Georgetown Students Host Community Dialogue on Racism, Ask White Allies Not to Attend

"For the safety of students of color"



Student-activists at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., recently hosted a community dialogue on racism. White students—even those who consider themselves "allies" to the cause—were asked not to attend, out of concern their mere presence would make students of color feel unsafe.

The event was hosted by Georgetown United Against Police Aggression, which is currently pushing back against conservative students' efforts to convince the administration to arm its police, who are real commissioned officers, even though Georgetown is a private school. The activists say armed officers would pose an increased risk for students of color, who have a disproportionate number of interactions with police.

"All of us know someone who has been targeted," the organizers of the event wrote on Facebook. "Let's do something about it." This message also said that "for the safety of students of color, allies are not welcome to attend this preliminary dialogue."

I'm not sure whether Georgetown police should carry guns, and I certainly appreciate these activists' concern that cops are more likely to target students of color. The students who want armed officers asserted to Campus Reform that this is necessary for campus safety in the event of a mass shooting, but of course we shouldn't craft policy around unlikely, worst-case scenarios if it will routinely undermine civil rights.

That said, the activists protesting racism within law enforcement would probably do a better job convincing people of the soundness of their position if they would stop pretending white allies pose some special threat—an idea that sounds both ridiculous and a tad racist itself.

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  1. At present, anti-white rhetoric is fashionable and in some cases harmful, but of course we can always assure ourselves that at least it’s not as bad a slavery, Jim Crow, or racial persecution in other countries.

    But the bad principle of anti-white racism is getting established, and exactly how long do we laugh it off on the ground that at least the principle hasn’t reached its full practical fruition?

    1. When Reason accepts Klan advertisements, I guess.

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  2. The event was hosted by Georgetown United Against Police Aggression…

    Beautiful, or cultural appropriation? You decide.

    1. Hispanic members asked that their black allies do not speak the name aloud.

    2. Seems they are arguing that whites should not care about police aggression against minorities.

      OK, I can play that game.

      Fuck you kids being assaulted by cops.

  3. an idea that sounds both ridiculous and a tad racist itself.

    To be sure, “a tad” here is a strong contender for Understatement Of The Year.

    1. Everyone knows you can’t be racist against white people. Because white people are a single, cohesive entity who have all the power and don’t want to share it, those jerks.

      1. Plus they all eat mayonnaise sandwiches and drive dorkily

      2. I had someone pull that on me once.

        I asked who made them the arbiter of what the definition of racist is.

      3. Fun-time Activity: Replace ‘white people’ with ‘Jews’ in any Progressive magazine. Then realize what the fuck is going on.

        1. Or Arabs, or Hispanic/Latino, etc. as they are all ethnic categories under the White Race classification!

    2. Personally I like the way Rico understates the blatantly obvious. It’s better than Britches’ passive aggressiveness.

      1. Yeah, for example, there is no reason for Robby to flaunt how in touch he is with his feminine side. He just posts pictures of his “dogs.”

      2. I’ll agree. You don’t have to yell something from the rooftops if it’s so blatantly clear.

        “Pardon me, but are you saying that I am not allowed to attend this meeting because of the color of my skin? Thank you for clearing that up.”

        Be polite, be reasonable, and anyone with half a brain will be berating themselves far more than you could ever do.

        1. White is not a color. My skin is kind of pink really.

  4. an idea that sounds both ridiculous and a tad racist itself

    A tad? All you have to imagine is the reaction to a whites-only meeting, no POC allowed. Or you accept the argument that only white people are capable of racism, just as only men are capable of being sexist, by the expedient of re-defining racism as something only white people are capable of. For fuck’s sake, they’re explicitly judging people by the color of their skin rather than by the content of their character and you suspect that maybe that might sort of be perhaps just a little bit racist?

    1. Why do my taxes fund such things? Because without federal (and in many cases, state) funding and support, I bet schools wouldn’t be able to support all these Bizarroworld ideas. Not institutionally.

  5. I feel like I would go anyway because my student fees and tuition are paying for it.

  6. Walks like a racist? Check

    Quacks like a racist? Check

    Probably a racist (claiming to be anti-racist).

    1. It makes sense when you understand that the anti-racism religion isn’t concerned with eliminating literal racism (which is why they engage in it). They’re concerned with equity between the races – equal outcome. Guess what, that’s only achievable with the abolition of private property! How convenient, just like climate change, according to Naomi Klein!

      1. Just another reason to deal with the progressives sooner than later. Though most of the commentariat here is in denial, just like after a bad cancer diagnosis.

        Best to excise the malignant tumor of progressivism as quickly as possible.

    2. Reminds me of:
      Walks like a fascist? Check
      Quacks like a fascist? Check
      Probably a fascist (claiming to be Antifa).

  7. A tad racist?

    1. The subtitle of Robbie’s upcoming biopic.

  8. You racists are just focused on the “white” part of the “white allies” equation, when really they might just be saying that they’re racist because they are allies (i.e. think like them) which is a fair assumption

    1. Allies are out, but Axis are still invited, right?

      1. Axis doesn’t sound like a very good board game.

        1. What about SJW & Allies? Deploy microagressions , strawmen troops, and Title IX artillery, and build safe spaces to protect yourself from your enemies and accidental cultural appropriation, while trying to take over the world to stamp out ideological diversity.

          1. No industrial complexes, I assume.

    2. they’re racist because they are allies (i.e. think like them) which is a fair assumption

      No, I don’t think that’s the racist bit – the racist bit is the thinking that of course the black folks need to be protected from whitey, you know how those black folks can’t take care of themselves. Not that it’s their fault of course, the helpless little nappy-headed pickaninnies are just like little children and can’t be expected to look after themselves like us white folk.

      Look, you think if the Black Panthers were having a meeting and a white dude like me comes strolling in, they’re going to start getting nervous? Hell no, they don’t give a crap, if white boy there wants to start some shit, we’ll pop a cap in his ass, we ain’t afraid of no white boy. But the black folks at Georgetown (which, last time I checked you gotta be pretty damn privileged to attend) why, they’re as helpless as new-born monkeys and twice as cute, of course us white folks got to take care of them. Shhhh….there’s one now! Hide behind that tree so we don’t scare it away!

  9. Because not being armed is going to keep a cop from violating your rights? These people are morons

    1. Fuck, being totally innocent doesn’t keep cops from violating your rights.

      1. And on the flip side, being guilty doesn’t stop people from calling police activity “targeting”.

  10. According to Robby a group banning people of one race from attending a meeting only sounds a tad racist. It is not racist but it sounds a little racist. You really can’t make this shit up. The only thing dumber than Soave are his fan boys.

    1. You sound a tad angry, John.

      1. This is another reason why I like the way Rico downplays things.

    2. You are not Robby’s target audience. College students are.
      Cult deprogramming is incredibly difficult; it’s like threading a needle. If you start throwing bombs and slaying their sacred cows, you will only entrench their position. Robby has to use gentle language in an attempt to guide them to come to the right conclusion on their own so they don’t feel like they’re being subverted by an outside force.

    3. I actually think Robby has been doing quite well lately. His time in the rest home, or whatever it was, has done him some good, apparently.

      1. Yeah, but has he learned how to change a tire? Do pull ups? Shotgun a beer?

        1. His parents got him roadside assistance from his car insurance company, like in that commercial, so no worries on that count.

    4. Maybe he’s English, they use understatement when an American would say “WTF is this shit,are you f___ing kidding me?”

      1. Even a Brit would be saying “Bloody hell, are you taking the mick?”

  11. I don’t know if this is still true or not, but back decades ago during the John Thompson heyday the old joke was that Georgetown University was 99% white and 1% basketball.

    1. Mikey’s brain is 99% white matter and 1% that doesn’t matter.

    2. This is still basically true.

      1. That might explain things. The basketball team is used to being heckled, so closed meetings are desirable.

  12. We are going to have a community dialogue on racism while specifically excluding membets if the community because the organizers find them so terribly frightening due to their race.

    The Pythons might have rejected that skit as being too surreal.

    1. But PC has good and noble intentions!

    2. And then there’s that pesky term “dialog”. I’m thinking maybe it doesn’t mean what they think it means.

      1. It doesn’t mean dialoguing the heck out the other guy, day and night, until he cracks and signs a confession of White Privilege?

      2. “Dialog” to leftists mean they whine at you and you’re supposed to shut up, no matter how stupid and wrong they are.

  13. So, this is illegal, right?

    1. I am rather surprised that wave after wave of litigation doesn’t flood the halls of academia. A lot of these situations involve discrimination at state institutions, with state actor action or inaction right in the middle of it all.

      1. Who’s gonna take the case?

        1. The A Team.

    2. Good way to find out would be to have a whites only meeting and use the excuse that minorities frighten you.

  14. You know what? If the presence of white students makes you feel uncomfortable, then you are the goddamn racist.
    It’s fucking weird. It’s getting to be that college campuses are the only places left where overt, serious racism is tolerated (end even encouraged in many cases).

    1. For the state schools, the mostly GOP legislatures should just say “no more tenure, then.” It’s not like it works in any good way these days, anyway.

    2. “It’s fucking weird. It’s getting to be that college campuses are the only places left where overt, serious racism is tolerated (end even encouraged in many cases).”

      It’s in the military too. No one likes to acknowledge it but it’s pretty obvious to anyone who has been in awhile.

      1. Not my experience.

      2. You obviously haven’t been around corporate American recently. It actually encourages racism against whites.

      3. And sexism while we’re at it. Women are promoted more quickly without an equivalent number of accomplishments to justify it. Likewise in the workforce, women are given cushy office jobs paying more than men doing the actual labor and are given an easier path to advancement.

        1. That’s because white and Asian men (and Jews too!) are the ones who can and do prove themselves to be the most badass at virtually any given task… So if you go by merit they tend to end up with all those groups at the top, and you can’t possibly have that! You also couldn’t possibly just tell other people to step up their game if they want to have better representation, because that would be racist or something. Frankly whether it is a cultural thing, which it undoubtedly is to a large degree… Or a biological thing, which it also likely is to some degree, it doesn’t matter… Effort still counts, and objective skill/quality still counts, and promoting people who aren’t capable produces Atlas Shrugged liked outcomes, and that isn’t good for anybody.

          It’s all such BS.

  15. “All voices must be heard. Except for the white majority. Whitey is the Devil.”

    1. What are you? The Water Boy’s mama?

  16. Pretending to be scared to justify your racism is just like being screamed at by a professor and having your media materials torn up. I don’t know why people refer to left wing snowflakes.

    Robbie, you forgot to explain why people on the right are just as bad.

    1. I thought it was like stripping to protest being questioned about your poor choice of clothing for a thesis presentation.

    2. Technically, wasn’t the KKK quite afraid of blacks raping their womenfolk?

      Is Georgetown saying that they were justified in their actions?

  17. If they are worried about mass shootings they should want to arm the students because when seconds count the cops are minutes away.

    1. Sometimes running in the opposite direction.

      1. And if they are trapped in a classroom?

    2. Except in the real world the odds of a live shooter in their school, over the career of their armed cop, is basically zero. But the odds many conflicts of some sort or another is 100%. And the odds of some of those conflicts being unnecessarily escalated by an armed cop is also close to 100%.

      So if you are trying to prevent the most likely preventable death, you do not want armed cops. If you’re aiming to prevent the black swan events, well then fly at ‘er.

  18. The Potatoes of the Workers Educational Troika Vegetablism Advocacy Group request that our Parsnip allies do not attend tonight’s discussion on tuberism, so that all Potatoes may feel safe from the aggression that is the presence of the priveleged root.

    1. Real radicals!

      1. Potatoes have one of the highest overall antioxidant activity among vegetables. Antioxidants protect key cell components by neutralizing the damaging effects of “free radicals.” – National Potato Council

        See?! Our lobby group in D.C. is working hard to stomp out those nasty FREE radicals all in the name of Potato rights!

        ?Viva la revolucion, las papas se unen!

  19. Colored Only?

    1. Saruman the many coloured!

      1. I wonder if they would let Joseph (ethnic Jew of White race) in because of his many colored cloak?

  20. Segregation today… Segregation tomorrow… Segregation forevuh!

    Life goes round in circles.

  21. It is true that cops can be bigots and that many need training in deescalating situations instead of shooting unarmed drunks. BUT the car theft rate in parts of chicago is 30 times as high as in the cities, there are car-jackings, there are subway muggings. Blacks in particular are far more likely to be committing crimes, carrying a gun, and to shoot an officer. If cops target blacks too much it is not without reason.
    As to the anti-white racism: notice that as evidence of actual racism gets harder to find, the rhetoric just keeps dialing up to 11? In my suburb we have a proportion of ethnic everything just below the national average but since it is a prosperous suburb there is no hint of trouble. No one bothers anyone else.

  22. “a tad racist”…?

    It’s pretty much the poster child for racism.

  23. Trying to catch up today. I apparently haven’t yet had enough gin yet in that I caught Robbie saying it was only a tad racist.

  24. Hilarious. Racists holding a dialogue on racism.

  25. “a tad racist”… How about “flagrantly, blatantly or outrageously racist”?

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  27. White students?even those who consider themselves “allies” to the cause?were asked not to attend, out of concern their mere presence would make students of color feel unsafe.

    It’s a free country; if they think that’s the best way to accomplish their goals, let them. Most “allies” offer to help with creating a society where the color of one’s skin shouldn’t matter. If these people are hell-bent on racial segregation because their Democratic plantation owners tell them to, all I can do is shrug.

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  30. Diversity anyone?

  31. Diversity anyone?

  32. This is a good example why we were have school shooting and other problem in this country. You have a forum on racism and you make sure it promotes racism by pretending you are protecting students of color who “may feel unsafe”. First, you are saying to the white students, we dont care if you support our cause because you are the problem and we hate you. Second, you are telling the students of color, you are all victims, incapable of protecting yourselves or standing up for your beliefs so we are gonna keep all those ugly racist white people away. The claim they are protecting students of color has to be the most patronizing and degrading statement I have ever heard. They are telling adults, you are too weak to defend yourself from words or thoughts. You are helpless children who must be protected by us, the more intelligent adults present.

  33. Ya know, it’s not news that you got your panties in a bunch because of a ‘faux pas’ by some college students.

    Can you tell me who got hurt by being excluded from this event? Excluding whites from this semi-public preliminary discussion may not have been the most elegant way to approach the situation, but if you had some basic understanding of the history of racism in our country, you might see why this exclusion is fundamentally different from whites excluding blacks (because blacks, as such, do not and have not held any power over whites, as such).

    If you want to be activists, you should think some more about how society works (and what perpetuates racial domination) and not get caught up in moralizing (about whether people have the right attitudes).


    1. Nobody has any power simply because they are “white”. No one is powerless simply because they are Black.

      Your logical fallacy is Composition/Division

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