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Prison guard
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A prison major in Texas has resigned and four guards have been fired as officials investigate claims that guards planted contraband on prisoners. Several other guards have been demoted. The investigation has found the Ramsey Unit in Brazoria County had a quota system in which guards had to write up a certain number of disciplinary actions against prisoners or face disciplinary action themselves.

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  2. Resigned, fired and demoted…For the rabble it’d been criminal charges, the court room and hard time. The LEO double standard is a disgrace.

    1. There should be federal conspiracy and racketeering charges.

  3. Prison guard is the minor league of LEO, where they find out what side of the thin blue line these wannabes are on. Can the pretenders plant evidence, administer a beat down, file a false report and maximize overtime? All without getting caught? This is the crucible.

  4. How else can you ensure equitable treatment if not with quotas?

    As long as you’re forcing inclusion for the right reasons how can that be bad, right?

    These heroes were just doing their part to protect us all from these obviously drug crazed criminals.

  5. Fake news.
    Does anyone believe a prison official actually read a letter from a prisoner’s mom, let alone acted on it?
    Sounds more like internal politics regarding the major/lieutenant.

  6. So the guards planted contraband to avoid being punished and when that was discovered they were punished. Sheesh, find another job.

    1. Punishments! We must have punishments!

  7. Perverse incentives.

    This is actually one of the things government is best at!

  8. Procedures were followed to determine that procedures were not followed.

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