Brickbat: Blowing Smoke


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In Massachusetts, officials at Saugus High School suspended six lacrosse players and one baseball player from post-season play for smoking cigars after their graduation ceremony. The school bars smoking on school grounds and also forbids student athletes from even being near drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.


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  1. A rule in effect for Saugus High School stipulates that student-athletes are to refrain from being anywhere drugs, alcohol or tobacco may be in the vicinity.
    So they can’t go to a restaurant, grocery store, gas station, …

    1. They can in some states.

  2. from post-season play for smoking cigars after their graduation ceremony

    Why would they want to play on their high-school team after they have graduated from high school? Why would the school even be allowed to use players who are no longer students there?

    1. This instance is post season play which can extend past the end of the school year.

  3. Schools have been doing this for thirty years. I fail to see why it is a surprise.

  4. Trump learned zero tolerance from watching public schools.

  5. Easy defense… “I didn’t inhale”

  6. A women’s just a women,but,a cigar,that’s a smoke.

  7. A women’s just a women,but,a cigar,that’s a smoke.

  8. A women’s just a women,but,a cigar,that’s a smoke.

  9. So the school finally taught them something useful. Hopefully they learned the appropriate lesson.

  10. Just another screaming reason to abolish public-employee run schools. If an education is truly enough of a public good that it justifies tax expenditures, pay a set amount of tuition for each student to the school of his choice.

  11. Another perverse outcome from an overly broad government policy. And the ‘zero tolerance’ part is particularly galling, especially these days. If your rule catches and punishes unintended targets then we should conclude the rules makers are ignorant and lazy.

    1. The increase in “cost of administration” of our schools is the single fastest-increasing cost of education. Interesting, then, that the growth in “zero tolerance policies”, mandating that administrators never be called on to exercise judgement, has followed the same upward increase.

      These policies exist to provide cover for administrators (“Our hands were tied because of the zero tolerance policy.” or “We had to take that action, it’s mandated by our zero tolerance policy.”) in more and more situations. And yet we pay ever increasing amounts for more and more administrators.

      I think everyone really IS taking crazy pills.

      1. But not smoking ground up crazy pills. Big difference.

      2. Any school district that enforces “zero thought” policies should also be enforcing a 50% pay cut for all administration. After all, we’re not paying them to think.

  12. forbids student athletes from even being near drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

    So Mormons must be overrepresented on the Saugus teams?

    1. And morons must be overrepresented in Saugus school officials.

  13. The kids should have put on dresses before lighting up the stogies-they could have claimed they were having a moment of gender fluidity, and the school would not have been able to touch them.

    1. The linked photo shows that all graduates were wearing dresses. And funny hats.

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