North Korea

The Trump Foreign Policy Doctrine? 'I'm Trump, Bitch'

He celebrates his weak deal with North Korea while tearing up the Iran deal only because Obama signed it


Piss Trump
Shikha Dalmia

Donald Trump's cheerleaders claim that he deserves credit for lowering tensions with North Korea—that he himself created, btw—and pulling off a successful summit with King Jong-un. And, to be sure, I note in my column at The Week, any day that Trump does not blow up the world should feel like a victory.

But the problem with Trump is not that he is making a deal with Kim, it is that Trump is tearing up similar deals his predecessors had made just because he didn't make them. The North Korea deal is likely going to end up being much weaker than the one Obama signed with Iran. But he called it "terrible" and "the worst deal ever" and tore it up. But he's celebrating his handiwork because it is his.

Trump's foreign policy isn't "We're America, bitch," as a senior White House advisor told The Atlantic's Jeffery Goldberg. It is "This is Trump, bitch."

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