Brickbat: Raining Money


Nashville flood
John Partipilo/ZUMApress/Newscom

Nashville officials spent $7.4 million in federal funds that were supposed to go to victims of the 2010 flood to design a downtown concert venue. At least two members of the City Council at the time say they were unaware of that decision, and a local TV station reports the project was not mentioned in the "action plan" council members voted on nor in the analysis prepared for them. Instead, it was listed as "civic open space with improvements" in that plan.

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  1. There’s a legal term for that. It’s called “fraud and embezzlement”.


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  2. “2010 Flood Victims Memorial Amphitheater”.

    Everybody focuses on the victims who lost their homes and possessions and their financial and material recovery, this focuses on their emotional recovery, making them feel better that something good has come out of something bad, and isn’t their emotional recovery just as important? Besides which, no man is an island, what affects one of us affects all of us, so in a way weren’t we all victims of the flood?

    1. so in a way weren’t we all victims of the flood?

      Across all borders and throughout all time. If council votes to imprison the embezzlers and charge higher price admission to the venue to out-of-city and out-of-state… legal visitors… in order to keep the embezzlers in prison and pay off the debt owed to taxpayers, they’d be no better than your average totalitarian statis fuck.

      Unless they label themselves a Sanctuary City, then it’s OK for them to kick immigrants out as long as they falsely place them on a questionably legal list of suspected gang members or just price all the poorer residents out “equally”.

      1. or sex traffickers?

    2. and I didn’t even get my feet wet!

  3. MDHA said people were invited to submit public comments before the money was redirected for another purpose, but no one did.

    See??? We asked you what to do with the money, no one said anything, so we just spent it however we wanted!

    This being Nashville, I’d love to spit some beechnut in that dude’s eyes, and shoot him with my old 45 ‘Cause a country boy can survive.

  4. Flooded Nashvillians can’t enjoy Music City music, too? (It’s not like they have another round of playoff hockey to enjoy.)

    1. Hey! You suck! Hey You suck! Winnipeg beat the hell out of you, you, you.

  5. And yet another reason to ban all governments from “art projects”.
    Just build the damn roads, and keep the traffic lights in synch.
    Put the government offices in Quonset huts in the flood plain, and you can be sure the damns will hold.

    1. Damn that makes sense!

      1. one small improvement, lets forgo the huts…

        1. Well, sure; cheaper that way anyhow – – – – – – – –

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