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University of Iowa

A federal judge ordered the University of Iowa to reinstate a Christian group that had sued after the school deregistered it for blocking an openly gay member from becoming a leader. The group claimed the university singled it out for its views, noting other student organizations also limit membership and leadership to students with similar beliefs or cultural background. The school has now deregistered another 38 groups whose charters don't explicitly say they will not discriminate. At least 22 of the groups are organized around religion, culture or ideas, including a group limited to Shia Muslims.

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  1. If a group is de-registered, what does that mean? Surely they can still meet and conduct affairs internally as they see fit?

    1. The groups that recently lost campus affiliation ? and benefits that come with it, like access to university facilities and student fees…

      Okay ignore me, sorry. I didn’t coffee before H&R.

  2. Here is a list of the deregistered student organizations at the University of Iowa, as of Thursday:

    American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

    Asian Pacific American Student Association (U of I)

    Association of Nursing Students (UIANS)

    Bass Fishing Team (Iowa)

    Chinese Dance Club

    Chinese in Iowa City

    Christian Pharmacy Fellowship

    Chinese Student Christian Fellowship


    Code the Change

    Cookie Dokie

    English Society

    Financial Management Association

    Geneva Campus Ministry

    German Club

    Hong Kong Student Association

    Imam Mahdi Organization

    Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

    InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship

    Iowa American Student Dental Association

    Japanese Students and Scholars Club

    J. Reuben Clark Law Society

    Korean Conversation Group

    Korean Uiowa Students Association

    Latter-day Saint Student Association

    Malaysian Student Society

    MEDLIFE (Medicine, Education and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere)

    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (UI Chapter of NAACP)

    Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat (Indonesian Student Organization)

    Phi Beta Lambda

    Public Relations Student Society of America

    Red Shamrock Student Organization

    Revolution Dance Company

    Sikh Awareness Club

    Student Iowa School Counseling Association

    Students for Human Rights


    Young Americans for Liberty

    Young Life

    The ban hammers rain down.

    1. I mean groups like the Bass Fishing Team don’t even feign the ideas of diversity. Would it really hurt them to catch a catfish or trout every now and then? Break them up!

    2. Proggy paradise is nigh!

    3. wtf is Cookie Dokie

    4. German Club, those damn little Nazi schwienhunts…clearly why UoI can’t have nice things

  3. BLinC is the only UI-affiliated student group that remains technically out of compliance, despite the university’s repeated appeals for its deregistration.

    “There is pending litigation involving BLinC, and the federal district court has ordered the university to maintain BLinC’s registration status until the conclusion of the litigation,” Bassett said.

    Sounds like the other deregistered groups might try drowning the school in perpetual litigation to maintain out-of-compliance registration.

  4. Ugh. I see the fucktarded moron robot shat all over the gun thread yesterday, as it is wont to do.

    Leftist + Braindead = Hihn

    1. He’s not a moron. The guy makes excellent points. Practically the idea of constitutional rights being in conflict with one another as it seems to be the case here. We have constitutional anti-discrimination and the University’s freedom of association in conflict with the freedom to practice religion and the students freedom of association.

      1. Particularly not practically

      2. He’s not a moron. The guy makes excellent points.

        Where? Because it is not at Reason.

        1. Some of the writings on his site are fairly decent. I assume they’re all pre-demtia.

          I made the mistake of delving into the comments for the last GC article — not doing that again. I assume he’s still babbling about that taken-out-of-context Scalia quote?

          1. “pre-dementia”. Me spell not good without coffee.

            1. I don’t know. I kinda like pre-demtia. Sounds like pre-dumbshita.

          2. My memory could be faulty, but I’m pretty sure only a few years ago Hihn actually made some coherent and thoughtful posts. Watching his decline into his current state of hypocrisy and extremely limited repertoire repeated with near-mindless determination has been pretty sad.

            And yeah, any discussion of gun control finds him at his worst, practically frothing at the mouth as he actively assaults both facts and logic.

      3. It’s not a guy. It’s a particularly annoying dual purpose robot. Shitposting on the internet and fucking goats.

        I don’t know why someone created a machine to sodomize goats and to shitpost on the internet, but you’ve seen its handiwork.

      4. At this point he’s obviously dangerously unhinged, to the point that Reason should consider banning him, for the safety of the other residents of his nursing home. What sane person keeps an enemies list?

        1. ooh, ooh is this like the “you know who else…” questions???

          1. Godzilla, but his list was short, “Tokyo”

            1. F-ing hell, that made my day.

      5. Actually, that’s one of Hihn’s dumber points. His examples of fundamental rights conflicting are all nonsensical. There’s no conflict here, either. The university is a state institution, and therefore has no right to discriminate. Insofar as they are providing facilities and resources, they should provide them equally.

    1. Bow-Leggedy Munchkins?

      They admit everyone, but were deregistered for false advertising.

  5. Is the University protected by the 1st Amendment? Could they not decide with whom they wish to associate and been similarly free from govt coercion?

    1. “Be” not “been”

    2. Govt coercion comes with the govt funds.

    3. The UofI is a government entity. It therefore may not engage in viewpoint discrimination. In fact, the opposite: it must protect the right of free association of all equally. So, it can give the same benefits to all, or provide benefits to none.

      1. Yes, but it’s Iowa, what can you reasonably expect?

    4. The First Amendment protects us from speech and association restrictions by the government. As a state-funded school, the Univ of Iowa is the government. While the government has some rights of it’s own, the First Amendment exists to protect us from them, not the other way around.

  6. Go Hawks!

  7. Another thought I had was that these Christians violate the commandments and practices of the Bible all the time but it seems to only be an issue when the violation involves being gay.

    1. That has nothing whatsoever to do the content of this article.

    2. You seem oblivious that there is plenty of disdain for the sin but infinite love for the sinner.

      If the sinner’s self worth is based ENTIRELY on their sin, as gay activists tend to have that issue, then it is a challenge.

      If an adulterer claimed that he/she was an adulterer and nothing would change that, the church wouldn’t much support that, either.

      But nice sub-moronic hypothetical. It seems to be your wheelhouse.

    3. Well, I don’t think any one who would consider being a leader in such an organization who gives in to other libertine temptations regards that as a point of pride in their own character.

    4. There are any number of habitual, ongoing sins that will get people ineligible to be in a leadership position of a Christian Organization, be it lying, stealing, adultery, viewing pornography, blasphemy, drug use (sometimes even legal, alcohol consumption (depending on sect), etc. The point is, that there is a difference between a repentant sinner and an unrepentant sinner.

      To wit, Saul of Tarsus would not be welcome as a leader, but Paul the Apostle was.

      1. do pederasty & bestiality count? asking for a friend.

  8. Once the Lefties went after the 1st Amendment, Trump was guaranteed a second term.

    There are too many political moderates that want the 1st Amendment around, so they wont vote Democrat in election 2018 and 2020. Everyone knows that the Democratic Party are protecting the SJWs under their cloak.

  9. other student organizations also limit membership and leadership to students with similar beliefs or cultural background.

    Why “deregister” only *formal* organizations? Go after those lunch-table cliques too!

  10. Didn’t see YRs or YDs on the list. So, no problem with a “Rand Paul for President” backer being banned from YD leadership.

  11. Why do these groups need to be registered?

    1. Money and access to facilities, among other benefits.

    2. So we know who to round up when the revolution comes. Duh.

  12. The No Crackers group yet again unscathed.

    1. No crackers? as in animal, ritz and saltines or folks from Georgia?

  13. Stupid administrators. They try to crack down on a specific group (Christians) and discover that the rules have to apply to everyone. Damn that pesky rule of law, cant we go back to the old style rule of whim?

    Reminds me of a incident decades ago when the school I was substituting at overreacted to a quasi-satanic death metal t-shirt. They went and banned all display of religious symbols. Not realizing that in banning upside down crosses they were also banning right side up crosses. This was a very religious community, and the next day all the Christians came to school in Christian themed t-shirts and wearing crosses and rosaries and stuff. Admins were apoplectic, but relented and quashed the new rule.

    1. Up with Satan (and Jebus)

  14. I was assured by the left they would never use anti discrimination laws against religious institutions when they were pushing for same sex marriage.

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