Congress Just Voted to Repeal a Few Bits of Dodd-Frank

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau stays, but Obama-era regulations that suffocated small banks are toast.


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Congress voted Tuesday to roll back some Obama-era financial regulations. It's a significant policy change for small banks that had been unduly burdened by those federal rules, and a symbolic victory for Republicans.

The House voted 258-159 on Tuesday evening, sending the Senate-crafted reform bill to President Donald Trump's desk. The bill chips away at several parts of the Dodd-Frank Act, passed in 2010 in the wake of the economic collapse to give the federal government greater oversight of financial institutions. The most significant changes are targeted towards small banks. Those with less than $250 billion in assets are exempted from Dodd-Frank's so-called "enhanced prudential standards"—strict regulations regarding liquidity, risk management, and capital meant to serve as a "stress test" for banks' balance sheets. It would also exempt banks with less than $10 billion in assets from the so-called Volcker Rule, which limits speculative investments.

Other major parts of the Dodd-Frank law remain unchanged, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the so-called Durbin Amendment, which imposed price controls on debit card fees and has been blamed for reducing the availability of free checking accounts.

"The bill's major accomplishment is some much-needed tailoring of regulation to a financial institution's size so that hometown banks and credit unions are no longer regulated like Wall Street behemoths," says John Berlau, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. "To provide real financial relief for Americans, much more is required of Congress, the president and regulatory agencies."

The Independent Community Bankers of America, which represents small banks, celebrated the passage of the bill. Community banks have struggled to comply with the 27,000 new regulations included in the 2010 law's 800-plus pages.

Policy aside, the bill's passage is symbolically important for Republicans, who have railed against Dodd-Frank for years. The importance of striking a blow—even if a less than lethal one—to the signature financial regulatory measure of the Obama era was demonstrated last week when House Republicans conceded to Senate demands and agreed to pass a scaled back Dodd-Frank reform.

Previously, the House had passed a more sweeping series of reforms that that rolled back more Dodd-Frank rules and fundamentally altered the CFPB's structure to allow the president to dismiss the head of the CFPB at will and prohibit the bureau from regulating payday loans or arbitration agreements, two areas where there has been significant conflict between the CFPB and financial firms. The Senate had crafted the bipartisan plan (16 Senate Democrats supported the bill) that ultimately reached Trump's desk with Tuesday's House vote.

"You take what you can get," said Stephen Moore, an economist and informal adviser to the Trump administration, told Politico. "If I can get half a loaf, I take that over no loaf at all."

This post was updated to clarify that banks with less than $250 billion in assets are exempted from some Dodd-Frank regulations and to correct the name of the Independent Community Bankers of America.

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  2. When did Those with less than $250 billion in assets from Dodd-Frank’s so-called “enhanced prudential standards”?strict regulations regarding liquidity, risk management, and capital meant to serve as a “stress test” for banks’ balance sheets. become a sentence?

    Seriously, is the Federal Reserve subject to a “stress test”?

  3. Congress voted Tuesday to roll back some Obama-era financial regulations.

    Screeching, rending of garments, and salty ham tears from progressives in 3… 2… 1…

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  4. There was a time when telling people that there was a regulatory cycle that lags the credit cycle was about as socially acceptable as questioning global warming, supporting the legality of AR-15s, or sticking up for hate speech.

    The fact is that government loves to pile regulation on banks when we’re in that point in the credit cycle where a lot of loans go bad, and they get rid of that regulation when times are good–no way politicians in a democratic society will stand between voters who want to buy a house and the banks who want to lend to them.

    The idea that regulation is somehow the solution to stop the credit cycle is, hence, dumber than Lou Ferrigno–yes, even if Obama fervently believed it. There is one idea that’s even dumber–it’s the idea that regulation will somehow stop the the government from electively bailing out Wall Street or the banks next time. There is no substitute for angry voters scoffing at experts.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid people talk about the economy and don’t understand the first thing about the economic cycle. I guess we’re always fighting the last war. We elected Obama because we were sick of the Iraq War. What we got was an economic illiterate just as Wall Street was reeling from the mortgage crisis. So much suffering was caused by heaping regulation on the banking system just as people were struggling to get new loans.

    And idiot progressives still think that regulation will stop the next downturn in the economic cycle.

    1. But you always, always, always have to do something even though contractions are typically followed by expansion. Think of the children, Ken! THINK OF THE FUCKING CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!

      1. You realize that because of your story above, when you say THINK OF THE FUCKING CHILDREN, we now know what you really mean.

    2. Does one dare to think that perhaps the introduction and repeal of regulations causes larger than natural swings in the cycle?

    3. You give the progressives too much credit Ken. They literally think that some bankers woke up and greedily tanked the economy in some evil money making scheme. That’s not an exaggeration.

  5. Keep chipping away. If the GOPers keep it up, they can make Obo’s stay in the WH totally irrelevant rather than harmful.

    1. Many harms were done that will leave scars.

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  7. Well this is only about 8 years too late! I have banked with small local banks since I first started having bank accounts. They were always way more awesome than the big guys with things… Then this stupid law forced by bank to be acquired by a bigger bank… Which STILL wasn’t big enough to be workable, and got bought out by a bigger one still.

    They’re still decent as a more or less regional business oriented bank, but not nearly the level of personal touch and awesomeness they had when it was literally a 3-4 branch local bank. Oh well. Maybe some new ones will pop back up with some good features again since government almighty has given them permission…

  8. Another one of the many things I really love is how now everything is Trump this, and Trump that, but for the previous administration it’s never an Obama regulation around this place, it’s always an “Obama-era regulation”, as if he wasn’t really the president, but rather an innocent bystander for everything that happened for eight years.

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