Brickbat: It Takes a Village


Girl on vacation
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The German government is cracking down on parents who take their children out of school for vacation. Officials are investigating more 20 families caught at airports trying to leave the country recently. The families had pulled their children out of school ahead of a three-day weekend to beat higher fares on peak travel days. But it is illegal in Germany to keep children under 17 out of school.

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  2. You know who else governed Germany in a tyrannical way?

    1. The ,Tutonic Knights ?

      1. The Commander of the Tutonic Knights was this guy.

    2. Napoleon Bonaparte?

    3. An Austrian?

  3. Silly parents. Children belong to the State. You only have rights regarding them in usufruct.

  4. Germany, compassionate government since 1871.

  5. First rule is
    The laws of Germany

  6. Europeans not guaranteed a holiday? Now I’ve heard everything.

    1. These ones can’t vote.

  7. No Fahrvergn?gen?

  8. Because everyone knows that when a kid travels, especially to a foreign land, he or she learns nothing new, or at least much less than on a typical school day.


    And what about homeschoolers? They must stay at home at all times?

    1. Home school is illegal in Germany

      I’m sure the rationale is “we can’t allow it or parents will turn their kid into Nazis”

      1. “Home school is illegal in Germany”

        Somewhere a lefty socialist just jizzed himself.

        1. He’s talking about you, Tony.

      2. I’m sure the rationale is “we can’t allow it or parents will turn their kid into Nazis”

        If so that would so ironic it would be like if O. Henry and Alanis Morissette had a baby and named it this exact situation.

      3. Actually, the fear is that parents may teach their kids religion. Islam would be fine because its’ currently politically correct. What with Germany abusing Muslim immigrants and all. German style Catholicism or Lutheranism would be okay, so long as they stay in state schools and attend state funded churches. But there’s the real fear of a denomination that worships God instead of the State. That can’t be allowed to stand.

        And Germany WILL arrest you for home schooling your kids!

    2. The law banning homeschooling in Germany dates back to 1938. They never got rid of it.

      1. So then the law was actually passed to ensure that kids became Nazis

  9. Tell me again how we beat the fascists in the 1940’s.

    1. Attrition.

    2. Easy, by giving the Communists –who are much worse– lots of food and equipment while making regular Americans live as if the country was under siege.

      1. Things have a way of working themselves out. Alternate history might not have worked out for the USA either.

        If Germany was not wiped out by Russians killing German soldiers and had not surrendered in May 1945, there is a chance the USA might have dropped one of the atomic bombs on Berlin to end the war.

        Communists turned out to be our enemy during the Cold War and Americans over 30 experienced that threat. Americans outed most of the Commies 5th column who were trying to steer America toward Communism.

        Instead we got socialism mixed with capitalism. Popular fanaticism for Socialism seems to be waning in the USA.

        1. The US got a big dose of socialism before WWII.

          1. FDR socialism was actually starting to die off right before WWII as regular jobs started coming back. FDR was still a god-king for “saving America from ______ ” but people were not on board with government owning every job. Even in WWII, the government paid companies for the war effort. I cannot think of a nationalized US company in WWII.

            1. Defacto nationalization of companies no, but there was a backdoor nationalization in the form of price controls and rationing.

  10. The families had pulled their children out of school ahead of a three-day weekend to beat higher fares on peak travel days. But it is illegal in Germany to keep children under 17 out of school.

    Germany is a Nation Of Laws(R). Those parents are criminals. Nobody has a right to just travel anywhere and not expect their children to be taken away.

    Trumpistas approve. Or they should, if they were consistent with their bromides.

  11. More cautionary tales from across the ocean. This is what I see coming of Obama-esque progressivism that HRC would have provided a third term for. Also outright suppression of speech as in GB, and of course virtual if not literal disarmament. It’s bad enough here already, does anyone seriously want to see it get this much worse?

    1. Not to excuse the utterly vile Obama in any way, but the progressivism you decry got massive boosts from Bush. Sufficiently so that we may regard Obama’s reign as the 3rd and 4th Bush terms.
      HRC would have been the 5th.

  12. That’s what you get when you’re part of a culture where it’s traditional for everyone in the entire nation to take a vacation all at the exact same time. These parents are brave free thinkers.

    I’m serious. I’ve worked for a German company, and that nation essentially shuts down for a month.

  13. This has been going on in the UK for several years now. Parent have been hauled in to court for trying to beat the fare increase around holidays or because the parents couldn’t get out of work for the exact school holiday dates, etc. Won’t be long now before it hits CA or MA.

  14. Mpls public schools makes you jump through tremendous hoops to take your kid out of school for vacation, and you are absolutely limited to 5 days.

    They go out of your way to make you feel like you are doing something terrible on top of their policies as well.

    We aren’t far off from Germany here. We have to replace our public schools with something less state controlled.

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