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An off-duty FBI agent accidentally shot a man while dancing in a Denver night club. Video shows the agent attempting a back flip when his gun falls out of his holster. He grabs it and fires a shot that reportedly hit another man in the lower leg.

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      1. Did someone put two Alexa devices too close together again?

        1. Even the bots are succumbing to the squirrel malady here.

  2. Serious mode: never try to grab a falling gun. The internal drop-safeties have thousands of hours of testing behind them; your outstretched hand… doesn’t.

    1. very true, but in this case, the pistol was on the floor and no longer moving when he snatched it and pulled the trigger.

      1. Which means the safety was off. Think of it: the agent was at a party, and his gun had the safety off. What was he expecting?

        1. Lots of handguns don’t have safeties. Glocks don’t. Smith & Wesson makes models without a thumb safety.

          1. All modern firearms have an internal safety; they don’t go off unless you pull the trigger.
            Basic firearm safety; don’t put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot what’s in front of you.
            Maybe this guy should get some NRA training?

        2. Expecting? He had to make a split-second decision and lives were at stake. It’s tough being held to a higher standard than everyone else. And you should stop pretending the man he shot was some kind of angel. I’ll bet the guy had a criminal record a mile long.

          1. I bet that guy that was shot has a dog, too.

          2. That’s razor sharp parody.

          3. @ duck salad his “split second” idiocy was what caused the ND. And the only “Lives at stake” were those of bystanders when he decided to chuck all elementary carry training to the wind. No life was at stake from the gun being on the floor. What was at stake was the agents EMBARRASMENT and he decided to put lives at stake by putting his concern for embarrassment ABOVE basic safety measures by throwing caution to the wind and grabbing the gun wrong

            he was not at some gang or al Qaeda event — but a normal club with normal people. No one was grabbing the gun or likely too. guns get dropped all the time, ESPECIALLY from off duty law enforcement concealed carrying since they are not trained as much on concealed carry as civilians are.
            I was at a 7-Eleven in NW DC three years ago when an off duty MPD office dropped his gun on the floor t the coffee station. A dozen people saw it and were near, including some sketchy types. No one made a move toward it. the only thing that would have alarmed me at all would have been if I saw home panic like the FBI agent and lunge at it with no concern for grip or proper handling.

        3. Feebs (and law enforcement in general) love them some Glocks – and those don’t have manual safeties.

        4. The estimate is 93% of Us law enforcement issue firearms in the US have no external manual safety to be “off”

      2. Wait, there are people who click on the link to the source article?

  3. Less serious mode: this is just one more reason why cultural appropriation of John Woo movies is highly problematic.

    1. Are you suggesting that a flock of doves took off in slow motion behind the agent as he fumbled his gun? Because that’s pretty awesome.

      1. A flock of doves in a nightclub?! I dread to think just how many codes and ordinances, local, state, and federal, that would violate.

    2. Re-enactment of what really happened*

      *Yes, I know that John Woo didn’t direct John Wick, but this was the only scene I could find quickly that takes place in a nightclub.

  4. The agent was taken to Denver Police Headquarters and later released to a FBI supervisor. The incident is being investigated by the Denver Police Homicide Unit and charges will be determined by the Denver District Attorney’s Office, the police spokesperson said.

    What’s the over/under on how many days paid vacation?

    1. 2 weeks paid leave.

      2 weeks bad ass backflip bonus pay.

      Guy will be terminated for making FBI look bad, unless he was working on taking down Trump. If guy was in anyway working on anything related to TDS, guy will be promoted to Mueller’s team.

    2. He’ll spend the next year on admin duties (easier work same pay) while the DA kicks rocks long enough for this to blow over.

  5. The man is then seen jumping quickly to pick up the gun, but as he picks it up, he appears to fire the gun by accident.

    A fed doesn’t get the benefit of the passive voice?

    1. Nice catch observation!

      1. Moves were danced and a weapon (could have been anyone’s) fell to the floor. The hero agent quickly moved to secure the stray weapon, and a shot was fired, resulting in no critical injuries. The agent later went home safely.

        1. I first heard about this on the radio, and the passive voice used there was almost that bad.

        2. Lovely… may i suggest s/a shot was fired/the weapon discharged/

    2. As the gun was picked up quickly, several safety rules were violated, and the gun was discharged negligently. Some unimportant person was shot in the leg.

      The most important gun safety rules are to never point it at anything you are not willing to shoot, and never put your finger on the trigger until you have a target and have decided to shoot. Follow those and you can’t “accidentally” shoot anyone. Breaking either one is negligence. “Special” Agent Barney Fife broke both of them.

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  7. “The agent was taken to Denver Police Headquarters and later released to a FBI supervisor.”

    After being booked and posting bail like anyone else charged with discharging a gun in a crowded nightclub, right?

    1. And where’s the booking photo? And why was the guy’s face blurred out in the video?

  8. The only people who should be allowed to own firearms are trained law enforcement.

    1. Yep, because they follow three basic rules:

      1) Impress chicks, especially while getting down at a club.

      2) Shoot first, ask questions later ? especially if someone is black, elderly, handicapped, a suicide risk, a family pet, or a toddler.

      3) In a scary situation, run away and hide while waiting for backup to also join you in hiding until the situation calms down.

    2. We all know that guns are terrible murder machines that often kill people all by themselves. The crowd was just lucky the brave G-man was able to subdue the vicious firearm before it could fire more than one shot.

  9. The real crime was those dance moves… amirite?

    1. Nope, qualified immunity on those dance moves. No one’s tried that particular sequence before.

      However, those yellow pants violate well-established law.

    2. The real crime was those dance moves… amirite?

      Reasonably club controls and a ban on assault dancing could’ve prevented this tragedy.

  10. this little incident was reported by “Think Progress” this morning as a prime example of why “a good guy with a gun” is nothing more than a myth. Apparently they are for disarming cops, too.

    1. Arguing that cop/federal agents with guns are “good guys” is the myth, so no Think Progress is not for disarming the cops they want the bad guys to have guns as long as they listen to the “right” people.

    2. Except ATF agents, of course. And Hillary’s security detail.

    3. Your brave civil Servants are no match for the death sticks wielded by redneck racists!

  11. It’s a gun, not a fidget spinner!

  12. No common on the agent’s slick dance moves?

    1. sigh “comment”

    2. Yeah. He could get away with it if he simply explained that he was having a complicated seizure and not attempting anything rhythmic.

  13. He was taken to Denver PD where they released him to a superior. Lesson: If you belong to the right club you can shoot someone and be sent to your “mommy”.
    No mugshot
    No blood alcohol level reading
    No arrest
    Probably had coffee and smokes with the “brothers in blue” as they joked about the ass who got in the way.

    1. You can tell what true hero the guy is as, after the gun discharges, he puts his hands up and walks off. He can’t possibly realize the gun didn’t go off and most normal human beings, as a matter of instinct, having accidentally hit a baseball into a crowd or otherwise hitting someone with a foreign object and unintentionally inducing grave physical harm will immediately approach to make sure the victim is OK. Not this hero.

      1. Definitely a candidate for some sort of “Agent of the Month” award.

      2. To be honest, the guy he shot probably would have thought he was coming to finish him off, and fired back if he was armed.

        It begs the question of why the hero didn’t finish him off.

  14. RastaFed is still the golden standard of firearms handling by federal law enforcement.

  15. Funny that all the different news stations broadcasting the video of this incident block out the perp’s face and don’t mention his name. FBI agent with immunity or something.

    1. He’s deeply involved in the Trump dossier case. Obviously undercover and trying to make contact with the Bolshoi Ballet’s well known troll-farm-owning choreographer, Sergei.

      Names were changed to protect the innocent.

  16. Just another in a long line of men who caused havoc by failing to keep his weapon in his pants.

  17. I love how Reason always manages to feature the most bizarre stock gun photos. Some old early 20th century pistol that loads via stripper clip?

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