John McCain

John McCain: It 'Wasn't Incorrect' to Say Rand Paul Was 'Working for Vladimir Putin'

The Arizona senator goes out shooting against the Paul family, even as he and the Kentucky senator make common cause on Gina Haspel.


Rand Paul smiles as John McCain mistakenly refers to him as a congressman in October 2011. ||| JONATHAN ERNST/REUTERS/Newscom

In March 2017, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) successfully delayed for 11 days Senate ratification of Montenegro's entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). America's leading advocate for NATO expansion, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) responded by accusing Paul of "achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin…of trying to dismember this small country."

"I repeat again," McCain said then, remarkably. "The senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin."

Perhaps even more remarkably, though not very surprisingly, McCain is unapologetic about that accusation in his valedictory new memoir, The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations. "Senator Paul didn't appreciate that, and I'll grant that it was an intemperate thing to say," McCain writes, with co-author Mark Salter. "But it wasn't incorrect. He might not have worked wittingly for Putin, but he was doing exactly what the Russian wanted done."

McCain and Paul have a long history of mutual antagonism on foreign policy, including NATO expansion. Paul single-handedly blocked a 2011 unanimous consent resolution to hurry the ex-Soviet Republic of Georgia into the alliance, a McCain goal for the past decade. The Arizonan has been fond of calling his fellow Senate Foreign Relations Committee member a "wacko bird"; the Kentuckian has returned the favor with the phrase "stale and moss-covered." (Both have periodically walked the adjectives back.)

The Restless Wave is filled with good-spirited, cross-ideological appreciations for Teddy Kennedy, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Chris Murphy, and so on. Not so for the Paul family:

||| Simon & Schuster
Simon & Schuster

* Early in the book, McCain recounts with some bemusement the end of the 2008 GOP presidential primary season after chief rival Mitt Romney had dropped out: "[Mike] Huckabee remained in the race, as did libertarian Ron Paul [Rand Paul's father]. Huckabee won a few more southern contests but formally withdrew in March after I had accumulated enough delegates to secure the nomination. Paul stayed in until June, when he suspended his campaign having never won a single primary or caucus, but having made a point of some kind to his passionate followers."

* In one of many passages bemoaning the rise of conspiracy theories in political discourse, McCain writes: "Rand Paul believed the unsubstantiated charge that I had met with representatives of ISIS during my brief visit to Syria, and he said so publicly."

This is indeed true: Paul expressed that belief in a September 2014 Daily Beast interview, after which the claim was serially debunked. McCain leaves out that Paul soon apologized to him on the Senate floor.

* Near the end of the book, McCain recounts how following his dramatic no-vote on Obamacare repeal last July, he had hoped to get his defense authorization bill done the next day, before flying off for a round of chemotherapy. "But Rand Paul decided we wouldn't start debate on the defense bill that morning or any other morning before I went back to Arizona for treatment and the Senate recessed for the summer. We needed unanimous consent to bring up the bill, and he objected. I'm not sure why. Maybe he resented my vote the night before. Maybe he had another reason. It's hard to tell."

Paul's spokesman Sergio Gor actually explained the reasoning that same day: "Sen. Rand Paul requested two bipartisan amendments, one on ending indefinite detention and one on AUMFs….He looks forward to working with leadership and the committee to get this done soon."

Despite their long history of often disagreeable disagreement, Paul and McCain in recent days have joined together in their opposition to Gina Haspel's nomination to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and for the same reason: her complicity in the George W. Bush–era torture program. "John McCain and I have had many spirited disagreements but we actually do agree on torture and Gina Haspel," Paul told Fox News host Neil Cavuto yesterday.

And when Cavuto asked Paul whether he would fire White House aide Kelly Sadler for reportedly saying that McCain's no-vote "doesn't matter" because he was "dying anyway," Paul said he would do so if she "worked for me." The remarks, he said, were "obviously inappropriate and should not have been said."

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  1. So is McCain Hihn if Hihn didn't beat his cancer?

    1. [Verse 1]
      Hey you, I don't want you to come talk to me
      Ponder my life philosophy
      Just leave me alone

      You, you always come around to be a part of the gang
      Looking for a reason to hang, don't you know I've heard it all before

      [Verse 2]
      You, pedaling bags of frivolity
      Spewing your ideology
      Just leave me alone
      You, you always come around and torment me

      You always come and to try to be a part of the gang
      Looking for a reason to hang, don't you know I've heard it all before

      [Verse 3]
      Hey you, why do you want to come talk to me?
      Sit around and chew philosophy
      Just leave me alone
      You, you once again you've come to torment me
      Spitting out slabs of agony
      Seems like you're always stalking me

    2. Keep this up and you'll have your name on a list on his website.

      1. It's on a list. But it's as "Mr. Gus" rather than "Red Tony" even though I am Red Tony.

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  2. Did McCain get rebuked for insinuating, on the Senate floor, that a colleague was a foreign agent?

    1. He wasn't on the Senate floor. He was actually out on the National Mall, yelling at a cloud.

      1. With an onion tied to his belt...

      2. Bluetooth.

  3. He should be removed by that body. It is obvious his brain tumor is affecting whatever cognitive processes he has remaining and is unfit to hold the office.

    1. Okay, that's not established at all. He's about as nutty as he's been for years. I have glioblastoma, too, but I've had very little cognitive impairment (still working full-time). It really depends on where the tumor is located and whether treatment is an option. His age may limit his ability to fend off recurrence of the tumor, but I haven't heard many details.

      Politically, I'm definitely no fan of his--really never have been--but I feel for him and his family. It's a crappy thing to have to deal with.

      1. I'm sorry to hear this.

        I certainly don't like the idea of *anyone* having a bad illness - even a Senator.

        1. Hard to work up a lot of sympathy for someone that had the chance to vote out obamacare, but instead he decided to screw the country.

          1. Especially because he made the decision based on "fuck Donald trump."

          2. Especially because he made the decision based on "fuck Donald trump."

          3. He's also against a very qualified nominee frand CIA director.

      2. Sorry to hear.

        Good luck.

      3. The only person standing in my way of being anointed Reason's greatest living commenter is you.

        Get it together!

        1. Almost three years in without recurrence.

      4. My sis had secondary melanoma in the brain. It didn't impair her much, but the gamma knife treatment sure did. I was going to take her in if she'd lived.

        1. So sorry to hear that. The radiation can be a bear--I was affected more by that than by the surgery or chemo (which I only just got off of in April).

      5. I have glioblastoma, too

        Damn, that sucks. Hope yours is treatable. Good luck.

      6. I have glioblastoma, too

        Damn. Are you doing immunotherapy?

        1. Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone.

          No, most of the treatments like that require recurrence--i.e., that the tumor comes back. MRIs remain clean. I'll likely pursue an immunological trial/treatment if there's a recurrence.

      7. You've mentioned this before, and I offered my sympathies and wishes for a long-lasting remission. Let me do it again. May you stay strong, stay healthy, stay cheery, and keep making appearances here so we know you are ok! You are, after all, our Most Esteemed Most Senior Commenter. We are honored by your presence.

        1. Well, thanks! Don't know about senior--I'm not the oldest--but I'll take the esteem and the moral support.

          1. You've been here the longest, no? You were already an established member of the commentariat when i found Reason back in 2008. Then again, so were John, shreek, and pre-insanity Tulpa, so one of them might have you beat.

            1. I think John and Tulpa were here before me, as were some less frequent commenters.

              1. I started reading Reason in 2004, and John was already here. Tulpa I think is just a name adopted by various trolls.

            2. I've been coming here from way back (anyone remember Gary Gunnels/Jean Bart/etc?), but I rarely post, and Pro Libertate makes more cogent comments than I in any case.

              Stay strong, Pro.

              1. Thanks! I do wonder who is still here under a different name. I post pretty irregularly these days, but still pop by occasionally.

                1. Lol, just reread my post. For the record, I am not Gunnels/Bart/whatevs. Just wanted to give an example of how far back I remember.

                  Always good seeing the old timers.

          2. May you have the best possible outcome. Hope to see many more comments from you - your views are most welcome. Ten thousand blessings.

      8. Lost my sister to glioma back in 2012. I wish you the best. The Duke University immunotherapy using poliovirus seems to be one of the best shots at it right now.

        1. Agreed. I know someone who is in that trial. Really promising.

          So sorry to hear about your sister--this is not a good disease.

    2. If so he should have been removed long ago. But I'm afraid McCain cannot blame a brain tumor for his long career of claiming to be Republican while consistently hoisting the Democrat banner.

      1. The small part of his brain that is not tumor is to blame, I think in his case it's like 90/10 tumor to brain...

    3. Hopefully, nature will take its course quickly and we will finally be rid of McCain, AKA "The Forrestal Hotdog".

  4. I guess in Washington D.C., telling the truth is practically a criminal act.

    Die already John McCain, die. Die, die, die.

    1. Or he could just retire. You should save your wishes of death for the progressive population. As I do.

  5. The Restless Wave is filled with good-spirited, cross-ideological appreciations for Teddy Kennedy, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Chris Murphy, and so on.

    All that reaching across the aisle made him a "respectable" Republican to the media and I'm sure McCain feels proud of his legacy in that. Well, except for that time when he was running for President and that media he was so eager for praise from decided he was literally Hitler. But I'm sure they've kissed and made up, when they write the obituaries they'll be sure to mention how refreshing his bipartisanship was and how sorely missed it will be in this Age of Trump.

    1. I'll never forgive McCain for his fervent disdain for the First Amendment. Fuck him for that.

      And, I am amazed that he STILL wants to blow the media after what they did to him in 2008. I would've been more upset then...but it was some good irony to see him slaughtered like that.

      1. As long as Republicans play the role of noble losers, Democrats will be nice to them. It's when they're in a position to be in charge that every one of them becomes Hitler re-incarnated. It's no accident that McCain has been the media's favorite Republican for a long time.

      2. McCain showed how he holds the truth dear, by campaigning to repeal Obamacare, then voting against repeal when it mattered.

      3. What the media did to him in 08? The only person responsible for purposely not campaigning... is McCain. Sure, he traveled and ran up a bill. He had staff and posters and all that. But then you get to his strategy and speeches - zero raison d'etre and less spark than a brass hammer. He was applying senate decorum rules to someone he viewed as a fellow senator on the campaign trail, or at least that's how the surface scratches. And as we have seen, he saves his vitriol for his own alleged party, like the stealth prog he is. No, as what some have called the "senator from the media", he gifted 08 to Obama and served up no contrast so the media narratives would go unchallenged in the public mind. When push comes to shove, McCain always works with the media to help serve up the prog agenda.

    2. I notice that's the only side of the aisle he ever reached for. He values Chris Dodd's and Barack Obama's opinions far more than he does Rand Paul's or the average conservative voter's.

    3. Bipartisanship? McCain can only be seen as "bipartisan" because he has flown a false flag for most if not all of his career. He's a blue dog wrapped in red, always has been and always will be.

    4. All that reaching across the aisle made him a "respectable" Republican to the media and I'm sure McCain feels proud of his legacy in that

      The media and the Democrats like McCain for the same reason they liked Hillary: he is an unprincipled, incompetent, war mongering narcissist.

  6. """"""In March 2017, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) successfully delayed for 11 days Senate ratification of Montenegro's entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). America's leading advocate for NATO expansion, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) responded by accusing Paul of "achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin.""""

    I feel so safe now that our hero John McCain has allied the US with Montenegro mighty 2,000 man military. Just think of the billions of US taxpayer dollars that will be spent trying to turn the Montenegro military into a NATO standard military.

    1. Vladimir Putin is in his bunker under the Kremlin tearing up the maps and files for his world domination plan screaming "Nyet Nyet Nyet!" now that NATO has joined regional powerhouse Montenegro.

      1. Black Mountain. Sounds like a black ops location.

          1. They should change their name to M?ntenegro.

            1. Turbom?ntenegro

        1. *African American Mountain

        2. Sounds like where Dolomite lives.

          1. You insecure, no-business born, junkyard, rascal-eatin' madafakah!

      2. Ha!
        Sidenote: apologies (if you ever read it) to a reply I made to you a little while back. I believe I'd confused you with hank Phillips, thus impugned your entire history of comments.
        My bad

  7. McCain is a grumpy, petty, vindictive, highly self regarding politician who gives no loyalty but demands it in return. How else would such a man spend his dying days?

    1. And, in all likelihood, a shitty pilot.

  8. McCain is a grumpy, petty, vindictive, highly self regarding politician who gives no loyalty but demands it in return. How else would such a man spend his dying days?

    1. Bothering squirrels, apparently.

    2. McCain hasn't found a place on the map where he would not want military intervention. He was also a strong supporter of crushing the 4th amendment with domestic spying and the Patriot Act. Actually makes me wonder what he thought he was defending while serving in the military.

      1. McCain was always willing to destroy the idea of America in order to defend it.

      2. McCain is the leading R progressive, and a horrible human

      3. Actually makes me wonder what he thought he was defending while serving in the military.

        That's easy: his personal career ambitions.

    3. Preferably, dying

  9. So McCain is intent on pissing everyone off before he goes. Is that it?

    1. If he comments that he hates Lindsay Graham's clothes...we might have two vacant Senate seats.

      1. Lindsay has a fainting couch in his office for just such an eventuality.

        1. Oh, that'd go far beyond giving him "the vapors".

          1. Graham is McCain's tumor. Not for any malignant reasons, but that's how closely he follows the progressive from AZ

        2. Hahahah that was pretty good. Totally can see it too.

    2. So McCain is intent on pissing everyone off before he goes. Is that it?

      No, he's actually thinking he is making history, but he's also an idiot.

      His daughter thinks that people will talk "for centuries" about his historical accomplishments. Well she might actually be right there: he was so incompetent as a presidential candidate that he was beaten by a block party organizer from Illinois.

  10. McCain feuding with Paul is senseless and totally contradicts his "maverick" status--as does his history. Paul is a real and principled maverick.

  11. It would be nice if he spent his final years in the comfort of *retirement,* with admiring interviewers writing puff pieces on his maverickness.

    It's certainly possible his replacement would be worse, but it could go the other way, too.

    1. Retirement or maybe a foundation executive job at the Bipartisan Think Tank for Civility in Politics and Common Sense Campaign Finance Laws, or something like that.

      1. How about "boat anchor"?

    2. I think it unlikely that and replacement will be as warlike.

      1. A high bar to clear, to be sure.

    3. Is it true that Hillary was his collaborator on this book?

    4. Parasites don't retire.

  12. When they go high we go low! Wait...

    I'm all lost.

  13. McCain is and always has been a miserable asshole. He was the grandson of an admiral and genuine war hero. He was the son of a four-star admiral, genuine war hero and a guy who was known after the war as "Mr. Sea Power". McCain went into the Navy and retired as a colonel despite those family connections and going to Annapolis. He has always been an incompetent asshole. Had he not been shot down over North Vietnam and been able to parlay his refusal to be released early into war hero status, McCain would be remembered as a drunken, womanizing loser who was totally unworthy of the legacy his father and grandfather left.

    1. I assume the moniker "Mr. Sea Man" was already taken?

    2. In my mind, he was one of those officers that should top out at O-3 and earns a letter of reprimand within the year of achieving such rank, needing to transfer to fleet reserve to prevent any more damage from being done rather than get promoted. He nearly achieved anchor man status at the naval academy, missing the bottom by only 5 slots out of 899. Only his family legacy allowed him to be promoted to captain in my estimation, a position [seeing his temperment in the senate] he was largely unfit for. It is entirely likely that his trip to O-6 was a gift to secure a good pension.
      Making captain forces introductions in the pentagon [as they always look for flag officer replacements], and I'm sure the more they knew of him, the less they liked. A pity Arizona has been subjected to him, but he had to live somewhere.

      1. Unless there was a complete takeover of the Arizona polls, Arizona was not "subjected' to McCain but endorsed by a majority of the Arizonians. Sorta-like Governor "Moonbeam" in California.

        1. True, but that raises a good point. When you count people who didn't vote at all (the majority in many elections), those who voted for another party's candidate, those ineligible to vote, just how much of the population actually vote for McCain or any other candidate? It's a flat out lie that we have actual majority rule.

      2. When I was in the army in the late 70's, there was a guy in our unit who had spent 6 or 7 years in the Hanoi Hilton. This guy was batshit crazy - mostly in a pleasant way - and, because of his experience at the hands of the Viet Cong, was held in awe by everyone in the battalion. The CO looked the other way when ever he engaged in one of his crazy, manic moments, as did everyone else. He was like the deranged but beloved relative and did shit that would have gotten anyone else sent to Leavenworth. He was almost like a mascot. He told me one time there was no way to come out of the Hanoi Hilton undamaged and he was luckier than most because he could more or less function day to day.

        The difference between this guy and McCain was that he was likable and benevolently insane. But, he was damn sure crazy.

    3. Had he not been shot down over North Vietnam and been able to parlay his refusal to be released early into war hero status

      McCain didn't have a choice: the Code of Conduct made it pretty clear that he had no choice. If he had chosen to be released first because of his family connections, both his professional and his personal life would have been over. So, this wasn't exactly a moral choice, it was the rational calculation of a psychopath and narcissist.

    4. Retired as commander. The navy does not have colonels.

  14. In McCain's defense, it wouldn't be incorrect to say that he's brain damaged.

    Though he was an obnoxious creep long before the cancer.

  15. He might not have worked wittingly for Putin, but he was doing exactly what the Russian wanted done

    Believe me when I say I'm no Putin fan, but it's remarkable that people so reflexively assume that whatever Putin wants, or whatever seems good for Russia, must by necessity be bad for the United States.

    1. The Dems are all-in on "red scare" politics, so ... yeah. That's how it works

      1. Putin is an opponent of Global Socialism and a more than capable leader of a powerful nation that is reborn from internal socialist destruction and external socialist rape.
        Of course he's the bogeyman - the British IC hates him.

        1. Dude is an autocrat, get over your man crush.

  16. "Paul and McCain in recent days have joined together in their opposition to Gina Haspel's nomination to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and for the same reason."

    Stop, I call bullshit.

    McCain voted in favor of confirming that nasty thug John Brennan - who was a whole lot higher in the organization when waterboarding was happening.

    Paul may be consistent in his principles, but McCain is a lying old sack of shit and completely selective in his morality.

  17. I have to admit something embarrassing...I voted for McCain in '08 after I read a book called "The Case Against Barack Obama"
    Since then, he has never stopped reminding me that I should've just sat that election out. I've tried to make up for it by sitting out every other election but he still has to constantly embarrass me by saying things. Ugh.

    1. AS big of a disaster as Obama was, I think you can make a reasonable case that McCain would have been worse. And that is pretty remarkable.

      1. Despite thinking Obama sucked, I think the American people chose right in that election. Which says a LOT about SOMETHING.

      2. That could have been ugly indeed. MI6 would have put a nose ring in his foreign policy, and he would have found a way to get into 3 more wars. BP would have made bank!

    2. The first debate he had with Obama was remarkable. They literally disagreed on nothing, McCain was looking to slow-walk his Socialist ideas - that's where the differences ended.

      1. That's a fair assessment. My recollection of 08 was that he just flat out... failed to campaign, and seemingly on purpose. There was absolutely nothing to vote for. Libertarians [Barr] failed to get ballot access in my state, and my vote was a throw away I can't even remember who for - but I couldn't vote d or r: the race was a gigantic toilet. McCain burned cash, delivering no message, inspiring nothing. It was the front end of the post-Newt apocalypse, [just a few years in] where gop consultants decided to jettison any philosphy of governance, and basically say "we're not them!" Those gop consultants are still stuck on stupid to this hour. What an utter waste... giving us a marxist/anarchist bent on a zero growth policy for the nation.

        1. South Park really got that election completely right

      2. When the American voters are left with the choice of a democrat and a democrat, they will elect a democrat, and they did.

    3. I voted for McCain. It's the only vote I ever really regretted. That's mostly because of Palin, who I gave too much credit too, even if I still think she got a lot of crap thrown her way that had more to do with the left seeing her as a threat. I wasn't an Obama fan either, but if McCain had picked a more suitable VP, would I have preferred he be president??? Depends on the day honestly.

      1. Palin was more suitable than McCain and the only reason I voted for him

        1. I voted McCain/Palin. I figured it was about time we had a decent looking VP.

      2. Palin was really the only reason McCain became any kind of the threat at all. Until Hillary in 2016, I thought I'd never see any other Presidential candidate go so completely out of there way to self-sabatoge their own campaign and act completely clueless that they were doing it.

    4. Go and sin no more, my son. You are forgiven for your sin. Just don't bring it up again, eh?

  18. He seems to have all his marbles, but they are the same marbles he has had for a long time, and I generally disagree with those marbles. I hold him fully responsible for the duplicitous, unprincipled sack of gladhanding-cum-backstabbing that he is, much like 99% of politicians.

    1. Having been in the senate too long, those might not be his marbles...?
      That gets me thinking: should any official spending more than 12 years in DC be forced to re-apply for citzenship? At that point, they haven't had actual residency in a state for such time as to have effectively left the country. DC is after all a territory, and a representative who would abandon their state is obviously unfit to be an officer of the US government.

      1. I like the cut of your jib (gib?) Flinch
        Good idea

  19. Uhhhh, if the claim of McCain meeting with ISIS has been "serially debunked", why am I able to find numerous photographs on the web of ;McCain meeting with top ISIS members?

    Oh, I get it. They are meeting with McCain in their private capacity and not as official ISIS terrorists. Doh!!

    1. Lots of people seem to think just saying debunked ends all arguments and thus determine it un necessary to show how it was debunked.

      1. Your comment has been debunked.
        Everybody knows that!

  20. I've always liked McCain, and he's also easily infuriates me too. I can easily say that in their skirmishes, Rand has the high ground, and McCain is too stubborn to see it.

    It was also nice to see that Paul said he would've fired the WH staffer, which should've been done already. I know Trump got elected, but can you imagine what he could do if he actually had any political ability?

    1. I've always liked McCain

      I've always found McCain extremely creepy. In addition to being an obvious narcissist and psychopath, the man has no political principles and profoundly bad judgment. Just look at his choice of running mate if you have any doubts. Or his personal history.

  21. McCain is an old school drug warrior, no? That means he is working for Si?ola cartel. Let me repeat that - McCain is working for the drug cartels, who wouldn't be able to operate without their help. They should send him flowers when he punches his ticket.

    1. Well, that dovetails with his penchant for bad policy like the Z visa proposed in his original bid for a de-facto amnesty pimped as 'comprehensive immigration reform' many years back. That would have given an even better status than standard visa holders, allowing them to stay in the US in perpetuity for the price of a matricula card. Cheap, no? It also would have put those holders in a nice gray area unlike normal green card holders which can get bounced out [usually the first year only] for marriages of convenience, or other problems arising from sponsorship such as failures of assurance the holder would not wind up on public assistance. It should have been labeled the Pillage, Loot and Smuggle visa.
      Like most scoundrels and charlatans, McCain will be a menace to his dying breath and repent of nothing.

  22. Senator Paul is not quite the Libertarian that his father (Rep.Ron Paul) is, but he gets my support against the NWO congress critters of both houses. The country missed a great opportunity when the duopoly party kept him out. I voted for Dr. Ron and felt the country missed a great opportunity to uphold ALL that the constitution stands for. The disingenuous occupants in government lie when they put their hand on the bible and mouth their fealty to that document.

  23. The question is, "Will Saint Peter open the gate?"

    Repent John repent!

  24. John, take it from a Scottsdale resident, hurry up and die. Do the world a favor.

    1. And in his final death throes, run an endless loop of that 2010 campaign video of his where he stands at the border and solemnly states.... "just build the wall." It has nothing to do with whether one supports the wall or not, but shows McCain as the opportunistic asshole that he is /soon was. That said it worked, Arizonans bought it every time.

      But to your point yeah, c'mon Grim Reaper get this thieving, free speech choking asshole off for his eternal dirt nap ASAP.

  25. McCain is going full scorched earth during his final journey to his eternal dirt nap. In a small way, reminds me of Hitler blaming the German people for their predicament as the Russians closed in on Berlin. Surely all of us subjects deserve the scorn of McCain the Great. We surely were too stupid to realize Johnny Straight Talk Maverick restricting our free speech was a good thing. Oh and maybe before he is cashiered Johnny Straight Talk Maverick can explain how his lovely wife escaped jail time for her crimes while so many nonviolent drug users who committed much less serious crimes did serious time. Chew on that one, Johnny Straight Talk Maverick.

    Anyway, take it away Grim Reaper!

  26. Ross Perot's reasons for despising McCain have always been sufficient for me.


  27. I'll always remember him as the only Republican in the Keating Five.

    1. reaching across the aisle!

  28. I find myself wondering how many chapters of his book John "Cash and vacations for influence" McCain will dedicate to his part in the Keating Five.

  29. Just die already.

  30. This should make things easy. Just find out what Russia wants and do the opposite. No more thinking about whether whatever is in question is really a good idea or not.

  31. Democrats, however, were entirely correct when the questioned McCain's accomplishments, competency and morality during his presidential run; it is ironic that they are now falling all over themselves to laud McCain just because he happened to oppose Trump on healthcare.

    The sooner McCain leaves the Senate, the better for the country. If he had any dignity, he would have resigned by now.

    1. He didn't just "happen" to oppose Trump on this. It fits the general pattern of McCain's political life: Identify an issue where the parties are in stark divide and the numbers are practically equal. Then betray your nominal side in the fight to get good press because the media are in the tank for the other side.

      He's done it on campaign censorship, he's done it on gun control, he's done it on border security, and he's done it now on the government's takeover of health insurance.

      Once you identify the pattern at work, he's perfectly predictable. He's always been on the lookout for opportunities to engage in tactical betrayal for good press.

  32. Democrats like McCain because he proved you can gain weight in a Communist prison camp.

  33. Oh but heaven forbid if anyone make any negative or tasteless comment about the exalted John McCain. He is free to say whatever he wishes about anyone he dislikes or disagrees with but let someone do the same and the media and RINOs go nuts. If McCain had an ounce of integrity he would resign and allow the people of AZ to be represented by two Senators (although Flake is as bad), instead of one.

  34. McCain is a bitter old narcissist who should burn for his misdeeds and lack of patriotism.

  35. McCain is fucking libtard, control freak. He isn't conservative and he isn't libertarian, he is a psychotic war hawk that doesn't mind stealing other people's money to further his objectives. Fuck this asshole, mean, petty, a control freak, he won't be missed.

  36. McCain is just a dick, sorry War Hero but still a dick, sorry cancer patient but still a dick.

    John really stop being such a dick.

  37. The worst kind of asshole.

    "Rand Paul is a traitor!"

    "I disagree, Paul has done..."


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  39. Yeah. I know. No one wants to say it, but Trump is the only one who has accurately depicted John McCain.

  40. It isn't incorrect to say that McCain worked with the NVA as a prisoner.

  41. John, don't go away mad, just die already.

  42. Maybe he'll join Hilary on tour? Bye, bye and not soon enough.

    1. Fortunately, McCain's method of departure means we won't have to listen to him whine, like we do with Hillary.

  43. McCain colluded with Obama to use the CIA to overthrow the duly elected government of the Ukraine. This Bolshevik Bastid is a traitor and should be treated as such.

  44. At this point in time I would rather just avoid saying anything negative about Sen. McCain but it is difficult. His actions just invite criticism.

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