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The Reason Podcast is a free, thrice-weekly (and sometimes more!) audio program that features in-depth conversations, interviews, and occasional shouting matches with leading authors, personalities, newsmakers, and Reason staffers. The Monday program is a roundtable hosted by Matt Welch and featuring Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and yours truly. The week's other offerings are usually hosted by Mangu-Ward and me and sometimes are podcast versions of our video interviews.

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  1. someone needs to meme-ify that Elizabeth Holmes picture, she looks just like the overly-attached girlfriend

  2. As long as transcripts are not provided, I am not interested.

  3. No chance.

  4. I have listened to most of the Reason podcasts they past year or so. Most of them are excellent. The interviews are particularly interesting since we get to hear from/about intriguing figures in the news. KMW is the best! (Aside from her robot fetish)

  5. So we can hear how you think everyone is dumber and/or more immoral than you? No thanks.

    Libertarians get a lot of things right. It’s too bad that virtue typically has to be balanced against an astronomical self-regard and an unwillingness to engage thoughtfully with other viewpoints and circumstances.

    1. They’re the worst!… I humbly submit.

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