Tourist Gets 8 Years in Egyptian Prison for Facebook Video Blasting 'Son of a Bitch' Country

Egypt has no freedom of speech.



An Egyptian court sentenced a Lebanese tourist to eight years behind bars on Saturday. Her crime: posting a video to Facebook in which she complained of sexual harassment and slammed Egypt's people and leadership.

Mona el-Mazbouh originally posted the video near the end of her vacation in Egypt. In addition to her allegations of harassment, she said she was robbed during a previous visit to the nation, according to Reuters. She called Egypt a "son of a bitch country," claimed Egyptians are the "dirtiest people," and said Egypt is "the country of pimps…of beggars," the Associated Press reports. And she called Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi "unjust," though she also suggested the Egyptians deserve him: "I hope God sends you someone more oppressive than Sisi," she said.

Arrested at an airport in Cairo before she could leave the country, Mazbouh was charged with "deliberately broadcasting false rumors which aim to undermine society and attack religions." Despite posting an apology video, she was still sentenced to prison and slapped with a fine.

An appeals court will hear the case later this month. "Of course, God willing, the verdict will change. With all due respect to the judiciary, this is a severe ruling. It is in the context of the law, but the court was applying the maximum penalty," Mazbouh's attorney, Emad Kamal, says in the Reuters report.

In an attempt to free his client, Kamal has even tried to blame Mazbouh's actions on her health. According to Reuters:

Kamal said a surgery Mazboh underwent in 2006 to remove a brain clot has impaired her ability to control anger, a condition documented in a medical report he submitted to the court. She also suffers from depression, he said.

Mazbouh's sentence is ugly but unsurprising. For years, Egyptians have not been able to express themselves freely, and things haven't gotten better under Sisi's regime. Just last month, the country's parliament approved legislation forcing government supervision on "social media accounts, blogs and websites with more than 5,000 followers," the AP reports.

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  1. And you’ll never guess what the legislature did to the brickmaking industry.

    1. There is no reason at all why inappropriate “speech” should not be punished by the state, just as our strong law-enforcement leaders do in America, regardless of any so-called “constitutional” restrictions, when individuals engage in criminal “parody” and the like. See the documentation of our great nation’s leading criminal “satire” case at:

      To be sure, eight years is a bit too long, but the length of the sentence will probably be shortened somewhat on appeal, so there’s really no problem with this worth commenting on in a forum like this.

  2. Egypt has no freedom of speech.

    Thanks, Captain Obvious!

    1. Of course they have freedom of speech, you’re free to criticize Israel and praise the government.

    2. Surprise!

  3. She’s lucky her home wasn’t robbed by someone who saw her post a vacation video.
    Must like living on the edge and throwing caution to the wind

    1. This stupid woman and millions of idiots like her made Mark “Faceberg” Zuckerberg wealthier than Warren Buffett!

      1. Little known fact: Zuckerberg made his first billion not from Facebook stock, but by robbing homes of people while they’re on vacation.

      2. “Faceberg” sick burn, bro. Talk to the Faceberg cause the Hamburg ain’t listen’.

  4. Egypt has no freedom of speech

    Egypt is a country so it’s no surprise it has no freedom of speech. However, the people of Egypt do have freedom of speech. Unfortunately it is not protected by their government.

    1. These rights are inalienable, um, bitch. And they exist regardless of what the goons in any government say.

      1. Seems like they did a pretty convincing job of alienating HER from those rights, smarty-pants!

      2. Yes, unless they say they don’t.

        1. Rights are rights, even when denied by force.

          1. So if my money is taken by force, am I still rich?

            1. *door slams shut to her jail cell*….

              There you go! You’re FREE to speak your mind!!

            2. No, but you are robbed of the rightful fruits of your labor.

            3. So, are you saying that natural rights aren’t a real thing?

          2. So why don’t you travel to Egypt and make a video on the son-of-a-bitch country and see if it’s “inalienable” . I’m sure the judge that sentences you to 8 years will agree that you can say whatever you want in your 5×5 cell.

      3. Appropos this, speaker after speaker at Independence Hall on July 4th talked about the Declaration “giving us” our rights. How about we just use “securing?”

      4. Little difference between those countries where their law is based on the beloved Islamic law, and those nasty oppressive christians eh?

        Yeah, you really do have something to risk if you smart off over there, unlike America. . .

        Kinda gives you an idea of how different the United States and its laws are Pro Libertate. I encourage you to go over and start a few anti islamic riots and see how that goes.

        1. Of course governments violate natural rights.


  5. Technically, it was for being stupid enough to do it while still in Egypt.

    1. ^ This

      And it isn’t like she’s from the other side of the world. Maybe save the harsh criticism until after returning to the er… safety(?)… of Lebanon.

    2. The scary part will be when they try to have people brought into the country for crimes committed on facebook outside the country. I could see an Obama or Hillary type person agreeing to such an idea

      1. Or a Trump like person maybe.

  6. She engaged in hate speech against Egyptians. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?!?!?!?

    1. She’s a particular color and a particular sex. Had she been a certain color and a certain sex, she’d have failed to check her privilege and would be spat upon while she rotted in jail.

      1. Lebanese people are pretty white.

        1. Look, the Egyptians are not fans of Lebaneses. Something about homosexuality being against the will of Allah. Now I personally don’t have anything against Lebaneses, especially since I’m gay, but let’s not kid ourselves. You can be a Lebanese no matter what you look like, so long as you’re female. That’s the only qualifier.

        2. These days, you are MENA if you speak Arabic, no matter how white your skin is. It is like being Hispanic. Albanians are confusing on the scorecard. The ethnic Albanians living in Turkey because the Turks held their ancestors as slaves are MENA, but those living in Albania are white enough for a Black or Hispanic person to assault them with immunity as revenge for colonialism according to the progressives.

  7. Another failure on Facebook’s part. Why do they continue to allow hate speech on the platform? Zuckerberg should do the time with her.


    1. It’s funny that I haven’t heard that “social media will help spread freedom around the world” meme from him or his ilk in some time. I guess even they can’t say it with a straight face any more.

      1. “Spreading freedom” turns out to not be as lucrative as getting in tight with the jailers.

        1. And with that one comment, Citizen X explained a fair amount of prison rape.

  8. Egypt still gets tourists?

    1. No kidding.

    2. Those pyramids don’t photograph themselves.

  9. The type of mindset that spawns the prosecution of this woman is not the type of mindset that should be invited to the west.

    1. That type of mindset is already de jure in every part of the “west” that’s not the US, and is increasingly well entrenched here as well.

    2. You’re wrong Allah will ring peace and civility to the west. The White man will pay for his transgressions!

    3. What’re you talking about, there are hot job prospects at Facebook for this very thing.

    4. Sadly, archaeologists are still looking for the elusive flying platforms and anti gravitation devices the indigenous people used to assemble the pyramids.

    5. The individuals just want to make their lives better, who are you to tell them they cannot come here and try to dictate their lifestyle preferences on you!?!?

  10. “deliberately broadcasting false rumors which aim to undermine society and attack religions.”

    You know who else wants to crack down on people broadcasting false rumors and speech which undermines society and attacks religions?

    1. Every Politician in office

  11. she said she was robbed during a previous visit to the nation, according to Reuters.

    There is more to this story. Why the hell would she go back if she had such a bad experience the first time?

    1. Yeah, and she extended her second stay by eight years!

      1. At least it wasn’t 400 years.

  12. True but America sends billions to Egypt every year in ‘foreign aid’. You can’t pay someone to be free. This is just enabling their various dysfunctions. We have only ourselves to blame. And please for gods sakes don’t let your kids go to Egypt and then bloviate about sharia when they don’t show up for the return flight. (Same for Iran and NK.)

    1. We pay Egypt not to attack Israel. It’s a left-over from the Carter era peace accords. Probably ought to be retired at this point.

      1. Israel would never allow us to stop paying that bribe.

      2. $2 billion in aid to buy peace and free access to the Suez Canal honestly might be worth it. The Europeans should be paying it though.

  13. Son of a bitch.

  14. When the Egyptian tourism bureau tries to instruct the judges on the Streisand Effect.

    1. I’ve forgotten what Streisand was accused of, just that she drew attention to whatever the accusation was.

      I’ll assume she was accused of (bleeping) the (bleep) at her farm.

      1. Someone photographed her coastal mansion. Streisand considered this an invasion of her privacy and sued. Because she did this, a lot more attention came to the picture, and it circulated the internet. She lost the case, was ordered to pay the defendant’s legal fees, and after doing so claimed a mythical diamond that transformed her into a super destructive robot that was nigh-undefeatable by military weaponry.

  15. Does anyone find it doubly disturbing that they follow social media accounts of tourists who visit the country?

    Buzzfeed “reporters” won’t have any trouble.

    1. it is amazing how many resources a country will spend to grab people for the smallest of “crimes” well below the value spent in prosecuting and in this case once word gets out hopefully poeple will quit going to Egypt which will cost them even more.

    2. It is extremely disturbing, but I tell people once again, this is how Faceberg made most of his massive fortune: by selling the information of his stupid users to governments!

      Anyone who is still actively using that piece of crap site is nothing but a goddamn fool.

  16. . . . she was robbed during a previous visit to the nation, according to Reuters. She called Egypt a “son of a bitch country,” claimed Egyptians are the “dirtiest people,” and said Egypt is “the country of pimps…of beggars,”

    And yet she kept coming back?

  17. This is what happens when your passport is from a country that has a military the size of Lebanon’s.

  18. Why in the hell would she post this before she was safely out of reach of these mutts. Yes, Sisi is one of our government’s favorite dictators, but hopefully more incidents like this and more media coverage will force our “leaders” to reconsider. Yes, Egypt is a land of beggars, pimps, thieves, and robbers. So why visit their stinking country in the first place? Wise up, people.

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