Brickbat: Teacher of the Year. No, Really


Angry Teacher
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Just two weeks into the school year, Kandy Escotto knew something was wrong. Her son Aaron, 5, didn't want to go to school and had bad grades. He told her he was a bad boy. When she spoke to the principal at Aaron's Miami, Florida, school, the principal said that there was no evidence the boy's teacher was doing anything wrong. So Escotto hid a recorder in Aaron's backpack. It caught the teacher, Rosalba Suarez, insulting and humiliating the boy and another student. Suarez was named teacher of the year at the school this year.

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  1. This is why we need armed citizens, put a cap in that bitch’s ass!

    1. and pop the kid too, probably a right little bastard. Moms should watch where she steps too.

      1. Driving to work this morning I passed a business truck for tree trimming, the industrial sized wood chipper make me smile.

  2. Escotto heard Suarez humiliating her son and another boy, calling them “loser.” The teacher told Aaron that his mom was driving her crazy, and ostracized him for not correctly learning how to bubble in a test, according to the recording.

    When Aaron said he didn’t want to participate in class, Suarez is heard on the recording saying, “I don’t care, don’t do it, you think I care? Whatever your mom wants to see, honey, whatever your mom wants to see, you tell me what she wants to see a nice job or she wants to see a loser’s job.”

    I mean what else do you expect when you send your kid to Trump University?

    1. Hey, at least he wasn’t grabbed by the pussy!

      1. They don’t do gender reassignment until the second grade – – – – – – – –

  3. We work diligently to ensure the well-being of every child entrusted to our care.

    …once forced to do so by litigation and bad press.

  4. So much of this story makes no sense. The kid is 5-years old, in kindergarten, and two weeks into the school he is doing graded work and taking written tests? WTF kind of school is this?

    1. Not written tests, bubble sheets. But still, when I was in elementary school, we didn’t have grades until the 4th grade.

      1. What is a bubble sheet if not a form to record answers to a test?

        1. I thought of a “written test” as something you actually write. But then, I’m not a native speaker.

    2. A public school, run by liberals to indoctrinate new democratic voters. Damn kid probably acted like the had individual choices or something.
      And that mother! acting like the kid was hers or something.
      Move along – – – – –

    3. 5 year old in September – maybe kindergarten. But also maybe a late birthday that just meets the cut-off for first grade. Still probably too early for that kind of testing.

      More confusing to me was the delay between the events in Sept & Oct and the decision to publicize the case in July. The linked article does make it clear that some of the delay was while the mom attempted to work with the school (and got blown off). However, I wonder if the real impetus was the sheer hypocrisy of naming Suarez as “teacher of the year” – an honor presumably granted sometime after all this was brought to light.

      1. All awards are based on seniority with the union.

  5. I’m surprised that Mom isn’t in jail for violating the privacy of one of her “employees.”

    1. This. She’ll be prosecuted for illegal wiretapping.

    2. Florida is a “two-party consent” state for recording of “wire, oral, or electronic communication”. However, Florida explicitly has a carve-out for “in-person communications when the parties do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the conversation”. I would hope that berating someone in an open classroom in front of all the other students would qualify for the exception.

      There’s also the question of whether a state employee (whether police or teacher) can ever have a reasonable expectation of privacy while in performance of their duties. The Supreme Court has held that First Amendment provides a right to record government officials in public. Presumably, that would trump a state’s wiretapping law.

  6. In government-run anything. . . people rise to the level of their incompetence.

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