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Most Americans Want a Supreme Court Justice That Supports Legal Abortion: Reason Roundup

Plus: Americans getting less proud, Lyft buys bike-share company, and U.S. Postal Service can't tell real Statue of Liberty from Vegas version.



Poll shows strong support for Roe v. Wade. Most Americans hope that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's replacement will embrace the abortion status-quo, at least in a broad sense. In a poll conducted last week by Politico and Morning Consult:

  • 52 percent of those surveyed said that they hope Kennedy's replacement on the Court supports access to legal abortion.
  • Just 29 percent said they hope the Supreme Court's newest member will reject legal abortion.
  • About 19 percent had no opinion or said they didn't know what they wanted.

Few surprises here: 73 percent of the Democrats polled said they hope the next Supreme Court justice is pro-choice—14 percent had no answer—while only 31 percent of Republicans want a judge who supports abortion access.

Thirteen percent of Democrats and 54 percent of Republicans want a judge who will not uphold Roe v. Wade.

Independents are pro-choice by two-to-one margin: Among those who identified as political independents, more than twice as many folks were in favor of a pro-choice justice (49 percent) as those opposed (24 percent).

Same-sex marriage enjoys similar support: The poll also asked about Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized same-sex marriage across the country. Again, 52 percent were in favor of upholding the (new) status-quo here. A little under a third (27 percent) said they hoped a Kennedy-less Court would overturn Obergefell.

Midterm mayhem? Poll respondents indicated that their midterm-election votes could depend on how legislators would vote on President Trump's Supreme Court pick.

But some suggest this concern for the Court and Roe is overblown. "It is settled law and it is a precedent whether you like it or not," analyst Andrew Napolitano said on Fox News Monday. "I don't think it's going to be overturned no matter who the president appoints."

Check out this week's Reason Podcast to hear Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Damon Root debate the future of the Supreme Court and of Roe v. Wade.


Proud to be an American? About that… For the first time in 18 years of polling, a majority of Americans polled by Gallup say they are not "extremely proud to be Americans." In 2003, 70 percent of survey respondents considered themselves extremely proud Americans. By last year, the number had fallen to 51 percent and, in this year's poll, only 47 percent described themselves thusly.

Male respondents have always expressed higher levels of extreme American pride than their female counterparts, but the disparity is growing. In 2013, 59 percent of men and 55 percent of women said they were extremely proud to be Americans. This year, it was 51 percent of men and just 44 percent of women.

Extreme national pride was also much higher among whites (54 percent) than non-whites (33 percent), and much higher among older Americans (58 percent for the 65+ crowd and 56 percent among 50-to-64 year olds) than among the youngest Americans (33 percent for 18-to-29 year olds and 42 percent for 30-to-49 year olds).


Introducing Lyft Bikes. Ride-sharing company Lyft is now getting into the bike-sharing business. The company announced yesterday that it had acquired Motivate, which operates D.C.'s Capital Bikeshare, New York City's Citi Bike, and San Francisco's GoBike program, along with bicycle sharing schemes in Boston, Chicago, Columbus (Ohio), Jersey City, Minneapolis, Portland, and St. Paul. It's unclear at present whether Lyft Bikes plans to launch bike-sharing services in other cities.

In a statement, Lyft co-founder and President John Zimmer said that "bringing together Lyft and Motivate will accelerate our collaboration with cities and deliver even better experiences to our passengers and riders."


Postal Service can't tell real Statue of Liberty from Vegas version. The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) was just ordered to pay $3,554,946.95—plus interest—to sculptor Robert S. Davidson, whose Statue of Liberty image USPS used on stamps instead of an image of the real Statue of Liberty. Davidson's work appears outside the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.


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  1. Postal Service can’t tell real Statue of Liberty from Vegas version.

    Keeps delivering Lady Liberty’s mail to the wrong place.

    1. Why shouldn’t everyone who made the decision to use a picture of the Vegas statue of liberty, and everyone who signed off on it, And everyone responsible for those departments, be fired … and their retirement funds be used to make the taxpayers whole for this judgement?

      1. Should this guy really have a copyright on a remake? Shouldn’t Frederic Bartholdi estate sue this guy? The judge should have given him $1.00 and told him to hit the road (unless I am missing something here and granted I didn’t click the link or read the decision)

      2. Should be enough to buy the statue.

    2. Huddled masses hardest hit.

  2. Meet Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who has emerged as one of Trump’s top picks to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court.

    AKA Lady Hitler.

    1. She believes wiffle balls are god or some insane shit.

      1. Tony hates women.

        1. No. Tony is just a religious bigot. It has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a woman.

        2. He might like Barrett. Sounds like she has pretty big balls.

  3. The Story of Super Chad:
    >Antifa attacks with baton
    >Defend others and yourself
    >Knock Antifa out with one punch
    >Take Antifa’s weapon from him
    >Get Arrested
    >Get released the next day after police review tape
    >Antifa got hit so hard he is now officially retarded

    Antifa tries to beat man with metal baton, gets knocked out in one shot and has his weapons stolen from him.

    1. I love the audio, ‘Why are you so racist and angry?’

    2. Thank you! Made my morning.

    3. That was Antifa in action in Portland, Oregon. Imagine if it were in, say, South Carolina or Texas.

    4. Just left Portland after 28 years. Blocking bridges on foot, blocking traffic on bikes, blocking trains, blocking tankers; bunch of blockheads in need of a serious reality check.

      Plus, there is this travesty of justice that needed some revenge.

  4. Amazonian psychedelic ayahuasca could help treat depression.

    Let’s see, a Bezos joke or a Wonder Woman joke. What to do, what to do…

    1. Michael Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind is a terrific look at the history of psychedelics’ use in medicine. Not just depression, but for things like phobias and addictions. An entertaining and informative read.

    2. Why choose? Come up with one joke that combines both.

      1. It’s got Bezos spinning in circles!

      2. Bezos ingests DMT, sees invisible plane.

        1. I tried that stuff once, short lived and you’ll probably hurl but well worth it for about 45 minutes.

      3. A layered Fist joke? What’s next, a squeezable tube of peanut butter and jelly?

        1. Why don’t they come up with a squeezable tube of peanut butter and marshmallow cream? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to spread on my fluffernutter?

          1. These masturbation euphemisms are getting not abstract enough anymore.

  5. 52 percent of those surveyed said that they hope Kennedy’s replacement on the Court supports access to legal abortion.

    Same 52% that had Hillary as President?

    1. Exact same.

    2. 52 is now Most? Most implies at least a supermajority, not a “within the margin of polling error” majority.

      1. Most could relate to a 50.01% majority if the margin for error on these lefty media polls was not +/- 20 points.

  6. NEW: President Trump has declined a request from the mayor of Annapolis to lower American flags to honor five Capital newspaper employees who were fatally shot last week, the Baltimore Sun is reporting
    ? Laura Litvan (@LauraLitvan) July 3, 2018


    1. A correct decision that will be politicized to death. I guess the MSM has decided on what they’ll be talking about non-stop until the next outrage.

        1. lold’oh

          TW – That website is garbaged up with so many videos and popups I had to leave before I got dizzy.

          1. One of those stories you can just mouse over the link and get everything you need to know.

        2. The mayor said that his request was denied. After it made news, the request was granted.
          Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the request was granted but not announced until after the bad press came out.

          She wouldn’t lie to us, would she?

          Trump ordered the flags half mast after the Marjory Stoneman Douglass shooting.

      1. No shit. They weren’t army personnel, they weren’t federal employees, they were journalists with no direct connection to the federal government. They ain’t owed SHIT in remembrance from the government.

        1. Would be decent of the government to lower the flag every time they drone a bridal party overseas. But, to be fair, that would mean the flag would never be raised again

        2. Neither did Billy Graham.

        3. I wish Trump had said we might need to extend the flagpole for journalists.

  7. Vladimir Putin said he’s willing to have a one-on-one meeting with Trump.

    Someone needs his ego publicly stroked.

      1. [strokes Red Tony’s ego]

    1. Does Mueller know about this!

      Smoking gun, smoking gun!!!1!

      1. Of course he knows, the NSA is on the case.

  8. A federal judge has once again blocked enforcement of an Arkansas law that would ban non-surgical abortions.

    It’s bans all the way down.

  9. NPR: MS-13 Members Are Just ‘Mighty Munchkins’
    While the two concede that MS-13 is “very violent,” Dreier said they are more like misguided youth.

    MS-13 gang terrorizes Long Island suburbs
    MS-13 has been blamed for a trail of 11 corpses of mostly young people discovered in woods and vacant lots in Brentwood and neighboring Central Islip since the start of the school year.

    1. Well, I’d say a trail of corpses is pretty misguided.

      1. Not if you can use them to guide you correctly down the trail.

    2. Would it be fair to say they aren’t a real gang, just the JV squad?

  10. -There IS an unusually large gender gap in midterm preference (women are D+25, men are R+8)

    It was the pussy hats that did it.

    1. Is it OK to compliment a woman on her pussy hat?

      1. If I told you you had a great hat would you hold it against me?

    1. If AMLO declared a state of war against the USA based on this immigration thing, it would be a godsend.

  11. Rachel Dolezal, who made headlines several years ago for her claims to be “transracial,” was just booked on welfare-fraud and perjury charges in Washington state.

    Oh boy.

    1. Is she “transgender” now, too?

      1. She’s transfinancial, you dick.

        1. And she’s a transtruther.

      2. transjudicial

    2. Does the “I identify as innocent” defense work?

  12. Harvey Weinstein is now facing even more sexual assault charges.

    Really, at this point, is anyone paying attention?

    1. That was, like, ten outrages ago.

      1. “That was, like, ten outrages ago.” AKA Yesterday. 🙂

    2. Fake news.

      Harvey is just like Trump. Everyone else is lying – not him.

      1. The lefties believe Trump’s “lies” which is so hilarious.

        Trump owns you lefties and it makes us non-Lefties so happy to see that.

        Trump is immune to your identity politics and you Lefties hate it.

      2. Why are progressive dominated institutions such havens for rape of women?

    3. #poundmetoo

      1. pound pound? What are you into, dogs?

      2. Wasn’t that one of The Beatles’ early hits?

  13. Midterm mayhem? Poll respondents indicated that their midterm-election votes could depend on how legislators would vote on President Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

    Lefties will votes for Democrats no matter what.

    Republicans and Libertarians will vote for Republicans and Libertarians.

    LINOs will vote for Democrats.

    As a result, it will be a bloodbath for Democrats and the tears of losing so many political seats will drive them into a state of extreme TDS.

    1. The Bushpigs said the same thing after the 2004 election gave the GOP full control of government.

      1. …gave RINOs full control of the government.


        1. The GOP is spending like drunken sailors again, fool.

          Amash must be the only true Republican left.

          1. RINOs spending like drunken sailors again.

            Lefties hiding in the GOP because they cannot get elected otherwise.

            Lefties hate it when their operatives get outed.

            1. Tell me, lc1742, what’s it like being such a TEAM player?

              1. No true Scotsman would ask that question.

              2. Team Libertarian?

                Pretty great!

                I get to bash Republicans, RINOs, LINOs, Democrats, and lefties of all stripes.

                They can all suck by balls.

    2. More “#RedWave” predictions? LOL!

      The Democrats are guaranteed to win control of the House. Drumpf is too unpopular, and progressives and left-libertarians are too energized for any other outcome.


    3. “Republicans and Libertarians will vote for Republicans and Libertarians.”

      Why do you insist on lumping them together?

      1. There are not lumped together, unless you mean they are lumped together as non-lefties.

        In that case they would be correctly lumped together.

        1. Dems and libertarians are lumped together as non righties then?

          And Republicans and Democrats can be lumped together as authoritarians, ie non liberal?

          Wow, this is fun!

          1. It’s lumps all the way down.

            1. Like it or lump it, you’re gonna take your lumps. Whether or not their minds move at subsonic speeds is a mystery for the ages.

          2. Pretty sure that most Democrats who think about Libertarians at all lump them in as righties with Republicans.

            1. Yeah, but that doesn’t stop certain Libertarians from forever crushing on progressive authoritarians!

              1. libertarianism is a big tent.

                1. Though mostly empty…

            2. Anyone to the right of Stalin is a “Righty” to those people.

      2. Because when they come to herd you on the cattle cars, it will make no difference.

      3. Because they’re both ‘right wing’.

        …… far as the left/Dems are concerned

    4. There is a small minority of Lefties that will vote Green Party. This minority is so small that it approximates the fraction of Lefties that are genuinely committed to being anti-war even when a Democrat is in power.

      1. That basically accounts for Glenn Greenwald and his husband; Tulsi Gabbard, Kucinich, Webb, and about twenty people in San Francisco who are “literally Hitler” because they didn’t care for Her.

        Am I missing anyone?

        1. Not even Jill Stein voted for herself.

  14. Just 29 percent said they hope the Supreme Court’s newest member will reject legal abortion.

    Guess it’s fortunate nobody is proposing an outright ban on abortions. That the media has mis-reported what overturning Roe v Wade would actually mean is sad, however.

    1. If they did a poll on how most Americans consider the media a pack of lying traitors, I foresee it being in the range of 90-95%.

      1. Really? An editorial in this morning’s paper assures me that “inherent liberal bias” in the media is Fake News.

        1. Got a linkety link? I wanna read this. ESPECIALLY if they have comments.

          1. Paper was DAILY LOCAL NEWS in Chester County, PA

              1. I don’t necessarily disagree with that editorial, but local papers have a tradition of being mouthpieces for law enforcement and local politicians, and to grasping uncritically onto whatever panic de jour.

      2. If they did a poll on how most Americans consider the media a pack of lying traitors, I foresee it being in the range of 90-95%.

        It would be higher but a small fraction of little old ladies is too modest to call reporters and pollsters lying fucksticks to their faces.

  15. A little under a third (27 percent) said they hoped a Kennedy-less Court would overturn Obergefell.


    1. As well they should. I’m all for allowing gay marriage, but just like Roe, the Feds stepped in and cocked up a process that was getting traction around the country and would have resolved itself through local legislative processes.

      Now we get to have it dominate SC nomination hearings instead of getting to matters like Freedom of Speech or State’s Rights vs. 14th Amendment, or how to apply the Bill of Rights in an environment where your whole life is posted online.

      1. Nothing says “serious constitutional right” quite like “This ONE verdict cannot be touched. Because it’s so strong or something.”

  16. In 2003, 70 percent of survey respondents considered themselves extremely proud Americans. By last year, the number had fallen to 51 percent and, in this year’s poll, only 47 percent described themselves thusly.


    1. I’ve never understood this pride in being an American except for immigrants who chose to come to America. I was born here; sure, I could leave, so there must be some small amount of pride in staying, but leaving is a huge endeavor, so staying doesn’t prove much beyond being normally lazy.

      Pride in ripped abs or dyed hair or fancy fingernails or the hot rod you built or even bought, sure. Pride in something you had no or little choice in? Do not understand.

      1. Yes, individual achievement is something to be proud of.

        Being born in the USA is not something I would brag about. Especially since Nov 2016.

        1. Feel free to leave, and I hope the door hits you in the ass on the way out, knocking you down some stairs thereby breaking your neck.

        2. You sure about that, PB? It seems to me that being an American is pretty much the ONLY thing you have available to brag about.


      2. I’m thankful to be an American, and proud to be a part of the greatest country in the history of the world. Yes, I was lucky enough to be born here. but I fully embrace the principals this country was founded on and would be finding a way to immigrate here had I not been born in the USA.

        1. I fully embrace the principals this country was founded on


    2. Progressives hate America when not in charge? Shocker. Our former wookie first lady openly said as much.

      1. Maybe respondents just take pride in individual achievement. Trumptards like to groupthink is what you are saying.

        1. Progressives are incapable of thinking individually, son.

    1. AMLO is starting out with extortion?

      His term as Mexican president will help the secure border position like never before.

      1. The Dotard tried to extort a border wall out of Mexico, fool.

        1. How is that?

          Trump told Mexico that they would be paying for the wall and they have.

          1. That’s extortion, you stupid fuck. Mexico is not willingly paying for a goddamn thing.

            1. They are assisting their citizens to violate our laws. An expectation of no repurcussions is insanity.

  17. Procedures were followed!

    “WASHINGTON?The Trump administration is planning to rescind Tuesday a set of Obama-era policies that encourage the use of race in college admissions to promote diverse educational settings, according to two people familiar with the plans.

    The move comes as the Justice Department is investigating whether Harvard University is illegally discriminating against Asian-American students by holding them to a higher standard in its admissions process.”…..1530619273

    . . . either that, or maybe discriminating against Asians isn’t the procedure anymore.

    More universities are dropping the requirement that ACT/SAT tests be taken at all–presumably because Asians tend to do especially well and changes are a comin’. What’s the point of being a diverse campus if you can’t discriminate against overachieving Asians, amirite?

    1. Same is happening in elite high schools. I wonder how long the Democrats can keep taking them for granted before they lose that demographic.

      1. A very, very long time. The same reason Jews vote Democrat so heavily in spite of the massive anti-Semitism of the Democrat party.

        You don’t see Republicans demanding their candidates kiss the ring of anti-Semites like Al Sharpton. You don’t see Republicans palling around with anti-Semites like Farrakhan.

    2. It doesn’t help that, last time I looked, SAT scores are not meaningfully correlated with success in elite schools. (Note I specified elite).

      They’re also probably trying to work more on that. There’s been a lot of changes in certain types of job interviewing strucutre in the last decade as well. In tech at least. So I think this is probably a mix of real performance questions and quota based concerns.

  18. So far, I haven’t read an article saying anyone in particular is talking about ending the practice of abortion other than pearl clutchers who seem to want the SCOTUS to ban abortion for the anti-Trump outrage it will generate.

    1. Its a voting drive for lefties. Its too little, too late.

      Of course, anti-abortion people want to end abortion. Trump could have nominated an anti-abortion justice instead of Gorsuch. Trump didn’t.

      The media will never admit this but Trump’s game of “N”th D Chess is so long term that he trying to shape America for the next 30 years. Trump is getting judges on the bench that are rolling back government rules and stifling the new growth of socialist state. Trump has even stifled the war on drugs fever dreams of the left after Sessions was named AG.

      The only thing that is preventing a major rollback of government are the RINOs in Congress. In spite of that Trump and his small crew have set in motion the biggest shift to rollback government in generations.

      1. Its a voting drive for lefties. Its too little, too late.

        As near as I can tell, you’re essentially correct. The media and the Democrats are both up in arms since they’ve been using the courts to legislate morality and they’re well aware that a SCOTUS that actually read’s the Constitution means they’ll need to actually start talking about amendments and legislative remedies, maybe even at the state level.

        Needless to say, they do not have the support to pass amendments, and really haven’t in living memory. That said they could probably have some luck at the state level and I’d encourage them to try since it’s a more appropriate level of government for abortion legislation.

        Losing the courts, or even the potential to lose the courts, is going to see some real violence and it’s going to happen soon I wager. They absolutely can not allow Trump to pick more SCOTUS lest they lose their fiat legislative arm of their party.

        It’s the #1 reason I support Trump at this point. Judicial picks was a hill worth dying on. I don’t necessarily like the guy, but the enemy of my enemy…well you know.

        1. The enemy of my enemy is my ally.

  19. “Companies buying back their own shares is the only thing keeping the stock market afloat right now,” warns CNBC.

    Who pays attention to what CNBC says? They have no idea what they are talking about.

    1. So they are calling CEOs and CFOs incompetent because they aren’t waiting for a market crash so they can buy back their shares at really cheap prices?

    2. People sold $23 billion last month, companies bought $433 billion. My what a neck-and-neck horse race that is.

  20. a majority of Americans polled by Gallup say they are not “extremely proud to be Americans.”

    Well, pride *doth* goeth before a fall.

  21. Poll respondents indicated that their midterm-election votes could depend on how legislators would vote on President Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

    Doubtful, although I’d be happy if it depended simply on how lawmakers questioned the candidate.

    1. “although I’d be happy if it depended simply on how lawmakers questioned the candidate”

      I feel like the italics in “questioned” is meant to imply something here. Whatever could you be referring to?

    2. Touche. Toss in a review of their insightful questioning of Facebook to tip the balance

  22. “I don’t think it’s going to be overturned no matter who the president appoints.”

    Get out of my head, Judge! Seriously, this obsession with abortion is getting tedious. The staff can do their little happy dance and STFU about it for all I care.

  23. Following the Reason powers that be on Twitter (I man the wall so you don’t have to), they say open borders means check for criminals and let anyone else through, but they can’t vote. This ignores:

    A. A Democratic party in its coastal/urban strongholds doing everything they can to put them on the voting rolls.

    B. Check them how? Detain them while checking? Bad. Run their criminal records? They are coming from countries with dysfunctional governments and bringing little paperwork, and nobody brings their “yes, he is a criminal” files with them. Release them for later hearings? Congrats, we’re back to having people here illegally operating underground.

    C. They bring children. This encourages them to bring children if having a kid with you means special ‘moral’ treatment. Our border won’t make the trip thru Mexico safer. Is that your kid or one you grabbed as a border pass? Can we check? Detain while checking?

    Gillesipe’s platitudes do nothing but cover up the details that show this is a situation with no clear, no-brainer moral solution.

    1. Most Americans are on to the lefties scam.Same playbook was used with gun control.

      Don’t completely undermine the secure border position but push for minor restrictions. Slowly advance immigrant rights over American rights via incrementalism and viola: open borders where immigrants are changing American demographics forever.

      Socialism wins!

      1. Same playbook was used with gun control.

        Slowly advance immigrant rights over American rights via incrementalism

        Gun control? You would think people being incrementally fucked over by the VA and CPS would be more sympathetic to the plight of immigrants. How could they not be?

      2. The lefts incrementalism is quite literally what caused us to arrive at this juncture. The idea that it will somehow fix the situation is rooted in a truly deep well of ignorance.

        Seriously. Take a look at the left-of-center’s legislative accomplishments over the last 100 years and tell me they aren’t a direct cause of our current immigration problems. Minimum wage laws, Union laws, welfare, welfare expansions, price controls, you name it. They all tie into immigration, and if you read any history about those programs you would be wise to note that even at the time they cited hurting immigrant workers as one of their justifications.

        You don’t get to keep your Progressive programs and have open immigration. Even guys like Milton Friedman knew this.. Progressivism killed classical liberalism, so I’d suppose Friedman would be considered a ‘rightie’ by todays standards.

  24. Trump’s top economic adviser says deficit ‘is coming down rapidly,’ contradicting virtually all available data


    Official White House data suggest deficits are increasing, too. The White House’s Office of Management and Budget says the deficit is rising from $665 billion in 2017 to $832 billion in 2018, and will approach $1 trillion annually in 2019.

    “Deficits are not going down. They are going up,” said Marc Goldwein, senior vice president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a nonpartisan think tank that advocates for budget discipline.

    Trump Liars

  25. The Postal Service chose the image from an online photography service, Getty Images. But it did not acquire the rights to duplicate it from the artist, Robert S. Davidson, probably because postal officials assumed they were issuing a stamp with a famous image [in New York] that already was in the public domain.

    Perhaps Davidson should sue Getty Images, too?

    1. Good lord. Getty has all the rights info readily available when you download your high-res image. And the PO uses original images on its stamps all the time.

      “Manure for brains” stupid.

      1. Perhaps the Postal Service should sue Getty Images?

  26. From the trade war pregame show:

    “China’s currency hit its lowest level against the greenback in 11 months on Tuesday amid concerns that a tariff spat between Beijing and Washington could spiral into a full-blown trade war.

    . . . .

    The moves come as the world’s two largest economies prepare to enforce retaliatory trade tariffs. President Donald Trump’s administration is set to slap a 25 percent duty on $34 billion worth of Chinese products, which spans more than 800 product categories, on July 6. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s government will also impose a 25 percent tax on U.S. goods worth the same amount that same day.…..cerns.html

    Pressure continues to increase on both Trump and Emperor Xi to find a comprehensive solution prior to July 6. No, China doesn’t need help boosting its exports, and, yes, raising the cost of imported raw materials isn’t a good thing for them. Let’s hope reason prevails.

    Color me cautiously optimistic. Those of you who are sure there’s gonna be a trade war, you can argue with me, or you can go short CNY. Go ahead. What’s stopping you? You’re so sure of yourself! Do it on margin! Leverage it up!

    1. Those of you who are sure there’s gonna be a trade war, you can argue with me, or you can go short CNY. Go ahead. What’s stopping you? You’re so sure of yourself! Do it on margin! Leverage it up!

      I lol’ed. That would be the smart thing to do if you were ‘sure’ such a thing would occur. Of course, if it doesn’t, you’re fucked.

  27. just ordered to pay $3,554,946.95?plus interest?to sculptor Robert S. Davidson

    I’m sure he’ll turn that over to the descendants of the designer who created the original work that he copied – right?

    1. HEY!! It was an original derivative and you know it!

      1. “It’s not a derivative work, look, I changed the face. Nobody could possibly mistake MY work for the work of those hacks, Bartholdi and Eiffel.”

  28. So that’s why stamps went up!

  29. Roe v Wade killed progressivism. Instead of having to deal with 50 state legislatures, make the effort to convince other people (and, you know, having to actually listen to them), and compromise to get a half a loaf, they got lazy, counting on the Supremes to just give them everything they want while they whip themselves into a frenzy of hate toward their opponents that guarantees others just tune them out.

    Clinton is a rapist? “BUT ABORTION!!!!” Clinton is corrupt? “BUT ABORTION!!!!!!”

    Would they be shitting themselves if an 81 year old judge retired if they were doing grunt work in all 50 states? Nope. Live by SC appointments, die by SC appointments. They have no bench depth. They didn’t think they needed it. Just elect the ‘right’ president to appoint the right judges and you’re gold.

    They are going to reelect Trump – Republican law and order campaigning works really well when the other side is getting violent, and threats of mayhem are all they really have right now. They let themselves get dragged further and further left, because having the courts give them anything they wanted means not having to care about what the electorate thinks.

    1. ^ Well said.

    2. Killed it? They’ve succeeded in pushing us towards financial ruin with record high spending and unfunded entitlements, managed to restrict what you can say on a college campus, created a deep state that can interfere in Presidential elections without being held to account, spy on Americans and get caught lying about it without repercussion, ignore felonies committed by Presidential candidates with no recourse, create a CFPB that is apparently accountable to neither Congress or the President and manage to create a healthcare entitlement that is widely reviled and cannot be repealed.

      They are winning steadily and assuredly.

  30. Rachel Dolezal is pictured in March 2017, six months after she changed her name to Nkechi Diallo.

    pronounced Nke-chi

    The More You Know ….

  31. Meet Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who has emerged as one of Trump’s top picks to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Who called that? Oh right, I did.

    What a woman! She will make a great choice, and watching the democrats put on the biggest display of anti-Catholic bigotry since King Henry VIII ruled over the sceptered isles will be awesome.

    1. RE: Bernie, the left is all awash with religious tests for office now even though it’s explicitly against the rules. This isn’t new, and I only expect religious people to be further pushed out of holding office due to their religion.

      Of course, I assume that the first Muslim Black Female pick will be extolled by the left for being a Muslim so it’s pretty clear the anti-religious basis of the far left is specifically against Christianity. They waffle between being anti-semitic, but their hate for Christ and those who follow him is something you can count on.

  32. Justin Trudeau is a groper?

    “Trudeau was a 28-year-old teacher and had been attending a music festival sponsored by a beer company in British Columbia. The festival was raising money to support avalanche safety, a cause Trudeau had become involved with after his brother Michel died in an avalanche in 1998.

    Days after the event, an unsigned editorial appeared in the Creston Valley Advance, a local newspaper, accusing Trudeau of “groping” and “inappropriately handling” an unnamed female reporter who was covering the event.

    While the editorial offered no specifics on what had happened, it claimed the woman felt “blatantly disrespected” and Trudeau had apologised for his behaviour. “I’m sorry,” the editorial alleged Trudeau to have said. “If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward.”…..h-columbia

    In response, Justin Trudeau has said he “does not remember” groping a reporter at a festival, which is a little different from a denial. Isn’t that what Ed Bradley called, “a non-denial denial”?

    Just when Trudeau was doing better in the polls, too! Why, last month, he made it out of the 34% range! That bump was after pissing off Trump, but now that he’s joined Trump in the McGropey Olympics, who knows?

    What’s the point of being the Anti-Trump if you can’t keep your hands to yourself?

    1. He can grope me all he wants. I like me some polite Canadian snogging.

      1. This is the worst comment you’ve ever typed.

        1. His comments about how Jews didn’t have a right to their lives during the holocaust–because the government said so–are worse, but his approval of sexual assault so long as it’s perpetrated by someone he finds sexually attractive is mighty damn pathetic.

          I’d say it’s all side over principle with Tony, but, because he has no principle at all, it’s an absurd comparison.

          1. Sexual assault by someone you wouldn’t mind being sexually assaulted by is not sexual assault, it’s courting. And PM can do it in French.

            1. Tony, I lost a lot of respect for you. Canadians? Are you serious right now?

              1. I have a thing for paleness.

                1. To each his own, I guess, but you pick the eve of the 4th of July to lust over a Canadian? That’s not very ‘merica of you

                  1. Canada kept the monarchy, became a modern peaceful country actually reputed for its fucking politeness, and it didn’t have to fight any bloody revolution. We could learn some stuff from them.

                    1. Yeah, I hear hate speech laws are lovely

                    2. Kirkland agrees until they’re enforced against him.

                    3. I know, poutine. Right?

                  2. Mark his pride down as “not extreme”.

    2. “a non-denial denial”

      Considering he practically said that if she weren’t a reporter he would’ve groped her, I don’t even know that it’s much of a denial.

      1. He thought it was an underage boy.

  33. Have all the libertarians here contacted your US Senators and urged them to prevent a right-wing takeover of the Supreme Court? There is no legitimate reason Putin’s Puppet should get to put anyone else there until #ItsMuellerTime has delivered his final report on #TrumpRussia.

    Furthermore, it’s especially suspicious that Anthony Kennedy is the one retiring, since Kennedy’s son and Drumpf have a relationship that goes back decades. Why is he retiring now? He’s only in his early 80s, which is a few years younger than RBG. Something doesn’t add up.

    1. Poe’s Law

      1. “Without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the parodied views.”

        1. Is it even parody anymore if all you’re doing is stating some people’s views exactly?

          1. Nevermind

        2. That’s why OBL is so good! OBL is just consistently NAILING the schtick, but does it with a sense of optimism and hope (while every one of our actual trolls is consistently angry and vengeful). I just LOVE IT!

          1. The optimism and hope angle is really what sells it.

  34. Vladimir Putin said he’s willing to have a one-on-one meeting with Trump.


    1. Second date, means second base

      1. Nyet means nyet!

      2. Nice. Hand holding, here they come.

        1. That’s second base? I thought second base among you fatasses was titty-squeezing time.

          1. BUCS’s version of the baseball metaphor is steep as shit. First base is eye contact, second is hand-holding, but third is full-on anal destruction.

            1. Oh my God, BUCS thinks second base is hand holding. This guy is so adorable I just want to hug him

              1. That’s 3rd base in BUCSland

  35. Supporting Abortion and Supporting Roe v. Wade are two different things. Roe v. Wade is a terrible decision and should be overturned. If do many people are for Abortion, they should have no trouble getting it passed via their state legislatures.

    1. Roe is a good decision for liberty as it expands the Right to Privacy and limits the power of government. Anything that keeps the jackboots out of women’s panties is good.

      1. Says the guy who has clearly never read the holding in Roe. Not even RBG thinks the logic in the ruling is sound.

        1. RBG only said that because pro-Roe activists were trying to get her to retire for Obama.

  36. Best prank pulled on a journalist all week.

    1. Thanks for the link – that was funny.

    2. Absolutely savage.


    BRENTWOOD, N.Y. ? The old minivan appeared near the school on a Tuesday morning, its Illinois plates the only thing out of place in the blue-collar suburbs of central Long Island. But as backpack-toting teenagers passed by on their way to Brentwood High, the van’s doors suddenly swung open.

    Out sprang members of the violent street gang MS-13, armed with baseball bats.

    They attacked three 16-year-old students they suspected of being rivals before driving off. When police spotted the van in the same neighborhood the following afternoon and surrounded it at gunpoint, the MS-13 members were in the midst of trying to abduct a fourth.

    “We were going to take him somewhere private and beat him to death,” said Miguel Rivera, 20, according to a Suffolk County indictment.

    The Dec. 6 arrests of Rivera and four others thwarted what police say would have been the sixth murder of a Brentwood High School student by MS-13 in less than two years.

    But the incident also shook the school for another reason.

    All but one of those arrested attended Brentwood, according to Suffolk County police. Three were unaccompanied minors who had been caught at the border and then placed in the community by a federal refugee program.

    1. Buy hey, Diversity is our Strength and only a racist would think to allow anyone who wants to come into the country and letting them into our schools is a bad idea.

      What the hell, they won’t’ be going to school with any of the Reason staff’s kids. So what difference does it make? Just a bunch of deplorables anyway.

      1. What could possibly have gone wrong with sending a couple thousand “unaccompanied minors” from a variety of Central American countries that hate each other into a neighborhood already packed with immigrants from a variety of Central American countries that hate each other…?

        1. They defined people as old as 19 as “minors” and turned them loose in the country. And then require that the schools take them in. If you are a high school in New York, how do you have any idea who some kid who shows up from El Salvador is? He could be a sex offender, on the run from murder charges, anything. And you have no way of telling. But the feds not only let him into the country but require you to take him in. The danger that creates for the other students is just more eggs for the omelet. If those kids end up terrorized or dead, well that is just too fucking bad. People like Shreek and Tony need to feel good about themselves.

      2. Buy hey, Diversity is our Strength and only a racist would think to allow anyone who wants to come into the country and letting them into our schools is a bad idea.

        We could even all agree that public school is a bad idea in the first place but it’s much easier to pretend cultural Marxism doesn’t exist and isn’t a libertarian concern.

      3. In all honesty, this type of shit happens with home grown students too so it’s difficult for me to clutch pearls over this. There’s a reason some jurisdictions felt that metal detectors at all entrances was considered a worthy expenditure, and illegal or legal immigrant children wasn’t the reason.

        It’s worth considering that a lot of foster kids aren’t treated very well by the system and often end up this way, and I suspect these ‘unaccompanied minors’ must have gone through that system. Gangs are often a surrogate for a family, after all.

    2. The president of the United States continues to undermine longstanding United States interests in order to give the de facto dictator of a shithole country everything he wants because he’s being blackmailed.

      1. Tony, Obama isn’t President anymore. And as bad as the Iran deal was, I don’t think the Iranians were blackmailing him. It may look like it, but to claim it is so is just conspiracy talk.

        Meanwhile, let all that go and let’s talk about why he let all of these dangerous people into the country while he was President.

        1. I hear they have clinics in Europe that put people into deliberate comas in order to rid them of addiction or some such. You need to do that. Stop getting lame-ass partisan rightwing hysteria from the internets and rejoin the human species.

          1. MS 13 took over a school and murdered a 16 year old girl thanks to the policies of Obama. And you think it is great because you are a craven dumb ass who would literally volunteer for the gas chamber if they told you that a Democrat wanted it.

            1. Is the orange dotard concerned about gang violence, gun violence, or violence in general, or is he mostly concerned with making scapegoats out of brown people for his own political gain?

              1. He is actually trying to keep these people out of the country rather than inviting them in the way Obama did. Basically, you and every other Prog is happy to see people murdered and terrorized if you think it will get you more votes and more power. It is who you are Tony. You are disgusting. You only claim everyone else is disgusting because it is the only way you can rationalize to yourself how horrible you actually are.

                1. But why is MS13 such a priority when there are so many crackers shooting up so many schools?

                  Racial scapegoating is the lowest form of politics. But nobody said it wasn’t effective, especially when the public are fucking morons. One does take solace in Trump’s abysmal poll numbers.

              2. The only good MS-13 members I’ve ever seen have been dead.

              3. Seems like the murdered kids were the victims. Tony thinks it was the subhuman killers who would happily butcher him.

    3. Which group has more domestic murders, MS-13 or right wing terrorists?

      I suspect the latter does.

      1. Sure you suspect that. That is because you are a delusional moron. Those dead kids is what Democratic leadership looks like. This is what you and your ilk wanted. They were dreamers. So go fuck yourself. And stop trying to change the subject you worthless piece of garbage.

        1. Don’t be mad you can’t dispute Mr. Buttplug’s logic. If there has never been a single MS-13 attack in the US that has matched the body count of Timothy McVeigh, then you’re in no position to complain about MS-13. Those are the rules.

        2. The politically conservative Daily Caller News Foundation using data from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), found 92% of all “ideologically motivated homicide incidents” committed in the United States from 2007 to 2016 were motivated by right-wing extremism or white supremacism.[39] According to the Government Accountability Office of the United States, 73% of violent extremist incidents that resulted in deaths since September 12, 2001 were caused by right-wing extremist groups.

          70 kills by right wingers. (10 years)

          How many by MS-13?

          1. More people than that die in a weekend in Chicago or Baltimore.


            Now run away and go die somewhere you pathetic piece of garbage.

            1. MS-13, you moron.

              What is their murder count?

              Why don’t some of your RWNJ pals go take some of them out?

              1. Read the article dipshit. It is a laundry list of their most brutal murders. They are responsible for thousands of murders in this country.

                1. Your article cites 19 MS-13 murders.

                  70 by right winger pals of yours.

                  I suspected right.

                  Now bow to my superiority!

                  1. And thousands of murders by black gang members. That has nothing to do with anything. You not fooling anyone you fucking retard. This is Obama’s legacy or part of it, along with a nuclear Iran and everyone’s health insurance being fucked up. Own it. dipshit.

                  2. Shriek loves his Hispanic rape and murder gangs!

              2. Planned Parenthood has stopped over 50 million beating hearts. You must be proud.

          2. By this cherry-picking criteria, I think MS-13 is on the board for 0 kills.

            I’m sure that makes the dead people feel better, since it wasn’t a hate crime.

            1. Seriously, what’s so special about 2005-2016? It couldn’t possibly be that the numbers don’t come out the way they like for any other time window, right?

              If you want to make some ideological violence by demographics comparison, here’s what you do:

              1. Count the number of (insert demographic here)

              2. Count the number of (insert hopefully non-cherry picked act of violence here) committed by that group.

              3. Do division.

              Then you can see the rate for each demographic, and be on your way to making some reasonable argument about demographics and murders, ideologically motivates or what not.

              And, yes, I assume I’m already racist for saying this.

              Anyway, why bother having SMART if they can’t do honest research?

          3. Did you even read your source, PB? “since September 11, 2001, incidents of right-wing extremism have caused 70 deaths” – is your (10 years) a math problem or a reading problem, because when I run the numbers, that’s actually almost 17 years.

            And of course, the article that John posted doesn’t make any claim to be (and doesn’t likely attempt to be) encyclopedic and list all the MS-13 murders, which makes comparing the two for body counts more than a bit of a stretch.

      2. BOOM! Palin’s Buttplug just DESTROYED the case against open borders!

      3. Look mom! The monkey is flinging it’s own poo again!

        1. s/flinging/eating/

      4. The dark night of right wing terrorism is forever descending on America and landing only in prog fever dreams

        1. They refer to themselves as “the CATO Institute”

      5. Define “right wing terrorists”. Your definitions tend to be, well, a bit fluid.

    4. Just beating and murdering the people that Americans aren’t interested in beating and murdering, and for a cheaper rate too!

      1. Doing the job or terrorizing and murdering American high school students that American criminals won’t do.

  38. Ted Cruz: ‘Vote For The Democrat’ Over The Republican Nazi Candidate

    Not all Republicans are Nazis but all Nazis are Republicans.

    1. You do realize that his Democratic opponent is pro-life, thus you would label him a “Nazi” as well.

      1. The more interesting thing is that the Nazi won the nomination by running unopposed in a heavily Democrat district.

        Hmm. I wonder why there’d be a Nazi mixed in with a bunch of Democrats.

        1. Fuck socialists. And fuck “democratic socialists” like Bernie Sanders.

          I am an Ayn Rand/FA Hayek liberal.

          1. I think Ayn Rand liked Republicans more than libertarians.

            Just sayin’.

            1. Ayn Rand campaigned against Reagan and called him an “enemy of freedom”.

              1. And she said horrible things about libertarians in general.

                All Reagans are Republicans, but not all Republicans are Reagans.

            1. I am the only one here who denounces religion, conservatism, and progressivism.

              1. You denounce a lot of things, shreek. Most of all, and this is implicit in your every comment, sanity.

          2. Ayn Rand hated Hayek.

            1. Maybe that’s the joke?

            2. She hated everyone else’s ideas.

              Except maybe Aristotle.

              1. She was pretty fond of Alan Greenspan.

            3. To be fair, she hated everybody, including her cuck life-partner and her boy toy.

    2. Not all Socialists are National Socialists, but all National Socialists are Socialists.

    1. Gross. Time to quit drinking coffee.


    Merkel agrees to border camps for migrants in desperate bid to save her government. Funny how reason covered the hell out of this when it started and they could demand Europe take in the migrants. Now that it has turned into the biggest peacetime disaster since World War II, reason suddenly has lost interest in the issue.

    1. Yesterday, it was all about Stuttering John’s tweets.

      ENB explained the other day that the Reason roundup isn’t about the big stories of the day anymore. It’s about whatever she’s interested in.

      I don’t get it, but . . .

      I think they’d rather be a libertarian lifestyle site at this point–with less emphasis on the libertarian. It isn’t about news or rational argument anymore. It’s more like InStyle or Esquire–vaguely libertarian in accent rather than substance.

      1. I don’t mean it has to be in the reason round up or whatever they are calling it. But reason wrote a ton of stories about the migrant problem back in 2014 and 2015. And every single one of them demanded Europe accept every refugee that came. But when that policy turned into a disaster, reason dropped the issue like third period French. They don’t even try to explain or defend open borders anymore. They just demand the US do it in the name of what is right and hope no one notices what open borders are doing to Europe.

      2. I think they’d rather be a libertarian lifestyle site at this point–with less emphasis on the libertarian. It isn’t about news or rational argument anymore. It’s more like InStyle or Esquire–vaguely libertarian in accent rather than substance.

        This seems accurate, sort of like how a gay-oriented magazine will mention legislation that could have effects upon their lifestyle. This seems to fit the editorial slant.

    2. That article all but accuses everyone who had a problem flooding the streets of Germany with a million “migrants” a couple years ago of being Nazis. Never change, NYT.

    3. Since then the number of new migrants has dropped to a fraction of what it was three years ago.

      An ascendant far right has relentlessly pushed the narrative that the migrant crisis is continuing and that crime is up.

      It is actually at a 25-year low

      *Yes, I did clip those quotes. What followed was a resuscitation of AfD propaganda*

      True headline: “Merkel sells out to lying foes, despite success of policies.”

  40. “Poll shows strong support for Roe v. Wade.”

    And scientists show you can power Los Angeles off the energy harvested from abortion threads.

    1. Yes, support for Roe v. Wade can mean a lot of things. You can be for Roe and still think the government should never fund abortions or that abortions should be illegal after viability. Only a few fanatics support federal funding for abortion or legalized late term abortions of convenience. That fact never gets mentioned whenever the “widespread support for Roe” is talked about.


        More than 60% of the public supports a twenty week abortion ban. Those who oppose such bans are less than 20% of the population.

        There’s a reason why abortion extremists don’t discuss those polls

        1. More like there’s a reason why only polls that are binary get cited. Either you’re for unlimited abortion or no abortion, no middle ground can be cited.

      2. I wonder how abortion falls under NAP.

        1. When selectively and disingenuously applied, it can support both positions

        2. stop aggressing against me by not paying for me to kill my viable fetus!

      3. Federal funding of abortions has been illegal for over 40 years, and late term abortions were never done for convenience.

    2. I always thought it’d be an interesting experiment if you could get all of the people “praying” in church every Sunday to instead encourage them to go try to make a few bucks for the same 2 hours they sacrifice praying and then have them all donate it to cancer research. I’m pretty sure we could cure quite a few different kinds of cancer in less than a year.

      1. I am pretty sure that if throwing money at the problem would cure cancer, it would have been cured a long time ago. Libertarians of all people should understand the fallacy of thinking spending money to solve the world’s problems will do so.

        1. I think that has more to do with charity, university and government corruption than ‘just throwing money at it.’ But, I concede it’s a valid point, they should all just keep praying.

          1. No. It has something to do with that. But the deeper issue is that many problems stem from human nature such that spending money doesn’t help. Poverty is the best example of this. Poverty is a moral condition, not a monetary one.

            The old dodge about “why don’t people who go to church spend their time doing…” can be applied to anything. Why don’t people who go to NASCAR races or movies or anything else do the same thing? Why don’t we spend all of our time and money helping others? That is really all the question is asking. And when you put it that way, you see what a stupid point it is trying to make.

            1. NASCAR people aren’t trying to use their time at the track to guilt trip people into going to the track and talk about how virtuous they are.

              1. So what? People can do whatever they want to. If you don’t like it, don’t go. The fact that you don’t like something, doesn’t give you the right to demand they do something you wouldn’t expect from anyone else.

                I get it. You hate Churches and people who go there. Good for you. It is a free country. No one said you had to like anyone. But you know what? It is a free country. So fuck off. Stop telling people what you think they should be doing. They don’t owe you anything except leaving you alone. Freedom means the right for people to do shit you don’t like. That is how life works.

                1. “I get it. You hate Churches and people who go there. Good for you. It is a free country. No one said you had to like anyone.”

                  No. No I don’t hate them. I mean, a couple fo them, but that doesn’t have to do the whole sunday thing. It was jsut a musing thought experiment. It can be argued that curing forms of cancer or diseases is truly virtuous.

                  “Praying” has gone from a quiet contemplation and self reflection to some kind of a joke.

                  So, musing about a ‘what if’ for those who truly want to be virtuous doesn’t mean I hate anyone.

                2. The church is rivaled only by the state in its contempt of liberty, you idiot.

                  1. Unless the religion is the state, it’s a pretty big difference between the two. Both might say not to do certain things, but until these churches are the state and have the legal authority to enforce these beliefs with violence, the comparisons are meaningless.

                    Might as well say Doctors have a contempt of Liberty because they want me to stop eating deep fried nutty bars.

                  2. When has a church initiated force or fraud against you?

                  3. Believe it or not, but the Mormon church has an incredible reverence for liberty and secular government.

                    But then again, your ancestors were probably never subject to an extermination order by the Governor of Missouri prior to the passage of the 14th amendment. Or are only Native Americans allowed to play the the ‘the government tried to kill all my people’ card? Not sure about the specific rules of the ‘lump everyone together who shares a single belief or trait’ game.

      2. Are you not aware of who funds the vast majority of charities in this country?

        1. People who want the tax write off?

          People who don’t know the Company VP or “Preacher” pushing the charity, their spouse is a paid charity board member?

          1. Wants less government- doesn’t like religious charities that make less government possible

            1. The “charities” wouldn’t be as prominent if it weren’t for the heavy hand of government and their ‘special’ statuses for benefits and taxes.

              1. Yup, religious charities didn’t exist before government. It’s like you majored in divinity at a school operating out of a guy’s trunk

                1. “religious charities didn’t exist before government”

                  They WERE the government and the killed a lot of people. There are a few cases of ‘charity’ that can mostly be laid at the feet of recruitment.

                  1. Citations, please. I think you will find a lot of the killing attributed to churches is more properly laid at the feet of individual rulers when you start looking at details.

          2. “People who want the tax write off?”

            Donates $10k to charitable orgs. Keeps $2k of what would otherwise be tax payments. Net loss, $8k.
            Thank goodness for that tax write off – with out it, how could anyone save their money?

            1. “Donates $10k to charitable orgs. Keeps $2k of what would otherwise be tax payments. Net loss, $8k.
              Thank goodness for that tax write off – with out it, how could anyone save their money?”

              Yeah… the Clintons donated all of that money to their own foundation so they could lose money?

              1. When presented with a common scenario wherein over 200 million US persons donate to charitable organizations of their choice annually, you cite the questionable actions of the far fewer wealthy elite. I agree with you about the Clintons. I also think it’s worth reconsidering why the government cares if – or gives tax breaks to – someone who willingly donates their property. But until the time comes that tax law is reworked, I’ll accept the tax break as permitted by law. Even with it, for those other 200+ million persons, I can tell you charitable giving doesn’t result in a net positive.

      3. go try to make a few bucks for the same 2 hours they sacrifice praying

        What specifically obligates people who are praying to do this? Why not people who are sleeping in or eating brunch?

        1. “Why not people who are sleeping in or eating brunch?”

          I don’t categorize them as the usual suspects virtue signaling their prayers.

          1. Virtue signaling to whom? You? Because they know you’re just sitting at home annoyed at the thought of them at church? That sounds mentally balanced

            1. I wish you could see my social media feeds. “thoughts and prayers.” Sahme on me for musing about them actually going out, making money for a good cause and donating it to a well researched entity that might actually help someone.

              You guys are all right! I’m sorry. I’ll STFU and let the Christian mafia go about their business. Those prayers sure are working.

              1. “musing about them actually going out, making money for a good cause and donating it to a well researched entity that might actually help someone.”

                You mean, you wish they’d do what they’re already doing, but you don’t want to accept that they’re doing?

              2. “Sahme on me for musing about them actually going out, making money for a good cause and donating it to a well researched entity that might actually help someone.”

                But when you are the one on social media instead of making money for a good cause that’s totally different because you’re just trying to keep the “Christian mafia” in line. OK then.

                1. Damn guys. Don’t you have some bibles to be thumping?

                  1. Well, you’re saying that you disagree with how people who believe in God spend their time demonstrating their belief, but doing so in a holier-than-thou manner that suggests that this earthly world is more important than that of heaven despite the fact that Christian doctrine would suggest the inverse. Furthermore, your argument is based on “well, why don’t they spend their time helping others instead of praying”?whereas you could be doing the exact same thing and that would ostensibly be more in line with your belief that there is no divine, but you aren’t.

                    So who’s the hypocrite here: the people who believe in Heaven and do their best to go there, or the person who doesn’t believe in Heaven and complains that the believers could be improving Earth while not doing a thing to improve the world himself?

                    1. “So who’s the hypocrite here: the people who believe in Heaven and do their best to go there, or the person who doesn’t believe in Heaven and complains that the believers could be improving Earth while not doing a thing to improve the world himself?’

                      Arguably, prayers do nothing. In-arguably, research into technology that cures diseases do positive things.

                      Pointing out that people who feel virtuous and tout their virtue to anyone who’ll listen, in some cases to those who often times remind them they don’t want to listen to them, drone on about how good, great and virtuous they are, that MAYBE it might be a good idea to take some of the time listening to voices in your head and instead spending it, mowing a neighbors lawn or shoveling a walk or selling cookies or some shit and donating those funds to curing something JUST ABOUT EVERYONE can actually agree on is a virtuous cause, MAKES ME A HYPOCRITE?

                      Put the Koolaid down.

                    2. “Arguably, prayers do nothing.” But you’re making an argument about the people who are doing the praying, not the prayers. In order to validate your argument, you need to demonstrate that the people who are doing the praying are doing nothing but praying. Having attended some church services with various friends and listened to the “same 2 hours they spend praying” a few times, I find your characterization to be more than a little bit inaccurate. They pray, but they also sing songs, hang out with friends, and then they listen to that guy in the front tell them the sorts of things they should be doing with their lives. And as often as not, some of the things the guy is telling them to do is “volunteer at a food bank”, “give goods/money to charities that do good things”, “help your elderly neighbors with their outdoor tasks”, “do [insert list of positive charitable activities here]”. Pretty frequently, someone else will stand up and give “announcements”, some of which will be social activities, but many of which will be volunteer opportunities to do positive charitable work.

                      Certainly, there are a significant percentage of them for whom the two hours on Sunday are the only manifestation of their religion in their lives. But your critique essentially claims that that’s the case for ALL of them.

                    3. What MAKES YOU A HYPOCRITE [emphasis yours], is that you suggested your little experiment, and then, when people suggested that your experiment wasn’t really valid, you spent your time criticizing people for not going out and doing good things, instead of going out and doing good things yourself.

                    4. Maybe you should look up a few of the hospitals that support cancer research and provide free care to a lot of patients. What percent are currently or were founded by religious organizations?

                      Seriously, dude, religious charities do a tremendous amount of good, right along with the praying…

                  2. You sound like the sort of guy who takes a sick day to go to on vacation and then tells the boss when he sees a coworker doing the same

                    1. “You sound like the sort of guy who takes a sick day to go to on vacation and then tells the boss when he sees a coworker doing the same.”

                      You mean hypocrites? Sounds like a few Christians I know. I bet they can do it because some voice in their head told them it was ‘ok’ to do it. They were ‘praying.’

                      Paging Jim Jones! Jim Jones, phone call on the make believe line.

                    2. You’re mistaking hypocrisy as a Christian trait, rather than a human one. One of the biggest injustices you can inflict upon a faith is to judge it by it’s believers since, notably, to be human is to err.

                      However, feel free to critique a religion based upon it’s actual teachings and scriptures. That’s entirely legitimate, but it would require you to actually read them which is probably a bridge too far for most people who bash on Christians exclusively.

                    3. “However, feel free to critique a religion based upon it’s actual teachings and scriptures. That’s entirely legitimate, but it would require you to actually read them which is probably a bridge too far for most people who bash on Christians exclusively.”

                      I’ve got 10 years of Catholic school and more time as an altar boy than I care to admit in public that call Bullshit. The ‘hope and prayers’ train left the station a long time ago. Even Christians should take the time to start calling it what it is. Instead they’re doubling down on the make believe and throwing out those virtues to signal.

                    4. BS.

                    5. I note you don’t make any actual argument here against the Christian faith, but rather double-down on the notion that you judge Christianity by the Catholic church and it’s membership rather than the actual scriptures themselves. You know, the very thing I was saying you shouldn’t do since the human angle is by definition flawed?

                      I’m not one that believes in the infallible nature of the pope, or the church, or the texts, or any of it. I’m a die-hard agnostic. It’s simply a very difficult proposition to argue against the golden rule which is a Christian artifact and the underpinning for virtually all of libertarian thought.

                      Judging people for being people and then blaming that on the faith is…counter intuitive. I had a lot of hate at one point for the Catholic church in particular, but I got over it since it’s a creation of man not of any god. It’s also helped in judging Islam as objectively as possible. I highly suggest it, in fact.

                    6. And the notion that ‘hope and prayers’ is simple virtue signaling is probably true in some cases and genuine heartfelt faith in others, yet I note you only choose to focus on the hypocrites and extrapolate that to all others.

                      I was Catholic, and I know lots of people that absolutely believe that hope and prayers help. You lost your faith, so of course you judge them by your new humanist god rather than by their own ethos. Real cute, but rather ironic I’d say.

                    7. “you judge Christianity by the Catholic church and it’s membership rather than the actual scriptures themselves.”

                      Which scriptures, pre-nicea, book of Mormon, King James (version?), Book of thomas? Old testament? Which testament? Which language? Which translation? Which Catholic period? Which Protestant period? Under which King or Queen or Pope?

                      There’s a rabbit whole I don’t care to dive back down. Yes, there are valuable things to be found in scripture. Sadly, there a whole hell of a lot of really bad things there too. It’s almost as if it were human like every other main stream religion out there.

                    8. Any of them, judged independently as you rattle off a list of holy books across multiple sects of the same faith and some that are so distantly removed that to consider them ‘Christian’ is somewhat amusing.

                      You strike me as a pretty lazy person that doesn’t want to debate the merits of any faith but instead make snap humanist judgments on people you don’t understand. We all do that from time to time, no one is a saint, but to proclaim it loudly and proudly is something of a different matter.

                      Again, I find it pretty ironic that you’re so vocal about your dislike of religion as being some sort of mass virtue signaling when being so staunchly against religion is much the same animal. You’re not alone in that view since much of atheism falls into the same trap as that of theists.

                      Whatever, I just wanted to point it out. You have no obligation to listen.

                    9. What exactly is you want to debate? When did I ever say I was an Atheist?

                    10. Arguably, prayers do nothing.


                      I read your posts, and I don’t ‘want’ to debate anything just pointing out that assuming religious people are doing so to virtue signal is only true if you assume they don’t believe god is listening.

      4. I’m pretty sure we could cure quite a few different kinds of cancer in less than a year.

        Note to self: Don’t take medical or financial advice from Cy. Or anyone recommended by Cy.

        1. Ha, it was pretty optimistic. But, you can see where my optimism quickly got me.

    3. Do you notice how the left wing scumbags in the JoiurnoList never, ever ask people if they think they should have to support abortions with their tax dollars?

      They never ask a question when they absolutely know that they’re going to hate the response.

      1. To be fair, that’s pretty much par for the course from all points of the political spectrum. Nobody wants to do research that risks invalidating their talking points. As I point out when people talk about voter fraud, nobody actually spends any significant effort examining elections to look for it. The Democrats don’t, because they’re afraid they’ll find evidence that it happens, and the Republicans don’t, because they’re afraid they’ll find evidence that it doesn’t.

      2. To be fair, that has been against the law for over 40 years.

  41. “Under certain circumstances, but not under other circumstances”.

  42. 52 percent of those surveyed said that they hope Kennedy’s replacement on the Court supports access to legal abortion.

    Yuge, yuge majority.

  43. In news you can’t make up, reporter goes to Pioneer Square in Seattle to interview homeless people about how dangerous Pioneer Square is, gets attacked by homeless people.

    The man being interviewed was telling Horcher how he feels everybody should feel unsafe in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. That’s when his “eyes got real big.” He sprung into action.

    “Back off there! Back off there!” he yelled at the woman. “It’s people like you that make us look bad. Get away from me!”

    The woman disappeared into the downtown Seattle crowd and didn’t come back. Horcher continued his interview and asked the man if the fire department should send more firefighters to Pioneer Square calls, for protection.

    “Why not?” the man said. “If we’re going to be in groups, they should be.”

    1. The individual was a woman who began screaming at them shortly after the video was taken. She then revealed a weapon and tried to use it on the photographer while they were interviewing a man.

      “It turns out its something my photographer calls a garrote,” Horcher said. “It’s two sticks with a braided cord around it. It’s like something you would see in ‘The Godfather.’ They tried to put it over the photographer’s head to choke him out.”

      1. I was in Seattle a couple of times back in the 00s. Pioneer Square was a perfectly safe and nice area back then. It is amazing how fast Progressives can destroy anything. You would be better off setting of a bomb in a city than letting Progressives take it over.

        1. Ehh, I’m not sure I would say that Pioneer Square has ever been perfectly safe and a “nice area”. I’ve lived here since 1989.

          Depending on what section and what time will greatly determine how its perceived, especially by tourists. On a nice, summer saturday afternoon, the area right along first avenue can seem nice and quaint with an old-city charm to it. But a block west underneath the viaduct… you really didn’t want to be there late at night alone unless you’re re carrying or your bare hands are registered as deadly weapons.

          Yesler street which intersects 1st Ave has always been a fun source of public drinking. I used to listen to a police scanner in the late 90s and I remember a call went out about a drunk and disorderly and the dispatcher actually sighed and said, “Yesler… no surprise there.”

          However, it went from kind-of-dodgy-depending-on-the-hour to oh-my-fucking-god-are-you-serious in just a few years.

          1. ^This. And the homeless got a lot more aggressive. Part of it happened when the book store moved and a significant amount of tourist traffic and locals that wanted to go to the book store stopped coming around.

            1. Elliot Bay books. They got out none too soon.

          2. I have a pretty good tolerance for dodgy. And I don’t present as a very good victim. So, it probably was dodgier than I perceived. But it sure as hell wasn’t “oh my fuck God are you serious” bad when I was there. Seattle was overall a very nice place and even the sketchy parts seemed nice. The Progs really did a number on Seattle. What a shame. Can these fuckers leave just one nice place alone? They literally show up and destroy every nice city.

            1. “The Progs really did a number on Seattle.”

              Yes they did. They have no intentions of stopping their madness either. Austin doesn’t seem to be going in the right direction either.

      2. I think the best part is that Mr. Talking Head is so upper crust white bred that he has to have his photographer, whom he almost got killed, explain to him what a garrote is. The layers of derp would be laughable if we weren’t talking about people nearly getting murdered.

        1. Fun fact, this is the second time I’ve seen a ‘garrote’ used in an attack by a homeless person in the news, and each time the reporter had to have the weapon carefully explained to xem.

          1. We clearly need some reasonable cord control.

          2. Fun Fact: These reporters are really lucky that the homeless apparently don’t have access to piano wire or properly gauged wire since that shit will cut someone’s head mostly off with a quick motion.

  44. Most Americans Want a Supreme Court Justice That Supports Legal Abortion

    Support or not is immaterial to constitutionality.

  45. Rachel Dolezal, who made headlines several years ago for her claims to be “transracial,” was just booked on welfare-fraud and perjury charges in Washington state.

    Always tryna keep a black woman down.

    1. I actually feel bad for her. I can’t explain it, but she just seems like a very confused person who’s really fallen on hard times after she was fired from the NAACP.

      1. Shit happens when you’re delusional, dishonest and nuts.

      2. Shit happens when you’re delusional, dishonest and nuts.

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