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It's Time To End the White House Correspondents' Dinner

Michelle Wolf's jokes weren't particularly funny or offensive, but they-and the media's outraged reaction-belie an event whose best days were long ago.


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The problem with a pissing contest is that everybody involved ends up getting wet.

Which brings me to the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, which featured a mostly unfunny 20-minute set by comedian Michelle Wolf and heaps of public outrage by conservatives and liberal journalists ostensibly upset at crude, vulgar comments aimed at the president, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and other administration figures. There is no one to root for in such a spectacle. For the second straight year, Donald Trump chose not to attend, a decision which is pretty smart from almost any point of view. What exactly would he gain from showing up? (Scroll down to watch video of Wolf's set.)

Wolf's set started off promisingly, with her quipping, "Like a porn star says when she's about to have sex with a Trump, let's get this over with." But she spent far too much time explaining her jokes to get on with actually delivering solid punch lines. That said, the idea that she brutally and misogynistically attacked Sanders, which many commenters have averred, is absurd. You wouldn't know it from conservative Twitter, but the most controversial joke in the performance didn't actually attack Sanders' looks but her penchant for doublespeak:

I actually really like Sarah. I think she's very resourceful. But she burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smokey eye. Like maybe she's born with it; maybe it's lies. It's probably lies.

And I'm never really sure what to call Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You know, is it Sarah Sanders? Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Is it Cousin Huckabee? Is it Auntie Huckabee Sanders? Like, what's Uncle Tom but for white women who disappoint other white women? Oh, I know: Aunt Coulter.

Wolf didn't hesitate to work blue, but most of her gags were hardly "scathing" (as many anti-Trump people dubbed them). To wit:

Men are being held accountable. You know, Al Franken was ousted. That one really hurt liberals. But I believe it was the great Ted Kennedy who said, "Wow, that's crazy; I murdered a woman."

"Chappaquiddick" in theaters now.

I did have a lot of jokes—I had a lot of jokes about Cabinet members, but I had to scrap all of those because everyone has been fired. You guys are going through Cabinet members quicker than Starbucks throws out black people.

Mitch McConnell isn't here. He had a prior engagement. He's finally getting his neck circumcised. Mazel.

Paul Ryan couldn't make it. Of course, he's already been circumcised. Unfortunately, while they were down there, they also took his balls….

Wolf did get some digs in at the press itself, but the shots were not much better than the ones aimed at politicians.

You guys are obsessed with Trump. Did you used to date him? Because you pretend like you hate him, but I think you love him. I think what no one in this room wants to admit is that Trump has helped all of you. He couldn't sell steaks or vodka or water or college or ties or Eric, but he has helped you.

He's helped you sell your papers and your books and your TV. You helped create this monster, and now you're profiting off of him. And if you're gonna profit off of Trump, you should at least give him some money because he doesn't have any.

Full transcript here.

In the scheme of things, Wolf's routine was mostly forgettable. Yet conservatives were quick to outrage, including presidential assistant Mercedes Schlapp and her husband Matt (head of the American Conservative Union), who walked out of the dinner:

Far more interesting, though, then Trump supporters, conservatives, and Republicans acting like college-age snowflakes is the response of the press corps. Talk about thin skin! Here's Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski huffing:

And here's NBC's Andrea Mitchell sounding a similar note:

Margaret Talev, who works for Bloomberg and is the president of the White House Correspondents Association, which sponsors the dinner, allowed that "some of [Wolf's jokes] made me uncomfortable and did not embody the spirit of the night."

Of course, exactly what that spirit is supposed to be is far from clear. The only vaguely memorable White House Correspondents' Dinner monologues have been those that, like Wolf's, were deemed nasty and out of bounds. Stephen Colbert's 2006 performance comes to mind, as do Don Imus's and Norm MacDonald's 1996 and 1997 appearances at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association annual dinner.

New York Times' reporter Peter Baker suggested "I don't think we advanced the cause of journalism," and later counseled, "I would vote to leave the comedy acts to comedy shows and stick to journalism at journalism dinners."

That sounds about right for an evening that all too often leaves no one satisfied even as it increases the chasm between the media and the voting public. According to a Knight Foundation-Gallup report released earlier this year, "trust in the media is at an all-time low," with 43 percent having a negative view of the press and just 33 percent having a positive view.

The White House Correspondents' Dinner got started in 1920, so it's had a long run. Like so many other aspects of contemporary American life (such as today's political parties, taxicab cartels, and old-style shopping malls), it's time to hang it up and move on to something actually meaningful to 21st-century America. The event serves no meaningful purpose and accomplishes nothing other than raising hackles all around by underscoring the prickliness of the press and diverting attention from actual reporting and analysis. Certainly, no one will miss it.

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  1. Until now, I thought that the most loathsome person in Washington DC was the White House press secretary. Congratulations to Michelle Wolf for hitting rock bottom and continuing to dig.

    1. Michelle Wolf was hilarious, and you can’t stop sucking the cock of power and swallowing the cum. Your outrage is duly noted and totally ignored.

  2. Actually it was very funny. If Huckleberry didn’t want to be roasted so bad maybe she could’ve persuaded her whiny coward of a boss to show up. Or she could not tell lies in service of said coward to the American people for a living.

    1. The antipathy of the press in this era toward Trump is beyond anything I’ve ever seen, and I’m old enough to easily remember Nixon. It almost – almost – makes me feel sympathy for a guy that I’ve always detested. Why in the world should Trump go to the WHCD? It would be like a mailman going to a meeting of rabid dogs. Best just to stay away and let them slobber all over themselves.

      And I hate to break it to you, but press secretaries have been lying to the American people for a living ever since there have been press secretaries. Ron Ziegler? Dee Dee Myers? It’s literally one of the job duties.

      1. This is a libertarian website.

        As in the last place that should be joining hands with the beltway pundit class in its collective experience of the vapors.

        The court jester is an old tradition. There were probably absolute monarchs with more of a sense of humor than Trump.

        1. “Best just to stay away and let them slobber all over themselves.”

          As Tony did:
          “As in the last place that should be joining hands with the beltway pundit class in its collective experience of the vapors.”
          Uh, you mean listening to one more lefty whine that they lost, as you do constantly?

        2. Tony, a faggoty, sniveling piece of shit like you would make a good court jester.

        3. Haha, you think this is a libertarian website? Haha, bless your heart and pass the flaccid ammo.

      2. As our first modern white trash president Trump deserves it. He routinely insults individual members of the press like Katy Tur to the point that she feared violence from one of his deplorables. He even said he would pay the legal fees of someone who assaults a critic of his.

        1. Actually, Obama is just a responsible for Trump being in the White House as anybody. He reamed Trump at on the these dinners, and you could see it in his face that is when decided to run for the office with intent. Kinda funny when you think about it.

          1. That look told it all. Obama had a different look when he was exiting the White House.

            Trump had a look at that dinner that he was going to show those leftist shitheads what it was like to dethrone a bitch like Hillary. He did that.

            Obama had a look of horror as he whispered in Something to Trump and was blown off as the socialist turd that Obama was. One of the worst presidents ever.

            Then Melina handed Michelle a gift from Tiffanys and Michelle looked like she was not used to get anything but diet books.

              1. Exactly, that event was b…o…r…i…n…g.

        2. He insults people? Oh dear. I hope your ether is close to hand.

          1. He insults people?

            Why yes. He does. That is the full extent of the “Trump Doctrine”. As our first White Trash POTUS his primary tool is insult and lying. I am glad you notice too!

            1. As our first White Trash POTUS

              Unlike you, white trash occasionally serve a useful purpose.

              1. However, just like PB, Trump never pays.

                1. Trump does play chess and you’re another one of his victims.

                  1. Oh, yeah, Trump plays chess with only pawns, and doesn’t understand why he keep losing.

        3. Palin’s Buttplug|4.29.18 @ 8:04PM|#
          “As our first modern white trash president Trump deserves it.”

          Fortunately, our black trash lying POS is out to pasture, and our (now defeated) white trash hag can join him.

        4. The “fear of violence” felt by libtards and their purse puppies in the press is their own. Nobody else is responsible for how much “fear” they feel. It’s become a weaponized tool of propaganda, like when Cathy Newman embarrassed herself on the BBC debating Jordan Peterson, and the MSM had the hand-wringing tales of ‘death threats’ and ‘vicious comments’ out within 24 hours.

          I mean, I totally fear violence from Antifa or BLM but nobody’s shutting them down for me, are they? That’s because **my fears are largely unreasonable**.

          Okay…so that’s point A. Can you connect it to point B*? You’ll have to draw a straight line…

          *-Okay, to make it easier, we should be clear that point B is “Shut the fuck up about “Internet harrassment and mean comments”.

          1. Did you forget your meds today? When is the last time anyone mentioned BLM or Antifa? You are stuck in the wrong timestream. You should really do your own thinking instead of swallowing the jizz of your right wing media sources.

        5. Bill Clinton was not a modern president?

    2. You were sounding somewhat coherent and reasonable recently.

      And then this.

      It was a good run.

      I would have loved to see comedians try this with Obama. But they didn’t have the balls.

      1. He had the balls to show up.

        Give me a fucking break with this poor Trump routine. Nobody forced him to run for president.

        1. He showed up to be worshipped.

        2. Why would he show up to a hack show by hacks for hacks?

          The media doesn’t even understand that Trump knows that ignoring the media hacks is worse than talking shit about the media hacks. The media hacks cannot make any money if their non-lefty target never shows up.

      2. You’re such a dumbass, rufus. Obama was lied about 24/7 on Fox News and then had the balls to do a multi-part interview with their #1 henchman Bill O’Reilly.

        1. So that lends Fox news credibility?

          1. Not a bit. It shows the dignity of Obama. He was lied about 24/t on Fox News – called a Muslim and a communist. Yet he went there to face his biggest opponent.

            1. shriek giving Barry O a rimjob again.

            2. Huh. I suppose you can provide links to FOX calling Obama either a muslim or a communist?

            3. He is a communist, you dumbfuck. He had no dignity. Just a servile piece of shit.

            4. Your life be for Obama’s truly knows no bounds, does it. He does of course look very dignified when he gets his photo taken with an anti-Semitic black supremacist or trash the Supreme Court in the middle of the state of the union address for daring to uphold the 1st amendment. Such dignity, how can one not swoon.

            5. Fuck you, Weigel, using Obama and dignity in the same sentence.

        2. That’s Rufus with a capital ‘R’ putz.

      3. Comedians roasted Obama plenty, and to the extent he deserved.

        He was a much better president and human being than Trump, who made it his mission in life to not be “presidential” and to be a vulgar asshole. He said that’s what he wanted to do.

        Not that it’s a huge surprise that he can’t take what he dishes.

        1. They did?

          If they did, they weren’t very good because all I saw was them continuing to mock Bush.

          I’m pretty sure he was the least mocked President in recent history and mostly because a) comedians are liberal and chose not to and b) they just didn’t want to be seen as unwoke.

          Shit, the material was writing itself and no one took it.

          And then SNL went all creepy-cultish on the guy.

          So no. I don’t think so.

          1. Okay, lay a good Obama joke on me. I admit it’s hard for me to do. Something something basketball?

            1. “No, Mr. President, that wasn’t the RESET button!”

            2. Special Olympics basketball?

            3. I’m not a comedian, Tony. It’s not my job to craft the jokes. But if they’d pay me, I probably could come up with more than what we saw because every administration provides enough material.

              I’m just saying the perception is he was given a free pass.

              Something, something black and dignified.

              1. I’m just saying the perception is he was given a free pass.

                The perception ON THE RIGHT is that he was given a free pass.

                In the real world:



                1. 2 articles pissing and moaning about Obama limiting their access?

                  Are you fucking retarded Jeff? Because you seem intent on proving that you’re retarded.

                  1. Yes, yes he is.

            4. FORE!

              *drops bombs on brown people*

              (Granted, this joke works for Trump too. That ought to be telling, except I’m trying to be funny here so never mind serious shit.)

              1. That’s actually pretty good.

            5. “Okay, lay a good Obama joke on me. I admit it’s hard for me to do. Something something basketball?”

              I did a quit internet search my self.

              Barack Obama was seated next to a little girl on an airplane trip back to Washington. He turned to her and said, “Let’s talk. I’ve heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.”
              The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed it slowly and said to The Obama, “What would you like to talk about?”
              “Oh, I don’t know,” said the Obama. “How about What Changes I Should Make To America?” and he smiles.
              “OK,” she says. “That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff ? grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?”
              Obama, visibly surprised by the little girl’s intelligence, thinks about it for a second and finally says, “Hmmm, I have no idea.”
              To which the little girl replies, “Do you really feel qualified to change America when you don’t know shit?”

              I think this SNL skit said a lot about what kind of president we had in Obama, Which was surprising given how left SNL has become.

              1. SNL has drifted more to the left as conservatives have gone batshit crazy. Conservatives are the new Wahhabi Christian sect – all about abortion and personal issues while they pump up the size of the federal government.

                Progs suck too though!

              2. lol.

                “I’m an executive order and I pretty much happen”.

                Conjunction junction what’s your function and The Bill on Capitol Hill were two legends.

                I used to see those on Saturday mornings.

              3. That’s not a joke that speaks to reality in any way. It’s just a joke, and you could substitute anyone for Obama.

                Do you suppose Trump knows more about the subtitles of barnyard shit?

                Do you people really not think that Trump lends himself to being made fun of more? Or are you just calling for joke affirmative action for presidents?

                1. “Subtitles of barnyard shit”
                  What an accurate self-assessment of your life and work. Kudos.

            6. Remember when Obama bombed that American citizen and his American kid?

              Neither does the media. BOOM!

              1. Oh, I say. That was way better than mine, well done.

              2. I remember.

                Actual murder, especially of children, is hard to forget. And the 14-year-old wasn’t alone. He was eating with a group of friends. He dad had already been killed a year or so earlier, so I guess the motive was that he might grow up to follow in his father’s footsteps. I guess that’s why we inprison the young sons of mobsters, and why Bernie Madoff’s grandkids are in a juvenile jail. (Oh wait, we don’t do that? Obo didn’t know that.)

                It’s disgusting that any respect can be shown to someone that does this kind of thing. It shows how powerful the office of pres is that this stuff can get a pass. Imagine a medical doctor who had cured cancer, but who had also murdered a group of young boys ? would he still be hailed as a saviour?

                Trump is terrible, but I have a hard time seeing that his predecessor was the decent person everyone says he was. That’s BS.

            7. Remember when Obama was going to close Gitmo?

              Neither does the media. BOOM!

            8. Remember when Obama demanded that the DOJ and FBI ignore Hillary violating federal law when she mishandled classified information?

              Neither does the media. BOOM!

            9. Remember when Obama let Hillary get 4 Americans killed in Libya?

              Neither does the media. BOOM!

            10. Remember when Obama was exposed by Snowden violating the constitution and US law?

              Neither does the media. BOOM!

            11. Remember when Obama said “Change we can believe in” and the chant “Yes We Can”?

              Then he continued unconstitutional domestic spying, kept Gitmo open, failed to defeat ISIS, failed to exit Iraq and Afghanistan, illegally spied on Trump’s campaign, protected Hillary from criminal charges, failed to fix black unemployment, failed to get the USA out of the Great Recession, enlarged the government, almost doubled the national debt, and much much more bad stuff….

            12. Remember when Obama ripped on Trump during that dinner in 2011 and thought he would get the last laugh over Trump?

              Hillary has been crying ever since November 8, 2017

            13. Remember when Obama lost all those automatic weapons to the drug cartels during operation fast and furious that were later used to killed border patrol agents?

              Neither does the media. BOOM!

            14. Remember when Obama tried to explain who Michelle Wolf was?

              Everyone yawned and asked….who?

              1. Don’t quit your day job of squirrel hunting or whatever.

                1. Fast and Furious. The IRS scandal. The $2 billion spent building The Veterans Administration letting veterans die waiting for care. The Office of Personnel Management hacking. Lying about Bowe Berghdahl. Solyndra . The stimulus “was riddled with a massive labor scheme that harmed workers and cheated unsuspecting American taxpayers.” Hillary and her private e-mail server. The Department of Justice secretly reviewed the phone records of at least 20 phone lines of Associated Press reporters ? their work, home, and cell-phone lines. The Department of Justice’s decision to call Fox News reporter James Rosen a criminal “co-conspirator” . The Department of Justice punishing and prosecuting a record number of whistleblowers. Benghazi ? the failure to provide Chris Stephens with the security he requested, the inability to put together a rescue operation that night, and the false explanation to the public afterwards blaming a video. Attacking Libya in violation of both the War Powers Act *and* UN Article 39. Running guns to ISIS via the non-existent “Free Syrian Army”. Allowing (if not encouraging) EPA to violate FOIA and evade congressional oversight via setting up misnamed email accounts for senior management to use. The Obama administration made hostage ransom payments to the Iranian government and lied about having done so. I’m sure you can remember others.

                  Plenty of material there….

                2. Aw Tony, always like a lefty…. a day late and someone else’s dollar short.

            15. It’s hard to make jokes snout someone after you’ve sucked him off, because then you’re just indirectly insulting yourself too.

            16. Hey, did you hear the one about President Obama?

              No? Me neither.

        2. The man who institutionalized the targeted killing of anyone, anywhere, on presidential authority alone, without judicial review, is emphatically not a ‘better human being’ than anyone.
          Rather a billion vulgar assholes than a single murderer.
          Obama is beneath contempt.

          1. Well said.

    3. Chicks aren’t funny.

      1. Madelaine Kahn begs to differ.

        And Joan Rivers – speaking of vulgar.

        1. Dude! They are both 4x your age!

          Why not Sarah Silverman or Amy Shumer?

          1. Why not Sarah Silverman or Amy Shumer?

            Because they aren’t funny.

          2. Because they suck?

          3. Are Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer comediennes?

        2. Carol Burnet was funny too.

          Rita Rudner was pretty good. Especially as her character Rosanne Rosanna Danna.

          More recently: Alex Borstein.

          1. Rita Rudner was kind of funny. Gilda Radner was brilliant.

            1. I liked Paula Poundstone as well. But she kind of got unpersoned I think.

        3. I like Kathleen Madigan.

          If you want weird comedy, Maria Bamford is one of my favorite. Lauren Lapkus is great as well. I’m consistently impressed by her on CBB.

          1. I like Kathleen Madigan.

            Personally, Iliza Shlesinger has some funny moments.

    4. It wasn’t funny in the least. Insulting people you don’t like isn’t comedy. Mind you, I’m not saying it was particularly brutal. Just wasn’t funny. At all. Daily show kind of stuff, “you’re stupid and evil, hahahaha!!.”

      The last good one was Norm McDonald.

      1. Insulting people you don’t like isn’t comedy.

        I think you nailed it. I’ve been reading along with the comments and pondering. What’s the real point here, and what’s merely knee-jerk emotional reactions we’re so prone toward? And I think you got it.

        Humor is a shared experience. It’s often based on absurd truths. We laugh, and feel that the comedian understands us. They’re one of us. They couldn’t see our truths otherwise.

        And then there’s virtue signaling. “I/We are better than you, HAHA SO FUNNY LIKE YOUR FACE AND YOUR MOM.” I suspect it lights up the brain’s reward centers – it makes us happy and feels good – except it isn’t funny. It’s exclusive, isolating. Thrilling, when it’s us doing it, but in the long run limiting.

        Hrmm. Then again, maybe it’s all a version of the same. Absurd truths are often things we find weird. Something that has poked us enough to be noticed, anyhow. Maybe I’m just saying it wrong, but I think there’s something real buried here.

        Kudos, Mark. *doffs hat*

      2. Insulting people worked well for Don Rickles.
        And for that cigar-smoking dog puppet, Triumph.

        1. It worked for Rickles because he didn’t hate the people he was insulting, and that came through.


    5. Actually it was very funny.

      Wishing won’t make it so, Tony.


    6. Telling lies on the President’s behalf is a near daily tradition older than the White House Correspondents Circle Jerk.

  3. I just read an article by the press, criticizing the press about criticizing the press. Let’s just all admit that this is the best we can do.

    1. The reason trust in the press has declined is because the rubes don’t understand how important a free and impartial press is to democracy.
      – journalists

      1. The reason trust in the press has declined is because the press no longer reports documented facts with credible, verifiable sources.
        – rubes

  4. And I’m never really sure what to call Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You know, is it Sarah Sanders? Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Is it Cousin Huckabee? Is it Auntie Huckabee Sanders? Like, what’s Uncle Tom but for white women who disappoint other white women? Oh, I know: Aunt Coulter.

    LOL! That is some great material!

    The best comedy has elements of truth, and white women deserve to be called out since exit polls show a majority of them voted for Drumpf over Clinton. I certainly let my aunts and female cousins know how disappointed I was during family gatherings in late 2016.

    1. Well you know, women always vote for the candidates men tell them to vote for per HRC. Who did you tell your aunts and cousins to vote for? You are a man, right? My aunts and cousins all voted for Johnson because I told them to.

  5. Norm MacDonald should be given all MC jobs in perpetuity.

  6. The irony here is that we have a POTUS whose campaign was based on lying about and insulting others.

    1. I have to admit there’s truth to this. If you dish it out, you have to take it.

      But they have been hammering him persistently and crazily so maybe he is taking it as well as could be expected.

      1. I have to admit there’s truth to this.

        There is hope for you yet!

        For real, Obama was like Jackie Robinson in that he had to show dignity while racists lied about him. Trump shows no dignity at all but attacks his opponents personally.

        1. You’re funnier than Wolf I’ll give you that.

          1. Isn’t everyone funnier than Wolf?

            There is a reason that her wolfpack ditched her. BOOM!

        2. What does it say about Obama’s that his best point always comes down to the color of his skin, and the only rebuttal you have for those of us who criticize him is to shout ‘racist’ like a whiny college freshman.

          1. The DNC used Obama to try and get rid of the stench of utter racism since the Democrats fought the Civil War for slavery only (according to lefties), started the KKK, enacted Jim Crowe laws, and constantly enact social programs that treat blacks like little kids who cannot take care of themselves.

    2. Tell me about it. “Crooked Hillary”? What nonsense. She’s probably the most ethical politician in the country.


      1. “She’s probably the most ethical politician in the country.”

        That’s a pretty low bar.

        1. And demonstrably false.

    3. Hillary wasn’t elected, shriek, no matter how much you wish it was true.

    1. How are their asylum applications in Mexico going?

      1. (since they seem to be from countries south of Mexico)

    2. Let them all in and give them immediate citizenship!
      And jobs! Good jobs!

      1. Notice the Democrats never give a bunch of illegal top positions in the DNC?

    3. Not even the migrants themselves are demanding citizenship.

      1. They’ll never fuck you.

  7. Isn’t the Correspondant’s Dinner little more than a massive, self-congratulatory, auto-fellatio party for “journalists”…?

    1. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

      /Correspondents’ association

    2. “Hey! We will also fellate the administration if we agree with their politics.”

    3. Yeah, but typically these are fairly benign affairs. They just made the mistake of having a female comedian do the jokes instead of someone who’s actually funny.

  8. In case you didn’t get it, the sort of thesis to this set was that Trump is the one who originated all of the vulgarity that the comedian riffed on. He said pussy grabbing first. He said he grabs women by the pussy and lots of Americans were OK with that. So no excuse for whining about it now.

    1. Oof. This reaction to the ‘grabbing by the pussy’ line is one of the all-time faux-pearl clutching crying.

      In context, it was ‘meh’ at best and he wasn’t even a politician. I’m pretty sure a large portion of actual politicians (particularly Democrats) who committed far worse behaviour on women.

      Heck, you had a woman (who shall remain unnamed – cough – Hilary) who stood by her serial sexual assaulting husband (they guy who played the sax) while going to the level of maliciously ruining the lives of his accusers.

      So excuse me if I laugh at progs trying to take the high road here.

      1. Okay so stop crying about a comedian’s set being mean to the guy. He’s plenty mean to people, and his meanness actually destroys lives.

        1. “and his meanness actually destroys lives.”

          Now that’s a big mozzarella stick you have hanging out there, Tony.

          I would ask for a cite but it’s such an absurd statement I won’t bother.

        2. “Okay so stop crying about a comedian’s set ”

          Bro, YOU are crying about other people crying. Get some perapective.

          1. *perspective

        3. Trump has destroyed that hooker’s life. What’s her name? Stormy?

          She had to admit she was a whore publicly to try and get more money for being a whore.

      2. “I’m pretty sure a large portion of actual politicians (particularly Democrats) who committed far worse behaviour on women.”

        When did Trump stop being a Democrat? Some of his misbehavior ought to be on their side of the ledger.

        1. You jest no doubt.

          Is Trump a Democrat because Republicans like Denny Hastert and Larry Craig like boys/men?

          I know the GOP is like the Roman Catholic Church in many ways…….

          1. You’re aware that the Democrats were traditionally the party for Catholics, in some cities they were pretty much the Catholic party, and alienating half of the Catholics took years of hard and unremitting effort on the Democrats’ part?

            And you don’t seem aware the Trump used to be a Democrat. A New York City Democrat.

            1. Trump is a businessman and was not a Democrat except that you had to be part of the corrupt Democrats pack to get some things done.

              The left partly hates Trump because they thought he was one of them and he has shown that he never was. He only acted that way.

              Ironic that a bunch of actors cannot pick a better actor (Trump) out of a crowd.

    2. There’s a different between vulgarity in a private conversation versus over the public airwaves.

  9. If no tax money is used on the WHCD why would any libertarian care about it?

    I remember when the Bush administration planted a “reporter” named Jeff Gannon (a supporter who praised Bush) into the press pool. As long as the press is a critic instead of a mouthpiece all is good.

    1. It’s Gillespie, not a Libertarian.

    2. Senior White House employees went.

      Taxpayer money was spent.

    3. No tax money is used to fund Hannity’s show, why do you care so much about that.

      Then again, you must not even pretend to be libertarian anymore.

    4. Libertarians can comment things outside of government. Honesetly, this is one of the ideas of libertarianism that things will be discussed and resolved with words rather than government force.

  10. Collusion…

    The back slapping and mutual masturbation between the media and politicians at the correspondents dinner is THE definition of collusion to defraud the US public. I will take Putin any day over this.

    1. You already have.

      Thanks for that. It wasn’t your country to give away, but there you go.

      1. Because Putin owns us now, because of some twitter bots or something.

        Your nonsense makes Obama’s being a Muslim seem mild by comparison in the museum of conspiracy theories.

  11. Somebody’s never seen the Bush roast if you think this is the lowest of the low. The dinner’s always been this weird thing where the press shows how powerful they are that they can talk shit at the President and he has to sit there and take it, but at the same time the press has such an incestuous relationship with those in power that the whole thing’s got to be an inside joke. In all the pearl-clutching, I hadn’t heard anybody repeating the bit about how the press feeds off of Trump, how good he is for business, and that’s really the heart of the matter. CNN did as much as anybody to get Trump elected, giving him all the free airtime he wanted during the primaries, they need to own that shit.

    1. Oh, and if Trump had a lick of sense he wouldn’t have sent Sanders over there alone, he would have sent along a Cabinet member or something as his rep. He would have sent Ben Carson. Let’s see if the press has the balls to talk shit about a black man.

      1. Ben Carson is one of the more mockworthy cabinet members. It would have been jokes about pyramids and dining room tables all day.

        1. Send Mattis, and let him take the mic when the press was done. Whoo!

  12. The jokes about her looks were over the top. Not appropriate at all.

    1. Imagine if a dude said those jokes.

      1. Sarah Huckster Sanders is a fat whore and I mean that in a respectful way.

        (she gets paid to lie for the POTUS thus the “whore” part)

        1. Commenting about her appearance is just not necessary. It makes you seem just vindictive and petty.

          1. Then she should not sell her services to a scumbag like Donald Trump.

            1. No, individuals have fundamental dignity and worth regardless of who they work for or what they believe.

            2. But the dignity of Obama is beyond mockery!

          2. He is vindictive and petty, so I’m some sense it’s perfectly appropriate for him to seem that way.

          3. Chemjeff…

            I hate to tell you this, but PB is vindictive and petty.

            1. Butt is going to be really vindictive and petty after Democrats lose more seats in Congress this November 2018 and Trump wins reelection in 2020.

    2. I’m ambivalent about it. In the right hands and talented comedians, it could be pulled off. You can’t start putting limits on comedy.

      Had this chick also done jokes about Michelle Obama’s looks and shown herself to be an ‘equal opportunity’ comedian, it would have been more digestible because she’d have a reputation for doing so.

      But it was so naked in its partisanship and hate I think that’s what made it appalling.

      1. Not just Michelle but any Democrat.

      2. How many Melania jokes did she do?

      3. No one is saying that these jokes should be banned. Only that they are beneath any sane standard of public decency.

        1. Who cares then?

          I don’t look for decency in comedy. I just look for…comedy.

        2. It’s COMEDY you fucking imbecile.

          1. Isn’t comedy supposed to be funny?

            1. That’s the theory.

      4. “it would have been more digestible because she’d have a reputation for doing so.”

        Comedians go for comedy. You want digestible? Stick to baby food. And quit whining.

        1. Then why didn’t this comedian go for comedy?

          1. The audience were laughing. Maybe you just didn’t get it.

      5. You can’t start putting limits on comedy.
        I have a theory that some people just don’t have a sense of humor, but they try to simulate having one to appear normal. It would explain progressives and how they *just happen* to only enjoy comedians who have the right politics.

        1. Trump has done some hilarious shit. They could have done comedy about those events.

          That nobody lady went another route.

  13. For a roast format to work, the roaster needs to be friend or respected colleague.

    So, the WHCA should have a roast format if and only a Democrat is the President.

    1. If you are trying to say that no one respects Trump then you have succeeded.

      1. No, he was saying the press are his underlings, not colleagues

      2. The media still kisses his ass and gives him free publicity.

        Trump just got more popular and he didn’t even show at the event.

      3. Hmm. No. But rather:
        1) Roasts by people who truly dislike you are not fun, good spirited ribbing, but mean spitfule.
        2) The media as whole, and this woman in particular appear to hate everyone with and (R) (see aslo: Biden telling black people that Romney wants to put them back in chains)

        So, I was saying that the WHCD should not do roast format unless a (D) was in power, as no one would take offense, unless they were particularly thin skinned.

        Imagine Mark Steyn doing a Roast format in 2015 with Obama, Clinton and other in attendence, and I hope you’ll see the issue.

  14. Dude I don’t think that was a pissing contest you were in…

  15. Self censorship. Reason’s preferred form of censorship.

    1. It’s the worst kind!

    2. Its not really censorship when you feel bad for how bad a flop a show is and imply that nobody should ever do such a bad performance ever again.

  16. So funny. It’s terrible whenever Trump makes fun of someone, but funny when anybody else says terrible things about someone else.

    1. Wow. That’s some messed up shit there.

  17. My wife and I walked out early from the wh correspondents dinner. Enough of elites mocking all of us

    This is quick to outrage, thin-skinned snowflake behavior to Nick? Hell, if I had to sit through twenty minutes of an unfunny comedian talking shit about libertarians, I’d walk out. Let them keep holding the event, but why should they expect Republicans to keep coming if it’s just a big hate on Republicans party?

    1. “but why should they expect Republicans to keep coming if it’s just a big hate on Republicans party?”

      Because they are the press corps, and politicians like to see their names in print.

      1. Trump still got his name in print and he never showed.

        Billions in free publicity.

        1. Billions? Sounds a little high. But there would have been more of a splash if Trump had attended and faced down his mockers. Press loves confrontation.

          1. Just quoting the lefty nutcases who gave Trump free publicity.

            1. I don’t see the quotation. Don’t know what you’re on about.

      2. mtrueman|4.29.18 @ 10:22PM|#
        ‘Because they are the press corps, and politicians like to see their names in print.’

        Posted by the dimwit who hopes someone makes a mistake and clicks on his handle and thereby doubles his blogs click count for the month.
        Fuck off, oh unlettered scum

          1. We laugh at you all the time….

            1. We all enjoy a good laugh.

    2. Not going would have been the reasonable thing there. There was no surprise to this WHCD, it’s basically what it always is. If they did not know what they were getting into, then they were stupid.

      So going, just to leave and especially making an obvious political jab like “Enough of elites mocking all of us” reads like pure political posturing.

  18. Sigh.

    Women just aren’t funny.

    1. Sure they are. Just not when they’re trying to be.

    2. Generalizing about all women from one unfunny female comedian would be like me assuming that all men are sexist dbags just because a few of them are. Tempting, but shouldn’t we be better than that?

  19. Well at least the negative reaction has been bi-partisan!

  20. Herbert Hoover at least showed up for the Gridiron Club dinners before voters booted him back to Freehold, Iowa.

  21. Yeah, it was tasteless. It seems pretty un-libertarian to me to suggest something be ended just because you think it’s pointless.

  22. I refuse to care what a bunch of victim complex media hacks have to complain about now. Going back to listening to Jordan Peterson lectures

    1. Yeah. if I want to know the opinions of the WHPC I’ll read their news articles. Er, I mean opinion pieces.

  23. This is the cream de la creme of the lefties and they think that Americans will sweep their kind into office Nov 2018.

    They are being ignored by hundreds of thousands of people each year. Ratings are plummeting. Advertising dollars are down. Purchases of newspapers and other media are plummeting. its a socialist media bloodbath.

    I really just feel sorry for them. The Republicans will at least fight tough after the Democrats are gone and its Libertarians vs the GOP.

    1. cream de la creme of the lefties

      Well, there’s a whole new oxymoron.


      1. That bar is not high for them.

  24. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of the press.

    “Say, did you hear about those prostitutes in Columbia who founded a newspaper? I mean, if journalists can be whores, why can’t whores be journalists, right?”

    1. “Hey, why are you wasting time at this dinner? Aren’t there important stories you should be ignoring?

      “So did you hear about the butcher who was selling scientist brains at twenty dollars a pound, and selling journalist brains for two thousand dollars a pound? Why the difference? You know how many journalists you have to kill to get a pound of brains?”

    2. The media hate…hate….hates to be ignored. Its the worse thing you can do to them because they lose fame and money.

      Trump just gets his messages out via Twitter and ignores the media or plays them for fools.

  25. If Michelle Wolf was even somewhat attractive I’d guess she wouldn’t be attacking another woman for her looks.

    1. Wolf’s mane looked attractive. If you’re into that type of non-cranium hair.

      1. I may be the only right-of-center male on Earth who thinks Debbie Wassermann-Schultz rates “cute” yet I still totally disagree with you. Now Naomi Wolf remains the smokin’ hawt crazy that proves the exception to the rule.

        1. The curly frizz does it for you? Whatever floats your boat. Go get some.

  26. As I posted above, progressive lesbians have killed at least 6 more children than the NRA ever has (the death toll is likely exponentially higher but we can’t expect the media to ever report the true numbers).

    1. The NRA has way more blood on its hands than “progressive lesbians” do.

      1. Just wait till the post-impeachment civil war we’ve been promised. Lesbians will not only be the front lines of the progressive front, they will insist on using their bare hands.

        1. Lesbians grabbing pussy in public.

          Hmm….who else did the media go after for doing that?

  27. Oh no! I missed some tragic news.

    James H. Cone, Founder Of Black Liberation Theology, Dies At 79

    As a left-libertarian, I am generally skeptical of organized religion. However, I make an exception for religions that promote social justice, and Black Liberation Theology certainly qualifies. I wasn’t old enough to vote for Obama, but I remember when the right-wing media successfully made an issue of his religion, as if there was anything wrong with what Rev. Wright said in those videos. It’s too bad Obama had to distance himself from his church, like he had to pretend to oppose marriage equality.

    RIP James H. Cone. If only all Christians could be like you.

    1. Your shtick is tired; fuck off.

      1. Your shtick is worse; fuck off.

        1. What links?

  28. Though I do not disagree with Nick’s point, much of American sensibilities about extravaganza come down to such hyperbolic galas. It is what makes Americana Americana, in essence. A more serious question might be does the dinner serve as a smokescreen for privilege of access? My credentials wouldn’t land me a Congressional page, let alone WH staff. Who gets it and why in an increasingly media incorporated field might be a worthwhile Reason topic.

  29. I like the gala. This was just a bad year. They should have taken the opportunity to rise above (as Talev tried to do) but instead it was tired Trump bashing. Time to move on, and hopefully this was the death knell. I love great journalism and they should celebrate themselves just like the Oscars honor great movies. One thing that troubled me was that Talev said they had important work to do in exposing sex trafficking and a couple other bogus things. I forget exactly. But that’s Reason’s job – to keep them in line. Very proud of everyone despite this debacle. Keep up the good work!

  30. I thought she was funny.

    The interesting part was the legit reaction from the White House press corps–and there’s something to learn from that. For those who roll stage left, yeah, elitist shit-eating came across a lot cooler during the Obama era. Those days are over. I don’t think the left realizes how aesthetically of of touch they are. They seem to think everything changed during the Obama era–and the Obama era would be the new normal forever. They’ve had more than a year to figure out that what they think is hip comes across more like Leisure Suit.

    The reaction they’re getting to this performance is sort of like when Janet Jackson exposed herself on the super bowl halftime show. Millions of kids didn’t see what the big deal was–that was standard fare for MTV at the time. The thing was that 95% of America never watched MTV. Watching the White House press corp–the people who originate 95% of everything you know about the president–falling all over themselves laughing at all the crude jokes at the president’s and his staff’s expense was like that. 95% of America doesn’t watch cable news shows either. They see, hear, and read the news, but they have no idea how far gone the people who originate their news really are–until they see them in action.

    The White House press corp may be the most detested institution in American society. I don’t think they have any clue as to how they’re seen by average people.

  31. comedian Michelle Wolf

    I think you omitted the word “wannabe”. Out of curiosity, I looked up some other things she’s done. She’s about as funny as a toothache.


  32. All this acrimony over a couple of lousy jokes? I finally understand the term “conservative snowflake”.

    1. Were those jokes?

      I seen some comediennes in my life and Wolf is not good at her job.

  33. Here’s a joke for you:

    What kind of a world do we live in when England lets a kid starve to death, while America keeps the White House Correspondents’ dinner on life support?

    And the journalists cover themselves and their silly dinner more than they cover the kid being starved.

    1. Given how long these comments have been popping up on every story, it seems to me like this kid has been “starving to death” for a long time. I’m not being skeptical, I’m just playing dumb because I don’t really follow the ins and outs of the story, but it’s definitely more engaging than what a bunch of disgruntled old conservatives think “should” be done with the WH correspondents’ dinner; an event with little to no relevance for anyone except those in attendance. Or, have libertarians decided that such speech has magical properties now? Do people other than hand-wringing left wing identity politics pitchforkers really make sweeping and extreme assumptions about what some unimportant jokes might make people think? Is there anyone here that would actively like to restrict the rights of free speech and free assembly of these WH correspondents? I’ve got it backwards I suppose. I guess they could all just go to Arby’s on their own dollar.

        1. The story is still being spun that NHS is NOT the problem overall but it was a simple ‘mistake’ by the system rather than a design.

          This is not the first person to die from policies like this and won’t be the last.

  34. Ok…I watched Ms Wolf’s 19min of…. WTF was that???

    She sucks as a stand up! No one is talking about how much her presentation….SUCKED….
    She mumbled and stumbled through the lame jokes….she had to read of them them from a script!!!!

    You could’ve written a comedy routine for Jake the mechanic, who has never talked into a microphone….and he would’ve done a better job than….Michelle Wolf, Professional Comedian!

    And I keep reading how Sarah Huckabee Sanders was sooo classy by not walking out while Ms Wolf made fun of her looks….
    It wasn’t classy, it was F’n boring! Now if Sanders would have gotten up, went over and slapped the shit out Wolf….
    THAT would have been entertaining!!!!!

    1. *she had to read most of them from a script…..oops….wow, talk about WTF??? Damn, guess I suck too…..!

  35. The WH press corps believes Trump stole the election from Hillary and they will never get over it. At least now they understand how the other 50 percent of the country felt in 2008 and 2012.

    1. Huh? I wasn’t terribly happy with Obama as President, but I never thought that he’d stolen the election.

      More a matter of Romney being a lousy candidate, and McCain taking a dive, actually.

  36. There were never any good days; it was always a propaganda event.

  37. I don’t have to watch it to know it sucks. Politicians are about as skilled at recognizing comedy as they are at recognizing good art.

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  39. The fact the WHCA is nothing more than a liberal MSM lovefest has finally been exposed and the dinner should be ended. It no longer even remotely resembles the original intent but I am not surprised by what happened. When such behavior is left unchecked for any length of time, it always gets worse and worse until it finally goes over the line. All the crap from Kimmel, Griffin, Maher, Colbert and others has been leading to a person like Wolf going over the line far beyond what even the left considers decent or can justify. Of course, Kimmel was one of the first to come out in defense of Wolf since he lacks any class. There was a time when I liked Kimmel and thought he was funny. Then he got his show and his ego grew exponentially. Now he is just a jackass like so many others.

    1. Libertopia is gonna be rough for you.

    2. “All the crap from Kimmel, Griffin, Maher, Colbert and others has been leading to a person like Wolf going over the line far beyond what even the left considers decent or can justify.”

      Highlight of the last presidential campaign was Trump boasting about the size of his penis. A close second was when his penchant for peeing prostitutes came to light. Good thing he has class (unlike Kimmel et al) or I’d lose all my respect for him.

  40. It reads better than it sounded. It sounded really mean-spirited. I like that she took shots at everyone, but it’s hard to have someone call you a liar to your face and just take it.

    1. Solution: Stop lying.

      Find a decent livelihood.

  41. So on the one side – we have the 3 idiots defending that this as funny. On the other, everyone else.

    A few questions for the idiots

    1) You state Obama was mocked by the media/comics? Show some proof? Was he mocked for 57 st state outside of Fox? What about being present? Last I check the fawned over his basketball picks?
    2) When was Hillary mocked in the complain? SNL wrote an I love you letter to her.
    3) Trump hurts feelings, which we know is all that matters, but just for craps and grins – which policies do you hate?

    Obama was the light bringer – Trump is the opposite so of course you hate him. The funny thing is you are worried about twitter and ignoring what policies are changing going on.

  42. She looks like Debbie Wassername Schmutz.

  43. To end the WHCD, stop going to the WHCD!
    H/T – C.J. Roberts

  44. Such crude, vindictive, salacious, even venomous attacks show why the Main Street Media is now so distrusted by many Americans.

    Yet no one seems to have asked why a socialist shill was invited to speak, nor what she was invited for, nor who actually invited her? If you name (and shame) the person who invited her then maybe they’ll think twice next time before dragging the WHCA name through the mud.

    1. She was invited by the White House Press Corps, to do exactly what she did.
      The White House Press Corp is the organization that should decide to continue or stop the annual dinner. It’s their party.
      They choose to have it or not. Those invited choose to attend or not.
      Just for the record, if I am insulted like Sarah Sanders was, I walk out after explaining I am walking out to save the assholes life.

      Parting shot; That woman is in no position to talk about how other women look. She only fixed half her hair.

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