Brickbat: Get on the Bus


School bus
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Prince George's County, Maryland, police have charged school bus aide DeQuan Brooks with second-degree child abuse and second-degree assault for assaulting a 7-year-old special needs student. The school system has also reassigned the driver of the bus and another adult who was on the bus. Police say the three adults told them the student had acted out and tried to throw Brooks' cellphone out a window. But when they reviewed security video from the bus, police found no evidence to support that story. Instead, they say, the video showed Brooks grabbing the boy and shoving him into the seats.

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  1. I think we can all agree the real brickbat here is Oliver's choosing to link to a paywalled article when other options are available online.

  2. The wheels on the bus fall off, fall off.
    The wheels on the bus fall off.

    1. Get on the bus, Gus,
      Don't make no fuss, Gus,
      If'n Gus be handicapped,
      Our tempers, they be snapped!
      We're publically-paid twits,
      We donna hafta give a shits!

  3. Based on 'reasonable gun control' logic, we need to ban all school buses.
    Or all adults? one of those.

    1. Since banning perps and their various tools of choice doesn't work, maybe we should star banning victims.
      Makes as much sense as any of the other ban hammers.

    2. No, just all male adults. That's been the apparent plan for some time.

  4. ...students identified with emotional disabilities, as well as those with social, emotional and learning challenges...

    What we used to call "spoiled brats". I'll withhold judgement. Sometimes "special needs" includes the need for an overdue ass-whupin'.

    1. If you check into the stats, you'll find a surprisingly high percentage of students are "special needs" - the school gets extra money for special needs children, special needs children get extra coddling from the schools and extra dollars from the government if the child's in a welfare family so there's incentives all the way around to have children declared special needs. It's just gaming the system for the most part.

      1. The pharmaceutical companies are in on the scam in a big way, too.

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