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Report: Air Force One Isn't American or Comfy Enough for Trump

Trump wants Air Force One to get a new paint job and a bigger, comfier bed.



President Donald Trump reportedly isn't happy with some aspects of the planes that carry him around the globe. But his issues with Air Force One have nothing to do with things like safety or performance. Rather, he wants a "more American" paint job and a bigger and better presidential bed, according to Axios.

Trump met earlier this year with executives from Boeing, including CEO Dennis Muilenburg, and the two parties agreed Boeing will develop two new Air Force One planes at a cost of roughly $3.9 billion. Trump also detailed his curious specifications for the planes. According to Axios:

We're told that Trump wants a color scheme that "looks more American" and isn't a "Jackie Kennedy color." He doesn't think the current blue (technically "luminous ultramarine") represents the USA.

Some Air Force officials disagree, arguing that the current color scheme is "known around the world," Axios reports. Doesn't matter. Trump wants his planes to be red, white, and blue. He also wants Air Force One's presidential bed "to be larger and more comfortable," like the bed on his personal plane.

Ironically, Trump might not be able to experience the changes in person. The new planes aren't going to be ready until 2021 at the earliest, so he would have to win reelection if he wants to enjoy them. And it could take an additional three years for the Air Force to test the planes, CNN reported in February, meaning they might not be good to go until 2024. But Trump is reportedly keen on the process being completed before he leaves office, with a source telling CNN that the president "wants to fly on that new plane."

At the end of the day, paint jobs and presidential beds likely won't increase the final cost of the new planes very much. But if the current Air Force One fleet isn't broken, why is Trump ordering new ones ahead of schedule?

This order seems like the latest sign of a troubling trend where politicians not only treat the government like a piggybank, but do so without the slightest hint of shame. In February, The New York Times revealed that Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson ordered a brand new, taxpayer-funded $31,000 dining room set for his office. Scott Pruitt's tenure as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, which ended last week, was plagued by similar financial scandals, from installing an expensive soundproofed telephone booth in his office, to regularly traveling first class on airlines and taking a security detail on personal trips.

Politicians and policymakers have always played fast and loose with other people's money. It's what they do. But doing it so boldly and publicly normalizes some gross behavior.

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  1. Next up, a new bathtub for the White House.

    1. +1 William Howard Taft

      1. So, no safe and comfortable spaces for the horizontally challenged?

  2. I can understand it’s not Trump’s style, but gold-plating the aircraft would likely blind air-traffic controllers, as well as any pilots flying within a 50-mile radius.

    1. Totally his style. His penthouse has tacky amounts of gold and marble everywhere.

      1. That’s what I was hinting at. Only now am I realizing how shitty the syntax of my comment was.

        But yes, he’d certainly grab a golden jet by the rear stabilizer.

    2. Fool’s gold is more his style.

  3. Fake news.

    The VC-25As are expected to be replaced, as they have become less cost-effective to operate.[39] On 28 January 2015, the Air Force announced that the Boeing 747-8 will serve as the next presidential aircraft.[40][41] On 6 December 2016, then-President-elect Donald Trump tweeted his opposition to the Air Force One replacement due to its high cost of “more than $4 billion”. The U.S. Government Accountability Office estimated the total cost at $3.2 billion, and the U.S. Air Force’s budget for the program is projected to be nearly $4 billion. In December 2016, Boeing was on contract for preliminary development worth $170 million.[42][43][44]

    On 1 August 2017, Defense One reported that in an effort to pay less for the replacement program, the U.S. Air Force has contracted to purchase two of the bankrupt Russian airline Transaero’s undelivered 747-8 Intercontinentals from Boeing, which is storing them in the Mojave Desert to prevent corrosion. These airplanes, which were flight-tested but never delivered, will be retrofitted with telecommunications and security equipment to bring them to the required security level for the presidential aircraft.[45][46]

    1. I swear… if you can’t trust “a source” at CNN or NYT, who can you trust these days?!

      1. Literally Wikipedia is a better source of info than nearly all major news outlets.

    2. Fake news.

      Probably. To be fair, it does read like on of those “get a load of this guy” stories that the media love so much. You know, the ones that always say something like “sources say [insert over the top shit Trump supposedly said/ did/ wants]” without any real corroborating evidence to back it up.

      Which, FWIW, I’m fine with journalists wanting to keep their sources secret, especially when those sources are speaking about things they’re not authorized to speak about, but “sources say” could just as easily mean “I reached up my ass, dug around for a while and pulled out this stink nugget which I’ll now present as if someone important told me instead of admitting that I’m making shit up.”

      1. The point, which I guess I didn’t really finish, is that it can be damn hard to tell the difference sometimes between a legit story with a real anonymous source and made up bullshit. So it comes down to how much trust the reader is willing to put in the reporter, which usually is a function of how much the story confirms ones pre-existing biases. The only real solution is to take everything with a grain of salt, but in the meantime there’s no harm in joking around at the current God-King’s expense, even if the story is bullshit, is there?

        *50 caliber Barret sniper rifle round pierces office window, head explodes, body falls on keyboard*

        kdsnfjalkjv nkjajk nvjka sk kfansdlkjfkflkjaoiejqp093uijnvjan

      2. Air Force One was slated for replacement prior to Trump being elected.

        The sum total of this article is that Trump would like a different paint scheme and a larger bed.

        THE HORROR.

        1. Bubba, why you be wrecking the TDS mode of the day?

        2. Surely you’re not suggesting that reporters actually do a minimum level of research before running with a story? That’s just crazy talk.

          1. I mean, I saw this article and found more information to put this whole outrage into context while I was on the shitter.

            I usually read Shikha articles on the shitter but she has finally cut back on her nonsensical articles on Reason.

          2. The TDS angle should have been he was against it before he was for it.

            1. Trump was against and the media could have easily used that effectively.

              They chose a different route.

  4. Why doesn’t he just use his personal jet, if he doesn’t like the government-issued one?

    1. Doesn’t have all the whiz-bang electronics and SAM countermeasures the president needs.

      Plus why put miles on your own hoopty when you can get Uncle Sucker to use his?

    2. Air Force One has missile countermeasures, Comm equipment, radar equip, storage for various cool weapons, a secret ejection pod for the Prez, and much much more.

      1. secret ejection pod for the Prez

        It’s not that secret – I’ve seen a movie about it.

        1. God damn it Rhywun! I dont get to say “secret” around here much and you have to ruin it?

          Yeah, I saw some documentary about Air Force One.

          1. The movie I saw was less documentary, more… conjecture.

            1. FAKE MOVIES paired with FAKE NEWS? =)

        1. There is no way in hell that Trump would “comb” the desert by himself.

          May the Schwartz be with him!

  5. Maybe he should just borrow an, um, American Airlines jet…

  6. “luminous ultramarine”

    What could be more American than an *ultra* Marine?

    1. “For the Emperor!”

    2. Space Marines!

  7. There better be some flames painted on the nose cone. Maybe a big 01 on the side.

    1. And “Melania” on the nose.

      1. Underneath the crossed-off names of his earlier wives.

    2. A big, bad ass looking flaming bald eagle, with a red, white, and blue paint scheme. Like this.

      1. Shark teeth like on the Flying Tigers squadron in China.

  8. Trump wants Air Force One to get a new paint job and a bigger, comfier bed

    He probably wants the plane to look something like this except on a 747 and with “MAGA: in big white letters on the side.

    For the bed, he needs it to be big enough to comfortable fit himself, his miniature giraffes, and a couple of high end escorts.

    1. So you’re saying he wants to fly like a government employee?

      1. Or like a God-King. Pretty much the same thing at this point.

    2. With a gold-trimmed mirror above the bed and on the walls, of course.

    3. Those are super-strong escorts, carrying around solid-gold objects without breaking a sweat.

      I bet they’re actually bodyguards.

      1. Who says they can’t be both?

        1. Grab her by the Octopussy.

        2. +1 Gadd . . . Quad . . . Daffy . . uh, that dead Libyan.

  9. When everyone gets past the TDS, can we ask, politely, why it takes the Air Force THREE YEARS to test an aircraft design currently in use by civilian airlines?

    Oh right, because CNN

    1. CNN is responsible for bureaucratic inertia?

    2. Probably have to test out the communication equipment, electronic countermeasures, and all the other special gadgets alluded to in a couple of other comments above. And before anyone says “but those are already in use on the existing AF1,” the new plane is most likely getting a technology refresh for a lot of that shit, so it’s not exactly the same shit they’re already flying. That and “because bureaucracy.”

  10. If the new Air Force One is unveiled after Trump has left the WH, perhaps Chief Spreading Bull or Kamala Harris will invite the Donald for an overnight on the plane.

    1. He may not be their type.

    2. If either of them gets to be POTUS, I suspect the new Air Force One will be powered by 100% renewable unicorn farts.

    3. You never know, Mike. Maybe we’ll get a libertarian president in 2020.

  11. You elect a game show host, you get a game show host.

    1. What game show only pays their host $1 a year and his demands really only include a more comfortable bed and more patriotic pant job?

  12. Are you kidding?

    All the things you can go after Trump for, and you go for this?

    People look at this shit and think, “If this and Stormy Daniels is all they got against Trump, they’ve got bupkis”.

    We want people to think about principles over principals, but we’re going off over how much it costs to cut his hair?

    What is this, TMZ?

    1. It’s a setup for jokes which indirectly promote his image, what’s the downside?

      Sure, maybe the original article may not be 100% quote-unquote “accurate,” but the articles are just jumping-off points for commenter remarks.

    2. I’m sure there are another 3 or 4 tariff articles waiting in the wings.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they flew off the handle with those new articles.

        1. I think our hosts are on firmer ground with the tariff stuff even if I don’t think it needs to be repeated seven or eight times a day. But I am not a fan of these gossipy fluff pieces that can’t even be bothered to get basic facts right, or conveniently omit other facts that would discredit them.

          1. The tariff arguments would be on firmer ground if they just stuck with that statement they disagree with increase tariffs from the tariffs that we had pre-January 2017.

            The actual argument tend to be that the USA had zero trade restrictions before Trump, Trump is a poopy- head, and Communist China and Socialist Europe will just end trade restrictions….because reasons.

            They also completely ignore that Trump offered to end all US trade restriction if trading partners end trade restrictions and these other nations declined. They dont really have a good comeback for that one.

            1. Citation needed for points 1and 2.
              Point 3 is merely absurd. The only way to win a trade war is to not play. Reduce all tariffs to zero unilaterally.
              Trump is a mercantilist and has been his whole life. It’s a 17th century folly.

              1. I have already provided the citation for 3 multiple times yesterday to you. It was during the G7 summit.

                YOU demanding citations for 1 and 2 is hilarious. You get asked for citations all the time and never back up the nonsense you spout.

                …I wonder which sock will jump in to ask on your behalf?

                Trump said that he would end all US trade restrictions and our trading partners refused. That is not mercantilism.

                Definition for you.
                the economic theory that trade generates wealth and is stimulated by the accumulation of profitable balances, which a government should encourage by means of protectionism.

              2. The US was mercantilist during the vast majority of its history, as it rose from poor backwater to world superpower.

    3. At the end of the day, compare the number of comments (a proxy for page views) that this post gets compared to some of the more “serious” posts, and you’ll have your answer.

    4. Obama weaponizes the executive branch against his political enemies.

      Trump wants a new paint job, and a new bed for Air Force One.


  13. Good thing it’s not a truck, because he’d want mudflaps of silhouetted women.

    1. “Put some hooters on those nymphs!”

  14. This order seems like the latest sign of a troubling trend where politicians not only treat the government like a piggybank, but do so without the slightest hint of shame. In February, The New York Times revealed that Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson ordered a brand new, taxpayer-funded $31,000 dining room set for his office. Scott Pruitt’s tenure as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, which ended last week, was plagued by similar financial scandals, from installing an expensive soundproofed telephone booth in his office, to regularly traveling first class on airlines and taking a security detail on personal trips.

    This does sound bad.

    How does it compare to prior administrations? History didn’t start in 2017. How does the spending compare to the average?

    1. I checked out Air Force One history and posted some results below.

    2. so does every criticism require a comparison to all prior administrations? Or just this one?

      1. When there are constant lies and TDS coming from the media, a nice comparison and placing the new Trump request in context is typically enough to shut the Lefty dipshits up.

        1. What of the quoted text is a lie? That there’s a troubling trend? Seems difficult to analyze because of the differing norms of reporting through the 100+ years.

          1. How much does Pravda pay you these days?

            Omission is lying too, there Woodward and Bernstein.

            1. I hate-watched some Sean Hannity last night, and man I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t feel sympathy for you and your fellow brainwashed. That shit is absolutely relentless. It never fucking stops? Poor Trump, evil liberals, wah wah wah.

              It’s all lies, you must understand. The only cure is to turn it off.

              1. Who watches FOX except you Tony.

                  1. Tony|7.12.18 @ 1:04PM|#
                    You do.

                    I watch FOX, huh? Seems impossible since I dont watch tv.

                1. I was playing Fortnite with my sons last nite.

                  I don’t even know what time Hannity is on.

            2. The funny thing is you assign values and beliefs to me that I don’t have. People can reasonably disagree with you without being some crazy liberal or fascist or whatever you think.

              1. Is not the act of disagreeing that tells your tale. Its what you say that does.

      2. so does every criticism require a comparison to all prior administrations? Or just this one?

        If the issue is the “scandalous” spending of one admin, how it compares to others who didn’t have “scandalous” spending is key.

      3. No. But before someone points to one specific person as being outside the bounds of decency, it helps to take a survey of those boundaries.

        Personally, if you leave out Clinton stealing the White House couches and Obama’s babymama’s vacay’s, yeah, this is kinda outside the boundaries. It, IMO, falls somewhere between HIllary and Michelle’s shenanigans and outside the range of behavior Presidents from Nixon to Bush junior have done.

    3. I can think of a certain Former President’s wife who was big on using the USG to bankroll vacays for her and her friends.

  15. I imagine Pres. Trump wants luxury accommodations at least as ornate as those enjoyed by televangelists.

    His gullible followers may even send a few worn bills in the mail every month to make it possible.

    Carry on, clingers.

  16. 1. FDR was the first president to use an airplane as the presidential plane.
    2. Truman changed planes.
    3. Einsenhower changed planes.
    4. JFK changed planes.
    5. LBJ changed planes.
    6. Nixon changed planes.
    7. Reagan didnt change planes but new planes were ordered during his presidency.
    8. Obama didnt change planes but new planes development were ordered via contract during his presidency but the contract ended up without the planes being built.

    1. but how many bed changes were there? Nixon probably wanted one with speakers and microphones.

      1. You can be sure that new planes include new beds, if a bed was standard compliment.

        Feel free to do your own research and let us know.

        1. Ha, no thanks. I was making a joke. 6 of the last 14 presidents, according to your research, got new presidential planes. I’m not sure if anyone of them commented about the color of the plane or comfort of the bed, though.

          What does your research mean to you? I’m having difficulty drawing conclusions with that information that some how refutes or adds to the article.

          1. Clearly what I posted does not get Hillary’s dick out of your mouth.

            I almost forgot to go back and look at the nonsense you posted yesterday about District court jurisdiction and how the Supreme Court cannot issue injunctions.

            1. hah yeah, in all those cases they accept to hear re: original jurisdiction. I mean all those cases that don’t have parties that are both states and are about water disputes or boundaries.

              Thanks for bringing up the time you told us that SCOTUS was the only court with national jurisdiction.

              1. Also, I didn’t vote for Clinton.

                1. I didnt say that you voted for Hillary.

                  The 9th Circuit does not have national jurisdiction. District courts dont have national jurisdiction. Court of veterans appeals does not national jurisdiction.

                  I guess only the SCOTUS can issue decisions that affect every US federal court and every state court.

                  You learned something and that is good.

        2. Only one President’s bed was equipped with Marilyn Monroe!

    2. I believe there was a plane change for Bush Jr.

    3. Something to consider about the early ones – airplane technology was rapidly changing during the FDR to LBJ era. Its not unexpected that planes would change rapidly. And from Nixon to Trump we’ve seen what? Two changes and a third ordered?

      Though IMO its not the new plane being ordered – that was expected at some point anyway (and Trump had nothing to do with it). We could certainly do without a new one, just tech refresh the current one and give it a remodel. *That’s* the real story here, not Trump wanting a garish paint scheme and a bigger bed for him and the catamites.

  17. Go from something tasteful and iconic to yet another boring red-white-blue pancho like all his followers like to wear as they cheer on the ruin of this country.

    1. Tony finally admits that Trump is ruining HIS life.

      Trump is making my life far better. I have lower taxes. Trump has nominated 2 SCOTUS justices and will be nominated young conservative replacements for RBG, Breyer, and Thomas. Trump is deporting illegals like crazy. Trump got the out of compliance NATO nations to pay up.


      1. You could be living under a bridge giving handies for crack and you’d still think Trump was the best and that libtards are the cause of your problems because that’s what Hannity tells you to think.

      2. Trump has nominated 2 SCOTUS justices and will be nominated young conservative replacements for RBG, Breyer, and Thomas.

        I’m not sure that it counts but even the rhetoric among parts of the left have been improved because of this. The NPR story I heard the other day, not only was the discussion about his SCOTUS nomination surprisingly introspective, it was approaching libertarian/centrism. They were essentially lamenting how non-divisive the appointment of justices was prior to FDR and that, despite FDR, democrats have been terrible about motivating voters based on SCOTUS. They even went on to say that many of the fundamental issues that Democrats have come up and before SCOTUS were shallow and transient victories; that Democrats have always been terrible about playing SCOTUS long ball.

        I admit/suppose Trump is guilty of inducing TDS but, I also suppose he gets some credit for clearing it up with such challenging SCOTUS picks. Not that I want them to ultimately win but intelligent self-reflection about how to get better SCOTUS picks is preferable to “OMG, KAVANAUGH’S GOING TO OVERTURN ROE V. WADE, REPEAL THE 13TH AMENDMENT, AND ACTUALIZE THE HANDMAID’S TALE!”

        1. The lefties have a real dilemma. They need ways to ignore, circumvent, and gut the Constitution of the USA and of the states.

          The USA is majority conservative to some degree. This leaves the lefties with relatively short bursts of momentum to get their corrupt bureaucrats and politicians in place. At some point Americans wake up and see how the Lefties are fucking up America and boot them out.

          The gains that Democrats have made in the SCOTUS were made and can be reversed. Which is the genius of our system.

          Trump is the person who represents Americans booting Lefties out and rolling thing back a bit.

  18. The aircraft use by the heads of state of Canada, China, France, South Korea, Russia, Syria, and Cambodia are all Red, White, and Blue, so I don’t know why it’s a tragedy that someone doesn’t want to fly around in a plane that is the same hypoxic blue color of the Chevette I drove during college.

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