Woman Calls Cops on State Senator for Being Anti-Trump

A self-identified Trump supporter berated New York state Sen. Jesse Hamilton. Then she called the cops.


New York State Senate

This one takes the Summer of Snitches to a whole new level. Yesterday a self-identified Donald Trump supporter called the cops on a state senator for "dividing people." More exactly, he was talking to voters and handing out pamphlets outside a subway station in Brooklyn.

A video of the woman was posted on the legislator's social media accounts. In it, the woman, who speaks with an Eastern European accent, contrasts New York state Sen. Jesse Hamilton (D-20) with the president. "I support Trump," she tells a Hamilton staffer, "and I see the difference between Democrat and Republican—and I see the difference between you and Trump."

The woman then criticizes the "Fighting Back Trump" slogan on one of Hamilton's pamphlets. "If he really wants nation be as one and fight for the better life and live the better life you would not put this slogan here," she says. "This is what Democrats does, exactly."

"She said, 'You should not stand here.' She said, 'You are dividing people,'" Hamilton tells the New York Post. Law enforcement sources inform the Post that the woman called 911 and whined about Hamilton's anti-Trump stance on immigration. When police arrived at the scene, they explained that "public assembly and free speech are not against the law," Hamilton's office tells AM New York.

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  1. public assembly and free speech are not against the law

    But they probably should be as long as “proggies” are “disrespecting the flag” by not “humping Trump’s meaty thighs.”

    1. Or if a couple of people try to publish a political book or movie within 30 days of an election.

      1. Never been illegal. You did use the word “people.”

        1. Because people have rights, but don’t obey laws.

        2. Anyway, why did progressives fully embrace political censorship like a bunch of Nazis?

          1. Why do you fully embrace the butchering of language in furtherance of fascistic propaganda?

            A corporation isn’t a person.

            1. When you can explain how laws which can only be obeyed and enforced on people, don’t affect people, go ahead.

              Otherwise, you’re playing transparently retarded semantic games.

              1. So, exactly when did semantic game bullshit become justification for political censorship?

            2. Would censoring CNN or the New York Times be ok because they’re corporations?

              1. See, corporations can’t have rights.

                They can obey laws, they can be punished, but they can’t have rights. Because… reasons.

                It’s totally inconcsistent, but, fuck it, they love political censorship.

              2. The news media is the only profession singled out by the constitution for protection.

                The corporations behind their journalistic enterprises still shouldn’t be allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money to affect elections.

                1. Are you serious right now? You do know that the term “press” referring to the media was not a thing when the Constitution was drafted and that it refers to the act of publishing/spreading information in general, and that this freedom applies to the whole country, not just the media, right?

                2. I get it: political censorship is awesome because slogans!

            3. re: “A corporation isn’t a person.”

              As a legal matter, that statement has been wrong since sometime in the 1600s. Corporate “personhood” predates the creation of the United States and was well-understood by the Founders.

              1. In FDR’s 1933 “banking holiday” edict, disobedient “natural persons” got time on a chain gang, while disobedient “artificial persons” had to pay fines and hear lectures. So… which of these is the new LP platform OK with posse comitatus lynching?

            4. Because once people voluntarily combine their efforts and resources to achieve a common goal, they cease to be people?

            5. What are corporations composed of, Tony? Robots?

        3. “Never been illegal. You did use the word “people.””

          “Congress shall make no law…”
          See “people” in there, imbecile?

        4. You did use the word “people.”

          And the New York Times is a corporation, not people.

    2. Oh my god I know right? That fat guy just laid there awkwardly. Worst lay ever!

  2. When police arrived at the scene, they explained that “public assembly and free speech are not against the law,”

    and arrested her ass, right? RIGHT?!

    1. “public assembly and free speech are not against the law,”
      They must’ve triggered every prog for fifty miles when they said that without a qualifier. Everyone knows that only applies to bien pensant lefties.

      I can understand why the poor old biddy was confused though. She saw all the “deplatforming” currently being done by the aristocracy, and thought the plebs could get in on the fun too.
      Silly old girl didn’t realize only the limousine left have that power.

    2. Or at least shot her dog.

  3. Thank you for bringing this extremely important anecdote to our attention.

    What will you follow this up with, video of a Trump supporter picking his nose and eating it?

    1. There’s still time to get off this train. You can’t possibly think it’s going to end up someplace good.

      1. Hey, it don’t take money, it don’t need fame. Don’t take no credit card to ride this train!

        1. No, it takes Metrocard, and the MTA security guards will write you a $50 citation if you get caught trying to beat the fare.

          Kevin R
          (of the B&T crowd)

      2. There’s no brakes on the Trump Train, Tony.

    2. Lots of people think the Old Man Yells At Cloud joke is only funny because Abe Simpson is crazy enough to be yelling at clouds. But really, it’s a more nuanced joke in that beyond just Abe, a writer wrote up and published his cloud yelling and a paper published it. Further, the DMV turns it into his official ID.

      Everybody only remembers the first part because it’s more funny and ignores the rest because it’s more just sad.

      1. “Everybody only remembers the first part because it’s more funny and ignores the rest because it’s more just sad.”

        So, that joke recapitulates the history of *The Simpsons*?

    3. Hey a Russian (sounding) woman is attempting to meddle in an American election. Anecdotal? Or the tip of an iceberg. I would not be surprised to hear that the FISA court has already issued warrants for her cell phone records.

      1. How is that different tham when NBC dies it?

    4. More spectacular would be a Trump supporter not picking his nose and eating it tho

  4. In it, the woman, who speaks with an Eastern European accent,

    In it, the woman, who speaks with an Mexican accent,

    In it, the woman, who speaks with an Puerto Rican accent,

    In it, the woman, who speaks with an Muslim accent,

    Ultimately, I think Reason really needs to cut it the fuck out with the literal ‘and nothing else happened’ stories. We’ve pretty clearly moved away from police and excessively violent policing being the problem to rather decided individual attacks.

    1. the other three examples would be totally different because racist

      1. Also, can we totally rule out that she was in cahoots with the Russian FB brainwashers? I don’t think we can.

    2. If this this woman were a leftist, and she called the police on this dude for supporting Trump, then I’m sure you’d like this post.

      1. Sarcasm? I can’t tell. If not, what about this story makes you think the woman *isn’t* a leftist?

  5. She represents our future.

    1. I’m pretty sure Red Tony represents our future.

  6. If we had more immigrants like this, no one would be complaining.

    1. Because you’d serve them at your business?

  7. I called the cops on my neighbor after I discovered he preferred large chesticles to a nice flat chest.

  8. He’s a NYS Assemblyman. He is undoubtedly criminally corrupt in some way.

  9. Police in NY refuse to investigate corruption crimes, so her call was correct but the state will do nothing about it.

  10. Was she arrested? Calling a false police report should certainly be a crime, and reporting someone to the police for First Amendment activity should certainly be a crime as well.

    Here’s a law the New York legislature can spend some time on instead of the crap they focus on instead.

    1. Poor old woman thought the plebs were allowed to deplatform like their aristocratic betters on the left.

  11. Why did she leave Eastern Europe? Sad because of the fall of Communism?

  12. Is this a libertarian site or a Democratic Party site? We can find orders of magnitude more examples of this sort of behavior from the Democrats. Highlighting this one seems one.

    1. It highlights the difference between the right-wing horrors and the left-wing horrors.

      On the right: A single loon dumb enough to think that NYC cops would arrest a NY legislator, much less arrest him for free expression.

      On the left: Masked (“anti”)fascists beating up dissenters.

      Highlight all the right-wing abuse you can, see if you can find true parallels to what the left is doing.

      1. On the right: A single loon dumb enough to think that NYC cops would arrest a NY legislator, much less arrest him for free expression.

        On the left: Campaign strategy.

        Seems like an actual candidate had somebody arrested for free speech violations but what difference, at this point, does it make?

      2. Like attacking and killing minorities. Calling for civil War? Running over people? Punching people in their rallies?

        1. Yeah, Antifa’s pretty fucked-up.

  13. I am shocked that police knew that public assembly and free speech are not against the law.

    1. They can tell the difference between a Dem state legislator and a normie.

  14. I’m so outraged by this outrageousness.

  15. The thing to do is to report someone “blocking access to the entrance/exit” to the subway. That’s “content free’ and can be enforced, if that is actually what is happening.

    Kevin R

  16. Why does her accent matter? That’s racist…

  17. Dumbass crazy lady calls cops for non-crime, cops remind her it’s not a crime.

    Yeah, this is real important. Thanks for writing about it.

    (And it’d be exactly the same non-story if she was, say, a Cruz supporter lambasting a mean ol’ Republican.

    Because the non-story is her personal problems.)

  18. I’ll be honest, I’ve not read the article, but I can’t help but smile at the humor of some loon calling the cops on the lawmakers. Maybe that should happen more often.

  19. Gillespie is working on an article at this moment showing that this woman is as bad as Antifa.

    1. Both extremes are pathetic, so why shouldn’t he?

  20. Excellent! There few things as pleasing as two mangy curs tearing each other to pieces. Listen to what the entrenched looter parties say about each other, and remember that on election day.

  21. typical trump supporter. Afraid of dissenting opinions.

    1. Like the left wing hordes that try to shut down republican rallies…

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