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Cardi B, Your New Libertarian Hero, Asks: 'Uncle Sam, I Want to Know What You Doing With My Fucking Tax Money!'

The rapper wants receipts.


Cardi B, a rapper and Instagram celebrity best known for her hit "Bodak Yellow," posted a video on Instagram yesterday where she asks some hard questions about effective tax rates and government spending.

B notes that she is paying a 40 percent tax rate and not getting much for it. She asks for accountability, noting that "when you donate to a kid from a foreign country, they give you updates of what they doing with your donation."

By contrast, B has no idea what Uncle Sam is doing with her "fucking tax money." She speculates about possible uses for government revenues, but points out that "y'all not spending it in no damn prison," because incarcerated African-American men only receive "like two underwears, one jumpsuit for like five months." B wants transparency, demanding "receipts."

The video has been viewed over 4 million times since it was posted late last night.

In her work, B has talked about her experience as an entrepreneur, explaining that after her initial success, "I don't gotta dance, I make money moves."

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  1. 1976:
    “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

    “I want to know what you’re doing with my fucking money.”

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  2. B notes that she is paying a 40 percent tax rate and not getting much for it

    Wait till she finds out that’s not the point.

    1. They’re simply “asking” her to give her “fair share.”

    2. Wait till she finds out that even though they’re taking 40%, it’s only half of what they spend.

  3. Someone should send her Rand’s glorious tweets from last night.

    1. Mail her a printed out copy of the omnibus bill instead.

      1. I would love to watch this imbecile try to read.

        1. I can read just fine, sir! Why, I finished One Fish, Two Fish just the other day!

          1. And then what happened… was there more fish?!?

            1. Yes there were, and they were the best kind of fish.

        2. Believe it or not, a lot of the big rap names spent more time hitting the books than they ever did slinging dope or gangbanging. Look at 2Chainz. He went to Alabama State on a basketball scholarship and transferred to Virginia State to complete his degree.

  4. Remember when your English teacher said you need to learn “correct” usage or you’d never succeed in life.

    She was so very wrong!

    1. Remember when your English teacher said you need to learn “correct” usage or you’d never succeed in life.

      I don’t know who Cardi B is and I question her use as a metric for success.

      1. You shouldn’t. She definitely makes more money than you do.

    2. There good money in whoring in America.

    3. There are always exceptions.

  5. …when you donate to a kid from a foreign country, they give you updates of what they doing with your donation.

    You could always try stopping your donations.

    1. And be eaten by a mob of ravenous doe-eyed kids?

  6. “Don Corleone, I want to know what you’re doing with my fucking protection money.”

  7. An anti government Rap Girl?

    Hoo boy.

  8. She better get woke and fast

  9. The libertarian heroes at Reason, Lew Rockwell, Cato, Mises etc have all been informed by me via email and other means of communication this year about the real libertarian hero of the income tax. He has a YOU TUBE channel too, but nowhere near 4 million viewers. Maybe he would if the libertarian heroes who comprise the magazine, Reason TV, Fox Business, think tanks, etc would give him some credit. Well, he’s a middle age white guy who lives in a modest home near Detroit who is not very handsome but he is the real libertarian hero. You would think one of these libertarian gatekeepers who influence what freedom means would say something about him, now that April 15 is approaching, but it seems no one in the lib establishment is into spreading the liberating truth about the income tax. Maybe that is why Cardi B is upset, and she should be. Those who profess to want truth and transparency in taxation run away from the truth because it means doing something personally, not just whining about the feds and Congress and jerking off to the news of the day.
    Cardi B should KNOW she can get a full refund of all withheld state and federal income taxes just by understanding the Constitution and the history of the tax and filling out a simple but correct income tax return. Maybe I can reach her, maybe some one like her is not jaded by habits of thought like the libertarian conservative establishment.

  10. She’s no Libertarian – she just wants her tax money spent on *her* pet projects and what *she* feels relevant. In this she’s no different than the “bridge to nowhere” politicians all over this country.

    1. ^^This!^^

    2. It’s funny to think that if the trains in New York were rat free and felons had underwear I’d have absolutely zero cognizance of who Cardi B is.

      1. Its underwears you racist.

    3. Agree. But calls for accountability is a good start.

    4. She’s no libertarian, but the sentiment is. It’s just a silly fucking video bitching about taxes, why can’t you people get with that? Just because you don’t personally enjoy rap?

  11. Wow for a second there I actually almost considered signing up for instagram.

  12. Has the bar slipped so low that this is what is considered a “libertarian hero”? Or libertarian?

    1. It’s part of Reason’s outreach to the left.

      They need some relationship advice. The left just isn’t that into them.

      1. We need further praise of the culture that cannot speak English.

        1. What this country needs is a good five cent cigar.

          1. And stop hating on the writers of academic and bureaucratic prose – they’re people, too!

          2. what this cunt needs is a good five cent cigar.

            1. This is why Virginia Postrel won’t let us have nice things.

            2. Man, you are incredibly angry at this woman.

              1. Did you just assume her gender?

            3. Give the cunt a five cent blunt!

        2. We need further praise of the culture that cannot speak English.

          But enough about Geordies, Welsh, Irish, Scots, and Liverpudlians.

          Did it ever occur to you that she’s probably perfectly capable of speaking the Queen’s English when it suits her?

          1. Did it ever occur to you that she’s probably perfectly capable of speaking the Queen’s English when it suits her?

            When would that be?

        3. You and people like you are insufferable. Why are you so salty about a dumb video from a person who makes music you do not personally listen to? She’s a fucking rapper, do you want her to talk like Hillary Clinton or something? Saying she can’t speak English is just whining for whining’s sake.

      2. ^Exactly. I try to imagine what was going through KMW’s head when she wrote this. It seems more and more that Reason’s idea of libertarianism is adjusting what they think will jive with people who will never even be remotely interested in liberty.

      3. Only leftists listen to rap? It’s a video wherein someone bitches about taxes. She isn’t libertarian, but the sentiment sure is.

  13. She then proceeded to rub her ass on some guy’s thigh and cram her snatch into the camera lens.

    My bet is that she falls more on the stupid whore side than free market economist.

    1. At least she isn’t an elected official.

      1. I find her and her ilk to be in the exact same camp as politicians. Retarded prostitutes doing all they can to make society worse.

        1. “Hi, I’m a libertarian but I hate women more than coercive transactions.”

        2. There really ought to be a law to ban things I hate.

    2. stupid whore

      The unmistakable call of a person nobody would ever buy sex from.

      1. This is why Virginia Postrel thinks we’re not glamorous.

  14. Don’t tell her that most of it goes to her grandparents. Because otherwise she’d have to live with them.

  15. The irony is that “What It Means to Be a Libertarian” by Charles Murray shows up in the shop related links.

    I’m guessing Ms. B doesn’t fit his mold.

    1. Rap, NAP, they’re closely related.

      1. Fuck the police comin’ straight from the underground…

      2. Rap? They left the “c” off that word.

        1. There are many, many rappers who are better lyricists than the people who make whatever you listen to. You sound like an old man. Consider not being so close-minded.

  16. Some dubious conclusions gettin’ jumped to up in this thread.

    1. She’s a THOT, X. That’s all the reason we need to hate her.

    2. Yep. Libertarians can be pretty exhausting, especially on the culture side of things.

  17. Buying votes, that’s what. Why would they do that? Because it apparently results in personal wealth. Curious the media never runs an expose informing us how so many “public servants” get so wealthy.

  18. Wonderful! Really good! Takes part of the sting out of losing Andrew’s skits…

  19. And suddenly I’m a Cardi B fan! Hahaha!

  20. Love it. Unfortunately, the same clowns that don’t read the bills they vote on also don’t exercise any meaningful oversight of the bureaucracies they fund every year. They couldn’t account for 10% of spending if they got called on the carpet IRS style, and it would take 300 members of congress just to do that. The remainder are breathing valuable air and sucking down free lunches, as they aren’t fit for much else.

  21. That skank a hero? You are ill.

  22. 2009: Rent is too damn high!

  23. She has an Anarchist A on her chest in her music video. She may be legit. I welcome the possibility.

  24. Money moves is better in context:

    Said little bitch, you can’t fuck with me
    If you wanted to
    These expensive, these is red bottoms
    These is bloody shoes
    Hit the store, I can get ’em both
    I don’t wanna choose
    And I’m quick, cut a nigga off
    So don’t get comfortable
    Look, I don’t dance now
    I make money moves
    Say I don’t gotta dance
    I make money move
    If I see you and I don’t speak
    That means I don’t fuck with you
    I’m a boss, you a worker bitch
    I make bloody moves

  25. Necropost:

    Cardi B is calling for reopening the gov’t during this Trump shutdown (January 2019), AND she has threatened to “dog walk” (assault) Tomi Lahren in a heated debate about the shutdown.

    Not very libertarian of her.

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