Defiant Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Defends Separation of Immigrant Families: Reason Roundup

Plus: Space force!


Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Newscom

At a White House press briefing on Monday afternoon, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen offered an unqualified defense of the Trump administration's policy of separating immigrant families who enter the country illegally. At the same time, she denied that the separations amount to official policy. Instead, the Trump administration is merely pursuing a zero-tolerance approach to enforcing existing immigration law.

"We no longer exempt entire classes of people who break the law," she said.

If Congress wants the federal government to follow a different course, it needs to pass new laws, said Nielsen.

Journalists were shocked that Nielsen didn't sound more contrite about what is happening to these children and families. But there's solid evidence that Trump's base supports the policy. According to a Quinnipiac poll, Republicans are in favor of separations, though they are alone in this opinion.

During an interview on MSNBC, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.) accused the Trump administration of holding the children hostage in order to force Democrats to come to the table and back the border wall as part of a compromise immigration bill.

Meanwhile, Pro Publica released haunting audio footage of an immigration detention center featuring a six-year-old girl from El Salvador trying to convince agents to let her call her aunt. The sobs of children pleading for their parents can be heard in the background.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas) plans to introduce legislation that would increase the number of federal immigration judges, mandate that families be kept together except in extreme circumstances, and expedite the asylum review process.


In the July/August issue of The Atlantic, journalist Jesse Singal writes about teenagers and gender dysphoria. There are no easy answers, he writes, because while many kids benefit from transitioning, some who would like to transition later have second thoughts and become happy and comfortable as their birth gender:

Meanwhile, fundamental questions about gender dysphoria remain unanswered. Researchers still don't know what causes it—gender identity is generally viewed as a complicated weave of biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors. In some cases, gender dysphoria may interact with mental-health conditions such as depression and anxiety, but there's little agreement about how or why. Trauma, particularly sexual trauma, can contribute to or exacerbate dysphoria in some patients, but again, no one yet knows exactly why.

To reiterate: For many of the young people in the early studies, transitioning—socially for children, physically for adolescents and young adults—appears to have greatly alleviated their dysphoria. But it's not the answer for everyone. Some kids are dysphoric from a very young age, but in time become comfortable with their body. Some develop dysphoria around the same time they enter puberty, but their suffering is temporary. Others end up identifying as nonbinary—that is, neither male nor female.

Ignoring the diversity of these experiences and focusing only on those who were effectively "born in the wrong body" could cause harm. That is the argument of a small but vocal group of men and women who have transitioned, only to return to their assigned sex. Many of these so-called detransitioners argue that their dysphoria was caused not by a deep-seated mismatch between their gender identity and their body but rather by mental-health problems, trauma, societal misogyny, or some combination of these and other factors. They say they were nudged toward the physical interventions of hormones or surgery by peer pressure or by clinicians who overlooked other potential explanations for their distress.


President Trump has nominated Kathy Kraninger to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and neither the left nor the right seems particularly impressed with the unknown bureaucrat. This could be a Harriet Miers situation:

"Kraninger… has neither experience as a regulator nor expertise in consumer financial issues," said Bartlett Naylor, a financial policy advocate at Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group. "The nation's leading consumer financial regulator is not an entry-level job."

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) and others in her party have questioned Kraninger's qualifications. There also has been some criticism from the right.

"She has no record on the issues and no experience with this policy area," said J.W. Verret, an assistant professor at George Mason University's Antonin Scalia Law School and an expert on financial regulation.

"I'm shocked that at the last minute they pulled out this unqualified candidate," said Verret, who is organizing opposition to the nomination by circulating a letter opposing it to conservative and consumer credit legal scholars.


  • Trump wants "space force" to be the sixth brach of the military. "I'm hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the armed forces," said Trump. "That's a big statement. We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force, separate but equal."
  • Why pro-lifers must oppose the separation of immigrant families.
  • No state has more sociopaths than Washington, D.C.
  • Read this whole Twitter thread:

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  1. Trump wants “space force” to be the sixth brach of the military.


    1. How can we finally fulfill our manifest destiny to ‘take off and nuke the whole site from orbit’ without a Space Force?

      The Star Force, Mobile Infantry, Starfleet, Earth Defense Force, Imperial Guard etc. has to start somewhere, right?

      1. We’ll never have a super Space Force until we have The Rock hosting a triumphant recruiting video.

    2. This isn’t a game of hearts!

      1. “This is space war! This is not a game of space cricket.”

        1. You forget the Krikkit Wars, you insensitive clod.

    3. See the problem is that the US doesn’t make enough war so naturally we need another branch of the military.

      1. Given that Trump is a supreme crony-capitalist, why wouldn’t he want to expand crony-capitalism throughout the cosmos?

        1. He’s also stupid. I think people overlook that fact and just impugn him as calculated and evil

          1. An intergalactic military program is just so dumb that you know he was watching Star Wars or something when it came to him.

            1. Um, it was Spaceballs, thank you. He has some taste.

              You know, if you overlook his love of Coca-Cola and how he puts ketchup on his well-done steaks. And, uh, a lot of other things.

            2. Or he is trying to control the media narrative. Float out something that sounds crazy but turns out to be pretty tame. Media goes nuts in meantime and loses credibility.

              1. I think the media does a pretty good job of discrediting themselves on their own. And he’s floated this craziness multiple times. It’s time to admit that he’s crazy. There is no grand ploy

    4. Hey! Now, we all know that the moon is not made of green cheese. But what if it were made of barbeque spare ribs, would you eat it then?

  2. Why pro-lifers must oppose the separation of immigrant families.

    Oh great, you just had to ruin this comments section instead of giving it its own post.

    1. Great headline “you can’t be pro life and against immigrant children”

      Anti-open borders types are cartoon villains who are “against” children. It is known

    2. I imagine there’s nothing pro-lifers like better than being pro-choice-splained.

      1. Not even a message from Jesus embodied in a potato chip?

        1. The one time I found a potato chip with the entirety of John’s Letter to Thesolonians was pretty underwhelming, honestly.

  3. The sobs of children pleading for their parents can be heard in the background.

    Trump has ruined the pleasantness of children crying.

    1. The enemy (Trump) of my enemy (socialists and statists) is my friend.

      1. Why does everyone fuck that up? Stalin was the enemy of Hitler, but he sure wasn’t our friend. Osama bin Laden fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, and he wasn’t our friend. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend; the enemy of my enemy is my ally.

        1. of BFF?

        2. As I recall, the guy who supposedly said that was murdered by one of his enemy/friends.

    2. There’s one part of this that confuses me. Okay, so Democrats are really really mad. Some of them call for ICE to be shut down outright; others don’t go so far on paper but seem to want the Border Patrol to stop enforcing the border. In other words, they want the border deregulated.

      That’s weird to me, because as far as Democrats are concerned “fuck” isn’t a dirty word but “deregulate” is the dirtiest. FFS, they want to tell me not only how big a soda pop I can buy but what sort of straw I can use to drink it! I can’t think of one damn thing the Democrats want less regulation of.

      So why do they want less regulation of the border? It seems a tad inconsistent with their governing philosophy.

      1. The Democratic Party is finished without new blood and Americans are not having enough babies to become new Democrats.

        Immigrants are the Democrat solution. Its why they are so desperate to make this happen. They need tens of thousands of immigrants to swing the 2018 election or there is a very good chance that Republican will gain enough political seats to have super majorities.

      2. Why would any politician want more regulation of this one thing over here, and less of this other thing over there? It’s beyond comprehension

      3. A drug reformer yrs. ago put it in terms I could understand: regul’n vs. controls. W regul’n you put conditions on how someone’s allowed to do something. W controls you put on conditions such that only some persons can possibly satisfy them.

        W.r.t. immigr’n it’d mean that w regul’n but not controls, anyone could immigrate by jumping thru certain hoops that, practically speaking, anyone could get thru if they wanted it bad enough. W controls, only some persons are allowed to immigrate.

        Guns? They want controls, not just regul’n. Abortions? Regul’n, not controls. Tobacco & liquor & pot? Regul’n, not controls, if you understand “wait until you’re of age” to be a regul’n, not a control, because unless you die you’ll eventually be able to satisfy the condition.

        However, they’re for controls on narcotics, because that’s non-controversial, there’s no currently evident culture war over painkillers; they’ll just differ on details of the controls.

    1. Canada is generous and morally superior enough to let in both the rape victims and the rapists she is fleeing from.

    2. It was her job to give herself to the sacred Muslim.

    3. Seems counterproductive to let in refugees as well as the people they are trying to escape from. But I’m probably racist for thinking that

      1. Screening brown people or muslims is racist you filthy racist!

  4. Trump wants “space force” to be the sixth brach of the military.

    the candy maker? does he think we can give the aliens cavities?

    1. How dare you impugn our totally brave and totally not just partisan hack investigative reporters, by suggesting such a policy was already in existence before this administration! Attacking the narrative is literally what Hitler would do or something.

      It never happened if Stephen Colbert didn’t write about it

      1. *talk about it*

        Stephen Colbert obviously can’t write

      2. “”We do not separate child asylum seekers or refugees from their families,” British Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesperson said Tuesday”

        PEAK IRONY

    2. It is almost like the whole thing is a made up bullshit talking point or something. In two weeks no one will be saying a word about this because they will be on to the new Journolist talking point. Two weeks ago it was Stormy Daniels. Now it is “immigrant children”. Two weeks from now it will be something else. And the media still can’t figure out why no one trusts them or listens to anything they have to say.

      1. This – people pretending to be upset about a policy that’s several administrations old and was created to protect the children involved. It’s complete bullshit.

        1. Why didn’t the Trump administration start enforcing this supposedly-old policy of zero tolerance for any border crossings until April? Could it be that zero tolerance, which is a very significant change, is new and not old?

          1. That’s the question, isn’t it? Is there really anything new here? Or is it just marketing? (either by Trump or by his opposition)

            Who knows? I’ve heard plenty of reports that this is just how it has been done for quite some time. I’ve heard others that this is how it is required to be done by law.

            And yet others that say it is a diabolical plan by Trump to harm children.

            Where are the real facts? All I know for sure is that the political class and their minions in the media are full of crap.

            — as an aside, listening to the Trump minions it certainly sounds like this is only marketing on the part of the Administration. They seem to be happy to talk of horrible consequences as a means of deterring illegal immigration.

            It also sounds like it is at least partly marketing on the part of Democrat partisans in the media. There are way, way too many common phrases being repeated as if they were original thoughts. When that happens, it is usually an organized effort to proselytize for team D.

            I haven’t heard any credible denials that this isn’t at least somewhat a longstanding policy. And I haven’t heard any credible denials that there isn’t an effort to ramp up this action. So exactly what conclusion are we supposed to draw?

    3. Phew, dodged a bullet by not electing her, then.

    4. So what you’re saying is separating families is ok because Hillary supported it? I can’t figure you Conservatarians out. First you hate Hillary, now you agree with her.

      1. I think the bottom line here, is that our Reason Republicans are obsessed with Hillary, and not in a healthy way.

        1. Yeah, that’s what they are saying…. How do you type an emoji for “rolling my eyes at your disingenuous accusation”?

          I think you know perfectly well what the point of bringing up those words is. It underscores not only the rank hypocrisy of the people claiming to be outraged over this, but the fact that it is entirely manufactured. If they were not even a little bit concerned at that point in time, how can they honestly be outraged now, when little has changed?

          The answer is obvious… their opinions on the matter are not honest or honorable, they are the result of motivated reasoning led by team politics.

          And yes, that matters. Although the underlying policy should stand or fall on its own merits, the attendant attempts to label one side or the other as somehow demonic are actually the central motivating factor, not the underlying policy. They could honestly give two shits about these people, one way or the other. In that, both sides deserve my derision. And they have it.

      2. Its evidence that this outrage is made up.

        People change their opinions all the time. Outrage over what they used to be for usually takes generations.

        Democrats started the KKK, Jim Crowe laws, and segregation. Now Democrats are for the KKK, Jim Crowe laws and segregation.

        Sorry, bad example that opinions change with Democrats.

      3. I think the point of bringing this up is to imply the current shitfit the media is having over immigration is more partisan hack attacks than principled journalism.

        Elections are coming up so the parties need to rile up their bases with emotional baloney like dead aborted babies or sad El Salvador children at the border.

      4. I think what’s being said is that this policy is fine. It’s been fine. It was fine three years ago when it was Obama happily doing it. It will be fine again if a Democrat ever gets elected again.

        It’s just being reported on as ‘not fine’ right now because all goodthinkful people hate Donald Trump.

        Is it traumatic? Absolutely. So is fleeing for your life across several nations who are refusing you aid. Being a refugee is traumatic. Being a refugee surrounded by illegal immigrants is traumatic and dangerous.

        But it’s no more traumatic now than it was when someone you leftists LIKE was in charge.

    5. Lefties hate the internet because you can find their comments and throw it back in their faces.

      Its a great time to live.

  5. great D&D campaign called (by the players, anyway) Catholic World

    There are plenty of people out there who play D&D wrong.

    1. Some things are anti-clickbait.

    2. I thought D&D was a basic starting point/ruleset for setting up a tabletop RPG in a Tolkien-style fantasy world.

      1. Tolkien-style fantasy world.

        Not so much anymore. It’s sword and sorcery high magic fantasy now.

        1. NERD!

          On multiple counts.

          Count 1: you’ve actually read Tolkien.
          Count 2: you’ve played D&D a while back.
          Count 3: you’ve played D&D recently.

          1. What’s the dif between Tolkien-like & sword and sorcery high magic fantasy?

            1. Tolkien the amount of magic power is pretty low. Like, look at Gandalf’s feats as an angel of sorts. He fights with a sword, and sometimes does some weirdness with his staff.

              Sword and Sorcery is more like Conan. Where everything is pretty dramatic, over the top action. Magic is powerful and wielded freely and dramatically. Shit like that.

              1. I wonder if it’s DnD that creates Libertarians or Libertarians are just more likely to be attracted to DnD.

                or… technically AD&D.

                Either way… damn we’re a bunch of nerds.

          2. Count 1: you’ve actually read Tolkien.

            Yeah, pretty boring TBH.

            Count 2: you’ve played D&D a while back.

            Since I was 10. My dad got me into it.

            Count 3: you’ve played D&D recently.

            Every Saturday.

  6. “The nation’s leading consumer financial regulator is not an entry-level job.”

    The experts have been crackerjack.

    1. Or at least pulled out of Crackerjacks boxes.
      The prize no one wants.

      1. There ain’t no coupe de ville waiting at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box.

    2. Just on gen’l heuristics of the Trump admin., I’m guessing she’s good on policy.

  7. Obama administration placed children with human traffickers, report says
    …The Office of Refugee Resettlement, an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services, failed to do proper background checks of adults who claimed the children, allowed sponsors to take custody of multiple unrelated children, and regularly placed children in homes without visiting the locations, according to a 56-page investigative report released Thursday.

    And once the children left federally funded shelters, the report said, the agency permitted their adult sponsors to prevent caseworkers from providing them post-release services….

    1. i.e. there is a reason for the current policy. It replaced something worse.

      1. Only an alt-right Nazi would question the narrative with facts, bigot

    2. Ha… Wait until they find out about the guns he gave them too!

  8. “I’m shocked that at the last minute they pulled out this unqualified candidate,” said Verret

    lol, shocked, he says.

    1. To head up the agency that most government policy experts agree should not exist?

      Hmmm…. Now I have a conundrum. Is Trump actually doing the smart thing by hamstringing an agency with an underqualified leader? That doesn’t sound plausible. I’m still convinced that he’s as dumb as a stump. Maybe he actually is Chance the Gardener. That’s what I keep thinking. But he keeps stumbling in to things going the way they ought to, even though he did and said everything wrong. It is like he is an idiot-ninja-savant.

      1. …or it’s like your estimation is wrong.

        Trump did not ‘Chance the Gardener’ himself into multiple billions of dollars and the presidency. That happens in stories.

        When everything else has been eliminated, whatever remains, however improbable, IS the answer.

  9. “Why pro-lifers must oppose the separation of immigrant families.”

    Hey, so does this mean that pro-choice people who are complaining about a policy that existed for the past nine years now should stop opposing any limitations on abortion, even in the last hours of birth? Or is that different because nonsense? It only works one way, right jackass?

    1. Or what about open borders people? Do they now have acknowledge their hypocrisy of not giving a shit about the UK’s hostage taking of two toddlers whose parents wanted to take them out of the country for medical treatment? Or is that also different, because idiots like you seem to think it’s ‘woke’ when a country refuses to allow people to leave its borders, but horrible if it doesn’t let people in? Clearly, tyrants are known for keeping people out of their country- not keeping them in or something equally stupid

      1. Do they now have acknowledge their hypocrisy of not giving a shit about the UK’s hostage taking of two toddlers whose parents wanted to take them out of the country for medical treatment?

        Citation needed.

        1. I’m looking for the citation about pro-life people not supporting immigration reform. I thought we were just doing mindless ad hominems

          1. It’s like these numskulls don’t even realize who underwrites the pro-life movement. The Catholic Church has been pushing immigration reform well before Georgetown cocktail parties ever cared about this issue.

            1. Immigrants new to America tend to have more babies that live. Safer and easier to earn a high wage.

              More future Catholics.

              The Catholic Church waived off pedophile lawsuits like nothing. That religion has some diabolical leaders with eyes toward the future survival of that religion.

              1. “That religion has some diabolical leaders with eyes toward the future survival of that religion.”

                Go gargle Marin Luther’s balls

                1. *Martin Luther*

                  1. “God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars” – Martin Luther’s balls

          2. I was more curious in the citation that showed that “Open Borders People”, specifically Libertarians, didn’t care about the Alfie situation in the UK.

            1. Well there was the Shikha article and the CATO article, which both sided with the state. The Shikha article was better than CATO’s.

              Again, though, this is how ad hominems work.


                That’s some good apologia for the state

                1. As hostile as libertarians are to government, even we believe government can legitimately order the withdrawal of life support, and prohibit parents from moving a child to obtain further treatment, when that treatment would fruitlessly prolong a child’s suffering ? i.e., when further treatment would be akin to torture. In such cases, the government intervenes to protect the child’s rights. (British law frames the decision in terms of the “best interests” of the child, but it seems to me that language clouds the issue and thereby unnecessarily inflames passions.)

                  CATO has gone full on leftist. It is the living embodiment of the rule that all organizations eventually become leftist ones. It is not just even those that don’t start out as explicitly leftist. Even a professed rightwing one like Cato has become leftist.

                  1. You no doubt supported Congress intervening to save Terry Schiavo’s “life” like the good little GOP tool you are, John.

                    1. There is no dumber comparison than suggesting that the Schiavo situation has anything to do with what happened to Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans. Schiavo’s situation involved a dispute between family over what to do with her feeding tub. The Gard and Evans cases involved parents trying to seek a second opinion for their child and the state preventing them from doing so.

                    2. Schiavo’s situation involved a dispute between family over what to do with her feeding tub.

                      So the GOP flew in from recess for an emergency vote in Congress to settle a family quarrel?

                      Bull fucking shit.

                    3. Are you just ignorant about what the Schiavo situation was about or are you really this dumb?

                    4. So the GOP flew in from recess for an emergency vote in Congress to settle a family quarrel?

                    5. They asked the judge to review the case again. Not sure how this is tantamount to hospitals starving babies to the hard-ons of “libertarians”.

                      Libertarians might make a nice debating society, but they will never have direct influence on any policies.

                      Id wonder how NAP fits in the Alfie or Gard cases.

                  2. That was from CATO? Siding with the fucking state when it cost them nothing to let the parents take their child elsewhere?

                    1. Crazy libertarians against child torture

                    2. Child “torture” of which even the writer at CATO admits is probably not true

                      “There is plenty of room to argue about whether British law and courts drew the line in the right place here. It did not appear Alfie was suffering, but doctors could not completely rule it out. They all agreed that further treatment was futile, though. Is it torture to provide futile treatment to a kid who likely can’t feel pain?”

                      Not even the doctors actually believed that Alfie would suffer they just thought further treatment was “futile”. Which is a subjective notion that TOP MEN should not be making for others.

                      I love woketarians

                    3. “They all agreed that further treatment was futile…”

                      Well, specifically the British doctors, who I believe failed to provide even a diagnosis. Other doctors apparently had other opinions. Also, those same doctors said the kid would die within hours of being taken off life support. He survived for days. Medicine is still largely an art over being an exact science. A doctor giving unqualified certitudes of outcomes is likely talking out of his ass.

                    4. That logic suggests that we shouldn’t send out paramedics whenever somebody has a heart attack or gets shot. After all, saving them would merely extend their pain.

                      For that matter, all medical services are evil. Whenever somebody stubs their toe, they should be killed. No sense in extending their pain.

                      Reproduction is the worst sin of all. Bringing new life into this world? Horrible. Life is pain, therefore the presence of life is bad. The absence of life, therefore, is the greatest good.

                    5. Crazy libertarians against child torture

                      Life-saving medical care = torture.

                      LIBERTARIAN MOMENT!!!!

                      I wonder how pleasant it was cutting off all nourishment from those kids was. Because, you know, that is what was done.


        2. Reason wrote exactly two pieces about the Alfie Evans case. Both were by Dalmia and both consisted of claiming hypocrisy by conservatives. I think it is fair to say that Reason didn’t give a shit about the case except as a way to further their own open borders position.

          Did they take they object? Sure. But only for the purpose of scoring political points for open borders. You would think that socialized medicine murdering a small child would have bigger implications for a libertarian magazine than just “people who want to control the border are hypocrites”. But with reason it is always Mexicans, Pot, and ass sex. They really don’t bother with much else.

          1. It’s not murder if you ritually sacrifice a child to The State, for The State is an angry and vengeful God. Oops, I mean benevolent and caring panel of experts.

            1. That’s really funny considering the parents were trying to sacrifice the kid to an angry and vengeful God.

              1. …you know, I liked you more when you just said “ACK!” and worried about your weight.

                1. She probably saw those weird redraws /co/ started doing about her.

              2. This literally makes no sense. You’re either Tony’s sock puppet or ENB bored on her honeymoon

                1. ENB is pretty intelligent, though. You’d think she’d troll better.

                  1. You’re being generous with ‘pretty intelligent’.

                2. Not everyone you don’t like is a sockpuppet.

                  Christians made a point of stopping killing things before they sacrifice them. Their sacrifice is their shitty life, spent in prayer to their asshole God.

                  1. Their sacrifice is their shitty life, spent in prayer to their asshole God.

                    Damn, that is good.

                  2. This is the epitome of a woketarian.

                    “I have unresolved daddy issues and so I want the state to crush people and I’ll just blame it on nonsense, because why didn’t he ever play catch with me? I wish the federal government was my father”

                    Your argument is sheer retard

                    1. JS, you should probably apologize to retards for comparing them to Rev Artie 2.0.

                  3. “OMG- you want your child to live? You asshole Christians!”

                    I always knew Cathy would die alone

                  4. No, but you obviously are.

                3. She’s smart and a little nerdy. Definitely not bored on the honeymoon, in my experience.

              3. I have to wonder WTF you’re writing here.

                I sincerely hope none of your family members ever become incapacitated for even a day.

                “Yeah, I know my child is in bad shape. Kill him. Making him live is torture. Withholding food and water until ‘nature takes its course’ is totally not though”

          2. Personally, I’d prefer it if they talked about Mexican sexpot ass.

  10. If Congress wants the federal government to follow a different course, it needs to pass new laws, said Nielsen.

    Congress can’t fundraise off an outrage if that outrage no longer exists.

  11. Sen. Ted Cruz (R?Texas) plans to introduce legislation that would increase the number of federal immigration judges, mandate that families be kept together except in extreme circumstances, and expedite the asylum review process.

    Curious if those who think tragedies can make for bad laws will speak up.

    1. But it is different when we do it. Didn’t you know that?

    2. That’s the real thing I hate about his whole hoopla. And frankly why I’m not really paying much attention to it. AFAICT, the argument boils down to “we still want to deport them, just more humanely”. Bah. As an Open Borders person myself, the whole deportation thing is bogus. So whatever is going on here, I really can’t get worked up about it, since the endgame everyone appears to be playing towards remains deportation.

  12. “That’s a big statement. We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force, separate but equal.”

    Space segregation.

    1. It is still legal there.

      1. In space, no one can hear you call someone a dago.

  13. …Republicans are in favor of separations, though they are alone in this opinion.

    The graph shows otherwise, as a percentage of Democrats and Independents also favor them.

  14. Nice to see the media doesn’t work in lock step to emphasize what they deem to be important.

    Just like how homelessness ceases to exist whenever a Democrat is in the WH.

    1. Everything ceases to be a problem when a Democrat is president. Their latest faux controversy was going on under the previous administration. But, if it isn’t discussed at a Georgetown cocktail party it never happened.

      “Why don’t people trust the media?” the reporters wondered as they gargled President Obama’s balls

      1. “Michelle, this isn’t what it looks like!” Barack said awkwardly as his wife stepped into the room.

        She sighed. “Really?” she asked, her voice surprisingly manly. “I thought these costumes were a bad idea in the first place, but now, I’m just wondering how you’re doing that.”

        “It came with the costume!” Barack squeaked, her voice more feminine than usual. “And these guys were just walking up to me and asking to gargle my balls! How could I resist?”

        “Welcome to my life,” Michelle said.

        It was at that point that Michelle and Barack removed their masks, revealing that they had come to the party disguised as each other. The reporters shared glances of moderate discomfort before diving right back in and giving Michelle’s balls a good tongue-bathing.

        “Do they realize that these aren’t actually my genitals?” Michelle wondered.

        “They’re reporters. They don’t realize much of anything,” Barack told her.

  15. Sen. Ted Cruz (R?Texas) plans to introduce legislation that would increase the number of federal immigration judges, mandate that families be kept together except in extreme circumstances, and expedite the asylum review process.

    I look forward to seeing who opposes this.

    1. No one, openly, but the bill will quietly and without fanfare die in committee.

    2. It depends on the details. One of the reason why “families” are being separated is because if you house children and adults together in these sorts of situations, it’s likely that some of the children will be harmed or assaulted by some of the other adults. It’s why juveniles are usually not sent to the same prisons as adults. If we’re going to build separate facilities so that “families” can stay together, then you’re probably going to need additional resources for security and other staff (which I didn’t see mentioned) otherwise you’re going to have the same problem.

  16. Trump wants “space force” to be the sixth brach of the military.

    Would you like to know more?

  17. Separating Families At The Border: The Hysteria Overlooks Some Key Facts
    The Los Angeles Times reports that Rio Grande Valley border agents prosecuted 568 adults and separated 1,174 children since the administration announced its “zero tolerance” policy in early April. However, it only took a matter of hours to reunite more than a third of these children with their parents.

    Watch?DHS Sec Nielsen: ‘Vast, Vast Majority’ of Child Border Crossers ‘Were Sent Here Alone by Their Parents’
    NIELSEN: So I want to be clear on a couple of other things. The vast majority, vast vast majority of children who are in the care of HHS right now ? 10,000 of the 12,000 ? were sent here alone by their parents. That’s when they were separated. So somehow we’ve conflated everything. But there’s two separate issues. 10,000 of those currently in custody were sent by their parents with strangers undertake a completely dangerous and deadly travel alone.

    1. Thanks. I don’t really follow the details of this issue because its clearly Democrat lies and I support deportation as fast as possible. I am lining up the swords for Democrats to fall on going into election 2018.

      Some of you on here pointing out the facts underneath the lies of this issue really pisses off the supporters of these lies and I love it.

    2. “So I want to be clear on a couple of other things. The vast majority, vast vast majority of children who are in the care of HHS right now ? 10,000 of the 12,000 ? were sent here alone by their parents.”

      If this is true I am disappointed this has not been mentioned in any single media outlet I have read. No one seems intent on discussing what is happening, only that children are harmed.

      1. The narrative is more important than the truth.

      2. Another way of putting it is simply that about 2,000 kids have been separated form parents.

        The number of unaccompanied minors isn’t relevant in any apparent way. If there had been just 500 total unaccompanied kids but still 2000 forcibly separated ones, that wouldn’t make the problem 4 times as bad. You may as well compare it to the number of kids attending the latest Star Wars movie.

        The relevant statistic is percentage of border-crossers being prosecuted, which is close to 100%, because that’s what the new policy is.

  18. From the New Yorker: In Putin’s Russia, threatening to separate families is a way to rule by fear. It’s a lesson the Trump Administration seems to be learning.

    An understanding of #TrumpRussia is essential to grasp the true extent of this regime’s depravity. From ripping children from their mothers, to ditching the Iran Deal, to the assault on reproductive rights, to repealing Net Neutrality, Drumpf’s government is either taking orders directly from Putin, or is at least modeling its behavior on what he would do.


    1. This one’s a bit of a stretch. It’s simultaneously too conspiracy theorist and not freaked out enough. It’s like somebody reciting a Dale Gribble bit in a bored monotone.

  19. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

    She’s kinda hot in a severe, bitchy, nothing you could do could ever please her kinda way.

    1. I would take Nikki Haley over her but she isn’t bad.

      1. Yeah, Nikki Haley is hot. But, she is also an unrepentant warmonger

        1. What did she invade Georgia when she was governor of South Carolina or something?

          1. Y’all, nobodies invading the Peach State. Those northern states like Vermont and South Carolina don’t stand a chance. Georgians are prepared this time for the ‘ol Sherman shuffle.

        2. Either she’s an unrepentant warmonger or she said the shit you need to say in order to get elected governor in South Carolina.

          1. So she did invade Georgia.

            1. Clemson did kick Georgia Tech’s ass in 2016.

          2. Quick, someone tell me the last time Haley DID NOT support some military action overseas or opposed more sanctions against whoever the Weekly Standard decides is the new baddie du jour

            1. If Nikki Haley’s opinion reflected the opinions of the voters of South Carolina, I remain unshocked.

              You may remember, I’m the guy who explained Ron Paul’s opposition to NAFTA and Rand Paul’s opposition to cutting Medicaid in terms of local politics in Texas and Kentucky, respectively, too.

            2. She does tend to downplay Trumps more aggressive comments. And as governor, she did get the Confederate flag removed off State House grounds with no bloodshed.

          3. Not surprised that Sparky would love to be dominated by a “severe, bitchy, nothing you could do could ever please her” type.

            It illuminates why he is such a misanthrope: his wife is the same way and he loves it.

            1. Not surprised that Sparky would love to be dominated by

              Why don’t you link to where I said this.

            2. I don’t think she is quite as bitchy looking as Sparky claims. It is, however, an odd fetish on his part.

              1. Spark has the temerity to ask for a link to his post the gravamen of which I quoted!

                1. You know, everybody knows you’re a moron. It’s not hard to look at your posting history and see it. Having John and loveconstitution1789 on your side doesn’t help your case either. So I suppose you can just go on projecting your own misanthropy by calling me a misanthrope, it’s not going to bother me anymore. You’re about as useless as a toilet filled with concrete.

                  1. Sparky, you are the most annoying person on here not named Shreek or Tony. But you make up for it by being really angry and bitter. Liberty Mike has farts that sound more intelligent than most of the things you say.

                    1. I am so sorry John-san! I will try to irritate you more than ever!

                      Unless you meant me when you referred to Tony, in which case, I’ll continue to irritate you more than ever.

                  2. Hey, I could do a lot of things with a toilet filled with concrete.

                  3. $parkY, you really have to stop eating Portland Cement in a bag and then hit the toilet.

                    It will absolutely wreck your plumbing.

      2. Nikki Haley is Piyush “Bpbby” Jingal’s trans version.

        1. I don’t find Mrs. Haley attractive, at all. Yuck.

          1. I do. She is very hot in a MILFy kind of way.

            1. Even your sexual attraction is governed by party affiliation.

              1. Is sexual attraction the reason John laps up the curdled cheese that grows in Trump’s asscrack?

                1. @Palin’s Buttplug: You know, this post raises a lot of questions. The primary one that I want answered is why you were closely examining Trump’s asscrack recently. Were you rimming him or something?

                2. @Palin’s Buttplug: You know, this post raises a lot of questions. The primary one that I want answered is why you were closely examining Trump’s asscrack recently. Were you rimming him or something?

              2. Well, we didn’t try to pass wookie Michelle Obama as a beauty as the Left did for 8 years.

        2. Yes Shreek, you hate brown people. Of course you think she is unattractive. You wouldn’t want to taint the race or anything. You are the biggest racist on the interwebs. You don’t have to remind us.

          1. Quit projecting on me, John.

            I like J-Lo. Now SHE is hot.

            I like the Obama because they act “white” while the Dotard is white trash who acts like a thug rapper. Is that racist?

            1. Yes Shreek, I am sure some of your best friends are black. Every racist says that. Go post at Stormfront where you will fit in better.

              1. They don’t let us liberals post at Stormfront, you idiot. Just you conservatives get to.

            2. I like J-Lo. Now SHE is hot.

              She’s somewhat attractive on a good day. Hot is not something she can muster anymore.

  20. “Journalists were shocked that Nielsen didn’t sound more contrite about what is happening to these children and families. But there’s solid evidence that Trump’s base supports the policy.”

    What shocks journalists matters to very few people.

    I suspect immigration has fallen victim to the same problems that have plagued global warming and made it such a spent force. They’ve both followed the same path.

    1) Elitism

    Journalists, academics, social justice warriors, et. al. try to make us feel wrong, stupid, and morally depraved for not being willing to make sacrifices for others.

    2) Shrillism

    Keep the message delivery as shrill as possible until people finally relent no longer give a shit.

    That’s the way to make people no longer care about something. You can probably use this model to explain why there’s been so little action on the gun control front, too.

    If you can’t make an argument for why your immigration policy, environmental policy, or any other policy is in the best interests of the people you want to support change, then you’re probably the biggest obstacle to your own movement.

    Journalists and activists threatening to scream in as shrill a tone as possible until people finally sacrifice their own interests for other people may create a certain amount of support but not enough to get their issue over the finish line.

    1. Pretty much that Ken. The pro immigration side of the debate has degenerated into endless virtue signaling and cheap labor for cronies. Reason, Cato have not made an honest argument about immigration in years. They simply refuse to admit there is any downside to immigration by anyone or any reason beyond racism that someone would object to immigration at the maximum possible levels. And like the global warming kooks, most of the public has tuned them out.

      1. They couldn’t trigger enough people’s sympathy with Dreamers, so now they’re trying to trigger people’s sympathy with droopy-eyed children who’ve no place to call home.

        Yes, we all care about fly covered, starving Ethiopian children when Sally Struthers brings them to our attention, too–just not enough to pick up the phone and make a donation to the ChildFund and save one from starvation. We’d rather flip through the channels and see if HSN is selling something we want.

        Libertarians were once skilled at making arguments about how immigration is good for the United States, good for the economy, and good for you–yes you!

        It’s a social justice warrior view of the world that sees every issue in terms of who’s the sorriest looking victim. Don’t you feel sorry for him, John? Aren’t you willing to sacrifice your rights and your income, John? What’s wrong with you, John? Don’t you care about people, John?

        There’s a reason Apple, McDonalds, and Ford don’t try to make you feel so sorry for them in their advertising that you’ll buy their products out of sympathy. And the reason is because it doesn’t work. It might work on some people but not enough of them.

        1. The bright side is that Democrats will lose their asses in election 2018 because the Americans deciding these elections are sick of non-Americans trying to run America.

          I know you want more open borders for good reasons and also recognize that fellow open border people are messing those arguments up with emotional SJW bullshit.

    2. The problem with immigration is that the “pro-immigration” movement has been co-opted by statists on the left. It’s hard to have a principled position for personal liberty over state power (the true libertarian argument, IMO) when your Democrat allies in the argument are for state power in nearly every other aspect of our lives.

      Shikha’s shrillism and ad hominem attacks on her opponents don’t help the argument. I’ve yet to see her lay out a principled argument for immigration without resorting to attacking the other side as racist or relying entirely on emotion in her argument.

      Libertarians would be better served in the argument by sticking to the individual liberty, NAP, anti-authority arguments. I’ve believed for a while now that the only way to get to more free immigration policies is to remove naturalization from the debate and compromise to reform welfare spending to not include non-naturalized adults. Those two things (more Democrat voters and rent-seeking immigrants) are the Conservatives’ most reasoned arguments against more immigration. Those two things aren’t essential to the libertarian position for free movement and association of peoples without government permission.

      1. Democrats will never support a system of allowing people to come here and work without getting citizenship. They don’t care about immigration, they care about power and votes. If the compromise doesn’t give them votes, they won’t take it.

        1. Then why do the Republicans continue to play the bad guy instead of calling the Democrats out for this?

          Could you imagine if Republicans came forward with a proposal to allow essentially open borders for people to come live and work in the US with the language right in the bill that the immigrant workers wouldn’t get welfare or have any advantage in the naturalization process?

          1. Because most of the Republicans are crooks who are on the take from businesses who benefit from illegals and don’t want to have to hire them legally. That is my theory anyway. Because you are right, they should call them out on this but never do.

          2. Many of the ‘Republicans’ are RINOs. They are literally Democrats would cannot get elected in their conservative districts.

            They don’t call out Democrats because they are fine with the policy.

        2. “They don’t care about immigration, they care about power and votes.”

          Kind of… They’ve figured out that the 2nd and 3rd gen immigrants will vote for them. Now they’re just pushing to get the 1st gen illegals on their dole too.

          See California…

          1. I would be curious to see how many citizens in California can trace their citizenship to illegal immigrant parents.

            1. I’d also be curious to see how many vote for more social programs. What’re the literacy and crime rates. But, I’m going to say that there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that anyone could do it without getting fired for being ‘racist.’

              1. Look at large immigrant havens like Fresno, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Santa Maria, Bakersfield and Stockton. Except for LA, these are large farming cities for distributing workers to remote farms.

                Large illegal immigrants groups cannot afford to live in lefty strongholds like the Bay Area, which is desired by the elites.

                Migrants love to work here, meet a willing lady, and pop out kids who are now US citizens. Hence the anchor baby term.

            2. It would be easier to trace lineage of the few citizens of California who are NOT illegal immigrants.

              1. I’m curious. Would you consider the tremendous amount of Mexicans who didn’t leave after California became part of the US Illegal Immigrants?

                1. I don’t know everything about California statehood but I bet if you were a resident of California at the time of statehood, you were an American.

                  Same thing happened in Texas with their separation from Mexico and all residents being Texans. Except slaves in Texas, of course.

      2. Republicans would shift to more open borders if the lefty demographics bullshit about immigrants was not shoved down everyone’s throats.

        Everyone knows that immigrants are being used to save the Democratic Party.

      3. When we rejected Ayn Rand’s virtue of selfishness narrative, there may have been a baby or two in that bathwater.

        We know from Adam Smith that each of us, individually, being free to pursue our own best interests as we see them results in a better outcome.

        Forcing people to make sacrifices for each other leads to worse outcomes than we would have otherwise.

        Those observations don’t just disappear because you show a photo of an immigrant child being held in an abandoned Wal*Mart.

        The emotional appeal has a certain amount of resonance. If you really want to motivate large numbers of people to change their position, make them feel sad or angry about the way they’ve been treated–leave other people out of it. At some point, average people get sick of being asked to sacrifice for others all the time to the point that they start to resent the victims.

        1. The emotional appeal has a certain amount of resonance.

          It does to a certain extent. But you can clearly see that our resident conservatives don’t care one bit about splitting up families at the border, because “yeah, well Democrats have done it too!”

          The Republicans are more concerned with appearing to be against big government. I think arguments against the “big government” nature of immigration enforcement would appeal more directly to them. You can’t convince non-believers by preaching to the choir. You have to find something that resonates directly with their values.

          1. “It does to a certain extent. But you can clearly see that our resident conservatives don’t care one bit about splitting up families at the border, because ‘yeah, well Democrats have done it too!'”

            I haven’t seen a single good argument to care. We have some of the most liberal immigration/asylum laws IN THE WORLD and that’s not good enough? The only arguments I’ve been seeing are “But the Children” and we all know to ignore those idiots.

            Listening to a bunch of white tower liberal idiots who can’t do basic math or have an inkling of what the rest of the world looks like and why, is a rapid trip down the shitter for the good ol USA.

      4. Yes, it’s too bad that Reason’s position on immigration isn’t more strongly principled. I maintain that immigration being as open as possible is the principled libertarian position. There are lots of practical arguments for limiting it in one way or another that are valid. But they are unfortunate but perhaps necessary compromises of principle.
        I don’t think anyone has a right to come to the US. But if they can make it here using their own resources and can find someone to employ or house them, I can’t think of much justification for stopping it. It’s as much or more about the rights of Americans to associate with whomever they wish as it is about freedom of movement for migrants.
        I think conservatives do themselves some damage here too. A lot of immigrants should be a perfect constituency for Republicans. They tend to be hard working and pretty socially conservative. But Republicans pretty much let Democrats have them. I really think with a bit of effort and a bit less hostility, the message of self-reliance, hard work and the traditional American dream should be an easy sell to immigrants.

        1. Republicans want to be the American party. There are far more Americans who feel that the Democrats want to change demographics for power than actually care about immigrants. Immigrants are welcome into the GOP.

          Who needs dumb sheep who vote for more free shit.

          1. Immigrants are welcome into the GOP.

            They could do a much better job advertising that fact.

            1. They could…. but I don’t think most Republicans want to get into the identity politics game.

              Most Republicans don’t care what race, sex, or creed you are as long you have conservative ideals.

              1. I don’t think identity politics really comes into it. I’m thinking a change in rhetoric about immigration would help.

                I’m not saying that a significant proportion of Republicans are motivated by bigotry. Just that they don’t do a very good job dispelling the popular notion that they are. There is some reason why blacks and latinos are so heavily Democrat leaning and I don’t think it’s because of some inherent characteristic of those groups.

                1. In Georgia at GOP events, the good amount of non-white members would make a lefty’s head explode.

                2. I agree with you that getting your good stuff out there is ideal. Libertarians also have this problem.

                  “There is some reason why blacks and latinos are so heavily Democrat leaning and I don’t think it’s because of some inherent characteristic of those groups.”

                  Why would blacks go mostly Democrat when Republican Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves? The Democrats have spent generations altering their image to con people. Black people signed up with the Democratic Party while Byrd was there. That dude called black people the *N* word only. Black folks realize this and leave the party.

                  You see this with immigrants supporting the Democratic Party too. They think the Democratic Party actually likes them. After they realize they are being used, the party seeks new blood to fill the lost ranks.

                  The Democratic Party has burned through too many Americans who know what that party is about. New immigrants don’t know yet. Democrats wave free shit and why wouldn’t poor South Americans and Mexicans flood into the USA and vote Democrat?

  21. “Global warming warning turns out to be prophetic”
    “SALIDA, Colo. ? We were warned.
    On June 23, 1988, a sultry day in Washington, James Hansen told Congress and the world that global warming wasn’t approaching ? it already had arrived. The testimony of the top NASA scientist, said Rice University historian Douglas Brinkley, was “the opening salvo of the age of climate change.”
    Thirty years later, it’s clear that Hansen and other doomsayers were right. But the change has been so sweeping that it is easy to lose sight of effects large and small ? some obvious, others less conspicuous.”

    They found an outlier where the temperature increase might match what Hasen was predicting world-wide. You can read the entire article, and the worst effect seems to be an increase in AC sales; no mention of whether that might also be a result of lower prices or higher wealth.
    Watermelon agitprop, courtesy of AP

    1. The summer of ’88 in the Northeast was quite sultry.

    2. “”James Hansen told Congress and the world that global warming wasn’t approaching ? it already had arrived.””

      True, it arrived shortly after the earth was formed.

  22. For anyone who’s interested in what’s really going on in the world and why . . .

    “Chinese stocks on Tuesday logged their steepest declines since trade tensions between the U.S. and China began simmering, sending stocks around the world sharply lower and marking a turning point in markets’ reaction to the escalating trade war.

    Stocks fell Tuesday after President Donald Trump asked for $200 billion in Chinese exports to be identified for a fresh round of tariffs. Any further response from Beijing would lead to yet more American tariffs, according to Mr. Trump.

    Trade tensions have been a major focus for investors this year. But the latest escalations suggest that investors have underestimated the willingness of the world’s two largest economies to retaliate against one another, analysts said.

    Rather than de-escalation, some analysts predict the situation will worsen?stoking further market volatility?in the run up to the implementation of an earlier round of U.S. tariffs, on July 6.


    I don’t suppose you’d know this if your primary news source were Reason, but July 6 is an important date on the economic calendar, and if the markets recover quickly enough from this last battle in the war of words, we’re likely to see more brinkmanship ahead of that date.

    If Trump agrees to stop going after the Chinese, it’ll probably be ahead of that date, too.

  23. One more reason to send the UN packing:

    “Video game addiction tries to move from basement to doctor’s office”
    “Video games work hard to hook players. Designers use predictive algorithms and principles of behavioral economics to keep fans engaged. When new games are reviewed, the most flattering accolade might be “I can’t put it down.”
    Now, the World Health Organization is saying players can become addicted.
    On Monday, “gaming disorder” appeared in a draft of the organization’s International Classification of Diseases, the highly regarded compendium of medical conditions.”

    At least one of the people involved HAS to be embarrassed.

    1. Thank God it’s treatable with opioids.


    The Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General noted that “dozens” of FBI agents had contact with the news media, and many were taking sports tickets, golf outings, and other gifts from reporters to whom they were leaking unauthorized information about a criminal investigation.

    That is bribery. The agents and the reporters who bribed them belong in prison.

    1. I think part of the plan against Trump is to keep him so bogged down that he cannot clean house after stuff like this publicly surfaces.

      1. Remember the Emoluments Clause uproar?

        And their “side” was being openly bribed, whether by tickets or pussy.

        1. What ever happened to that Emoluments Clause lawsuit?

          I guess Stormy was a better horse to bet on.

    2. Disappointing but not surprising. Unfortunately. Some very high ranking people in the Navy with very important jobs ( were bought for prostitutes and Lady Gaga tickets too just so a husbanding agent can make some dough. Navy did not do much about this either, just circled the wagons and gave Admirals and Captains and Commanders slaps on the wrist. Fat Leonard even bought of the Director of Naval Intelligence with gifts and favors. What happened? Slap on the wrist.

      I cannot imagine what foreign intelligence agencies are doing if our high up leaders are such asinine fools to compromise themselves like this, it is literally the perfect way to blackmail them.

      1. The US Navy is really fucked up and admirals rarely clean house.

        Those two recent Navy warships collisions should be unacceptable with many sailors involved getting the boot.

        The corruption scandal should be another reason to clean house.

        Unfortunately, the military is having retention and recruitment problems. This causes the brass to not clean house in fear of being too shorthanded.

        1. Then Congress needs to increase pay AND force them to kick out the inept.

  25. Ignoring the consequences to your family while you break the law is an asshole thing to do unless the alternative is worse than the possibility of being thrown in prison while your kid is out on the streets. Maybe some families are escaping horrible fates and they deserve sympathy but more than a few are probably just using their kids to get our free shit. The point is the parents made a calculated choice and I’m not going to assume they are all innocent victims. Call me an evil racist for staying the obvious if you want

    1. It is a totally artificial situation created by immigration activists encouraging people in Latin America to send any spare kid they have north on the promise that they will get residency and be able to bring their parents later.

      1. Everyone in the Biz knows that once you get immigrant kids inside the USA, they can get visas for family later down the road.

        There are many immigrant groups who would take in kids for this plan to work.

    2. How many American parents are just using their kids to get our free shit, and what do you want to do about it?

      You aren’t one of them, are you?

      1. I’m against all entitlement programs. I post here, what did you expect me to say?

      2. Probably a lot. And how much sympathy do you have for them when their efforts result in things they don’t like? My guess is none. So, why do you have any sympathy for these people?

        1. Well, Reason thinks illegals are just better people than citizens. I assume Rev Artie 2.0 concurs.

  26. There are no easy answers, he writes, because while many kids benefit from transitioning, some who would like to transition later have second thoughts and become happy and comfortable as their birth gender

    In other words, the teenage years are a difficult and awkward time that doesn’t last forever. Who knew?

  27. What’s up Peanuts?

    Damn, It a Dotard Fan Club here now.

    His Grindr date with Lil’ Kim was a home run. The Bromance of the Century so far.

  28. “Meanwhile, fundamental questions about gender dysphoria remain unanswered.”

    OK, fine, go ahead and study gender dysphoria with your so-called “science,” meanwhile we’re going to punish people who use the wrong pronouns.

    Thus, like the Panama canal, while the debate goes on, the repression will go on, too.

    And if at some future time your so-called “science” indicates this may have been a bad idea, the news cycle will already have moved on and there will be no repeal of the repressive laws.


  29. I don’t think any of us ever scored a +1 weapon, but we knew right from wrong.

    Oh, to live in the world of black and white.

    1. You just better hope you make your saving throw against molestation.

  30. No state has more sociopaths than Washington, D.C.

    Obvious truth is obvious.

    1. DC isn’t a state.

      1. And no state has more sociopaths per capita than that non-state.

  31. “Why pro-lifers must oppose the separation of immigrant families.”

    Ah, Democrats for life.

    How many unborn children have they saved, or do they simply provide pro-choice talking points?

    How about “why progressives who profess to care about children must oppose killing them.”


    “Why people who complain about the separation of families must oppose no-fault divorce.”

  32. Apparently Tesla has been subjected to massive sabotage–the suggestion even including fires being set at their plant.

    From: Elon Musk

    To: Everybody

    Subject: Some concerning news

    June 17, 2018

    11:57 p.m.

    I was dismayed to learn this weekend about a Tesla employee who had conducted quite extensive and damaging sabotage to our operations. This included making direct code changes to the Tesla Manufacturing Operating System under false usernames and exporting large amounts of highly sensitive Tesla data to unknown third parties.

    . . . .

    We need to figure out if he was acting alone or with others at Tesla and if he was working with any outside organizations.

    As you know, there are a long list of organizations that want Tesla to die. These include Wall Street short-sellers, who have already lost billions of dollars and stand to lose a lot more. Then there are the oil & gas companies, the wealthiest industry in the world ? they don’t love the idea of Tesla advancing the progress of solar power & electric cars. Don’t want to blow your mind, but rumor has it that those companies are sometimes not super nice. Then there are the multitude of big gas/diesel car company competitors. If they’re willing to cheat so much about emissions, maybe they’re willing to cheat in other ways?

    . . . .


    —-Elon Musk via CNBC…..otage.html

    1. I’ve read they’ve had five fires at their plant in a very short period of time, which seems unusual. I don’t know how serious these allegations are, but IF IF IF Tesla has been the victim of organized sabotage, I’d love to see whomever is responsible brought to justice.

      One likely suspect Musk didn’t mention: The UAW has been trying to unionize Tesla for more than two years.…..paign-uaw/

      1. Nice auto factory you’ve got here.

        Be a shame if something happened to it…

    2. I think it is time to start shorting his stock or wrest control of Tesla from him. Odd.

    3. I can never tell. Because Musk also comes off as a paranoid who might be pushing normal human error as sabotage to gain sympathy for him. Particularly now as his company has begun having issue of sort.

  33. Journalists were shocked that Nielsen didn’t sound more contrite about what is happening to these children and families.

    You mean all this bitching by lefties has not worked?

    Fuck yea! MAGA!

    1. “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

      1. “I’m sorry the good Lord gave you such a small brain and such a big mouth.”

  34. Cruz (R?Texas) plans to introduce legislation that would … mandate that families be kept together except in extreme circumstances

    “Extreme circumstances” like *The Global War On Terror*?!

  35. Ignoring the diversity of these experiences and focusing only on those who were effectively “born in the wrong body” could cause harm.

    You think? Allowing children to mutilate themselves might be a bad idea? Who knew?

    “effectively born in the wrong body” is so fucking wrong and so stupid it doesn’t even qualify as being right. What does that even mean? No one likes their body. I dream every day of being able to be a professional athlete. Was I born in the wrong body? If wanting to be something your not means you were born in the wrong body, it appears perhaps I was.

    You just can’t overstate how utterly stupid and unscientific this entire thing is. Transgenerism is a new moral and intellectual low. And of course, reason buys into it 100% because they are all about “reason” and “science”. Pathetic.

    1. So what would you like government to force transgender people to do?

      1. Project much?

        1. Tony is retarded. It is all he can do. Trump has destroyed what small brain he had. He can’t even sensibly troll anymore.

      2. Maybe…and I know this sounds crazy….the government has no business in this? Either imposing this on other through pronoun laws nor stopping others from seeking the treatment.

      3. Not slice themselves up.

        If you asked a docttor to slice off a healthy leg, theyd tell you no. Why are genitals different?

        1. Leave it with the doctor then. Some doctor would probably say yes. The government doesn’t belong here.

          1. Doesnt NAP require people to prevent harm for people psychologically unable to protect themselves from it?

            1. No. NAP does not require removing culpability from people who’s action we disagree with.

              Doing so under the guise of them being mentally unfit doesn’t make it okay to suddenly tell consenting individuals what they can do.

              1. So, if a schizo decides that they REALLY need to slice off their leg because of voices, it less aggressive to let them slice off their leg than to stop them?

                Non aggression seems quite overrated.

    2. It is unscientific. Something that has struck me is the fact that it is normal for hormones to vary within the same gender. For example, women have varying levels of testosterone and that has shown to effect everything from spatial ability to the sex of their offspring. (You can Google it, sorry I’m on my phone) So women with more testosterone have more sons. But we seem to be moving to a norm where women who are less than idealistically feminine will be expected to transition? In an extreme scenario, you could see a perceivable drop in the number of males born.

      1. One of the great ironies of this madness is that it claims to make gender a fluid thing but in fact enforces a strict definition of gender such that anyone who has characteristics of the other gender is considered defective and really a member of the other gender.

        1. I think this is a very curious thing as well. I would actually love, entirely non-sarcastically, to read some professional work that attempts to synthesize all of these beliefs. As of now, I feel like many of them contradict one another.

          Because I do fully believe that sexuality is a spectrum. Gender is harder because there’s at least two major different ways it is used, but I’m willing to accept variance there too. But if all of them are spectrums, then we should lay off with the labels. Because there is an infinite amount of space to dissect there. Just let people fuck.

        2. Thats been one of my confusions also. Victorians had more fluid “gender constructs” then tranny activists do.

          My youngest boy has liked some “girl” things. I just told him “If you like it, then it is a toy for boys for you”.

        3. The cognitive dissonance on this point is amazing. The people who promote both sex liber’n & this wrong-“gender” stuff couldn’t possibly keep both seriously in their heads at once. They can keep them together on the level of slogans, but not serious thought.

          The closest I’ve heard to a serious rationaliz’n is to say that although it would be nice to abolish sex stereotypes, we’re far from doing so, therefore in the meantime we should let individuals go w the flow by conforming to them?as if it’d be easier both for the individual to achieve that, & for the same society that stereotypes sexes to accept transsexualism or transgenderism!

      2. The good thing is it doesn’t affect your life in even the tiniest way, so who gives a shit what people choose to do?

        1. If they have the state imposing pronoun laws and forcing Catholic hospitals to perform transgender surgeries then it impacts a lot of lives. Your side wanted to make it a political issue rather than a personal issue, so now it’s political

    3. You just can’t overstate how utterly stupid and unscientific this entire thing is.

      Until studies show transgenderism results from exposure to PCBs in the womb, or something.

      1. But there isn’t even a coherent definition of “transgenderism”, or even of “gender”, so “studies” aren’t going to show anything about them.

    4. I’d like someone to start a movement?because that’s what this “gender dysphoria” biz is?for race dysphoria: people upset because they’re convinced they were born the wrong race. Like, according to how they feel, they’re “really” a race different from the one they & their relatives appear to be. Because they “know” how people of that race are supposed to act & feel.

  36. TSR already did a Catholic RPG, it was called Knights of Camelot.

    (Not fully orthodox, but then, the source material – Mallory and the troubadors – wasn’t fully orthodox either.)

  37. “”But there’s solid evidence that Trump’s base supports the policy.””

    Yup. The entire right half of my Facebook bubble is devoted to excusing separating kids from their parents. Some even with Bible versus out of context about obeying the law.

    The Republican Party needs to be shown to the woodchipper. Not that I’m excusing the Democrats, they’re next in line. But when your entire ideological platform consists of “we’re not Democrats” then you don’t deserve to be a party.

    1. Some partisans would find justification if the head of their party streaked naked down Pennsylvania Avenue.

      “Oh, so now Democrats are for family values?”

      “It’s warm out, it’s not like he needed clothes.”

      “Finally, a President who has nothing to hide!”

  38. OT: Army officially splits with West Point ‘commie cadet’
    NYpost Army officer given ‘Other than Honorable’ discharge after Communist tendencies displayed

    An unrepentant Rapone summed up the fallout in yet another tweet Monday that showed him extending a middle finger at a sign at the entrance to Fort Drum, accompanied by the words, “One final salute.”
    “I consider myself a revolutionary socialist,” the 26-year-old Rapone told the Associated Press in a series of interviews. “I would encourage all soldiers who have a conscience to lay down their arms and join me and so many others who are willing to stop serving the agents of imperialism and join us in a revolutionary movement.”

    This dumb kid probably thinks Che Guevara is a hero. Good riddance.

    1. “I consider myself a revolutionary socialist,” the 26-year-old Rapone told the Associated Press in a series of interviews. “I would encourage all soldiers who have a conscience to lay down their arms and join me and so many others who are willing to stop serving the agents of imperialism and join us in a revolutionary movement.”

      Proof that OBL’s sarc is not sarc.

    2. Time to reconvene the Army-McCarthy hearings.

      1. Non need. His fellow soldiers got rid of him.

        You don’t have the same rights in the US military as you do as a civilian.

        1. To be fair, I was making an old-folks-will-be-amused style joke.

          1. Ah. Time that some of you people step up your jokes, so we can hearing them.


    3. “We were bullies in one of the poorest countries on Earth,” Rapone said.

      Therefore he became a *communist*?!

      1. He got a taste for it, i suppose.

      2. The only innovation Communists want is how to kill more people faster.

  39. Number of far-right terrorists in UK prisons triples as arrests hit new record

    Islamists make up the majority of terrorist prisoners and suspects arrested in Britain

    The number of far-right terrorists imprisoned in Britain has more than tripled in a year, new statistics reveal.

    There were 29 people in custody by the end of March, up from nine the previous year.

    Islamist extremists make up the majority of 228 people imprisoned for terror offences in the UK, at 82 per cent of the total, followed by 13 per cent far-right and 6 per cent driven by other ideologies including those linked to Northern Ireland.


    1. “Alleged Islamist terrorists overwhelmingly outnumber Irish, far-right terrorists.”

      1. Since when have Irish terrorists been labeled “far fight”?

        1. Since Bobby Sands got fat?

          1. I was using Newspaper Headlinerese. You use a comma instead of an “and” because you don’t have enough space for an “and.”

            Headlines have to be punchy, concise.

            “Headless Body in Topless Bar.”

            “Defendants Speech Ends With Long Sentence.”

            “Woman Off to Prison For Sex With Boys.”

    2. What a dumb story. Everybody know Islam is the Religion Of Peace and therefore there are no Islamist terrorists, any terrorist claiming to be an Islamist is not a True Islamist. And even if they claim to be Islamists, it’s an intolerant version of Islamism, which makes it right-wing conservative extremist Islamism. So, no Islamist terrorists, 100% right-wing extremist terrorists.

  40. No state has more sociopaths than Washington, D.C.

    Gee, what a shock. /sarc

    Read this whole Twitter thread:

    Even if you had provided a link to the whole thread, the last thing I want to read about is some uber-nerd’s old D&D campaign from their college years.

    1. Imagine the lamest Twitter thread possible, and double it, and it was still lamer than that.

      1. So it was like reading a series of your posts?

  41. So the fix for this is to deport the parents and the children at the same time?

    Then these outstanding parents can climb back on top of a freight train along with their children and ride home.

    1. See? The WALL solves it all. Not in? Yer out!

  42. I don’t understand why conservatives hate “the elitists” so much.

    Don’t we live in a meritocracy? Don’t the elite deserve to earn more? Brooks Koepka just proved to be elite to the tune of about $5-10 million short term – is that unfair?

    Cmon – LoveCons, John, Mikey?

    1. There’s nothing wrong with having wealth and power. It’s what people do with that wealth and power that makes them abhorrent, disgusting, authoritarian pieces of shit.

    2. “I don’t understand why conservatives hate “the elitists” so much.
      Don’t we live in a meritocracy? Don’t the elite deserve to earn more? Brooks Koepka just proved to be elite to the tune of about $5-10 million short term – is that unfair?”

      Dunno about those guys, but maybe it’s a desire for honesty: It’s easy to despise smug imbeciles like you claiming to be “elite”, when you try to conflate yourselves with talented people such as Koepka.

      1. Deflection from you, of course. I didn’t call myself “elite” you liar. I didn’t make the cut in our state am.

        1. Palin’s Buttplug|6.19.18 @ 11:22AM|#
          “Deflection from you, of course. I didn’t call myself “elite” you liar.”

          Attempted deniability from steaming pile of shit noted. And laughed at.

    3. Its that our elites seem incompetent at everything.

      Chelsea Clinton is a very rich woman in spite of lacking any competence in any area whatsoever.

      If those elites didnt try to micromanage lives, nobody would care.

  43. “Journalists were shocked that Nielsen didn’t sound more contrite about what is happening to these children and families.”

    She should have pointed out that every asylum seeker coming up through Mexico should have applied for asylum in Mexico and been taken in by Mexico instead of traveling up the entire length of that country to get to the United States. That is the source of the issue to begin with.

    That would help remind the “journalists” of that fact since they all seem willfully determined to ignore it.

    1. This issue is nothing more than a proggie baseball bat wrapped in the pictures of crying children. Also known as Virtue Signalling.

      1. One of my favorite things about disaffected right-wingers is that in general their position along the spectrum deprives them of the social skills and judgment needed to be persuasive in communications.

  44. Secretary Nielsen appears to be another Coulter or Ingraham — a thin, severe, barren, bottle-blonde spinster making bank as a natural icon of the gullible “family values” and “traditional values” set.

    1. Thank god the liberals have Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren to throw up on that pedestal of shiny idols to be worshipped. Maybe a little younger? Rachel Maddow? Emma Gonzalez?

    2. As a feminist, I ordinarily oppose shaming women for their appearance or childbearing choices. However in the case of Drumpf’s defenders, I think an exception can be made. Well done, Reverend.

      1. Awww… your’s was better.

        1. Get an education, Cy. Start with standard English, focusing on contractions.

          1. Arthur thinks Reason’s lack of an edit button is a great argument.

    3. Sotomayor gets a pass, I suppose, because she doesn’t promote family values.

  45. Wasn’t Kirstjen Nielsen a character on The X Files?

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