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'Only One Person' Wants This Insane, Budgetless Military Parade

Pentagon officials are dragging their feet as they begin planning the military parade ordered by President Trump.


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Despite a lack of enthusiasm from some White House and Pentagon officials, the Department of Defense has begun planning a military parade ordered by President Donald Trump, according to NBC News.

The parade does not yet have a budget, but officials have set a date (November 10, though it was originally planned for November 11) and proposed a route. They think it should start at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., and stop at the National Mall.

Trump proposed putting on a military parade last September during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at the United Nations General Assembly. In July, Trump attended France's annual Bastille Day parade, and he was impressed.

"I was your guest at Bastille Day, and it was one of the greatest parades I've ever seen," Trump told Macron in September. "It was two hours on the button, and it was military might and, I think, a tremendous thing for France and the spirit of France." He also said he would like the United States to "top" France's parade.

In February, Trump put his words into action, officially directing Defense Secretary James Mattis to begin planning for such a parade in Washington. But ever since March, when a Pentagon memo revealed some details about the parade, there hasn't been much information forthcoming about the impending pomp and circumstance. That's because the military has had "more pressing" matters to deal with, NBC reported, citing a senior defense official.

Now the Pentagon has turned its attention to planning the parade, but that doesn't mean officials are excited about it. "There is only one person who wants this parade," a senior U.S. official told NBC. That one person, of course, is Trump.

Aside from a general lack of interest among officials, the parade faces another major hurdle: It's not clear where the money is going to come from, as neither the Pentagon nor the White House has set aside any funds for the event, which Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney estimated could cost between $10 million and $30 million.

Some of the money is sure to come from the Defense Department's training budget, but that doesn't answer the question of who will pay the Secret Service agents and police officers providing security, or who will pay for the parade's setup.

According to a National Security Council spokesperson, "the Department of Defense will provide options to the White House for a decision." But even if the Trump administration can figure out who's going to foot the bill, that doesn't take away from the fact that the parade itself is seen by many as a waste of money.

"A parade of this kind would represent a significant waste of tax dollars. At a time when Congress is wrestling with how best to recapitalize our military and better protect the force after 17 years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, resources should be deployed to enhance military readiness and warfighting, not wasted on such a pointless display," Rep. Ruben Gallego (D–Ariz.), a Marine veteran, said in a statement in February. "No one in the world doubts the strength of our military or the professionalism of our men and women in uniform. A parade will not alter that perception. Instead, it will likely prompt ridicule from our friends and foes alike."

Rep. Justin Amash (R–Mich.) used the parade to criticize the American military's involvement in foreign wars. "I'm all for a parade if it's to celebrate bringing our young men and women home from these unauthorized wars overseas," Amash tweeted.

In February, a poll of Military Times readers showed that 87 percent of respondents opposed the idea of the military parade.

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  1. Only little people need to have military parades. Everyone knows the U.S. has the biggest military, no need to show it off.

    1. I think its supposed to be a patriotic gesture but its a bad idea. Waste of money and tyrannical regimes are famous for showing how big their guns are. Bad idea.

      Veterans march in all sorts of parades and there will be all sorts of veterans marching in parades this July 4th.

      1. Waste of money and tyrannical regimes are famous for showing how big their guns are

        ^ This.

        Veterans being celebrated in a local parade is just fine.

        Trump riding a tank with his Mussolini look following a two-hour stream of marching troops is some pretty epic tone-deafness. Please tell me he won’t be wearing an American-flag armband.

        1. Nah, just the American flag lapel pin.

      2. I’m all for respecting Veterans marching in honor during special events. its the despot idea of all the equipment, tanks etc. going down the street in a show of force vs service

      3. Instead of marching in parades, the public can show it’s appreciation by having the hot chicks offer blowjobs on demand.

        I of course say this as a veteran of Desert Storm.

        1. OT: Bill Maher and his commie guests are losing their collective shit over Kennedy’s forthcoming retirement. Michael Moore popped in and babbled incoherently about harassing senators to get some commie judge those traitors would approve of.

          Makes me want Trump to nominate Ted Cruz.

          1. Michael Moore is an American patriot who laid down his life and paid the ultimate price for his country. His sacrifice will never be forgotten by those who yearn to breathe free. No one loved America like Michael Moore.

            He didn’t really do that. I was just kidding.

            1. He is heroically trying to save us from the menace of bacon double cheeseburgers by eating them all.

    2. Everyone knows we have the biggest military by a factor of 20. It really is just absurd that we would do this.

      1. It really is just absurd that we would do this.

        This applies to both that factor of 20 as well as the parade.

      2. South Korea; 8,134,500
        North Korea; 7,679,000
        Vietnam; 5,522,000
        India; 4,941,600
        Russia; 4,223,000
        China; 3,353,000
        US; 2,227,200
        2017 figures from International Institute for Strategic Studies. Includes active, reserve, and ‘paramilitary’.
        Their definition of paramilitary forces: armed units that are not considered part of a nation’s formal military forces

        I am not seeing 20 to 1 here – – – – – –

        1. Now do budgets

          1. Os simply effectiveness – the US military is about 80 times more effective than the South Koreans, Russians, or Chinese.

            1. That has not been shown.
              We did/are doing no better than Russia in Afghanistan; the only direct comparison point available.

              While it is more political than military, both Russia and China have actually conquered territory since the last numbered war; we have not. The military of a nation can not be any more effective than the political will of that nation allows.

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  2. “It was two hours on the button, and it was military might and, I think, a tremendous thing for France and the spirit of France.” He also said he would like the United States to “top” France’s parade.


      1. Somehow I do think there’s a similarity there. It’s just what my dog would do, and it does send a strong and clear message.

    1. Not Stalin.

    2. Not Castro.

    3. John Philip Sousa?

      1. Oh goddammit that totally should have been my link. You win this round, Square = Circle.

  3. The budget for Trump’s uniform alone I heard was over a mil, he insists the gold brocade be made out of real gold on the 4-foot wide epaulets.

    1. It’s gonna be the best uniform ever! Real classy!

    2. The cords will also be made of real gold and be so long that they drag on the ground when he walks.

    3. I hear he’s going to have an all-American chariot made pulled by all-American horses driven by an all-American Jesus.

  4. Make those military bands earn their pay, I love a parade! #MAGA

    1. SIV’s chicken parade was a huge hit in Georgia with SIV’s erect Bantam cock.

      1. That wasn’t a parade. He was just chasing them around.


  5. “The parade does not yet have a budget”

    Mattis should just have all available support personnel, wearing civvies, and DOD office employees take a two hour lunch that day and walk from the Pentagon to the National Mall throwing shredded documents in the air like confetti.

    1. They can only throw hard drives. No documents anymore, you know.

      1. Good point. They can only be thrown if they’ve been wiped, though. Like, with a cloth or something; I don’t know how it works digitally.

        1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  6. I can’t believe this is still seriously a thing. Someone needs to find a new distraction for him.

    Oh I got it! Start his National Portrait Gallery painting now and just have it “require” 4 hour sittings each day for the next couple of years. He’ll love it. And in the end maybe it ends up like Marge’s portrait of Mr Burns

  7. “I want horses lots of horses and cavalry with shiny swords”

    “OK Mr. President. I think we can arrange that”

    “And ticker tape. The biggest ticker tape parade in history”

    “Well Mr. President we don’t have ticker tape. You see ticker tape…”

    “What! What happened to American ticker tape! We had the best ticker tape ever. Get me ticker tape”


    ” End of discussion. Next item.”

    1. You honestly don’t think that the military have cases and cases of ticker tape stockpiled somewhere? We still have a strategic helium reserve.

  8. Too many people celebrate all the wrong things about the military and call it patriotism.

  9. Of course, If this resembled the movie Stripes…I might be convinced it would be good TV.

    1. “That’s a fact, Jack!” “HUH!”

  10. If Trump wants to see a large military parade, he can go to Gettysburg for Remembrance Day. It’s not far from Camp David. And, as a nod to the gun grabbers, no one will be carrying semi-autos (except for some cavalry re-enactors with Spencer repeaters.)

    1. Spenders were not semi-autos.

      1. Yeah, I meant “magazines that could hold multiple rounds.”

  11. If the US does not have a military parade on 11/11/18, it will be a national shame and disgrace. It’s the centenary of the armistice; there should be parades in every state capital, and a national minute of silence at 11AM.

    1. Go ahead, no one’s stopping you. Oh wait, you want to tell me to have a parade in honor of Woodrow Wilson’s dandy little war? Fuck off, slaver.

      1. Commemorating the end of the war does not imply support for the war you tiny-minded fool.

  12. God-fucking-dammit, Trump. Yes, let’s celebrate our many unjust wars and the pile of corpses that was a result; because that’s one of the implications of having a fucking parade.

  13. 10 to 30 million? Does that include the price of training the troops to goosestep?

    1. Goose step is singular. Troops should be geesestepping.

    2. Uh, bad news: the reason the generals are balking, is that our troops have either forgotten or were not properly trained how to march during the last administration. It could prove to be a national embarassment, and since they can’t stay in step at all, then goosetepping is definitely out of the question. Somebody is going to have to get very creative and don’t go anywhere near the mass spectacle type of thing that North Korea likes to put on. The little drill teams various branches keep on tap to do exhibitions at various venues is not enough to get the job done.

      1. . . . the last administration?

        We were barely taught to march when I started in the military – in 1990. Marching is not what we do and outside of it being a tool for training in basic, has negligible utility in a real military.

      2. The military could have one division especially trained to march for occasions like this. I suggest a Marine division because they are so cute in their dress blues.

        1. I will take you to a bar and buy the beer if you will call a Marine ‘cute’ to his face.
          But I get dibs on the viral video rights – – – – – – –

          1. Sorry, I don’t like going to gay bars where Marines hang out.

            1. Bigot!

              (probably a sailor, too)

  14. Well, actually, there are two of us.

  15. I’m not seeing much Trump love here, you’re supposed to either praise everything he does or call him a nazi, haven’t you read the manual?

    1. He’s a very fine Nazi. Absolutely great. One of the best.

      1. You have to read it in the voice of Trump. In case anyone missed the attempt at humor.

        1. You have to explain your jokes. Sad. My jokes are funny and never have to be explained. They’re the best jokes.

          1. Yeah but you type them with tiny hands.

    2. I think they genuinely don’t realize he’s trolling them again.

      1. You would think the fact that he wants to ‘top’ France’s military parade might be a clue.


  16. Why does Reason hate America?

    1. Patriotism doesn’t get Matt and Nick invited to cocktail parties.

  17. Love the military folks, but… what the hell? I suppose his next visit somewhere gets him into a chandelier design contest and he will return to the white house to spend baby, spend.
    He should’t be doing this because of France, although it might be nice to have a one-off parade just to re-ignite the flavor of 4th of July that got tainted during The Occupation. I had never had such a feeling in my life as July 4, 2009 and it didn’t change until after the people were free of 44 and his cabal of maoist goons. I kept my mouth shut, as my son was too young to understand the gut punch of having decades invested steamrolled by an apparatchik that never knew America, and maybe never will.
    Screw it… let’s do the damn parade!

  18. Not one Anwar Sadat reference?

    This place is getting tame.

  19. I love the idea of a massive military parade every year that would alternate between East Coast, West Coast, and Central States and include whole unit flyovers and (by video from offshore) naval reviews of whole squadrons of ships passing in formation.

    The benefits are more than to amp up cheap patriotic enthusiasm. Practice at marching in formation actually is a great team-building exercise that some corporations pay big bucks for. Also it is a quick reveal on whether physical performance evaluations are being performed in reality. Nothing like a two mile parade in the hot sun to see which desk jockeys really dodge their PT.

    It is even more critical to fly, roll, or put to sea all the mobile equipment on a date certain to prove that it all can really fly, roll, or sail. I want to see all the B-2’s in the air, at once, in formation, so we taxpayers and all the world can confirm with our own eyes that this stealth bomber fleet is not a huge, expensive myth and only a handful of airplanes actually exist which fly over football stadium or bomb somewhere far away on rare occasions.

    1. damn lack of edit ability, “and not that only a handful of operational airplanes actually exist. . .”

      1. Yes, and have it on May Day each year, to keep with tradition of other countries/regimes that hold these types of grand spectacles.

        1. Maybe they could wear special Red uniforms to commemorate the occasion.

    2. We invade foreign countries occasionally to prove that everything “flies, rolls and sails”. No need for parades.

    3. Well, to make the point about effectiveness, the West coast part of the cycle could deploy live ammunition – – – – – –

  20. Anyone else tired of the whole world being forced to react to one insane person’s ridiculous psychodrama?

    I guess that’s most presidents, but this one is truly… special.

    1. I was certainly tired of Obama’s insane’s plans to weaken America at every turn.

    2. Now Obama is trying to weaken Netflix’s brand.

      1. Obama was level-headed to a fault.

        1. Obama did have a shovel head alright.

          Obama- one of he worst presidents ever.

      2. Is it me, or is the Netflix hire blatant cronyist quid pro quo payback for the Net Neutrality attempt?

  21. I was in the Army many years ago. We had “pay day parades” once a month. Every soldier I knew hated them, including me.

    Down with military parades. Don’t emulate France!

    1. ^THIS. I’m a retired Marine and we did our share of marching (change of command, retirements, etc). Mostly the parades were seen as a chore, but I suppose there is some training value (e.g., discipline). That being said, the talk about this as a way to honor the troops is a hoot.

      First of all, 10 November is the Marine Corps birthday, and we take that very seriously. So, the idea of having it on 10 November (USMC birthday) is kind of lame – we already celebrate. 11 November is Veterans Day and is already known for parades, but is also a day off for the troops, who at any rate aren’t being honored by putting on a show for everybody else. If we’re going to “honor” anybody (or any event), let the parade commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. It’s a pretty significant watershed event in American and world history, for good and bad (wasn’t the war to end all wars after all).

      1. I guess I should make clear that, given the choice, I’d say “no” to the parade. We don’t need it. If it IS to happen, let it mean something other than one man’s ego.

        1. I was not a Marine, but a sailor on an LST. We embarked hundreds of Marines and hauled them around making them seasick before dumping them on a beach. Their only value while on board was that they all thought they could play poker.

          Once in Vietnam I made the mistake of getting drawn ashore with the Marines for a couple days. A night time rocket attack sent me running in my skivvies to a trench where I dived in on top of a Marine. He looked at me in disgust and said: “I don’t care if it is hot. Sleep with your pants on.” This was at Da Nang, late 1972, very few Americans were left on a base that was a sprawling ghost town.

          My son and grandson are Marines. My sister is a Marine. We all like parades, especially when we can carry rifles in public.

  22. I’m surprised Trump isn’t making all the NFL teams participate. I’d bring popcorn to see that.

  23. If you really want to top the other countries’ military parades, do a Roman-style parade where you show off all your captured enemies, plus all the stuff you took when you conquered their countries. But on the other hand, we’re not as loot-y as the Romans. Maybe bags filled with the foreign aid money we’re about to send them to stabilize their countries.

    1. Wow, I just lost my enthusiasm for my own idea.

    2. No bags that big – we use pallets and shrink wrap now. Didn’t you see the photo?

  24. Unless the Department of Defense is building tanks, trucks, field artillery and other military hardware especially for the parade I don’t see how they could possibly spend $10 to $30 million dollars to drive/march down Pennsylvania Avenue. Sounds like typical Department of Defense accounting practices.

    1. Even if cost estimates are accurate we’re talking Department of Defense, where $30 million dollars is the equivalent of finding a couple of quarters between the cushions of your couch.

  25. ‘Only One Person’ Wants This Insane, Budgetless Military Parade

    How would this be different than an air show?

    1. An air show would be more fun to watch.

  26. Yeah, this is an unnecessary waste of money, but only .0001% of the money confiscated from tax-payers that is being spent on low-skilled, uneducated, illiterate third-worlders Reason is so adamant about letting in.
    We get it. Trump is literally Hitler. Anything less than complete open borders is literally murder.
    Change the title of your magazine, there’s no
    ‘reason’ in it.

    1. free minds
      free markets
      that is just the summary; it continues:
      free borders

  27. Simple fix, just hire the North Korean Army. They are great at parades and could be hired cheap. I bet a voucher for Mcdonalds would cover the costs.

    1. Good thought; then void their visas so they can’t go home, and South Korea can walk into the the north with lots of food and be welcomed as heroes. Retire whats-his-name with a modest pension and a guarantee of personal safety on some south pacific island, and ‘peace in our time’.
      Trump gets credit for reunification.
      Sell the NK military hardware for scrap to pay for the whole mess, and Bob’s your uncle.

  28. On a more practical note:
    How can they have a military parade with the DC gun control laws and all?
    I mean Trump will be term limited out of office before the gun permits can be processed – – – – – –

  29. One less military parade, one less optional war, could provide health care to hundreds of families who have expensive genetic diseases, cancer, cardiac myopathies, repeating asthma flareups and more.Long hospitalizations create debt that permanently renders a family unsuccessful.

  30. I see about 37 “Join the Military” advertisements on every nationally televised sporting event. Surely a little marketing budget redirection could pay for this?

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