Conservatives #BoycottWalmart for Selling 'Impeach 45' Onesies

Angry Twitter users have called for a boycott of Walmart, even though the retailer also sells plenty of pro-Trump apparel.


Ken Wolter/

Enraged that Walmart's website would dare sell clothing imprinted with the phrase "Impeach 45," a group of conservatives has launched a #BoycottWalmart campaign.

It started Monday night when Ryan Fournier, chairman of Students for Trump, tweeted about a line of "Impeach 45" onesies advertised on Walmart's website. (The "45" is a reference to Donald Trump's status as 45th president of the United States.) "What kind of message are you trying to send?" Fournier wrote:

It didn't take long for Fournier's tweet to go viral, and soon #BoycottWalmart was trending on Twitter:

What those users didn't realize was that Walmart is also selling a variety of pro-Trump hats and shirts. The company isn't pushing a liberal, anti-Trump agenda; it's just trying to get people to buy clothes.

Nor is Walmart itself selling the "Impeach 45" clothing. As noted by Bloomberg, the real sellers are companies such as Old Glory and Teespring Inc., which advertise on Walmart's website and give the retail giant a cut of the profits. (Some of the "Impeach 45" merchandise seems to have disappeared from Walmart's website after Fournier's tweet.)

People have the right to deny Walmart their business for any reason they please. But conservatives love to call easily offended liberals "snowflakes." In this case the snowflakes are the ones who can't handle the sight of swag sporting a viewpoint they don't agree with.

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    1. It’s hilarious how similar the two sides are. Two sides of a shit sandwich.

  1. Boycotts don’t work anyway.

    1. They do sometimes, but there won’t be any boycotts of walmarts. Hell sometimes it’s the only store in town in trumpster land.

  2. On the plus side, at least they’re not boycotting because a company supports a constitutional right, like gun ownership for example or something.

    Thank you for this click bait

    1. Compared to the last 2.5 decades of incessant cries about Walmart raping lower-class and minority workers in order to plunder small town, mom-and-pop big box stores this does seem pretty reasonable/tame.

      But people tweeted something on Twitter and the crack staff at Reason can be reliably counted on to be on top of it!

      1. Well this week boycotts are bad, but that will change

      2. At least Wal-Mart buys lower class people dinner before raping them. It’s from Subway, but still.

  3. I thought it meant we should have impeaced all 45 of them. Just keep them on their toes.

  4. Nothing is more American than selling stupid crap to idiots. Walmart stands for one thing: selling cheap stuff that people want to buy.

    1. Nothing is more American than selling stupid crap to idiots.

      Tweeting about it to other idiots and passing it along to other idiots as news is apparently giving it a run for its money.

    2. You know what would make this even funnier? If these onesies were made in China.

    3. I know, right? I for one find it hilarious that hypercapitalist Walmart is raking in cash from commies by selling them this sort of thing.

  5. I went to Wal-Mart to boycott because of a shirt. Walked out with a job as a greeter.

    1. Haha

  6. I’m meeeellllttiiinnnng!!! What a worrrld… what a woorrrlldd!

  7. Joe Setyon

    Wait, is this the new Reason Outrage Editor?

    1. To be sure.

      1. Don’t believe your lying eyes: both sides

    2. Don’t bully. He’s a Mets fan. He’s already suffering enough.

      1. Bitch, Mets fans don’t suffer NEARLY enough for my pleasure.

        If we don’t rip on ’em, their suffering will NEVER be ribbed.

        1. RUDE. This is akin to raping the puppy of a quadriplegic retard.

          1. AKA your favorite pastime?

          2. I actually was not aware that the offspring of quadriplegic retards were referred to as puppies.

  8. Quick! Create piece of clothing that’ll offend retards on both side of the aisle!
    Winner gets a wholesome date from a H&R commentator of their choosing.

    1. Arm your fetus!

      1. Reunite families! Deport illegal fetuses back to where they came from!

      2. I’d wear that shirt.

    2. I Love Russian Atheist Lesbians

    3. Nuke the whales.

      1. Nuke the unborn baby whales for Jesus.

    4. I support gay shotgun weddings.

      1. I didn’t know they made gay shotguns.

        1. Every shotgun is gay, if you manage to get it in.

        2. Only side by sides are gay, because they evade the logic of a love poem written by a redneck fish poacher years ago [current whereabouts unknown]:

          You bug eyed bitch,
          with eyes like a frog.
          Break down like a shotgun,
          we’ll do it like a dog.

    5. Catholics for black abortions

      1. Everyone finds that offensive

        1. “Catholics for POC abortions”

          1. Yes

    6. Israel+Islam: Friends Forever

      1. I had a ‘Socialism is Treason’ shirt made. I’ll have to start wearing it more.

    7. A sweatshirt with a picture of Calvin choking while sucking off Hobbes.

      1. Oh, and the entire Peanuts gang plus Batman is watching. Also Robin is masturbating.

      2. That already exists.

        1. Does it exist in THIS dimension?

          1. Oh yes. And I might or might not have jacked off to it.

            1. Whatever you say, Stephanie.

    8. I’d fuck Roe and Wade.

      1. They both ended up pro-life, so why not?

    9. Donald Trump for Imam, 2020: Make America Sharia Again

      1. The following:

        Prosecute 44
        Execute The Hag
        Limbaugh for SCOTUS
        End Women’s Sufferage
        White is Beautiful
        No More Islam
        Support Higher Education: Send a Progressive to Kindergarten

    10. I’m a Libertarian!

      1. That would elicit autistic screeching and snickers

        1. From trial lawyers for sure – they would prefer not to see any of us on a jury if they can help it.

    11. Support the Black Gay Christian Pro-Life Fund!

    12. I fucked your wife dog toothbrush political agenda

    13. (in the maternity section)


      (women’s section)


  9. Ryan Fournier ?
    .@walmart why are you selling Impeach 45 baby clothes on your website?????

    Because Democrats’ money spends just as nicely as anybody else’s, you simpleton.

    1. A lot of Democrats are so conflicted right now

      1. I’m conflicted right now because I’m already ironically wearing a man-onesie. Now I have to wear this one to be current.

        1. Got to keep up with the Joneses

        2. Nothing wrong with wearing onsies. Seriously, they’re just comfy as all hell.

        3. Dude, the term is mansie. Try to keep up.

    2. It would be funny if the shirt seller were a non-profit, donating all funds to Trump’s re election campaign.

  10. That’s not the only reason to boycott Walmart! What with their driving mom and pop stores out of business! And their fight against a living wAge! I hate them so much with their Verdot luv Le eyes and their strange skin! My rage at them burns with the fires of ou thousand suns? I can’t stop pooping at Walmart!

    1. I hate organizations that are successful at selling things that people want. Such disregard for everyone.

      1. Don’t look at me…

        What I hate about Wal-Mart …every so often the corporate pinheads make the employees rearrange the shelves.
        Then speed shoppers like me, who shop by location have to go…”Hey, where’s the cheap crap I usually buy??”

        Then they say…”Well sir, we’ve moved the cheap crap you usually buy to the other end of the aisle…. we’re hoping you’ll give up searching and buy something more expensive.”

        1. You actually found a stocker that knows where stuff is? I’m marking my calendar…

  11. Hey conservatives want something to rage about too. That’s the only thing they miss about the Obama years.

    1. Yeah but when they raged then they lost their job. All those poor rodeo clowns

  12. Yea well they started it

  13. #BoycottsAreFrequentlyRetarded

    1. You got that right. It’s probably 80% of the time or better.

  14. To be fair, Walmart knows their customer base and they’re as surprised as anybody that Trump supporters have internet access and know how to use it. Or know anybody who can read and tell them what “Impeach” means.

  15. The Onesies should say, “take a dump on 45” instead.

  16. “People have the right to deny Walmart their business for any reason they please. But conservatives love to call easily offended liberals “snowflakes.” In this case the snowflakes are the ones who can’t handle the sight of swag sporting a viewpoint they don’t agree with.”

    The Right can handle it just fine
    We’ve just increasingly realized we need to fight back against Marxism at *all* levels of society, not just the ballot box

    One way ceasefire is surrender
    One way rule of law is subjection
    One way civility is subservience

    The fundamental moral mistake of the Right, for a century, is mistaking complicity in one way rules as supporting the rules, instead of betraying them

    But we’re slowly learning

    1. Hence we have Trump

    2. Hey now, no one ever said this place is consistent or even particularly libertarian.

    3. So this is an argument in favor of blind loyalty to the dumbest senile orange fuckstain ever to soil the White House?

      1. He’s a million times smarter than anything you shotstain progtards have put up.

        Oh, amd fuck off Tomy, you stupid sloppy bottom.

    4. Selling “Impeach 45” baby clothes is Marxism?

      1. It’s the best kind of capitalism, especially if the proceeds go to the Trump 2020 Campaign fund.

  17. I think boycotts are stupid, but who cares? Even when people on the right are being snowflake-y and offended, they’re still generally less vindictive and violent than the left is on an average day ending in y. Boring even.

    1. Sure when you don’t define racism and homophobia as vindictiveness.

      1. Please bitch, you don’t define anything at all.

        1. Not even the words I’ve coined myself?

      2. I thought we were defining those words as “rubes who don’t believe everything they hear on MSNBC” I can’t keep up with these changing definitions

    2. Absolutely, let’s go do something non violent and non vindictive like shoot up a black church or bomb an abortion clinic.

  18. Talk about potential conflict of interest — poor-ass hillbilly Contards having to contemplate the only place they can afford to buy wife-beater t-shirts.

    1. I am told you can smell them in southern Virginia Walmarts.

  19. Won’t they starve? I’ve been told that conservatives only shop at Walmart.

    1. They’ll just form a well-regulated militia and go huntin’ innawoods. Enough of dem squirrel meats, and no-one will go hungry!

    2. Lies, there is one place that brings everyone together in America (at least the unwashed masses of the 99%) and it’s Walmart and Amazon. There won’t a walmart boycott by the Trumpsters.

      1. Yes, probably not.

        But it wasn’t necessary. They got Walmart to pull the shirt.

        A baby step towards the Right fighting back.

  20. The difference is they are boycotting, not going into stores and throwing products off the shelves, etc, like the left.

    1. Occupy Walmart?

      1. Yep, remember all the Occupy violence :eye rollies:

  21. I am OK with this … as long as they are selling “FUCK MAXINE” shirts as well.

    1. A t-shirt fairness doctrine, if you will.

      1. We”lol tell you progtards what’s fair. Like in the old days when dirty hippie trash and bottom feeding subnormal like you got regular beatings for running your mouths with your stupid commie ideas.

        America will be a lot better when we get back to that. Maybe if you learn to obey you might even survive to see it.

        1. Open wider, Elias.

          Your betters have more progress to shove down your throat.

          You can mutter bitterly and inconsequentially about it, or rant about it, before or after. But the progress will continue, against your efforts and hopes, and you will take it.

          1. You might want to try to veil your cuck rape fantasies a little more, Rev.

            But don’t worry. Donald will be gentle with you.

          2. So… AK is a cultural rapist? Sure sounds like it.

      2. Tony…I’m writing my congressman and asking…”Why is there no t-shirt fairness legislation????”

    2. Entropy Drehmaschine Void…

      I am OK with this … as long as they are selling “FUCK MAXINE” shirts as well.

      As I was reading this piece I wondered, “Are there any Obama Sucks t-shirts?” After a quick search, I found there were lots of different kinds of “Obama Sucks” t-shirts…

      Then I started thinking…”Are there any…Maxine Waters Can Suck My Dick t-shirts?” Much to my surprise, there were none….So…Fire up the t-shirt printing machine…I’m calling Wal-Mart!!!

    3. I shudder at the thought. If you want to knock the cobwebs out of that, go ahead with your bad self…

  22. Boycott walmart ? Yeah that’s going to happen more than 2 days. Until they need a grocery run.

  23. What those users didn’t realize was that Walmart is also selling a variety of pro-Trump hats and shirts. The company isn’t pushing a liberal, anti-Trump agenda; it’s just trying to get people to buy clothes.

    I’m sure many realize. They just don’t care. The left has never been judicious about using the power of boycotts and pressure on corporations. The right gains nothing by eschewing those tactics. They want to send a message to Walmart that they can’t just waffle and play both sides for a profit. The left does no less in situations where they think they can prevail.

    (Some of the “Impeach 45” merchandise seems to have disappeared from Walmart’s website after Fournier’s tweet.)

    And, hey, it works.

    1. Bingo

      The Right fights back *in kind*

      The Right has been wrong about the price of Liberty for a long time
      Eternal vigilance is not enough
      You have to relentlessly fight back

  24. Free speech in action sometimes gets weird. No problem. But the unanswered question is… why in the world does walmart want to associate with Maxine Waters? The ‘impeach 45’ is her mantra, and might as well be trademarked. This will all wash away, unlike the stain Maxine leaves on congress after years of high tech bullying from her chair.

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