L.A. Mayor's Warning About the Dangers of Fireworks Blows Up in His Face

The mayor of Los Angeles accidentally makes illegal fireworks look cool.


Screenshot via Vimeo/

When the mayor of Los Angeles used what could be mistaken for a cool science project to talk about firework safety, it quickly became clear that his warning had an unintended consequence.

City officials wanted to remind residents before the Fourth of July that the personal use of dangerous fireworks is illegal. So they posted a video to Vimeo that shows Mayor Eric Garcetti, Fire Department Chief Ralph Terrazas, Police Deputy Chief Dennis Kato, and City Attorney Mike Feuer telling residents that unauthorized fireworks are "never safe and never sane."

Then Garcetti took the warnings a step further by tweeting a clip of a watermelon being blown up by a stick-of-gum-sized firework. Garcetti was serious, but he may have misjudged his audience:

The Los Angeles County Fire Department lists the various penalties for the sale, manufacturing, and use of fireworks per the County of Los Angeles Fire Code, Title 32, Section 5601.3. If any Angelenos do decide to engage in this traditional form of American fun, they are required to make sure they are using fireworks with the official "safe and sane" logo. Anyone possessing or using dangerous fireworks, which is a separate class of explosives reserved for larger devices, can be fined anywhere from $500 to $50,000, depending on the fireworks' weight.

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  1. Who knew blowing up a watermelon could be so much fun?

    Gallagher. Gallagher knew.


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        1. But do you make it blowing up watermelons?

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      1. But you’re a piker compared to mxmg98667.

  2. Stupid asses. If you want to show the danger, post pictures of actual injuries, like bloody finger stumps and missing eyes.

    1. I only have one testicle because bottle rockets!

      1. You are literally Hitler.

        According to some sources.

    2. If you want to show the danger, post pictures of actual injuries

      Um, no. People who get excited by “bloody finger stumps and missing eyes” are a lot more dangerous than those who blow up watermelons.

      1. LOLZ

    3. After his fireworking accident and reconstructive surgery, surgeon and award winning rocket and shell maker John Vico went around showing the scars on his hand to fellow pyros. The message was not, don’t fire-work, but rather, be careful when you do. He’d tried a shortcut when he got behind on time, and it cost him. Also good advertising for his fellow surgeons on the job patching him up to functionality again!

  3. I’ll take John Adams’ advice on how to celebrate the Fourth rather than Mayor Garcetti’s.

    1. Watering the Tree of Liberty with some Proglodyte exsanguination?

      1. That was Jefferson.

    2. Hoisting a Sam Adams while giving the finger to prog nanny-staters everywhere?

    3. You mean the Second?

  4. What? None of the annual stories about the 10-year-old kid blew his head off because he stuck 25 M-80’s in his mouth and lit them all at once – and somehow lived to warn others not to follow his example?

  5. This guy is in the right job.

  6. “Anyone possessing or using dangerous fireworks, which is a separate class of explosives reserved for larger devices, can be fined anywhere from $500 to $50,000, depending on the fireworks’ weight.”

    Just how does the Progtard Nanny-State know know how much a particular firework weighs after it has been used?

    1. “Two plus two equals whatever the Party says it does, Winston.”

      Kind of like that, I suppose.

  7. One of my friends from high school started a business that does stuff like this at events to teach kids that science is fun.

    1. So he’s lying to the kids?

      Because science is 90% grinding out grant proposals, 9% grinding out multiple, slightly different experiments and carefully collecting and analyzing the data gained, and 1% ‘oh, *this* is interesting’ moments.

      1. Yeah, knowing about stuff other people do in science is fun. Blowing stuff up is fun. Doing actual science is boring as shit.

  8. This is the guy Democrats are touting as their next big thing. People should blow up watermelons wherever he goes.

  9. Comrades = life is unsafe and leads to death!!!

  10. Well at least the war on fireworks will be spectacular.

  11. I just can’t get past the Orwellian “Safe and Sane” shit. If you’re tempted to do things the Nanny State has declared to be dangerous, you need to have your head examined. How far are they from declaring anti-government sentiments to be a psychiatric disorder necessitating involuntary commitment?

    1. Yeah, how long until they claim guns are never “safe or sane”?

  12. A rubber hand holding a firework, then holding the firework tightly and then having it explode blowing fingers off would have made the point better.

  13. A watermelon? Why’d it have to be a watermelon?

    Garcetti’s a racist!

    1. At least it wasn’t eggplant!

      1. Listen, you shouldn’t judge a fruit by the color of its skin… wait a minute; that’s homophobic, isn’t it?

        It must be so exhausting to be a SJW.

        1. No, it looks easy. Whatever someone else is doing is wrong.

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