1. She cannot handle questions about how she want to steal everything you have and exterminate dissenters.

      NPR did a special on the new mayor of Charlottesville and how she’s had to do similar. It could also be that, despite lofty talk about diversity and government intervention, she doesn’t want to reveal that she knows precisely dick about getting people to do things without pointing a gun at them. That, secretly, she’s less in charge of any given rage mob that may’ve gotten her elected than they are in charge of her.

      1. Hm. This trend is interesting. Normally the media covers for the Lefty candidates, so no matter what is said the media will rosy it up.

        If these SJW-Communists-Socialists are hostile toward the media, I wonder how the media will react.

        1. They’ll cover it up. “No enemies to the Left,” and all that.

          The other weekend, reporters were assaulted & beaten by Antifa thugs (but I repeat myself) at the UTR2 events. Other than a few Tweets by the victims themselves, no coverage.

  5. She’s an idiot and they are limiting her public exposure to prevent any more gaffes.

    1. She’s dumb enough to become the Patty Murray of the House of Reps.

      As a WA resident, trust me, that is pretty fucking stupid.

  6. I’m shocked?shocked!

  7. She is a socialist Democrat. She can abuse the press all she likes and their only response will be “thank you ma’am may I have another”. If I were her, I would ban the press at every event. What are they going to do about it? Criticize the Latina Socialist darling? Fat chance.

    1. Worked well for Hillary.

      1. In what way? Hillary is a bitter, angry old woman with no power, a broken marriage, and her reputation in tatters.

        1. They’ll desperately try to install her daughter she had with Web Hubbell into congress. I don’t see that being too successful.

        2. I was being sarcastic.

          However, since the left is all about the rise of the victim, you layout a decent case for her. All her problems are because she’s a victim of a great republican conspiracy. (last sentence also sarcasm)

    2. Honestly, I think you’re about right on this one. She probably could do that and get away with it. Obama controlled the media narrative surrounding the white house like a boss, and if this chica hired someone who actually knew their shit she would have nothing to fear.

      Honestly, this whole thing looks like she hired well below her need in a communications director. I expect we can see his head roll at some point relatively soon. I’d wager she hired someone she knew, or a local, for the campaign but now she needs someone that actually has a clue.

      1. Obama controlled the media narrative surrounding the white house like a boss,

        Well, he controlled the media probably about the same way most recent presidents have, the media was all to happy to be controlled. Takes two to tango.

        1. He controlled the media the same way a cowboy controls a border collie. The collie wants to be told what to do.

          1. Except the border collie doesn’t have a twitter account, so we can’t be sure what the border collie is thinking.

            1. The border collie is acting out of a sense of obligation. The media followed Obama out of pure love and desire.

        2. Well, he controlled the media probably about the same way most recent presidents have, the media was all to happy to be controlled. Takes two to tango.

          Not really, although you’re not really wrong either. It does take two to tango, but if you dry up your internal sources the media is left with very little other than what you tell them in your P.R. releases. The (R) or (D) after the Presidents name simply determines if the P.R. release is treated cynically or reposted verbatim.

  8. She’s just practicing for when she can have them lined up against a wall and sh…uhh…shouted down? Yeah, that’s what she was going to say. Definitely.

    1. Honestly, she’s almost certainly not a violent socialist in that way. She’s probably a person trying to do what she thinks is best to help the most people. This is the true danger.

      1. “I know what’s best for you,” is ultimately enforced by violent coercion. Come on BUCS, that’s liberty 101. However, I see what you’re saying and how it’s generally more convoluted and subtle. She is a bomb waiting to explode I think; flashing the whites of her eyes and furrowing her brow menacingly at those who dare question her revolutionary policies.

        1. BUCS put me in mind of CS Lewis.

          “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

          1. Perfect.

      2. No socialist is violent – at first. But at the failure pile up and the pressure for results increases . . .

  9. Well, when you have a candidate that is abjectly ignorant and devoid of a rational thought, you can’t expose them to the media.

  10. give a child the power to ban reporters from her public town hall events …

    1. Curious, was it a true ban, or just no preferential treatment given, ie no press pass for front row seats. Can’t anyone get a ticket to a town hall?

  11. Speaking of the media, does Josh Marshall just not realize what a smug douche bag he looks like in his Twitter profile or does he know it but that is the best he can do not to look like a smug douche bag?…..6450634752

    There really is something dreadfully not right about every single one of these sorts of idiots.

  12. “”These were the first set of events where the press has been excluded,” Trent tells the Chronicle. “This is an outlier and will not be the norm””

    First set of events? Happened more than once?

    There could be nothing to this and it’s a “Gotcha” moment to which I say, welcome to politics.

  13. An enterprising journalist might try to get in if this happens again.

    Does such a thing exist?

    1. Trevor Noah will just give her a big hug after she says that 200,000,000 Americans earn less than $20k a year.

      1. I never liked Jon Stewart but I could understand why some people did. How anyone thinks Noah is funny is beyond me. I went to an event at the Kennedy Center last spring and Noah was playing the Eisenhower Theater. The people going to see him looked like hipster zombies. They all had the same vacant look in their eyes and smug grin on their face.

        1. Jon Stewart was funny. I didn’t agree with very much about his politics, but I can separate that from the craft of comedy. Stewart was quick, could improvise and had excellent timing and delivery. Noah has none of those skills. He’s a dud.

          1. Jon Stewart had a good team over the years too.

            He always twisted everything Lefty but they accidentally made fun of Democrats sometimes.

          2. He is just a loser. And yes, Jon Stewart was funny. The fact that everyone associated with that show other than Stewart is such a dud is proof of Stewart’s talent. Stewart was talented enough to make Samantha Bee seem funny. Watch Bee’s show sometime or even just a commercial for it and you realize what an epic accomplishment that is.

            1. Stewart was funny in his early days before getting political. The others are funny for being political, and when you take that away they’re just sad and empty.

              1. Ya he is def remembered more fondly for his role in death to smoochy than the daily show :). Everything about the new daily show is worse now; Noah’s timing and awkward delivery, supporting comedians not as funny.

                Honestly with how much everything is on the internet now shows like this will not be very relevant anymore; if there is some political/celebrity snafu happening by the time it actually airs on the daily show I have already browsed by 3 articles and 20 memes online. Daily show ends up making a joke/point that the internet made many times over, and the delivery just isn’t there anymore

            2. Lots of other good people came out of it. Steve Carell and Andy Daly being two that come to mind for me

          3. Stewart could be very funny. I saw a lot of his early stuff, before the daily show. That didn’t involve politics. It was pretty good.

            It’s just sad he largely has finished his career as some shill in thrall to the progressives.

        2. You’re really into people’s looks, aren’t you?

          1. When they look as vacant and stupid that you can’t help but notice, sure.

        3. Cranky old white losers are not Comedy Central’s target audience.

          1. Ah, I remember when I was a teen and some of my teachers explained that cranky old white men are always wrong. That rhetoric worked well with the white lads who did not expect to ever get old. Youth these days might have more foresight than you think, and many people in that age bracket with darker skin have one white grandfather thanks to the legalization of interracial marriage. I also hear that the majority of women enjoy being with men at least once in a while. Identity politics is a recipe for social isolation. We’re not as easily divisible as we where when FDR was in office.

          2. So Arty, does it bother you that the generation coming up behind the millennial s is sharply more conservative than they are?

            You should be concerned. After your current conservative boss eventually retires, and SS dries up because of people with your beliefs, you will spend your waning years working for them, probably cleaning their toilets.

          3. Cranky old white losers are not Comedy Central’s target audience.

            Oh, you are so wrong. Cranky old white losers are the target audience of both Comedy Central and the Democratic party.

    2. I was wondering when/if it would occur to a journalist that they could always go as a private citizen and then blog/Insta that shit.

      Wow, your credentials are no good? That’s a bummer. Fortunately, they’re irrelevant to the job. Go get ’em, tiger.

      1. Somehow, I never expect to see the words “tiger” and “journalist” in the same sentence any more. Unless it’s in the reportage of a lulzy zoo tragedy.

  14. Questions from the press are a tool of the patriarchy.

    And that is in no way an assault on journalism and democracy.

    1. 1. Criticize Trump for criticizing the media
      2. Attack the media but in a rightthink way
      3. Profit

  15. Corbin Dallas Multipass!

    1. Are you classified as human?

      Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

  16. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bans Reporters From Public Town Halls
    If she wants to serve in Congress, she’d better get used to being hounded by the press.

    It’s probably because the shit she spouts is so completely removed from fact that even normally lefty reporters have begun to question her campaign claims.

    1. Why? Name one socialist paradise with anything approaching a free press.

      1. Kalifornia?

      2. Journalists in socialist countries are free to write whatever they want. It’s just that reactionary journalists get purged. Freedom of the press, socialist style.

  17. “no Q&A and no one-on-one [interviews].”

    She hasn’t fared well in those.

  18. I assume this is to mask the fact that she seems pretty clueless about how her policies would actually work or play out in the real world. Since she’s not an establishment Democrat, journos seem a bit more willing to cover things like the gross ignorance she has about various economic matrices and principles.

  19. The hag kept the press out of her get-togethers visting the Bay Area during her campaign, but it was her turn, and RUSSKIS!!!!! besides.

    1. Hillary knows damn well just how dangerous the Russiams really are to us. After all, she was open for business to their people and made over $140 million from them selling control of part of our uranium reserves to them. Just like her husband built the early part of Heir fortune selling middle tech to the Chinese.

  20. OT: I recently was in Amsterdam for business, and I finally got to see the famous Dutch bike-sharing systems first hand, and my first thought was, “There’s no way any Democrat would allow such a system in the States”. And I considered the irony of that because of the constant laments from local Democratic politicians about “why we can’t be more like Amsterdam.

    This is me dropping the microphone.

    1. So, the Dutch system doesn’t have huge permitting and per-bike fee’s or…?

    2. I can’t walk two blocks in San Francisco without passing an electric bikeshare. This is in addition to the GoBikes parked all around the city.

      They’re working on the scooter permitting process.

      1. Seattle just banned a bunch as did Austin.

      2. In New York City and San Francisco, dockless bike sharing is all but banned. Both cities have exclusive, multi-year deals with Motivate, which operates the Citi Bike and Ford GoBike services, which use fixed docking stations.

        “There’s one city in the U.S. that didn’t have any regulation and that’s Dallas, and quickly had more than 20,000 bikes that were not being used very often and so now they’re looking at what kind of regulation they want to adopt,” said Ryan Rzepecki, CEO of electric bike-sharing startup Jump Bikes.

        Some info from a March 2018 article.

        1. The ‘ride share’ was never going to do well in Dallas. The city just isn’t geared for it. There are some park paths and what have you, but on the street? Yeah, sure, suicide is always an option.

          1. Or I can take DART instead of the bikes and not only add time to my commute but also spend more.

        2. I think the Democratics see bike share programs as a way to eliminate the private ownership of bikes and kneecap private entities that compete with each other to produce bikes for paying customers. It is the public school system of the 21st Century. 😉

      3. “They’re working on the scooter permitting process.”

        Pie in the sky, bye and bye.

        1. Govern,ent permission required for everything!


      Amsterdam also cracking down on unlicensed bike shares. They have one authorized bike share.

      1. And that is a good thing how?

        1. Also, what I’m not mentioning is that there are no helmet laws for Amsterdam bicycles. Also, bike traffic whizzes along with pedestrian traffic and motorized “vespa” traffic, all in the same space. Never would be allowed in ANY American city, especially blue ones.

          It all seems to work fairly well, but as a screaming anarcho-capitalist glibertarian, even I was a bit shocked at the wild-west nature of it all. Also, the article I read seemed to indicate that there’s a difference between what caters to tourists, and what the locals have. Amsterdam is trying to crack down on that which caters to tourists (dockless bike shares) to keep space and accommodation for the locals who mostly own their own bikes.

          1. I have seen that impressive traffic mix. And the reason people happily accept it there is the primary assumption of human capability and skill. And the reason it would never be allowed by US urbanistas is their primary assumption of human weakness and need, straight out of the US progressive handbook.

            Look (going further OT), one reason that social democracy kinda works in northern Europe but not elsewhere is that the Swedes and Norwegians don’t put up with lazy, incompetent bull shit. If you want to be part of their group effort, like the traffic in Amsterdam, you damn well better know what you’re doing and keep up with the flow.

            1. There is absolutely a cultural element to it all that’s hard if not impossible to replicate here.

          2. I visited Amsterdam almost 20 years ago now, but this was my impression, too – I was a little shocked at how ‘libertarian’ a lot of attitudes are. That they let people live in boats on the canal, for example.

            In fact, we were there on New Year’s Eve 1999, which was pretty wild, and you had seriously inebriated people from all over Europe lighting off fireworks all over the city that would be illegal almost anywhere in CA. We had to divert around an alleyway because two little kids were lighting flowers and tossing them into the street from a second-story window (we probably could have navigated this normally, but we were really, really stoned). We saw more than one car fire, but we saw exactly two police officers the entire night and they were simply observing with a sort of bovine-level of interest.

            The most stunning thing was when we were returning on KLM, the royal Dutch airline, and a French couple wanted to keep their two-year-old in their lap during landing instead of buckling him into the seat. The Dutch flight attendant curtly (it’s the Dutch way) confirmed with the man that he realized this was dangerous and that he was taking responsibility, yes? And then she walked away and left him alone.

            So, yes – they superficially have a lot of things the American Left wants, but there is a culture of personal responsibility accompanying all of it that the American Left very much does not want.

            1. So, yes – they superficially have a lot of things the American Left wants, but there is a culture of personal responsibility accompanying all of it that the American Left very much does not want.

              This was my ultimate impression after being there. Yes, you may walk and ride bikes and gas-powered scooters in this narrow alley. Yes, occasionally someone’s gonna get T-boned into oblivion. Go with God.

              1. I’m glad strict gun control is working out so well for the Dutch.

                1. I believe I’m strict gun control. The stricter my control is over my many firearms, the better I am at eliminating threats.

      2. I saw an article which stated they had five authorized bike shares (I closed the tab and am too lazy to find it again). And yes, it looks like the very thing that Journalists-cum-tourists from America like and demand we emulate, the people of Amsterdam don’t like.

        While I was in Amsterdam I did get an earful from some of the locals about how the government had gone too far in accommodating bicycles. I did notice a lot of oddly blocked off streets with large concrete barriers that my GPS app kept trying to navigate me through (and as a dirty foreigner I desperately needed GPS navigation) were done so to accommodate the bike traffic.

    4. I am sure that the Netherlands tax drugs but nothing like levels that Lefties want to. Plus, there are many Democrats that dont want drugs legal.

      1. The importation and cultivation of Marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands. The way the “coffee shops” acquire marijuana for sale is officially “unknown” and unsanctioned. There are still large drug busts for marijuana grow operations on a regular basis in the Netherlands. Also, the amount that’s legal to sell by said coffee shops is quite low, most exceed that but law enforcement looks the other way.

        1. Thanks.

          Sounds like plenty of government, drugs bans still in place, corrupt cops ignoring law breaking, some victimless drug users that can up those arrest numbers, and plenty of kickbacks from business to politicians.

          No wonder Democrats want the USA to be like Amsterdam.

          1. Their drug laws are WAY more complicated than I ever knew or imagined. Everything I believed about “permissive” Dutch culture I get from American media. It’s a more… complex picture when you talk to people who live there.

            1. Their drug laws are WAY more complicated than I ever knew or imagined. Everything I believed about “permissive” Dutch culture I get from American media. It’s a more… complex picture when you talk to people who live there.

              Most American beliefs about how Europe works are self-serving confabulations. Americans would be screaming bloody murder if they were forced to live like Europeans, starting with the fact that Europeans are a lot less well off than Americans.

  21. I see right-wingers are pouncing on this as if it’s at all comparable to Drumpf’s war on the media. Sorry, that’s apples and oranges. Ocasio-Cortez is understandably reluctant to have biased reporters twist her words to make her look bad, as they’ve already tried to do since her historic victory.

    And as libertarians, we must not forget her platform has a lot to offer us. Most importantly, she wants to #AbolishICE. She might be a democratic socialist, but she appears to be on board with the Koch / Reason immigration agenda. She’d have my vote if I lived in that district.


    1. There was a recent leftwing podcast tried to twist her words into facts and even they couldn’t do it.

    2. As usual, well said OBL

    3. Standard commie bullshit from a Millenial twat.

      1. Where’s the comedy here?
        Can you explain your satire?
        Not at all.
        That’s why you’re awful at this.

        1. Satire? Comedy? I don’t like how this rich, spoiled Millenial brat who doesn’t know anything speaks of President Trump, ICE, or Mexicans. It’s not supposed to be comedy or satire. He’s just a real fucking big twat.

          1. Yea, you really need to try your hand at something else. You’re just really not good at this

            1. Good at what? Honestly, I think you and I are miscommunications. I’m here to merely praise President Trump and the way he treats women, which is how we should all act.

              1. I heard he learned from Matt Laurer.

    4. OBL, don’t you think they should team her up with Bernie and that Hogg kid, for some kind of rally to really lift the spirits of all you Marxist takes out there.

      Maybe Social Distortion could be the musical act?

  22. If she wants to serve in Congress, she’d better get used to being hounded by the press.

    If by “hounded by the press” you mean “given sloppy cunnilingus on a daily basis” sure. If you mean “constantly criticized for all things large and small,” then no, no she won’t be.

    1. How stupid do you have to be to be so bad even the media can’t save you?

      1. Just ask Hillary.

        1. Hillary facts just dont have the effect they used to.

        2. Daaaaaamn. 😀

  23. This is yet another reason I voted for President Trump. The forthright and straightforward way his administration has dealt with the media, which is an example to all of us libertarians.

    1. Yes, vocal criticism is bad. Howt, blocking them from events, spying on them, arresting them etc… is okay if you’re a Democrat. You fucking progressives (and please don’t bother with your tired trolling, it isn’t original or amusing… OBL does a much better job) have no real love for the 1A. Quit trying to pretend otherwise.

      1. Trolling? You’ve misread me, obviously. I’m here to advocate for the 1st amendment rights of conservatives that are under attack by Twitter and Facebook and to attack the motivations of a Congressional candidate that skips question time with a local reporter. Isn’t that why you’re here?

        1. Your schtick is juvenile and poorly executed. You amuse no one but yourself.

          1. And I am here because generally most people here have an IQ above room temperature. However, you are definitely the exception to that rule.

            1. I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. Trolling? Attempting to amuse? I’m just here to point out the President Trump’s flaws, however few, are attributable to his SJW critics and that, really, when you take an honest look at his record he’s comparable to Abraham Lincoln. That’s all.

              1. Hey! Somebody approached parody!
                Fucking finally,

                1. Parody? B-? Your rating on President Trump, right? I’d give him nothing less than an A because of the way that his red hot economy has helped out the coal miners he promised jobs to.

                  Sorry, he is much better than a B-… that’s the kind of pity grade you might give to someone who sexually harassed 20 women and generally acted like a fucking asshole his whole fucking narcissistic life to. Not President Trump. He’s a veritable idol that we can all aspire to as a moral example. That’s not satire or hyperbole or any other weird thing you want to call it. It’s what I really think.

                  1. You are no OBL.

                2. Nardz, that quite a curve you’re grading on. I guess he really needs a win after such a sea of failures here.

  24. Republican fund raisers can’t wait for her to take her seat in the House. How much more in contributions will the mere mention of her name and her positions bring in vs. the invisible guy who now holds her seat? Every party needs a few enemies like her.

    1. It’s people like her that got Trump elected.

    2. It’s true, I’d certainly never ever heard of her (apparently very) incumbent predecessor.

  25. Not enough. She needs to Gianforte a few J’s to get my vote.

  26. Hey, did Lenin invite the press to his Town Hall meetings? Did Mao sit for one on one interviews? Did Stalin make himself available for Q and A? Please.

    1. Someone called her She Guevara. Fits right in.

    2. Stalin had secret police that he made available for Q and A, but probably in a different way.

    3. I’m sure they did, but ‘the Press’ were his buddies with a gun to their head and the one-on-one interviews were the same.

      May not apply to this woman, but I’m sure we can think of some other home brewed example of this.

  27. Reason could scoop absolutely *everyone* by sending Popehat. He’s not a member of the press, he’s just a person who Twitters and sometimes writes things on the internet.

    1. That is a great idea except he would probably like what he heard.

      1. Wait, I thought you loved that guy!


    2. Who the fuck is poophat?

  28. If there’s on thing I know it’s this. The Democratic Party is the party of gay people and Hollywood elitists. The Republican Party is the party of fiscal responsibility and family values and that is why poor people voted for President Trump?in droves.

    1. D- trolling. You need to save your shekels and go back to trolling school.

      1. Russia has the only known trolling school in the world, comrade!

        1. I should have said “tovarisch” to make it more sinister-sounding. Sorry.

          1. Spaceba.

      2. The real problem is that he SF’D the link.

        1. Sorry, I found out that government agents at Twitter took the Kevin Williamson NRO article “SJW’s? not racists? Elected Trump” offline as hate speech. I apologize. This suppression of the 1A by private companies is a fast- moving juggernaut.

          1. No, I’m pretty sure you just coded your link wrong. It uses HTML.

            1. No, honest, I coded it correctly. I swear. Here’s an article by Ben Shapiro. Get it before our government overlords at Twitter take it down You can’t even hear that guy talk any more anywhere!

              1. You linked back to this page, dude.

                I guess that’s an improvement.

                1. WTH? Right-wing speech is being squelched everywhere! Let’s try this video from the Clinton Foundation. Maybe that will work?!?

                  1. You have all the link posting ability of Sevo, with none of the charm.

                    1. A link back to this very page. If he would use some more bold words, I would think its Hihn.

    2. Your broken brain led to a broken link.

    3. The Democratic Party is the party of gay people

      Not anymore. If you’re a white male, you’re not welcome even if you’re gay. You need more intersectionality than that if you want the Democrats to tolerate you.

  29. Joe, your alt-text is confusing. Is that a picture of Jonathan Bachman?

  30. Wasn’t she accused just last week of being on TV too much?

    1. I think she was accused of being stupid, as evidenced by the too frequent appearances on television.

    2. You defending her for banning the media? But just the other day weren’t you bashing Trump for tweeting mean things about the press? Principals>principles, right?

  31. Donald Trump’s hair looks more hay-like than normal.

  32. MAGA!

    1. Is that your cum in Trump’s hair today? Or is it just humid in DC?

      1. Wow you are even more sophomoric then normal. That takes a lot.

        1. I’ll offer an excuse for my behavior in the form of a riddle: I took the day off, but started the day early.

          1. And that is supposed to be clever? You are living proof of how participation trophies create unwarranted narcissism.

            1. One can’t help being a millennial.

              1. One can help acting like one.

        2. Its been a rough 1.5 years for Tony and his Lefty brethren.

          Tony and his Lefty cohorts troll Reason which nonsense, so sometimes they spend hours creating comments and I add MAGA as my comment.

          It dries them crazy.

          1. Trolling the libs shouldn’t be the sum total of the American federal government’s policy platform.

            1. Why not? Do you actually believe that government is a benign force for good? The more it is gridlocked the less it intrudes upon people’s liberty. Government should never create winners and losers, no should other attempt to create “equality”. At most it should insure that their is no government created inequality.

              1. Government can be a force for good, and we should work to make it so. Because the alternative isn’t great, as you well know. The problem is people who think like you get into power in order to prove themselves right.

                1. GovernmentThe Ring can be a force for good, and we should work to make it so. Because the alternative isn’t great, as you well know. The problem is people who think like you get into power in order to prove themselves right.

                  Boromir to Gandalf.

                  1. Square, square, square, you’re glib. You don’t even know what government is.

                2. Tony|8.17.18 @ 6:26PM|#
                  “Government can be a force for good,..”

                  Maybe, but it’s a shame it tries and fails 90% of the time.

                3. Gov’t is NEVER a force for good.

                  Because everything it does is ultimately backed by either threat of the use of force or the actual use of force, everything it does is already morally tainted. (Credit goes to Stefan Molyneux for explaining this clearly in one of his call-in shows.)

                  It’s basically an application of “ends do not justify the means.”

                4. Government can be a force for good, and we should work to make it so.


                  Sorry, but haven’t we humans been trying to “make it work” for a zillion years now? The only thing we’ve proven is that it can’t be done. Anarchy now.

                5. Tony:
                  “and we should work to make it so.”


                6. Tony:
                  “and we should work to make it so.”


          2. Luckily Trump can troll the Lefties and rollback government.

            He grabs pussy too.

            The Trifecta!

          3. Whenever Tony (a Red) or Hihn (a Libertarian) show up here, the nationalsocialist sockpuppet reaction is sooo reminiscent of hyenas circling a lion in one of those nature videos.

            1. You just regret that you weren’t aborted, Hank

            2. The Michael Hihn Robot for Sodomizing Goats and Shitposting is not libertarian. It’s just a very short computer program with a filthy appendage.

              1. I still say it is that room of monkeys with typewriters everyone talks about.

            3. National Socialist were so known for wanting smaller, less intrusive government. You nailed it! Wow, great understanding of history there.

            4. Well hay! Everyone’s favorite infanticide enthusiast has shown up!

              Speaking if Nazis, have you completed your collection of archival Nazi footage recordmg the murder of children and babies by the Reich? If so, I’m sure it’s a proud day for you.

              Got to go now. Say hi to your pen pal, Kermit Gosnell.

      2. When was the last time you managed to get cum in your hair when you were choking your chicken? Yeah, thought so. You’re obviously just jealous that a geezer like Trump is so much more potent than you.

      3. Hey Tony, is that your cum in that 13 year old boy’s rectum? Oh, and when is your next NAMBLA meeting?

  33. So the revolution will not be televised?

    1. American voters always get turned off to Socialist murders, so they need to play it kewl.

  34. Mmm, that Liz Wheeler is purdy.

  35. Why do I keep thinking she swiped left on Joey’s profile? Just a gut feeling, s’pose.

  36. I like this chick.
    In terms of critical thought, she’s dumb as a brick – but she’s socially apt and worked her ass off campaigning.
    And while she’s not great looking in still photos, I’ve come to reappraise her attractiveness in actual motion. Definitely would.
    Her ideas are stupid – but they are the stupid ideas of progressivism. Rush characterized it well: she’s a sponge, who’s soaked up post-modernist bs thoroughly. She believes the propaganda and parrots it with the passionate enthusiasm of extreme naivete.
    I’m rooting for her.

    1. If she represents the future of the Democratic Party, I’ll root for her, too.

    2. Right? She’s a hard worker, and she’s got both try and gumption. It’s a shame that what she’s trying is a bunch of theory that doesn’t mesh with the laws of mathematics, and yet it would be churlish to fault her for her raising.

      She seems like the sort of person that there’s nothing wrong with that isn’t curable by ten years’ time.

      1. She needs to come down south. Get to know some actual men, rather than soy boys, roid ragers, and JAPS. Make friends with women who are real feminists – women who know who they are and understand the strength of femininity – rather than bitter feminazis and masculine status seekers.
        Would do her well to be around some real people.
        Unfortunately, if she wins a congressional seat this will never happen.

  37. LOLLLLLL ahhahaha

    you fucking ass hole ass hat democrat progressive socialist and fucking communists

    TAKE your fucking government and stick it up your fucking ass holes !!!

    1. Do calm down.

    2. You forgot swartz as in: “I see your swartz is as big as mine.”

    3. Don’t sugar coat fella ! tell us what you really think!

  38. If she wants to serve in Congress, she’d better get used to being hounded by the press.

    Well, not if she’s successful in implementing her agenda, because that shit is par for the course in socialist countries.

  39. Why does this remind me of Jimmy Hoffa and racketeering trials? Ah! It isn’t fascism when OUR nationalsocialist People’s Courts lock out the press. So why the commotion?

    1. Bitch, whatchu babnlin’ ’bout now!

  40. Bless her heart, she just wanted a safe space.

  41. From her Facebook page:
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an educator, organizer, and third generation New Yorker challenging the real-estate industry funded Joe Crowley in the June 26th Democratic Primary. Please SHARE this video!

    Wow, times have changed. I remember when Clinton ran for Senator from New York telling people that plenty of New Yorkers are not from around there. Now, the edgy new candidate brags that she’s *chin high and monocle on* a thrid generation New Yorker.

  42. The real loser here is Boston College, which thinks she earned degrees in both Economics and International Relations.
    If she was arrested for that, she would never be convicted.

  43. Look, she’s not an expert on media relations so you can’t have any expectations of her.

  44. LOL, how in the world did she think this was going to go over well in today’s political landscape? Is she or are her advisors always this stupid? And in what world does she get to speak for the attendees at the town hall and tell everyone what their opinion is? What a load of shite. “Waah, the press makes me accountable; that makes them the enemy, waah, make them stop. i need my safe space to say things unchallenged.” All right, Socialist Trump. Like him, she just wants people to listen to her rhetoric without it being challenged.

    i hope the press keeps doing their jobs; people like this should not be allowed an iota of reprieve from transparency. You want to work on the public dime, i don’t care what party you belong to or how many people agree with you or don’t, you are deserving to be challenged and you should be open and out about what you’re doing and don’t hide from the press, lol.

    1. “…i hope the press keeps doing their jobs; people like this should not be allowed an iota of reprieve from transparency…”

      Would been nice if they had 2008 to 2016, but that’s asking a lot; they’d have had to criticize a D!
      But leading up the the election in ’16, the hag spent a lot of time in SF pitching her ‘skills’, I guess. We’ll never know, since the press was excluded from the events (and given a summary afterwards, as I recall. You can imagine the accuracy of *that*)
      Even the lap-dog Chron was pissed, and if you’re lost the Chron, well, maybe you’re lost the election…

  45. OT:
    Dunno if anyone’s been following the Tesla-drama.
    Turns out Musk’s a sleeping-pill junkie, his claims of having Saudi family money set for a buy-out are, shall we say, not confirmed by anyone.

    As of three years ago:”Elon Musk’s growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies”
    “Musk and his companies’ investors enjoy most of the financial upside of the government support, while taxpayers shoulder the cost.
    The payoff for the public would come in the form of major pollution reductions, but only if solar panels and electric cars break through as viable mass-market products. For now, both remain niche products for mostly well-heeled customers.”
    Which supposed ‘public payoff’ is claimed for facts not in evidence.

    1. Cont’d:
      What’s more, it isn’t only the US taxpayers stuffing drug money in his pocket:
      “It’s Confirmed: Without Government Subsidies, Tesla Sales Implode’
      “According to the latest data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), sales of Electrically Chargeable Vehicles (which include plug-in hybrids) in Q1 of 2017 were brisk across much of Europe: they rose by 80% Y/Y in eco-friendly Sweden, 78% in Germany, just over 40% in Belgium and grew by roughly 30% across the European Union… but not in Denmark: here sales cratered by over 60% for one simple reason: the government phased out taxpayer subsidies. ”

      No wonder the poor guy is having sleepless nights; he might have to actually run a BUSINESS instead of a rent-seeking scam.
      I have this much sympathy for the parasite: 0

      1. I hate that he became a libertarian hero in many eyes. I see free Enterprise folk who touted him being lambasted now, and it’s hard to disagree.

      2. “No wonder the poor guy is having sleepless nights; he might have to actually run a BUSINESS instead of a rent-seeking scam.”

        Two words: charter schools.

      3. I’m a big car enthusiast, and it sickens me how much praise this guy gets like hes some great visionary, when his success is so predicated on public money at every level.

        Now the other shoe is beginning to drop.

  46. Easily among the most illiterate and ignorant person I’ve seen in my 30 + years following North American politics.

    The stupid things are so unbelievably vacuous and nonsensical it’s a marvel she even gets votes. Good job Chuck Todd interviewing. Solid stuff. Such integrity.

    But she’s in the right party though. They fucking love science and democracy so it’s a perfect fit.

  47. “This is an outlier and will not be the norm. We’re still adjusting our logistics to fit Alexandria’s national profile.”

    We have to manage her ignorance and how she will deal with real questions from people beyond our socialist power to control.

    Run a dummy, you will inevitably censor and control things because the dummy can’t handle scrutiny.

    And they say the GOP is run by extremists? Fricken SOCIALISTS are in the DNC.

    1. “Run a dummy, you will inevitably censor and control things because the dummy can’t handle scrutiny.”

      True, see current POTUS.

      You’re on your way to having the choice between an authoritarian and a socialist in two years, good job hyperpartisans.

      1. Too many dummies on the big stage unfortunately. That is what kills me about Johnson’s “Aleppo moment”

        If you asked POTUS about really anything in depth about international politics that he didn’t see a segment on fox and friends or there is current controversy around, he would be 1000% clueless on it. Though in his defense, he is faster on his feet, enough so that he would at least make an ambiguous, vacuous statement about the topic and transition to something he did know or just say something controversial to get the media fired up. Unless he was dumb enough to wager a guess on the topic and say something substantive (Putin will never be going into Crimea…).

        Cortez gets away with the same crap. She is completely out of her depth on policy substance so the best she can come up with on any issue is what’s trendy in the socialist extremism crowd without being able to back up how any of the logistics would work out.

        The people leading / trying to lead our country are the bottom of the barrel. Just the way the founder’s intended? Wait that doesnt seem right

        1. “The people leading / trying to lead our country are the bottom of the barrel. Just the way the founder’s intended? Wait that doesnt seem right”

          Just wait until Wednesday.

      2. Presidential race 2024:
        Alexandria Occasional-Cortex/corpse of Nancy Pelosi (D) vs. Alex Jones/Abe Lincoln impersonator (R)
        note: extrapolated from trend in presidential nominees 2004-2016

    2. Hillary handled real questions by not allowing anyone to ever ask them. Her interviews required all questions to be submitted to her campaign ahead of time, and some were actually rehearsed and edited with her campaign having approval of the final cut. Which is why she became so enraged when Matt Lauer went off script on the Today Show, amd asked her a real question. Even though it wasn’t anything that hard hitting.

      Of course, this little dimwit doesn’t have that kind of clout or machine behind her to make any of that happen.

      Although to he credit, I bet she would be really fun during rough sex.

  48. Be nice or her supporters are going to start breaking things

  49. The right has gone full mass hysteria over the word socialism or as sane people would call it public services and public investment. Where’s Donald’s infrastructure plan, which is socialism in action? Where’s better and cheaper healthcare for all? Medicare and Social Security are socialist programs, public services and Medicare for all would be an expansion of an existing program. But I get it, you don’t want to pay for something somewhere at sometime for some reason is getting while you’re not even if you don’t need it. n the other hand I don’t want to buy more useless F-35s ad B-21s to enrich defense contractor shareholders. So shriek away about the evils of socialism that mature adults in other countries where the citizens haven’t been given the hard sell about the evils of government but instead pay taxes for services they want and trust government to administer.

    1. I look at socialism as a spectrum and some of the wackos are just too far down it. From free college for everyone, to free healthcare, (and even a couple real extremists outliers who have advocated universal healthcare for animals?!) on the left, to the unlimited and unchecked military fetishism spending (defense contractor welfare) on the right, there are plenty of bad socialist ideas to go around. And those ideas are worse when we are many trillions in debt.

      But yes, some of “socialism” is just stuff that everyone needs and agrees that we all pay for. And it has been blown out of proportion by the extreme right that thinks it immediately equates to the second comings of Hitler/Stalin.

      Though the far left doesn’t do themselves any favors when they immediately jump to “the govt needs to pay for / take over all the things I want!!” when it is clear we don’t even have enough money to pay for the free shit we already give out.

      1. The USA was founded on more volunteerism than socialism.

        The majority of ruling white men wanted to be part of this new system where you voluntarily pay small amounts to have a functioning federal government to provide for the national defense and protect property rights.

        Socialism is the government controlling the means of production, so the Founders avoided that as much as possible and did pretty good. The Welfare State was the ‘nice’ version of Socialism that came along since many Americans refused to give up free market and limited government. The Socialists just needed the right mix of tragedy (Great Depression) and corrupt government officials to get Marxism going in the USA.

        1. Plenty that the govt controls that I am happy to pay for so I don’t have to do it (and don’t want to do it). Roads, bridges, some sort of public education, that kind of stuff I am all fine with. I’ll “volunteer” to pay for all that.

          But complete control over industries such as healthcare (single payer that is, I have lots of experience in the VA system and have seen govt run healthcare first hand, its the worst in the country by far; some sort of reform is honestly fine and very needed though) are not great for this country. The govt is just too big, clumsy, and ineffective to do it right.

          Similarly the out of control military spending that comprises such a huge chunk of the budget I wouldn’t “volunteer” to pay. It is becoming a joke how much of a wasteful bureaucracy the US military has become. Needs to be cut big time.

          1. I have experience with the VA too. Anyone who advocates single payer has no idea how government employees just don’t really care whether you die or live.

  50. Is there any lingering doubt that this woman lacks intelligence? Actually she is just garden variety stupid.

  51. Commies/Marxists don’t want to answers questions from the Press.

  52. Q: What do you call the ‘Crats Brand of Socialism?
    A: Parasitic Socialism.

    1. Is there any other kind?

  53. Anything is ok when prog liberals do it.

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