Intern at Reason This Fall!

We're accepting applications through July 1.


The Burton C. Gray Memorial Internship program runs year-round in the Washington, D.C., office. Interns work for 12 weeks and receive a $7,200 stipend.

The job includes reporting and writing as well as helping with research, proofreading, and other tasks. Previous interns have gone on to work at such places as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ABC News, and Reason itself.

To apply, send your résumé, up to five writing samples (preferably published clips), and a cover letter by July 1 to Please include "Gray Internship Application" and the season for which you are applying in the subject line.

Paper applications can be sent to:

Gray Internship
1747 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20009

Fall internships begin in September. Exact start dates are flexible.

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  1. Interns work for 12 weeks and receive a $7,200 stipend.

    That’s just $1,800 every month which probably doesn’t even cover rent in Washington DC. What do you expect the interns to eat? Ramen noodles with rain water?

    How about paying a living wage.

    1. Reason only wants trust fund kids who aspire to work for Vox.

    2. Are you taking out the taxes?

      12 = 3 months = $2,400/month.

      I mean, it ain’t much better, but it beats what the average J-school grad gets right out of college.

    3. How about understanding the concept of “voluntary contract”. How about using a question mark. How about understanding arithmetic.

    4. The interns can commute from the bad part of Baltimore.

  2. Extra points if you know how to mix Manhattans.

  3. Looks like “mainstream” (left wing) media outlets are now starting to confirm the inside tip I told my friends at Reason several days ago: shady-ass Stefan Halper of Great Falls, Virginia and Cambridge, UK was the mole the Deep State planted inside the Trump campaign.

    Right again, as is usually the case.

    1. Stephan Halper: “He served as a spy for the 1980 Ronald Reagan Presidential campaign, handing off classified foreign policy information from inside the Carter White House”

      “Halper was previously married to Sibyl Cline, daughter of former CIA Deputy Director for Intelligence, Ray S. Cline”
      -wikipedia (Stephan Halper)

      He fancies himself a spy.

  4. My vision of being an intern is holding a role up newspaper, and using it to smack Reason staff when they write progtarded things, while yelling “No!”.

    I will likely need multiple copies of each days newspaper to make it through the day.

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