Yevgeniy Is Back, and It's Bad

I'm delighted to report that the villain in this season of Homeland was named Yevgeniy -- my birth name.

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My wife pointed out that they didn't Anglicize the name to Eugene—not much of either a villain name or a hero name in English, I'm afraid. But Yevgeniy ….

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  1. FYI the subhead doesn’t seem to appear in the feed (even checked by hand so it’s not just my feed reader) so posts like this are a bit confusing to those of us using feed readers.

    I know you used to request issues like this be reported some other way than by comment since that takes awhile but I can’t remember how you did want them to be reported.

    1. Thanks for letting me know — will look into it.

      1. No problem. Looking at the feed again it seems that it the initial part (the thing about homeland villain) appears in the summary section which many newsreaders ignore when displaying the whole article (I presumed it was a subhead before so I didn’t notice it in the feed.

  2. I had a hard time watching after the president walked into a court martial proceeding, took the stand, and openly demanded that the court sentence the defendant to death. Apparently unlawful command influence is not a thing in the Homeland universe.

    1. I got the feeling the show runners had intended for the president to be a more Trump-like figure when they wrote the last season, then Trump actually happened and Russian stuff “happened”, and this season wound up being substantially replotted.

      And indeed, looking at Wikipedia, they did rewrite season 7 because of Trump

  3. Iesvs, it took me a minute for me to get Eugene from Yevgeniy.

  4. …But if we “Roman-ize” your name to Eugeneus, it WOULD work great as a hero’s name. Cuz it sounds like ‘You Genius.’

    Villain: Curses, Eugenius . . . you have foiled my elaborate plans for the last time. Mwah hah hah.

    1. How odd; the last 80% of my post was completed edited out when I hit the ‘submit’ button (zero profanity, etc…utterly inexplicable).


      1. no html in it? There are no profanity filters here, anyway

        1. I’ve heard of html, of course. But I could not write a line of code (is that the correct phrasing) if my life depended on it.

          Wait, I did use brackets. Would that = html??? I don’t think so, but dunno.

          1. If they’re the less than/greater than type, yes, that could do it.. You’re safe using ][ brackets here

            1. Much thanks. Mystery solved. 🙂

  5. I’m sure your intellectual opponents see your name as sufficiently villainous. Relatedly, see Sherry Colb’s comment on her May 23rd post over at Dorf On Law regarding how she might address you.

    1. They seem to have deleted it?

      1. Still there…

  6. Also, a Yevgeniy is charged with running Putin’s troll farm. Busted! /sarc

  7. Also, a Yevgeniy is charged with running Putin’s troll farm. Busted! /sarc

  8. Also, a Yevgeniy is charged with running Putin’s troll farm.

    Busted! /sarc

  9. Don’t dys “Eugene”!

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