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Candidate and Daughter Build Trump's Border Wall in Cringeworthy Campaign Ad

The ad also shows Ron DeSantis reading to his son from The Art of the Deal and teaching his daughter to say "make America great again."


Florida's leading candidate for the GOP's gubernatorial nomination wants voters to know he's a big fan of Donald Trump. So he's airing an ad that shows him using toy blocks to teach his young daughter how to build Trump's border wall.

"Everyone knows my husband Ron DeSantis is endorsed by President Trump," DeSantis' wife Casey says at the start of the 30-second spot, which was released online today and will be televised statewide starting tomorrow. "But he's also an amazing dad. Ron loves playing with the kids." At that point, the commercial cuts to the candidate and his young daughter constructing a wall out of cardboard blocks. "Build the wall!" Ron says:

Rep. DeSantis also reads to his children—from Trump's book The Art of the Deal. "Then Mr. Trump said, 'You're fired,'" DeSantis tells his infant son. "He's teaching Madison to talk," Casey adds, before the camera reveals Ron showing his daughter how to say "make America great again."

It's meant to be lighthearted; instead it's cringeworthy. But from a political standpoint, it may be the right move: DeSantis currently has an 11-point lead in the RealClearPolitics polling average.

And it could be worse. If Trump ever does build his border wall, the project will cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars to solve a problem that doesn't exist. So I guess I should give DeSantis some credit. His wall serves an actual purpose—getting elected—and it's cheap.

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  1. “It’s meant to be lighthearted; instead it’s cringeworthy.”

    Actually, it’s lighthearted.

    There isn’t anything libertarian about being a snowflake, and there are plenty of snowflakes who wouldn’t even find that cringeworthy.

    Get a hobby.

    1. Its not lighthearted, just stupid. But its not cringeworthy. Dude should run on something other than ‘I wanna have Trump’s children’ though.

      And the wife? She’s totally cheating on him.

      1. Looks like Hillary’s dick inside of you has really made you a relationship skeptic.

        1. Hillary’s dick is still manlier than Bernies…

        2. at least she can still get it up. Can’t say the same about hairpiece.

    2. Re: Ken Shultz,

      — Actually, it’s lighthearted. —

      No, it’s darkhearted. The dad is not even explaining the purpose of Trump’s wall to his children, which is to preclude people from engaging in commerce with Americans whonare willing to hire then, rent to them, sell to them, buy from them and even marry them. It’s all about them brown people taking er jebz.

      Reading from the Art of the Deal can be compared to reading the bible to his kids in this way: neither of the ‘authors’ wrote a single word of their books. The difference: Gawd is not orange.

      1. It’s accepted that both books were dictated by the author…

      2. Gonna build that wall and kick out all the illegals, Mexi. Lock that border down real good!

      3. Don’t forget the bit about them being net negative tax contributors, committing more crime than native born people (except black Americans, but who thinks we should set the bar that low???), and eventually their anchor babies who have voting rights voting all of our freedoms away!

    3. It is cringe worthy because it’s a sycophant teaching his son to worship dear leader. It’s the playing into the cult of the strongman leader that makes it gross.

      1. There isn’t anything cringeworthy about it.

        The midterms are a referendum on Trump. That some are running as pro-Trump or pro-securing the border with a wall isn’t cringeworthy at all.

        Any grown up that finds that ad cringeworthy isn’t really a grown up.

    4. There isn’t anything libertarian about being a snowflake,

      There isn’t anything libertarian about being conservative or favoring authoritarian, bigoted immigration policies, either.

      Carry on, clingers.

  2. The people in Florida do know that they won’t be spared the wall, right.

    In fact, due to Florida’s shape and basically being nothing but sand barely abkve the high tide line, the wall will be built of the Georgia border.

    See how they like it when they’re overrun by Cubans stuck there and old people can no longer drive down there to die in the retirement communities.

  3. Yeah, but his wife is hot

    I’d vote for him for closing that deal

    1. See how long she keeps him around if he already hit his political ceiling.

    2. Definitely Would.

    3. She’s “country hot,” ie not really hot, but with enough make-up and a soft glamor shots camera filter, doable.

    4. I look at that wife, then look at the perks of being in government and I question why I can’t be pure evil so I can start enjoying life like a politician.

  4. Building a wall around Florida will probably help with the rising flood waters.

    1. Turn America’s wang into an Escape from New York prison. (Insert snowbird joke here.) They can keep Snake Plissken along with all the other snakes they have.

      1. Started out as a Penal colony, may as well end up as one.

        1. Australia was the penal colony. American colonization was a commercial venture staffed by willing volunteers. Well, the he white ones anyways.

  5. Sorry, that ad is child’s play (pun intended) compared to the ads from both gubernatorial candidates here in Georgia. I have seen nothing in my 50 years that make me want to vote Democrat more than those ads.

    1. Another Georgian here?
      Damn, there’s a lot of us (though I’m in North Florida for a bit) – I haven’t seen that ad, but I have seen anti-Desantis ads running every commercial for the last 3 months. Someone with a boatload of money really, really doesn’t want him to win.
      And those Kemp ads are god awful… “Yup, I just said that”

      1. 2 more, huh?

        There really are a lot of Georgians. You two, LC, LibertyMike, SIV.

        1. LibertyMike is a Masshole. Unless he moved.

      2. I never even watch political videos until someone on here brings it up.

        Political videos are for people who dont like to read about candidate’s positions.

    2. I guess you liked voting Democrat when they push old people in wheelchairs off cliffs?

      Those were some classy ads.

      Brian Kemp has some Georgia relatable videos.

      You vote Democrat because you’re a Democrat. A video wouldn’t change your mind.

      1. From what I hear from a friend who’s met and dealt with Kemp, he’s not stupid – just a typical politician. But man, he sure plays up the dumb in his adds

        1. Kemp was our secretary of state for a few terms.

          No issues with his position that I can remember.

          He will probably as friendly toward business as last two governors, so dont really see a problem.

      2. You vote Democrat because you’re a Democrat.

        You vote for Republicans, fetishize border walls, embrace tariffs, support bigots, favor government management of wombs and state micromanagement of certain clinics, and insist that people stand at toe-on-the-line attention during a song because . . . because you’re a libertarian?

        That’s your story, right?

        1. Im a Libertarian, so I vote Libertarian if there is a good candidate.

          I will vote for Republicans that are Libertarian-ish.

          I voted for sanders in the 2016 primary to fuck Hillary up.

          I vote for myself a lot.

          1. Putting aside our political differences for a moment, in the spirit of compassion and fellowship, I hope scientists find a cure for your autism.

  6. Lefty media never says anything about teachers using kids for their political purposes.

    Why would kids be out protesting for abortion? If they were aborted, they would even have been available for the protest.

    This is different.

    Conservatives like family themed political advertisements.

    1. Lefty media never says anything about teachers using kids for their political purposes.

      Mm, mmm, mm!
      Barack Hussein Obama

      He said that all must lend a hand
      To make this country strong again
      Mmm, mmm, mm!
      Barack Hussein Obama

      He said we must be fair today
      Equal work means equal pay
      Mmm, mmm, mm!
      Barack Hussein Obama

      He said that we must take a stand
      To make sure everyone gets a chance
      Mmm, mmm, mm!
      Barack Hussein Obama

      He said red, yellow, black or white
      All are equal in his sight
      Mmm, mmm, mm!
      Barack Hussein Obama

      Mmm, mmm, mm
      Barack Hussein Obama

  7. Coming from a magazine that spent 8 years collectively creaming its panties over chocolate Jesus shouting Si se puede! in front of a Council of La Raza meeting please spare us any sanctimony about what is or is not cringeworthy.

    1. Re: hello.

      — Coming from a magazine that spent 8 years collectively creaming its panties over chocolate Jesus —


    2. Exactly what magazine are you talking about? It’s sure as fuck ain’t this one.

      1. Reason is not anti-Lefty as they would have you believe.

        Especially since Lefty Socialism is the opposite of Libertarianism.

  8. Smart move. Todays’ politics is about style and not substance. Even libertarianism is now about style instead of substance (hence the voting of Trump as a protest against impure GaJo).

    This ad is pure style. I bet his challengers are behind because they’re trying to focus and issues and shit. What a bunch of tards.

  9. A border wall is perhaps the least libertarian idea this side of government-subsidized communist indoctrination.

    1. Yeah, Socialists dont like the Constitution nor for the USA to defend itself.

      1. Defend itself from what? You know that terrorists can come through Canada too. Or on planes. Why aren’t you advocating for a bubble instead of a wall? Something specific about the southern border that bothers you?

        1. We dont want new Democrat voters crossing our borders.

          We only want the black, brown, white, indian, east asian, native american voters that we have now.

          1. Man, I used to sing the praises of hardcore pragmatic politics, but you Republicunts make it look evil.

            1. No Tony, you’re the one who is evil.

        2. I would like to deport all you progtards too. Lucky for you the constitution constrains me or you would be a new immigrant of Antarctica.

          1. The constitution, and the part about disaffected, autistic, stale-thinking, economically inadequate yahoos from the sticks being largely powerless in modern society.

            1. Your a high school dropout who empties wastebaskets for a living. You probably shouldn’t be throwing stones.

        3. You know that terrorists can come through Canada too.

          In cars, boats, and snowmobiles perhaps.

          On foot? Not in any quantity. There really isn’t much need for a wall for an awful lot of the Canadian border. Between mosquitoes, black, horse, and deer flies, sub-zero temps, neck deep snow, bottomless swamp, and endless forests, no terrorist will ever inspire terror comparable to the northern border.

    2. A border wall is perhaps the least libertarian idea this side of government-subsidized communist indoctrination.

      A comment I can fully agree with, assuming that last point is referring to our public school system.

  10. What it actually is is the kind of humor that both sides have that they each find hilarious, and when everyone else isn’t laughing, they accuse you of not having a sense of humor.

  11. This is pretty LOLz. It’s kinda dumb, but also super awesome. If anything its main purpose is to troll progs, and I approve of trolling progs.

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