Trump Says Syria Withdrawal Coming 'Soon,' Weed 'Beer' Promises Buzz With No Alcohol, California May Slap Cancer Warning on Coffee: Reason Roundup

Plus: Billy Corgan says he's a "free-market libertarian capitalist" and Westworld's robots are on a rampage.



"We'll be coming out of Syria very soon." President Trump delivered a speech yesterday that was supposedly about infrastructure. But it was also rife with interludes about things ranging from trade policy to Roseanne to—"in what seemed like an impromptu aside," notes Vox's Jen Kirby—a seemingly major announcement about U.S. foreign policy.

"We'll be coming out of Syria very soon," said Trump to a crowd gathered outside Cleveland, Ohio.

Let the other people take care of it now. Very soon. Very soon, we're coming out. We are going to have 100 percent of the caliphate as they call it, sometimes referred to as land—we are taking it all back quickly [and]…we're going to get back to our country.

In February, the Pentagon said we could have some troops present in Syria "indefinitely" as this was a necessity to hold off ISIS.

During his Ohio speech yesterday, Trump also…

  • stuck up for his steel and aluminum tariffs ("We are not letting other countries take advantage of us").
  • suggested he would stall a trade agreement with South Korea until after meeting with Kim Jong Un (because this would be "a very strong card, and I want to make sure everyone is treated fairly, and we are moving along nicely with North Korea").
  • suggested Democrats might like drug smugglers (they want "people to come in from the border. They want, I guess, want—I can't imagine they want—but certainly drugs are flowing across borders").
  • took some credit for the Roseanne reboot's massive ratings ("they were unbelievable, over 18 million people, and it was about us").
  • said he didn't understand the term community college: "Call it vocational and technical. People know what that means. They don't know what 'a community college' means."

Eventually, the president did get to the stated topic of his speech, infrastructure. "We will transform our roads and bridges from a source of endless frustration into a source of incredible pride," Trump told the crowd. He said he plans to propose $200 billion in federal funds to go to a a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan co-funded by states.


California could compel dubious warning from coffee companies. There's a large body of recent research suggesting coffee consumption has health benefits, including protection against many cancers. California, naturally, could start requiring coffee sellers to warn that their products may cause cancer—thereby compelling at best misleading or unproven speech and possibly requiring these businesses to actively misinform customers.

This comes via a new ruling in a case filed against Starbucks, Peets, and other coffee chains operating in California. The suit claimed—and Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle preliminarily agreed—that these companies are breaking California's law requiring places with at least 10 employees to disclose carcinogens, since coffee contains acrylamide as a result of the roasting process.

"Berle's ruling is tentative, but is unlikely to be reversed," reports The Washington Post. "The third phase of the trial will determine the civil penalties that coffee companies are liable for." In another recent article, the Post pointed out that acrylamide can "also can be found in french fries, potato chips, bread and other grain products," but:

The scientific evidence linking acrylamide to cancer in humans is scant. According to the American Cancer Society, studies have found that acrylamide increases the risk of cancer in rats and mice when the chemical is placed in the animals' drinking water at doses "1,000 to 10,000 times higher than the levels people might be exposed to in foods."


Marijuana "beer" coming soon to Colorado. The person behind Blue Moon is launching a line of marijuana-infused nonalcoholic drinks designed to mimic the effect of beer. "The drinks, served chilled and initially only available in Colorado this fall…will 'hit' the user at the same pace as if they were drinking a beer," reports USA Today.

"This is really about brewing great beers that beer drinkers love," said Keith Villa, who developed Blue Moon Belgian Wheat and worked for MillerCoors for 32 years. "You'd just swap out an alcoholic beer for one of our beers."

Several other companies offer cannabis beer, but they all lack the psychoactive compound, THC. Instead, they're infused with hemp extract to give them a marijuana taste—and helps them grab headlines.

Since these products contain alcohol, they're prohibited under federal law from being brewed with marijuana. But Villa's "beer" gets around this since it's nonalcoholic.


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  1. Russia expelled 60 U.S. diplomats on Friday…

    And then smoked a cigarette.

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  2. Are you as excited about Westworld‘s return as half the staff of Reason is?

    WHAT’S THE OTHER HALF’S PROBLEM? Are they secretly hosts?

    1. That first season was such a narrative mess. Something tells me the second season won’t be any tighter.

      I’ll watch it though…cause I’m a sucker for good production values. I’ll just be waiting until 2019 when I can binge watch it after paying for a month of HBO to binge GoT.

    2. Shikha doesn’t like because the boarder wall keep the hosts in. Helped enforce Trumps way of thinking on boarders and was the real cause of Trump getting elected.

      1. Boarders? Like, pirates?

        1. Like the tenants of a big house where rooms are rented out by old Jewish couples.

        2. Damnit. But yeah not enough pirates either.

          1. It has been scientifically proven that pirates prevent global warming.

    3. Haven’t seen it yet. Now even Reason is telling me that this is blasphemy.

      1. It is a remake of a bad 1970s scifi movie. I would rather watch the Yul Brenner one.

        1. It’s worth watching. It explored the nature of consciousness and even brought up Julian Jaynes’ theory of the bicameral mind.

        2. The best thing about the Yul Brenner one is the idea that there’s also Romeworld, Medievalworld, and other period resorts. Think how much fucking sicker Romeworld would be.

          1. Yeah, I would so go to Rome World

          2. There was also a sequel to it called “Futureworld”

  3. Trump: “We’ll be coming out of Syria very soon.”
    State Dept: “We’re not aware of any decision to pull out of Syria”
    Pentagon: “Refer you to White House.”

    Someone isn’t following the president’s Twitter feed closely enough.

  4. The person behind Blue Moon is launching a line of marijuana-infused nonalcoholic drinks designed to mimic the effect of beer.

    So, the Coors Brewing Company?

    1. Corporations aren’t people!!!

      1. But they are persons!!!

  5. took some credit for the Roseanne reboot’s massive ratings (“they were unbelievable, over 18 million people, and it was about us”

    Yes, Roseanne is your typical Trumptard. How appropriate.

  6. Billy Corgan, now 51, called himself a “free-market libertarian capitalist”

    It checks out.

    1. Alt-text for that pic: Despite all my rage, I am still holding cats on a page….

        1. Hey, that could be you. If you added three more cats, a Rajneesh-style beard, and some John Lennon glasses.

      1. Sooooooo, you only provide alt-text for somebody else’s pictures?

        1. Why y’all so salty about the alt-text? Britches just used it to poop on us anyway…


          1. It’s because we secretly all knew that Christian gave us not what we wanted, but what we deserved

            1. Those are not mutually exclusive 😉

      2. Brilliant

  7. A Russian court upheld an injunction on a YouTube video showing evidence of Nastya Rybka?now jailed in Thailand and claiming to have dirt on the U.S. election?and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko on a private yacht with oligarch Oleg Deripaska in August 2016.

    You’re seriously still obsessed with that “story”?

    Jesus Christ, you are such a fucking pathetic loser.

    1. You hate everything posted on this website and everybody who writes for it, and yet you still come in here every day and publicly rub shit all over yourself. Why?

      1. He can’t prove how superior he is if all he does it sit screaming in his mother’s basement.

      2. I’m going to guess that no one else tolerates him. Here he only gets banned every several months when his meds need adjusting.

      3. If she wasn’t a complete lunatic, I’d jokingly tell her to go make a sandwich or something.

        1. You rub shit all over yourself and call someone else a lunatic?

          1. You’re just Mikey’s political mirror image, shreek, so don’t get cocky.

        2. I don’t think you’d understand irony if someone dropped an anvil on your head. I can tell because you sound like someone that has had an anvil dropped on his head.

        3. That doesn’t answer my question, but it also sort of does.

      1. PB, please remember that you are a dignified, urbane gentleman.

  8. …suggested Democrats might like drug smugglers…

    Hug a drug smuggler. Their wares give cities an excuse for greater police contact with civilians.

    1. “Hug a drug smuggler.”

      But don’t try to finger her butt ? unless you you want to get cut or shot.

  9. …took some credit for the Roseanne reboot’s massive ratings…

    Likely rightly so. It seemed, just like everyfuckingthing else, the politics of it was all anyone could focus on.

    1. I’m sure it played a role, but the more likely explanation is that a lot of people who watched the show in the late 80s/early 90s tuned in to see how the characters have changed since it went off the air.

      They’ll take a pretty significant tumble once the nostalgia hit wears off.

  10. ”Call it vocational and technical. People know what that means. They don’t know what a community college means.”

    The president knows a branding problem when he sees it.

    1. Like Trump University….


      1. No, better than Trump U.

        A graduate can actually get a job with a technical degree.

        1. I’ve made more money with my Trump U education than I ever made with my certificate from the local vo-tech. In fact, just last week I bought a brand-new black Nissan SUV. Following Trump’s one simple trick for making money, I make $7,318 per month working just a few hours a day at home from my computer. You too can make the big bucks just like Trump, just go to

  11. The Parkland Kids Have A Lot In Common With Pentecostal Child Preachers
    As these children show, there’s money to be made if your young son is remarkably adept at aping adult preachers and if devotees are convinced that your daughter can pour out miraculous healing, so it’s not surprising that some Brazilian parents are happy to throw their Pentecostal tykes into the spotlight. But why is there such a demand from those who don’t stand to profit from them? Why do the Pentecostal faithful flock to child preachers in a way that Catholics, Presbyterians, and virtually every other group on the Christendom spectrum don’t?

  12. What in the Sam Hill is a “Reason Roundup?”

    1. It’s where all the naughty H&R posters are gathered together and given a paddlin’.

    2. Get with the program, fool.

    3. Management made some changes while you were absent/probably incarcerated.

    4. They don’t want to do a bunch of posts in the mornings anymore now that workhorse Krayewski is no longer around to shame them into it, and they no longer want to have to do PM Links only to get shit upon by the handful of users, so they’re forcing poor ENB to cobble together some content in an effort to flypaper you people in one place, get some page views and otherwise generally shut the complainers the hell up.

      1. Thank you for being the one useful Reason commenter, Fist.

        so they’re forcing poor ENB to cobble together some content in an effort to flypaper you people in one place,

        Don’t they have interns for that shit?

        1. They have the intern doing actual reportage, since everyone else is an “editor.”

        2. The interns have too much clout to do this work.

  13. Let’s keep blaming the NRA:

    Teenage girls are sending the Florida shooting suspect love letters and bikini pictures ? and his lawyers refuse to show them to him
    “When I saw your picture on the television, something attracted me to you,” one letter from an 18-year-old girl in Texas said, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “Your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome.”

    She added some jokes about gummy bears and peanut butter, and a description of herself: “I’m really skinny and have 34C sized breasts.”

    1. Saw the same phenomenon in a documentary about Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker. He was actually a pretty handsome dude. Utterly brutal crimes, though.

      Who says girls don’t like bad boys? A few hundred years ago these guys would be war heroes.

      1. Charles Manson had a huge number of groupies. So, did Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy, a guy who was famous for murdering women had groupies.

        1. “Oh Bundy, you brute! Slay me! Slay me!”

          /Bundy groupie

    2. There comes a time in every man’s life, where he commits some heinous crime that puts him behind bars for the rest of his life, and women feel comfortable enough to send him tittle pics.

      What? Stop being so prudish.

    1. It’s just a night class in expressionism.


    2. She claimed that she believed all of the students were 18 but only later learned one was ‘way younger than what he had told her’,

      That’s good enough for me.

    3. I can’t tell if the lads are victims. Her social media shots make her look attractive, but her mugshots aren’t so flattering.

    4. It’s so bad because we know how much the system hates women.

      It a man did this, he’s just get a warning.

      1. The judge would just clap him on the back and congratulate him.

        1. Well it’s Arkansas so the Judge would be his cousin.

          Same with the girls he slept with.

    5. Degeneracy is generally a sign of the breakdown of an empire…

      1. Is that a pro-degenerate statement? Cause I don’t want to live in an empire so if that’s what it takes, I am all for it.

        1. If you want to see your own country laid low at any cost, then I suppose it would be.

      2. People always talk about the “death of an empire” like that’s a bad thing.

        1. When you’re in the empire, it usually is. Not always, if you have the ultra-rare peaceful dissolution.

          For example, I may not like our imperial foreign policy, but I don’t want to watch our empire ripped apart simply because of it.

  14. A new Immigration and Customs Enforcement Policy says pregnant women will not automatically be released from immigration detention.

    The race to get them across the border before they birth an American.

  15. Spin, Snopes, Spin! Spin! Spin! Spin!

    Did Emma Gonz?lez ‘Admit’ to Bullying the Parkland School Shooter?
    …Since he was in middle school, it was no surprise to anyone who knew him to hear that he was the shooter. Those talking about how we should have not ostracized him? You didn’t know this kid, OK? We did….

    1. The American Spectator post is rather disgraceful. Are you really trying to put blame on the classmates?

      1. Not even Snopes can spin this into anything better than total government failure, and she did say what she said.

        1. And what she said seems to describe a normal reaction by normal people to a crazy weirdo.

          1. I was one of the weridos in high school. I deserved some ostracization. It genuinely helped me improve, unlike identifying as a libertarian.

            1. Can you give us some examples?

      2. I don’t read it that way. It is the people who knew Cruz saying “of course we ostracized him, everyone knew he was a dangerous lunatic.” The point is not to blame the classmates but to further point out how badly law enforcement and the school failed.

        1. What do you make of the Laura Ingraham matter?

          1. That these kids are, in fact, bullies?

          2. She should never have apologized. Fuck him. You want to go around calling people murderers, then you really can’t complain when those people laugh at how you can’t get into the college you think you are entitled to attend.

            1. Agreed. She cucked out.

              How about the advertisers jumping ship or about to jump ship over this? Its not as if they can point to any drop in sales to justify jumping ship.

              1. It won’t hurt her ratings and I am sure plenty of other advertisers will buy for her shows. And the ones leaving will come back after this blows over next week.

              2. Boycotts, go ahead. Just like wanting racists free to ban certain customers for stupid reasons or not hire certain people for stupid reasons, it leaves the boycotters sucking inefficiency and opportunity for rational people to get better deals and more market share.

              3. Allowing virtue signalling to dictate corporate policy works really well, just ask Dicks Sporting Goods.

        2. Maybe. But Johnny and AS are calling out a student, not the administration or law enforcement. Say what one will about failed pre-cog, but trying to then put blame on classmates is unwarranted.

          1. I agree with you on that. I just don’t read the story that way. How can you blame middle school kids for acting like middle school kids? I see this as someone who knew Cruz further confirming that everyone knew he was nuts and dangerous and none of the people in authority to stop him did anything about it.

      3. Well, bullying has been a major focus for education-minded activists over the past couple years. Bullies have been blamed for all sorts of behavior they were deemed to have caused.

        Why should this be different?

        1. This is a case of using the enemy’s weapons against them.

          Bullying in and of itself, for decades, was for most kids a rite of passage. Up until Columbine, nerds soothed their hurt feelings by deluding themselves into thinking they were going to end up rich and banging supermodels on their private jet while the jocks would end up as fat losers.

          Harris and Klebold changed all that by actively taking out their anger on the school itself. It’s telling that most school shootings now, particularly the worst ones with Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Douglas, tend to be executed by socially maladapted, heavily marginalized boys. Since Columbine, there’s been a heavy emphasis on stopping and shaming bullies, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that when Sinead O’ Lopez started incoherently screeching about how Cruz had been treated since middle school, that people would jump on that and make the culture of the school a shame target.

          1. That is a myth. Harris and Klebold were psychotics who wanted to be terrorists. The truth was they were the bullies.

          2. Agree w/ John about Klebold and Harris. Harris in particular was popular; textbook psychopath-very charming. Klebold was a depressive pining for a popular classmate, and this weakness was leveraged by an increasingly-deranged Harris, but otherwise he had a relatively normal, uneventful social life. They did a lot of extra-curriculars, Klebold had a job, etc. They actually had a friend buy the guns (so we clearly need more gun control).

            Most of the other shooters though? Red flags everywhere. The internet in particular gives us a record of the lead-up to the tragedies. The VA Tech shooter scared the shit out of his classmates and teachers with his violent writings and stalking, and he was court ordered to receive psychiatric treatment (and thus barred from ever buying a firearm – the NICS check missed it). The months of secret planning between the Columbine shooting is unique, and I think it’s been replaced by secret radicalization on the internet. After injecting themselves into a toxic community, the shooters become emboldened and extreme in the same way Klebold and Harris secretly did with each other.

            On 4chan, anonymous users will egg on those that claim to be planning a shooting. “Do it, fag.” At least one (unsuccessful) one was live-streamed to 4channers.

  16. Argentinian Man Legally Changes Gender So He Can Allegedly Retire Sooner
    According to Lazarovich’s relative, his decision to become ‘Sergia’ was fuelled by his conviction that the law stating that women get to retire earlier than men is unfair. He had apparently complained about this to his friends and family many times in the past, and had actually planned to do something about it for some time.

    “His conviction is that it is unfair that, because he is a man, he has to work five years more than a woman,” the relative said. “He has been working on this for more than three years , was advised by lawyers and the first plan was to make a complaint to the State citing discrimination. That way, if he won, he would be able to work five years less, but it was an option that could have taken many years and no one could guarantee that the court would rule in his favor.”

    1. Woodall always dreamed of repurposing her placenta but missed her opportunity with the first two, but found a solution by the time she had her two most recent children.

      She paid $42 for her raw placenta to be turned into smoothies, and everything leftover was dehydrated and turned into pills ? costing a further $210.

    2. Why shouldn’t it be?

    3. Holy shit, this is awesome. Missed you for a few days, Crusty.

      1. Your sarcasm has been noted.


    4. Was it in Seattle? That’s probably the only way you can legally dispose of it there.

  17. The person behind Blue Moon is launching a line of marijuana-infused nonalcoholic drinks designed to mimic the effect of beer.

    This is the marijuana-legalizing equivalent of duck-marrying in same-sex marriage legalization. AKA WORST CASE SCENARIO COME TRUE.

    1. What is the point of mimicking the effect of beer when you can just drink beer?

      1. Beer doesn’t keep my on my toes by making me paranoid.

        Actually, this is a pretty good idea. It makes it harder to separate marijuana and alcohol, and to justify why one is legal as a recreational intoxicant and not the other.

        1. Wouldn’t that be mimicking the effect of pot? Doing that makes sense. But mimicking the effect of beer makes no sense.

          1. If it has no alcohol, then I call BS on mimicking the effect of beer. Pot and beer have rather different effects.

  18. Men Now Giving Their Penises Electrosonic Therapy
    Move aside, Viagra — there’s a new treatment for erectile dysfunction, and it’s, well, shocking.
    The procedure, called GainsWave zaps tens of thousands of sound waves through a man’s penis to improve blood flow and enable erections. Scary as it sounds, urologists and sexual-health proponents are getting excited about it.

    1. It’s generating a lot of buzz.

    1. Is it ok to judge a newspaper by its paywall policy?

  19. Not coincidentally, as the godless heathens, devil worshippers and would be tyrants are out in force to destroy us, this time their target is Laura Ingraham. The entire incident is illustrative of the modus operandi of the Left. After ridiculing Derp Furor Camera Hogg for failing to get into any of California’s indoctrination mills, the whiney little hairless adolescent lashed out at her.

    …Years ago, Rush Limbaugh exposed the so-called tens of thousands of people on Twitter calling for his advertisers to abandon him (and some did; their mistake) as maybe a dozen or so cheeto-munching denizens of someone’s mom’s basement using algorithms to mimic and multiply a mass of concerned, angry citizens….

    1. “The entire incident is illustrative of the modus operandi of the Left.”

      And of the Right too, it appears.…

      1. Yes. Both sides suck, both sides use the same tactics, and both sides are intolerant and hypocritical as fuuuck.

  20. The Smashing Pumpkins have reunited, prompting a New York Times interview in which frontman Billy Corgan, now 51, called himself a “free-market libertarian capitalist” and said he hasn’t voted in 25 years. “I’m not anti-anything except establishment. I find institutions and systems suspicious.”

    Never forget

    1. You literally just reposted my link from way earlier, you silly goose.

  21. A federal district court Thursday issued a permanent injunction, ordering officials from the northwest Iowa town to refrain from suing ? or threatening to sue ? Josh Harms, who operates the Should You Move to Sibley, Iowa? website.

    Sibley officials having already sufficiently answered for potential town immigrants his website’s question.

  22. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied four times, including to James Comey, about his authorization of leaks to the media, according to a Republican lawmaker familiar with an internal FBI report recommending McCabe’s firing.

    “He didn’t lie just once; he lied four times,” Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Thursday.

    “Four times he lied. He lied to James Comey. He lied to the [FBI’s] Office of Professional Responsibility, and he lied twice under oath to the inspector general.”…..dia-leaks/

    It is not perjury when we do it, apparently.

    1. This law doesn’t apply to them, just like the 1A and 2A don’t. Or the laws the Clinton Foundation broke. If 99% say you shouldn’t be prosecuted, you shouldn’t be prosecuted. They represent that 99% and thus speak for them.

      1. Still peddling wingnut CT I see.

        Do you get your material from Alex Jones?

        1. You believe you represent 99%, literally, so anything you do to get power is the 99% – the people – being represented, and thus real democracy.

        2. No Demcorat is ever guilty of a crime, unless he is a black Democrat who is not important. Important white people like McCabe and the Clintons are never wrong. If the law says they are, then it is the law that is wrong.

          1. Look, its John and Johnny – who both shit from the same conservative asshole.

            Anything you read online (like Pizzagate or Uranium One) is PROOF that the Clinton’s were running a child sex ring out of a DC restaurant and evidence is not needed. Because Alex Jones “reported” it.

            Your kind of partisanship only makes conservatives look like the gullible idiots you are.

            Just stick with “Hillary is a shitty candidate” and retain some dignity.

            1. No, Uranium One is proof pretty damned good, and totally ignored, evidence of corruption and, dare I say it, collusion with the Russians.

              How is the problem acne, Weigel? Your face still as greasy as a 3 day old Domino’s pizza left out in the sun?

              1. Uranium One is dreamt up CT by conservative AM radio gasbags.

                You do know that you and Mikey are the only two who believe I am Weigel? That puts you in some sad company.

                1. I wouldn’t want to admit to being Weigel either.

                  Hillary is gone, not running for anything, why defend her with your last breath like this? Cut your losses man.

            2. Yeah, a guy who was fired from the FBI for lying didn’t lie just once. Totally like Pizzagate. Try again retard. This time explain why McCabe is innocent here.

              1. The first rule of partisan politics is never hold your team accountable.

                I’ve seen that in effect for decades.

    2. So is this guy being too stringent with Republicans or too loose with democrats? I’m assuming since you have previously mentioned that the perjury charges are “nothing,” you may think the former.

      1. Perjury charges are not nothing dipshit. Perjury charges that relate to underlying acts that are not criminal or unethical are nothing. Perjury charges about things that matter, like whether the person committed a felony by leaking classified information to the media are something.

        But don’t let that distinction stop you from sucking the FBI’s dick. How many people’s lives do you think McCabe ruined for bullshit crimes? I bet it is in the dozens or hundreds. But hey, we can’t apply the laws to him, because Trump!! or something.


    Shreek leaves his box to do a photo shoot.

  24. French waiter says firing for rudeness is ‘discrimination against my culture’

    A French waiter fired for being “aggressive, rude and disrespectful” says his behaviour wasn’t out of line ? he’s just French.

    Guillaume Rey, who worked at a Vancouver restaurant on Canada’s Pacific coast, filed a complaint with British Columbia’s Human Rights Tribunal against his former employer, claiming “discrimination against my culture”.

    The restaurant, operated by Cara Operations, accused Rey of violating its code of conduct and said he persisted in his behavior despite verbal and written performance reviews.

    In alleging discrimination Rey said French culture just “tends to be more direct and expressive”.

    He owes his sacking to his “direct, honest and professional personality”, which he acquired while training in France’s hospitality industry.

    1. Way to refute the stereotype of French waiters being rude.

      “while training in France’s hospitality industry”

      He’s claiming that he received rudeness training?

    2. It’s undoubtedly the next logic step of this whole non-discrimination crusade.

    3. I kind of hope he wins the case. That way there’ll be legal precedent that the French really are, in fact, insufferable assholes.

      1. Does one simply have a right to be rude, or does one have to claim it as part of one’s cultural heritage?

        1. I think with the French it’s genetic, not necessarily cultural.

        2. I think it’s a right specific to New Yorkers.

    4. In my experience waiters in France aren’t rude. Since they don’t work primarily for tips, the approach to service is a bit different.
      You’d think that he’d catch on to the idea that when you work for tips, making customers like you is to your advantage.

      1. That has been my experience too Zeb. I have always found the French to be very nice.

  25. Walmart in Early-Stage Acquisition Talks With Humana
    If companies do strike deal, it would be retail giant’s largest by far


    This would be great. Let Wal-Mart administer Medicare to save taxpayer money.

  26. One of the most terrifying stories you will ever read: How Nashville Became One Big Bachelorette Party

    t’s a mild, early March Saturday in Nashville: the first real weekend of bachelorette season. By 10 a.m., they’ve already descended on the Gulch, a neighborhood that looks like it was constructed in The Sims: everything built at the same time, in the same slick, clean-lined style. Fifteen years ago, it was a rail yard ? an actual gulch. Today, it’s a collection of brunch spots (the most popular is Biscuit Love, included in every respectable bachelorette blog post), a Frye Boots store, an Urban Outfitters, a Google office, a place called “Two Old Hippies” selling $200 dresses and tea towels printed with spunky messages, a blowout bar, a juice bar, and an actual bar.

    The easiest way to identify a bachelorette party is by their matching T-shirts, emblazoned with Nashville-inflected slogans in twee calligraphy (“When I Sip You Sip We Sip”; “BOOTS and BOOZE and THE BRIDE”). The attendees ? bridesmaids, friends, moms, sisters-in-law, anyone who’s affiliated with the bride and willing to throw down for a weekend ? wear identical tees in black or bright colors. The bride’s, of course, is white.

    1. Sometimes, they wear matching flannels, or jackets, or shoes (one group I encountered sported white high-top sneakers; another, pink windbreakers, like a millennial update of the Pink Ladies from Grease). I met one group from Manhattan who refused to wear matching shirts, opting instead for blue fanny packs emblazoned with “BABE” in fluorescent pink. “Our bride hates tacky shit,” one of the attendees told me, right before they hopped on a foot-powered Pedal Tavern, where they’d spend the next two hours pedaling around downtown and obeying the commandment to chug every time someone on the street took a picture.

      Oh my God.

    2. usually between 6 and 16. And they love murals.

      Even without the matching clothing, you can spot a likely bachelorette party from 100 yards away: a group of (almost entirely) white women, wearing nice jeans, cute tops, and fashionable boots, their hair styled in the long, beachy waves that the Blowout Co., which services dozens of bachelorette parties every weekend, says is currently their most requested look. They travel in packs, usually between 6 and 16. They always look mildly lost yet resolutely determined. They tend to be spilling out of or piling into Lyfts or Ubers. And they love murals.

      White people are literally the fucking worst. Rachel Dolezal is a trailblazer.

      1. White women

  27. took some credit for the Roseanne reboot’s massive ratings (“they were unbelievable, over 18 million people, and it was about us”)

    #Resistance writer Kurt Eichenwald wants Roseanne canceled: The photo is real. @therealroseanne burned cookies that looked like people in an oven while dressed as Adolph Hitler. I am actually crying. I think of the anguish of my family. I think of this little boy, Antosh, my sons’ great uncle, murdered at 11. One of Roseanne’s cookies.

    As a libertarian, I cannot endorse the government (especially one controlled by Drumpf) forcing the show off the air. However, if advertisers abandon it, that would be an acceptably libertarian method to prevent such an anti-Semitic bigot from working on TV ever again.

    1. How do you consistently churn out gem after gem?

      1. Thanks, but I shouldn’t take too much credit for merely linking to the words of people who are better writers than I am.

        1. Everything Crusty says is sarcastic. Everything.


    The Trump administration is poised to abandon America’s pioneering fuel economy targets for cars and SUVs, a move that would undermine one of the world’s most aggressive programs to confront climate change and invite another major confrontation with California.

    The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce in the coming days that it will scrap mileage targets the Obama administration drafted in tandem with California that aim to boost average fuel economy for passenger cars and SUVs to 55 miles per gallon by 2025, according to people familiar with the plans.

    I doubt any other Republican administration would have had the balls to do this. Thank fucking God, the Trump Administration does.

    1. The real burden is on Pruitt to revoke the EPA exception for CA. I suspect he’ll chicken out in the end. We’ll see.

  29. Doctors in violent Venezuela work under threat of death if patients die
    “Most of the time that’s the doctor’s worst fear, that the patient dies and the relatives take it out on him,” Rodriguez said in a telephone interview. “The threat of harm if the patient dies is always there. We don’t have any kind of protection. You treat a person who turns out to be a criminal, and if that person decides to point a gun at you, there’s nothing you can do.”

    1. Socialized medicine without the state as middleman?

    1. Hogg being more mature than a CNN host, amazing.

  30. Einride’s autonomous trucks will be Nvidia-powered, and deliveries start this fall

    The Nvidia Drive AI platform will allow Einride’s T-pods to operate autonomously for up to 124 miles, with path planning and intelligent environment sensing. The T-pod is designed for remote operations, too, and the company is initially planning a route connecting the Swedish towns of Gothenburg and Helsingborg, with a fleet of 200 vehicles traversing the distance.

    Never forget Maximum Overdrive!

    1. How could one forget Maximum Overdrive?

  31. Did not make the round up today but what about the VA shakeup.

    I saw Dr Jacksons wiki page. He seems more than qualified as an emergency physician and navy officer. Teaching appointments at the well respected armed services medical school, Harvard, deployed to Iraq, all of that. He is a fellow of the emergency medicine college. This is the doctor you want.

    That is a different skill set from running the VA. Perhaps that was the reason for the choice. Yet I don’t know if Trump will get what he wants. If he is a clinical doc as advertised they can dig their heels in with no respect to any other consideration.

    1. Trump hires another incompetent.

      No new news there.

      1. You are a high school drop out with a room temperature IQ Shreek. You calling an Admiral who is also an MD incompetent is getting close to peak irony. And of course, you are the guy who spends all day every day swallowing the cock of a former President who hired Ben Rhoades, a failed novelist with no qualifications at all to be his primary foreign policy advisor.

        Unless this guy starts shipping pallets of cash to Iran or destroying formerly stable countries in North Africa and turning them into giant slave markets, he will be a step up from anything Obama did.

        Oh, and how well did the VA run under the Light Giver? How did that work out? How many veterans did Obama’s negligence and incompetence kill? Last I read it was in the thousands.

        1. He is not a medical incompetent, you idiot.

          But he has ZERO credentials in management. The VA is fucked anyway though.

          1. He is an admiral you fucking moron. You don’t go to a navy hospital and have the admiral see you as a patient unless you are the president. The Admiral runs the hospital. You really will repeat any talking point fed to you no matter how stupid.

            1. One GOP Senator called him Trump’s “Harriet Myers”.

              You idiot fool.

              1. he is a fucking moron too. Why do you think a Senator of either party being a moron is news?

          2. Zero credentials in management.

            A Rear Admiral? As in, “I’m most likely in charge of multiple squadrons of ships in the Navy and the equivalent of a Brigadier General.” Hundreds of people would report to this guy, and more likely thousands.

            That’s quite a bit of managerial experience.

            1. Medical is medical. He did not command a carrier group.

              He can run an emergency department or a combat medical unit. No question about it.

              He can be responsible for a basic H&P for the president, over qualified, although it would have been interesting if the first year resident had that job.

              It is not the same as administration of even one hospital let alone the entire VA.

              Practicing docs ignore cost and want best outcome for patients. In the department or unit he “trumps” everything. When it counts he should care less about admirals or whatever. Get out of the way.

              I think he will get the same as his predecessor. Crap from politicians and his boss.

              A medical service is essential to military. The VA is something else.

              1. As a rear-admiral, do you think that he was not in charge of anything? I know he wasn’t actually in charge of a flotilla, my point was that this is the typical number of people under a Rear Admiral (lower half). He’s the equivalent of a Brigadier General.

                It’s likely he had a lot of people–hundreds to thousands–under him, but I haven’t been able to verify the actual command.

                The VA will be different obviously, but this guy almost assuredly has experience managing a sizable number of people.

                As to further qualifications, there’s almost no one who has experienced running 200+ hospitals and 300,000+ employees with an annual budget of $70BN. In fact, if that’s what you’re looking for, there are 2 options only: CEOs from Community Health Systems or Hospital Corporation of America. Even then, the VA has 3x’s the employees, and 4.5x’s the budget of the nearest option.

                1. I hope Rear Admiral Jackson succeeds, I really do but he better hire some real wonks; I don’t see the necessary experience. He hasn’t commanded any of the Navy Medicine regions or been head of the medical corps. As a staff officer, he cannot lead any of the line operations. His rank is essentially due his position at the White House and not because of his leadership in Navy Medicine. Trump could have hired one of the current service SGs or any one of multiple flag officers with real oversight. White House medical staff is not very big and that is ALL he commands.

          3. How can you say an Admiral has no management experience?

            1. In Navy Medicine, you generally have to earn the rank of Admiral. Typically, you have to demonstrate great achievement as the Commanding Officer at a prominent Command. Sometimes if you’re a senior Surgeon (title, not occupation) that may merit advancement to Admiral. He’s a successful physician but I don’t see anything on his resume to warrant the rank of Admiral. Compare his resume to Rear Admiral Pearigen, Rear Admiral Swap, Rear Admiral Moulton, or Vice Admiral Faison. As big Navy shrinks the amount of flag Officer billets for Navy healthcare, they likely want to reclaim Jackson’s star for another billet. Until proven otherwise, Jackson’s star is from ceremony not merit.

            2. White House medical unit has 24 people!!!!

              Compared to Navy Surgeon General Vice Admiral Faison (Chief of BUMED): 63k people!!!

    2. Since when did credentials matter in politics? I can show you any number of Libertarian candidates whose credentials were head and shoulders above their GOP and Dem opponents but were rejected by the voters as soon as it was revealed who was a member of which party.


    Interesting article on the historian who pointed out that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right. That fact should be obvious to anyone who is familiar with the English Civil Wars of the 17th Century. It wasn’t obvious to judges and lawyers because contrary to their reputation, lawyers are generally dumb asses who know how to argue but don’t know much outside of their field and judges, especially elite judges, are the worst examples of this.

    1. They know it is an individual right; they are just looking for oh so cleaver justifications for ignoring that.

    2. “For some people, opposition to individual gun rights is an article of faith, and they don’t care about the historical evidence.”

      I suggest it’s more than just “some people”.

    3. I guess she can correct me if I’m wrong, but the English Bill of Rights seems somewhat narrower than the 2nd Amendment: “…the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law”

      This seems to require that the monarch get Parliamentary approval before taking guns away from Protestants, who are permitted to have those weapons appropriate for their social rank (“condition”).

      The 2nd Amendment made some improvements on this – (a) you didn’t have to be Protestant (b) you were protected against the legislature as well as against the executive, (c) you could be any social rank and still have the same right to bear arms.

      1. It is more narrow. But the reasons behind it are what matter.

        1. Certainly, it would be silly to claim that the 2nd Amendment is *narrower* than the English Bill of Rights.

          But a lot of the English Bill was about the principle that the King or Queen can’t take away your rights…unless Parliament gives the OK.

          And with Catholics, apparently, they didn’t even have to wait for Parliament.

          1. The Catholic monarchies of Charles II and James II make it illegal for Protestants to own guns while allowing Catholics to be armed. One of the main drivers behind that provision and later the 2nd Amendment was to keep the government from disarming disfavored populations.

            1. To be fair, I’d say it was about changing the definition of disfavored populations.

              1. Referring to English BoR

                1. That is because they knew drunken papists couldn’t be trusted with guns while hard working Protestants could.

                  1. I think they were more worried about Papists who were sober enough to at least aim correctly.

                    Much of the English BoR was about Parliamentary supremacy and Protestant supremacy.

                    Anglican Protestants were on top, controlling all the offices and all the seats in Parliament. Parliament had a veto on any royal infringement on the people’s liberties, especially the Protestants’. With Parliamentary approval, even the Prots’ rights could be violated.

                    Below the Anglicans were the Trinitarian Protestant Dissenters – Protestants who had the misfortune of not being Anglican – so they couldn’t get government jobs or University positions – but at least they’d be spared arrest and fines.

                    Below them were the Unitarians and Deists, who at least in theory were subject to full rigor of persecuting laws – only Catholics were worse off.

                    Catholics were at the bottom, with a whole punch of laws directed at them.

                    To reinforce this, the monarch couldn’t mitigate the rigor of the religious laws – but this part of the Bill of Rights was often ignored as monarchs protected Catholics, Unitarians and Deists from the full technical rigor of the penal laws. (Speaking of England – Ireland was a bit of a different story).

                    1. It was about Parliamentary Supremacy because there was always the threat of the monarch going rogue and returning to the Catholic faith. They didn’t want that again. They also didn’t want another Cromwell. So they passed a BOR that makes Parliment Supreme but with the ultimate check of the crown and then after Queen Anne died found a branch of the royal family that was both reliably Protestant and too stupid to cause any issues. Thus was born the House of Hanover’s rule of England.

                    2. Yes indeed, and it was soon after that that Americans realized that picking the dumbest German you can find is not a proper basis for a system of government.

                    3. It beats strange women in ponds handing out swords.

                    4. The pond-women system gave England King Arthur.

                      (PS – the legend was that Arthur was *already* king, but it took miraculous signs like pond-woman to reveal this pre-existing fact)

  33. Oh, how, ‘governmental’!
    SF creates the shortage of taxis using ‘medalions’, decides to profit off that shortage by offering new ones at a the bargain-basement price of quarter-mil each, strong-arms a credit union into financing them for the suckers, just in time for Uber and Lyft to make them pretty much worthless:

    “San Francisco let Uber, Lyft kill taxi market, lawsuit says”

    There must be a good-guy in there somewhere, but I can’t find one.

    1. In all likelihood, the bureaucrats rubber stamping all that nonsense are decent people who are now going to be stuck doing make-work in the public sector for the rest of their lives because they are incapable of doing anything that adds value.

  34. “We’ll be coming out of Syria very soon,” said Trump to a crowd gathered outside Cleveland, Ohio.

    God I hope so.

    1. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  35. Sessions does not appoint second special counsel to review FBI misconduct claims
    CNN Digital Expansion 2017
    By Laura Jarrett, CNN

    Updated 9:40 PM ET, Thu March 29, 2018

    John, Johnny, and Mikey hardest hit. The three stooges of conservative CT.

    1. Hey, turd? You LOST.
      It’s been a year and a half; get over it.

    2. Good for him. They don’t need a special counsel. The IG and the normal avenues of investigation seem to be doing quite well. How are McCabe and Stroz and Page’s careers going these days?

      1. I think McCabe knows that almost all of this shit is going to end up getting pinned on him and he’s getting indicted, because he has set up a fund and is already begging for money for his legal defense.

        He will go down in history as the Negro Nixon’s G. Gordon Liddy. Maybe a kind republican president will eventually pardon him.

        1. I am thinking more he will be remembered as the Chocolate Jesus’ John Dean. McCabe is just a dirt bag. If they indict him, he will roll on everyone and blame everything on those above him just like Dean did.

  36. And if you needed more evidence of that twerp being Hitler-in-training, look here:
    (not sure how long they’ll let that image stay)

    1. He looks like an alien. I see that picture as more dystopian science fiction than Nazi. That Nazis were big into fitness and working out. Hogg would have ended up a cheap barracks tranny hooker if he had tried to join the SS.

      1. Working out? Hitler and his posse looked pretty much like weaklings. Except Goering; he could probably hold his own in an alley fight.

        1. Hitler was certainly that. Georing was a WWI Ace. Striker was a pervert and so vulgar and gross even the other Nazis couldn’t stand him. Georbles was a weirdo too.

          I was thinking more of the actual SA and SS. The Nazis were all about health and working out and treating the Aryan body as a temple so it could provide maximum service to the state.

    2. This asswipe is a virtual lock to eventually move to San Francisco and take over as representative for Nancy Pelosi. I just hope he doesn’t contract AIDS.


    So is Trump a Putin stooge or a crazy warmonger this week?

  38. Sibley also agreed to:

    Provide training on the First Amendment to city staff.
    Issue a written apology to Harms.
    Cover $20,475 in attorneys’ fees for the time the ACLU and its cooperating attorney spent defending Harms’ speech rights.
    Pay $6,500 in damages to Harms.

    This is remarkable.

  39. Yesterday morning Trump viciously attacked Amazon–and the stock price predictably sank.

    No, actually, AMZN was up 1.1% yesterday.

    At the opening this morning, however, the terrifying might of Trump’s tweet sent the stock into a tizzy!

    No, actually, AMZN is up another 1% today.

    Markets are smarter than the people who participate in them. We can learn from markets. One of the things people can learn from markets is not to take Trump’s tweets too seriously.

    1. And I’ll bet Jeff Bezos didn’t even have the decency to send Trump a simple ‘Thank you’ for putting out a tweet that made him millions of dollars. You might wonder why Trump would put out a tweet ostensibly slamming Amazon that actually has the reverse effect of supporting Amazon, but that’s only because you know nothing about 7-D Wizard Chess.

      1. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

        The point is that traders and investors dismissed Trump’s tweets, and that’s a pretty good indication of how important they should be to the rest of us.

        If you think that’s 3-D chess, then you’re too easily impressed.

  40. I guess if you choose to live in California, you consent to the government treating you like an infant for life. That said, Starfucks deserves to have warning labels slapped on their coffee. They make a big deal about how they don’t allow smoking (or vaping) even at their outdoor tables.

  41. Wouldn’t it be simpler for California to label all foods it DOESN’T consider carcinogenic?

    1. Yeah. It’s pretty hard to find any product that isn’t known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects. What amazes me is that there are still people who see those labels and think they provide any useful information at all.

      1. ^this comment is known to the state of California to cause cancer

      2. As a Californian my personal favorite is that gas stations must have a warning reminding people: “Do not siphon by mouth.”

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