Brickbat: Hugs and Kisses


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A woman was arrested in Saudi Arabia after rushing onto the stage and hugging singer Majid al-Mohandis during a concert. Mohandis is a man and women in Saudi Arabia are not supposed to mix with men who are not related to them.

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  1. women in Saudi Arabia are not supposed to mix with men who are not related to them.

    In other words, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is kinda like an Ohio strip club.

    1. Only that the goal in Ohio is to uncover as much skin as possible. In SA it’s the other way round.

      1. I suspect that the same people who passed the laws in Ohio forbidding any contact between strippers and customers would be happy to pass a law requiring said strippers to dress like they’re in Saudi Arabia instead.

        1. Both are shit hole countries.

  2. It she stayed in the kitchen where she belongs she wouldn’t be in trouble.

  3. Unless his song was a ballad about his blanket affirmative consent, she assaulted him. #MeToo4ever

    1. The unnamed woman seen hugging Mr Mohandis was wearing a niqab, a headdress that shows only the eyes.
      Hiding her face you say. It must be an Antifa protest of his fascist lyrics.

  4. Not to defend the Saudi authorities, but is she actually hugged the singer, then she most certainly must have been “armed!”

    1. Oy vey. Good one.

  5. Title IX’s real goal. Only backwards.

  6. If ladies can’t risk the stage then Usher better stay away.

  7. The article states that she is being considered for harassment charges. Isn’t that similar to someone being slapped with a trespassing fine for running on the stage to hug a singer here?

  8. Off topic:

    Why is Reason not covering Reed Hastings backpedaling his Net Neutrality rhetoric?

    Variety article

    I take this to mean that he doesn’t want anyone to realize his goal in pushing NN was to lock in the incumbents by making it impossible for startups to challenge them. I believe he’s trying to get ahead of the fact that repealing NN doesn’t have any adverse affects.

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