ICE Lies About Van Crash Involving Separated Mothers

The agency originally denied the crash had occurred. Later, they acknowledged the incident but called it a "fender bender."


Chris Dorney/

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) appears to have lied after a cargo van holding eight Central American mothers crashed last month.

The eight women had been separated from their children under the Trump administration's infamous "zero tolerance" immigration policy. On their way to an immigration detention center near Austin, where they were going to be reunited with their children, the van carrying them hit a pickup truck. The Texas Observer reports:

According to a police report obtained by the Observer and individual interviews with four of the passengers, the crash occurred as the group was leaving a Sunoco gas station just off Interstate 35. The van's driver was an employee of Trailboss Enterprises, an Alaska-based company that provides transportation for ICE in Central and South Texas. The driver failed to come to a stop and T-boned an F-250 that was entering the gas station, police said.

But ICE spokesperson Leticia Zamarripa told the outlet two days after the incident occurred: "There was no crash."

Zamarripa's claim contradicts not just the police report but eyewitness accounts from the women involved. "The crash was really strong, like maybe we were going to flip," one of the women, identified only as Dilcia, tells the Observer. "We were all trembling with shock from the accident; my whole body hurt," adds Roxana, another of the passengers.

Another ICE spokesperson, Adelina Pruneda, eventually acknowledged the incident, though she insisted it was a "fender bender" rather than a "vehicle crash." But according to the police report, the cargo van sustained "disabling damage" and was towed.

The four women who the Observer spoke with say they reported the incident to an immigration official. One of them also saw a doctor about a leg injury suffered in the crash. All four have since been reunited with their children and released from ICE custody.

It's hardly the first time ICE has released misleading information. Last February, the agency said it had arrested 51 people in an Austin-area raid. Almost a year later, the Observer revealed ICE had actually taken 132 immigrants into custody.

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  1. No news on whether these illegals were all deported?

    Reason, how about a daily deportation count?

    1. That would be Real News

      Reason specializes in the other kind

  2. Fake news! Everyone knows that ICE wouldn’t lie about transporting illegal immigrants around. For one thing, they’re doing the Lord’s work – and Trump’s work – by getting rid of illegal immigrants. For another thing, you can’t believe a word that those illegal immigrants say. They are just gutter people who hate America so much they tried to invade it.

    If you object to ICE “allegedly” lying to you about what they are doing, then that means you hate America and want to see it conquered by third world illiterate shithole people.

    1. How dare you draw a distinction between Trump and the Lord!

  3. Come on now, Trumpists. It’s your obligation now to rally behind ICE and defend them against all attacks, even if they deserve it. Because if you don’t defend ICE that means “the Left wins” and we can’t have that.

    1. How many of the mothers are you taking in?

      1. As many who ask me. That is, none.

  4. MAGA!

    1. Just out of pointless curiosity, when would you say American reached ‘peak Great’?
      Based on what, exactly?
      Is great good enough, or could ‘we’ do better?

  5. The van’s driver was an employee of Trailboss Enterprises, an Alaska-based company that provides transportation for ICE in Central and South Texas.

    Behind every evil government program is a contractor making a buck.

    1. Probably outsourced to some Indian company, and you know how those guys drive.

  6. A Government official lied ? This never happened under the previous administration

    1. Re: majil,

      But the current administration does it so much better. Making America Grating Again!

  7. — But ICE spokesperson Leticia Zamarripa told the outlet two days after the incident occurred: “There was no crash.” —

    Ranks up there in the long list of government whoppers with “We’re only arresting hardened criminals” and “They are rapists”.

  8. It’s hardly the first time ICE has released misleading information.

    Nooo! The little authoritarian angels? Come on!

  9. Illegals never lie though. Right? Right?

    1. Sure, in any disputes, any taking of sides, 1 side is pure and holy and good, the other vile and depraved and evil.

    2. Government agents never lie though. Right? Right?

  10. Makes you wonder why ICE lied, especially since the result of the accident was documented in police and insurance reports, and an accident is not really that big of a deal.

    Is it just an institutional instinct to hide the truth about anything that might reflect badly on ICE?

  11. >>>Trump administration’s infamous “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

    Lazy to label the policy as T Admin’s alone

    1. But much better propaganda!

  12. I’m getting to hate Reason like I hate CNN.

    Everything is propaganda.

    When ICE characterizes a traffic accident different than The Narrative, the hysteria runs wild!

    Notice what’s missing from this article about a horrific *CRASH* of a van full of innocent mothers (*sob*)?

    Where are the fatalities? The catastrophic injuries?

    Here was the damage: One of them also saw a doctor about a “leg injury” suffered in the crash.

    Lucky that all the other passengers of this catastrophe were Unbreakable.

    Curious how vague they were about the injury, though. It’s almost like “one of the women got a bruise on her leg, was examined by a doctor for precautionary reasons, and no treatment was required.”

    Aaaaand from the article: An ambulance was dispatched to the scene, but no one was taken to the hospital.

    “The four women said they were not instructed to wear seat belts.”

    You can never have enough immigrants who don’t know how seat belts work.

    Most likely there were no real injuries. It was a fender bender. No one really hurt. But a big opportunity for

    1. A “fender bender” is a minor collision that results in purely cosmetic damage. The van in this incident was damaged badly enough that it had to be towed, which puts this well beyond “fender bender”. Not to mention that before they tried to minimize the severity of the accident, they flat out lied, denying that it even happened.

      If there were no serious injuries, well, hey, I’m happy to hear that. It doesn’t change the facts of the ICE spokespersons’ dishonesty.

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