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'Police Lied' About Stormy Daniels Sting, Says Whistleblower: Reason Roundup

Plus: Rod Rosenstein impeachment bid "embarrassing for everybody," says Napolitano, and more details about separation of migrant parents and kids by ICE



Stormy sting fallout continues. A whistleblower within the Columbus, Ohio, Police Department has leaked emails suggesting that contrary to official statements, the recent arrest of Stormy Daniels at Sirens strip club was planned months in advance.

After the arrest, Columbus police stated that they just happened to be at the club as part of an "ongoing investigation into human trafficking, prostitution, and other vice-related offenses" when Daniels thrust her breasts in an officer's face and they had no choice but to arrest her, owing to an Ohio law that bans nude or semi-nude workers from touching customers or themselves in certain areas.

But "a whistleblower from the City of Columbus contacted the [Fayette] Advocate with numerous emails between several high-ranking Columbus police detectives and VICE officers," the newspaper reports. And these emails suggest that police intentionally went to Sirens that night to arrest Daniels. From the Advocate:

Inside the emails are news clippings discussing Daniels' planned appearance in Columbus, pictures of Daniels with President Donald Trump, videos of her dancing, and even a map to the club where she would be performing, all sent days before she would pull into town on her tour bus.

The bulk of the emails that the whistleblower provided are from the email account of Detective Shana Keckley. Keckley was one of the lead-arresting officers the night that the "sting" operation went down.

The whistleblower told the Advocate that "It is clear that Keckley and her fellow officers were there because of Stormy and only because of Stormy," and that "the police lied about it being a prostitution and human trafficking mission."

The charges against Daniels were dismissed less than a day later, and charges against two other Sirens workers arrested that night—waiter Miranda Panda and dancer Brittany Walters—were dismissed the following week. Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs called the arrests a "mistake."

Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein said that "after reviewing the charges for each of these cases closely, I've determined that the facts of these cases do not meet the elements required to prosecute under this law."

"None of the three cases properly allege that the women made 'regular appearances' as required by law," notes the city in a statement. In addition, "the charges against Walters and Panda have other unique issues. Brittany Walters did not meet the requirement of 'touching a 'patron'," and Miranda Panda did not meet the requirements of appearing 'nude or semi-nude' while working as a server, and was working only her third shift ever at Sirens."


Impeachment articles for Rod Rosenstein are "wrong and baseless," says Andrew Napolitano. Eleven Republican lawmakers from the House of Representatives' "Freedom Caucus" filed the articles of impeachment against Rosenstein on Wednesday, accusing him of deliberately withholding from Congress documents related to the Justice Department's pre-election investigations into Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

A vote on the articles is not guaranteed. Still, the move is "embarrassing for everybody involved," said Judge Andrew Napolitano.

"Improperly signing off on a FISA warrant" and staying in a position despite a conflict of interest may be "ethical violations but not impeachable" offenses, Andrew Napolitano explained to a gaggle of grumbling Fox News anchors yesterday. He went on to call the move "wrong and baseless."

"I want this Mueller thing over as soon as possible," Napolitano continued, "but it is still pending and you'd be interfering with it if you force the public revelation of some of those documents."


You keep using that word—I do not think it means what you think it means….


ACLU alleges yet more abhorrent behavior from ICE. Immigration officials tricked migrant parents into signing away reunification rights to their children, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). "Some parents said they thought they were signing paperwork that would, in fact, allow them to reunite with their children," reports The Washington Post based on ACLU's court filings. "Others described being crowded into rooms with dozens of people, given only a few minutes to fill out forms that would determine whether they would reunite with their children or leave them behind in the United States. They signed the forms out of fear, or confusion, or a belief that they had no other choice, lawyers wrote in the court filing."


NEXT: Can Border Agents Search Your Phone Without a Warrant?

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  1. A CNN reporter was banned from covering a White House press announcement Wednesday afternoon after asking unwelcome questions of the president earlier in the day. No one seems able to decide if this is “unprecedented” or not.

    Anita Dunn would be proud nonetheless.

    1. Hello.

      Kelsey reboot?

      He goes back to Cheers!?

      They should totally do Cheers! 25 years later! Where are they now!?

      1. Rosanne, Will and Grace are calling.

        1. What’s next?


          1. Whachu talkin bout, Willis?

            1. Hey, HEY, hey!

  2. The battle to scrub the entire internet of wrongthink continues.

    Can I be the one to define wrong thinking?

    1. “Absolutely not.” – Mrs. Fist

  3. A judge said Tennessee can’t revoke driver’s licenses just because people can’t pay court fees. Yesterday, “the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner David Purkey formally filed a notice of appeal.”

    Hopefully his driver’s license is suspended until he pays those appeal costs.

  4. Kelsey Grammer is allegedly exploring a Frasier reboot.

    Someone needs money.

    1. That sounds like a sequel series to me. Are we so in love with the term “reboot” that we are just slapping it on everything now?

      1. I could see it working. Frasier went out on top. It was still a great show in its last season. I think it likely had a few good years left in it.

        1. It might be less of a show with his old man gone.

        2. Best final-season joke–Nanny G passionately declares her frustration with her wholesome-persona straitjacket: “Do you have any idea what it’s like to play the same character for twenty years?”

          It is a great candidate for most consistently excellent show in TV history, with few competitors to that crown that lasted anywhere near that long. (It certainly was more so than Cheers, for example–and I love Cheers as much as the next guy.) It didn’t go out particularly notably (perhaps all the more reason not to fear a resurrection), but as you say it was in top form.

          Though KG hasn’t really had much success since then. His most interesting failure was an American version of The Sketch Show, branded with his name, which was an excellent idea. It was a half-hour show that featured I believe thirty sketches. Many lasted only a few seconds. It was a great concept, feeling no need–indeed, quite the other way around–to write sketches of any standard bulk. You get a concept in your head that’s only got three seconds worth of humor in it, you don’t think of a way to stretch it out, you write a three-second sketch. Kind of like the anti-SNL, where the live format hamstrings it almost deliberately and the show is as much about the live-show performance tradition and feat as it is about the actual humor content. I think Robot Chicken probably ended up being the closest successful American heir to The Sketch Show.

        3. Rob Long on a Ricochet podcast suggested rebooting both “Frasier” and “Cheers” in the same show by having Frasier move back to Boston after his father’s death and take over the bar.

          The problem being that the two shows were made by different production companies and the ownership rights to both sets of characters is complicated.

    2. Kelsey Grammer is allegedly exploring a Frasier reboot.

      A straw in the wind? That’s a fining.

  5. A tempest in a teacup. Any port in a storm. Something like that. Will Cop K ever face justice? ha hahahha ha!


    Great reminder of exactly who Brennan, Hayden, and Clapper actually are.

    During Brennan’s tenure with the Obama Administration, he played a significant role in “Terror Tuesdays” when the Obama Administration perused a “kill list,” that reportedly included an American citizen, and then made decisions on who would live and who would die ? in secret.

    Scott Shackford thinks it is wrong to take this guy’s security clearance. Let that sink in for a moment.

    1. As opposed to telling generals to murder at will without the added layer of a deliberative process. Fuck you, disingenuous cunt,.

      1. Fuck you, you cunt. Come back when you have something to say.

      2. And that is a cute name for a burner account Scott.

      3. “As opposed to telling generals to murder at will without the added layer of a deliberative process.”

        As opposed to actual due process, which under the Constitution all American citizens are entitled to before the government deprives them of life.

        But this time it was your tribe doing the unconstitutional stuff, so yay!!! That makes it great!!!!!

      4. As opposed to telling generals to murder at will without the added layer of a deliberative process.

        Obama did that, too, you special pleading dipshit.

      5. Trump has generals murder American citizens at will? Who?

    2. Are we not yet over people saying “let that sink in”?

  7. Leave it to America’s smartest athlete to catch a doping suspension for a placebo.

    1. I really think Lochte and Jessica Simpson should have gotten married and had children. It would have been like a science experiment to produce the world’s most beautiful and dumbest children.

    2. He should sell one of those medals so he can afford to pay a doctor to tell him not to stick needles in his arm.

  8. Go read Leah Finnegan on why it’s time to bring back irony.

    Is Alanis still doing music or did Ryan Reynolds wreck her?

    1. How urnic.

    2. I wonder if the whole article is complete gibberish like the cited paragraph.

      1. It’s actually quite good.

        1. Meh, I can’t be bothered.


          1. Here’s a more appropriate snippet:

            Urn is not just a trend, it is a state of psychosis dictated, and facilitated, by the internet. Urn mostly happens on Twitter, but sometimes in newspapers and other times on Instagram. Urn is saying the most obvious thing (“Donald Trump is a big whiny crybaby!”) really self-righteously (“Donald Trump is a big whiny crybaby and if you don’t think so you need to reexamine your life!”) and receiving acclaim for doing so (“Donald Trump is a big whiny crybaby and if you don’t think so you need to reexamine your life!” 3.1k likes 4.5k retweets). Urn is raging about whatever garbage David Brooks has written. Urn is signing an online petition.

            1. Urn mostly happens on Twitter

              Oh, good – I can safely ignore it, then.

            2. I kept reading that as ‘um’.

      2. About 40% clear prose, 60% trying to sound clever.


    Hillary Clinton could not remember Christopher Stevens’, the guy she left to die in Benghazi, name. In fairness, I am not sure Hillary can remember her own name these days.

    1. How many of the 241 US Marines killed by Islamo-terrorists in Lebanon could Reagan name?

      1. Probably more than one, which would whip Mrs. Clinton.

      2. It was horrible when Reagan blamed that on a video and locked up an innocent American for it while letting the people responsible go free.

        1. That was amazing because if memory serves me right, they knew the truth but still locked him up.

          Obama was ‘classy’, eh? Me? I just think he’s just a low-life political twit.

          1. They knew the truth from the moment it happened.

        2. Quit lying, John. Your moronic showing yesterday should have shamed you today.

          1. They didn’t blame it on a video and lock a guy up for it? Was Susan Rice not part of the Administration?


            Fuck off you lying sack of shit.

          2. Sorry dumb ass but you can’t rewrite history when it is all over Youtube. Go lie to people who are dumb enough to believe you.

          3. Sorry dumb ass but you can’t rewrite history when it is all over Youtube. Go lie to people who are dumb enough to believe you.

            1. No American was “locked up” for it, liar. And no one let the perps go free.

              Are you that stupid?

              1. “No American was “locked up” for it, liar.”

                No, but a human being that had done nothing wrong was. But it’s ok because he wasn’t an American?

                Are you one of those #MAGA guys?

                1. The locals found him on a probation violation, idiot.

                  go back to

                  1. Yeah it had nothing to do with the video and the timing wasn’t suspicious at all. I believe that. For sure. And it was ok with you because he wasn’t an American – he was one of them darkies.

                    Nice display of tribal behavior at the end by the way. “Anybody who disagrees with me is a wingnut”. Am I supposed to call you a snowflake or a libtard in response? I’m not very good at this tribal stuff, but you’re a champ at it, so help me out here.


                      “Nakoula had previously been convicted of charges relating to bank and credit fraud, and federal prosecutors found his use of the Internet to post the video violated his terms of probation.”

                      Palin is conveniently overlooking the fact they needed a scapegoat. So they nailed him this way.

                      Facia culo.

              2. No American was “locked up” for it, liar

                I keep forgetting that the tolerant open borders crowd has no problem with imprisoning legal residents for, literally, nothing.

          4. “Your moronic showing yesterday should have shamed you today.”

            Like your failure to pay your bet should have done for you.

            But here you both are.

      3. That’s some deflection.

        Didn’t she claim to be a friend or was close to Stevens?

    2. Oh GOD! She had a TYPO in an EMAIL!!! What a criminal!!

      The family has said that they do not blame Clinton. You can respect their wishes, or you can disrespect his memory for political points. I have a feeling I know which road you will take.

      Too bad the Benghazi investigation was done so quickly. I mean, Mueller has been at it over a year! There wasn’t such a long investigation into Benghazi, right?

      1. Most in America know how bad Hillary is and how she and Obama fucked up with Benghazi.

        Circle those wagons.

        1. Yeah, fuck that guy. Who cares about his family? He’s such a good pawn to use for politics!

          Put down your hatred for a minute and decide if you want to respect the family’s wishes or if you want to shit on his memory.

          1. You Lefties dont care about Americans dying or being used.

            The Democratic Party was built on corruption and criminal enterprise.

      2. Oh GOD! She had a TYPO in an EMAIL!!! What a criminal!!

        That would be the private email server with the classified messages outside of sipnet and JWICS that Comey let her skate on.

  10. The Top 5 Forms of Socialism Denial
    Socialism declares that its goals are freedom, prosperity, and total equality. If, in practice, it actually results in oppression, poverty, and special privileges for the party elites, then it must not be “real” socialism. By that standard, socialism can never fail, because if it fails, it is by definition not really socialism. This No True Socialist argument is denial in its purest form: the belief that the unpleasant real-world results of your theory won’t exist if you just define them out of existence.

    1. Supporters of socialism use Norway as their example.
      Opponents of socialism use Venezuela as their example.
      No big surprise there.

      1. Norway is Socialist. Venezuela is Socialist.

        Norway has managed to stave of the pitfall of Socialism via low population and the EU shifts around money to keep weak Socialist state afloat.

        Venezuela is falling apart.

        The USSR was a collection of socialist states that shifted money around and they fell apart.

        The USA using mostly capitalism has been getting stronger and stronger and wealthier and wealthier over the centuries. All the proud Socialists states have not.

        1. Norway and Venezuela both have substantial oil reserves. Norway does not eat its seed corn and its social policies are propped up by petroleum money. The Chavez regime redirected investing in oil infrastructure and upkeep to other things and replaced the experienced managers with incompetent cronies. Venezuela’s oil industry money making capacity fell precipitously and the government’s flush revenues disappeared.

      2. Can you name a country where Socialism worked with numerous different cultures?

        Just curious.


    Art Professor calls on Students to reject “The Geometry of Whiteness”. To quote Ed Discroll, wasn’t that an Alan Parsons’ Project album?

    1. That’s a long way to say “square”.

    2. Now that dude’s screed is the kind of bullshit gibberish that people shouldn’t need to be subjected to.

    3. He is greatly concerned about the “Question of Whiteness”. Groping for a final solution to that question, I expect.

      I never knew “whiteness” and “maleness” were geometries, I just thought they had to do with the level of melanin in your skin and if you had external genitalia.

      Relating to yesterday’s post about Nikki Haley’s speech, how do you not mock someone who believes that what you are is inherently political, and a problem to be solved?

  12. Morning Report favorite Daniel Greenfield puts an exclamation point on it all:

    No matter how much money Mueller spends or how many prosecutors he hires, he can’t save Hillary… The longer the Mueller investigation drags on, the higher the expectations for its outcome grow. Like Madoff, Mueller is trapped in an investigative pyramid scheme that he can never deliver on. And so all he can do is keep growing the pyramid, branch it out and drag it on for as long as humanly possible. That’s the Washington D.C. way.
    Hillary Clinton’s reverse Midas Touch cost the Democrats the election. Their obsession with Hillary’s election conspiracy theories is likely to cost them the midterm elections… And when the Mueller investigation runs out of every trick and gimmick, it will also be Hillary’s fault. And by the time that’s done, the Democrats will have wasted three elections chasing Hillary’s lies.

    1. Even if the Democrats take the House, it is likely to be a hollow victory. What are they going to do with a House majority other than chase conspiracy theories, impeach Trump, and prove to the country they are too crazy to vote for under any circumstances?

      1. The Democrats are 100% guaranteed to take the House. When they do, it will be understood as a repudiation of the Kremlin asset in the White House. With the airtight case Mueller is assembling, they will #Impeach and hopefully set in motion the chain of events that results in President Hillary Clinton.

        1. LOL. That is funny. A bit over the top but still funny.

        2. We can do this.

          Impeach and convict Trump. Refuse to confirm Pence’s veep nominee. Then impeach him. And as the Senate closes in on the roll call to hand down history’s verdict upon the collaborator…

          Lo! What is quietly happening across the rotunda? Nancy Pelosi, American history’s greatest Speaker of the House, has turned in her resignation to the clerk before the multitude gathered before her. But there is little sadness; she may yet be back sooner than you think! Their former Speaker leading the way, her colleagues rise to bustle through the roll call machines to elect their first Speaker ever from without their ranks…Madam Speaker–and, in but a few minutes, Madam President–Hillary Rodham Clinton!

          1. Fever dreams took you again today, huh?

      2. I think it depends if Nancy Pelosi is voted speaker of the house. The national democratic party is drunk off of California money which then pushes policies that the nation as a whole don’t want. They really need to put someone in charge who will represents the national party interests over the California party interests. I doubt that happens yet.

        1. How is Pelosi going to become the Speaker of the House?

          Democrats are not winning a majority in the House….in election 2018…or election 2020….

          1. Maybe, maybe not. I was just responding to the John’s comment that if they do win it will be a hollow victory… I don’t know one way or another, on election day (or a week/month after) we will find out.

            1. They’re not winning. But okay, hypotheticals.

  13. A CNN reporter was banned from covering a White House press announcement Wednesday afternoon after asking unwelcome questions of the president earlier in the day. No one seems able to decide if this is “unprecedented” or not.

    She asked six questions and wouldn’t leave the Oval Office as asked.

    CNN is free to go. The reporter is not. They should ALSO ban Acosta, given that no news will be generated by them anyway.

    Cohen questions seemed pointless at an EU meeting.

    1. Trump rarely makes himself available to the press hence the need to ask all the questions when they get the chance.

      1. Any excuse will do I suppose.

      2. Trump rarely makes himself available to the press


      3. The freedom of the Press means that there is no State-Press relationship.

      4. The press applauded when Obama had reporters tossed out. Remember how angry they were when a Daily Caller reporter asked a question?

        And Obama never made himself available for press, either.

  14. “charges against two other Sirens workers arrested that night?waiter Miranda Panda and dancer Brittany Walters?were dismissed the following week”

    I wonder if “waiter” MIranda Panda is the same person as Amanda Miranda Panda, who is better known as the 2015 Name of the Year tournament champion. I mean, what are the odds that there are two of them out there?

    1. Never mind. This Amanda Panda is Miranda Lanae Panda, so not the same person. So now we know that there are at least two sets of parents who (20 years ago) would actually do that to their children.

  15. ACLU alleges…

    …that ICE minions have horns and carry pitchforks. These guys are turning into comic-book villains before our eyes.

  16. Stormy sting fallout continues. A whistleblower within the Columbus, Ohio, Police Department has leaked emails suggesting that contrary to official statements, the recent arrest of Stormy Daniels at Sirens strip club was planned months in advance.

    Would you rather they fly by the seat of their pants???

    1. If the fly is on the seat, your pants are on backwards.

    2. “I was minding my own business when suddenly, out of nowhere, a woman thrust her breasts in my face”
      That excuse was never gonna fly

  17. Daron Morris is challenging Seattle’s never-met-a-civil-liberty-he-didn’t-want-to-thwart Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg on his “crackdown on sex work, and on broader questions about the role of the criminal justice system in solving social problems.”

    In Seattle?

  18. “Improperly signing off on a FISA warrant” and staying in a position despite a conflict of interest may be “ethical violations but not impeachable” offenses, Andrew Napolitano explained to a gaggle of grumbling Fox News anchors yesterday. He went on to call the move “wrong and baseless.”

    Did the Judge mention what remedy would be available?

    1. Yeah, I am confused by this. What is the proper remedy for ethics violations?

      Perhaps his argument is more political. Impeachment will cause more trouble than it is worth, at this time.

      1. What is the proper remedy for ethics violations?

        Tar and feathers?

    2. Funny how these guys always fall back on defending their own. If he committed ethics violations, he should be fired.

      1. Fired is not the same as impeached.
        There’s an inspector general. The IG reports, and management decides on the appropriate remedy.

        Meanwhile, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee said that the FISA warrant was sound. In related news, the head of the House Intelligence Committee has never read the full warrant.

        1. The AG could fire Rosenstein but he’s a hack who is clinging to his power base as much as possible.

          Sessions the RINO said that he wont fire Rosenstein, so Republican in Congress will impeach Rosenstein to get him out.

  19. “After 9/11? the aloofness of irony gave way to the performatism of what Wikipedia and numerous unpublished dissertations on David Foster Wallace (probably) call the New Sincerity, which eventually made it acceptable for Arcade Fire to be a band and for adults to have Harry Potter-themed weddings.”

    That’s…not exactly how I remember it. The golden age of hipsters was post-9/11. All the irony of Hipster Runoff was post-9/11. The New Sincerity is for people who aren’t really old enough to remember the Before Time.

    1. I agree. I don’t remember ever hearing about a hipster before 9-11. And writing dissertations of David Foster Wallace is a form of masochism.

        1. Hipster doofus was a great insult. But I don’t think they meant it in quite the same sense.

          1. Hipster is just a new term. Beatniks were just hipsters by another name. Liked weird music, facial hair, tight impractical clothing.

            1. ^ This. Hippie, beatnik, etc. are all basically terms for whatever the current ‘counter culture’ is I think. I suppose they do each have their own idiosyncrasies, since I don’t really recall moustache wax being as popular as it seems to be with hipsters.

              The 1800’s called and they want their fashion trends back.

        2. “Hipster doofus”

          So prescient

        3. Is that “hipster doofus”? Yeah, I do recall the word being around during 90s but it really exploded in the early aughts – not that I think there’s any connection to 9/11. I think it had more to do with crime dropping which led to lots of young people gentrifying the very places that quickly became synonymous with hipsters.

      1. First came in the late fifties, bottomed out in the mid-80’s and then came back.

    2. It was the hipsters that killed irony.

      1. George Carlin was a bearded hipster.

        1. shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits

          1. That’s not the correct sequence, or even the correct list. When recited the way Carlin used to, the list has a beautiful cadence and timbre to it. You ruined it.

            1. shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits

  20. Dave Weigal celebrates the “good summer for socialists”…..alists.php

    1. Another Reason writer who used this place as a stepping stone, then came out of the closet as a progtard.

      Any doubt PB wrote this?

      It has been a good summer for the Democratic Socialists of America.

      On June 20, members of the organization’s Metro D.C. chapter confronted Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a Mexican restaurant downtown, chasing her out and making national news.

      1. Fuck you, you lying Trump Nazi.

        I hate the DSA and Bernie Sanders.

        I am a capitalist like Ayn Rand – who also hated you jackboot conservatives.

        1. I am a capitalist like Ayn Rand

          Explains why you’re a humorless cunt like Ayn Rand.

          1. Says the misanthrope psychopath.

            1. See?

          2. But it doesn’t explain why he still lies about paying off a very small bet.

        2. Hey Weigel, how is the problem acne?

        3. Why is a well-read, rationalist classical liberal like yourself using the term ‘Trump Nazi’? I thought only ignoramuses actually believe Trump is Hitler?

        4. Remember Buttplugger, Nazis were Socialists.

      2. So is your point that it hasn’t been a good summer for the DSA?

        1. So your point is that you’re an imbecile?

    2. LOL. What is it with leftist newspapers and putting opinion pieces on the front page?

    3. Is that the Libertarian-leaning, Jorunolist member, and former Reason writer Dave Wiegel?

      Good pick there, guys. Solid choice to employ him.

      Was Reason managed by complete idiots or do they deeply agree with Dave on most issues?

    4. I am glad Weigel got over his concern over using media to angrily divide Americans. He seemed quite unhappy about Tea Party members yelling at Congressfolks during town hall meetings.

      He seems WAY less upset about them doing so at restaurants.

      Again, how could a garden-variety leftie convince libertarians here that he wasn’t a garden-variety leftie?

  21. Important #TrumpRussia update from Rachel Maddow!

    White House edits video to remove question about whether Putin wanted Trump to win.

    You cannot fool us, Drumpf. We know you’re Putin’s Puppet. And any day now Robert Mueller will produce the definitive proof that will kick you out of office.


    1. Careful OBL – folks like Pal Butt and Ho Liz will just see the headline and not click the link, thus missing the joke

  22. If these Thug Pigs lie about this small stuff we know they lie about the big stuff too

  23. Why do I think the whistleblower will suffer more punishment than Keckley?

    1. Because nobody really gives a shit about whether Stormy Daniels was arrested or why?

      If you’re gonna be a whistle blower and screw over your company and your boss, you probably want to make it about something people give a shit about.

      For goodness’ sake, the charges against Stormy Daniels were dropped within hours of her arrest. The whistle blower is alerting everyone to a non-story about a non-event.

      Stormy Daniels probably appreciates the publicity for her “Every Nook and Cranny” tour.

      1. Her boss is the people of Columbus.
        They were screwed over by the use of police to punish dissent.
        Punishment of whistleblowers is a tool to prevent oversight of government powers.

        1. It cost them practically nothing, and the fact that law enforcement disproportionately targets celebrities is hardly novel or unusual.

          Just ask Martha Stewart.

          1. Martha Stewart was targeted because she committed a crime that was a priority for Justice at the time.

            Stormy was targeted for political reasons.

            Targeting political dissidents is a totalitarian maneuver, but hardly unprecedented. Check out MLK’s FBI file, or the Black Panthers.

            1. Police and prosecutors jump on celebrities disproportionately because the more they get their name in the news, the better their chances of rising to political relevance.

              You’re being willfully obtuse again.

              Are you Tulpa?

              1. Canandler is in charge of circling Wagon #2.

            2. Martha Stewart was targeted because she committed a crime that was a priority for Justice at the time.

              Funny how Comey was worried about some insider trading but not classified message incidents.

              1. Hacks like Comey use people like Martha Stewart to convince the public that they are doing something when we know now that the FBI ignored illegal activity by Comey, Hillary, Rosenstein, Brenner, McCabe….

        2. They were screwed over by the use of police to punish dissent.

          Showing one’s fake tits is dissent?

          To what? Actual attractiveness?

  24. Stormy sting fallout continues. A whistleblower within the Columbus, Ohio, Police Department has leaked emails suggesting that contrary to official statements, the recent arrest of Stormy Daniels at Sirens strip club was planned months in advance.

    Worst worked shoot ever.

  25. I like Napolitano, but can we dump this silly idea that Congress cannot impeach anyone without evidence of criminal behavior?

    Impeachment is a political process, not a legal one. The term “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” is not defined in the Constitution; it means whatever 218 representatives say it means. “Misdemeanor” literally means “bad behavior”.

    Besides, Rosenstein isn’t going anywhere: the Republicans don’t have the votes to impeach, let alone remove him from office. So all this hyperventilating is silly.

    This is obviously a political stunt for the 2018 elections. But the House exercising its power of impeachment is not some kind of constitutional crisis, it’s the system working exactly as designed.

    1. What I take from that story is that Napolitano is full of integrity.

      We may not agree with his position, but his employer presumably assumes he’s going to tow the company line. Napolitano can’t help himself. He opens his mouth and the honest truth as he sees it comes tumbling out.

      He may be wrong, but I never doubt his sincerity. And for a news figure, that’s saying something.

      1. One of my fantasies is having Stossel and Napolitano sleep in my bed with me while whispering into my ears.

  26. Facial recognition software may still have some bugs.

    “In a test the ACLU recently conducted of the facial recognition tool, called “Rekognition,” the software incorrectly matched 28 members of Congress, identifying them as other people who have been arrested for a crime.

    The members of Congress who were falsely matched with the mugshot database we used in the test include Republicans and Democrats, men and women, and legislators of all ages, from all across the country.

    . . . .

    The false matches were disproportionately of people of color, including six members of the Congressional Black Caucus, among them civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.). These results demonstrate why Congress should join the ACLU in calling for a moratorium on law enforcement use of face surveillance.…..s-mugshots

    1. I guess treating members of congress as if they were known criminals isn’t a complete failure, but you can achieve the same result by just flagging them as members of congress–no need for facial recognition software.

    2. Maybe the mugshot database had more mugshots of color…? But yeah no way the ACLU would possibly conduct an unbiased test of anything.

      1. I think they just ran congress’ profile photos through the system.

        28 of them came back as false positives, and a disproportionate number of people of African ancestry were flagged.

        I think it’s an ingenious exercise. Not only does it expose facial recognition as unreliable, it also pressures the lawmakers who were falsely flagged to do something about the widespread use of facial recognition software by law enforcement.

        How can a congress person deny there’s a problem after the software falsely identified him or her as a convicted criminal?

        1. So in effect, the ACLU getting the results they probably wanted (the software is racist!) could serve to lead to disapproval of its widespread use because racist. OK.

          Up until the point where Congress demands a “fix” for the software.

          1. I think they’re demanding that the courts and congress prohibit the use of the software entirely for being unreliable–like lie detector tests.

            Facial recognition software probably shouldn’t be considered the basis of probable cause–if it incorrectly flags innocent people as if they were criminals.

            . . . and that’s even if Stalin, Hitler, or the ACLU is against using facial recognition software, too.

        2. “How can a congress person deny there’s a problem after the software falsely identified him or her as a convicted criminal?” Was that a false identification, or a prescient one, ala _Minority Report_?

    3. Why aren’t you here gloating about being in part correct considering some of the EU’s concessions?

      I thought you were crazy, but you were partly vindicated.

      1. I wrote about this yesterday:

        “We need to be careful we’re not begging the question here.

        Even if Trump wins at this game, it was never clear that he would–certainly not when he initiated these tariffs.

        Because you won a hand of black jack after betting the farm on it, that doesn’t mean it was smart to bet the farm on a hand of black jack. What you did was actually stupid–at the time you did it–even if you later won. There was no guarantee that we would win. (There still isn’t). There was a real risk of starting a larger trade war spiraling out of control. There was a real cost to consumers and companies paying more for aluminum and steel.

        All that being said, I was always and remain hopeful that Trump’s foolish bet will prove to be a winner–because I’m a loyal American. But I’ll never pretend that inflicting trade barriers is a smart or capitalist thing to do–not even IF IF IF it turns out to be a winner in this case.

        Broken clocks, twice a day.”…..nt_7382732

        1. To respond to your question, I might only add that I was never in favor of Trump initiating tariffs in support of some larger free trade goal. What I was saying at the time was that it wasn’t for no reason at all. I even opposed Trump initiating tariffs against China in order to secure their support for dismantling North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. I just pointed to various Trump administration officials making comments to that effect–and pointed out that Trump’s actions were consistent with that at the time.

          Great opportunity to get the following idea across: Because you agree with an idea does not mean you have to agree with every argument everyone makes in support of that idea. That way lies Jane Fonda Syndrome. Opposing the Vietnam War is a perfectly rational position. Because you oppose the Vietnam War doesn’t mean you have to vouch for the good treatment of American POWs by the North Vietnamese.

          :Likewise, Because I oppose tariffs does not mean I have to support ever absurd argument against them that various Reason staff have manufactured that day–because their hatred of Trump makes them so cross-eyed. Vietnam War Derangement Syndrome. Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s all the same thing.

        2. I believe in open borders.

          I see the dumbest arguments in favor of open borders, and I call them out for being stupid–because I believe in open borders. Has anyone hurt the cause of open borders around here more than Shika Dalmia?

          I believe in free trade.

          I’m not willing to believe every stupid argument that comes down the pike just because it ostensibly supports free trade either. In fact, people making stupid arguments in favor of free trade may hurt the cause of free trade as much as anything. Isn’t that right?

          1. You seem pragmatic on how to get open borders and how to get free trade.

            I disagree with you on a few things but you articulate your positions very well.

            1. Part of it is that I want to persuade people on those issues.

              No one will catch me denigrating my fellow Americans because they’re deplorable or blue collar and no one will catch me hoping that my fellow Americans suffer because they’re wrong. Hell, I wanted to be wrong about the Iraq War, even though I opposed it.

              The other half is that as a real libertarian, I don’t want to impose my positions on anybody. No one has reason to fear that people like me will seize the reigns of power and inflict my position on everyone who disagrees with me using the coercive power of government.

              The worst you have to have to fear from me is that I might change your mind–or the mind of my fellow Americans. Socialists, elitists, central planners, authoritarians, and government employee unions should be scared to death of us for that reason. Convince enough of my fellow Americans to want what I want, and they’ll find themselves choosing between getting a real job or depending on the voluntary kindness of strangers.

    4. Fuck mugshots. I’d rather have ass-shots!

  27. Why is the first half or so of every ENB roundup usually wasted on some nothing story?

    1. Sex sells, bruh.

      1. But it isn’t sex, it’s a boring story about something vaguely related to sex.

        1. I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to get my little man tingling.
          You should take some Viagra, bro.

    2. Hassan Chop!

      They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

  28. Link

    A [p]rotectionist is [s]omeone [w]ho […] has the ethics of a thug.
    If the protectionist’s own economic well-being can be improved by coercively obstructing the peaceful commerce of others, he asserts that he is justified in so obstructing the peaceful commerce of others (or in hiring agents ? namely, state officials ? to carry out on his behalf such coercive obstructionism). The fact that the protectionist suffers no guilt or shame in carrying out his obstructions of the peaceful commerce of others only testifies to the protectionist’s utter lack of any moral compass. The protectionist is concerned only with himself; others be damned.

    1. And many in the USA are trying to end socialism in the USA.

      Most Vikings are not.

      1. You completely missed the point, mang.

        1. No I didnt miss the point.

          The line of argument in what you cited is flawed. Scandinavia is socialist. The USA is a tiny bit socialist.

          Many Americans want to unchain ourselves from the burden of Socialism. Most Europeans dont.

  29. Impeachment articles for Rod Rosenstein are “wrong and baseless” says Andrew Napolitano.
    “I want this Mueller thing over as soon as possible,” Napolitano continued, “but it is still pending and you’d be interfering with it if you force the public revelation of some of those documents.”

    Rosenstein made blunders just like Comey did. He deserves the boot since he wont resign himself.

    As to the Mueller investigation, Mueller will never end his investigation on his own. Mueller is a bureaucrat hack who was put into another position where he could waste taxpayer money and draw a paycheck. In 1.5 years, there is zero evidence that Russia actually altered the election and that Trump was anything but duly elected by a majority of state EC.

    Furthermore, this is evidence that Mueller is trying to influence election 2018 by implying that Trump has some unproven links to any wrongdoing.

    Mueller: you have had 1.5 years to investigate. Even seasoned police investigators dont get that long for non-serious crimes. Money laundering and Manfort’s other charges are minor federal charges.

    1. I would ask why Sessions had to recuse himself but Rosenstein does not. Rosenstein seems to have FAR more conflicts in the Mueller probe at this point.

  30. With regards to The View “debate” on socialism….

    I think it is important to realize that “socialism” is viewed very differently by many people on opposite sides.

    People like Meaghan McCain think socialism means Venezuela. People like Joy Behar think socialism means Norway.

    They are both right in a sense. Because we’ve clearly gone beyond Karl Marx’s strict definition of socialism as “state ownership of the means of production”.

    Instead that’s why IMO it is important to refute socialist-sounding ideas on their own merits, and not just label it as “socialist!” and let the imputation of the scary word be the only argument.

    When people like Ocasio-Cortez say they want Medicare for All (single-payer health care), the correct response IMO is not to yell “socialist!” but to argue against the merits of single-payer health care.

    1. Well said, Jeff. Screaming “commie” or “socialist” is like yelling “raycist” or “bigot”: it shuts down the avenues of communication and the exchange of ideas and thus pushes people further towards extremes. It’s also very lazy shitposting.

      1. Identifying someone as a socialist adds to the conversation. You now know that for them to be a socialist, they tend to support certain things.

        Identifying someone as an anarco-Communist lets commenters know what many of your likes and dislikes are.

    2. I’m not in favor of offering socialists the benefit of the doubt. Whether Scandinavian “socialism” (which is stupid to label them as such) or the Venezuelan variety, socialists practice coercion, collectivism, and theft. They should be treated with no less derision than the varied variety of fascism, be it third positionism or just blatant appeals to blood and soil.

      Anyone who sees any difference between socialists and fascist is delusional.

      Also, with regards to Marx, it should be remembered that anarchists like Bakunin broke from Marx, because they rightly predicted that all the talk of the state withering away was always a ruse and that the “dictatorship of the proletariat” would just be the end result.

      It’s the 21st Century anyone who still adheres to socialism is dumb and ignorant

      1. fascism
        1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
        2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

        Fascism can be both on the Socialist Left side of politics and the Right-wing side of politics under theocracy.

        Nazis were fascists on the Socialist side. Iran is a fascist state on the right-wing as a theocracy.

        Libertarians are in the most free middle of this spectrum.

      2. But my point here is that many people view socialism not as Marx or Bakunin would have used the term, but as Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez currently use the term. When Bernie uses the term “socialism” he is not talking about a dictatorship of the proletariat. He is talking about things like single-payer health care.

        You don’t have to offer them the benefit of the doubt, but you do have to understand where they are coming from.

        1. Yes, they are coming from a place of ignorance. Since when is single payer healthcare OK?

        2. Bernie is a Communist, not a Socialist. His goal is to control everything in the name of the state.

          The Americans misusing “Socialism” are morons and need to have the definition repeated over and over until they understand what the word means.

          I understand that they cannot even argue politics well because they dont have a basic grasp of what political words mean. They are all not lost causes though. I am here to persuade. Ken Schultz likes to persuade.

          Some of these Lefties have been brainwashed for so long and so effectively, you gotta break them down to get them receptive to other views so they can decide which way to go. Like the military bootcamp but more free thought and less war faces.

    3. so?cial?ism
      noun: socialism
      a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

      policy or practice based on the political and economic theory of socialism.

      (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.

      Lefties try and act like definitions are not what they are.

      Socialist states control the means of production. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland all have companies 100% controlled by the state and other companies that are partially controlled by the state.

      The USA has Amtrack, a partially owned quasi-corporation. FDIC is not really a means of production but it is insurance. ObamaCare is control of the means of production but not government control of a company. Social security and medicare are government controlling the means of production. The US Government nationalized steel under Truman.

      Europe likes being Socialist and a welfare state. China likes being a Communist state. The USA constantly has turmoil over new socialist programs and Americans, like Libertarians, constantly fighting to end socialist programs.

      1. Socialist states control the means of production. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland all have companies 100% controlled by the state and other companies that are partially controlled by the state.

        But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t use “socialism!” as a scary word, and then call Norway “socialist”, when there are very clearly no death camps or gulags in Norway. If Norway is “socialist”, then socialism doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

        1. Yeah, pretty sure the people railing against socialism aren’t the ones calling Norway socialist. And if you think that death camps is the only problem with socialism then I don’t know what to tell you

          1. My mistakes. I got confused in the thread

        2. You don’t even need to talk about Norway. You can talk about Medicare.

          First, no, LC, Social Security and Medicare are not state control of the means of production. SS has no production. Isn’t it electronic transfer now, so you don’t even produce checks? Medicare doesn’t control production. Doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical/medical supply companies are all private.

          Obamacare doesn’t control means of production. It establishes a regulated marketplace with rules. Insurance companies are still privately owned, set rates and compete in a regulated market.

          But, Medicare is a form of socialism. It is a benefit funded by a tax, and provided to each to use as the need. It’s not perfect, but it is incredibly popular and you just TRY to say you’re cutting it, see how the country responds. Obamacare is not there yet, but a little shoring up under President Harris in 2020, and it will be there. Or, a gradual expansion of Medicare. That was Obama’s mistake, coopting the Republican free market idea instead of expanding what was already there, and already popular.

          1. Social security is a retirement investment hidden as a tax.

            Medicare is health insurance hidden as a tax.

            ObamaCare is health insurance hidden as a tax. The rules part would be simple interstate commerce regulation if not for the Medicare part and mandate (which no longer applies).

            1. “Social security is a retirement investment hidden as a tax.” No, because there is NO INVESTMENT involved. It’s a Ponzi scheme with mandatory contributions, enforced as a tax.

              And there is only a weak relationship between your contributions and the pay out. That is, I have paid in 26 times as much as my wife, but will get only 5 times as much as much per month as she would if she applied on her own rather than as entitled to part of my account. By my figuring, that makes it 20% a paid-for pension and 80% welfare.

          2. That was Obama’s mistake, coopting the Republican free market idea instead of expanding what was already there, and already popular.

            Which would have fucked private insurance holders even more, because that’s how providers make up for Medicare and Medicaid’s low payments.

            The increasing cost of healthcare in this country certainly isn’t because the government isn’t controlling more of it.

        3. Socialism is a sliding scale. Marx said that the goal of Socialism was: “Capitalism can be utterly vanquished, and will be utterly vanquished by socialism creating a new and much higher productivity of labour. This is a very difficult matter and must take a long time; but it has been started, and that is the main thing.”

          Socialism is designed to destroy Capitalism and then you shift to Communism.

          Socialism undermines Capitalism by incrementally taking over Capitalist market signals but keeping just enough to keep the Socialist system afloat. Even Marx knew that moving drastically from Capitalism to Communism does not work. Citizens fight back when their property is seized, the TOP MEN cannot handle all the market changes effectively….

          Socialism in Norway does sound bad. Real bad. Its not as bad as modern Chinese Communism. Which is not as bad as Chinese Communism under Mao. Which is not as bad as Stalinism. It’s degrees of bad going toward more bad.

      2. What do you call the regulation of interstate commerce?

        If A, who resides in Georgia, wants to sell B, who resides in Florida, his products and the federal government says only with its permission and upon conditions it imposes, you have socialism.

        1. Constitutional protections and freedoms between states. Congress having interstate authority was designed to keep states from fighting among themselves. Which happened a lot.

          Interstate disputes- Heritage Foundation

          Socialism is the government control of the means of production not government control over trade.

        2. If your definition of socialism is that broad, then you’re actually giving cover to the genuine socialists. Because they will correctly point out that by your standard, EVERYTHING is socialism and that, since it hasn’t led to death camps or gulags in places like the US or Norway, the right-wing critics are wrong, and so then let’s try a little bit more socialism.

          1. if you control the means of production, you’re a socialist.

            Libertarians are always fighting in America because the USA is partly Socialist.

          2. If the USA got rid of Social security, Medicare, Amtrack, FDIC, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae we would cease to be Socialist.

    4. People like Meaghan McCain think socialism means Venezuela. People like Joy Behar think socialism means Norway.

      People who understand what socialism is understand that Norway eventually becomes Venezuela and gets worse from that point.

  31. Facebook stock dropped 20% in after market trading.

    Has not really recovered today.

    Another 80% loss and we can finally be rid of Zuckerberg.

  32. I wonder if Reason will cover Manafort’s trial that started jury selection.

  33. accusing him of deliberately withholding from Congress documents related to the Justice Department’s pre-election investigations into Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    A vote on the articles is not guaranteed. Still, the move is “embarrassing for everybody involved,” said Judge Andrew Napolitano.

    “Improperly signing off on a FISA warrant” and staying in a position despite a conflict of interest may be “ethical violations but not impeachable” offenses, Andrew Napolitano explained to a gaggle of grumbling Fox News anchors yesterday. He went on to call the move “wrong and baseless.”

    If they can’t be impeached for withholding documents, what then?

    Everyone would throw a hissy fit if Trump fired them.

    So elected officials have no power to remove our Deep State rulers?

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