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Activist Shaun King Says CPS Came to Take His Kids After Someone Filed a False, Anonymous Complaint

"An anonymous troll has weaponized New York's Department of Child Services against my whole family."


Shaun King

Shaun King, the writer and Black Lives Matter activist, had a surprise visitor last night. Someone, his doorman called to say, had come to watch the kids.

King replied that he was not expecting any kind of babysitter. But the visitor was insistent. She had been sent by child protective services, she explained.

As King explained in a series of tweets about the encounter, the woman, "demanded to see three of my children. She called them by name. And said that she had to see them immediately."

King told her to get lost, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. She explained that she worked for New York Child Services, and was responding to a formal complaint contending that King and his wife had abandoned the children and allowed them to do drugs.

This might sound crazy. It's actually dismayingly common. Over the course of their childhood, about 37 percent of American kids will receive a visit from CPS, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health. And if they're African American, the rate is 53 percent.

That's right: More than half of all African American children will be investigated.

King insisted the investigator connect him to her supervisor, and then explained to the supervisor that somebody—an anonymous critic of King's writings, probably—had played a "cruel prank" on him and his family. Someone was wasting everyone's time. But the supervisor didn't care.

Anonymous reporting is allowed in many states. But just how reliable are these anonymous calls?

Diane Redleaf, legal director of the National Center for Housing and Child Welfare and author of the upcoming book, They Took the Kids Last Night, says that about one in four calls to child protective services are substantiated, but when it comes to anonymous reports, it is only one in 20.

What kind of person would deliberately traumatize a family by calling in a false accusation? Martin Guggenheim, an NYU Law professor specializing in child welfare, could not say conclusively. But he has heard of angry exes who call CPS repeatedly, knowing that each call triggers another investigation. "I once complained to the agency for being utterly insensitive to this problem and asked them to figure out a way to get some sense of whether a caller has made multiple reports that have proven to be unfounded, so that you not only save your own resources but save the parents from the horrible experience of being investigated countless times," he says. "And the agency said we have to do it this way. We have no choice."

But parents put in King's situation have more of a choice than they think. By law, Redleaf said, they do not have to let the investigator in or let them talk to the kids. (This is something the investigators are supposed to inform the parents of.)

On Twitter, King explained that he had spoken with a lawyer, which is absolutely the right thing to do. But it's still a terrifying position for a parents to find himself in, and an indictment of the entire CPS system.

"An anonymous troll has weaponized New York's Department of Child Services against my whole family by filing false reports of neglect and drug use by our children," he wrote.

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  1. “Anonymous reporting is allowed in many states.”

    In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.

    Does not compute. Anonymous reporting cannot be constitutional.

    1. But when CPS shows up at your door, it’s not a criminal prosecution. It’s an investigation.

      1. Which makes it much worse. You have very few rights in an administrative investigation.

        1. An important right is to tell them to fuck off. But that only works if you know this is an option.

          1. The right to tell them to fuck off is known as the 5th Amendment. Sadly, you can do that but they can still take your kids.

            1. This is why all anonymity should be strictly forbidden in our great nation. It starts with fake CPS reports, and then it turns into “satire” of revered academic department chairs who serve as envoys to the Vatican. Defamation should be rapidly re-criminalized everywhere in the country, especially any form of anonymous libel. Progress has been made towards this goal in New York, but the results so far have fallen short of our goals. See the documentation of America’s leading criminal “parody” case at:


            2. Actually, it is both the 4th and 5th Amendment. 5th applies if there is any risk of criminal prosecution and protects against answering questions. 4th Amendment lets you tell them to leave without performing even a visual inspection unless they have a warrant.

              The 5th pertains to answering questions and being compelled to speak.

              The 4th pertains to inviolability of property (house, car, papers, etc) – at least unless a warrant has been obtained.

              And NO, they usually cannot take your kids based on an anonymous report without more. Granted, I am only a lawyer in California and not in New York where this occurred or in whatever State you live in. But in general, they have to have admissible evidence and an anonymous report, if being used for the truth of the anonymous allegations (as opposed to for some other purpose), is hearsay and is inadmissible in California and under the Federal Rules of Evidence (I am licensed as well in the Eastern District of California). It is my understanding that most if not all States have a rule against hearsay as well.

          2. An important right is to tell them to fuck off.

            Yeah, try that and see what happens. I suspect the only reason King still has his kids and they didn’t just go ahead and take them that night is because he’s rich enough to lawyer up and fight back. For most poor people who go through this, they don’t have that option.

            CPS goons are some of the worst petty tyrants we have because they actually believe their own bullshit about how they’re “protecting children” and have the approval of their own conscience to ruin people’s lives over anonymous complaints.

            1. And the worst part is if you call the cops to arrest them for trespass and harassment, they’re very likely to take the side of the CPS goon and kick in your door with guns blazing. At which point you’ll be arrested for obstruction, resisting arrest, mopery with intent to creep, and you kids will be taken away anyhow.

        2. Which, again, is a bug/feature of the administrative state. See, they’re not operating under “laws” – laws being the exclusive domain of the legislative branch and the administrators of the administrative state being part of the executive branch – they operate under “rules” and “regulations” and “procedures”. When they come for you, it’s a civil case, not a criminal case. And it was only recently that the Supreme Court backed off the Chevron deference a little in declaring that agency actions might possibly be allowed to be challenged in a real court rather than an “administrative court” where the agency’s own employees sit as judge and jury. They make the law, they enforce the law, they judge the law – but it’s cool, they’re not really laws, they’re just rules and regulations. And you can be sure procedures will be followed.

          1. They can ruin your livelihood, take every dime you own, take your children or any number of other horrible things, and do it with minimal due process and no right to counsel or to remain silent or any of the rights we associate with criminal courts all because it is somehow different in that they are not sending you to jail. It is insane.

            1. He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.

      2. And when I greet them with my Glock drawn, it’s not criminal intimidation, it’s self defense.

    2. Does not compute. Anonymous reporting cannot be constitutional.

      What’s your solution? Anyone reporting a crime must provide identity? Seems equally voided by the constitution out of hand to me. I’m no fan of a personal right to privacy but, in this case, the problem isn’t anonymous reporting as it is investigation and/or punishment without trial.

      You don’t weaponize a department any more than you weaponize a gun. This is CPS doing what it’s meant to do. King is actually saying he’s fine with this as long as they aren’t doing it to him.

      1. I would personally favor a general rule that if you want your report of a crime to be taken seriously, you have to identify yourself. That doesn’t mean that the police have to tell the person you reported who you are, prior to a trial where you’re used as a witness. But it would strongly discourage prank crime reports.

      2. If someone reports a crime, anonymously, the police investigate to see if there is any basis, but the anonymous tip is not itself evidence. If the police find enough evidence to get a warrant or to make an arrest, the police are the accuser, not the anonymous tipper. The anonymous tipper simply is directing the police to the location, and what to look for, anything they find would be treated as if they happened upon it as a result of their normal patrol. Ideally it works, well so long as police do not abuse their authority, such as intimidating people to let them search without a warrant, or assuming the tip is valid, and thus treat a person as a suspect, when they have found nothing to support the tip. Add in regulatory agencies behaving as if they are police, when it suits them, and acting as a regulator when that suits them and things become the mess we see every day.

    3. Sounds like the chickens are coming home to roost.

  2. “This might sound crazy. It’s actually dismayingly common. Over the course of their childhood, about 37 percent of American kids will receive a visit from CPS, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health. And if they’re African American, the rate is 53 percent.

    That’s right: more than half of all African American children will be investigated.”

    No one cares about this, but we obsess about kids at the border?

    1. CPS takes kids from their parents and sticks them in foster homes, which while sometimes good are often pits of abuse, every day and no one cares. It is a disgrace what happens in this country. But unless it involves TRUMP!! the media isn’t interested.

      1. “Sometimes” good. Foster care kids are abused and mistreated several times more than kids with parents.

      2. In the state I am in, the government gives a check to foster parents every month. Some foster parents are good people who are taking care of kids for altruistic reasons. Other foster parents are not so good people who are only doing it for the government check.

    2. No one cares about this, but we obsess about kids at the border?

      Don’t mistake things, no one actually cares about the children at the border, either. But it was a very convenient club top beat him with that the president left lying around.

      1. It only works as a club because the Right is so spineless.

        “Oh noes! Separating children from their parents!”

        The same thing done every time parents are arrested and held. We generally don’t put kids in adult jail with their parents. Duh.

    3. Well, Reason has had a beat about this for years, so…

      1. Yes they do. But they are the only ones.

      2. Yeah, once in a great while they had an article on it. But they were running multiple articles a day on the border separation issue, betraying which they consider more important.

    4. King used his ‘white privilege’!

    5. “about 37 percent of American kids will receive a visit from CPS”

      I’m mildly interested in the (success?) abuse rate (of positive findings?). How many kids are technically abused of those investigations. How many abuse cases are un-investigated (prior) to discovery?

      But not enough to look it up.

      At any rate I *believe* CPS type agencies are themselves abusive and abusers, certainly of liberty.

  3. King told her to get lost, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

    But parents put in King’s situation have more of a choice than they think. By law, Redleaf said, they do not have to let the investigator in or let them talk to the kids. (This is something the investigators are supposed to inform the parents of.)

    So, I take it the CPS drone has been fired? BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Just kidding, I know better than to to think that.

    1. I wonder if that woman would have taken a backhanding for an answer.

    2. [flipping on video pointed at front porch] “I’ve told you to leave. You are trespassing, which is a breach of the peace committed in my presence. If you don’t leave immediately, you’re going to jail.[reaches for handcuffs and Glock stored by front door] and if you resist, you might go to the hospital or the morgue.”

      1. I think you want the video on when the door opens, if not before.

  4. What kind of person would deliberately traumatize a family by calling in a false accusation?

    A complete dickhead.

    1. I am not sure dickhead fully describes it. Perhaps evil dickhead is better. Even if you hate the person, what do their kids have to do with it? How could anyone want to send kids who were not being abused to foster care no matter how much you loathed their parents? This is some sick shit.

      1. It’s like swatting, but with torture instead of death as the likely consequence.

    2. Same kind of people that try to run you off the road because of your Trump sticker.

    3. I had something similar happen to me several years ago. Someone called saying they lived at my address and that they were the victim of domestic assault. The cops came, insisted on barging into the house, interrogated everybody (I had friends over at the time), and they were assholes to us the whole way through. Turns out the people who called really lived down the road and that they gave a false address because they didn’t want a record of a visit by the cops. Having CPS so heavily involved ends up making people less safe because they’re afraid to call the cops without having their kids taken away. Sort of like how drug laws often prevent people from seeking medical treatment.

    4. One of the homes in my neighborhood is converted into apartments, and one unit used to be occupied by this vile cunt of a woman who scammed welfare and sold prescription drugs for her money. She was ill tempered and would invariably get into snits with other residents on the block. Her go to was to call in a fake abuse complaint to CPS, as most of the households on my block have minor children. I know of at least three people where the did this. Two of them more than once.

      She even threatened me in this manner. As i do not currently have any children in the house, i laughed at her and told her to fuck off, or I would beat her ex con parolee boy toy to a bloody pulp and get hm sent back to the can (he was a shitbag who had already threatened one of my neighbors).

  5. This is just terrible.

  6. about one in four calls to child protective services are substantiated, but when it comes to anonymous reports, it is only one in 20.

    Sounds like CPS responses to calls are a waste of resources.

    1. Here is how CPS works Rich. Imagine you are a CPS worker in New York. You have two calls to investigate this morning. The first call is this guy, who looks like a respectable person and doesn’t seem to be violent or dangerous at all. The second call is to an apartment that has some guy who has a tear tattooed on his face and looks like he is a member of MS13 and someone you wouldn’t sit next to on the bus much less have an adversarial interaction with them. Now, understanding you get paid the same either way, which case do you think you are going to spend the most time and energy on?

      Real cases of abuse go unnoticed for years by CPS because people who actually abuse their kids are generally crazy and dangerous and no one the typical CPS workers wants to deal with. Meanwhile, picking on some well dressed law-abiding guy like this is much easier. CPS doesn’t save children from abuse. It just picks on people who are easy targets and are unlucky enough to come to CPS’s attention.

      1. I fear it’s also just an issue of optimizing for avoiding false negatives. Or at the very least, saying that something was done in the case of a significant abuse taking place. It’s a very hard problem, because most people don’t abuse their kids. And the signs of abuse are also often signs of nothing at all. It’s a needle in a haystack problem.

        And then There is also the contingent of people who seem to believe that parents should truly have almost no discretion over their child’s upbringing. That’s a different issue though.

  7. See, this is the sort of stuff that validates BLM’s complaints about the police state and it affects white people just as much as black people – and Shawn King of all people ought to be aware that there’s little distinction between black and white – but I’m sure this will be turned into a matter of “Racism!”, thereby diluting the message and missing the point. It ain’t just black people who have a reason to say “Fuck Tha Police”.

    1. BLM is the most incompetent counterproductive political movement I have ever seen. If BLM were a false flag operation funded by the police unions for the purpose of discrediting anyone who criticizes the police, you couldn’t tell the difference between what they are now. Those dumb asses have set the cause of police accountability back 20 years.

        1. Right-wing bigots offering tips to blacks with respect to abusive policing?

          1. Ask the guy in Aurora who the cops shot in his own home, hicklib.

      1. BLM started with a good premise however, like #Occupy and many others, they were taken over by Progressives into political movements that became violent and dirtbags.

        1. My impression is that they got taken over by urban gangs, who just wanted the cops off their turf.

          Basic rule of thumb is, if you’re running the neighborhood watch, you don’t let the bloods and the crips join.

        2. BLM started with a good premise

          The premise that started BLM was “Hands up, don’t shoot”…which turned out to be a bullshit narrative.

    2. and Shawn King of all people ought to be aware that there’s little distinction between black and white

      Especially in the mirror.


    3. It ain’t just black people who have a reason to say “Fuck Tha Police”.

      No, but apparently the bigger outrage! is that black people have *more* of a reason. And until that is fixed – and by means that are likely to be counterproductive – nothing else happens.

      1. I’m not sure they are necessarily saying white people aren’t experiencing it either. I think what they’re saying is that the people who defend the police no matter what they do are overwhelmingly white. Their suggestion is that there’s a racial component to their motivation since it’s so dominated by white people.

        1. Their suggestion is that none of the minority members of police forces are willing to identify the bad actors. In the other article on Sugartown the victims father had been a member of the police department’s community relations (organizer?) team. The disposition of the police in that department could not have come as a surprise to him.

          question. Why are the bad actors not arrested/reported on the spot by their minority co-workers who have arrest authority?

          question. In New Iberia 51.68% of the population is Caucasian. 2.81% of the population is Asian. Caucasians appear to be a minority. Who is counting the votes?

        2. BLM has been around five years and you are still not sure they acknowledge that white people are mistreated by police, too. That says a lot. BLM rarely if ever notes that fact and the group acts like blacks are the only victims. Note how they complain if you say all lives matter instead of black lives matter. I have never heard them complain about police killing white people. If they have, they haven’t made much of an issue about it.

          Yeah, they probably don’t like that some/many white people defend the police. OTOH, they scare young black people to death with the fear that ALL police are out to get them. That kind of fear will probably lead to those young people reacting in a bad way when encountered by police and might get some of them killed.

          Ya know, if the cops would just kill more white people, then blacks would not be over represented. Problem solved!

  8. Shaun King, the writer and Black Lives Matter activist

    He’s a stupid prog so I’m sure he deserved it.

    1. If he was an illegal immigrant he would have doubly deserved it.

      1. Wait until the left finds out there are actual citizens whom have their kids forcibly removed by the government. I’m sure that’ll be all Trump’s fault too. They’ll really lost their shit when they find out some of those kids are brown!

        1. This dude is the left. That’s why he deserves it, because he’s the left. Lefty shitbags like this need to have their children taken away and their lives ruined because how else will they learn a lesson?

          1. It’s not BECAUSE he’s the left, it’s because teaching leftie, nanny state, politics is child abuse. And thus the state should be further empowered to stop him.

            1. I don’t know, I think that’s a distraction from snatching kids away from Christians who home school their kids.

              1. Or won’t let their underage child transition

              2. Competent adults do not favor ostensible adults engaging in childhood indoctrination involving silly fictions.

                1. So what’s your excuse?

                2. So Arty, you’re saying to keep them away from progressive politics and the democrat party then?

                3. Government Schools?

                4. Neither do totalitarians.

            2. Great point. Double-fuck this guy.

              1. I think we’re on “triple” right now

                1. I was agreeing with BUCS. Your addition was a little flimsy.

                  1. You’re flimsy

            3. Would you please lose the emetic video link?

  9. The problem’s compounded by the fact that CPS, once they’ve launched an investigation, particularly one that involves their confiscating the infants in question, has an incentive to find or manufacture evidence of abuse or neglect.

    If they return little Bobby after a week or so with a finding of no abuse, then the kid’s parents have a compelling story to tell to the media and to legislative bodies; and that could lead to a curtailment of CPS’s funding and powers. Thus CPS has every incentive to make the parents the following offer: “Sign a statement admitting that you’re bad parents, and agreeing to attend bad-parent classes, and we’ll return little Bobby forthwith. Refuse to sign, and we’ll keep him until a formal hearing can be held, which could be weeks or months from now, with no guarantee that the outcome will be the kid’s return.”

    Most parents would accept this offer rather than prolong their offspring’s stint in foster care. Once they’ve signed the papers, they lose much their credibility to claim that they were abused by the system; and they’ve given CPS the evidence that they need to re-confiscate the kid should the parents get on their wrong side.

    But if it saves one child’s life, isn’t it worth it?

    1. It is a question of incentives. If CPS takes a kid wrongly and eventually gives it back, they can still claim “we did our job” . But if CPS doesn’t take the kid and then something happens to it, the public is going to be all over CPS for not doing something. So there is no downside to taking the kid, only for not doing so.

      1. ^This

        Every other week there’s another story in the local news along the lines of “how come CPS didn’t do something!!!”

      2. But if CPS doesn’t take the kid and then something happens to it, the public is going to be all over CPS for not doing something.

        Mmm… let’s go with “there’s a slightly less than random chance the public is going to be all over it”. I mean, there’s always a chance that we’ll discover Trump once hired an accountant who has the letters R, U, S, I, and A in their client list. I’ll spare you the hazy memories of a vague anecdote about our local papers.

    2. Old Smoker embellishes a bit. A parent does not have to admit guilt and hearings are quite prompt when a child is forcibly removed.

      In NY there is no incentive to find abuse or neglect. The major motivation is to not have done a poor investigation. Lower socio-economic people are more likely to call in false reports because that’s how they roll.

  10. That’s right: more than half of all African American children will be investigated.

    What about people like Shaun King who role play as African Americans?

  11. King is a dimwit but this ain’t cool . Good for him to call a lawyer and tell these Azzhats to pack sand .
    This is why all these Government jerks deserve it when shot in the face

    1. I hear that black helicopters read everything that’s posted here at Reason. And they can track your location from your posting time.

      Breitbart is over thataway. Why dontcha mosey on over? It’s safer.


    Oh, right, pretty much everyone that’s familiar with government. Someone saw something, so maybe someone said something.


  13. If this can happen to Thurgood Marshmallow, it can happen to any of us.

  14. “An anonymous troll has weaponized New York’s Department of Child Services against my whole family.”

    “But this doesn’t mean the question of whether these agencies should have the power they possess, or even exist in the first place, should actually be explored. All that matters is that I suffered in this particular instance, and black people suffer from this in general. Fuck white people, because I couldn’t care less if it happened to them.”

    1. What is this guy doing? Auditioning for a spot on the New York Times editorial board?

    2. I feel sorry for him, but pretty sure the “white” people who this happen to are usually poorer, so his statement is kind of a dick move and really asinine.

    3. It’s cool to see another person has acquired John’s mind reading powers.

      1. It’s not like we don’t have his entire online poasting career to provide us with examples.

    4. All that matters is that I suffered in this particular instance, and black people suffer from this in general. Fuck white
      people, because I couldn’t care less if it happened to them.

      Yup, the “gun” exists, it was designed to shoot people, it frequently shoots the wrong people and has for decades. None of this was a problem until someone I don’t know pointed the “gun” at him. And, in this case, when the “gun” is actually just people doing their job on the public dime and can actually be banned in accordance with the constitution, he blames the anonymous person who pointed it at him and not so much for pointing the gun, but for the fact that they did so anonymously. Like if they were on the federal CPS registry and had a special permit to covertly utilize the CPS, he’d be OK with it.

  15. True Story: A buddy of mine’s girlfriend had accidently locked her kid in her car and called 911 right away. Police arrived and were able to unlock it instantly-the child was not harmed at all. They took her name and sure enough, CPS paid them a visit. They noticed that they had several bottles of booze on their living room bar and that was enough to trigger several follow up visits because the child might be exposed to substance abuse in their home…

    1. “They noticed that they had several bottles of booze on their living room bar and that was enough to trigger several follow up visits which the parents agreed to instead of asserting their rights” FTFY

      Just say, “Fuck, no” to more visits and they would get the same “Unfounded” determination. There is an appeals process which does not require a lawyer.

  16. “An anonymous troll has weaponized New York’s Department of Child Services”

    No, CPS was purpose-built as a weapon. It was used as intended.


  17. An “anonymous” tip might be readily traceable in today’s communications age, particularly if the tipster were unsophisticated, as racists tend to be. If this constituted a false, malicious report, the authorities should be striving to identify, charge, prosecute, convict, and incarcerate the culprit. Perhaps Mr. King, after identification of the jerk by the authorities, could bankrupt the culprit with a civil judgment.

    1. Let’s hope he can get the dimwitted progtard who did this to him. Arty, your kind are trash.

  18. Shaun King is a White Guy so he should not be having any children since Whites are suppose to die out according to the NYT.

  19. I never thought I’d see the day when I sympathized with Talcum X, but here we are.

  20. My shadenboner has reached low-earth orbit.

    1. My shadenboner has reached low-earth orbit.

      I love me some schadenfreude, but I’m still at the point where I’d rather see a hideous government entity like CPS dismantled entirely than see it turned against someone who normally would vigorously advocate for it.

  21. “An anonymous troll has weaponized New York’s Department of Child Services against my whole family by filing false reports of neglect and drug use by our children,”

    That may even be the case. If you’re a psycho and hate somebody, and they have kids, anonymous CPS reports are the way to go.

    But “I’m being attacked by trolls” is also simply the Left’s go to defense for everything. Saying it is not evidence that it is true.

  22. Well, he is arguably mentally ill for pretending to be black, like that Rachel Dozeal lady. But that’s probably not reason enough to take kids away.

  23. Two can play. After a few judges, prosecutors and large contributors to looter political campaigns get SWATted, kidnapped and confiscated through asset forfeiture, dem laws is a-gonna change sho nuff. The lame-duck Herbert Hover Administration did as much to wealthy organizers of crime profiting off of the prohibition laws in 1933. By the time FDR was sworn in, every bank in These States was boarded up and millionaires hid overseas from the Taxman. Repeal came in a hurry.

    1. That you manage t twist this around to bring up the Hoover administration just so you have something to jerk yourself off too shows what an idiot you are.

      It doesn’t make you clever.

  24. Shaun King is an asshole, but this is an incredibly shitty thing to do. This is just one step below attempted murder by cop.


    1. Shaun King is an asshole.

      You’re a reprehensible right-wing bigot.

      Carry on, clinger.

      1. And you’re a slack-jawed, self-loathing hicklib.

        Carry on, soyboy.

      2. You’re race baiting vermin

      3. He’s spot on. King is a racist piece of shit.

  25. That some white supremacist or disgruntled person would waste the city’s limited resources to randomly call in false information that severely puts my family in harm’s way

    Maybe it was a Black Lives Matter activist who was angry that she married a white dude pretending to be black?

  26. Shitty thing to do to ANYONE. Try being an erotic service provider or sex worker and see what happens when an anonymous complaint is made. He got off pretty easy actually, and has a huge platform to bitch about it and bring huge public pressure. When a sex worker I know had this happen to her FOUR cop cars and TWO CPS agents showed up. Thankfully she had moved just before they showed up. They insisted upon searching even though they were told she didnt live there anymore and CPS came back for another four months until finally they had to be threatened with a harassment lawsuit to get them to stop. Children are often removed from erotic service providers simply due to their jobs as sex workers, regardless of whether neglect or abuse is actually happening.

  27. “Over the course of their childhood, about 37 percent of American kids will receive a visit from CPS, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health. And if they’re African American, the rate is 53 percent.”

    According to the Abstract:

    “Results. We estimate that 37.4% of all children experience a child protective services investigation by age 18 years.”

    Someone take the high road and pay for this to shoot it down – 37.4% of ALL children in the U.S. are not the subject of a Child Protective Services investigation by the time they are 18. Bull…fucking…shit.

    1. personally, I’m shocked it’s not higher

    2. You can access the article for free through scihub, but spoiler alert that’s actually what the abstract and article say.
      Their source: “We obtained maltreatment data from the 2003?2014 National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) Child Files, the national repository for child maltreatment reports to CPS in all 50 states, the District of
      Columbia, and the territories”

      What’s interesting is that they compare to the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health which suggests if they caught every case they’d actually be investigating *more* kids.

  28. Dont have kids, and then the government has one less handle on you. Good for your wallet, too.

  29. I can’t stand Shaun (I’m to Fly for a White Guy) King; however if this is true then I will stand with him against a corrupt system being abused. Calling CPS is no different than SWATting someone. I do have some concern with the story as I’ve rarely heard of CPS going out alone, usually there are at least one or two LEOs with them to ensure their safety.

  30. Curious, did King make any statements about the child separation at the border being unprecedented, inhuman, and of course all Trump’s fault?

    I don’t condone false reports to CPS or any other govt agency, but it seems likely this was someone out to wake up Mr King about the reality that citizens get the same treatment.

  31. He wants more gubmint, he gets more gubmint! LOL!

  32. Karma for being a fake black dude.

  33. So…no one is going to question if this story is even true? Or if its another fiction like his…um…racial heritage.

  34. To clarify a couple of things the author should (but apparently either does not or conveniently forgot):

    1. The Department does not investigate the children. The Department investigates the care the parents are giving the children.

    2. You can refuse to let DCFS in, but most likely will only trigger an incident with the police if you do so. In some states (e.g. California) the Department must get a warrant to enter, but that of course is scant protection as the warrant can only be contested after the detention has occurred.

    3. Finally as to exes using the Department to win what they failed to win in family court, that occasionally works but usually does not and repeat complaints usually harm the ex more than the purported abuser. I had a client whose ex routinely accused him of sexually molesting their daughter every time he planned an out-of-state vacation. When the case ultimately closed he had sole physical custody and mom had monitored visitation.

    So yes, this can be painful and take time, but a lawyer who knows what he is doing can get the case resolved properly. Nobody said everything in life would be easy.

    1. “You can refuse to let DCFS in, but most likely will only trigger an incident with the police if you do so.”

      If the report was made by a mandated reporter that may be true but not for an anonymous report for which investigators are otherwise unable to substantiate the allegation. What are they going to tell the judge to get that warrant?

      1. CPS: Judge, this is CPS. Some asshole won’t let us in and we need a warrant.

        Judge: OK. Emailing it now.

    2. The process IS the punishment

  35. Anonymous reports shouldn’t be allowed. You don’t necessarily have to tell the parents who made the report, but CPS damn well needs to know the name of the person making the report. That way if it turns out to be bogus they will know who to hold accountable.

  36. How this should have gone:

    “Sorry, Mr. King, we clearly have the wrong address. The caller said the kids were being beaten by a black guy.”

  37. Shaun King is a dim-witted, race-baiting Priest of the High Church of Victimhood. I can’t stand almost anything he says. In no other era would someone with such valueless, poorly articulated, poorly considered, uninteresting opinions be listened to, much less celebrated.

    But I would stand up for his right to speak any where, any time. And I would fight against idiots mobilizing the abusive power of the state against him in this way.

    That’s what makes me (and the libertarians reading this site) different from Shaun King and the Leftist Moron Parade that passes before our eyes in a never-ending stream of idiocy. I actually have principles, not just convenient self-contradictory, shifting, opportunistic, mutually exclusive opinions that I spout off to the applause of the mob.

    What do I mean, specifically? Well, would Shaun King stand up for a white Trump supporter if this happened to them? Uhhh, no. Because (Insert White Supremacy Bromide Here). But if it happened to a black liberal, Shaun King would go vomit an “article” onto the putrid digital swamp of the Intercept about it.

    Shaun, I can’t stand you. But that doesn’t mean what happened to you is right, and I won’t stand for it.

    1. that’s one perspective on this, and it’s the perspective that I, too, have. another perspective is that this sort of government control over other people’s lives is actually what he wants and has clearly advocated for. please note “other” people’s lives.

      the bottom line is, people like shaun king will never change until they feel and come to understand the weight and pain of a truly oppressive government in their life.

      do i support, condone, or wish this sort of thing on anybody? no. but, it’s very ironic that it happened to him.

    2. Best comment on this piece! Yes, King is an abomination of race-baiting and white bashing. Most recently, he tried to politicize the tragic murder of a young woman in Oakland by suggesting that both the murder and the response to it were racially-based. He did so without evidence or persuasive argument. Despicable though he may be, even King–to say nothing of his family, his children–should not suffer this abuse of a system which at its best is intended to help the most vulnerable among us. Whoever made this anonymous complaint is a reprehensible coward, too afraid or too intellectually slight to challenge King directly, with words, through the media. Mark is exactly correct: Shaun King would almost certainly not defend a white family, a Republican, a conservative, or a Trump supporter who suffered a similar abuse. Those of us who see through his bullshit must be better than that.

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    what you
    pay for

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  40. Wants more government: gets more government.

  41. I went to college with Shaun, why do some people on this message board think he’s not black?

    Phenotypically he’s clearly biracial, and his own personal history explains that.

    I’m confused.

    1. Biracial means he is black and white. Would it be OK to call him white and not black?

      1. It’s ok to call him whatever HE identifies as.

        But there’s also the issue of the “one-drop” rule as practiced in the country relating to racial hierarchy and classification. So with one full parent being black, he surely is classified as black in this country.

  42. I’ll just leave this here, CPS in NYS… the innocent persecuted and the guilty let go.…..e-custody/

  43. Consider yourself lucky, they could have SWAT’ed you.

  44. Let’s keep this in mind the next time the body of murdered kids shows up and people start criticizing the government for not doing enough to protect our kids. If this practice is as common as this article says then it would be understandable if many legitimate cases get overlooked because CPS is bogged down figuring out the bogus from the real.

  45. Siohvaughn Funches is a famous Public speaker, Christian Counselor, and creator and Siohvaughn Funches born in The America.

  46. You do suffer from Racial Delusion Syndrome Shaun. If you don’t even know, or lie about, your own race, how do we know you won’t convince your kids they can fly and then they jump off a roof?
    You liked government intervention under Obama, what’s the problem?

  47. most commentors point to CPS’ actions re anonymous complaints. what do all you people think will happen when the “red flag laws” hit full stride. warrantless searches and confiscation due to a person who has a bone to pick with you and accuses you of erratic behaviour or being a danger to yourself and others without any proof. You have to prove yourself innocent after the confiscation of your properties. Properties that take months or years to be returned after YOU have proven yourself innocent, NOT the officials proven you guilty. THAT is against every thing in the Bill of Rights and it is being authored and passed by the socialist/progressive anti Constitution and Bill of Rights liberal democrats. I truly hope that the passage of these kinds of laws will come back to take a great white shark sized bite of the communist democrats’ asses. I read that King supports these kinds of laws. well, here’s your chickens buds.

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