Trump Signs FOSTA 'Sex Trafficking Bill' Into Law. It's Already Changing the Internet For the Worse

Plus: Tabloid paid doorman to keep quiet about Trump's sex life; conservative students say they were targeted; and dairy farmers fight for truth in skim milk.


The day the internet died? On Wednesday, President Trump signed "FOSTA" into law, making it a federal crime for websites or apps to host any content that "promotes" or "facilitates" prostitution. The mainstream media has roundly heralded the signing as a great step in the fight against sex trafficking, even as those involved in the sex trade have been sharing increasingly dire stories of how the new legislation is impacting their lives.

Twitter is currently filled with stories from sex workers whose livelihoods—and very lives—are being threatened by the shutdown of and other escort-advertising platforms in the U.S.

That's what's so insidious about the new FOSTA legislation: Even if it gets struck down in court as unconstitutional, the damage will already have been done. Websites are shutting down, blocking access from U.S. servers, and blocking content remotely related to sex. Sex workers are being forced to find new and less-safe avenues for meeting clients and making ends meet. The internet and the sex trade will be remade for the worse by the time any court could rule against the new rules.

As Engadget notes, the fallout from FOSTA has already "been dramatic," including "the closure of sex-work directories like CityVibe and NightShift as well as the personals sections of websites like Craigslist. FetLife's kink-friendly social network is currently consulting with its users to determine its future plans." And "it's not just the realm of adults-only websites and platforms that are now having to crack down on discussions of sex," Engadget points out:

Microsoft and Google have moved to alter their terms of service to prohibit offensive or inappropriate content and language. Not even private discussions are safe, with Microsoft reportedly claiming the right to examine your content to investigate complaints. More troubling is the fact that according to Motherboard, Google is purging adult content from private Drive accounts. Performers who sell clips of explicit material to users have lost videos and received complaints from customers. Even videos with relatively anodyne names have been wiped or left in place but made unable to play, a troubling infringement of personal rights.

But it's a good day if you've got a grudge against any particular digital platform (and don't have a lot of scruples). Start spamming Snapchat with posts about how great prostitution is or use Facebook messenger to make plans for a paid sexual tryst and you, too, could cash in on the civil lawsuit bonanza that FOSTA will unleash.


Trump sad Syrians haven't thanked him yet. Remember how we were going to bomb Syria so Russia better beware? Yeah, nevermind. The president followed up Wednesday's warmongering talk with this Thursday morning tweet:


Pro-Trump student journalists say they were unfairly targeted by university. Student reporters for are suing the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in federal court over alleged violations of their rights to free speech and due process. "The suit comes after the school punished the students for reporting on a campus anti-Trump rally co-organized by the Black Rose Anarchist group in November 2017," said a statement from the students' lawyers.

"During the rally, Black Rose spokesman and university instructor, Tariq Khan, assaulted Joel Valdez and also went after student Blair Nelson who was video-recording the event," the statement continues. "Co-plaintiff Andrew Minik, who was not at the event, reported on the incident for Campus Reform, a college news organization."

Valdez, Nelson, and Minik all received university-issued restraining orders to stay away from and stop reporting on Khan. They say that Khan began using the restraining orders to target them "whenever he or his wife was in the same place with one of them on campus."


Skim-milk skirmish turns on FDA's creative use of language. Maryland's South Mountain Creamery is suing over the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's ridiculous milk-labeling laws. With the help of the Institute for Justice, South Mountain Creamery owners Randy and Karen Sowers are fighting the food agency's demand that they label their all-natural cow's milk skin milk as an "imitation milk product" or "imitation skim milk," since the Sowers don't add vitamins back into the milk after skimming off the fat. Not only could this depress their sales, but its a violation of the First Amendment, the Sowers say.

"The government does not have the power to change the meaning of words or ignore common sense," IJ senior attorney Justin Pearson told the court. "The FDA is creating confusion where there was none whatsoever. People know what skim milk means, but they have no idea what 'imitation milk product' means. Pure, all-natural skim milk is not an 'imitation' of anything."


  • American Media Inc, the parent company behind the National Enquirer tabloid, paid $30,000 to a Manhattan doorman to sign over his rights "in perpetuity" to discuss any rumors he had heard about Trump's sex life, particularly the rumor Trump had fathered a child with a Trump World Tower employee.
  • The Senate today will consider Trump's nomination of Mike Pompeo to head the CIA.
  • Rand Paul, Civil Liberties Champion (lol), is upset that government employees don't lose their security clearances if they don't like Trump. Here's Cato Institute policy analyst Julian Sanchez with thoughts on that:

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152 responses to “Trump Signs FOSTA 'Sex Trafficking Bill' Into Law. It's Already Changing the Internet For the Worse

  1. Backpage founder Michael Lacey is scheduled to be released from federal custody on Friday.

    All is forgiven.

  2. While I mourn the lynx like everyone else, I do like this new format.

    1. I just miss PM links of any sort. It defined the start of my afternoon. Get back from lunch, post on PM links a bit, then I’m ready to go.

      1. It marked the end of the day for me. When the PM Links appeared, it was time to start packing up, do some shitposting, then head home. My schedule is completely off now.

        1. PM Lynx and coffee was a great break.

          And those poor western folk!

          PLEASE bring ’em back.

          1. I suspect Reason’s abandonment of the PM Links was part of a deal with my employer to trick me into working later.

  3. Former Republican House Speaker John Boehner is joining the cannabis company Acreage Holdings on its board of advisers.

    He’ll somehow make it worse.

  4. The American Civil Liberties Union is suing to block a Kentucky law that would ban abortion after the first trimester of pregnancy.

    By using hemp.

  5. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) claimed yesterday that 40 percent of young Americans believe that the First Amendment is “dangerous.” Sasse is wrong.

    Only when it protects hate speech.

  6. “”making it a federal crime for websites or apps to host any content that “promotes” or “facilitates” prostitution”‘

    Wow, so politicians can’t up content about politics. Biggest hookers in the world.

  7. There is no authority in the constitution to ban anything in the USA. Furthermore, the 1st Amendment specifically prohibited Congress from “…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble….”

    These advertisements are speech, run by members of the press, and discuss adults peacefully trying assemble.

    Even the Prohibitionists knew they needed a constitutional amendment to ban something.

    1. The federal government can do whatever is necessary and proper to promote the general welfare and regulate commerce.

      1. A loophole that made sense in 1787 but has now been reamed wide enough to sail a Panamax ship through: the Fuck You That’s Why, registered in Liberia.

        1. Anything “general” will always be expanded well past reasonable limits given enough time.

      2. The federal government can do whatever the bloody-well please it seems.

    2. There is no authority in the constitution to ban anything in the USA

      Oh good. Any day now the united legislative branch will realize this and stop trying.

      1. Sadly, despite what the Constitution says, or the origin of rights. For practical purposes, our rights are only as good as the philosophy of SCOTUS justices.

        1. Hopefully that will change when Trump gets to nominate a replacement for Kennedy and RBG during his next 7 years.

          1. Remember that Kennedy was nominated to the Court by a Republican so there is no guarantee a replacement would be any better coming from Trump.

            1. No guarantee but Gorsuch was the best originalist since Thomas.

  8. Trump sad Syrians haven’t thanked him yet.

    It could be his lie about ridding the region of ISIS. Or they don’t have Twitter. Or they just don’t believe him like everyone else doesn’t.

    1. Syria is full of 7 year old girls who use Twitter and give updates on the war in the middle of gun battles and while their houses are being bombed. At least that’s what my proggie friends on Facebook believe.

      1. I don’t listen to proggies or anyone that thinks Bernie Sanders has an ounce of credibility.

        Bernie is as stupid on trade as The Dotard is.

        1. Bernie is a socialist, he is far far worse on everything than Trump is.

  9. Talk to Mueller? No, Trump Should Use His Bully Pulpit to Expose Mueller’s Corruption
    This is not a game. And this is more than about just one man. These kangaroo court shenanigans are designed to use fear of prosecution to permanently lock out of office anyone the elite disapproves of ? and to lock in their unchallenged, unquestioned control of the reins of power. The potential consequences are much worse than just impeachment ? this kind of attack on the rule of law is at the top of a slippery slope that can end with a nation split apart and even embroiled in civil conflict. Liberals are already fantasizing about winning a new “civil war.”

    It’s time to get serious. There’s no upside to playing footsie with these demonstrably partisan prosecutors. Trump is never, ever going to convince Mueller and his mob that he should be exonerated. That will never happen.

    As I tell my clients as I prepare them for deposition, “You are going to lose this depo.” I am always right. No one ever wins when being cross-examined.

    1. Liberals are already fantasizing about winning a new “civil war.”


      1. Yeah, that article seems needlessly paranoid. Though this underlying question of why should we stay together I think is valid.

    2. From a fellow wingnut just for you Johnny

      Jerome Corsi, the Washington bureau chief for the right-wing conspiracy theory outlet Infowars, appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program yesterday, where he declared that “the hand of God” is on President Trump to bring Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to justice for treason.

      “He has gotten to be more of a religious man than he ever was,” Corsi said of Trump. “He, I think, has had a Christian awakening. I think Jesus Christ has more entered his life today than ever.”

      “I think the hand of God has touched Donald Trump and I do see the hand of God in his presidency,” he added. “He is going to expose the deep state and bring these people to justice in a way that no one else could, even if it involves military tribunals, even if it involves charging Hillary and Barack Obama with treason, which I believe is the end game here and I think it’s going to be played out.”…..r-treason/

      1. It’s sort of cute when shreek thinks he has any latitude to make fun of other people for being mentally ill.

        1. what about hihn

          everybody gets to mock hihn

          dont they

          1. Hihn is the exception to many, many rules.



            1. (Snort) Bully!

              1. You have to earn that (snort)! Like so.


                1. OH GOD MY ASS! It’s all JAMMED up. WHY WON’T ANYBODY SAVE ME FROM THIS BALD-ass SASquatch?!? You’re all STANDING THERE like goobers!

                  (moan of pain)

                  Left – Right = Zero

      2. Dear Jerome,

        Stop trying to help.

    3. The tactics Mueller are using are the same tactics used against people of color for unfair outcomes. If a prosecutor can act this way against a sitting president, then people of color have little chance of meaningful judicial reform at the federal level.

    4. If it’s all so fucking outrageous, unconstitutional and apparent then present your case to the judge overseeing the prosecution and ask for dismissal of the indictment. That’s the rule of law. You’re suggesting banana republic shit.

  10. Rand Paul, Civil Liberties Champion (lol)…

    Even Krayewski never threw such shade in Links.

    1. To be fair, Ed was a libertarian. So that might explain why

      1. Sanchez at Cato is correct. Rand Paul admits he is only part-libertarian. A libertarian-leaning conservative IIRC. Rand Paul is just weird on some shit due to his lack of a consistent ideology.

        1. palin’s buttplug, talking about a lack of consistent ideology. that’s not going to raise some eyebrows, no sir.

        2. Questioning the FBI is the least libertarian thing I can think of

  11. Hot women are being banned left and right from British sporting events, because “feminism.

    Look at ENB take on the PC feminist types.

    I reiterate – I am a big fan of ENB. Thanks Reason.

    1. She’s still not going to sleep with you.

      1. I won’t believe it until I hear it from her.

        1. Palin’s Buttplug, sexually appealing (lol)

      2. Relatively speaking, Weigel makes that “husband” of hers look like George Clooney.

        1. so youre saying that you make weigel look like young tom cruise correct

          (youre ugly)


          1. And besides, Weigel is a closeted homo with a fake Canadian girlfriend.

            1. is his real boyfriend a giant slab of beefcake

              i bet he is

              i bet he is

              post some pictures of weigels super hot boyfriend please

              we know you have cameras pointed at his apartment because youre a creepy stalker with a gigantic crush

              show us his beefcake boy toy

              please mikey


  12. American Media Inc, the parent company behind the National Enquirer tabloid, paid $30,000 to a Manhattan doorman to sign over his rights “in perpetuity” to discuss any rumors he had heard about Trump’s sex life, particularly the rumor Trump had fathered a child with a Trump World Tower employee.

    Hopefully they’re not outsourcing making up rumors about Bat Boy’s love life.

    1. Having met Bat Boy and seen his game, I believe any sex story I read about him.

    2. Its the sequel to ‘the Tailor of Panama’.

  13. The American Civil Liberties Union is suing to block a Kentucky law that would ban abortion after the first trimester of pregnancy.

    I proudly donate to the ACLU instead of ANY politician.

    1. I’m sure the money order is in the mail.

  14. Hot women are being banned left and right from British sporting events, because “feminism.”

    Too many stiff, ahem, upper lips.

    1. Millions of British men wake up as if from a daze, shake out the cobwebs, and turn to each other and blurt out “this shit is stupid” before returning home to their wives and families where they belong.

  15. The mainstream media has roundly heralded the signing as a great step in the fight against sex trafficking, even as those involved in the sex trade have been sharing increasingly dire stories of how the new legislation is impacting their lives.


    1. it is not possible to win when your reaction to calls to do something is “fuck no you dumb assholes”

      1. Yeah, well, being right is its own reward [citation needed]

      2. Do nothing is a perfectly valid response when:

        1. its a made up non-problem.

        2. nobody has any clue what would be effective in addressing the problem

        3. The proposed solutions are likely to make the problem worse.

        4. The proposed solutions are likely to create new problems worse than the original problem.

        In the case of sex trafficking in general and FOSTA in particular, 2, 3, and 4 all apply.

        1. So does 1. Trafficking isn’t as big a problem as some make it out to be.

          1. One problem is that the statistics are increasingly muddled and boosted with victimless crimes that one can’t even make a meaningful call on how big the problem is.

            1. Purposeful. Otherwise, the girls being falsely imprisoned by assholes would be a lot lower. The numbers mostly reflect adult women who don’t want to be arrested for prostitution, so they say they were “trafficked”.

        2. It does, however, not win elections.

    1. We will win the War on Teenage Dick Pics!

    2. That Cracked article is stupid. Reddit is super left-leaning; my wife daring to say that not all women are pro-choice got downvoted to hell for her “misogyny”.

      1. Reddit is largely left leaning. But it’s also a bunch of enclaves of different boards. So you can have The Donald and shit too.

        Though they all suck at discussion.

        1. Are there any major social media sites that aren’t largely left-leaning?


            1. I wasn’t aware stormfront was a very large platform. Huh. The more you know I guess.

        2. They’re all echo chambers. The promotional system of voting comments up or down only reinforces this.

          Useful as a repository of information, but useless for debating anything.

    3. Cracked is in a death spiral. They were acquired by their currebt owner to make video content but they vould not make money and fired most of the stsff including all of the video department.

  16. “Michael Cambria, an attorney for Lacey, said he would be released on a $1 million bond, secured by real estate, and with a GPS monitor worn around his ankle.”

    Even the government realizes that the US Dollar is worthless and demands bail in actual wealth like real estate.

    How is $1M in bail based on government rules that violate the 1st Amendment not excessive under the meaning of the 8th Amendment?

    1. It’s pretty simple: fuck you, that’s how.

      1. Right. If you’ve torn the First off the top and wiped your ass with it properly, it should be obvious that the rest are only there as a courtesy or for effect.

    2. I just hope Coheed will be ok in Cambria’s absence.

      1. Great, i’d finally forgotten about that progrock-emo fusion bullshit. Thanks for the reminder.

        1. We can listen to The Dear Hunter together if you want.

        2. Coheed rules, and I’ll hear no more on the matter.

          My love for Coheed ties in nicely with my love for early Rush, in that the more Geddy Lee sounds like a dying cat the more I like them.

  17. natural cow’s milk skin milk


  18. “What you don’t know about how Facebook uses your data”

    Surprise! Facebook mines data! NYT writer outraged!

    1. My morning cable news idiots were all wearing their frowny faces this morning and blithely telling us how naughty Facebook has been and “what are we gonna do about it!”

      1. look up people from high school and masturbate to the ones that are still hot

  19. “The FDA was trying to make OxyContin safer. Instead, it accidentally launched a national crisis.”

    Yeah, “accidentally.”

  20. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) claimed yesterday that 40 percent of young Americans believe that the First Amendment is “dangerous.” Sasse is wrong.

    Pedantic arguments are the best arguments.

    1. Word to your biological mother.

    2. Yeah, they had to parse what Sasse said and what the poll results were to silly lengths to prove him “wrong”. I am bit less saguine about the idea that people will pay lip servuce to an abstract general notion of “free speech” and be for restrictions in more specific cases.

  21. “Family of Tesla crash victim hires lawyers”
    “The family intends to file a wrongful-death lawsuit against Tesla TSLA, -1.32% , Minami Tamaki LLP said in a blog post. A preliminary review has uncovered other complaints by other Tesla drivers of “navigational errors” by Autopilot, Tesla’s suite of advanced driver-assistance systems, Minami Tamaki said.”

    Don’t see how Tesla gets off here. The sold a car with (claimed) self-driving abilities, and self-drove right into a concrete divider.
    Yes, the lane markers were confusing; if you drive in SF, you deal with that ten times crossing the city.

    1. Don’t see how Tesla gets off here.

      Oh please! Tesla’s cars have been crashing into things and catching fire for years.

  22. “Governor Brown, Please Step Up”: More Than 750 Public Interest Groups Call On Governor Brown To Halt New Dirty Oil And Gas Projects, Protect Californians’ Health And Prevent Climate Change”
    “…The broad coalition sponsored billboards in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento; placed a full-page advertisement in the Sacramento Bee; and launched a thermal airship over San Francisco Bay…”

    (BTW, the thermal airship’s burner was powered by unicorn farts)

    1. And what fuels that thermal airship?

      1. …I should’ve read through to the end. 😀

  23. “Rand Paul, Civil Liberties Champion (lol), is upset that government employees don’t lose their security clearances if they don’t like Trump.”

    ENB, libertarian (LOL!)

    Get bent with this bullshit.

    1. Particularly because the letter in the Paul tweet is about FBI powers, theirs politics, and whether their access to data is monitored.

      1. I wouldn’t expect a neoliberal masquerading as a libertarian to understand this.

            1. It’s Nanarchists.

    2. You aren’t into super-cereal reporting?

        1. mmmmmmmmmm…. jelly….

      1. Ah, nuts!

          1. Watch out! Nut Jelly can get stuff to multiply.

    3. Just Say’n, interesting (lol)

      1. Crusty Juggler, not a douchebag (lol)

        1. Just Say’n, True Libertarian (lol)

          1. So explain what Paul did wrong here or is this another “thou shalt not ever note when Fonzie and gang are wrong”

            1. This is more of a “stop always whining, you big silly goose who always whines,” which believe it or not isn’t interesting.

              1. Clearly ENB’s characterization here is utter bullshit. Civil libertarians are actually split on this matter, including within CATO. Maybe she can pretend like Ron “Regulate Facebook” Wyden is totes libertarian-y again.

                So now I’ll stop my whining

            2. Why don’t you provide a link to what he said and a brief (don’t pull a Ken Schultz) explanation why Lizzie is wrong?


                I can’t link the Tweet, for whatever reason. But, it is embedded in this article, which also takes a critical tone toward Rand’s tweet.

                The gist of it is that Rand is obviously trying to appeal to Trump’s sensibilities here, no doubt, but the central message deals with FBI alleged abuse.

                1. At the end of the day, though, how can anyone mock the notion that Paul is a civil libertarian? That’s what upset me the most. Not whether or not Paul is correct on this issue (although, I don’t know what is so disturbing about questioning the practices of federal employees that were reassigned due to a forthcoming inspector general’s report). Paul is the ONLY member of the Senate that lead the opposition against FISA renewal and undeclared wars under both a Democratic and Republican president. The notion that Paul’s civil libertarian bonafides are questionable is beyond ludicrous.

                  1. I’m still pissed off at him for voting against a bill to cut $1.02 trillion in entitlement spending.

                    He’s a politician. People find ways to rationalize anything. Ultimately, he’s about representing Kentucky.

                    From a libertarian perspective, he’s good in opposition–much like his father. Rand Paul is not much of a leader, as demonstrated by voting against the bill to cut $1.02 trillion in entitlement spending–because of what it didn’t do.

                    I also find the whole idea of the libertarian politician suspect. It’s not just that anybody who seeks power because they want to destroy seems to be conflicted; it’s also the truth that politicians aren’t the libertarian solution to our problems. If Rand Paul were elected president tomorrow, he still coudn’t do what we want if the American people wouldn’t support it.

                    Ultimately, there is no substitute for persuading our friends and family. There is no other way.

                    If politicians like Rand Paul help us accomplish changing the hearts and minds of our friends and family, then he’s a means to good ends. If we imagine that he’s the libertarian movement itself, then he’s an unnecessary evil.

    4. Lizzie’s definition of “libertarianism” is forcing you to pay for her abortions at gunpoint.

      1. That may be a bit of an oversimplification.

        1. We don’t call him Simple for nothing.

        1. BestUsedCarSales, Debbie Downer (lol)

    1. Word is that Charles and David Koch are pretty wealthy. Hopefully they can redirect a few of the sheckels they’ve gotten from George Soros, Jeff Bezos, and “Prince” Alaweed their way.

    2. Sorry Ed. Your Dad seemed like a nice guy and at 84 had some good experiences, which is what life is about.

  24. Of course this didn’t make the Reason Roundup. Of course

    1. I remember first hearing about that a year ago or so. It’s a weird one.

    2. The concept of race is skin deep.

      1. We’re all pigment on the outside.

    1. I fail to see the communism angle here…

  25. Donald J. Trump
    Never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all! In any event, the United States, under my Administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS. Where is our “Thank you America?”

    3:15 AM – Apr 12, 2018

    The MSM here at home has presented the demise of ISIS as if it happened in a vacuum, divorced from any action on Trump’s part, or didn’t happen at all. The ironic part is that Trump will get credit in Syria for defeating ISIS before he gets any credit for destroying ISIS from the White House Press corp. Part of that is because it’s harder to get credit for collaborating with a dictator–rather than invading and occupying. After all, collaborating with Putin doesn’t offer much in the way of good opportunities for dramatic photos.

    The other reason is because the facts don’t dovetail nicely with the media narrative regarding Trump and Putin collaborating to steal the White House from St. Hillary of Wellesley. How can you talk about how Trump and Putin’s collaboration could only be nefarious out of one side of your mouth even while talking about how their collaboration defeated ISIS in Syria out of the other?

    1. The media is in a real bind. They hate Trump and do not want to give him any credit for accomplishing his campaign promises. The media also makes money off war news.

  26. So will all dating websites go down as well as Twitter since if you look hard enough on them you can find advertisements for sex-work?

    1. That’s an excellent question.

      I’m also wondering about the impact on legal brothels in Nevada.

    2. Most dating websites will go down, they just can’t specifically say they’ll go down or how much they charge for going down.

  27. Remember how we were going to bomb Syria so Russia better beware? Yeah, nevermind.


    Jerryskids|4.11.18 @ 10:00AM|#

    On Wednesday morning, the U.S. and Russia moved one step closer to war-by-proxy in Syria.

    Absurd. Don’t you know by now Trump’s tweets don’t mean what you think they mean? You’re not a very stable genius and don’t even understand 7th-level wizard chess. Trump knows the Russians are chess masters so he’s stepping up his game and he doesn’t have time to try to explain the strategery involved here to people who have no smarts and are very dumb. Believe me, Trump knows what he’s doing here and you don’t have a clue.

    When are you going to learn that Trump is a troll? Don’t. Feed. The. Trolls.

    Anything that resembles a thought that pops into Trump’s head falls right out of his mouth, the more outrageous and/or stupid the better. There’s no use analyzing anything he says trying to figure the meaning of it, it’s just a desperate cry for attention. Trump’s having the time of his life right now, laughing his ass off and clapping his tiny hands in glee, like a two-year old that just threw a bowl of Spaghetti-O’s at the wall, at the thought that he can spew some shit and everybody starts talking about it. What power I have! Watch this! I’ll shake my dick out the window of the Oval Office and I’ll bet every TV station in the country runs the video of it! Wheeee!

    1. “”When are you going to learn that Trump is a troll? Don’t. Feed. The. Trolls.””

      True. But I see a lot of feeding the trolls here. So I guess it’s not that easy to avoid. But good advice none the less.

  28. Hot women are being banned

    Speaking of crimes against humanity.

  29. So the Republican Reconstruction Comstock Law of 1872 is coming back to ban sex, birth control and even disloyal talk about such subjects! Thank the brainwashed cowards who were panicked into voting for Republican prohibitionism rather than Libertarian defense of individual rights. My schadenfreude goes out to all repentant looters on “both” sides of “the” aisle who wish they had it to over again. Then again, if the economy again crashes as it did in 1872-3, when the Postal Monopoly was the Internet, courage of convictions may arise Phoenix-like and get us those pro-choice libertarian spoiler votes we need to forge a majority by 2074.

  30. Prostitution is really great!

  31. The day the internet died?

    No, only the parts that people use to obtain sexual gratification- oh. Oh, yeah, the internet is dead.

  32. I met a chick for the 2nd time the other night who apparently does fetish/BDSM play stuff as a professional dominatrix. Friend of a friend thing or whatever. She never does actual sex stuff, just weird fetish things. Lick my boots while you wear a tutu stuff or whatever. LOL

    She said she’s basically completely fucked now. Like she used to have some days where she’d make a thousand bucks a day booking a few clients through backpage etc, and now it’s dropped to like 1/4 of that, obviously just from repeat clients since those are the only people who know how to get in touch. It’s essentially impossible to advertise for new clients now.

    Dom stuff and outright prostitution aren’t exactly classy things, but obviously should be legal… And it’s pretty fucked how this has screwed over so many people, especially when many of them were probably doing ONLY things that are completely legal and don’t involve sex acts at all.

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