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School District Investigates Pennsylvania Teacher for His Wrestling Alter Ego

Kevin Bean plays a cartoonish villain called "Blitzkrieg" in the ring. No, that doesn't mean he's a Nazi in real life.


WWWA/Ryan Satin/Twitter

A Philadelphia-area teacher is being investigated for his after-hours wrestling persona.

By day, Kevin Bean teaches fifth and sixth grade in the Spring-Ford Area School District. At night he enters the ring as Blitzkrieg the German Juggernaut, a character who sports red, white, and black tights and delights in throwing out Nazi salutes and waving an Imperial German tri-color flag replete with a large iron cross.

Bean has been wrestling under this moniker for years, and he has made no attempt to disguise his activities. In fact, he's gained a strong local following among fans of the World Wide Wrestling Alliance (WWWA), a decades-old Eastern Pennsylvania league. A picture of Bean dressed as Blitzkrieg is featured on the league's "Superstars" page. He is the organization's 2017 World Tag Team Champion, along with his cartoonishly British partner, Wyndham James Winthorpe III.

Trouble for Bean began last week, when Pro Wrestling Sheet editor Ryan Satin tweeted out a video of Bean performing. In a comment with the clip, Satin registered his disgust at the gag:

This triggered an investigation from the school district, which also sent parents a vague letter informing them that Bean's actions "do not represent the core values of the school district." Parents, in turn, seem split on the matter. One told a local CBS affiliate that he thinks the issue is being "blown out of proportion" and that Bean's afterhours activities were well-known. Others have expressed shock and disapproval.

WWWA President Dino Sanna has explained to the press that Bean's Blitzkrieg persona as a "gimmick," a character he adopts to play the villain in the ring. They do not make him an actual Nazi, any more than Marlon Brando was an actual mobster. Such over-the-top characters are a familiar part of pro wrestling—indeed, Bean's alter ego appears to be modeled pretty closely on the 1990s wrestler Fabulous Blitzkrieg, who sported a similar lightning-blot-themed outfit.

I've seen no indication that Bean's off-the-clock activities have diminished his effectiveness as a teacher. Nor does he have a record of piledriving his students. Unless something comes out that radically changes this story, let the man conduct his macho moonlighting in peace.

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  1. Leave it to the school system to not know what a Nazi is.

    Makes me think of that Adam Carolla thing in L.A. where they were talking to a phone sex operator on the phone and he asked her to possibly work in something about the Holocaust during her next gig. She asked, “What’s the Holocaust?”.

    Carolla’s response: L.A. Unified, baby, that’s us!

  2. Well, there is a valid concern that this guy might actually teach history, instead of the approved rewrite in the curriculum.

  3. Let’s not forget what happened to Captain Insano.

    1. Wait, not Captain Insano. It was the Revolting Blob.

  4. They do know pro wrestling is largely athletic playacting, right?

    The guy does not even go full hardcore if he is using an Imperial flag rather than a Nazi flag.

    1. It’s real to me! Shut up!

    2. That just means he’s old-school Wehrmacht, and not Waffen SS.

  5. So a guy who writes for a wrestling mag has never heard of the foreign stereotype or the obviously evil heel? I’ve never watched wrestling and yet I know that these are both fairly common gimmicks.

    1. Satin doesn’t even qualify as good enough for a wrestling mag. He was a TMZ dipshit who is now a Patreon charity case, ripping off guys like Dave Meltzer who actually does do reporting on wrestling and has done so for decades.

      1. That Satin took this so seriously shows what a fucking mark he actually is. Yeah, Ryan, no one has ever done a Nazi gimmick and no one ever cheered for the heels out of sheer contrarianism.

        1. Clearly both of you two just want children to grow up to be Nazis. Good god, the kids were actually CHEERING for him! It starts with semi-pro wrestling and ends with joining the Aryan Brotherhood.

          1. Toughen up, snowflake

  6. Sounds like Henry Wrinkler’s character in the movie “The One and Only”.

  7. Really , “they” are going after small time all star wrestlers now ?
    SMOD take us away

  8. That guy who did the Tweet. Alpha pussy confirmed.

  9. No. Fire him now. No tolerance for intolerance, even if it’s just for show. Humor is dead, and thank ghod for it.

    This is the world we live in now. Accept it, you Somalia-wanting libertarian fascists!!!!!111

  10. From the Wikipedia entry on heel:

    To gain heat (with boos and jeers from the audience), heels are often portrayed as behaving in an immoral manner by breaking rules or otherwise taking advantage of their opponents outside the bounds of the standards of the match. Others do not (or rarely) break rules, but instead exhibit unlikeable, appalling and deliberately offensive and demoralizing personality traits such as arrogance, cowardice or contempt for the audience. Many heels do both, cheating as well as behaving nastily. No matter the type of heel, the most important job is that of the antagonist role, as heels exist to provide a foil to the face wrestlers. If a given heel is cheered over the face, a promoter may opt to turn that heel to face or the other way around, or to make the wrestler do something even more despicable to encourage heel heat.

    1. Your knowledge of large sweaty men who wear lycra is impressive.

      1. The only real sports are the ones where big sweaty dudes in skin-tight pants grind against each other. I can’t wait for football season to start.

        1. I only watch “football” in countries that have never been to the moon.

    2. Are you actually Mankind?

    3. Sounds like certain commenters.

  11. “And I’m telling you, Broom County is just visibly upset by this display. [brief pause] Get places for the home games. Bring the kids! We got entertainment for the whole family.”

  12. Anyone remember the Southern Avenger fiasco with the Rand Paul campaign?

    1. That dude couldn’t wrestle for shit.

    2. Jack Hunter?

      You can find his picture illustrating the dictionary entry for “cuck”.

  13. You know his 5th and 6th grade students are into rasslin, so they must think he’s the shit.

  14. Team up with the Iron Shiek when?

  15. That’s hilarious!

  16. Do they let him win?

    Isn’t Stormfront “headquartered” in PA?

    Wouldn’t it be awkward to get them all jazzed up about a pro wrestler, only to have him lose in all the scripts?

  17. The country has officially lost its mind… *looks at watch*… now!

    1. Oh come on. This isn’t getting nearly the praise it deserves. This is a quality comment.

      1. I dunno bout that, the left is getting pretty wound up.

    2. *narrows gaze*

      (with apologies)

  18. This isn’t a question about the right to advocate Nazism, it’s equivalent to a dispute about whether a public employee can portray a bad guy in a play or movie.

    Does this school have school plays? Who plays the bad guys in these plays, or do they edit those parts out?

    1. “I see you dressed up as a Puritan judge and ordered people hanged for witchcraft.”

      “I was the hanging judge in The Crucible!”

      “Yeah, not a good example to set for the kids.”

  19. TEACHER: “OK, boys and girls, I want you to meet the latest heel, Mr. Bad.”

    MR. BAD: “Hello, boys and girls, be sure to eat lots of candy and goof off in school!”

    TEACHER: “OK, let’s do that scene again, but this time say ‘boo’ instead of ‘yay.'”

  20. The irony of this latest outrage theater is that Nazi heels in wrestling were not uncommon right after World War II, with Fritz Von Erich and Hans Schmidt being the most famous. Says something that the World War II and Boomer generation could handle seeing those guys perform without wailing about the end of civilization, but today’s can’t.

    1. Yep. Sort’a like the folks who suddenly decide that anyone from the South is now a racist traitor because of the Civil War.

  21. Ryan Satin (whoever the fuck that is) should invest in some non-bunching panties. While he’s at it, perhaps he should familiarize himself with the concept of “acting.” Or does he think that, say, Robert Downey Jr. really is Iron Man? He must have been very confused if he ever watched Tropic Thunder or either of the recent Sherlock Holmes movies.

    1. Oh, I’m sure Mr. Satin would produce a Category 5 REEEEE!-storm if he ever watched Tropic Thunder.

      “The main black character seems to be a bad parody of the sell-outs who produce academic minstrelsy for right-wing think tanks, and his insensitive comments about the struggles undergone by the marginalized cognitively-challenged community just make me so sick I can’t even…!”

  22. The schools already went after the “Revolting Blob” and it caused an uproar so Billy Madison had to repeat the 1st Grade.

  23. Let’s get real here. He’s using some pretty damn near Nazi symbology in his act.

    Want to be a patriotic German villain fighting for the honor of der Fatherland and world domination against the effete?

    Put on a Kaiser helmet.

    1. With that said – it is being blown oit of proportion. Just a bit of tasteless humor that, on the end, doesn’t harm anyone. No one’s going to join the Stormfront forum just because they’ve seen his act.

      1. It is being blown out of proportion and the guy who tweeted needs a whoopin… yet I can see how having a teacher regularly portray a Nazi could be problematic. His principal could be approached him discreetly and said something like, “Kevin, it’s cool that you wrestle in your free time. No problem there. But, maybe could you consider a minor change to your character? One slightly less… Nazi? Just a thought.”

        When I was a kid, my favorite wrestler for a time was Virgil – the black man-servant to Million Dollar Man. I was so hyped when he turned on him, then later won the Million Dollar Belt. Pretty sure he hit someone with it too. Virgil did not go on to do much after that.
        And I remember the best heel of all time (for a libertarian crowd): Irwin R. Schyster- aka, IRS for short. I think he teamed up with Big Boss Man, a heel cop, for a bit…

  24. I wonder how many Commie rasslers there are. They should be pointed out to this idiot so he can praise them for being on the right left other side.

  25. The sad thing is if any of these kids starting going around talking seriously about how Christian Bale went around at night as Batman and refused to listen to their parents appeals about how that’s just a movie, then their parents would send them to a shrink and put them on medication.

    Am I suggesting we put the parents complaining in straight jackets and forcibly medicate them until they’re better? No, but I’m also not opposed to the idea.

    1. I think putting them in straight jackets and forcibly medicating them might be a bit much. Maybe just whack them on the back with a folding chair until they come to their senses.

      That Satin worm on the other hand….the phony “disgust” as he desperately tries jumping on the SJW MeToo mob bandwagon, is he auditioning for a heel role? What’s his persona, Cuckadiddledoo, the shit-eating chicken fucker?

      1. “Maybe just whack them on the back with a folding chair until they come to their senses.”

        Whatever works medically for the patient.

  26. What we need in this country is zero tolerance of public school administrators.

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