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Bradenton, Florida, police officer Amy Schwartz was suspended for 100 hours without pay and ordered to go to counseling and re-training after she failed to respond with due urgency to a shooting. Schwartz was assigned by dispatch as the primary responding officer but did not activate her lights and siren, obeyed all speed limits, stopped for stop lights and even pulled to the side to allow another officer, who was running his lights and siren, to pass. She told internal affairs she does not use her lights and siren to respond to calls unless a fellow officer is down or has requested help.

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  1. “I don’t hurry for little people.”

  2. “To protect and serve our own” is her motto.

  3. The investigator asked Schwartz to reflect back on whether she would have responded in the same fashion or priority response.

    “For a decision based on the information that I had at the time, I made a choice that was safer for the people around me with the information that I has in addition to myself to be able to help other people,” Schwartz said. “Knowing this, obviously a decision that’s frowned upon, I could have responded in a different fashion.”

    No way you want to let this 15-year veteran go because of a single slip-up that’s likely been happening for 15 years.

  4. Wow. I thought they never miss an opportunity to use their lights and siren and go at least double the speed limit. And those opportunities include going to lunch and heading home when the shift is over.

    1. She’s obviously hoping that other officers will take the danger out of the equation before she gets there. I have my doubts she’d go ball to the wall for an officer shooting, either.

    2. She forgot she was an officer and feared the heavy fines and asset forfeitures that are common in the area.

  5. “Slow and steady, wins the race.”

  6. She is clearly and selflessly allowing her fellow officers to share in the heroic glory that dispatch has handed her. Being first on the scene of gunfire is a golden opportunity to take one for the company, earning thoughts, prayers and paid time off. Also, blue lives matter.

  7. “with the information that I has in addition to myself to be able to help other people”

    Is that a prepared statement, Officer?

  8. police officer Amy Schwartz was suspended for 100 hours without pay

    Without pay?? What happened to the police union?

    1. Multiple offender.
      Only 5 years to go (maybe) to retirement.
      Great candidate for “see, we do make officers take unpaid leave”.

      1. Most likely, she the union will appeal and she will be awarded back pay…and the suspension will be treated as excused time off…

  9. Schwartz has not been terminated despite four violations of the department’s general orders being sustained against her for which she could have been fired. … Because of her prior discipline, which included three suspensions in the previous year, Schwartz has been labeled a “chronic offender,” according to the report.

    One supposes being labeled a “chronic offender” is punishment enough.

    1. Does that include a CO branded on her cheek?

  10. I expect Black Lives Matter would approve of her response. Give them a chance to settle it in-house before the cops interfere.

  11. “to protect and serve” only a few people and only when I feel like it.

    doesn’t really have the same ring …

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