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Kid in handcuffs
Alexander Raths /

Police in Conroe, Texas, handcuffed and arrested a 12-year-old autistic boy after he played with an imaginary rifle in class. His teacher reportedly felt threatened by the gesture.

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  1. If only he’d thought to play with an imaginary walnut-stocked rifle with no bayonet lug or pistol grip, this all could have been avoided.

    1. They had to do something. He also was imaginary drunk at the time.

      1. He should have been an imaginary cop.

  2. This should be not tolerate.

  3. Don’t mess with Texas!

    1. Don’t even imagine messing with Texas!

  4. So the kid is autistic, what’s the teacher’s excuse for feeling threatened by an imaginary gun? Retardation? I’m gonna guess retardation.

  5. Couldn’t they just have called the imaginary police to put him in imaginary handcuffs and take him to imaginary jail?

    At least the blue heros didn’t felt threatened and shoot him 50 times.

    1. He was wise enough to leave his imaginary dog at his imaginary home.

  6. Right now I’m imagining his teacher being handcuffed and arrested for harassing him. How can anyone feel threatened by imaginary play? This has to be some kind of joke.

    1. No, it’s not a joke, it’s deadly serious. Did the teacher actually feel threatened? I doubt that like hell, but she saw an opportunity to punish a thought crime and jumped on it with both feet. And I’m sure she feels quite smug and entirely self-righteous in quashing a Nazi-in-the-making. You let kids play with imaginary guns and next thing you know they start getting wrong ideas about individuality and liberty and their place in the collective.

      1. And crap like this is what makes me laugh when I hear reasonable gun laws. They have no clue as to what reasonable is.

  7. Conroe ISD administrators along with the Conroe ISD Police Department do everything possible to make Conroe ISD a safe place for all of our employees and students.

    Everything possible? I don’t think so, otherwise everyone would be handcuffed as soon as they entered the building. Or better yet there wouldn’t even be any place on the grounds where two individuals would be in a position to physically or verbally interact with each other.

    That’s how you prepare people to survive in the real world.

  8. Hey it’s not as bad as turning your ham sandwich into a partially eaten ham sandwich that in no fucking possible way resembles a gun.

    1. was it a high capacity ham sandwich?…mmmmmm

      1. It was a Dagwood, so yes. Large capacity magazine.

        1. Dagwood knew how to make an assault sandwich.

  9. Amazing job by our heros again doing heroic things. I wonder when they will get a medal for arresting that 12 year old boy. Someone call the fucking mayor or governor.

  10. This is so absurd that I got to think there is something else happening, like this county wants to move lower preforming students to one school and is using public safety as the excuse. No child left behind.

    Also quick arrest this guy.

    Finger Gun!

  11. Well someone needs to arrest this guy.

    Finger Gun!

    1. or at least break his finger!

    2. Well, pointing at someone is now a threat.

  12. Quick someone arrest this guy

    Finger Gun!

  13. Note to the Conroe School Board: Special Education classes are meant for “special” students, not “special” teachers.

    1. Or “special” administrators – because the principal also feels threatened by an _imaginary_ gun. Why do we let the mentally ill care for our children?

  14. and situations involving students with special needs are responded to with consideration for each unique need

    I call bullshit. The proper consideration in this case would have been to ignore the gesture.

    This is pure and direct discrimination against the disabled. That bigoted “teacher” saw a chance to get rid of the retard and jumped on it. The cops should have charged her with filing a false report and taken HER to jail.

    1. or shot her?

      1. and her little dog too?

        1. Toto, too.

  15. Everything is bigger in Texas, including imaginary weapons.

    1. In Texas, children play with imaginary WMD.

  16. I think that it has gotten to the point that people have gotten afraid of their shadows. When an adult is afraid of a 12 year old child that has no weapon then something is wrong with that person.

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