Congress Wants to Ban Sex Dolls That Look Like Kids

The bill is called the Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots, or CREEPER, Act. Of course.


Anna Duda/

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives approved a squeamish ban on the importation of sex robots and sex dolls that resemble children, claiming that they "normalize sex between adults and minors." Now the bill—named the Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots, or CREEPER, Act (because of course it is)—is moving through the Senate.

The bill claims "there is a correlation between possession of the obscene dolls, and robots, and possession of and participation in child pornography." In an even more macabre passage, the bill says the "dolls and robots not only lead to rape, but they make rape easier by teaching the rapist about how to overcome resistance and subdue the victim." A petition, signed by more than 165,000 people, echoes these fears.

There is not much evidence to support this. In 2007, the Mayo Clinic released an analysis of current literature on pedophilia, with the conclusion that many interventions (such as cognitive behavioral therapy) "do not change the pedophile's basic sexual orientation toward children." A 2012 study of 345 pedophiles found that 37 percent have used child pornography, while 21 percent have acted on their fetish via sexual contact with a minor, with 42 percent of the sample admitting to both. This indicates that some pedophiles (though not the majority) are able to suppress their urges to act on their fetish, though clearly more research must be done on offending and non-offending pedophiles, and what accounts for the differences between them.

In 2016, The Atlantic profiled Shin Takagi, the founder of Trottla, a child sex doll company. Takagi has pedophilic impulses, which he says he doesn't act upon; he created Trottla with the belief that "there's no way to change someone's fetishes" and that he's "helping people express their desires, legally and ethically." Takagi and many of his customers believe child sex dolls are a helpful method of harm reduction.

Takagi's hunch may well be accurate, but there's not much evidence for his point of view either. There's a frustrating lack of research on how pedophilic urges can be quelled or treated.

Such uncertainty hasn't stopped various legislators from sounding off on the issue as if there's a definitive consensus. House Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) claims "these dolls create a real risk or reinforcing pedophilic behavior and they desensitize the user causing him to engage in sicker and sicker behavior." Rep. Dan Donovan (R–N.Y.), one of the bill's sponsors, warns: "Once an abuser tires of practicing on a doll, it's a small step to move on to a child. My bill takes necessary steps to stop these sickening dolls from reaching our communities."

The CREEPER Act says the dolls and robots are "customizable…and can resemble actual children." But legislators are failing to parse out the exact alleged harm here. Would child sex dolls and robots be permissible if they couldn't resemble actual children? Would a generic, non-customizable sex doll be more acceptable to polite society? Given that dolls like these are often imported from Hong Kong, China, and Japan, and sold labeled as mannequins or models, this bill seems difficult to enforce.

In any event, given the absence of evidence that these devices actually make child molestation more likely, the case for prohibiting them is pretty weak. Sex with a robot is a victimless act. It's what could possibly come after that––sex with a child––that is rightfully a crime.

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  1. See this? Subjects like this are why we can’t go anywhere as a party.

    This is easy low hanging virtue signal fruit.

    1. Quite the contrary.

      It was exactly arguments like this that Catharine MacKinnon used for the Canadian porn ban and in many respects lays the framework for Canada’s current free speech morass.

      Children are often used as a sympathetic starting point to try and ban other things (as MacKinnon did, trying to argue Playboy promoted child rape) as once a legal precedent is established, it is just a matter of contorting everything to fit the law (do you think Australia’s ban on small breasted women in porn appeared out of nowhere).

      Granted, you look like a goon trying to defend petite sex dolls, but don’t doubt for an instant it ends there. And you don’t have the luxury of the law being on your side.

      1. That’s my point. Libertarians aren’t wrong on this position. But it’s going to cost us a ridiculous amount of political capital to attempt to maintain our position. Facts be damned.

        1. And it is going to cost even more when the law is already established and is now being used to Disneyfy any aspect of communication. It seems odd now, but there was a time when the original issue of The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle was a blackmarket it item simply because it had a topless picture of a youngish looking girl in the gatefold. Now the dead deer causes more rancor.

          And if you are even remotely interested in protecting children from sexual abuse, then the law is even more disturbing as what limited data is available suggests such laws make things worse (witness Japan’s all-time high sex abuse rates after strengthening their child porn laws. And the same happened in Sweden when they strengthened theirs).

          No, the point is to be delicate in arguing against such bans (oh, wait… libertarians… nevermind), and by no means conceding the moral high ground to the would-be defenders of the children.

        2. The LP changes laws through spoiler votes. The looter parties saddle the public payroll with parasites. We also have an Omissions heading at the bottom of the platform. With were fewer saboteurs on the platform committee the idiotic planks (pederasty, vigilante death sentences, good faith girl-bullying) could be quietly omitted while we press forth on other fronts (such as abolishing the communist manifesto income tax).

    2. The alternative is to pretend that we’re all as stupid as everyone else. Of course, many who call themselves “libertarian” ARE as stupid as everyone else. Crafting a public image for the purpose of appealing to the ignorant masses is itself, not a winning strategy for LP. We’re in a really dark place when we argue that keeping quiet about things which are so obviously true is considered a virtue. Of course, we are in that dark place.

  2. These are the same people that argue smoking pot leads to snorting coke.

    1. More to the point, these are the same people that think weird sex with dolls leads to rape.

      If anything these weird people bust a nut on/in a doll and that keeps them from doing weirder things.

      1. Have you ever heard of an analogy?

        1. Ewww I don’t need to know which holes they stick it in.

    2. Which is patently untrue as I don’t even like pot.

      1. ^ this.

    3. Neither of those behaviors hurts anyone but the user.

      A better analogy in this case would be the people that claim violent video games lead to actual violence and therefore we should ban violent video games.

      1. Honestly, the tie between doing a shit ton of cocaine and then doing illegal things is probably way tighter than violent video games and violence.

        At least for me this has been true.

    4. True, and the goal is to reinstate the Comstock laws complete with thoughtcrime, book-burning, confiscation and forfeiture in the government postal system and “misdemeanor” decades on the chain gang for teaching one’s children about birth control or even giving a neighbor directions to a pharmacy. Those economy destroying laws banned ALL birth control during single-party Reconstruction, and are what God’s Own Prohibitionists (abetted by comprachico Dems) seek to restore. Read the law:

  3. I think all laws that are named solely to have a cute acronym name should be imediately null and void, and every politician who voted for it should be summarily removed from office with forfeit of pension, and a lifetime ban for any and all public offices, elective or appointed.

    1. Cute acronyms? I hereby predict that Congress will someday do THIS:

      “Congress created NADGRAB, which is the Native American Dinosaurs Graves Restoration and Actualization Bureau. So now the NADGRAB police, called GRABBOIDS, for Graves Restoration Agents Bravely, Boldly Obliterating Indignities to Dinosaur Spirits, they go ’round from store to store and house to house, ferreting out old oil cans, scraps of plastics, polyesters, gasoline, Vaseline, and Valvoline, and all other examples of corpse abuse. The only way you can get off the hook is to have expert Omnologists come in with their V-Meters and Ping Things and appease the spirits of the dinosaurs. Then you may continue to use your plastic spoons and forks, say, if you’re too poor to afford newer ones, which are guaranteed to be manufactured using methods that won’t anger the Ancestor Spirits.”

      (Stolen from a whacky fiction source (or prediction of the future? When petrol will be regarded as Sacred Bodily Remnants of Sacred Dead Dinosaurs?) at…..essCounty/ )

  4. Dolls … teach them to “overcome resistance”?

    What, they’ve made AI androids now?

    1. Have you seen Solo: A SJW Story?

    2. Blade Runner, duh.

  5. the bill?named the Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots, or CREEPER, Act (because of course it is)?is moving through the Senate.

    The fucking people who create this names should be forced to share a cell with Mikey and Hihn.

    1. I assume you mean a brain cell?

      1. Why not?
        They’re not using it.

  6. Sex with a robot is a victimless act.

    Give it a few years.

    1. As I previously mentioned, this is an opportunity for Cody Wilson to put 3D printer plans or sell 80% completed dolls.

  7. 13 ”In this section, the term ‘child sex doll’ means an ana
    14tomically-correct doll, mannequin, or robot, with the fea
    15tures of, or with features that resemble those of, a minor,
    16 intended for use in sexual acts.”.
    (Emphasis added.)

    You ever see the “for tobacco use only” signs on the displays of smoking paraphernalia at the convenience store in certain neighborhoods? Or the old “for educational purposes only” disclaimers on the “nudist lifestyle” magazines? I think I see a way you might get around the law here.

    1. with features that resemble those of, a minor,

      Umm. What features distinguish a minor? By what features can you distinguish a 17 year old and an 18 year old?

      1. Just do what Australia did, and ban porn of women with small breasts.

      2. ID. You’ll have to buy a robot, get it an ID number, and then wait for 18 years.

        It’s sort of like waiting periods for guns.

      3. He wears a helmet with a light on it?

        1. What you did there… I see it.

        2. It took me a while to get that. I am not opperating at full capacity today.

      4. I am curious how they will define it in the stature.

    2. “16 intended for use in sexual acts.”. (Emphasis added.)”

      Government Almighty can now mind-read, and JUDGE your intentions as a buyer!!!
      WHY can’t they eliminate knife-murders, axe-murders, and hammer-murders, by judging the intent of (reading the minds of) knife-buyers, axe-buyers, and hammer-buyers, then!??!?


  8. the House of Representatives approved a squeamish ban on the importation of sex robots and sex dolls that resemble children

    Ah ha there it is. Clearly this is just another protectionist measure by the Trump Administration to prop up the domestic pedo sex doll industry.

    1. All tariffs are bad = child sex dolls tariffs are bad

      If you don’t support tariffs you support child sex dolls.

      Am I doing this right?

      1. Tariffs on sex dolls to fund the Repubical tax cuts!

  9. 13 ”In this section, the term ‘child sex doll’ means an ana
    14tomically-correct doll, mannequin, or robot

    “How can this doll be ‘anatomically-correct’, Your Honor? Why, it doesn’t even *bleed*!”

    1. In the age of no genders, what is anatomically correct?

      1. Well, since 95% of people still have sex, gender and sexual orientation pretty much aligned, I think we can probably figure it out.

        1. Tell that to staff and students trying to fire Jordan Peterson.

          1. I think I’d rather bang my head against a wall. It would do about as much good.

        2. 95% of people still have sex

          If you mean 95% have sex at some point in their lives, that’s about right. If you’re saying that 95% of people are currently having sex regularly, that number is much too high.

  10. I find it disheartening that we *used* to imagine that robots could provide a harmless outlet for harmful urges. Now we obsess over how cruel it would be (see also: Westworld). Humanity is determined to take every possible amazing new tool and ruin it.

    1. I don’t know. Many people would rather puzzle through interesting philosophical conundrums about the moral status of AI than shoot or rape a robot.

        1. OK. At least one person.

  11. No matter how creepy having child sex dolls is, there is NOTHING in the Constitution that allows the government to ban things.

    The Prohibitionists knew any ban on alcohol was not constitutional until they got the 18th Amendment passed.

    1. Fight that fight in modern politics and see how many friends you make…. or lose.

      1. Its no even a fight. Politicians mainly ignore the Constitution.

        If you raise a constitutional issue, they ignore you. They can’t with that argument, so their strategy is to ignore Constitutionalists.

        As more judges like Gorsuch get on the bench, you will see these people ignoring the Constitution get really mad and lash out like they are with Trump. The lefty world of ignoring the Constitution is coming crashing down.

  12. Rather than wade in consequentialist muck, couldn’t we say “Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition” and call it a day?

  13. I think that everything that resembles something should be banned, just like in the middle east – mindless symmetrical patterns everywhere resembling mindless symmetrical patterns. Cover women in Burkas because they tempt the stupidist horndogs who must be protected from temptation. I have pillows that look like donuts…I think things resembling Donuts should be banned so I can more easily resist eating donuts. You do realize this will put an end to all realistic-looking baby dolls so children will have to cuddle with erector sets and Lincoln logs, which isn’t a bad thing for some of us but that’s the problem with cookie-cutter laws isn’t it.

    1. I don’t think any patterns, symmetrical or not, have minds.

      1. But isn’t your brain just a pattern?

        1. No, it’s the final product.

    2. But the middle east is the world capital of actual kid fucking, so you’re making the point of the pro-kiddy porn side.

  14. The US Supreme Court already said that portrayal of virtual sex with minors is protected and in fact used the possibility as a reason using actual children in pornography (including material not obscene as applied to adults) is of a less compelling need to the degree serious social value is involved.

    The matter is to me clearly squicky to talk about but to the degree there are pedophiles out there who are sexually attracted to these things, there very well might be good evidence that they would get pleasure from regular dolls used by children. I’m not sure how a doll helps to subdue real children except to the degree it can be used to help control their victims. If anything has bite there, it is the programming that might help rapists to know how children works. Will written text there be banned too as crime enhancements? I believe Eugene Volokh has a long article on the subject.

    This sort of thing is inviting but has limited value with serious 1A implications.

  15. Rep. Dan Donovan (R?N.Y.), one of the bill’s sponsors, warns: “Once an abuser tires of practicing on a doll, it’s a small step to move on to a child….”

    Speaking from experience?

  16. What if a guy marries his Sailor Moon doll first? Would that keep him on the right side of the law?

    1. Asking for a friend?

    2. What if you use the manufacture date to prove the doll is of legal age in the state?

    3. Depends on the state, I think.

  17. Men get horny, for lots of reasons or no reason at all. They jack off and then go do something else. It would seem obvious that a majority of pedophiles, given the huge downside of acting on their impulses with a real human being, could be satisfied with a realistic facsimile. And then go do something else. Imagine a world in which every catholic priest (and nun) were issued a lifelike sex doll of their chosen preference. Probably be a lot of vacant real estate in hell.

    1. Given that there are statists that would also like to ban men, I’m not sure your point is helping the cause.

    1. There is no way in hell I’m following that link.

      1. It’s YouTube?can’t be THAT bad.

  18. I’m doubtful about the demand for these sex toys from pedos, for whom I strongly suspect hurting real live children isn’t incidental but is the actual appeal. Then again, I prefer for creeps to be out in the open.

    1. “…whom I strongly suspect hurting real live children isn’t incidental but is the actual appeal.” Uh, no.

  19. Next they will want to take away my sex dwarf.

    1. Shortstacks are truly the greatest.

    2. Sex Dwarf by Soft Cell is the best song ever.

      1. They can pry my disco dolly from my …

        1. I promise to NOT ask you any questions about your disco dolly, so long as you…

          … do NOT ask me about that incident of mine with the goats, the chickens, the blue paint, and the Crispy Creme donuts!

          1. What you do at church is none of my business.

  20. Charles Stross would appreciate a hat-tip.

  21. Somebody needs to bolt on an amendment concerning used Trump mattresses (Russian or domestic).

  22. How many of these child robots are there? It’s hard to believe that this is a commonly made item yet, which means any claims about correlation between possessing them and anything else is purely speculative. I expect childless men (or women, or even couples) who want a pretend child might be a bigger market than pedophiles. Call it the Geppetto market. Would they need to be “anatomically correct”? Probably yes, for when the would-be parents want to bathe their Pinocchio. Perhaps this CREEPER act will eventually be repealed by a GEPPETTO act: Getting Exaggerated Phobias about Pedophiles Eliminated Totally from this [legal] Text of Ours, or something like that.

    1. When I saw Artificial Intelligence, the movie about a child robot, I thought it was strange that the subject of sex with “mecha” children was never mentioned. One of the characters even asks, “why would someone make a child? What would be the point?”, as if there wasn’t one obvious motivation. Letting that creepy elephant sit in the room unmentioned was creepier than having a little dialog about it would have been. Maybe that was the director’s intention.

  23. So to summarize, a parent who buys his 14 year old son a sex doll that looks 14 is evil, but a parent is enlightened if he encourages his 14 year old son to date classmates and view those romantic partners as disposable on the grounds that 14 is way too young to think about marriage and absences is for conservative freaks.

    1. What about if he buys his 14-year-old son a sex doll that looks like a 25-year-old man?

      1. Oh, that will only be legal in Maryland. 😉

      2. Does this man-doll wear an ecclesiastical choker?

    2. Perhaps the writer meant abstinence, or maybe castration?

  24. It’s not a “fetish,” it’s a sexual orientation. It’s only a fetish when it’s not your’s.

  25. Currently on sale are dildos of the animal kingdom, dildos from fantastic beasts, alien, elf and animal sex dolls.

    And they all have one thing in common. They’re all not real. They’re plastic or silicone or rubber. No one’s committing adultery or bestiality. No one is fucking aliens or elves.

    And if they had a child doll they wouldn’t be committing pedophilia.

    Because it’s not actually a kid.

    And a doll can’t teach anyone how to overcome resistance and subdue the victim. Because they’re plastic. They don’t resist. They’re inanimate objects.

    Inanimate objects.

  26. Six of one half a dozen of the other! Paedophiles cannot be spurred, they already have the bent, obsessively, for the most part. Some may be deterred, which is greatly desirable. Let these unfortunate men have their “Reasonable facsimiles thereof”. If some are deterred, I think we have won.

  27. Not to worry, we have a surplus of Mexican kids that have been separated from their parents, being fostered by the Catholic Church.

  28. Hmm? We have had pedophiles since, welll, a long, long time ago. They act out on children. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a non child outlet for them?

  29. The misconception here is that the looter parties care a whit about kids. They use children like Yasser Arafat did, draped as bodily protection against snipers while they labor to replace what freedom remains with medieval torture and all manner of cruel and unusual. Looter altruists crave and value death, hence their penchant for initiation of altruist virtue at gunpoint and their thrill at having goons splatter the recalcitrant as an example to surviving thought-criminals.

  30. How about a new Amendment; “Congress shall make no law prohibiting, regulating, taxing, or otherwise addressing behavior that cannot be clearly demonstrated to harm others.”

    Then we could send all 535 buttinskies home, since that’s most of what the blankety-blanks do.

  31. Create a licensing system for the importation and sale of them, then only award federal alphabet agency front companies to control the trade. Keep a list of everyone who purchased one and perform surveillance from there. It’s a lot harder to control things when you ban them and a golden opportunity for intelligence gathering is being squandered.

  32. It is better to contact a girl from an escort than buy yourself a sex doll.

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