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The FDA Declares War on Yet Another Drug: Reason Roundup

Plus: Vermont could get a transgender governor, Tim Pawlenty won't be Minnesota governor, and the FBI warns of cash-spewing ATMs.


David Becker/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Kratom death reports are rubbish, say advocates. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims 44 deaths over a 9-year period have been associated with kratom, a Southeast Asian tree whose leaves have mild psychotropic effects when chewed or consumed as tea. A new white paper from molecular biologist Jane Babin suggests the FDA is full of crap.

Babin was hired by the American Kratom Association to look into the FDA's claims, which the agency has been using to support a crackdown on kratom and its classifying as a Schedule I drug. Babin's paper argues that the FDA "is pushing a false narrative in order to have kratom banned in the U.S.," as the Washington Examiner puts it.

The research suggests that while people may have taken kratom, other factors killed them. Certain death certificates, for instance, showed that people had been abusing other drugs at the same time or took powdered kratom that contained toxic chemicals. One of the deaths was attributed to falling through a window, another was a homicide in which someone was shot in the chest, and another involved a person suffering a heart problem while swimming. The group also found two instances where deaths were reported twice.

The FDA has cited these alleged "kratom deaths" in placing the drug on an import alert in 2012, in rescheduling recommendations to the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2016 and 2017, and in a 2017 public-health advisory. The warning said kratom was a "narcotics like opioid posing a deadly risk."

The agency "has relied on a strategy of manipulating, obscuring, and ignoring science in its inexplicable zeal to impede public access to the natural botanical kratom," states Babin's white paper.

The FDA has also misled the DEA, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) with incomplete, inaccurate, extrapolated, and distorted information on adverse events and deaths allegedly associated with the use of kratom to encourage unwarranted legislative and regulatory restrictions on kratom at the federal, state, and local government levels. Any public policy decision-maker (or staff) or media reporter, seeking to validate the FDA claims in policy deliberations will encounter a massively manipulated and sloppily documented public record.

Dave Herman, chairman of the American Kratom Association, suggested that "the FDA's effort to frame kratom as a culprit in these otherwise unrelated deaths" was not just "sloppy and lacking in scientific integrity" but also "done deliberately."

Reason has covered the FDA's efforts against kratom for a few years now. "Is kratom the new marijuana?" asked Jacob Sullum in the January 2017 issue. See more here.


An Ohio judge keeps denying name changes for transgender teens. Formal name changes are required by law if kids at public schools want the teachers and administrators to stop using their old names. From The Washington Post:

One afternoon, slouched over a desk in a study hall classroom, Elliott, 15, was outed by an unwitting ninth-grade teacher who called him Heidi—his birth name or as the transgender community terms it, his "dead name"—while taking attendance. Ohio is one of several states that requires a court order granting a legal name change before a school can adjust its records.

So on June 18, Elliott and his parents, Kylen and Stephanie Leigh, went to court to make his name change official, appearing in front of Judge Joseph Kirby at the Warren County Probate courthouse in Lebanon, Ohio. They expected the hearing to be a formality, but Kirby's questions and commentary quickly turned to gendered toilets and Caitlyn Jenner, according to court transcripts.

Four days later, Kirby denied Elliott's name change. In the three-page decision, he referred to Elliott as "she" and "her" because using his preferred pronouns made it "difficult to read," Kirby wrote in a footnote. The judge issued denials for two transgender 14-year-olds the same afternoon.

Now Elliott, along with two other teens and their families, has filed a class action lawsuit against the judge.


The FBI has warned banks about impending ATM chaos. In a leaked, private memo sent last Friday, the FBI said that it "has obtained unspecified reporting indicating cyber criminals are planning to conduct a global Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cash-out scheme in the coming days, likely associated with an unknown card issuer breach and commonly referred to as an 'unlimited operation.'"

"Historic compromises have included small-to-medium size financial institutions, likely due to less robust implementation of cyber security controls, budgets, or third-party vendor vulnerabilities," the agency told banks. "The FBI expects the ubiquity of this activity to continue or possibly increase in the near future."


  • GarJo is back! Gary Johnson's "surprise re-entry into politics—as recently as five months ago he told Nick Gillespie 'I'm done with elected political office'—came about when the original Libertarian Party nominee for [New Mexico's] Senate…decided to step aside after seeing strong polling support for the two-time former governor," explains Matt Welch.
  • Christine Hallquist, a Vermont trans woman, was elected last night as the Democratic nominee for governor. "She is the first transgender candidate for governor among either major party," notes The New York Times. Tim Pawlenty, GOP gubernatorial Congressional candidate and ex-congressman Minnesota governor, lost his bid. See more takeaways here from the Tuesday primaries in Connecticut, Vermont, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  • Alex Jones has been suspended from Twitter.
  • The Food and Drug Administration moves to shutdown "opioid alternative" Poppy Seed Wash.
  • On incels, social science, evolution, and how we trick ourselves into believing we're better people than we are.
  • A federal judge will allow British actress Kadian Noble's sex-trafficking suit against Harvey Weinstein to go forward.
  • "The way we save the world is not by forming a Gen X Rapid Reaction Strikeforce with a mission to somehow make it 1985 again" author Matthew Hennessey tells National Review. But "I have some contrary opinions about culture's drift toward a Utopian, semi-socialist techno-paradise premised on the idea that privacy, free speech, edgy comedy, and newspapers have outlived their usefulness." Hennessey admits that in his new book, Zero Hour for Gen X: How the Last Adult Generation Can Save America from Millennials, he uses the word millennials as a stand-in for certain set of values, not a demographic marker. "The word is useful to me mostly as a proxy for the app-soaked, Millennial-friendly world that is still busy being born all around us."
  • Somerville, Massachusetts, Mayor Joseph Curtatone, has been calling for a boycott of Sam Adams beer after its owner had dinner with President Trump.

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  1. “She is the first transgender candidate for governor among either major party,” notes The New York Times.

    You can celebrate it or you can normalize it. You can’t do both. (It being the fact.)

    1. Hello.

      I don’t know. What’s happening to Jones is pretty significant where matters of liberty are concerned.

      I fully expect a ‘to be sure’ article from Robby on my desk by 11am.

    2. That’s a good point.

      1. You won’t see reporting on the candidate’s platform as much as the history being made. Where have we seen that before?

        1. Geraldine Ferraro?

        2. And of course criticizing said platform (e.g. saying that a $15 minimum wage is economically a bad idea) will be held up as ironclad proof that you’re a transphobe bigot.

        3. Catholic JFK?

    3. NYT supports mentally ill people for Governor of Vermont.

      The Democratic Party and their propaganda wing (the MSM) just have no idea what most Americans think or want.

      1. no idea what most Americans think or want.

        More free shit, others are required to pay for?

        1. A lot of Americans do seem to like that.

    4. There will be much rejoicing and feasting at the reason headquarters today. The sacred Tranny is coming!!

      1. I would hope not, considering her support for minimum wage hikes and gun control.

        1. You are just being transphobic Fist. Don’t you dream of voting for a transgender?

        2. Reason will overlook such in convenient facts because history or “Libertarian Moment!” or something.

          Libertarians like to view themselves as hard-headed fact-based realists when in reality they are just as susceptible, if not more so, to starry-eyed emotionalism as Dems or Repubs.

          The idea of voting for the First Transgender Candidate!! is just too irresistible; he could be a communist calling for the trashing of the Constitution and Khmer Rouge-style societal engineering and Reason would still swoon.

          1. *she

            … sorry couldn’t resist.

            1. I just can’t bring myself to use the “preferred” pronoun for a mentally ill person in drag.

              Now, they could be very convincing, and I may not even know. I would therefore use the pronoun they like. That’s the way I would assume they want it to be.

              But no, these people are out there proclaiming loudly to the world, “I’m a man, but I want to be a woman! So call me she or else! And you must love me for my courage!”


              1. ‘They’ works just fine as a neutral terminology, but referring to someone as ‘she’ when they have a dick (or had a dick surgically removed) is disturbing.

                Frankly, I have less of a problem with the whole pronoun thing than the surgeries which, if one is paying attention, is becoming a disfavored ‘remedy’ since as it turns out a lot of people turn to suicide afterwards.

                One thing is certain, being a ‘transgender’ person that truly believes they are the opposite sex is a delusion. You’d think the same people that believe transgender should be normalized would also believe that flat-earthers should be celebrated.

                1. “Gender Confirmation” surgery, you Neanderthal!

                  Note: the mainstream press strenuously claim that they not liberally biased. But they carefully use the words that the transgender community wants them to use. Gender confirmation is not a neutral term.

                  1. I am a neanderthal, I suspect, by many measures. Fortunately, that doesn’t make me wrong. ^_-

      2. I won’t be satisfied until ever state is ruled by one.

        1. The States will then re-identify as Nations or Cities.

      3. I’m still not convinced that Hallquist’s isn’t a parody or facade. Plenty of transgender people (and even just actors) out there talk about all the work on mannerisms and verbiage they have to do and it doesn’t seem like Hallquist has done any of it. He literally seems like he put on a wig, borrowed some clothes from a female relative, and decided to run for office.

        1. That’s a hell of a gimmick. I can totally see this being a comedy movie a la mrs doubtfire

          1. Mrs dickfeature?

          2. Mrs dickfeature?

          3. Or a stupid comedy like,

            Dude, Where’s My Dick?

          4. That’s a hell of a gimmick.

            I admit to being at a bit of a loss or unwilling to take a trip down that the rabbit hole or whatever. I just know that I’ve heard him talk and he says ‘transitioned’ like he’s done and then refers to ‘men’ and his understanding thereof in the 1st person (albeit past-tense) but, uses ‘women’ in a 2nd or 3rd person. There’s also public and/or campaign footage where he’s elbows-on-knees ‘manspreading’, proudly taking his grandkids fishing, etc.

            Maybe it’s an artifact of being one of 42 different genders and I’ll just never understand. But it seems that there are plenty of “women” out there who can apparently pass muster as women, this guy isn’t one of them and doesn’t even really appear to be trying.

    5. In regards to Trannies, the State of Colorado again is going after Masterpiece Cakeshop for not baking a Tranny transition cake.
      Thank you Supreme court for slicing that cake so thin that will have the legal profession feeding off it for the next 30 years.

  2. Alex Jones has been suspended from Twitter.

    Praise the Lord we can feel safe in the Twittersphere finally.

    1. “the Lord” sounds like he’s a frog-person too!

    2. Old Alex is probably tickled pink by all this publicity.

      What better way to validate the rantings of a wacky conspiracy theorist than a coordinated Media campaign to silence him?

  3. Antifa is the future of the Democrats
    Let’s get something straight: Antifa is the fascist arm of the Democratic Party. If you want to know where the party is headed, look where its youths are. Antifa speaks for all Democrats when it chants, “No border, no wall, no USA at all!”

    Think not? People in the 1970s blew off the Weather Underground as radicals who had nothing to do with the party.

    But whom did Democrats nominate in 2008? And who was his political mentor? And who was his religious mentor? And who was the communist he put in charge of the CIA?

    Remind me again why ANTIFA has yet to be deemed a terrorist organization.

    Here the group is shown hitting a man in the head with a baton as they attempt to steal the American flag he was holding.

    1. It’s simple. They give themselves the ‘right’ names. Antifa = anti-fascist. They’re the ‘good’ guys. Like ‘democratic socialist’. Pay no heed that they focus more on the socialist part.

      No democratic socialist who supports Antifa and speaks German can be bad, right?

      1. As Eugene Volokh pointed out in a VC column, Antifa is like antipasto, which means “before the meal”, so Antifa is actually, “before the fascists”.


      1. Weigel, any comments on the assault in the video I posted?

        1. Why would I give a fuck about a few hundred Antifa nutcases hassling a few dozen racist fascists?

          I …. Don’t … Give… a… Fuck.

          I do care about mass movements that believe in nutty bullshit like CHILD PEDO SEX RINGS IN PIZZA JOINTS!!

          Namely the millions of crazies on the right that don’t go to Nazi rallies.

          I do care about the idiots on the left who think “Democratic Socialism” works.

          1. You dont care because its Lefties fighting Lefties.

            You’re mad that they are not trying to hurt Libertarians and conservatives.

          2. Antifa nutcases hassling a few dozen racist fascists

            Weigel, beating someone on the head with a club isn’t ‘hassling’. You would agree with that if you were similarly ‘hassled’ and put in the ER.

            1. One of the Trump Nazis killed a woman last year.

              why don’t you mention that?

              1. He was tried and convicted, not excused and covered up for.

                Watch the video, Weigel.

                1. What about the multiple people who beat Deandre Harris? It took Internet detectives to identify the perpetrators, and at the end, Harris faced a malicious prosecution of his self defense (affirmed by the trial).

              2. A couple years ago, a Democrat socialist tried to assassinate multiple congressmen in DC.

                Why didn’t you mention that?

                It must be because you’re a partisan shill. Clearly not just someone discussing current events.

                1. A few years ago a BLM wannabe shot 17 people and killed 5.

                  Why didn’t you mention that?

          3. Hey dumbass, when are you going to make an appointment to visit a dermatologist about that hideous, rosacea-riddled face of yours? People in the comment section of that Federalist piece were mortified!

      2. Oh no! Not Muslin!

        You really have to watch out for those (white) cotton fabrics.


    3. I want to sell a “Dust-Up in the Desert” Pay-per-View event where the Nazi’s line up on one side and the Antifa’s line up on the other side and then charge each other somewhere in the Nevada desert. They could get there kicks beating each other up, Americans could get their voyeuristic pleasure from watching and property owners can feel safe knowing their cars and houses won’t be burned.

      1. Yes. And then the survivors are unceremoniously executed.

        1. That’s not how Thunderdome works, guy…you know the rule I’m talking about.

      2. Thing is, there really aren’t all that many Nazis.

        Because Americans tend to be against fascism. That’s why the fascists call themselves ‘antifa’. That pause–where you’re not sure if they’re fascists or not is all they need.

  4. … how we trick ourselves into believing we’re better people than we are.

    By our tweet ratios?

    1. Continuous virtue signalling!

  5. How Can I Cure My White Guilt?
    The thing about privilege is that it can be used for good

      1. “What other choice is there than to be exactly who we are?”

        Just when I think their ability to blow me away with “degree of detachment-from-reality”, they find a way. A-fuckin’-mazing.

        1. “…with “degree of detahment-from-reality” *is exhausted*, they find a way.”

    1. Nothing like elitist shitbags trying to help control people with ‘helpful’ tips on unburdening yourself of white guilt.

      How does that not sound like a tent preacher peddling eternal salvation for a price?

  6. Never forget:

    Bill Clinton ditched Secret Service on multiple ‘Lolita Express’ flights: Report
    Flight logs obtained by Gawker in January 2015 put Mr. Clinton on the billionaire’s infamous jet more than a dozen times ? sometimes with a woman whom federal prosecutors suspect of procuring underage sex victims for Mr. Epstein. Fox News reported Friday that records show Mr. Clinton declined Secret Service protection on at least five flights.

    The network’s investigation reveals Mr. Clinton flew on the Boeing 727 “Lolita Express” 26 times, more than doubling the previously reported 11 trips.

    “Bill Clinton ? associated with a man like Jeffrey Epstein, who everyone in New York, certainly within his inner circles, knew was a pedophile. Why would a former president associate with a man like that?” said Conchita Sarnoff of the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, Fox reported. Ms. Sarnoff also authored a book on Mr. Epstein titled “TrafficKing.”

    1. Well, they all knew about Weinstein so why should it be a stretch they knew about this creep Epstein?

    2. Lets see how Lefties deflect this tidbit of Clinton family news.

      1. The article was from 2016. They successfully buried it.

        1. What article? 🙂

    3. A two-year-old article on ten-year-old trips from a president who left office eighteen years ago. Got it.

      I suppose in 2034, JLT will be posting articles like “Don’t Forget: Obama got a blowjob from some dude in Chicago!”

      1. These are the same idiots who concocted QAnon, Jade Helm, Pizzagate, Benghazi, and Agenda 21.

        and Trump

        1. These are the same idiots who concocted QAnon, Jade Helm, Pizzagate, Benghazi, and Agenda 21.

          Wait. So the UN concocted Benghazi?

      2. And he didn’t even grab any pussy.

      3. Good boy, chemjeff progressive internationalist.

        Keep carrying your masters’ water.

        1. I really don’t know why he bothers pretending, every single time he’s given an opportunity, he defaults to leftist dogma.

      4. “Don’t Forget: Obama got a blowjob from some dude in Chicago!”

        Woah- if true

        1. I know, right?

          Because, in 2034, by that time, the pod people will have invaded and half the world will be on fire from nuclear war. But JLT will be here to tell us about the sins of Obama!

          1. Remember when Obama had to fix all that bad stuff from Boosh’s days as Prez?

          2. You joke about the pod people, but I want to believe

            1. We live an era rife with conspiracy theories, but only *some* conspiracy theories are deemed unacceptable

              1. Well, any sane person would view them all as bat shit crazy, but then again you never know if there is some Thai prostitute with the answer.

                I WANT TO BELIEVE

                1. If you understand how easy it is to shred incriminating documents, you’ll know there is no “Thai prostitute” with any “answers” about Wild Bills’ actions.

                  Just sayin’…

      5. I generally think you’re much more reasonable and libertarian than all the trolls on here, but why would you even make a comment here? Clinton is a creep, the trolls are overly obsessed. Why waste your time?

      6. Two years ago, he was hoping to be working from the East Wing of White House today.

    4. #StillWithHim

      1. #cigarsrule

  7. …the original Libertarian Party nominee for [New Mexico’s] Senate…decided to step aside after seeing strong polling support for the two-time former governor,” explains Matt Welch.

    That’s not very libertarian of him.

  8. A new white paper from molecular biologist Jane Babin suggests the FDA is full of crap.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”

    1. “FDA proposes the “white papers” be placed on Schedule 1-Harmful/Addictive list. Claims that in 10-year period, over 100 deaths related to possession of said documents”

    1. It was “another country”. We can never know why he did what he did. It is just a mystery.

      1. The past is another country, therefore we are all immigrants, amirite?

        “The past is another country; they do things differently there,”
        ~Sherlock Holmes

        1. Ah, Mr. Holmes did have some zingers when he was on one of his drug benders!

  9. Somerville, Massachusetts, Mayor Joseph Curtatone, has been calling for a boycott of Sam Adams beer after its owner had dinner with President Trump.

    Another opportunity for me to say vaffanculo to the mayor.

    1. Know what I’m drinking tonight!

    1. No thanks – what I read last night was already fucking awful. I would say there is a special place in hell for these kiddie raping monsters, but that would suggest these fuckers have a soul in the first place.

      1. That and there is no Heaven or Hell.

  10. Somerville, Massachusetts, Mayor Joseph Curtatone, has been calling for a boycott of Sam Adams beer after its owner had dinner with President Trump.

    The Great Unpersoning continues unabated.

    1. If Chik-Fil-A is any indication, Sam Adams had better start ramping up production.

  11. The research suggests that while people may have taken kratom, other factors killed them.

    Look. They had a measurable amount of kratom in their system. Obviously the kratom caused the heart attack, made them jump out of a window, or caused someone to shoot them. Inanimate objects are magic.

    1. It’s like “marijuana related ER visits” statistics. It’s “related” if you got hit by a car after getting stoned, or if you are there for an OD of some other drug.

      1. I have never seen an actual case of someone ODing on pot. Have you?

        1. I think there has been one case where someone took so may edibles with concentrated THC that the death was attributed to the drug. However it is impossible to smoke enough to OD.

          1. “However it is impossible to smoke enough to OD”

            Can confirm. We tried a bunch of times in college. We all survived

            1. I think your lungs would die before you oded smoking that stuff.

              1. That’s why they have vape pens now

          2. However it is impossible to smoke enough to OD.

            I’m gonna keep trying though, ‘kay? 😀

  12. …he uses the word millennials as a stand-in for certain set of values, not a demographic marker.

    Isn’t that what the generational markers are for?

  13. Somerville, Massachusetts, Mayor Joseph Curtatone, has been calling for a boycott of Sam Adams beer after its owner had dinner with President Trump.

    This is exactly the kind of nonviolent pressure we need to put on everyone complicit in Drumpf’s white nationalist Putin Puppet regime.


    1. I’ve been away for awhile so many of the commentators are new to me – I do have to say that this troll isn’t very interesting or original. Am I in the ballpark?

      1. I’m not sure “troll” is the right term. I usually go with “parody”, since it seems to be trying to parody lefty views.

        I think OBL does a pretty good job, in general. Better, certainly, than a number of the other intentional parodies, bots, and sockpuppets. And occasionally, OBL just hits it right out of the park.

        YMMV, of course.

  14. Fr. Phillip W. DeVous

    1. I’ve given my whole life to serving Christ in His Church. Since beginning the seminary in 1994, every year has brought fresh revelations of the darkest corruption along with criminal moral perversion coupled to unbelievable levels of incompetence.

    …3. Until I went to the seminary I was not aware of knowing a single criminal sex abuser. Since then, apparently, I’ve rubbed elbows with dozens, some being high-ranking prelates. And those are just the ones whose names have made into reports and news stories.

    1. William Dailey, CSC

      Many of us have been saying since 2002 that what needed to happen then, in Dallas, was not a new policy but mass resignations of bishops to acknowledge their utter failure–as individuals but acting in concert–to protect children. Today’s report is an emetic reminder of that.

    2. Miss Meadows was a great movie.

      1. Relevance: she kills a priest who deserved to die.

      2. Woah- dark Katie Holmes. I’ve never seen that movie

        1. It’s free on Amazon Prime.

      3. More or less just a gender-switch on the innumerable “vengance-driven vigilante” movies that featured men. And as such, it adds considerable interest to a tired genre. I can handle it. This is an instance where the “gender bending” actually has some entertainment value, instead of just “muh feminisms” being forced into a type of film that men mostly liked.

        I suspect a lot of men will like that movie, and a lot of them will be men who really hated Mary Sue Rey, needlessly homely, needlessly plot-irrelevant and just needlessly needless Rose Tico and the Kathleen Kennedy self-insert Holdo, who only existed to deliver a nasty, sneering, insult-filled speech that she herself was never able to spew at any of her (male) superiors. Guys will enjoy the “Death Wish In a Sun Dress” movie who hated Ghostbusters ’16, Oceans’ 8 and Fem-Thor from the comic books.

        T’would be ideal if the cognitive dissonance would create more instances of hemoparadoxon*, but we’ve seen that people capable of negotiating the complex moebius pretzels of SJW positions must needs be immune to such outcomes. More’s the pity.

        *-neologism meaning a cerebral blood vessel bursting due to cognitive dissonance. Disappointingly rare.

  15. The FBI has warned banks about impending ATM chaos.

    I knew Y2K was bound to happen soon.

  16. he referred to Elliott as “she” and “her” because using his preferred pronouns made it “difficult to read,”

    Xish, Your Honor!

    1. he referred to Heidi as “she” and “her” because she is a girl

      See how much easier honesty is?

  17. The psychotic left is fuming because the vulnerable moderate democrat senators in red states are all meeting with Brett Kavanaugh.

    Kavanaugh of course, after a bit of the usualsturm und drang we have to go through with every nominee, is going to be confirmed rather easily. Sorry, all you Obamatards!

    1. Actually, #TheResistance will not give up so easily.

      The fight to #StopKavanaugh is winnable. We do it by sharing stories and (relentlessly) contacting representatives. Do not accept the myth of inevitability. Reproductive rights are essential to equality, and this battle is absolutely crucial. Keep going.

      Here is a partial list of why Kavanaugh doesn’t belong on the Supreme Court:

      – He was nominated under suspicious circumstances, with Kennedy’s questionably timed retirement
      – He was nominated by an illegitimate President who “won” a hacked election
      – He will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, the greatest decision of the past half century
      – He went into debt supposedly buying baseball tickets in a major scandal that still has not been fully explained

      These are just some of the reasons we need to #StopKavanaugh. Call your Senators and get them to promise to do the right thing.

      1. “He will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, the greatest decision of the past half century”

        This is where you screwed-up the parody. Not even Ginsburg thinks that Roe was a well conceived ruling. You’d be hard pressed to find very many people who have actually read the opinion who would conclude that it was based on “sound reasoning”. The ruling itself was moot, since Roe had already delivered the child.

        1. OBL represents progressives, thus portraying “people who have actually read the opinion” would be out of character.

      2. Ha, the only way that ‘reproductive rights’ are essential to equality is by deleting a large portion of one demographic in particular to make their numbers more equal.

        Oh, shit, that was the stated goal of planned parenthood back in the days of Sanger wasn’t it?

  18. Banning kratom would be really stupid and counterproductive. So they’ll probably do it. Fuckers.

    1. Yes but it’s for our own good! Our betters know what’s best for us lowly proles!

    2. Kratom has some positive mood effects, nothing like a “buzz” or a “high”, but most importantly, occupies the opiod receptors that, when jilted by an absence of, say, heroin, cause every cell in a junkies body to go into the extreme hysterical protest known as “withdrawal”. To say it is “upleasant” is a euphemism. Even “a living hell” is orders of magnitude inadequate. Kratom can help with this, thus enabling junkies to make a choice that was just not realistic in the past.

      So, whoever is against Kratom is in favor of heroin and other opiods. The “professional rehabilitation indsutry”, cops, and big Pharma. That’s who the FDA serves. Given the human misery involved, this qualifies as “evil” (NOT an inadequat euphemism).

  19. They expected the hearing to be a formality, but Kirby’s questions and commentary quickly turned to gendered toilets and Caitlyn Jenner, according to court transcripts.

    If they wanted a rubber stamp, they should have asked for a no-knock warrant.

    1. Class action lawsuit? I was under the impression judges enjoyed absolute immunity.

  20. Wait, is Vermont going to get the Trans-Cis, 14 year old or the Republican for Governor?

    Looks like Republican for 100, Alex.

  21. Kirby issued a written response to the lawsuit, stating that he “holds no bias against those that are transgender” and that his two decades on the bench have taught him that “children do not always know what is best for them during childhood.”

    “But, Your Honor, transgender children *do* know.”

    1. And he, as a government agent, knows what’s best for the child more than the parents and doctors.

      1. If only there was some other judge they could shop this around to…

  22. WALSH: There Must Be A Purge In The Catholic Church. And It Must Be Brutal.
    A grand jury report about the sex abuse of children by priests in Pennsylvania was released today. Over 300 predator priests are named in the document. The specifics are graphic and horrifying. They involve violent sexual assault and rape, and sometimes the coordinated abuse of children by multiple priests in the same church. And, of course, the opportunity for this abuse was furnished by bishops who looked the other way, or covered up the crimes.

    1. Bet you there are some pedos this time who got away with it during the last Catholic Church pedo scandal.

      Why anyone would send their kids into that meatgrinder is beyond me.

      1. There is no defense for the hierarchy in America and all of the bishops should be defrocked, regardless of their involvement in any of these instances.

        But, to then cast suspicion on all Catholic schools (separate entities within the church, mind you), which are often the only affordable alternative to public schools, is a statement only a profoundly ignorant person would say.

        1. An ignorant person would dismiss mass corruption that affects all aspects of the Catholic properties.

          I am not saying that all Catholic school teachers are fucking kids. I am saying that the Catholic Church is so corrupt (with tons of evidence) that even the non-diddlers are enabling the diddlers.

          Catholic schools are not the only affordable alternative schools but might be the only current alternatives because of parents sending their kids to those school after the last pedo scandal. If parents wanted new private schools instead of Catholic schools then new private schools would have popped up.

          Parents are partly to blame for putting their kids back with those pedos or enablers of pedos.

          The Catholic Church is a scourge on humanity as always has been. Catholics are ignorant morons but whatever. In America you have the right to be dumb and follow a ‘church’ of Scientology or Pope on a Rope.

          1. We see the same thing in police departments that are corrupt. The enabler cops are covering for the truly corrupt cops, which technically makes the enabler cops corrupt.

            At some tipping point, the entire department is infested with corrupt cops who are trying to cover their asses.

            The Catholic Church has been covering their asses for decades and more accurately centuries.

          2. OK, Jack Chick

            1. There is a requirement that references to people make sense.

          3. The Catholic Church is a scourge on humanity as always has been. Catholics are ignorant morons but whatever.

            Check out LC1789 over here with their collective guilt for individual crimes. Tell me, do my Catholic relatives in Ireland also share guilt for what Priests in Pennsylvania did?

            1. Ireland had enough kiddie diddling Catholic priests of it’s own to not need to borrow from Pennsylvania.

              But no, I don’t particularly think the blame falls with the congregations.

            2. As I pointed out, all Catholics are NOT child diddlers.

              There is a massive conspiracy in the Catholic Church and its followers to hurt kids, cover for those that hurts kids and/or ignore that people in the Catholic faith hurt kids.

              If you dont see that conspiracy, I feel sorry for you.

              You know something that has never been studied is why Catholic nations tend to be poorer that their similar peer nations.

    2. The new pope is progressive in so many ways. He’s taken on global warming, etc. Seems to be into what we used to call “liberation theology”.

      I keep hearing that there is a limited pool of people who are wiling to become priests these days.

      Why not let women serve as priests? Why not let priests marry?

      I’m not much a feminist, but sometimes it seems like the church is willing to sell most anything short–so long as it doesn’t involve changing the role of women.

      Women are so toxic that being married to one makes priests unacceptable?

      Yeah, they drive me crazy too, sometimes, but c’mon!

      1. “Liberation Theology” is distinctly different from what Pope Francis has spoken of.

        And allowing priests to marry or letting women serve may not solve the issue of a hierarchy that seems more concerned with protecting its image than punishing transgressions.

        1. Allowing priests to marry would attract something besides perverts to the priesthood.

            1. Maybe actually enforcing the prohibition against gays would weed out the closet cases as well.

              1. Homosexuality is not related to pedophilia. That’s an old smear used against gays

                1. True pedophilia as in attraction to small children is a deviance all its own. Attraction to pre-teen or teenagers is such a species of sexual attraction. Men who want to fuck 12-year-old boys are gay just like men who want to fuck young girls are straight. I know that goes against the reason dogma that gays are sacred and above reproach but it is the case nonetheless.

                  1. Men who want to fuck 12-year-old boys are gay just like men who want to fuck young girls are straight. I know that goes against the reason dogma that gays are sacred and above reproach but it is the case nonetheless.

                    Oh John, you open a big can on that comment.

                    Its true, but the gay mafia will have some trolls coming your way soon.

                2. That is true, but is the old woke. The new woke is AgeFluid, Minor Attracted Persons, etc, to legally protect pedos as just another sexuality like being gay is.

                3. As John wrote, most of what is going on here does not fit the clinical definition of pedophilia (though there are examples of that as well). Most are ephebophilia, of which same sex occurances do have a high correlation with homosexuality.

          1. You are aware, of course, that sexual assault against minors is just as rampant at secular schools as it is within any church. I know that you are a bigot against Muslims, John, and I’m sure that extends to other faiths, but the issue at hand is about a hierarchy that covered-up these crimes, not the teachings of the institution.

            1. I never said it was about the teachings. The issue is the institution was overrun with perverts and deviants such that it appears to have been a culture of child sexual abuse and perversion. The Catholic Church is rotten to the core. There is no refuting that fact. And it being rotten doesn’t mean its teachings are wrong. it just means the institution is rotten. The two are not the same things.

              1. You just ascribed blame to the practice of celibacy and not allowing women in the priesthood. And the rot is most prevalent in the American diocese. In Chile, when such a scandal arose, the bishops did the honorable thing and they all tendered their resignation.

                1. You just ascribed blame to the practice of celibacy and not allowing women in the priesthood.

                  Yes that teaching contributed to the problem. If Priests could marry, the church could be more picky about who they accepted as Priests and the Priesthood would not have been overrun by sickos. Would there still have been such? Sure. But they would not have been as pervasive and the church likely would have done something to stop it because they would not have represented such a large percentage of the priesthood. When you have a profession that demands celibacy in a sex obsessed society like ours, you are going to end up with a large number of closet cases and perverts.


                    Last time I checked the evangelical churches allow their clergy to marry


                    And Chicago Public Schools allows their teachers to marry (it’s criminal that this story is not receiving nearly any attention considering its magnitude)


                      Can’t link the stupid Chicago Tribune article

                    2. Yes, Just Saying, the odd pervert happens. But that is not the same as hundreds of priests abusing thousands of children for decades all with the knowledge and complicity of the church leadership. Nothing in any institution in this country has happened that even begins to approach the scale of what occurred in the Catholic Church. Lying about that and pretending other people and institutions are just as bad isn’t going to help. In fact, it is going to hurt because the problem will never be solved if the people in the church won’t fully admit to its scale.

              2. It’s a good thing such behavior only occurs in the Catholic church, and institutions such as Hollywood and high level political circles are free from the factors which create such a culture – such as sadistic narcissism, the lust to exert power over the defenseless, and social standards of unaccountability that would be horrific to normal people.

                1. Just because it happens in other places as well, doesn’t in any way diminish the enormity of what happened in the Catholic Church. In Pennsylvania alone, there were 300 priests who abused thousands of children over a 70 year period all with the knowledge and complicity of the church leadership. You can scream “but Hollywood” all you want but that doesn’t change how endemic child sex was in the church. We have hundreds of other denominations and religions in this country and while they no doubt have their pervert ministers as well, they do not have thousands of them who were allowed to operate for decades by the church leadership. That is something totally different than the odd pervert taking a job where he can access children. The priesthood had a culture that excused child sex. Where did that culture come from if not from the priests themselves? And why did the church attract so many such priests other than because thanks to celibacy their pool of possible priests necessarily included a high percentage of such people?

                  1. I think you missed the point, John.
                    It is good that at least the Catholic church has been exposed.
                    I guess covering things up becomes a lot harder when the media ceases being complicit.

                    1. I understand the point perfectly. And it is irrelevant. Hollywood being horrible doesn’t make the church any better or in any way diminish the scale of this. I hope Hollywood gets theirs too. But whether they do or not doesn’t change my opinion about this.

                    2. John, you do miss the point here.
                      Mentioning Hollywood and elite political circles alongside the Catholic church doesn’t excuse the church – it indicts Hollywood and elite political circles.
                      Catholic pedo exposure should not make us relieved that the pedos have been caught, it should make us ask why aren’t other pedo circles being exposed as well.
                      Let’s start with Podesta and CPS

                  2. There were 300 sexual assault instances at Chicago Public Schools in a School District of a couple hundred thousand. You’re really trying to shoe horn this into a “this is a uniquely Catholic problem”.

                    No one is disagreeing with the blame that belongs on the hierarchy and the punishment that should be given, but you’re taking a step further like you do every time there is a terrorist attack and the guy’s name is Muhammad.

                    1. There were 300 sexual assault instances at Chicago Public Schools in a School District of a couple hundred thousand. You’re really trying to shoe horn this into a “this is a uniquely Catholic problem”.

                      Did the school cover those up and allow teachers who said they were such monsters that they begged to be placed somewhere where they could not get to children were kept teaching? Not last I looked. the scale of this is uniquely Catholic. There is nothing even close to it anywhere else. Stop fucking making excuses and face the truth. You will never fix the church if people like you continue to act like this is just one of those things and no worse than those evil protestants. Good God, no wonder this shit was allowed to go on so long. There seem to be a lot of ordinary Catholics who are as bad as Penn State football fans.

                    2. Yes. The school did just that

                    3. Over 70 years? Moreover, you are talking about single instances of “assault” which could be a lot of things. In PA, we are talking about victims who were all abused and raped over long periods of time. It is horrible what happened. It does no good to pretend it is not something beyond anything we have ever seen in this country. Stop kidding yourself.

                    4. But, that’s fine. You got your pound of flesh and of course you’re going to want more. Instead of condemning the cover-up and demanding retribution, you’d rather identify this as a uniquely Catholic problem to justify those Jack Chick cartoons you have at home, despite all evidence to the contrary.

                      There is nothing that the Church or its parishioners, who no doubt are more upset than you, can do to convince you otherwise.

                    5. It is a uniquely Catholic problem. The Church is terribly broken and needs to be fixed. I don’t care how bad the rest of the world is. The Church is supposed to be better. This didn’t just happen. It wasn’t bad luck. It was the result of decades or God knows how much more of a culture among priests that was frankly to put it in theistic terms Satanic. Defrock all of the Bishops you want, but if you don’t take action to change the culture of the institution nothing is going to change.

                    6. So let’s just limit this to Catholics?
                      Let’s assume this is unique to the Catholic church and ignore other places this might be happening?
                      We got the Catholic church, so let’s call it a day?
                      C’mon man.
                      You don’t think this could be an institutional/cultural problem anywhere else but the Catholic church?
                      That would require ignoring a lot of evidence.

                    7. I don’t think you ignore anything. But the existence of this in other places doesn’t change the nature of the problem faced by the Church.

                    8. Apparently you are completely unfamiliar with the Catholic Church. It operates differently in different places. Schools are run separately from parishes in many cases – and they routinely outperform public schools at all levels, while providing more affordability to the poor.

                    9. Sure they do. But Priests either work for a diocese or an order. And the leadership of both ignored and enabled hundreds of priests to abuse children for decades. The fact that Georgetown really doesn’t have much to do with the Catholic Church anymore is beside the point.

      2. Eastern Rite Catholic priests can be married, so it is not unprecedented. Also, priestly celibacy was a reform from the problems with nepotism around the 8th century, not an inherent doctrine (which is something that applies to the notion of women priests). Problems that probably would not arise in 21st century society where people are less rooted to where they were born.

      3. Why not let women serve as priests? Why not let priests marry?

        Heh, ok, this is a joke so don’t get too peeved but the answer is ‘because they’re not Episcopal damn it!’.

    3. Full disclosure: one of my parish priests was on the list. He was there after I was no longer an altar boy, though, so I have no direct knowledge of his sins. And believe me, as attractive as I was in that cassock and surplice, I would have known.

    4. Maybe they should bring back burning at the stake. It is just unbelievable. The Priesthood seems to have become a perverted sex cult.

      1. Maybe they should bring back burning at the stake.

        Oh, PLEASE let His Holiness issue that!

        1. If they need a Protestant to light the match, I will happily volunteer.

      2. Enh, I say go with woodchippers. That way you have something left you can use as fertilizer afterwards, and these scum can finally serve a useful purpose.


    The exact same cake baker who won his case before the US Supreme Court, due to religious animus shown by the CO Civil Rights Commission, is being sued AGAIN by that exact same commission for not producing a cake celebrating a transgender conversion. This is utterly insane and it’s pretty clear that the Civil Rights Commission, and their allies on the Left, are desperately trying to make an example out of him.

    This is why I have trouble supporting the mushy moderate Gay Jay version of *libertarianism*. Soft statism is still statism

    (TW: The article is from Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire.)

    1. In the months that followed, the bakery received requests for cakes featuring marijuana use, sexually explicit messages, and Satanic symbols. One solicitation submitted by email asked the cake shop to create a three-tiered white cake depicting Satan licking a functional 9 inch dildo.

      Let the countersuits for harassment begin.

    2. Is there any aspect of the First Amendment that the SJWs aren’t opposed to anymore?

      From a purely pragmatic perspective, I’m not sure they realize how much they benefit from the First Amendment, too.

      The SJWs have always had a delusional sense of their support. They imagine themselves to be much more popular than they are. Denigrate the First Amendment and make freedom of conscience, free expression, etc. a matter of popularity plus an absurd interpretation by the courts, and it’s the SJWs who will suffer most.

      Again, natural rights are such that they can’t be ignored or systematically violated without suffering negative consequences. Feel free to protest against our right to make choices for themselves, but like a dog chasing a car, it isn’t likely that the car will suffer the most when the dumb dog catches it.

      1. All of these things are just tools to be used to enforce humiliation and control.

      2. Tell that to the beltway libertarians who hem and haw over these issues but scream bloody murder when a bathroom bill establishing pee pee policy for private businesses is rescinded on the state level

      3. “”From a purely pragmatic perspective, I’m not sure they realize how much they benefit from the First Amendment, too.”‘

        SJWs are very self-centered. They think only the people they want to have rights has rights.

    3. Digging into the Colorado Civil Rights Commission reveals some interesting details. It’s supposed to be a bi-partisan body, with an equal number of Republican and Democrat members. Here’s the actual makeup:

      Anthony Aragon, Democrat, Representing State or Local Government Entities, Denver (term expires: 3/16/19)
      Miguel “Michael” Rene Elias, Republican, Representing Community at Large, Pueblo (term expires: 3/13/20)
      Carol Fabrizio, Unaffiliated, Representing Business, Denver (term expires: 3/16/19)
      Charles Garcia, Democrat, Representing Community at Large, Denver (term expires: 3/13/21)
      Rita Lewis, Democrat, Representing Small Business, Denver (term expires: 3/16/19)
      Jessica Pocock, Unaffiliated, Representing Community at Large, Colorado Springs (term expires: 3/13/20)

      Of those “unaffiliated” members, Fabrizio is a lesbian and Pocock is a political gay rights activist.

      Gee, wonder why the commission has specifically targeted the bakery and made derogatory comments about the owner’s religion during the hearings?

      1. Oh, and a previous member of the commission during the time the suit was brought, Heidi Hess, is also an LGBTQ activist.

        1. This is why giving such commissions a pseudo-judicial role is a bad idea. It difficult enough to select judges who can be disinterested and apply the law impartially. Most people who would be interested in serving on such a commission are likely going to be activists of one stripe or another and come to the table with an axe to grind.

          1. Hickenlooper’s (the governor) the one who appoints them, so it’s obvious where his agenda is at (which is why the baker is suing him now). It’s not like these people come to the chair without being vetted.

            He had re-appointed Hess until it was blocked by the Republicans in the state house.

  24. “High Court: Interest on Some Personal Loans Can Be Illegal”
    “SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ? In a win for consumers, the California Supreme Court ruled that interest rates on some personal loans may be so high that they are illegal under state law.
    The court in its unanimous decision on Monday did not define exactly what interest rate would qualify as unconscionable and acknowledged that determining that figure could be daunting.”

    So it’s like porn; they can’t define it, but they know it when the see it?
    Calling the W. VA legislature! Please help!

    1. ” acknowledged that determining that figure could be daunting.”

      That’s why we have lawyers, DUH!

      1. How can one not violate a law that is ambiguous? Oh yeah, not being and member of a disfavored group and bribes.

  25. “Where even Walmart won’t go: how Dollar General took over rural America”
    “As the chain opens stores at the rate of three a day across the US, often in the heart of ‘food deserts’, some see Dollar General as an admission that a town is failing
    Dollar General thought Haven’s council should give the company a $72,000 break on its utility bills, equivalent to the cost of running the town’s library and swimming pool for a year, on the promise of jobs and tax revenues. The council blanched but ended up offering half of that amount to bring the low-price outlet to a town that already had a grocery store.”

    It’s The Guardian, so it takes some skillful reading to parse the facts from the lefty agit-prop.

    1. That’s very similar to banks lobbying against payday loan operations. SURE they’re usurious, high-rate ripoffs…but they serve people the banks find too high-risk to do business with at all! Fuck ’em.

      In today’s USA, Dollar Store accepting a “meet-ya-halfway” offer is almost a sign of corporate virtue, since the real “powers that be” have good enough lawyers to avoid that kind of fucking common sense.

      “Love means never having to say ‘meet you halfway’.” or some such shite.

  26. http://www.washingtonexaminer……ngs-double

    Collectively, executive agencies subject to a regulatory budget remain on pace to double the administration’s overall savings goal. On an individual basis, 12 of 22 agencies have already met or surpassed their savings target,” added the report written by Dan Bosch, the director of regulatory policy at the American Action Forum.

    He highlighted the winners:

    “The Department of Labor (DOL) enjoys the largest total savings of covered agencies with $417.2 million. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) comes in second in savings, but has a larger savings surplus (or the amount in excess of its FY 2018 target) than DOL at $285.6 million. The Department of Transportation (DOT) ranks third in annualized savings followed closely by the Department of Justice.”

    Biggest win for freedom in this country in my lifetime.

    1. Does all those savings add up to $82 billion?

      1. I don’t know. What is the value of freedom and being able to make a living without the government telling you how to do it?


    Researchers identify 31 anti-atheist microaggressions. The anti God is okay. It is his followers who are the problem.

  28. (CNN)Magician Penn Jillette, one half of the duo Penn , claims he heard President Donald Trump say “racially insensitive” remarks during his time appearing on the reality competition show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

    Jillette stopped short of confirming the details of Trump’s alleged comments, but his assertion comes at a time of renewed discussion about whether Trump purportedly said the N-word, a racial epithet, during production of the reality TV series.
    “He would say racially insensitive things that made me uncomfortable,” Jillette told Vulture in an interview. “I don’t think he ever said anything in that room like ‘African Americans are inferior’ or anything about rape or grabbing women, but of those two hours every other day in a room with him, every ten minutes was fingernails on chalkboard.”
    Asked if tapes of Trump making those comments exist, Jillette said, “Yeah, I was in the room.”

    Who cares? We know The Dotard is a virulent racist by now.

    1. He claims to have heard something that he doesn’t remember what and can’t give any details. Yeah, that is so convincing. You guys are going to get Trump one of these days.

      1. Penn Jillette is the enemy now.

        Is he too “Jewy”? Or do you just support your Fuhrer against everyone?

        1. I have no idea what Jillette’s religion is. You should ask Kieth Ellison about that. He seems to be vigilant against the satanic Jewish threat.

          1. Wait! If he was Jewish, wouldn’t he be walking around with those (((?))) kinda marks around him?

        2. I didn’t know Penn was Jewish?

          Regardless, he should provide the goods if he has it or else be viewed as credible as Tom Arnold

          1. I didn’t know he was either. Funny how shreek is obsessed with who is and who is not but we are the ones who are racist.

            1. ^ding ding ding!

        3. Penn Jillette is a militant Atheist. He reminds people all the time.

    2. Such a vile racist.

    3. I make a ‘racially insensitive’ comment all the time.

      I’m especially vulgar towards retard progressives.

      1. Just go ahead and use “progtard”. Portmanteau those motherfuckers!

        Also free! This week only! Neologisms R’ Us presents:


        Same ‘justice well-served’ meaning as “hoist by his own petard” but with the added implication that the original action precipitating the righteous result, was, in itself, really, really stupid.

    4. “We know The Dotard is a virulent racist by now.”

      That would be you and the turd in your mouth, right?
      Keep grasping those straws, loser.

    5. Is this an article that just came out?

      Because Jillette said this stuff, like, a year or two ago on his podcast. And at the time he said that his memory is too faulty to say anything specific.

  29. No it’s true. I know this kid who got addicted to kratom and died. Anyone who says it’s not dangerous is an idiot.

    1. But a biologist hired by the American Kratom Association, and the chairman of the American Kratom Association say otherwise.

      What reason would they have to lie?

    2. So? Ppl get addicted to cocaine and die. But I wouldn’t really call it dangerous.

      1. Dead people are found to have water (99.9%), carbohydrates (96%), sodium (99.8%), caffeine (54%), hemoglobin (100%) in their systems much more frequently than Kratom (0.04% ) without the same “analytical approach” being taken to analyze their contribution to the mortality.

        Doesn’t require a “funding based lie” to point out the flaw in the FDAs “study”.


    UN says 2.3 million people have now fled Venezuela. The word “socialist” appears exactly one time in this article and then only as a political identifier for Maduro. The word “socialism” never appears. The things going on in Venezuela are just bad luck and have nothing to do with socialism I guess.

    1. The right people aren’t in charge. Once the right people are in charge, it’ll work. Trust me.

      1. Problem.

        When have the “wrong people” currently demonstrably in charge NOW, ever recognized the “right people” and just handed power over to them?

        Recent sociological/historical studies have indicated that that happens 0% of the time. Good luck.

    2. No it’s true. I know this kid who tried capitalism and died. Anyone who says it’s not dangerous is an idiot.

      1. This doesn’t deserve a ‘wtf’. It deserves a full what the fuck?

      2. Be fair, Dajjal. Need full disclosure: the kid was selling Kratom. At a PROFIT!

    3. Some proggy ‘irregular’ was here last week, assuring us that all was rosy in Venezuela until the oil market tanked, which is both a lie and irrelevant.

      1. The fact that Venezuela can no longer produce its own oil because the government has run everyone with the skills necessary to do so is just one of those things I guess. It doesn’t matter what the price of oil is when you are too stupid and corrupt to even pump it out of the ground. Venezuela has more proven oil reserves than any other nation in the world. It has more than Saudi Arabia. And its people are starving and becoming penniless refugees rather than stay. Socialism is so bad it can’t even function in an oil-rich country. Jesus Christ, even the tribalist Arabs can do that.

    4. There are two historical figures the Latinos worship above and beyond all others: Jesus Christ, and Karl Marx.

      You would think they would eventually be able to break this sick addiction to socialism of theirs, but it appears to be an incurable pathology that passes down from one generation to the next. Out of those 2.3 million people, probably 1.7 million of them will vote for the exact same kind of shithead at their next opportunity.

      1. I forget the author but I recall a Mexican author describing Mexico as the child of an abusive Spanish father and a weak and superstitious Aztec mother leaving Mexicans with such a sense of self loathing, inferiority and desire to take revenge against their abusive father that they will engage in any amount of self-destruction if it is done in revenge against their father.

        I think that explains the attraction to Marxism. Marxism is forever about sticking it to some faceless oppressor. That has an appeal in Latin America that is unlike its appeal in any other place.

        1. Sounds like a good movie.

        2. “Few things are more paradoxical than the leftism found among Brazilian artists. They are socialists through their fingers and their voices, but invariably capitalists in their pockets.”
          ~Roberto Campos

      2. Vote. Heh. That’s good.

  31. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims 44 deaths over a 9-year period have been associated with kratom

    Even if true (which it isn’t), 44 deaths in 9 years, or just under 5 per year. More people are killed by lightning strikes each year (15 so far this year). Clearly the outdoors should be classified as a schedule 1 drug.

    1. We need common sense lightening control

      1. Nah, schedule 1, for sure. A lot of people say that fresh air or being “in the great outdoors” makes them feel good. Perhaps even a euphoric, high like sensation. Clearly being outside is highly addictive with no medical benefit. /sarc

  32. One afternoon, slouched over a desk in a study hall classroom, Elliott, 15, was outed by an unwitting ninth-grade teacher who called him Heidi?his birth name …

    So on June 18, Elliott and his parents, Kylen and Stephanie Leigh, went to court to make his name change official, appearing in front of Judge Joseph Kirby at the Warren County Probate courthouse in Lebanon, Ohio. …

    Four days later, Kirby denied Elliott’s name change.

    I guess Judge Kirby has never seen the TV show Scrubs.

  33. Funds not withdrawn for current expenses (benefits, the financial interchange with the Railroad Retirement program, and administrative expenses) are invested in interest-bearing Federal securities, as required by law; the interest earned is also deposited in the trust fund.

    1. Wait, wait, wait…little light bulb just went on:

      Give members of public employee unions a modest defined benefit pension, WHICH CAN BE INCREASED BY THE DONATION OF MONEY IN THE AMOUNT THEIR DEPARTMENT OR AGENCY WAS UNDER BUDGET!!

      Damn, that’s one bright little light bulb, there. I’m still seeing secondary benefits like dominoes falling all over the place!!

  34. >>How the Last Adult Generation Can Save America from Millennials


  35. >>>the first transgender candidate for governor

    why pressed to celebrate this person for being different *and* treat this person the same for not?

    1. Celebrate that she is not treated different.

  36. “GOP gubernatorial candidate and ex-congressman Tim Pawlenty lost his bid. See more takeaways here from the Tuesday primaries in Connecticut, Vermont, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.”

    FYI, Pawlenty was the former Governor of Minnesota. He was an ex-MN State congressman.

  37. From the article about Gen-X saving the world: Baby Boomers got a few things right ? civil rights, the Beatles,

    The Civil Rights reforms were passed in 1965. So where the immigration reforms. The Beatles came to America in 1964. That was the year we elected the representatives in DC who passed both reforms. Unless you’re referring to the Baby Boomers who risked themselves as kids in the recently integrated schools, you can’t give them credit for civil rights reforms. Their major stand for civil rights was when they started the 1968 Chicago riots to challenge the Dixiecrats instead of, gasp, joining the Republican Party. Other than that, it was mostly refusing to participate in the Vietnam War, because they didn’t think the Cultural Revolution in China and the killing fields in Cambodia were that bad or that close to people they cared about. I mean, Guam doesn’t vote in a presidential election, and the Philippines stopped being American a long time ago.

    1. The 18 year old voting age was established in 1971. So the first boomers were voting in 1966 at the earliest.

    2. There were no ‘Dixiecrats’ in 1968. The movement was dead by 1952.

  38. Kratom, if you’re not familiar with it, is a plant that is indigenous to Southeast Asia and has been used to treat chronic and opiate addiction for hundreds if not thousands of years. It is currently used, quite effectively, by many thousands of people in the US for those very things.

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