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British Police helmet
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The British government received detailed information on rape gang activity in the city of Rotherham at least as early as 2002, according to a new report, but failed to act on it for another decade, and only after the media picked up the story. More than 1,500 girls may have been sexually abused in the city between 1997 and 2013. A previous government report found police and local officials feared racism allegations if they took action because the gang members were of Pakistani descent and most of their victims were white.

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  1. The equation is simple.

    Responding to racist allegations of sexual assault < Not wanting to look racist yourself.

    1. Everyone needs to prioritize their work.

  2. Racism > rapism.

    1. Rapism is a crime. Racism is not a crime.

  3. A certain commenter will be happy. He’s been on Reason to cover this story.

    1. The “fact” that (t)Reason has never published a word about this, and when they finally do it’s just a brickbat, is further proof that they’re a bunch of progtards and cucks pretending to be libertarian for a paycheck until they can get a sweet gig at WaPo.

  4. “Government is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together.”

    1. I believe that there is a fundamental human right to self-defense. It ties in a little basic drive known as self-preservation.

      If your government (or police force, in this particular case) utterly fails to do their job (what a shock!), than you can’t blame private citizens, including girls, from doing what they need to do to ward off an attacker and also send a message to other would-be attackers that they may want to think twice.

      Now I know guns are banned over there, and kitchen knives are about to be…So I suggest steel-toed boots can deliver an effective message to a rapist’s groin and a razor blade sewn into the seam of a newsboy cap can take the eyes of a rape gang leader or two.

      1. If any of these women designated as “white” used anything to defend themselves in GB, or most anywhere in Western Europe, they would feel the full force of the law for taking such matters into their own hands that clearly falls within the purview of the government. And of course prosecuting a white victim of a person of color has absolutely no chance whatsoever of badly reflecting upon the police being in any way racist.

        Seriously, this is just the sort of outrage that gives rise and credence to right wing nationalists.

        1. this is just the sort of outrage that gives rise and credence to right wing nationalists.

          To paraphrase Archer: “Do you want Nazis? Because that’s how you get Nazis.”

          1. Well, tell Archer that that is the way you RESPOND to Nazis.
            When the mobs are protected by the government, actively or passively by inaction, that is Fascism. The correct response is to fight back tooth and nail (if that is all the government leaves you) and take at least one with you. Sooner or later the mobs will disperse, or there will be all out civil war.

            If each and every Jew in Germany during the rule of Hitler had at least used a knife or hammer and attacked the soldiers who take to take them, there would not have been enough troops to pursue the war on two fronts. Yes, they still would have died, but the next time it would take more soldiers, and yet more the time after that. And those deaths would have become harder and harder to conceal than the deaths in the camps.

            1. Amen Dude or Dudette!!!

              Pacifism and “civil disobedience” work sometimes… Against an opponent who has at least a modicum of decency (the British rulers of India v/s Gandhi for example).

              For the rest… teeth and nails are a bit weak. Glass bottles are common and not yet outlawed. I would suggest a broken bottle to the throat of a tyrant or a minion of the same!

      2. Unfortunately, the British government does not agree with you on that, and have prosecuted people for defending themselves “excessively” in the eyes of the government.

        1. I believe that is a standard response to anyone being “uncivil” toward someone who is attacking them. Got to keep the citizens in line or God only knows what might happen.

        2. And “excessive” self defense seems to include almost anything beyond saying (not too loudly) “Please stop.” Best I can tell, it’s easier to get arrested for resisting a crime than for committing one in the UK.

    2. re: “Government is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together.”

      No. We choose to do many things together that have nothing whatsoever to do with government. Markets, families, religious services, clubs are just a few of the voluntary things we choose to do together.

      Government is the legal monopoly on force.

  5. Wait ? this story is actually true??? I thought it was a myth invented by white nationalists to dispute the mountains of social science data proving diversity is a good thing that benefits everybody!

    Still, I’m not going to let it shake my faith in open borders. I will continue to demand unrestricted, unlimited immigration into the US, including from ……. no, especially from Muslim-majority countries.


    1. #StillWithHim

  6. Wow. The British cops must be a truly different breed of cop. Or at least their public sector union must be a truly different breed of public sector union. When did fears of being perceived as racist ever stop a cop in these parts from doing whatever and whoever he felt like?

    I suspect these Limey cops might actually have been paid to look the other way or even provide protection to the rapist gangs, once the right palms were greased.

    1. It gets worse. Turns out the people covering for the “grooming” gangs were actual customers.

  7. The British are nuts over harmless, trivial provocations as a supposed cause of pedophilia, but when it comes to the real thing carried out most heinously, they have other priorities.


  9. So “victims” are not allowed, much less equipped, to defend themselves over there as the authorities are the only ones who can do that; and since the authorities caved to PC or whatever you want to call it, it was pretty much open season on white girls for 16 years?

    My only question is just how much further must this go before the British public gets a clue and pushes back?

    1. This seems to be happening, especially since May decided that screwing over the Brexit voters was more important than doing her job competently.

    2. Pretty much, yes. Parents who tried to rescue their daughters from this were threatened with or actually arrested by the police.

  10. Evidently Pakistani immigrants can be rapists. Who knew?

    Maybe some immigrants do commit crimes and natural-borns should get a say in who immigrates.

    Luckily in the USA, the Constitution gives regulation authority to Congress to regulate immigration and naturalization under Article I, Section 8 & 9.

    1. GENERAL WELFARE CLAUSE. Article I, section 8 of the U. S. Constitution grants Congress the power to regulate us peons for the “general welfare” of us all.

      Maybe some native-borns do commit crimes and better-bred natural-borns should get a say in who makes more criminal babies!!!

      Time is now (in the name of the “general welfare” of all) for Government Almighty to start issuing baby-making permits!

  11. In entirely unrelated news, the Brits aren’t allowed to carry weapons to defend themselves, even in their own homes.

    I’m sure that’s correlation and not causation.

    1. Alex, I’ll take causation for the daily double, thanks.

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