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Trump Spurns Eagles While Falsely Pegging Them as Anthem-Refuseniks

The White House-NFL anthem wars just got dumber, by design.


Last night, President Donald Trump announced that he was rescinding his White House invitation to the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles after only a fraction of the team planned to attend today's 3 p.m. ceremony. "They disagree with their President because he insists that they proudly stand for the National Anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great men and women of our military and the people of our country," he claimed.

In a follow-up tweet, the president gave the false impression that the recalcitrant Eagles were among those National Football League players who have been staging protests during the pre-game playing of the national anthem:

In fact, no Eagle stayed in the locker room or kneeled during the anthem throughout the 2017-2018 season, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. (Safety Malcolm Jenkins, an outspoken political activist, raised a fist for part of the season.) That didn't stop Fox News from illustrating the story with pictures of Eagles kneeling—in prayer, not anthem-protest. (The cable network later apologized.)

The president's misleading, self-serving frame—that the players' reluctance to attend was only about the NFL's controversial anthem policy, a conflict he has taken an open delight in exacerbating—was quickly parroted by some of his supporters, including self-styled free speech champion Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA:

Last month, when I wrote that, "Saying 'How high?' when a president says 'Jump!' is behavior suitable for a royal subject, not an American citizen," many interpreted my criticism as being pointed at NFL owners (who, they also maintained, were merely reacting rationally to market signals). But I was talking specifically about members of the public whose passion about and interpretation of this remarkably trivial issue seem tethered directly to the president's Twitter feed.

Again, no member of the Philadelphia Eagles refused to stand for the national anthem in 2017–2018, so portraying Trump's decision as a defense of "The Star-Spangled Banner" is like volunteering to sit on a ventriloquist's lap. Though at least Kirk, unlike Trump, didn't suggest that non-compliant players leave the country (speaking of which, where are they supposed to go, given that less than 3 percent of the league was born outside of the United States?).

So was the players' reticence all about the anthem? No. In fact, many Eagles declined the prospective White House invitation long before the recent reanimation of that controversy, and they cited plenty of other reasons. "It's not about politics. It's just about—I don't think the president is a good person," wide receiver Torrey Smith said in February. "I don't want to go out of my way to go see someone who isn't even welcoming the men in this locker room and our different cultures."

Jenkins pinned his disinterest on the lack of opportunity to talk policy. "Because it is not a meeting or a sit-down or anything like that, I'm just not interested in the photo op," he told the Inquirer. "Over the last two years, I have been meeting with legislators, both Republican and Democrat, don't matter. If you want to meet to talk about advancing our communities, changing our country, I am all for that. But this isn't one of those meetings."

Never again! ||| Ron Sachs/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom
Ron Sachs/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom

Defensive lineman Chris Long and running back LeGarrette Blount both skipped last year's White House ceremony as members of the New England Patriots as well, and were planning to do so again this year. "[When] my son grows up—and I believe the legacy of our president is going to be what it is—I don't want him to say, 'Hey Dad, why'd you go when you knew the right thing was to not go?'" Long said in 2017. Echoed Blount then: "I will not be going to the White House. I don't feel welcome in that house. I'll leave it at that."

The anthem-wars no doubt played a role in souring players on Trump—after all, the president of the United States did say last September, "Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, 'Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he's fired. He's fired!'" That is surely no way to talk about a man's mother. And as Jenkins recently observed, "Quite frankly, guys in our league don't like being told what to do, what they can and can't do." After Trump's inflammatory comments, Jenkins noted, "We went from, like, nine guys [protesting] to over 200."

Which is all to the good as far as the president is concerned. Trump was delighted by the reaction to his comments last September, and followed it up by dispatching Vice President Mike Pence for anthem theatrics and name-checking the controversy during his State of the Union Address. Axios in February, quoting an unnamed source close to the White House, reported that the president's approach toward whipping up Republican enthusiasm before the midterms "will be looking for 'unexpected cultural flashpoints'—like the NFL and kneeling—that he can latch onto in person and on Twitter." Trump looks upon cultural divides and sees how he can make them wider, for personal gain.

In a statement released late this morning, the White House accused the Eagles of backing out of their original plan to have 81 members of the organization attend, and of trying to get the event rescheduled at the last minute. We shall see how those claims hold up. But, as Jonah Goldberg and Ben Shapiro (among others) have noted, the notion that the refuseniks are stubborn anthem-protesters is just false. "The attempt to make the Eagles event cancellation about the national anthem is just a complete act of deceitful propaganda," Goldberg wrote, "and conservatives should have zero to do with it."

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  1. I think it’s cute when people agree with Trump’s position on interfering with the free expression of private citizens, almost as if they don’t know that he doesn’t actually give a shit.

    If you buy into one of his many stupid tantrums, you are the person his fake bullshit is targeting.

    1. You know who else was falsely pegged?

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      1. Jesus?

        1. lol

      2. Dr. Richard Kimble

      3. Margaret Thatcher?

      4. You know who else was #########?

      5. Stormy?

    2. You know who else threw stupid tantrums?

        1. I really do live in your head.

          1. I was referring to another John. What a bitch.

    3. I think it’s cute when people who agree that the First Amendment should only mean “freedom from consequences” when it comes to leftists, actually believe that this is the first time the NFL has limited the players’ free expression.

    4. “I think it’s cute when people agree with Trump’s position on interfering with the free expression of private citizens, almost as if they don’t know that he doesn’t actually give a shit.”

      It’s not cute when you post one more lie, scumbag.

    5. These weren’t private citizens, they were employees at work.

    6. And yet you buy the tantrum of Kaepernick who started all this crap. Don’t you think it is a tad ironic he never said a frigging word about this issue until one week after he was benched and his starting job given to someone else? I also think it is hilarious you are such a defender of free speech since I will bet $1000 if we worked in the same company and I decided to put a large cross on my desk, you would not give a damn about “my freedom of expression” and be screaming it had to be removed.

  2. Trump’s a liar and an asshole, but this is another one of those controversies in which I hate all parties involved because no one seems to see through to the real problems. I don’t know why anyone would ever go to the white house under *any* president. I’m out on any tradition that’s only meant to display fealty to the god-king.

    1. If I ever got invited to the white house, my response would be: “Eat shit and die.”

    2. Hopefully this starts a new tradition of teams not visiting the White House, and eventually of the White House no longer offering invitations.

      1. And then, ultimately, everyone just kind of living their lives and ignoring Washington completely.

        1. ^This^

        2. Swamp drained!

        3. Best post I’ve read in a while

        4. I could really get behind that.

    3. I don’t know why anyone would ever go to the white house under *any* president. I’m out on any tradition that’s only meant to display fealty to the god-king.

      This X 1,000,000. Why a bunch of grown men allow themselves to be used as a propaganda tool by any president is beyond me.

      1. I wouldn’t mind seeing the china room.

        1. I hear they have tours.

          1. “I hear they have tours.”

            I think Clinton more or less rented it out to big donors, at least until Motel 6 busted him for claiming he’d ‘leave the light on for them’.

            1. Clinton’s really missed out on being the first Airbnb.

        2. China is a big girl, but to call it a room is a bit of a stretch.

    4. If Trump is going to leave us any type of legacy, ending the practice of presidential jock-sniffing would be a good start.

      Aside from the US Olympic teams, which are actually representing the country, or presenting the annual Commander in Chief trophy to the Naval Academy (sorry Army), there’s no reason for any champion sports team to get a free pass to the White House.

      Especially in light of all the millions in taxpayer dollars that get showered on pro teams year-in and year-out.

  3. “Quite frankly, guys in our league don’t like being told what to do, what they can and can’t do.”

    That explains the increase in penalty flags.

    1. They may not like it, but they like getting their paychecks a lot more than they dislike being told what to do. The NFL is the pettiest and conformist of all the professional sports leagues. This is a league that fines people real money for not tucking in their shirts or pulling up their socks. Who do these guys think they are kidding?

      1. And, I’ve learned that not watching the product is, surprisingly, easy. I didn’t watch at all. And I did not miss it.

        I didn’t ASK those “college educated” imbeciles to politicize shit. They did that on their own. Fuck them if they do not like it.

        And we have Lebron James, noted semi-high school graduate speaking out now? I’m learning, quickly, how much pro sports is just a waste of time and energy.

        1. You sound like a butt-hurt Contard. Did you wander over from The Federalist?

    2. I kind of thought that was a stupid quote too. Your entire job is to do what you’re told – by your coaches.

    3. They can’t be stupid. They’re rich.

      1. Sure they can.
        Look how many of them get poor, very quickly. Sometimes while they are still collecting a paycheck.

    4. It’s a laughable look at both the players’ hypocrisy and their adult onset oppositional defiance disorder. These players, many of whom are going to be selling phones in the mall in about 5 years, put up with all kinds people, from the owners to the league, “telling them what they can and can’t do,” in order to get their paycheck. You mean you’re willing to have the league tell you that you can’t wear gold lame shoes on game day, or force you to tuck your shirt into your pants, or not wear anything on the field that isn’t branded by the league’s sponsors, or not mime taking a leak on the opposing team’s end zone like a dog, but having to stand for the anthem is a bridge too far?

      1. Another butt-hurt Contard heard from.

        1. Your one trick pony is retarded.

  4. It’s fair to criticize Trump over his tweeting. But all things considered, this seems like a minor story. Most of the players refused to go to The White House. Almost certainly over the flag controversy. Trump cancels the event and makes some tweets.


    1. Most of the players didn’t want to go and the White House said they didn’t want to take a few players and make the entire thing into a story about who didn’t show up. Reason is constantly bitching about the culture war. Yet, here they make an issue out of something that should not be all because they want to use it to score points in the culture war. Heal Thyself Reason.

      1. It could also have something to do with all the lies being spread…

        But ultimately, you’re right that this is all culture war B.S. I just wish both sides would kill each other already.

        1. Trump isn’t required to invite them. This should not be a story anywhere outside of Philadelphia and a one day local story at that.

          1. So if I’m taking your temperature accurately… you’re cheesed that these sportsmen embarrassed the president, right?

            1. I don’t care Tony and neither does anyone else. And Trump isn’t embarrassed. No one cares doofus. Go back to looking for Russians under your bed or something.

            2. they embaressed themselves by refusing to be polite citizens and represent their city and team by refusing to visit with the president. People want conversations but one side keeps saying f.u. to even a polite visit. Meet with those you dislike and eventually dialog can come form it. it is the player in this case who acted poorly

              1. You’re the one being played.

              2. Hell, I remember players individual players getting heat for not wanting to see Obama.

            3. I like my women the way Tony takes John’s temperature.

              1. Great, now i have “Goodbye Horses” stuck in my head.

  5. I’d be fine if the tradition of sports championship winners visiting the White House were to end entirely. And I say that as a pretty avid sports fan. The national anthem cal also stop being played to open sporting events and I’d not shed a single tear.

    1. Politics should be a weird isolated fringe of society that everyone knows is there, but everyone does it’s best to ignore.

  6. “Quite frankly, guys in our league don’t like being told what to do, what they can and can’t do.”

    That makes play calling pretty awkward.

    1. If you’d seen the Raiders play you’d understand.

    2. That explains those players who drop the ball in celebrating a TD before they cross the goal line.

        1. Not Lett. He did not drop the ball on purpose. His was a somewhat lesser stupidity.

          1. I know, I just couldn’t think of a more appropriate example. While I’m sure it’s happened, I just can’t think of one. Probably happened to a player on a team that I don’t give a shit about.

            1. You’re probably thinking of Desean Jackson or Danny Trevathan.

  7. FOX News retracted something? And apologized? What is this, the apocalypse?

    Oh, in their attempt to promulgate divisive racist hatred, they inadvertently insulted Christian faith. Uh oh!

    1. No one cares.

      1. Least of all the president.

  8. I am still waiting for an honest answer to my original question when all this bullshit started, “If taking a knee during the National Anthem is disrespectful to our country, why then do so many million Americans disrespect their God every Sunday?”

    Lower one’s body briefly by bending one knee to the ground, typically in worship or as a sign of respect.

    ANSWER: Because 90+% of Americans are fucking stupid and don’t know what to think unless told by their pastor or government official.

    1. Also, how can a black man be kneeling and uppity at the same time?!

      1. By not doing what he’s told, obviously.

    2. It’s only disrespectful not to rise for the anthem if you have a verified Twitter account and a multimillion dollar contract. Millions of people every year are buying beer or taking a dump while the anthem plays at games, and nobody cares. Least of all the president.

      1. Speak for yourself, Hugh. If I am taking a dump and the anthem starts playing, I stand.

        1. Why would you be sitting down if you were taking a dump anyway? Weirdo.

          1. Who said anything about sitting down? I squat, yo.

      2. You’ve made a strangely reasoned comment. What in the world does it have to do with the subject at hand other than to insert the third graders’ use of dirty words to make a joke?

    3. This is some cousin fucking backwoods ignorance here. This is like the hoescome blacks can say the n word type reasoning. Clearly somebody people who shouldnt have been procreating togetber combined to make your dumb ass.

      1. “hoescome” Interesting word. I’ve never heard it before. What does it mean? I might want to use it.

    4. A genuflection is a brief gesture, not a resting position. And you do not kneel when you are supposed to be standing. Just saying.

    5. Look back to “when all this bullshit started”.
      Kaepernick first sat during the anthem and the “taking a knee” was in the same realm of disrespect, only he thought it might mitigate what was immediately reacted to as what it was – disrespect of the anthem, the flag, and, in his own words, the country.
      Taking a knee was not the same as kneeling in prayer, just thought to be less disrespectful than sitting on his about-to-be-cut ass.

  9. To the fainting couches!

  10. Mayor of Philly called Trump’s action “childish.” Yes, it was. And so was the attitude of those who refused to attend a ceremony celebrating their championship. Everyone is always calling for a “conversation,” yet some refuse to engage – in this case, Malcolm Jenkins and his supporters and the president. Trump could have handled the rejection much better, but we all know how petulant he is. Then Sen. Casey called White House invitations a “political stunt” (as they have always been under one president after another.) Casey, of course, didn’t avoid staging his own political stunt, inviting the Eagles to the Capitol for a tour.

    1. Pretty sure all political stunts would grind to a halt if we STOPPED RE-ELECTING ANYONE!

      1. Right you are!! P. J. O’Roarke said it best. “Don’t vote. It only encourages the bastards.”

    2. If the Eagles players are really that mad at Trump, why shouldn’t they want to go to the White House and tell him about it? Seriously, why would you turn down the chance to talk to the President even if it was just to tell him off? That makes no sense to me. They are being utterly childish and counter productive to the things they claim to care about.

      1. Had their heads knocked around a few times.

      2. Speaking of being utterly childish, the Eagles players had several events with local DC kids planned today in addition to the visit to the White House.

        But since Trump rescinded their invitation, the team decided to cancel all these events too, even thought they had nothing to do with Trump.

        1. Well, they have cover to not do community service that they have no desire to do anyway.

  11. If the eagles are going to dissrespect the president then f em

    1. And what an exemplary model of respectfulness he is.

      1. Trump has been more respectful than Obama ever was to our military or police or any other service that he didn’t get to use against those he detested

        1. I think you took a wrong turn somewhere on the way to some website that respects government authority figures.

        2. Did you abide by your “F anyone who disrespects the president” standard when Obama was president?

          1. Actually I did I don’t like Obama but if he’d invited me for being the best drafter I would have gone

    2. Is that true of anyone who disrespects the president? Because that is a long list.

    3. If the eagles are going to dissrespect the president god-king then f em

      FTFY. Presidents aren’t owed anyone’s respect by the mere fact that they’ve been elected to a political office. They’re still just people. God-kings, on the other hand…

      You seem to be a little confused about which one we have.

      1. I’m on your team CA, but what makes you think someone who sees national anthem kneeling as disrespectful to some past and present government employees wouldn’t have odd ideas about respect owned to their organizational head? ULTIMATE COMMANDER GETS ULTIMATE DEFERENCE!

        1. there is a difference between respect and blind obedience and all I see here is blind obedience to the libertarian ideal of hatred for anyone who is in office. Trump just Like Obama earned their position that does not mean I agree with everything either does but I do respect the office. If you can’t understand that then that is your problem that will follow you through your own sorry lives

          1. That you respect the office is easy to understand, it’s just silly.

    4. If the eagles are going to dissrespect the president then f em

      Get an education, Ron. Start with standard English, focusing on spelling.

      Backwater religious school doesn’t count.

      If you were homeschooled, I apologize for criticizing you when the problem was your substandard mother.

      1. Start with standard English, focusing on spelling.

        This from a guy who routinely demonstrates an ignorance of basic grammar.

        1. Red your sentence is run on.

          “This from a guy who routinely demonstrates an ignorance ”

          Would be to the point.

      2. Good criticism of the spelling, Artie, because homeschooled kids never win things like national spelling bees.

  12. I can always count on Reason to keep me informed of the important things going on in the world,

    1. Welcome to CNN.

      Todays top story, “General Hospital charged with misleading medical advice”.

  13. Trump: Hey guys, wanna come to my party?

    Eagles: Man, we ain’t goin’ to no lame-ass party, get outta here.

    Trump: Fine! I didn’t want you stupid poopyheads coming to my party anyways!

    FOX News: President Trump Bravely Stands Up To Bullies Attempting To Crash His Party

    NYT: Yet More Proof Trump’s A Racist Russian Stooge

    Jerryskids: hahahahahahahaha!

    Resident Trumpalos: But what about Obama/Hillary/Antifa/the latest unemployment numbers/lying liars who lie?

    1. ^Perfect.

      1. ^ Recognition of Perfect.

  14. Anyone remember the flak the Bruins goaltender got for not going to the Obama White House with the team?

    1. Yes. His name is Tim Thomas.

      1. For anyone looking for some hilarity, google “Tim Thomas” and “White House” and look at what America’s largest media companies had to say about someone who refused to go to the White House when a Democrat was living there.

    2. And Tom Brady. But you need to understand though that Block Insane Yomomma is the greatest human being who ever lived in the history of mankind, and anyone who doesn’t venerate, worship, and adore him like Matt Welch and all his friends in the JournoList do are ratfuckers, deplorables, racists, and bitter clingers.

      1. Christ you’re tiresome Weigel.
        Take Trump’s cock out of your mouth.

        1. Quote from No Yards Penalty|6.5.18 @ 9:43PM|#

          “Christ you’re tiresome Weigel.
          Take Trump’s cock out of your mouth.”

          If that was meant as an insult, you must be a homophobe.

  15. At least the Pittsburgh Penguins had enough poise and grace to set aside politics and go get photographed shaking hands with our rightful and duly elected president. Filthacrapia wants to be assholes they can do it someplace else, preferably isolated to their own crap city.

    1. It’s weird that you’re crediting Pittsburgh with the conduct of a bunch of Canadians who live elsewhere but faulting Philly for a bunch of non-Philly Americans who live a while in New Jersey.

      1. Fist of Etiquette sounds like the voice of scores of rural Pennsylvania communities — not so far from Pittsburgh, but a long, long way from modern America — that might as well be in Alabama, Mississippi, or Kentucky.

        Most of those places never recovered from the loss of steel and coal jobs, and have next to nothing going for them. The jobs, the commercial districts, the school sports, the churches, the young families — all gone, and not coming back for the foreseeable future.

        1. That Arthur L. Hicklib and ipsquire don’t realize that Fist is joking is an even bigger laugh than NFL players acting like they don’t like people telling them what to do. But not as big a laugh as Arthur L. Hicklib’s perpetual self-loathing.


            1. go flyers.

            2. FoE, would you join me in giving the right Rev. Arthur a permanent bath in the Monongahela?

              Before we drown him, we’ll give him one chance to live: he has to correctly pronounce Monongahela and after he fails, we will enjoy one gustatory guffaw.

            3. #YinzersForever

  16. If you don’t pledge fealty to the Emperor, you don’t get to visit the Royal Palace!

  17. I think it’s kind of funny that as our Presidents get less and less ‘formal’, the urge to have them be treated more like some sort of honored figurehead seems to be growing.

    Trump seems to lie kind of solidly on the curve of Presidential behavior. He’d be appalling 50 years ago, but now? Not really.

    I’m kind of excited to see the antics of our the next doofus in chief. I’m assuming the next one will be a Democrat, so there will be a lot of check boxes that need checking, which should make it even more entertaining. First hyper-gender non-english speaking anthromorph…

  18. It’s pretty simple really. The invitation is political in the first place. So the notion that there shouldn’t be a political response is kind of silly. And while there might be better ways to go about it, no one should tell someone how they should respond.

    The problem becomes when we tie all this up with mom, apple pie, and America. It’s much more human.

  19. >>>In fact, no Eagle stayed in the locker room …

    should fact-checking T’s tweets be a position-for-pay?

    1. It would be a waste of money, since they’re never that factual in the first place.

  20. Oh Donald… stay in the shallow-end with easy things like North Korea and our nation’s debt… taking on Philly is really out of your league, you finally bit off more than you can chew.

  21. Remember when Tim Thomas chose to not visit the Obama WH after the Bruins won and how the left reacted? Now I guess it’s all okay and ‘troot to power’, eh?

    I think it’s disappointing what the Eagles did. They weren’t planning to go anyway and I know I’d be the sort of guy to say ‘okay. Fuck you. Don’t come.’ Or as my father would say to me whenever I was applying my politics in the wrong places (in French or Italian and when he was really mad in dialect): Shut the fuck up. Be a man.

    What part of the fans don’t like this shit don’t the players get? They dish out serious coin to go watch a FOOTBALL game. Not to be lectured to or told how their country sucks. It’s all fine and dandy to pontificate about freedom of speech for the athletes, but the average fan doesn’t like it. Period.

    The Eagles should have manned up and gone. We’re always told about ‘civil discourse’ and every time they have a chance to do it, they fail miserably.

    Why give Trump ammunition?

    And we’ve been through this. They’re doing it on the NFL’s dime. You go and try and pull this at your job and see how it goes.

    And remind me again what Obama did for peace and prosperity and the black community again that garnered him so much undeserved reference?

  22. These kinds of things are bound to happen when there are overpaid children who are regaled for playing a game. They’re not heroes or even role models. Many in the NFL have felony records of some length, but I’m not indicting the whole league with that remark, just making a statement of fact that can be judged on its merit.

    It’s all very tiring. The nation has to listen to the squabbles of grown men whining about not going to the White House. Frankly, it’s just as well, because the taint of their presence regardless of who is president would be quite caustic to our citizens, me included.

    1. I don’t blame, upon reflection, the league. Their job is to sell football to the fans. That’s their mandate. That’s what they know and do it well.

      This ‘social justice’ stuff is outside the prescribed mandate of what they do. Obviously they fumbled around it – DON’T EXCUSE THE PUN. It’s understandable. This thing of sports writers insufferably going after Goodell (and God knows there’s enough to question him about) over this is a little like when they acted all indigent about drugs in baseball AFTER the fact; after blogs and investigative journalists broke the story. I vividly remember the ‘gatekeepers’ mocking blogs and anyone who brought up the HGH problem – Wilbon was first among them. Of course, dude had to protect his gatekeeping access and tee-time with the pals.

      Bottom line is this: They’re paid to play football. Not raise their fists. And it certainly doesn’t help their cause when people like Bennett make a scene. Fans have made this clear.

      I don’t give a shit what people think about the ‘theatre’ of going to the WH. It’s a tradition in spots.

      And the Eagles whiffed. Dropped the ball.

      1. The Eagles’ dignity is intact.

        Pres. Trump looked the fool when his party fizzled completely and the only people playing along were the paid interns doing as they were told (impersonating an audience) and the military band (for whom playing along was a paid gig and a matter of taking orders).


        1. The Eagles have no dignity. They have never had dignity. They are a thuggish organization with an idiot for an owner. When their fans put 9 volt batteries into snowballs and threw them at Cowboys players and staff, it showed the “class” of the organization and its fans. All the teams in the NFC are intense rivals but there is one thing, Giants, Cowboys and Redskins fans all agree on. We all hate the Eagles because they are lowlifes.

  23. Eagles should’ve lost to the Falcons, but we have a recovering alcoholic who was mediocre as a college coach as our OF.
    ATL has two #1 RBs. So, on 2nd down from the 15 on our last possession of the game I guess it’s a great idea to call a shovel pass to the fucking 3rd stronger. 4th and goal, season on the line: let’s line up our DEAF FULLBACK out wide, essentially playing 10 on 11 because there’s no way he’s involved in the play at all.
    Neither play worked.
    Matt Ryan is a really good QB, the best Falcon ever, and I’m content with him leading us… but we’ve not won a Superbowl in the last two years because he doesn’t fucking audible when our OCs go full regard.
    Man up, Matty!
    Oh, and fuck Philly. That place is a shithole

    1. And fuck you, autocorrect.
      Full retard is a well known phrase.
      Fuck you, full retard autocorrect.

    2. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Eagles beat the Falcons. Accept it snowflake.

      Fly Eagles Fly!

      1. Rufus, I’ve always liked you.
        (Comment deleted)

        1. Eagles > Falcons.

          What can I say?

          /Eagles squawk.

    3. As the whimpering of no-count chronic losers goes, that was a relatively strong performance.

  24. But I was talking specifically about members of the public whose passion about and interpretation of this remarkably trivial issue seem tethered directly to the president’s Twitter feed.

    Hey Matt!

    I think you have cause and effect reversed here. It seems to me that Trump was bandwagon jumping with the whole “stand for the anthem” thing. It wasn’t Trump that turned police shootings into a race-based wedge issue. That responsibility lies elsewhere.

    There were lots of opportunities for the right road to be taken – the road that leads to reform and a serious reduction in police violence. We’ve taken the wrong road at every turn. Trump came along way, way at the end of the story and latched on to a broad reaction to the latest wrong turn in the story.

    Does that make him some kind of hero or reduce his sins? No, not really. But it does seriously mitigate Trump’s culpability. Folks were plenty annoyed with Kaepernick long before Trump got involved.

    1. Know why Trump is ‘winning’?

      Because he’s saying exactly what people think.

      Maybe the cocktail crowd will finally understand this.

      1. I agree. Half of America is retarded. Trump is articulating that.
        Nothing to brag about.
        Maybe the hillbillies will figure it out.

        1. No Yards Penalty|6.5.18 @ 9:47PM|#
          “I agree. Half of America is retarded”

          Imbecilic and happy to prove it!
          You don’t have to brag, we already got it.

      2. I agree. Half of America is retarded. Trump is articulating that.
        Nothing to brag about.
        Maybe the hillbillies will figure it out.

  25. The president’s misleading, self-serving frame?that the players’ reluctance to attend was only about the NFL’s controversial anthem policy, a conflict he has taken an open delight in exacerbating?was quickly parroted by some of his supporters

    I’m sure it wasn’t all about that; no doubt racism and bigotry among NFL players also played a role.

    1. Racism and bigotry? Mostly black teams have been going to meet white presidents for years. It’s mostly that Trump is noxious.

  26. Eagles tell Trumpanzee to shove it.
    Contards shit pants.

    1. “Eagles tell Trumpanzee to shove it.
      Contards shit pants.”

      We have one more assholian ‘cleverness’ here?
      Aw, did you and that hag lose, loser?
      Grow up and shut up

  27. The irony of this fight is people actually think fans tune into football for politics. People watch sports to get away from the day to day stresses and headaches of life. Progressives think the way to make change is to turn everything into a political argument and stick it in your face 24/7. The NFL will be destroyed by players who think they are more important and special than the people who watch them and progressives who want everything to be a political fight. BTW, if you look at the timeline when Kaepernick started his “protest” against the police, you will discover it was exactly one week after he was benched and the starting QB position given to someone else. He is not a “social justice warrior”. He is a egotistical, arrogant jackass who thinks he is a much greater player than he actually is and decided to throw a temper tantrum. As for his not having a job, he was offered a contract at the beginning of last season for $900,000 but rejected it because it relegated to being a backup QB which is EXACTLY what his record in the last two years he played indicates he is and should remain.

  28. While I wish they’d scrap the whole anthem thing there are many Americans who have a sincere reverence for the dual symbols of flag and anthem, many of them veterans. These stupid football players don’t seem to realize that they only create conflict when they are seen as insulting those symbols. There’s many other (Should I use the word?) inclusive and positive ways they could have gotten their message across but that ship has sailed.
    I will continue to watch football tuning in about a minute after kick off.

  29. The NFL is the one that invited politics into sports. All Trump did was accept the invitation.

  30. In 2010, a single member of a pro hockey team invited to the White House failed to attend and the media went nuts. They screamed about how not showing up was an insult to President Obama and showing disrespect for the Presidency. However, suddenly at the last minute, the entire Eagles team can cancel and the problem is President Trump? First, I do not watch football for politics. I watch it to ESCAPE politics and all the other headaches of daily life. Second, Kaepernick did not care about police brutality or become a social justice warrior until the week AFTER he was benched and his starting job given to another QB. Third, the owner of the Eagles is a vehement Trump hater and ranted relentlessly about him at the last owners meeting. The entire thing was a step up to make the President look bad. Now we have LeBron James saying no players from the Cavaliers or the Warriors will show up if they win and are invited. All of these idiots forget one thing, we, the fans, are the reason they all have jobs. If stop watching, stop going to games and stop buying their merchandise, they all go broke. Progressives think the way to make change is to make everything political and stick it in your face 24/7. They will destroy pro sports by insulting the people who actually watch.

    1. To use liberal media logic should they all be accused of being racist for not going now that there is not a black President. Yes, the civic forum has degenerated to that.

  31. Stop pretending inviting teams to the WH is some long honored tradition. The first team to be invited was the Steelers by Carter. The 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers were not invited to the WH after winning the Super Bowl and no one lost their freaking minds. This entire event is nothing more than another reason to bash the President by those who are always looking for anything to use to attack him. Look at all the crap said about why we did not see the FLOTUS after her surgery. When all else fails, make crap up.

  32. The only thing that was cancelled was a silly photo op started years ago. Good riddance. How about going forward a tweet saying congrats on the win and move on to real issues.

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