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Under federal law, no landlord has to rent to tenants using Section 8 housing vouchers. But a new Minneapolis law bars landlords from discriminating against Section 8 renters. More than 50 landlords in the city have sued to have the ordinance overturned.

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  1. Philadelphia restricts pool of foster parents to enforce ideological conformity on same sex marriage.

    1. If these government do-gooders really cared about bullying, they wouldn’t do it themselves. That’s exactly what this is. You don’t think the way we want you to think? Get in line if you want to be treated fairly.

      1. And then there’s Oklahoma and eight other Republican shithole states that allow adoption agencies to discriminate against same sex couples.

        1. If that’s true, so what? If some agency discriminates, that leaves other, non-discriminating, agencies to pick up the slack.

          If you mean the government runs these adoption agencies and mandates discrimination, then not only is your wording wrong, but so is your summary of the fault. The true fault is that coercive monopoly called government. Free markets would sort out that mess in no time.

      2. If government agencies really cared about robbery and murder they wouldn’t do those things either.

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  2. In conjunction with the housing authority, the city has created the “Incentive Fund” program that provides financial support to landlords, such as a one-time $250 signing bonus for landlords who participate in the voucher program and covering the costs of property-damage claims.

    They could always make it easier to evict.

  3. it concentrates Section 8 tenants in certain neighborhoods

    And why would that be a bad thing? Section 8 renters are just like any other renter, right? The “certain neighborhoods” would still be nice after the Section 8 renters live there for a while, right?

    1. I think it becomes Haiti.

      1. The only places where Section 8 people can rent half the time are dumps in the hood. It honestly is a shit situation where you want to leave, but have no money too then when you get extra money (Section 8) to try and leave the hood the only place you can live is a still in the hood.

        In a PBS documentary on this many of the people in situations where they can’t leave have made horrendous choices and have 4 kids before they decide to grow up. As someone who also made bad choices when younger, to be damned forever for the sins of youth sucks. I do feel for these people wanting to leave the hood but thoroughly stuck where they are due to tremendous baggage and no cash.

  4. “People have waited for a decade on the list to get a Section 8 voucher. It’s like winning a lottery ticket that you do not want to lose.”

    Amazing that someone would keep waiting for Section 8 for 10 years without ever being able to improve their income to the point where they don’t need it in all that time. And what does a person do in all that time they’re waiting?

  5. Council Member Lisa Goodman … said having a Section 8 voucher should not be a reason to discriminate against tenants, even if it’s expensive to comply with federal rules.

    Just because something costs more than an equally good alternative is no reason to not pay more.

    1. “even if it’s expensive to comply with federal rules”

      Thank you government. By attempting to provide cheap housing to those in need, you’ve made housing more expensive.

    2. Ah. This is the real reason. Collecting the section 8 rent falls on the landlord. Who would predict that a complex might specialize in such things?

    3. Something something you rent out a Section 8 room in your house first, Ms. Goodman.

    4. If Section 8 vouchers produce discrimination, shouldn’t they be eliminated?

  6. Its just blatantly unconstitutional if you have to bake cakes and have to rent to someone you don’t want to.

    Freedom of Association.

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